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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 28, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> this is abc 7 news at noon. >> an apartment complex is coming down. down now.ion is going the complex has a history of trouble. was there asrter the building came down this morning. she is lie with the latest. -- she is there with the latest. >> take a look at behind me.
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apartmente what the looked like. just moments ago, you can see this demolition underway. according to authorities, more isn seven of those buildings already being taken down it today. each week, six or seven additional buildings of a total of 51 will be taken down. there is going to be redevelopment going in in its place. ofs has been an area continued problems, including shootings, crime, code violations and much more. this is going to last until additionalhen the phases will begin with the construction of the new development. a number of things will go in
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its place. space,living, green apartment buildings, townhouses. it was an emotional day for so many people, including city leaders and people who once called this home. heardple deserve the best they deserve to have good living conditions. they deserve to have homes that they can come home to. they need to be with their children. they need to not have to worry about ducking into their homes from bullets. they don't have to worry about somebody coming by and asking them if they want to buy some drugs. they can come home and enjoy their home. >> it is wonderful. i couldn't be happier. it's been a long time. back here live, you can see the demolition underway in this building.
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another was a building that was use for a number of different purposes. one lady told us that they used to hold church services inside this facility. officials,o county the parking lots will be cleared and the buildings by next march. they are going to have proposals from developers in december. the developer will be picked in february and the new development will begin in 2016. forhat is an exciting day them. thank you. two firefighters are battling a house fire in charles county are recovering from injuries and the home was destroyed. annette reyes has details. >> it was a major house fire that woke people out of bed this morning. the new family in the neighborhood was on fire. >> someone was alerting us that the house next door to us was on fire.
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the fire 7:15 a.m., department got the call. they font the blaze for half an hour as it consumed the home. two firefighters were injured while putting it out. >> the fire that was on the first floor burned a hole into the second floor and cause them to fall through. frome fire was spreading the kitchen to the rest of the home. that is when she thought the worst. crewalerted the emergency that i did not know if the people who lived in the house were there or not. >> they were not inside. the husband was too upset to talk on camera. he was brewing coffee before going to work, he does not know of that started the fire. the cause is under investigation. >> i am still jittery myself. even knowing how close it was. i am glad it is no longer in the house.
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>> thank you. the dallas nurse been treated for ebola in atlanta will be released today. doctors will address the media in the next hour about amber vincent and her recovery. ae is expected to make statement as well. her tests show that she is virus free. this is as the new jersey nurse quarantined has returned home. marcy gonzales has the details. >> the nurse forced to stay in a tent for three days outside a hospital is now back at her home state. casey hickox says she was treated like a criminal when she returned from treating ebola patients. she will spend the rest of her 21 day quarantined in maine, considering her legal options. >> her rights were violated. >> nine states of instituted some type of quarantined above and beyond of federal guidelines.
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the night states army is doing the same thing. fromen soldiers returning liberia were placed in isolation for 21 days in italy. they are sign -- showing no signs of ebola. the cdc is revising its guidelines to eliminate the word quarantined for people returning from west africa. they are calling for restricted travel and public activity. >> we are trying to set the bar based on scientific data. that is not to criticize or put down a decision that an official might make wanting to go the x to mile. infected ind nurse dallas will soon be heading home. amber vincent is discharged from emory university hospital, given the all clear. the only ebola patient now is dr. craig spencer. he is in stable condition at bellevue hospital. a potential ebola case out of
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baltimore turned out to be a false alarm. waspatient with symptoms admitted last night. that person was transferred to the university of maryland and kept in isolation. the department of health and mental hygiene says that they pestered -- tested negative for ebola. of taking accused woman'sne pictures up a dress will spend time in jail. he bent down and began taking -- taking pictures up her skirt over the summer. he claims it was just a misunderstanding. john gonzalez is live with an update on this story. afternoon from rockville. 29-year-old has just been sentenced to three years in prison after he was convicted of
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using his smartphone to take up skirt photos. his attorney outside the courthouse told us that he plans to appeal this case. 25 incident occurred on june in rockville. it was all caught on surveillance video. the victim appeared as a witness. andwas at the car wash paying the cashier. she told the judge that she felt something touching my upper left thigh and when i turned around, he was crouched down with his cell phone touching my skirt. combination of a a skirt and shorts. the manager appeared as a witness. when the surveillance video was played for the judge, the victim stepped out of the room. knees getting on his inside the car wash and reaching
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between her legs with what appeared to be a cell phone. even though this did not come up 7n court today, he told abc that his back went out and that he was racially profile because he is middle eastern. his attorney argued that the state never prove that he actually saw the woman's drive it parts because she was in fact wearing shorts and there was no evidence that any photos were ever taken. he is notsaid clearly capable of conforming to the expectations of society. he does have a criminal past but does include assault and cocaine possession. thank you for that update. one person being treated after a fiery crash in anne arundel county. up -- a pickup truck and sedan crashed near wash chapel road.
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a woman in the car became trapped. it took responders about 25 minutes to free her. baltimoreown to shock, with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. authorities are investigating a man who crashed into a police cruiser overnight. cruiser andinto the another car that was parked at a construction site near route 50. the driver suffered minor injuries and no one else was hurt. this is the fourth crash in a month involving a maryland state police cruiser. the first death happened in chillum. this happened just before 11:30 p.m. monday night. a man was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound and he later died. he was identified as hollis johnson. they are working to identify brandywine, in in
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police received a call about a body in the woods near cedarville and brevard road. the body had signs of, and they have not released the victim's identity. >> this is the day you want to get outside and get all of your weekend lands done. it feels like summer. the temperature is near 80 degrees. lex i think we will end up there. we are not quite there yet. it is feeling fine. walk, heis dog for a said it feels great. today is the day. we can look at the current conditions. our 10 pitcher is 68 degrees. our dew point is at 50. the era starting to moisten up a little bit. the wind is at eight miles per hour. if we look across the region, check it out. it is 77 in winchester. it is 69 at dulles.
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we had some cloud cover and that is slowing are warming this morning. that he'd will transfer upper and we will see some pleasant conditions for the rest of the day. at 3:00, it should be around 80. it will be breezy as well. a few clouds will be starting to fill in with about 75 degrees tonight. 11:00, we will see partly cloudy conditions. it will lead to rain tomorrow. we will timeout the rain for you. that will take place tonight after a delay. we will head back to you for now. >> thanks so much. redskins fans are celebrate in a big win after upsetting the cowboys in dallas. they needed some overtime, but s six-game dallas' winning streak. the redskins had a lead. the cowboys tied it to force
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overtime. set up a four yard field goal. the defense batted away eight desperate pass from tony romo. up, we have the latest on sil. what against i they are saying in a new propaganda video. lava in hawaii inches closer and closer to ho >> isis released new video
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british hostage.
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he claims that the militants have the upper hand. it claims to show aerial footage of the town from a drone showing the exact location where it was videotaped. it has not been authenticated. experts say it was made in the last week or so. for him to look relaxed, he was clearly in distress. he was kidnapped in 2012. larry hogan is getting another boost today. he appeared with chris christie at the honey bee diner. they were shaking hands and signing autographs and talking to voters. race.s is a net in the this is one we can and should win. that is why i am here. we believe in larry hogan and his vision for maryland. twohey are only about
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percentage points away from each other. this is governor christie's third stop. he will be back in maryland on sunday to get out the vote. >> families in hawaii are beginning to evacuate as lava their homes and key roads. the river of law that is less than 70 yards away from the nearest residential property. it has been it mostly 12 milesng, traveling since the volcano arrested akin june. it is fanned out and damaged more ground. there is no way to stop a lot of. they will protect power poles from burning. >> don't worry. if you thought you missed the rocket launch in virginia, you didn't. it was scrubbed in his been rescheduled for tonight. it will take off just before 6:00. hot -- halted.
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it will take supplies to the international space station. are not happy. >> it was night. more aware and they will be able to see it tonight. the weather is going to be more pleasant. people will be able to enjoy it. look into the southeastern sky at 6:22 p.m. you need to come to your tv and see this. this is the sunrise. this is time lapse. always has great sunrises. this one was just spectacular. people were clicking their cameras. twitter followers were sent me pictures.
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this one is from tj mathews. there is lots of sunshine along with the cloud cover and blue sky. susan from bull run mountain. it looks like a painting. this is a look at the current conditions. it is 74 in bethesda. it is 73 degrees in fairfax. we've got temperatures a little bit cooler inside the beltway. bethesda is in the 70's, but that cloud cover came in and get the temperatures down. you can see some of that cloud cover. notice this big pocket to the south and west. will have ample sunshine this afternoon. it will allow us to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. courttside, before this -- cold front comes in.
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the clouds will start to thicken up later on for tonight. a few ranged hours -- rain showers will be possible. i think most of the system is going to come at the play midday as we head toward the late afternoon. it shifts east of i-95. temperatures will cool down. the forecast for the rest of the day, it will be warm with a temperature in the low 80's. tonight, we will watch for that rocket launch at 6:22 p.m. this is a photo from yesterday when it didn't take off. mostly cloudy skies as we head into tomorrow with a chance of showers. temperatures start to cool down. this is the transition day. onwill stay on the cool side wednesday.
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inwill tweak the week forecast -- weekend forecast over the next couple days. the big story is going to be how much cooler we get for saturday and sunday. >> fault, summer, winter. >> after the morning show, this is out it manassas. this is a leadership workshop. middleo meet 50 schoolers who are of the student council. this is their leadership conference. this is a brilliant group of kids. they asked very interesting questions. >> the mascot had a suit on? >> he is a cougar. we talked about what it is like for a day in the news business. thank you for letting me be a part of that. >> she is one of the biggest pop stars in the world.
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now you can see taylor swift in
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it is a big week for taylor swift. now you can see her in the sea -- d.c. sort of. unveiled a news taylor swift wax figure. unveiled a news taylor swift wax figure. after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks.
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they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. en support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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outside, you should be. temperatures are in the upper 70's to around 80 degrees this afternoon it. it is going to get breezy. rain showers are possible for the morning commute. temperatures are starting to cool down for the rest of the week. in onld front comes friday. trick-or-treaters are going to have to bundle up a little bit. >>
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> yo! yo! yo, yo, yo! hey! i'm terry crews. welcome to millionaire, including all of you out there who watch my other show brooklyn nine-nine. [cheers and applause] our first contestant routinely warms up the teeth and the tongue with vocal exercises. he should be ready to answer lots of questions today. from glendale, new york, please welcome peter sanzone! [cheers and applause] >> pleasure to meet you. >> hi, peter. how you doing? >> doing good. >> come on over here. >> thank you. >> now, being that i have to be very vocal all the time, do you have any exercises you could show me that'll help me? >> mm, sure. i do o


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