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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 24, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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that of 18-year-old hannah graham and her parents were notified. the investigation shifted and called the death investigation but the identity was not confirmed until just moments ago when testing came back and they made it official. she has been missing since september 13. contacted a friend the safety was lost overnight. -- saying that she was lost overnight. jesse matthew has been charged with abduction. she was last seen and he fled to texas. the commonwealth's office says their focus is to determine what charges will be brought in this case. they are asking for privacy.
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we will follow this situation and bring you more updates tonight. other big breaking story we are following tonight is a school shooting in washington state that left at least two dead including a gunman. kai jackson is in the satellite center. >> this story continues to , 34 miles north of seattle. we have earned a total of four people were wounded. we have learned that the shooter apparently died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. it appears three are in very critical condition. the school immediately went into lockdown. the response was swift and massive and included local authorities and the fbi.
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the father of two students says they knew the shooter. >> he was a nice kid. kidn't know what makes a snap like that. fine yesterday. once it was deemed safe enough, students were evacuated from the building. no motive for the shooting has been released. it we are waiting about the weapon -- to hear about the weapon used. we are learning more about the moments just before a small plane and a helicopter collided in the skies over frederick killing three people.
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it happened yesterday afternoon just outside the frederick municipal airport. >> we heard this afternoon and they are just starting. i haven't started piecing it together and they said one of the most important things for -- listen to to be the recordings they made back and forth to the pilot. it is key evidence and you can listen to it for yourself. from the control tower to the pilot of a small plane. >> staying at 1000 feet with traffic and the downwind. traffic below you in the traffic pattern. >> that is the first sign of a problem. the pilot sees only two of three helicopters. seconds later, this transmission.
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>> airplane down and helicopter down. >> 911 is on the way. >> the small plane and the even smaller helicopter collided. eyes turn to the sky. >> we heard this big bang and we see the helicopter and the plane coming down. >> scott graves was able to deploy his parachute. >> i got him out. >> three men died as a drop from the sky. it has grounded its fleet to help with the investigation.
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>> it is a small company. >> you're looking at the parachute cord from that aircraft still hanging from the trees. the airplane is wedged in there. ae helicopter about quarter-mile away. investigators have been working. >> the skies over frederick. >> a wet when the and even pretty cold week. we get a quick look at the weekend forecast.
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>> it looks absolutely beautiful out there. shot of bethesda maryland. and we are going to look for dry conditions as we move through the overnight hours. mainly clear and mild this evening, 63 will be the general range. wind out of the northwest at five to 10. it is comfortable out to the west, lower 60's, winchester, 65 at lexington park maryland. satellite and radar will dissipate later on tonight. and that's going to have a cool start for our day tomorrow as temperatures will fall into the 40's by early tomorrow morning. we will take a look at the fall color change map in the outlook for the marine corps marathon in just a few minutes. >> the first person infected with ebola in the united states has been declared free of the disease and even president obama is taking steps to prove that not a risk to the
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public. ae nurse from dallas getting hug from the oval office from president obama himself. >> suzanne kennedy outside tonight where we heard from her earlier today. she stood outside his hospital behind me with her mother and her sister by her side holding their hands with a huge smile on her face. relief from the nurse who is now on her way home. >> she is cured of ebola. it lets get that clear. nurse is about to go home. 26-year-old after treating patients thomas eric duncan earlier this month.
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this nurse turned patient expressed her gratitude. >> not just doctors and nurses but the entire support team. >> including a plasma transfusion for dr. kent brantley. >> nina put herself in a situation where she knew it was a risk. she said the prayers and others helpful her through. >> i think them for their prayers, concerns, hope, and love.
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>> she underwent five consecutive tests, all of them ebola free. she is cured and it could take weeks before she feels 100%. in bethesda,e suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. blood tests show no sign of ebola but a discharge date has not yet been set. >> as the nurses recover, the centers for disease control has confirmed a new york city dr. now has the virus. the doctor is being treated. >> he is here in isolation and in stable condition. >> he battles the virus in this
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manhattan hospital. >> there is no cause for alarm. new york is need to understand the situation is being handled well. >> nearly a week after he returned, treating ebola patients in jenin. the days before spencer was diagnosed, 33-year-old went to this bowling alley in brooklyn, wrote the subway, and ate in a restaurant. he was showing no ebola symptoms. experts stress it was not contagious. health officials checking each place as a precaution. >> the same process in dallas where to nurses were infected. they have learned that health care workers returning to new york or new jersey from west
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africa will be under mandatory quarantine for 21 days. york.n new >> and ebola. alarm to columbia, south carolina. officials kept united flights from pulling up to the gate after a passenger developed a nose bleed. they boarded the plane as a precaution and once they gave the all clear, passengers were allowed to get off the plane. 7 is helping you separate fact from fiction as concern grows over ebola in america. a panel of experts have answered your voice, your .uture
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the man caught on camera attacking officers with a hatchet does not appear to have -- he did describe himself as a muslim convert. two officers were hurt, one of them seriously before they shot and killed the suspect. the new technology that could send back up to police officers without them having to use their radios. >> and the immediate cancellation of a popular cable show. and a man uses a flower pot catch a suspected criminal.
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>> an act
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a a group of people behind
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sexual assault that targeted a good samaritan. a woman asked the victim for a ride. wasce say the victim sexually assaulted at gunpoint. details are murky but we have learned that at about 1:00 this morning at a camp springs gas station, a woman approached another woman and asked her for a ride. please bring her here to meet her boyfriend. the woman that provided a lift wound up in this house behind me the victim of a brutal ratpe. thist of kindness early morning and it in d.c. with a vicious crime. >> they were here last night. >> this is the vacant and mostly empty house to man armed with a shotgun forced a woman into after she agreed to give another woman a ride in the d.c.. they took her to a bedroom. other men were waiting here.
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she apparently spent hours in this room. >> there was a mattress. >> please brought the victim back to the home where the attack took place. >> they said there was a lot of guys. the house fored evidence and neighbors said the residence had been anti-for weeks. they had not noticed a group of men hanging out here. >> it is hard to believe. >> he owns the property and when he came to check it out, he noticed someone inside and called the police. he said while he waited, he believes he saw the suspects get away. >> i saw guys come out of the house. alley butent down the by the time the police got here, they were gone. what rolel don't know if any the woman who asked for a ride to this location played in this series of events or whether
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she was the victim of crime herself. as far as the victim, she was taken to a hospital for treatment. >> those breezy days we've had took their toll on at least one area tree. news chopper seven over the and parts ofrning capital view drive until the spring. they got them open. situation, it was nice to see the sun out there again. >> the wind beginning to settle down, outdoor dinner plans, a light jacket is all you need. probably still wet from yesterday or wednesday with all that rain we had. this is the roof camera looking over the city. at clouds are beginning to break away and we have clear skies for the overnight hours and temperatures that will fall quickly and are on tonight.
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a much different story right now at the airport, 70 degrees and wind out of the northwest at nine miles an hour and a lot better than the gusty wind we had yesterday of 25 to 30 miles an hour. the weatherbug network, also the high temperature for the day. the low earlier. 63 in maryland, no rain to speak of. the final stop takes us to manassas after a high of 67. the wind five or six miles an hour. it's comfortable, sunny, absolutely beautiful. the same it winchester. head to the higher elevations in western maryland where we are looking at temperatures in the upper 50's this hour. the cooler air across the great lakes, a hard time making it here because of high pressure just off to the west of us, wind will change direction. in it he's the temperatures up to the day tomorrow and sunday
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and monday and tuesday of next week. a nice stretch of days ahead. now quickly going to the north and east. that is the same storm system that brought us the heavy rain on wednesday and early thursday morning. the marine corps marathon looks fantastic. temperatures 6:00 in the morning around 50 degrees. 8:00 will be in the lower 50's and just a few scattered clouds. the wind will pick up as we move through the mid morning and afternoon hours. the upperstill in 60's to around 70 degrees. well above average for this time of year. thank this area of high pressure for that. conditions are going to improve and get even better as we move through the next couple of days as high pressure goes toward the east. a week old front. it will bring us a few added clouds late tomorrow afternoon.
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the rain will stay well to the north of us. the breeze will kick up just a little bit and we will have breezy conditions for the marine corps marathon on sunday. nearly a perfect 10 for the forecast over the next five days or so. degrees, mainly clear skies, and daytime high tomorrow around 70. sunday looks fantastic. to middle 70'ser tuesday and wednesday. look at halloween. we may see a few showers. >> there's time for that to change. tonight, 2020 takes on a maryland case of stolen deeds. a prince george's county woman got an unwelcome surprise when she went to check on her home that she wasn't living in anymore. >> this lady comes to the door and she said that she was renting the property. how can you read this property, this is my house? >> police say she wasn't the
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only victim. how did the suspects deal these homes? find out tonight on 2020 at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> a major breakthrough in heart transplants that could save 30% more lives. >> and a mystery for an area town that finds one kind of serial vanishing. the spooky breakfast food and where it ended up. >> an insiders look at the investigation into the deadly midair collision. coming up on seven, a scary story. a resident hears footsteps coming up the stairs. here what
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>> a man's report to police that someone hit him with a brick ended up putting an accused burglar behind bars. >> quick thinking and a green thumb? explaining this unusual connection and it's a story you will only see on seven. >> now that we know the homeowner is ok, the alleged bad guys locked up, you can almost say that is kind of funny but this was scary. residents in this neighborhood up in the top floor of his house and knew that somebody was inside. he had to take action and that's
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what he did. >> i did not know if he was going to be aggressive. this, a solidth ceramic pot usually reserved for plants. thing that made sense to me was to try to throw something. >>e was on the third floor, her the dogs barking below, and he heard glass breaking. >> i yelled get out. i heard him walk up the stairs and my heart started racing. he took a couple more steps up and i knew i would be able to hit him. >> he hid the suspect down below squarely in the head. >> he immediately collapsed and fell down. he ran out of the house. >> i imagine he was in a lot of pain and knew that he had to go to the hospital. >> the 23-year-old vicki smith , accidentally bump
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the person walking past him and felt a sharp pain in his head and lost consciousness. that severe head injury coupled with a distinct match in clothing meant case closed. >> i probably would've done the exact same thing. about $45, the best i have ever spent. >> it was pretty serious. he required several staples in his head. the neighbors very thankful to our victim in this case because police sources are telling us they will be looking at ricky smith has possibly involved in other break-ins in the same neighborhood. >> quite a story. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, a guilty pleasure for many is going off the air. why tlc pulled the plug on "here
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comes honey boo-boo." >> and new technology that can immediately send out an alert any time a police officer draws his or her gun. and a midair collision that left three men dead. coming up, an aviation attorney who used to work for the
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>> more now on the breaking
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news. it is the news everyone feared would a true. remains found last saturday in the southern part of the county have now been identified as student hannah graham. she went missing a little more than a month ago. jessie matthews is currently in jail, accused of abducting her. statement.eleased a we will have another update on this still developing story coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. the ntsb is now on the scene in frederick maryland, investigating a deadly collision. yesterday afternoon a small plane and a helicopter collided over the airport, killing the three people on board of the helicopter. tonight an aviation expert explains how they will piece the
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chain of events together. >> josey is in our newsroom with the story. data fromng to gps dataircraft, and other at second byd second to see what mistakes were made. investigators are on the ground singleerick that found a engine plane dangling in the woods. a preliminary look at the wreckage is just the first step in figuring out what happened to those three men. a private aviation attorney who used to work for the federal government says that the chain will be broken down fees by piece by faa and ntsb investigators. the cause may be one thing,
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one person, or a problem caused with contribute in fact her's. that is what we look at. it will not be the blame is all on one person. see and avoid is always the responsibility of the pilots in the environment. but i traffic control is always responsible for the choreography, separation of aircraft. >> they will use radar from the tower to degree the placement of timeaircraft from the before the crash. the frederick airport and will although smoking does have a tower. it is staffed by contractors. those controllers are trained to the same standard as faa employees, so there is no difference there. after a crash, investigators will want to know about the experience and the workload of the person in the tower. and as one piece of a much larger investigation. thank you.
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we now know the name of two sheriff's deputies involved in yesterday's fatal shooting. the prince george's county sheriff's office says that kendall wade is on administrative leave. deputy wade shot a man wall responding to a domestic disturbance call of a man with a gun. newsources tell abc seven that he was unarmed and died at the hospital. >> started technology that could revolutionize police response to a officer involved shooting. intocan embed a chip officers handguns that could send one low alert when a gun leaves a holster, and another when it is fired.
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it is so precise it can tell the direction of the shot. they are working on a funding push and a final price tag. on's look at your traffic this friday. >> hello. this crash has been on the beltway on the outer loop since about 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. they are still working on it. we have some pretty extensive delays on the maryland side as people are looking and the inner loop coming from college park. one, and onas route the virginia side from the outer loop delay is beginning in springfield here at van dorn street. theoes all the way across bridge where three glades are getting past -- where three lanes are getting past. i-95, and 395, and ongoing rough
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movement problem. -- pavement problem. >> you can say there goes honey boo boo. they have canceled the hit reality show after four seasons. this move comes after mama june began dating a convicted child molester. family members deny the story, but tlc was not convinced. they are that committed to the children's ongoing comfort and well-being. a shortageery behind in a small town is now solved. box was on
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bought for a craft b new holidaya themed beer. >> the kids would be so angry in that town. >> coming up, an area man's mission to make sure that no one sleeps without a bed.
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>> in rockville attorney is suing one of the nation's largest gym chains, saying it was ripping him off t. the problem centers on his lifetime membership. here's what happened when 7 on your side got involved. >> i believe that i am on sound ground in bringing this claim.
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spent more2002, he's than $2000 on a lifetime membership to bally total fitness. a sound investment, as he only had to pay a dollar and you will see each year. in 2011, they sold their gyms to l.a. fitness. company for down the old facility and built a new one. calling it a signature club. >> then they said your number shipped is not allow you into the signature clubs, you have to pay more money. >> we are saying a lot more. $1200 to upgrade to stigma interest that is -- to signature status. >> i think most people ca someone to changing the rules in the middle of the game.
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when repeated call to corporate went unanswered, he filed a lawsuit. >> hopefully, i will achieve some small success. in fact, just hours after 7 on your side contacted a late, a corporate attorney called him to profusely apologize. the gymaded third t membership free of charge. coming up, a potential life-changing breakthrough, the heart transplant that could save more lives.
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>> residents of the metropolitan washington area spend more for housing and mature than any other place in the country. recent according to a government study. so it is not unusual to find people in this area who have a roof over their head, but cannot afford furniture. gordon peterson joins us with
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how one man is trying to change that. >> cannot afford furniture, cannot even afford beds asleep on -- to sleep onto it with talked to a man who decided to do something about that. the founder of a wider circle. is a good day for renée, not and her seven children -- and her seven children. >> by far, beds are the marker for poverty in this region. >> wider circle founder mark was stunned to learn that was harder for families to get beds than food or clothing. >> i talked to people everyday who tell me that i've been sleeping on the floor for years and my kids sleep on a blanket in the corner,. ./ >> thus was born a wider circle, providing beds and furniture to
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people in this area. rené and her children tonight do not have to sleep on the floor. >> i was so glad for this type of program, that was able to help me and my children, and not charge me. >> if you're looking for a good place to donate good used furniture, they are the place. but there is more. >> are second-largest program is our job preparedness program. in addition to helping people write resumes and identify career paths, we close them -- clothe them. we want people to come in, get those clothes, and take as many as they want. --els of personal shoppers we also have personal shoppers. i believe there are enough people in this country, certainly this region, then believe it is unacceptable that people live in these type of conditions. so i would ask what does it mean
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if we say is unacceptable, it means we have to change it. >> they will not let you out of the professional store with at than five outfits. sometimes the clients are hired on the basis of appearance alone . if you and to know more go to -- one to go more, go to >> for the first time ever, doctors have transplanted a so-called dead heart. heartsd transplanted that has stopped beating for 20 minutes, they placed them in a frozen solution, and a portable console that kept them alive and warm. >> a look ahead at 6:00 p.m.
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tonight at 6:00 p.m. we're continuing to follow two breaking stories police have confirmed that remains found in virginia are those of missing uva student hannah graham. have the latest on the deadly school shooting in washington state. and d.c. officials are hitting the brakes on plans to build a nearly two dozen mile streetcar network. why those plans are being scaled back, at 6:00 p.m. ? another check of the weather into the weekend. a wonderful start to our weekend. if you travel plans out to the you are going to be in for quite a treat with the fall color change.
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southern maryland, you have another week or so to go. give it a little bit of extra time. throughout the weekend are temperatures will be spectacular, 70 degrees on saturday. a bit greasy on sunday, but it will be drive for the marine y ons marathon -- breez sunday, but it will be dry for the marine corps marathon. a cold front will arrive by next week, that will give us our next best chance for showers. for this evening, temperatures will fall into the 40's for the
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nighttime lows. our seven day outlook looks great. a a few clouds and showers on wednesday, and then looking ahead one week from tonight we have halloween, and we could see a few showers and a lot could change between now and then. our winter forecast will be coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> we will pass on that one. he don't have to do that. [laughter] >> you think you know it is going to happen, but there is always a curveball. the suspense is too much. the madness continues according to jay, we were supposed to know whether rg iii would start against the cowboys after yesterday's tractors. he put that decision off, it will be a gametime decision. thel colt mccoy with
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possibility of robert taking the snap. he is just focusing on getting better. >> i've been there for kirk and cold as much as they possibly is hard to not be out there and le help them make the winds. but i'm listening to the doctors, we will not rush my ankle. >> weathered is robert colt whether it is robert or colt mccoy, they will be ready. game features a study in contrast. >> we have to play at our best, and we are right there. >> while the cowboys have been the class of the nfc east, very redskins are bringing up the rear again. >> i record is what it is because we did not go out and win those games.
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win, ando find ways to be confident we have the capabilities to find those ways. >> went to you and the fans have in common, do not like each other. while the rivalry is not what it used to be, it is still redskins and cowboys. huge game for a lot of people. we are going to make sure that it is known that this is a big rivalry for the new players. and coaches. at webody cares the way won last week, we are getting tweets about dallas because it is important to the fans. we will see monday night whether it is rg iii, and colt. >> thank you. coming up next -- fairfax county public schools
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will let
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>> fairfax county's plans to let its highschooler sleep in following a historic vote by the school board. >> others thinking about making similar changes. we have reactions, plug s what other neighboring schools might do. school district's are getting closer to letting students get some needed rest. in fairfax county teenagers got to sleep easier knowing that soon get more time in bed. >> this was a historic vote, in
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the sense that we were moving forward on something of orton to our students health and well-being. -- importance to our students health and well-being . / . we have shown that we could be national leaders on this p we have shown it is doable even in very large, complex school systems./ >> other districts are moving in that direction. montgomery county scrap one plan, and now they plan to renew cheaper options. the city of manassas, with just one high school, begins later start times this fall. ultimately, it will be much more comfortable for our children, and that is our priority. >> he represents teachers, and he says it will take logicians to help other districts get on board. politicians to help other
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districts get on board. here in fairfax county will cost roughly $5 million. regioner options hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars for those plans. that is why they are weighing all of their options when it comes to choosing school start times. county, students will get to sleep in starting next fall. >> thank you. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. at 6:00art right now p.m. with breaking news. >> this is abc seven breaking news. >> that breaking news involves a search for a missing uva student hannah graham. police confirmed that remains found nearly one week ago are countyf the fairfax
6:00 pm
native. >> and tragic end to the more than five weeks search for her. >> hannah graham's parents waited more than a month to find their daughter. they up to they would get a happy ending in this case, but we now have confirmation from the medical examiner that that is not the case. those human remains were originally spotted saturday. y shifted gears and called the gram hase a death investigation. it took six days for the emmy's office to do testing and make an official confirmation that it is a body of anagram -- hannah graham.


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