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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 31, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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was turning left into sandy spring school when police struck,it was mitsubishiby a myth lancer. then a black tahoe hit that and then hit a green minivan. that green minivan was carrying people, two adults and five children. the children between the ages of two and ten years old. that van people in injured and taken to the hospital. we are told one of the children, had ae-year-old boy, horrible gash to his forehead. air-vacked to a nearby hospital. we spoke with the woman who saw husband's car. she is so thankful he is alive. here's what she told us. >> he stopped to turn left. he was waiting for the traffic clear. somebody ran into him, which pushed him ahead. car that flipped over. and the car that flipped over
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kind of took the minivan down with it. it dragged it along. >> that's the first thing i did. to see if they were okay. and they were fine. then i looked down. bags are deployed. >> just hurts a little. >> and that's because you were wearing the seat belt? youit saved your life, think? >> it saved my life. >> and you're taking a look at of this gravel that fire department officials have put on cover portions of the road where fuel and oil leaked. said, theyittle boy are saying, everyone in this hadh, all 13 people, either their seat belt on or in a and fire officialst, say that is what saved everyone's life in this crash. here, we saw that black suv. that woman in that car walked wast out, all because she wearing her seat belt. that is the sentiment to pass
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along tonight. spring.ive in sandy i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> what a great explanation, because it is so important for to always have a properly installed car seat in the car, know whenu just never something like that can happen. now, count on abc 7 to stay on of this breaking story throughout the evening. kevin lewis and our other news the ground, and we'll bring you any new information that we learn, right and online atair >> let's move on to the other big story we're following tonight. cool-down. tens of thousands of children in our area hit the streets for halloween. we have team coverage from our weather team for you. meteorologist steve rudin is live in old town, alexandria, but we begin with our chief meteorologist doug hill, in the weather center. just cloudy and cool now. cloudy, chilly. 52 outside the weather center. 57 at reagan national. but lower 50's in most areas.
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during the evening hours, we're keep these clouds. we're watching the rain to the west. part of the developing storm chicago,snow to northern indiana, big waves in lake michigan. very strong winds. rain will affect us as we head through the day tomorrow. it should clear out for the day on sunday. minutes, we'll give you all the timing details of that. but everybody wants to know tonight, what's the weather like for the kids on the street? steve rudin is live with a firsthand look in old town. steve, what are you seeing? >> let me tell you, it's beginning to pick up around here. half houret about a ago. now, as we look down the street, trick-or-treaters are out. witches, goblins, firemen, superwoman, superman. right over here, i don't know. what is this one right here? and i'mis dalmatian cruel devi and i have my -- here before for this celebration? >> no. in >> they're expecting anywhere
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between 2,000 and 2500 the nexttreaters over few hours. the best news of all, the weather is going to cooperate. take a look at your forecast, as we move through this halloween eve. temperatures will fall from the 40's. 50's into the upper mostly cloudy skies. the winds definitely not going to be a problem. to take -- we'll be here for at least another hour, half.nd a they're going to close the street down over the next half hour or so. whole street supposedly will be full of trick-or-treaters in about another ho. updated andu posted. >> very good. take some pictures for us, steve. that's going to be fun. to check back in with steve and doug throughout this newscast. of course, you can take the storm watch weather team with you. weather appd the for your iphone or android. >> now we turn to a big aveloping story, where manhunt is under way for a person d.c. police say attacked and left this ax impaled in the police cruiser's
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window. we're live in northeast washington on the story. first off, how is the officer tonight? injured? >> he was injured but we're told he's doing okay. everyone just shocked. driving down the alley. the ax, hegle of wields that large ax inches away officer's head. this was an ambush, police say. sources say it may be a copy-cat. abc 7 news obtained this picture in thelarge ax embedded driver's side window of a d.c. police cruiser. this persons that specifically targeted a police car. a marked police >> it was just around 3 a.m. when sources explain the officer was on routine patrol. saw a suspicious man near quincy and northeast. when he pulled into the alley, man appeared out of nowhere and swung the ax right into the
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officer's window. rolled down, all agree it could have been a deadly blow. >> i heard a screeching holler, a yell. >> an officer got out of his car and jumped on to the suspect. struggle, during which the officer's shoulder was dislocated, according to sources, and the dangerous ax-wielding man got away. anhe's got a reason to carry ax at 3:00 in the morning. >> there have been a total of officers in on north america in the last two weeks, including this man in new york who hit an officer in head. officers shot and killed him in what they determined was a .errorist attack in for >> for us to not be on our toes, environment, it's just careless. >> in brooklyn, neighbors are worried, with scores of children streets for the trick-or-treating. >> that's a concern. >> i'd like to have him in custody before the kids go trick treating. >> now, the chief has been in contact with authorities in as they both investigate these cases.
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let's get to a live description they're looking for intensely at this hour. a black male, as tall, big, standing between 6 6-foot-2, heavyset, overalls.ed we asked police if they thought he was wearing a halloween costume. not.said, no, they did we'll have more on abc 7 news at 11:00. donelan.fer leon, alison, back to you. >> as she mentioned, this eerily's attack is reminiscent of last week's attack in new york. one officer was seriously hurt. another officer came and shot suspect.d the police have classified that incident as a terror attack, despite saying that thomas, who hada recent islam convert, no ties to terror groups. >> the destruction of virgin spaceic's tourism
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vehicle, spaceship two. the craft reportedly exploded over the mojave desert, killing one test pilot. rebecca? leon, billionaire richard branson created virgin galactic to try and lead the way tourism.cial space keep in mind, already this week, the private sector space majorry suffered a setback with the explosion in virginia of the rocket headed to station.national space now those doubts about commercial space flights are tragic loss ofhe life today. let's take a look at the wreckage. faa officials say that the catastrophe happened just after spacecraft had separated from the launch vehicle. the two pilots on board plummeted 50,000 feet to the floor of california's mojave desert. did miraculously survive the fall, with serious injuries. quickly air-lifted to an
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area hospital. but the second pilot was killed on impact. witnesses say his body was found, still strapped into his pilot seat. the crash occurred just after 10 a.m. pacific time. this was intended to be the flight of virgin galactic. two.million spaceship i interviewed virgin galactic ceo, richard branson, this past venture.t his business he called this project his passion and he planned to take his own family on the first space tourism mission of this craft. branson is now said to be headed today's deadly accident. in the newsroom, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> thank you, rebecca. we're just now learning that branson will not be the only that site.ed to we're told that the ntsb is sending a team to that crash site. as wekeep you informed learn more about that investigation. now we move on to a warning for families about to take their children out for trick-or-treating. police of prince george's county have discovered some candy out there. in laurel withl is live
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what parents need to watch out for. would noty police show drug evidence in the middle of an investigation. but because this is the one aret when children encouraged to take candy, not only from neighbors but also thisstrangers, they felt pot co candy warning needed to e out to the public. as the family prepares for trick-or-treating friday night, to encounter some frightful sights. but never the nightmare of pot-laced candy. >> if we don't recognize the packaging of the candy, you know, pretty standard companies, we would not allow them to eat that. but that is really scary. >> prince george's county's police intercepted a large of the marijuana-laced candy from colorado. >> i would consider it as dangerous as if you let them smoke marijuana. >> six varieties of chocolates claimed to, each contain the equivalent amount of
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joints.ten marijuana >> it has very appealing packaging. it looks like, especially this one, looks like little kids' candy. candy with a k. and parents could easily be tricked. >> that's awful. awful. they find that in pg county? in laurel? know.not i think that's terrible! a long time ago, we used to take candy to the hospital and have it checked. >> police not recommending that, want all families to tonight, make sure to go through every single piece of your child's candy. they did seize 80 pieces of marijuana-infused candy. warn, there could be more. reporting live in prince george's county, kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. >> all right, kimberly. a chaotic scene
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outside a local school as overwhelm a and bus. what may be to blame. >> plus, the man accused of uva student hannah graham and attacking a fairfax county woman faces a judge. hear what he has to say in court, from his own lips. thelus, judgment day for an convicted of killing a beloved prince george's county. >> a few of the peanuts characters are missing from this display. the reason is thieves. display. the reason is thieves. i'm tom
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after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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>> well, a community is scram blipg to re-- scrambling to halloweens decorations after they say thieves struck their neighborhood. includes the theft of decoration. tom roussey has reaction from franklin glenn community in fairfax county. >> i was very upset, wanted to .ry >> the great pumpkin never has but on wednesday, charlie brown and snoopy were missing two. bev's grandchildren with what the display used to look like. police believe other families hit by thieves hoping to resell the stolen decorations.
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peanutsshermans say the characters aren't worth much money, but the sentimental value the roof. back when bruce was in the navy, by handthe characters for his daughter. the peanuts gang has become a holiday tradition here. >> it was really cool to always see it. home was hit's two. >> they stole cobwebs and a pumpkin. her family is most upset by what happened to the shermans. some parents who saw them as kids have brought their kids to see them. she can't understand why someone did this. >> you wonder what kind of people they are. really. go on here, will but it's different. >> i won't put out anything valuable. take them down tonight. >> for the first time since the 80's, a certain boy and his dog for the kids. back.ase bring them let me wake up one morning and find them back.
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>> here the trick-or-treating begin probably within the next 45 minutes or so. the shermans were able to hang up some decorations, so it will still be a festive atmosphere. first time for the in decades, sally and lucy won't have their friends to look at in this display. in fairfax, i'm tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> that is a lowly looking scene there. >> it is. i mean, come on. line, we've been working towards this all week long, and it's going to stay dry for the trick-or-treaters tonight. steve is going to be coming up a little later and give us more news. >> he's having too much fun out there. >> this is a live look in laurel. lot of cloud cover way off in the distance. it looks like a break in the-or-cast but that's -- in the overcast but that's just going to be temporary. right now in german town. this morning ranged from the upper 30's to the mid-40's.
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air.ite chill in the be thinking chilly temperatures because that's going to be our story going forward for the next days and very strong and gusty winds across the region as well. we're watching our area for the here.g here's the good news. temperatures right now, it will degreesy a couple of into the lower 50's area-wide. it will remain mostly cloudy but there will not be any rain in the area. that's going to happen later tonight and overnight. checking wind gusts all around the air. had a wind gust of 50 miles an hour. snow mixed with rain. so this very strong upper-level area of low pressure is going to cross over the coast, intensifying into a bigger system. it's going to give us the rain and gusty winds tomorrow. and the mountains of southwestern virginia, western carolina, those mountainous areas above 2,000 measurable snow coming up tomorrow. all things considered, it's
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going to be a raw day tomorrow, breezy and chilly. the cold air will come slamming in as the winds go to the north. but i don't think we'll have heavy rain all day long. there will be periods of rain. the takeaway is it's not going be a very pleasant outdoor weather day tomorrow, with clouds, gusty winds and highs the upper 40's. queer iwe're in the 50's now. minneapolis. a definite chill on the way to our area. lowfuturecast shows that skirting to the southeast, offshore and really developing. and notice by tomorrow the heaviest rains are just to the east of our area. but it shows areas of steady for a while. as we work through the evening stormghttime hours, this just powers off the coast. but later tomorrow night, it should end. and quickly, during the morning hours of sunday, as the low moves out and the high pressure center moves in, that's going to strong, gusty winds but it's going to bring a whole lot of sunshine to the area. our forecast calls for cloudy skies in the morning. temperatures averaging in the lower to middle 40's.
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tomorrow, scattered showers is a good bet. areas of rain, breezy conditions. and probably through the early evening, then we'll finally see a little bit of relief. for tomorrow, rain. i do want to remind you that we have to turn the clocks back on hour tomorrow night. at 6:08.tomorrow on sunday, the sun sets at 5:07. a big difference. of course, the sun will rise an hour later on sunday morning as well. through the rest of the day, windy conditions on sunday. looks good.ek, it a very nice warming trend, from the upper 50's to middle 60's. rain, with yet another cold front, 30% chance of rain by next thursday. good.y all right. nice work on this halloween forecast. so we're happy. >> and some are outside right now enjoying your handy work. this is the white house, all dressed up for halloween. that's gotta be the biggest
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jack-o'-lantern i've ever seen. you can see -- well, you can barely make out at the bottom of the screen, that's the first family, mr. obama and the family there welcoming trick-or-treaters there to the white house. understand that some military families are out there as well. and no doubt, like i said, time out there in this great weather. elaborate display. tonight's abc's 20/20 delves into the issue of work place dangers. that includes a deeper look at january's death of cecil mills. refused toer inside help. but could work place hazards a role in that tragedy? tonight.estigates, >> coming up, a really crazy scene. a bus gets mobbed. astounding images captured outside of a local school and role this holiday may have played in all this. heinous he's accused of
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crimes against young women. hear what jesse matthew had to say. >> first, the sente
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the mess in washington - made worse with dan bongino. a tea party supporter endorsed by sarah palin. bongino will take away social security's guaranteed benefit and fight against equal pay for equal work legislation. the post calls bongino "polarizing" and "highly partisan." no wonder the post endorses john delaney
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"one of the most impressive new lawmakers." family man, entrepreneur, and independent problem solv - for jobs, to protect veterans and equal pay for women. i'm john delaney and i approve this message. >> a prince george's county man convicted of robbing and killing school student was sentenced today. travon bennett was convicted in ross.ath of marckel ross was shot and killed on
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in 2012 in capitol heights. himecutors say bennett shot after ross refused to give up his cell phone and ipod. >> we are now hearing for the first time from the man suspected in the disappearance graham.tudent hannah jesse matthew made his first appearance in court for a inarate teamed murder case fairfax county. his attorney is asking now that matthew receive a psychiatric evaluation. jeff goldberg takes us inside the courtroom. >> we have the case of jesse matthew jr. via video link, sitting next to his attorney, stared straight ahead, as the judge read the charges against him. atthew, who did not offer plea, is accused of attempted capital murder, abduction and penetration with an object, stemmingrom a september 2005 attack against a
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26-year-old woman in the city of fairfax. charges are unrelated to the abduction charge in the hannah graham case and also unrelated matthew's possible ties to the abduction and death of morgan harrington in 2009. subject of legal counsel, jesse matthew had say.hing to >> i would confirm him to be my attorney, if it's possible, because i've built a relationship with doing cases. he should represent matthew in the fairfax case, not the public defender. withreally have a problem that. i don't think that would work. >> but the judge ruled that both defender willlic defend matthew. the attacks happened as the woman was walking home from the store. she was grabbed and taken into a wooded area. the commonwealth attorney says she's currently out of the country but will come back to in the trial. >> i don't want to say happy, because there's no joy in any of us, but i think
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she's satisfied that maybe we'll get some resolution. lives near where the attack happened, is also hopeful. 2005,ong time ago, it's and it's time for justice. >> this painful chapter will soon end. fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> now, a trial date will likely be set at jesse matthew's next hearing in fairfax county, which today.for two weeks from matthew is expected to appear in person for that hearing. come on abc 7 news at 5:00, we hear from redskins iiiterback robert griffin about the butterflies he's facing as he returns from injury. >> plus, which stores are out their black friday deals tomorrow? holmes.'m horace how and why did some d.c. school students end up on top of a metro bus this afternoon?
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. now at 5:30, children and parents across the area are getting ready for trick-or-treating. >> yep. is finally here. meteorologist steve rudin is out there. the crowds uh-oh! steve, i'm scared. >> i found some friends. ha ha! so they're all here. let me tell you, over the past had a huge we've difference in terms of the crowd and how it has grown. nearclosed the street off here in old town alexandria. this is lee street. do this.r, they do
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they are expecting upwards of 2500 trick-or-treaters tonight. equates to several hundred dollars worth of candy for each all theseo help feed trick-or-treaters or help them fill their bags. let's take a look at our thecast as we move through evening hours. no problems at all. it stays dry. temperatures, middle 50's to or -- excuse me -- upper 40's as they move through the hours.vening we will stay dry. big changes on the way as we upcoming weekend. doug hill will have more on that, coming up in just a few minutes. see how things are really beginning to pick up around here. they're expecting a lot of thele and a big change over next half hour. >> all right. you got it, steve. now, things look relatively orderly there. but now, new at 5:00, we're getting a look at a chaotic isne as d.c. school dismissed early this afternoon. take a look. d.c. students mobbing this metro bus. some of them even climbing on top of the roof. callprompted the driver to
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for help. horace holmes is live at the metro stop where all of this unfolded. horace, what happened here? >> we all don't know whether it a halloween prank or not. but wasn't that the strangest scene that you ever want to see? kids got out around 12:30 this afternoon and came to this very bus transfer center. it got chaotic, because so many kids came to the bus at the same time. and then some of them ended up on top of the bus. captured the scene. it shows kids crowding around the bus, several standing on top. to have fun, but that's not the way to have fun. and d.c. around 12:30 public schools had just let out early for a scheduled time forative teachers. theents began streaming to bus. what prompted the crowd to do this? metro and d.c. police who responded don't know. officers, though, were able to quickly gain control of the
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and disperse the crowd. of abuse, not lot just from the kids, but from adults too. >> a scary situation for the driver. a metro spokesperson said this is what happens when d.c. public outols lets their kids early on halloween. nothing good. >> well, d.c. public schools says this wasn't planned, that was a regular administrative half day for them. and just the fact that it on halloween was a coincidence. reporting live in southeast, news. holmes, abc 7 >> what a scene out there. horace, thank you. well, d.c. police meanwhile new video today of the suspect's in last week's violent sexual assault. hope someone recognizes the eight men you'll see in this video. they are wanted in connection to last thursday's attack. authorities say a woman asked benningim for a ride to road in southeast around 11:00 at night.
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they got there, the victim was held at gunpoint, forced into an abandoned home and raped. are asking anyone who recognizes any of the men in these videos to give them a call. >> time now for a look at the day's other top stories. d.c. police are looking for the withho attacked an officer an ax. it happened this morning in the 3800 block of 13th street. of thelook at this photo ax embedded in the officer's car there. sources tell us that the officer patrol when routine he saw a man walking through an alley. that man swung that ax into the officer's windshield or actually -- yes, the window there. and then just ran away from the scene. the officer was not hurt by that incident. dead.opilot is a pilot is seriously hurt in a crash.ip tourism virgin galactic says its spaceship two is a loss. wreckage was scattered across the mojave desert in california. virgin owner, richard branson, tot tweeted he is en route
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mojave to be with the team. >> 13 people, including children, were injured in a in montgomeryrash county. the accident involved a minivan. it happened on norwood road near of excaliburion lane and sandy spring. the entire intersection was all directions but itour reopened. >> how does the weather look, bob? volumeust have plenty of coming up from the dulles toll road, heading through bethesda outerlver spring, on the loop to tysons and on 66, headed and againntreville through gainesville. but no incidents au along the w. 395, an incident, possibly a crash, just before the 14th street bridge on the side. now, traffic on 395 and i-95, just volume delays in separate stretches. and i-95 out to washington parkway, on the maryland side,
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careful out there with all the kids trick-or-treating tonight. have a great weekend. >> all right. thank you, bob. here's one way to make your bearable. cold hards cash. some of that rained down in morning.this drivers scrambled for the money. urbana. near a bag of money fell out of an armored truck. cash flying out onto the highway. a number of drivers grabbed what could. maryland state police are warning those people to return that money or face charges if you.catch >> they thought it was a really happy halloween. >> ha ha! candy.the hand me the cash. >> coming up, two stores plan to holiday their massive shopping deals tomorrow. which stores and reaction of early kickoff to black friday. >> plus, we're hearing from rg3 time since he was renamed as the redskins starting quarterback. >> it's called telephone
5:37 pm
spoofing. and the ring is enough to drive anyone crazy. hello?
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>> the battle against ebola in america. know. what you need to the nurse who treated ebola
5:40 pm
patients in sierra leone is no longer confined to her home. judge in maine rejected that to restrict kaci hickox's movement until her period ends.tion the governor says he believes the decision is unfortunate. she's been self-monitoring based on the cdc guidelines and will continue to do so. years, theast 12 federal government has given $9 billion tax dollars to local health departments, specifically to deal with emergencies like an ebola outbreak. so why have there been some high-profile missteps in dealing with the few ebola cases in the u.s. so far? takes a look. friedenirector thomas has exuded confidence since the first u.s. ebola case. doubt that we will control this importation or this that it does so not spread widely in this country.
5:41 pm
>> but public confidence has been pierced by cdc's wavering protocols and changes assurances as one case has grown to floor. >> the list of the mistakes -- what are the list of mistakes that you've seen that we need to learn from? >> well, there are many. a globalgostin is health expert and georgetown university law professor, advising obama officials on ebola. >> at the state, local and even federal level, there have been a missteps that literally we cannot allow to happen again. >> from a dallas hospital discharging liberian thomas to isolatingill his close contacts in his gostin also house, points to an ill-prepared health care system that allows infection of two nurses. >> then, of course, one of the nurses who did contract ebola virus disease boarded an airplane. another lapse in judgment. a hearing last week, a nurse's 911 official warned gaps remain.ous
5:42 pm
>> 85% of the nurses say they andnot adequately trained, the level of preparation for ebola is insufficient. that, despite billions of tax dollars spent. 2006 alone, congress gave the department of homeland security forxtra $47 million pandemic readiens. readiness. tsa's 200,000the respirators are expired. their department believes entire stockpile of personal protective equipment will not be 2015.e after cumming says --condominiuming appears that health care authorities have come a long way in preparing for ebola since duncan first walked into a texas hospital last month. cdc must says the
5:43 pm
improve the response in cities and states that have no dealing with such a lethal virus. investigating washington, i'm sheryl reporting. 5:00, the special ceremony for firefighters who put their lives on the line when it counted the most. >> retailers want you to go holiday shopping as soon as tomorrow. i'll tell you what it has to do with last year's
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5:45 pm
the mess in washington - made worse with dan bongino. a tea party supporter endorsed by sarah palin. bongino will take away social security's guaranteed benefit and fight against equal pay for equal work legislation. the post calls bongino "polarizing" and "highly partisan." no wonder the post endorses john delaney "one of the most impressive new lawmakers." family man, entrepreneur, and independent problem solver - for jobs, to protect veterans and equal pay for women. i'm john delaney and i approve this message.
5:46 pm
>> it's halloween. trick-or-treating barely under way right now. retail behe moths are gearing up for black friday on the first day of november. and amazon are planning massive sales pushes, starting overnight. has reaction. >> just hours after many wrap up their halloween night, it will be time for holiday shopping. >> i'm not prepared for that. 55 days away from the big day, and weeks from black friday. but according to major it's never too early to start checking off that christmas gift list. tomorrow, major stores will offer black friday deals. deal ofill increase its
5:47 pm
the day feature to two, while mart and target will offer free shipping. and kohl's hopes to entice its customers with specials on items. >> i would prefer to get it done early, because sales are better, and everyone is not there at the time. >> not at all, especially if it puts people to work and keeps them working longer. early, things aren't going to be as expensive, especially if you buy winter that,and stuff like before it gets really cold outside. >> so what this means is that in could -- in 24 hours, you could go from halloween shopping to holiday but retailers say they're doing all of this to meet your demands. early deals with partially because of a delivery disaster last year. around the country were brought to a screeching halt and deterred thousands of shoppers. to shop may just prevent that from happening again. wayl, some people say it's too early to think about christmas. >> i still feel like it's
5:48 pm
summer. i'd play golf today. i don't want to go christmas shopping today. >> there you go. we'd like to hear what you think. join the conversation and become one of our fans on facebook. we're getting very close to could helps and you put us over the top. >> could be a tough christmas bigfolks in hawaii on the island there. the lava flow has stalled. but authorities are warning not get too comfortable. while the lava is no longer itancing towards the homes, still threatens the main road into the town of pahoa. engineers built a gravel road for evacuations just in case that road gets blocks. troops are now helping, after reports of looting in the area. of thelcano is one world's most active volcanos. it's been erupting continuously 1983. let's see what happens coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> gordon is live with that look ahead. >> hi, there. well, tonight at 6:00, we
5:49 pm
newsnue to follow breaking from montgomery county. a crash sending more than a dozen people to the hospital. also, there's going to be more cameras around the district and, part of a new police business partnership in the current environment and some welcome news for drivers. average price for gasoline in the united states falls to $3. some below $3 in virginia. see how much drivers are paying in our region. those stories and more at 6:00. right back to you. >> tonight, it's not about the drivers. it's about those walking door to door, getting that candy. >> all those trick-or-treaters full force. sounds like the rain is going to hold off. doug? >> the costumes, some of those scary. weather, not so much. it is cloudy and that's all. cloudy skies. here in alexandria, not far from where steve is reporting in old town. bell haven. at thereaks of blue sky moment. but that will be the premium, because of this, a developing
5:50 pm
storm center over the lower lakes. you see the rain is on the move. southtorm system moves and east. it moves across the carolinas thedevelops offshore off carolina coast. it will bring us gusty winds and rain tomorrow. cloudy andight, just cool with temperatures falling into the upper 40's later tonight and showers developing overnight, especially west of the metro area. temperatures by morning, 40 to 45 degrees. it will be a chilly day tomorrow. here's our futurecast. the simulation of where the and the local weather pattern. it will not be a pleasant weather day tomorrow. be cloudy, gusty winds, periods of rain through the day. the heaviest rains tomorrow will southwest and that stripe in blue, from southwest virginia into north carolina, to be snow over --tern tennessee, the smoke ki smoky mountains. very quickly overnight as that
5:51 pm
storm develops, we're going to see everything push out to sea. windy and sunny, chilly for the day on sunday. sunday, turn back the clocks again. then a warming trend, monday, tuesday, wednesday. into the 60's by next wednesday. >> thank you, doug. good. >> kids out there dressed up as rg3? don't have -- >> that's my costume tonight. how about that? the controversy is over or not? >> never. >> no, not in this case. not gonna happen. hip, andwaiting for he's -- waiting for him, and he's finally back. rg3 will get the start against the vikings on sunday. but that's a big number. seven weeks of not playing in a real game situation. a lot will be expected when he gets back. will he produce against the vikings? the cameras caught up with robert just outside the locker room today. he says you might see some nerves break out in my job is to make it not about me. that's what -- i don't feel like
5:52 pm
it is. team, it's about us going to get a win on the road and going into the bye week feeling great. i'm sure there will be a little bit of nervous energy out there the field. but you turn that into good. if you are not nervous, it kind human.s you feel that's what you want to be. >> will he be the same rg3? he's been practicing. but practice isn't the game. not only is there the possibility of nerves creeping come game time, but he might be a little rusty out there. >> i talked to all the guys. we need toame that win it, going into the bye week. it's not -- we have a great defense. we're going to their house and to play i'm going to lean on my guys to help get me through this game. night wasn'te last exactly the homecoming lebron james would have preferred. for the king in cleveland, as they fell to the
5:53 pm
knicks. he finished with only 17 points to go with eight turnovers. 5-of-15 from the floor. was lebron nervous last night? >> i don't think so. couldn't -- who wouldn't peak emotionally with a night like this? nothing you can do about it. emotions will run. the crowd is excited. we're all excited. everyone was excited for this game. know, i don't think us peaking emotionally had anything to do with it. think we just had some careless plays. >> when you have that much fanfare out there -- a that might have been mistake, to create that big of a thing. >> emotional. a realfans forget, he's person. >> exactly. exactly. i like that you said that. >> wait until his teammates learn how to catch a pass from him. >> yikes! >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00, a firefighter runs into firening home without a hose. the daring rescue. and that heroism
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
>> it's not hard to find heros living in our community. of the, it's just part job. >> today, the d.c. mayor gray the mostome of courageous firefighters. >> every fire is different. it.'ll never forget >> it was just after 3:00 in the morning on february 17, 2013. flames were raging at this 33rd street home in southeast washington. someone was trapped. d.c. firefighter eugene went in with no hose line. >> she was six years old. i remember. lifeless. brought her out to ems. little girl later died. >> it kind of messed me up for a while, because she was the same of my daughter. just made me want to go home and hug her. firefighter robert alvarado has a similar story. >> four people trapped in a very fire. two of them were kids. so there was definitely a lot on the line. march, alvarado
5:58 pm
protected an unconscious woman from flames inside a southeast could get until they her out. in front of their fellow the nationalat building museum, the mayor honors.ut rare >> very humbled by it. same time, very proud of it. it means a lot. >> i sort of feel like i don't i work withbecause a bunch of great guys. >> eight other city firefighters meta medal forlver their service. possibly for the first time in four-legged, a rescuer is also being called a hero. awards for firefighters haven't been given out in more than a the district. while a fire may tear down a building, the courage found here unbreakable. >> thank you for that, caroline. it's so important that we say thank you when we can. deserving.
5:59 pm
>> that's it for us here at 5:00. begins7 news at 6:00 with breaking news. >> live, from the abc 7 center, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> and we are following two breaking stories tonight. we begin in montgomery county, where a crash sent 13 people to the hospital. crash happened on norwood road near excalibur lane in spring. that road has just reopened, accident.s after the montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live at the scene with the breaking details. kevin? >> well, maureen and gordon, we arrived here about 30 minutes went out. dispatch it was truly a horrific scene. involved. 13 people between all those cars. up.scene has been cleared all that really shows is this gravel in the roadway to cover oil thatf the fuel and leaked. you can also see where this car crashning here, the
6:00 pm
reconstruction team has spray painted the road to try to piece what exactly happened here this afternoon. let's show you what that crash like. police say a toyota corolla was turning left when a silver mitsubishi lancer rear-ended it. the impact forced that corolla a black chevy tahoe driving in the opposite direction on norwood. the tahoe flipped onto its roof before hitting a minivan, with seven people inside. all seven taken to the hospital, including five children, between the ages of two and ten. a three-year-old boy in the van horrible gash to his forehead. >> we heard horrible things when the carnival. there was a terrible accident. four cars. really bad. coming out.cared then to realize that it's know that was involved, really horrifying. >> your husband? >> yes. that's right.


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