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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> remains are identified. what happens next in the investigation. a high school in marysville, washington. >> i here for gunshots and it was behind me. >> the teen who pulled the trigger and word of a possible motive. the number of vehicles suspected of having a deadly airbag issue.
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what drivers need to know next. abc seven news at 11 p.m. on your side. searchking news in the for hannah graham. the police department confirmed those of the our missing uva student. eternally is grateful, they said. how is the community responding to this news? is feelingunity somber. we are on the downtown mall. the very spot hannah graham disappeared in. investigators staying silent for fear of changing their high-profile case against jesse matthew. a dark reality lingers on the
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charlottesville mall. sense,e is this bad there always will be. that reality will always be there. it is strange. >> hannah graham vanished six weeks ago tonight. last seen outside the temple bar and grill. police say jesse matthew was by her side. daughter hannah's age. >> her parent shared their sorrow. teresa sullivan, uva president issued this statement.
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>> whether it is in charlottesville or elsewhere campuses need to figure out a way that this never happens again. there are a lot of opportunities for her to have friends help her .ut or somebody intervene a terrible, tragic thing happened. was pursuing am career in global public health. others addinghelp she was robbed of the opportunity to fulfill that dream. >> thank you. virginia governor terry mcauliffe issued this statement tonight. the man charged with abducting hannah graham has been arrested.
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matthew was also charged with attempted capital murder related to an assault in fairfax city. the commonwealth attorney wants the fbi to see if matthew's dan a was found in the car of alexis murphy. she disappeared last year. stay with us throughout the weekend. we will bring you updates on this investigation as it is available. to the new charges against a man accused of knowingly exposing a person to hiv. he faces two or more counts after a second victim came forward to police. he was initially charged with seven counts in last month. police say it is possible there are more victims. if you have any information montgomery county police want to talk to you. a man was seriously hurt during an accident at a construction site that happened on ridge road in bethesda. police tell us the victim off a
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ladder and was injured on a piece of rebar. we talked with neighbors who witnessed this victim being transported to the hospital. thatshocking thing to have happen anywhere whether it is in my neighborhood or someone else's. just hoping he is ok. >> the man's condition has not been released. six people were rescued in a bizarre incident in gaithersburg. news chopper seven was there as fire officials were responding. a container truck flipped on and trapping them inside. no one was injured. workers were loading or eyewall into that container when the load shifted and that trailer tilted upwards. we have encouraging news in the fight against ebola. sam spoke to reporters after she
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was discharged this afternoon. she spent the past seven days as you know they're receiving treatment for ebola. families -- he was the first u.s. nurse to contract the disease after treating thomas duncan, who died earlier this month. >> i have a special appreciation for the care i received from so many people. not just doctors and nurses but the entire support team. she met with president obama before she met -- left town. city entersnew york his second night in isolation. -- testedspencer toth positive last night. since then health officials have been retracing his steps. he rode the subway, went out with friends before he was diagnosed. new york's mayor had a clear message for the city. >> there is no cause for alarm.
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new yorkers need to understand the situation is being handled and handled well. >> spencer returned from a doctors without orders mission a week ago. the prompted -- case prompted a big change. anyone coming from west africa considered to be high risk will be quarantined for 21 days. abc 7 is helping you separate facts from fiction about ebola. a panel of experts will answer your questions on our sister station. hashtag it on facebook and twitter. a beautiful fall day. it will transit -- transition into a perfect fall weekend. at the forecast. we used the word perfect. >> it does not get much better than this. my favorite month in d.c. is october. lots of sunshine and comfortable
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teeratures. take a look at the radar. not a whole lot going on. mainly clear skies. temperatures around 40 to 47 degrees and if you have the time this weekend, head to the west, you're looking at a great color change. the marine corps marathon forecast in a few minutes. >> many are struggling to make .ense of a deadly shooting jayen now identified as is dead after turning the gun on himself. any word of a motive? >> we're getting some indications. he was a popular, well-liked freshman and a member of the football team. a good student overall. today, he snapped. he used his that handgun and opened fire. >> he was recently crowned his
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high school's hiram -- homecoming prince. today he was dubbed a killer. >> the call started coming from high school just before noon local time at the seattle area school. the freshman walked into the cafeteria and stared down his victims as he shot them. the majority shot in the head. >> i thought it was someone making a really loud noise with -- a bang. i heard for more after that. >> a frantic scene followed. the school and lockdown for hours as parents rushed to get answers. >> my son called me up right -- right after it happened. there has been a shooting. someone is shooting. killed four young woman before turning the gun on
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him self. >> i heard his girlfriend broke up with him. tweets and re-tweeting their conversation. that could have affected it. >. the developing news where investigators are trying a figure out what caused collision. both men on that plane survived with only minor injuries. thanks to the plaintiff emergency parachute. the pilot was preparing to land when a controller warned him about the helicopter traffic nearby. >> three helicopters below you in the traffic pattern.
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say the third one was directly beneath the plane. the helicopter was on a training exercise and investigators will be back at the frederick airport tomorrow. unpaid internships are pretty typical but could they also be illegal? we will tell you abouthe $1 million settlement coming up next. friends and family in the search young women.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 11 p.m. on your side. corporal nathan cirillo died wednesday while guarding
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canada's national memorial. his body was taken to his hometown of hamilton, ontario. angry because he was not allowed to travel to syria. >> the passport figured prominently in his motive. and drove it car to parliament and fired several shots before he was killed. back here at home, friends and family of a young d.c. girl missing for months now hero -- held a birthday party in her honor. she turns nine wednesday. she was last seen in march. keep her family -- her memory alive a party was held in southeast washington. you know we are celebrating her ninth birthday.
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let her come home. drop her come home. drucker on the curb. please just let her come home. >> she was living at the d.c. general homeless shelter when she disappeared. she was with the janitor at that shelter. he later took his own life. if you have information contact ec police. massivemation about the recall tied to faulty airbags. up to 30 million vehicles are affected. fewer than 8 million have been recalled. shatter sending metal shards through the air. dealerships in florida getting high priority for replacement. 9000 unpaidarly interns. they worked on "saturday night " and did work for free.
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-universal denies any wrongdoing. a huge weekend for our area. the marine corps marathon is this sunday. even if you're not running there is some information you need to know. most importantly, road closures. you will want to take it our -- take a look at our website. that is where we have the complete list and there are several. metro opens at 5 a.m. sunday to accommodate runners and spectators. they will have to pass through all these screening checked winds. allow extra time. steve is here to tell us how the weather will be for runners. it sounds of it will be ideal. >> a bit breezy as it moves toward the late morning and afternoon hours. this is a beautiful sunset.
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at 6:20 p.m. this evening and we are losing about 1.5 minutes a day be -- as we move closer to winter. the fall color cnge, i want to show you this snap one more time. extreme western maryland looking at the conditions. , northernrther west montgomery county to frederick in loudoun county. looking at an nice color change. give it extra time around the district in southern maryland. by this time next week it will look absolutely beautiful out there. temperature is 60 degrees. now out of the north-northwest at seven miles per hour. looking for quieter conditions for tomorrow. no rain to speak of today. 55 in manassas. warning low at 52.
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the trend here, temperatures will stay above average for the next few days followed by a stronger cold front. things will change around here. already 48 degrees in winchester. $53. the skies are clearing rapidly of highhat area pressure. temperatures will fall into the willbut the high pressure work to our benefit as we work to -- toward the end of the weekend. there ramping things up by -- to the 60's. it will be dry all day on sunday. we have a cold front that will be adding clouds late tomorrow ternoon. this frontal system a week cold front. that will zip by late tomorrow night. all the moisture to the north of us. high-pressure rebuilds and then
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a stronger cold front on wednesday of next week. 40 248t for tonight, degrees. outlook calling for temperatures in the middle 70's on tuesday. a cold front on wednesday with a better chance of showers. let's look ahead one week for tonight. believe, it is halloween. our initial rejection shows a daytime high of 59. trick or treat weather will be in the upper 40's to the 50's. we may see some showers. you want to dress warmly. what will change for the redskins? rg3.e latest on that and more
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>> and now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. or colt mccoyi for monday? fans havee question been asking. it is the same question we have been asking. outcoaches not ruling roberts. if rg iii is healthy enough to go, he will be the starter on monday. he will not come off the bench but for now it is a one-day edit time tng. our job to i have been there for them as much as i can. have -- i have been listening to the doctors, trainers, and coaches. we are not going to rush my ankle. >> it is friday night.
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that means we have some high school football. centreville with a little trickery in this one. somehow the ball and zip in the hands of jake dean. the final, 37-7. georgetown prep at riverdale baptist. third quarter. watch dave davis explode out of the backfield. 23 yards for the touchdown. upsetting riverdale in overtime. the final for this 127-44. game three of the world series in san francisco tonight. they are in the ninth inning, royals leading 3-2. ards players volunteered at the food bank. prepare bags help for the weekend back program. on that wristate
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injury. >> i am doing well. am able to get my range of motion back. [inaudible] >> nba preseason action. double pump night. he wasn't finished with his double pumping. raptors go on to win this one. the final 83-8. to a complete wrap, be sure check out the high school sports final on our sister station. a few minutes away. is at an kind of cereal premium in a colorado town.
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the mystery behind a count cho cula shortage. boxes disappeared in fort collins., a craft last oxt up the rear
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for his latest batch. it is a halloween theme with the ula theme. he only make six cases but each case uses 12 boxes of the serial.
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>> looking forward to the weekend. >> it will be so nice out there. plenty of sunshine. temperatures around 70. that is a few degrees above average for this time of year. great conditions for the marathon, for football games, outdoor activities, checking out the fall color change, looks great on monday. 74 and tuesday. there is a cold front on wednesday. thursday winds -- wednesday and thursday next week. a hollow wean could see showers and temp
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- shia labeouf. from "the best of me," michelle monaghan. and music from t.i. with cleto and the cletones. and now, for your amusement, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. that's very nice. thank you, cleto. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i hope you had a good weekend. i hope you're still having a good weekend. you know, a lot of people have a


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