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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 27, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." on the move right now. where that american nurse held in a tent for days is now headed. did authorities go too far? atnd 5-year-old rushed to the hospital. what we know about the young patient. the breaking news. the stunning new images from isis. have they put a hostage on a roof right there in the city, being targeted by u.s.-led air strikes? martha raddatz standing by. >> racing out. the lava moving in tonight. the new pictures. without a trace. the nfl mystery. the father and son at the game. the boy uses the bathroom. the father suddenly missing in the stands. and, the star mangled banner at the world series. you heard the bad notes before. ♪ what so proudly we was >> so, what did he forget last
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night? not just one word. the players, stunned. good evening and we begin here with several fast-moving developments tonight on ebola. first, the american nurse held in a tent since she arrived home after helping patients on the front lines in west africa. per happens you've seen that image of her looking through that plastic window. she argued this was far too extreme. don't, she is on her way home to maine amid growing debate. also tonight, the 5-year-old rushed to a hospital here in new york, just back from west africa, showing concerning symptoms. this evening, the 5-year-old has tested negative for ebola. and tonight, some u.s. soldiers on their way home from west africa, where they have been helping in the fight, now under quarantine in italy. abc's linsey davis leading us off with the nurse who fought and won. >> reporter: tonight, nurse crakaci hickox headed home to maine,
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after being confined here for three days just because she worked with ebola patients in sierra leone. quarantined by new jersey even after she tested negative for the disease. >> i know she didn't want to be there. no one wants to be in the hospital, i suspect. so, i understand that. but the fact is, i have a much greater, bigger responsibility to the people and so i think what she has time to reflect, she'll understand that, as well. >> reporter: she landed in moreark on friday. her temperature, 98 degrees. still, she was detained. grilled by officials. and four hours later, her temperature was up to 101. hickox says it was because she was so stressed. toile hours later, she was transferred to that tent. you see her here, talking to her lawyer through thick plastic. inside, a medical bed in a bare-bones room. saturday morning, her ebola test, negative. she described the experience to cnn as inhumane. >> and i feel like my basic human rights have been violated. >> reporter: this drama playing out shortly after dr. craig spencer was raced to a new york hospital. his 2350e yan say quarantined in
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their harlem apartment. now, nine states ordering health care workers returning from the hot zone be quarantined for 21 days. tonight, the cdc releasing new guidelines. >> these very brave and courageous health workers, they welcome the kind of response to them when they come back that's at least based on scientific data. >> reporter: hickox will remain under quarantine in maine. here at bellevue, dr. spencer remains in serious but stable condition and david, some great news tonight. that 5-year-old little boy who was rushed to the hospital this morning with ebola-like symptoms, his test results are back, he does not have the disease. david? >> that is great news. linsey davis, thank you. let's get right to dr. richard besser and rich, you have said from the start that unless doctors and nurses were brave enough to go to west africa, we would not get a handle on this, but this is what happened to her when she came back. >> reporter: the fear is that this would have a chilling
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effect and people wouldn't want to go over. tonight there's news out of the cdc, new guidelines with what to do with health care workers to come back, they focus on monitors. we feel better when someone's under quarantine, it's not based on science. we don't need it to control the disease. >> self-monitoring now. >> reporter: that's right. >> rich, thank you. we're going to turn now to troubling new images tonight in the battle against isis. a new video showing a british hostage, but this time, a new backdrop. and these images containing clues. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has been studying the new tape and up said earlier that this is very bold. >> reporter: it is indeed, david. if this video is real, right in the middle of the battle for the strategic town of coe bkobani, broad daylight is the hostage british journalist john cantley saying isis is about to claim the town. the video even purports to show aerial images from an isis drone pinpointing the location where
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cantley is being taped and if you compare that with independent satellite view, you can see the same silver sigh lopes in the background, the same cluster of trees. it appears that cantley is standing just .4 miles from the border, david. this, after more than 170 air strikes pounding kobani, partal of an air campaign that has cost the u.s. taxpayer mrs. than half a billion dollars. david? >> all right, martha raddatz live for us in washington. thank you. now, to england tonight, and a security breach caught on camera and it was too close for comfort. take a look at th. david cameron leaving a meeting today and a jogger bumping into him while on his daily run. cameron immediately driven from the scene. you can see the security team move in quickly. the man arrested and then released, claiming he had no idea who he ran into. critics want to know how he was allowed to get so close. back here at home and to that slow motion danger in hawaii. those incredible new pictures tonight, 2,000 degree lava now
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just yards from one town on the big island. families fleeing their homes and abc's clayton sandell, back on the story tonight. >> reporter: they have watched. they have waited. and tonight, they are worried. for the first time, people in the path of this river of fire are leaving. dozens more may soon be next. >> it's really scary. you got to be on alert. you got to be ready when they say, okay, you got -- you got two hours, you got to be out of here. >> reporter: the lava now less than 100 yards from homes. from above, you can see it sizzle through everything in its path. the people here are already watching their history being erased. dozens of headstones at the town cemetary now smothered under layers of molten rock churning at 2,000 degrees. officials say there is no way to divert a lava flow. the town must simply watch it follow the steepest part of the
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terrain, right into the heart of neighborhoods. we saw it on a recent visit. this is the lava flow threatening the town. it is turning trees and shrubs here. really, nothing can stop this. if lava reaches the main road, thousands of people farther south will be cut off. new roads are quickly being built. a lava detour. and to try and keep the electricity on, they're installing new shields around power poles. >> i'm going to need to go, i think, but i don't want to go. i don't want to go. i do not want to go. >> reporter: don't, they are holding their breath in a paradise that may soon be lost. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> clayton, thank you. from hawaii to washington state and that rampage at a high school. classes canceled this monday and tonight, what we are just learning about the shooter. a popular freshman and homecoming prince. what he did before opening fire. authorities say texting friends to join him at that cafeteria table and then taking aim at them. word of yet another victim dying
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overnight. now bringing the death toll to two. abc's nall ceal car skinly, nor seattle. >> reporter: we know that jaylen fryberg opened fire, not at random, but police say, after inviting his best friends and relatives to the table, via text message. killing zoe gallasso and gia soriano. 14-year-old shaylee chucknulnaskit and 15-year-old andrew fryberg remain critical. >> the five people that were targeted were invited to the table. >> reporter: megan silberberger, a teacher in her first year on the job, is being called a hero for stopping jaylen from shooting anyone else. in a statement, she says she was "in an office next to the cafeteria and heard shots." she ran in and "confronted the shooter until security arrived." at marysville pill chuck high school today, class is out, but students keep coming anyway. to mourn. do you and do they and your friends the, is it sadness? is it anger?
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>> we're just sad. i'm not angry at anybody. i'm just sad. >> reporter: and inside a hospital room tonight, on twitter, forgiveness from shooting victim nate hatch, whose condition is improving. "i love you and i forgive you, jaylen. rest in peace." within the span of one week, jaylen went from homecoming prince to alleged mass shooter. there were vague signs of trouble over a girl on social media. but overall, he was beyond well-liked. >> he had that kind of charisma and raw talent. he was the pride of the family. >> reporter: school will be out here for the entire week and extra security has now been added to other schools in the area. as for motive, investigators say they may never know for sure. david? >> neal karlinsky, thank you. we move to the economy here. and welcome news for drive everyones across this country. the price of gas falling 15 cents in just two weeks. the average price per gallon of gas now down to $3.06. what's behind the free fall and
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how low will it go? abc's cecilia vega now at a gas station in new jersey, where, believe it or not, the price is even low earl than the average. >> reporter: david, good evening to you. we haven't seen prices like these in four years. look at this station here, $2.67 for the cheapest gas. analysts say a majority of stations are selling gas for less than $3 a gallon. these prices, they have been dropping since june. that is because of the declining price of oil. here's the map. san francisco topping the charts with the highest price in the country, drivers in albany, georgia, have the lowest. and analysts are saying there could even more good news for drivers tonight. that national average could fall below $3 a gallon. one analyst joking that stations like this one might not even have enough 2 inside their drawers to make all the changes in these signs they need, because they haven't seen prices this low in so long. david? >> cecilia, thank you. the countdown is on to the midterm elections tonight. just eight days to go. the stakes e nor moss. president obama battling with a
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republican house will he soon face a republican senate? tonight, or new number tonight revealing where this could be headed. and look at the wall tonight. a political who's who out there on campaign trail. bill clinton in colorado tonight. jimmy cart erlt campaigning for his grandson in georgia. new jersey government nor chris christie in florida. mitt romney is in nebraska. and hillary clinton campaigning in new york. you might be saying at home, it seems everyone's out there, but someone is not. why was president obama at the white house this monday? let's get right to abc's cheech white house correspondent jonathan karl. what do you make of this? >> reporter: well, david, the president was home all weekend, too. and today, the only time he ventured out was to go to sasha and malia's school for parent-teacher conferences. so, what's going on? well, the president's approval rating is at an all-time low. just 40%. and in many of the states with the big races, it's even lower. so, while the president will be out campaigning for some candidates for governor this week, you won't see him in a single place with a competitive
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senate race. >> well were talking earlier, jon, we've seen second term pments with low approval ratings before. you went digging for george w. bush's schedule on this day back in his second term? >> reporter: that's right. and bush was even more unpopular than president obama, but on this day, eight years ago, he was out campaigning in two different states, traveling more than 2,000 miles and was out virtual little every day in the home stretch. >> you heard me mention the stakes here for the president. the senate could flip. republicans are confident. how is it looking tonight? >> reporter: well, numbers guru nate silver, founder of 538, our analyst, he puts the percentage chance of republicans taking over at 63%. and i'i've got to tell you, dav, privately, many democrats would sail that's about right. >> all right, jon karl at the white house. and we will have complete election night coverage one week from tomorrow night, right here on abc. we do move on tonight to a mystery in colorado. this evening, authorities need your help finding the dad you see in this picture here. the photo taken during halftime at the denver broncos game four days ago now. family and friends enjoying the game.
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but then, the twist. his son goes to the bathroom and returns, his dad had vanished. abc's brandi hitt now. >> reporter: tonight, friends and family are desperately searching for 53-year-old paul kitterman. the father of two mysteriously disappeared amid a sea of broncos fans at thursday night's game. kitterman's son jared had gone to the restroom during halftime. returning to his seat to find his father gone. >> we served the stadium, we've been going to hospitals, just retraced our steps, anywhere we think he might have gone. >> reporter: police say the event staff spotted him during the third quarter. the last time he was seen. family and friends say kitterman, an outdoorsman, more comfortable on a ranch than the big city, also didn't have a cell phone, credit card or vehicle with him the night he disappeared. >> nothing out of the ordinary happened, so it wouldn't make any sense for him to go any place. >> reporter: invest gators say they have no reason to suspect foul play.
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that's not stopping family and friends handing out these flyers tonight, hoping to find their beloved father and friend. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. word this evening from pennsylvania. authorities there deploying a new weapon in the search for that cop killer, on the run for more than six weeks now. a helium balloon unmanned, armed with camera, on loan from the state of ohio. able to search the dense woods where the suspect is believed to be flying. it is silent, so the suspect like little will not notice it as much as the helicopters. coming up on "world news tonight" this monday, turning your closet into cash. the mother with one idea to resell the family's clothing. three simple steps to follow. one family making $1,200 in one year. you can do it, too. and coming up also, listen to this. those are good samaritans breaking into a burning car. how they pulled that man to safety just in the nick of time. and later, you've got to see
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wow. and good samaritans caught on tape tonight. watch and listen to this. >> are you by yourself? >> help! >> is there anybody else in there? >> really incredible. this happened in virginia. three men driving by heard screaming. saw fire. pulling over. using a hammer to smash through the sunroof, picking that driver to safety before the car goes up in flames. and look at this tonight. a plane attempting to land off the coast of portugal. a white knuckle moment for the peakers. whoa. a pilot, though, with nerves of steel tonight. when we come back here, what happened to the national anthem last night?
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finally tonight here, the world series is hardly the place where you want to forget the words to the national anthem. but it happened and it's not the first time. time and time again, we're reminded it's not as easy as it looks. ♪ o say can you see >> reporter: arron lewis and that unexpected turn last night. ♪ what so proudly we hail were
6:57 pm
so gallantly streaming ♪ >> reporter: by any chance did you catch what was missing? not just one word, 20 of them. ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ were so gallantly streaming >> reporter: you could see the giants pacher saying, he forgot the words. and it was hardly the first time. christina aguilera at the super bowl, they were the right words, just in the wrong order. ♪ had the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> reporter: and then there was michael bolton. ♪ were so gallantly streaming >> reporter: and when you're young and those nerves kick in, natalie gilbert, just 13, 20,000
6:58 pm
in the stands for that nba game. ♪ at the stars -- >> reporter: the coach came to her aid. the crowd joining in. and after last night, arron lewis now asking the nation for forgiveness, saying his nerves got the best of him. ♪ and the home of the brave >> reporter: despite those nerves, still making it to the end. and that is "world news tonight." i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. good night.
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