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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  October 29, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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temperatures and by the weekend, that will be the range of high temperatures. big changes the highlighted just a few minutes. first this afternoon, amazing images pouring into the abc 7 news room all day of the rocket exploding off the virginia coast last night it happened just seconds after liftoff at the we have more on the investigation into what happened. last night at the visitors center, this was jampacked with people. all of them were looking across couple of miles to launchpad. from here, they had a front row seat of the disaster last night. let's get the some of that 80 oh . it's astounding. you can see this rocket about 17 stories tall start to liftoff. it was clear there was trouble.
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nasa hit the button to blow it up and it limited to earth. flames shooting into the sky. it was a chairman this fireball seen from miles away. it, still farused too soon to know. had peopleot even going on the ground to the scene of the explosion. they've done some aerial surveys of what the launchpad looked like today. it looks bad, but we are told by the company responsible that it is really not that bad. most of the launch facilities survived. virtually everyone on the island went out to watch last night. all of them sharing in the horror. this is what they had to say. everything looked pretty good
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for five seconds and then boom. i know it's a shame. these things happen. it's devastating for the island and the people because they're close to it. it's their job, their family, their kids. a lot of people out you're feeling very strongly to the nasa facility here to what orbital science is is doing coming up, you will hear from the man who shot the video that has now gone viral, the video that best captures that moment. he's deeply affected. wait until you hear what he has to say. red bell, abc 7 news -- brad bell.. ship lifted supply off from kazakhstan early this morning carrying three tons of supplies so they should be set
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for two months. coming up at 5:00, another local connection here. you will hear about some d.c. students who had an experiment on board that ship. the defense department improved a 21-day quarantine. kai jackson is live now with what it means and the impact on the service members and their families. defense secretary chuck hagel made the announcement today that this is something families of servicemembers actually wanted. 1100 troops are in west africa helping in the efforts to fight ebola. most of them are in liberia. that number could grow to 4000 at some point. they want to put safeguards in place to keep the disease from being spread once the service members come back. while this might appear to be a burden, it's something many of them wanted. >> fact is the military will
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in liberiamericans van any other department. that's number one. two, our people, our younger cohorts are different. they are not volunteers. this is also policy discussed in great detail by the communities. >> president obama said yesterday he does not want to quarantine medical professionals returning from west africa who volunteered because it might discourage others from helping but he acknowledged that those in the armed forces serve in a different capacity and ultimately take orders from the commander in chief. up at 4:30 p.m., the latest on that dr. being treated
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in new york and the nurse taken from new jersey to maine while she is being monitored for symptoms there. >> a viral meningitis outbreak is getting worse. they said the sickness is spreading their. brianne carter has the latest numbers and what students are doing to stay safe in this helpful or. -- health alert. >> university of maryland trying to contain the spread of meningitis after we have learned that even more students have gotten sick. and a statement, the director of the health center here at the university of maryland says we discovered the cases have now gone beyond the initially affected cluster of persons. earlier today, i spoke with a spokesperson for the university. she says after last night there are 19 suspected or confirmed cases. this comes just days after university officials confirmed the first case on campus. students we spoke to on campus say it is concerning.
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worry about all concerned when you found out? >> i knew that it was not bacterial. it's still a concern. it's meningitis. ityou heard her mention there but one thing up officials are stressing is that the cases they have seen are those of viral meningitis not bacterial meningitis. viral is usually thought to be less dangerous than the bacterial form. all students say they did receive an e-mail from the health center telling them about the cases also about the symptoms and best practices to keep it from spreading. in college park, brianne carter, abc 7 news. arehe symptoms of volunteer nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, and altered mental state. the cdc says there is no specific treatment for viral meningitis and it usually clears up after a week to 10 days. >> right now, following the
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latest isil threat accused of killing 30 men in western iraq. miles west about 85 of baghdad. this is the latest mass killing killed out -- carried out by the militants as they advance across the country. back here at home, you cannot look up the skyline without seeing at least one federal building. right here buildings are increasing security. the department of homeland security says that it is a precautionary step after recent terror attacks in canada and new york. >> hoping to prevent an attack , the department of homeland security announced they would be taking precautionary steps to secure federal buildings and the 1.4 million people who visit them every day. the announcement comes one week after the lone wolf attack in canada killing one soldier. cirillo was killed while
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standing guard. thee acted alone and he's same person who perpetrated the attacks the national war memorial and on the hill. >> he went on to storm the parliament and an assault that has authorities here worried. terrorist organizations like isis are encouraging strikes against police and military by homegrown terrorists. bethere could potentially thousands of people like them, disenfranchised, lonely, angry. those people are sometimes the hardest to figure out and there also may be the hardest to stop. hatchet-wielding convert attacked a group of new york city police officers. >> it is a terrorist attack. >> the extra security means extra personnel but in a troubling new report, the gao reveals that many are guards who act -- lack things like active
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shooter training. >> and western maryland town making changes to curfew trying safe.p kids they're hagerstown is raising the age limit from 15 to 16. if kids are found out on the 10:00 dr. 10:00 -- after they'll be facing fines between $100 and 500 dollars. tonight, we are asking about curfew in our question of the day. how late would you let your teenager stay out on the weekend? join the conversation and we will share some of the responses we get later in the hour. >> two high school students facing expulsion for holding toy actually they never brought to school. take a look at the photograph before the big homecoming dance. the 15-year-old took a picture and both of them are holding these toy airsoft gun's that shoot plastic pellets. when the school saw the picture
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on facebook they were suspended for 10 days and now they face possible expulsion. is not dangerous. you cannot kill someone with it. the students know that it is provocative and to tie that's one of our school events kind of puts it over the top which brings us into it. >> the school says they tied that the church of the school function by mentioning homecoming in the caption. they said they never meant any harm. we've been asking if you think the suspension is justified. over on our facebook page, just one person says yes. suspension is a little much. school needs to mind their own business and stay out of people's personal lives, says raymond. interesting. it's not big topic and the only one trending out there this afternoon.
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still ahead, the cat called video turning heads about the way that women can be treated on the streets. superstorm sandy two years later. street wonder why the signs are different colors in virginia? >> a silver spring woman noticed that water here in montgomery changed- they have
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judging by the number of ed, if you was retweet see a greene street sign, that's how you know you are in alexandria. if they are white, you are in arlington. is a sign you're in fairfax county. i can be helpful if you're trying to figure out if you're in alexandria, fairfax county section. now you know. be lost but at
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least you know what color the sign is. is daylight savings time when we fall back giving us a little more sleep. have fallen back too soon on some ride on buses causing controversy. instead of waiting on sunday when we are all supposed to turn back the clock, technology on some buses but we should start making standard time today. mistakeng how this could be costing writers in silver spring. we spoke to a silver spring woman today who said she was charged an additional one dollar 75 feet the last three days when she should not have been and as it turns out it's because we've learned at least two of the counties ride on buses are showing the wrong time on the fair buses. she uses the bus in downtown silver spring and in d.c. to get to work everyday and could not
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understand where the additional charges were coming from until she called the number on the back of her card that such was boarding at 6:00 a.m. until she does not even get on until after 7:00 a.m. mistakenlyat ride on thought the weekend that just passed was when daylight savings time ended and the clocks switched back. an hour agod about that ride on his planning on checking all of the buses once they return from service tonight to make sure that there are not any additional buses but the same problem. coming up, how to get your money back if you were caught in this same mistake. diane cho, abc 7 news. >> let's check on the traffic situation this evening. bob a standing by in the traffic center with the details. how does it look to you? >> the sun is not affecting people going west on 66 or on
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the beltway toward tysons. a little bit of volume is a quite heavy moving up from about route seven all the way out to .he 270 spur a crash on the way.more-washington on the river bridge, a crash in only one lane is open. i-95 southbound in virginia, there is a crash him a maybe two on the left side. after that, after dale boulevard traffic muchd 395, lower than usual from the pentagon heading on 395 south. it is just volume in each direction between tysons and 270. in the wtop traffic center. >> pretty dreary out there today but -- >> behind the front temperatures
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drop like 10 or 15 degrees in the afternoon hours and that's only a small part of what's coming. you to oakdale high school in southern frederick county maryland, pretty typical of the region with a little glimpse of sun early. showers midday and afternoon and then the front moves through and signs that skies are starting to clear in the north and west end of the pattern across the entire region tonight. 55 -- burn. 54 in mount airy, beltsville 56. ashburn. this is moving across eastern shore and cloudy skies and most of the area, a little residual pastor fredericksburg pushing through and that will be that. as that is ending the skies will start clearing north and west and the pattern will overspread the area through the remainder of the late-night and overnight.
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big difference on one side of the front. 81 in wilmington. 76 in norfolk. cooling and then it gets colder. this is the tide air mass we will have this weekend with highs only in the 40's. transition data highs in the 50's. the front will push through the area with cold skies tonight. beautiful weather, partially cloudy 55-60. pretty nice in the upper 50's and some great news. it appears the timing of the cold front will be very late at night. friday the rain will hold off until after 9:00 at night and no reason for kids to be out trick-or-treating past 10:00 at night -- what do you think? saturday, a storm system with showers, windy. clearing skies sunday but again only in the 40's. things will settle down and warm up a bit. >> and we do the turning the clocks back thing saturday night. thank you very much. >> that's what i'm here for.
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with an is on your side consumer alert. the firestorm over fireball cinnamon whiskey is greatly exaggerated according to the company that manufactures it. the drink contains propylene ofcol found in some forms anti-freeze but says it's safe for consumption and will not be pulled from american shelves. norway,ecalled in sweden, and finland because they have stricter guidelines. >> a popular local bike club could be on the verge of losing its liquor license. >> it's a well-known strip club in bc but residents who live near the club say it's well known for all the wrong reasons. now they want to hit where it will hurt the club the most. i'm jennifer donelan. that's a story we are working on coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> most women can say they've had experiences like this is
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just walking down the street. this young woman walking through the streets of new york city with a hidden camera to show cap how often she gets called. she said over the course of 10 hours in happened more than 100 times and now her video is being turned into a public service announcement. give two guys who maybe they consider whistling at a girl to see things from the other side and really feel going through this every day, i feel kind of sick. >> experts say it could impact a woman's self-esteem. >> we want to know what you think about these. are they complements or is it harassment? no self-respecting woman wants it. as a man, what possesses you to think it's attractive to her? respondit hurt to nicely? just smile, nod your head, say
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hello back. >> i had to stop and think that realize never once in my life have i had to consider when putting on close in the morning the danger of catcalls and sexual harassment. whichever had to consider i had to wear something disguising something in order to try to avoid arrest and. treatedt a woman be at as much dignity and respect as a man? let us know what you think on our facebook page. coming up on abc seven news at 4:00, getting close around makes its waylava closer to ho
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>> a virtual who's who of d.c. journalism and politics packing the cathedral to say goodbye to been bradlee who died last week. >> stephen tschida is live outside the memorial service. it was an emotional, heartfelt service here from the bradlee and theran journalists who work for him. they describe the man who had a peoplempact on him as
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and reporters. luminaries bidding farewell to a legendary news man. >> there are so many people with big reputations. he spent many of his 93 years up the helm of "the washington post" taking up from a national newspaper to -- a local newspaper to national renown. he also was responsible for the watergaten of the break-in stories which eventually led to the resignation of president nixon. he was not afraid. survived by his wife and four children. there was a private aerial. back to you in the studio. >> of the quote that it heard from bob woodward.
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this marks the official end of the 20th century. >> in so many ways. i'm sure he had so many stories to share from his time in washington, d c. >> spooky stories from the hollow congress and the white house. >> two years since superstorm sandy. how some are repairing. >> joining
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 4:00 on your side. >> the pentagon says it's too early to tell how they're planning to quarantine service members returning. marcy gonzalez has the latest on a bowl in america. rica.ola in ame >> more medical personnel are desperately needed. ebola survivor dr. kenneth brantley and other health care workers act from africa meeting with president obama in the white house. >> when he to call them what they are, american heroes. they deserve our gratitude. they deserve to be treated with a ditty and with respect. >> the debate over how to respond to those coming back from the front-line are heating up.
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the nurse who returned from sierra leone only to be confined in a tent outside of a new jersey hospital for three days now taking a stand. she tested negative for the virus and still has no symptoms is now quarantined in her home in maine, something she feels is unreasonable. adding to the stigmatization that is not based on science for evidence. it is -- if these restrictions are not removed by tomorrow morning, thursday morning, i will go to court to obtain my freedom. >> maine is one of nine states with quarantine guidelines in place. u.s. military going beyond cdc regulations announcing all service members returning will be isolated for 21 days. here in manhattan, the only ebola patient and the country still hospitalized listed in serious but stable condition. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. the associated press released
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a review of how ready american hospitals are for a potential out right and even small clusters could overwhelm parts of the nation's health care system. is finishing its push through our area this afternoon. >> let's get right to chief meteorologist doug hill in the weather center. >> the cold front passing along with it. lots of cloudiness right now. here's one of the time lapse cameras from one of our many hd cameras. this one is laurel, maryland. looking live at the cloud cover if you look out in the horizon, this clearing up in the process what we will be going through overnight continuing to push east northeast pushing skies and temperatures have been dropping during the day. we were in the upper 60's earlier in the day. last hour, 75. the cold front is getting there and everyone is getting knocked back in the 50's and low 60's.
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90 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time. 26 degrees cooler at dulles. you can feel what this will bring. through thes and day tomorrow it looks like a lonely hole between 55-60 and even colder over the weekend. an update on the trick-or-treating weather coming your way and seven or eight minutes. the river of molten glob a inching closer to home on hawaii's big island. the volcanoava from to hit at least one home within the next 24 hours. some residents have already evacuated. the law but began picking up speed after nearly four months of the stop and go movement. it is now cruising along at about 10-15 yards per hour. it's pretty the anxiety is building up and it is like a slow torture.
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is that like any other event where it comes and goes and you can move on. is just 370 yards from the main road in the town of halle -- pahoa. >> right now, the search is on for hundreds of people missing after a major landslide in sri lanka. at least 10 killed and 250 still unaccounted for. teandslide hit a big plantation this morning destroying more than 100 40 homes. they say was triggered by monsoon rains over the last few weeks. speaking of brains and heavy storms, today marks two years since what had been hurricane sandy rolled ashore as a superstorm. greta kreuz has a look at the aft or math. in the washington area largely escaped sandy but other
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areas especially new york and new jersey got clobbered. no longerh it's officially hurricane by the time it hit land, superstorm sandy was still blamed for 180 two deaths and $55 billion in damage. devastated oceanfront communities and caused catastrophic flooding in new jersey and new york city. residents are still struggling to rebuild. blasiok mayor bill de worked with habitat for humanity in brooklyn. a new report slamming the red cross saying it mishandled relief efforts. for instance, assigning emergency vehicles to a book relations while residents had no food or water. itits defense it said provided meals, blankets, and shelter to millions of storm victims. i've been told not to do this
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but i'm going to do it anyway. we have a very special announcement to make about this young lady. we cannot do it right now though. you will be back in the next hour and we have something very special to share. >> that is called a big tease. [laughter] >> that's what we call you. [laughter] we look forward to celebrating you in just a minute. >> don't go far. storage sheduild a --e some upset members neighbors checking the dictionary. >> there were dismayed to see this rise up in their backyard. officially it is an excess or rebuilding, a tool shed. they think it may be a way to sneak in a rental property. i'm sam story coming up. >> coming up, legalizing
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marijuana will be on the ballot for some local voters next week. marijuana will be on the ballot for some local voters next week. >> takin after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra oppos comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. en support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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night tonight. baseball is going on. no nats involved but a lots going on. sports fanst, because basketball season is beginning. series,e got the world the caps, the wizards. there's always optimism on opening night. thisyear for the wizards, is a well-deserved. this club is well-rounded and talented. avenues, they open in miami, an organization that has had four straight finals. meanwhile, the whiz kids are little shorthanded. they've been suspended for their part in a preseason melee. bradley deal is hurt but the wizards are still confident tonight. new opportunities, new optimism, a chance to do something special. you work hard all summer. and now it's finally here. new wizards, paul
4:41 pm
pierce. game seven of the world series on the royals have taken back the momentum erupting for 10 runs, it team hits and went deep into the giants bullpen setting up the final game of the season. jeremy guthrie against tim hudson with everything on the line. joost actually promised the series would go seven and here we are. does it get any better than this? oldhen i was 10 years hitting rocks in the backyard trying to hit it over the fence for a home run, never once did i think a bases-loaded, two outs in the bottom of the ninth, game five world series. never. bottomalways two outs, of the ninth, game seven. it special. >> cap san redwing the downtown. what a great sports night this is. -- caps and redwings. >> who are you going for?
4:42 pm
royals. i still think bruce bochy is the difference even though they got spanked last night. see whatl be fun to happens. coming up next on abc 7 news at 4, your thoughts about a new curfew in hagerstown. >> councilmembers say the homelessness plan is not adequate. coming up, reaction from the vincent gray administration. ghost of presid
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>> african-american voters turned out in big numbers in 2008 and 2012. the anticipation this year could have a big say in who controls congress. today, we speak with some african-american voters and hear why some believe turnout could the low. thank you. it's not just cannabis citizens will be voting for. there are also a number of
4:46 pm
important ballot measures in the sea, maryland, and virginia. kai jackson joins us from the live desk with a snapshot of some of the ballot measures. >> is not just the candidates but a range of issues will be decided everything from special elections, legalization of small amounts of marijuana. let's take a look where transportation is concerned. alec questions or big for several jurisdictions. maryland has a statewide issue for funds being used for other things. arlington county, fairfax county also has multimillion dollar transportation questions. instruction improvements also on the ballot in prince george's county. there is one of the three big proposals being put forward. legalizing small amounts of marijuana, or initiative 71 will be decided by voters. polls suggest most d.c. voters do support it. willer, if it does pass it
4:47 pm
force the next mayor to take a clear stance on the issue. the commonwealth has a ballot measure that could be a litmus test for the country. virginia voters will decide of fallenng spouses of soldiers will not have to pay taxes on their property as long as they stay in the house and do not remarry. allison. sure to join abc 7 for a town hall meeting leading up to election day. we take a look at the candidates and the issues airing tomorrow at 7:00 and again at eight dirty pm on our sister station news channel 8. you can watch it streaming on --watch it again 8:30 p.m. >> he will be taking our questions during her 4:00 p.m. newscast and we have invited
4:48 pm
lieutenant governor anthony brown to talk about the race but so far we have not been able to get that scheduled. justthe midterm elections around the corner, most are focused on the political future. legends areington's all looking at the political past. >> the white house and the u.s. capitol are the center of dozens of ghost stories. the halls of government and the president's home have her share of ghost stories. white house historical association says the more prominent the president, the more prominent ghost lore. >> he is the rockstar of all ghost at the white house including one story from the wife of an eventual successor. >> first lady grace coolidge thought she saw him in the potomac in the 1920's. >> some have their own stories. adams famously hung
4:49 pm
the president's laundry in the east room. supposedly a number of witnesses have said they have smelled the scent of lavender. >> one of the most popular anecdotes also surround john quincy adams serving 17 years in the house after being commander and chief but left unfinished business. on the housetroke floor and was carried off. late-nighthaving chats with a lesser-known name who may still be preoccupied. >> is a famous senator who was the last one to try to read every bill and he was spending evenings in the capital reading. he had a rocking chair. people would later say they could hear the rocking chair still going. >> mostar about 19th century
4:50 pm
figures before technology turned the news cycle nonstop. >> newspaper writers and reporters who would come to the would talk to the staff and came up with some stories and reported them in the newspapers. >> all these years later, still part of the town's history. here we are just days ahead of halloween and hagerstown, maryland, is changing the rules on its curfew. is askingn of the day if you think the penalties are too harsh. it parents won't endorse a reasonable curfew of their own, then the city must. noting that it's harsh for those involved in the order. tech week rehearsals can run late and maybe it's not the actual time that's important but rather when your kids are doing. log onto facebook and let us know your thoughts on our page. while you are there, like our page to get up its on your feed.
4:51 pm
up on abc 7 news at 5:00, nasanuing coverage of the rocket explosion. hearing from the video who shot the video that went viral. a mystery solved answering the question of what happened to amelia erhardt. >> now that will be really interesting. all of thesese, changes coming in the halloween sneaking to our door. >> we do expect showers in the next front that they will hold front -- how to hold off after trick or treat hours. we have been watching this cold front all day. another beautiful hd camera here for you. terrellat jones elementary. we started off with a little bit of sunshine and then the clouds come in. temperatures warming nicely with
4:52 pm
the sunshine and then showers, bolling temperatures, and if you spent any time outside the past little while, you know the effects of the stalling temperatures indeed into the 50's and most spots. 58 and reagan national. cooler air moving in tonight and skies that are cloudy now cooling out and we are watching the warm air numbers that will literally be pushed out of the way suppressed by the cold front. still 81 in wilmington. getting back to pittsburgh in the midwest into the 40's and that will be the story tonight. cool temperatures, clearing skies. tomorrow it will be partially sunny and a lot cooler than today. 45, 56, 59 and take a look at the seven days side-by-side with the cool numbers and then the strong cold front late friday night and saturday. windy, cold, cloudy with highs in the upper 40's. on sunday, we will get some sun back but still very windy.
4:53 pm
coming down tuesday and wednesday and that little spinning clock there, just another met reminder to turn your clocks back. we appreciate that. thanks. abc 7,up next on removing one o
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4:56 pm
>> edc councilmember threatening plan.roduce a >> he's been the biggest homeless advocate but you will no longer have his oversight role come january. he is now demanding action before he leaves office. at this oversight hearing, scolding the gray administration criticizing its winter plan for the homeless. that disaster did that.
4:57 pm
the it spells disaster. then to turn around and say we will not give any details? it's unbelievable. d.c. generalthe shelter was full and there predicting a 16% increase in homeless families. but the department of human services says because of underwaynt process they cannot fully disclose all of the details. >> making sure we prepare the next administration so it is not something they have to deal with when they come and office. we've been working very hard to ensure we have all of our ducks in a row. >> facing much more scrutiny after the disappearance of an eight-year-old who lived here at d.c. general with her family. close thiso facility, but for now this winter it remains open. >> we've done a deep cleaning, replacing mattresses, painting,
4:58 pm
doing substantial improvements to the interior of the space. >> they recently celebrated the opening of this playground here but parents complain it's often closed with it locked. overall, residents say more needs to be done. paint -- little bit of live from the abc 7 broadcast this is abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. right now at 5:00, the search for answers after a local companies mission for nasa explodes into a ball of fire and debris moments after liftoff at wallops island. who shotg from the man that video quickly racking up half a million views on youtube. >> it comes as we hear new
4:59 pm
information about the investigation and was lost in the antares explosion. brad bell should do that video at 4:00 and he leads our team coverage live from wallops island. >> i'm standing in the spot pretty much where the man was last night at the visitors center on wallops island. he was looking across this day, this marshland, to the launch facility that's about a few miles away. everyone was standing here felt what happened figuratively and literally. enthusiast matthew travis to has attended dozens of rocket and shuttle launches. he had video last night and ride away he noticed something was not right. the antares rocket was the sending slowly. >> it just talked and the bottom blowout. >> is amazing video captures that moment of terror as hundreds watched the rocket explode. >> we could actually feel the heat from the explosion at the
5:00 pm
viewing site a few miles away. >> the orbital sciences antares rocket 17 stories tall carrying supplies to the iss for nasa was just six seconds into its flight when a massive failure prompted launch control to detonate the rocket for the sake of safety. thousands of pounds of liquid and solid rocket fuel exploding in the night sky. the rocket and its payload a total loss. >> there was a lot of enthusiasm and confidence going into this mission. >> a spokesman for virginia scientists says it is far too early to know what happened. so far, only aerial surveys have been conducted over the blast zone. they reveal the only good news in this massive failure. launch concept itself does not appear to have suffered the kind of damage we feared it would have. >> there will be no more and


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