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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 1, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning, america. disaster in the desert. the investigation ramping up right now after the crash of a spacecraft that could one day carry tourists including big named celebrities into space. >> space is hard and today was a tough day. >> new information about what richard branson's virgin galactic did differently for this flight. did that change cause the crash? halloween mudslide. heavy rains releasing a wall of mud overnight. houses left waist deep in muck. one person rescued. people told to get out. the latest on the efforts to stop the flow from reaching more homes. finally free. a marine reservist who wound up in a mexican jail, released overnight after seven months behind bars. the mistake he says he made that left him on the wrong side of
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the border and what will happen to him now. and blame jared. police say this armed robber had a bizarre motive for hitting up a series of subway restaurants. the mistake he made that led to his arrest. hey, good morning, everybody. and let's take a look at virgin galactic's $500 million experimental spacecraft, the brainchild of the british billionaire richard branson. his dream is to take high income passengers including celebrities like leo dicaprio and katy perry on a journey to the edge of space. >> but those a-listers may want to reconsider when they see this. the debris field after the spaceship exploded killing one of the test pilots even more devastating this is the second disaster to hit the private space industry this week alone
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after that rocket exploded on takeoff in virginia just a few days ago and abc's david kerley is in washington with more. david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. this morning ntsb investigators and richard branson are set to arrive in mojave, california, trying to figure out what happened in this second private space accident this week. these photos capture the very end, the release from the mothership and moments later debris from spaceshiptwo. the craft starting to break up during its fourth powered flight all falling to earth, a parachute, scattered debris, one pilot severely injured carried to a helicopter. >> there was a second chute deployed. >> reporter: the second pilot died. >> space is hard and today was a tough day. >> reporter: this an earlier test flight. the mother ship carries a spacecraft at 50,000 feet releases it and it fires its own rocket part of the dream of richard branson to take a half dozen passengers at a time to the edge of space.
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he has deposits already on 700 ticks including some of hollywood's elite. pitt, jolie, perry, dicaprio. in a statement he said traveling to mojave is one of the most difficult trips i've ever had to make but he wants to be with the teams, quote, now in shock at this devastating loss. observers say the rocket wasn't getting the craft high enough. this flight was the first to use a new fuel, which it only been tested on the ground. >> obviously it failed spectacularly. >> reporter: joelle glen brenner documented the press seder spaceshiptwo and know many who work on the program. >> they were concerned about the pace of the program. >> reporter: this was the second serious setback this week for the commercial space industry. tuesday a private cargo rocket exploded seconds after liftoff. after the failure of spaceshiptwo, what will those hollywood stars and hundreds of others this morning think about riding that rocket? >> customers weren't necessarily paying attention.
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i think this might have been a wake-up call to them. >> david, for decades the space race has been littered with mishaps and even deaths and yet we have persisted time and again. do you think the private space exploration business can survive these twin disasters. >> reporter: experts say that's the way we're headed dan. we will probably see more mis p mishaps like this in the future because rocket science isn't easy but this will probably not be stopped. >> david, thank you. we'll move now to a breaking weather story overnight. a major storm on the west coast creating dangerous mudslides, one person had to be rescued and our meteorologist rob marciano is on the story. rob, good morning. >> good morning, da dramatic stuff. that person had to be cut out his house because the mud was banked up against his front door. 11 others evacuated. in some cases it was waist deep. the first major storm of the rainy season for california and socal and have seen fires over the past couple of years and burn areas will let some of that
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mud go quickly and rains will move inland. stormy for sure. know at the higher elevations but a rain event and in some parts of l.a., a quarter to a half inch of rain and orange county a fire earlier this year and evacuated some neighborhoods there near the silver canyon fire. inland, 1 to 2 inches. another big storm across the east coast and cover that in a few minutes, paula, back to you. the release of a u.s. marine veteran. he says it was all because he made a wrong turn on the highway and wound up south of the border. politicians here taking up his cause to try to set him free and this morning, he is on his way home and abc's reena ninan is here with the story. good morning. >> good morning. yeah, hearings on capitol hill about this. diplomatic efforts and even a former talk show host all eager to secure the release of this u.s. marine. american veteran back on american soil at last, retired marine sergeant andrew
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tahmooressi, released from a mexican jail on friday after 214 days of captivity. a mexican judge freed tahmooressi citing his mental state. the retired rema has posttraumatic stress disorder. >> the mexicans made it very clear they wanted their judicial process to conclude and it did and they made, i believe, the right choice. >> reporter: former talk show host montel williams advocated for his release. >> this experience for him in the last seven months is in a lot of ways retraumatized him and almost like let's call it prison tpsd. >> reporter: in san diego friday night returning to his hometown early this morning. tahmooressi originally detained for crossing the border with loaded guns. telling a 911 operator that he took a wrong turn on a california freeway and ended up at the border where he couldn't turn around. >> i crossed the border by accident and i have three guns in my truck and they're trying
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to process -- they are trying to take my guns from me. >> so you're in mexico? >> yes. >> there's nothing i can help you with then sir, i apologize. >> reporter: once across the border he was detained. his guns -- [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: state department, even congress begging a judge presiding over the case tore leniency to no avail but this morning, tahmooressi is finally back in florida. the 26-year-old veteran will likely undergo treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder from his two tours in afghanistan and despite his release the mexican judge has yet to rule on the weapons charges. we'll hear from tahmooressi this afternoon. he's expected to hold a press conference. >> be interesting to hear what he has to say. new details on the accused cop killer eric frein learning more about the planning that went into his alleged attack on a state police barracks as he was brought into court, an extraordinary scene. locals taunting frein whose weeks on the run and the local
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wilderness created pervasive fear in the surrounding communities. abc's tom llamas was there. >> reporter: abc news learned new details about eric frein's alleged plans for attack. police say made more than a year in advance of the ambush on pennsylvania state police. according to court documents obtained by abc news frein was making internet searches using the phrases can police track cell phone and how to escape a manhunt. on friday, the 31-year-old faced a judge and the angry residents he allegedly terrorized while on the lam. >> coward. >> reporter: for seven long weeks frein an expert surviv survivalist and military buff allegedly held this community hostage while hiding out in the dense forest of the poconos. >> came out here and you laid eyes on him. what did you think? >> awesome. i was really happy that they finally caught this guy. >> reporter: police say frein started his reign of terror by
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ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers on september 12th. he's accused of killing corporal bryon dickson and alex douglas, wounding him, before disappearing into the woods. these are the u.s. marshals that captured frein and showed us how they found him outside a hanger on the property of this abandoned poconos resort. >> handcuffed him. >> reporter: authorities say it's still unclear why frooep would have targeted those troopers. this mning he's charged with murder and prosecutors will seek the death penalty. the man who lived out in these vast woods for 48 days hiding from police now lives in a 5x8 cell at the pike county correctional facility. dan and paula. >> tom. thank you. residents relieved he's in custody. now to ebola and a victory for that nurse who defied a state imposed quarantine. a judge in maine has ruled that despite coming into direct contact with ebola patients, kaci hickox is now a free woman
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ending a tense standoff and linzie janis has the latest from fort kent, maine. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the police car here standing guard is gone and for the first time in a week, kaci hickox can wake up and do pretty much whatever she wants. but there are a lot of people here who are hoping she doesn't. this morning, nurse kaci hickox is a free woman. a judge rejecting a temporary court order enforcing a quarantine for the volunteer who has twice tested negative for ebola since returning from west africa seven days ago. >> i am humbled today by the judge's decision. >> reporter: hickox now free to go to public places and on as many bike rides as she likes. >> enjoy. >> reporter: all she has to do is coordinate with the state if she wants to travel. continue allowing daily visits like this one from health officials and let them know immediately if she develops any symptoms. >> the three points that he is
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still recommending i abide by are three points i leave as part of this good compromise that we can make. >> reporter: the governor disappointed. >> she's violated every promise she's made so far. so i can't trust her. i don't trust her and i don't trust that we know enough about this disease to be so callous. >> reporter: and people in this small town still afraid. >> it makes me nervous. >> reporter: how would you feel if kaci hickox came into the restaurant where you were eating and sat down or was shopping in the same store? >> i would probably strongly consider leaving to be completely honest. >> reporter: in his ruling the judge asking hickox to acknowledge what he called human nature. >> i'm a nurse and a public health worker. i don't want to make people uncomfortable. >> reporter: now, the governor says he does not plan to appeal the judge's decision. as for what kaci hickox does next, she says she understands ebola is a very scary disease and the last thing she wants to do is create any more fear here
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in ft. kept, maine. >> a lot will be watching her all over the state and country. linzie janis, thank you. moving on now, t-minus three days to the midterm elections and the stakes are very high. the big question, of course, can republicans take control of the u.s. senate with candidates scrambling in these final hours, we are truly at the peak of the political silly season. this candidate going viral and gaining a lot of traction it must be said with an ad in which she discusses castrating hogs abc jeff zeleny has much more and when i say much more i'm referring to the elections and not the hog castration. >> good morning, after all of those ads, there's really only one number to keep in mind on election night, six. the number of seats republicans need to win control of the senate. and the winds are blowing strongly in their favor. >> he's a baloney head. >> reporter: dan sullivan running for senate in alaska even made an ad about all those ads. >> pretty soon you'll want to do
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this to your tv. >> reporter: president obama is the soundtrack of the republican campaign. >> a vote for greg orman is a vote for the obama agenda. >> reporter: the president's approval rating at its lowest point yet has kept him off the campaign trail. so look who's filling in. >> you got to go vote. you can't stay home. you can't let anybody stay home. >> reporter: bill clinton on friday in north carolina trying to shake democrats into action. republicans are just six seat as way from taking back the senate. >> i'll know how to cut pork. >> reporter: strong class of recruits is propelling the gop like joni ernst. her candidacy caught fire after this spot. >> washington is full of big spenders. let's make them squeal. >> reporter: we caught up with ernst who would be the first woman to represent iowa in the u.s. senate. how much pressure do you feel now with iowa being one of the most competitive open seats? >> it is such a phenomenally positive pressure. i have gone from being a very
7:14 am
little-known, small state senator from southwest iowa to now being someone that can really make a difference. >> reporter: democrats acknowledge they're bracing for a bruising election night. now, the white house is watching this campaign very carefully. the president is flying to michigan to campaign for democrats this afternoon. but in those key senate races many of which are playing out in red states across the country, it's hillary clinton who is trying to ride to the rescue. she'll be in louisiana and kentucky later today. dan. >> a lot of those candidates have not wanted obama to come campaign for them. jeff zeleny, thank you. we should say abc news will be covering the elections in a big way. our whole team led by george stephanopoulos will be out in force. we'll be online all night and have prime time special at 10:00 p.m. on tuesday night. >> time for some other news and for that we turn to ron claiborne. >> good morning, paula and dan, good morning, sarah, good morning, everyone. we begin in washington state where another teenage wounded in the last week's high school shooting as died. 14-year-old shaylee chuckuinaskit died friday afternoon after a gunshot wound to the head.
7:15 am
that brings the total number of victims in that incident to three. the gunman jaylen fryberg opened fire friday before turning the gun on himself. two other students remain hospitalized. a pennsylvania man is fighting for his life after a brutal beating allegedly at the hands of five college football players from california university of pennsylvania. officials say that louis campbell iii sustained a severe brain injury after he was kicked and stomped in the head early thursday morning in a dispute in a restaurant. the five football players have been charged in connection with that beating. police say they were heard chanting, football strong as they left the scene of the alleged assault. their college will not play today's scheduled football game. in florida, donte martin former a&m band member is convicted of felony hazing. robert champion was brutally beaten to death during a hazing ritual aboard a bus nearly three years ago. martin is facing 15 years in prison. three other former band members
7:16 am
are now awaiting trial. and in washington, d.c., police are looking for a man they say tried to attack a police officer with an ax while the officer was sitting in his marked patrol car. that assail apartment shattered the driver's side window. the officer was injured during a struggle with the suspect. somehow managed to flee. this comes a week after a group of new york city police officers were attacked by hatchet wielding man in what's being called an act of terrorism. and a huge day on wall street with the dow jones industrial average and the s&p surging to all-time record highs. on friday, the dow gained just over 195 points to close at a record 17,390. the s&p rose a little more than 23 points to end october at 2,018 or 2018 and the nasdaq was up more than 64 points for those who can't follow that carefully. how is this for a trick-or-treat pit stop. the white house where the president and first lady passed up on wearing costumes but passed out lots of treats to kids from d.c. public schools
7:17 am
and also kids from military family, the white house was adorned with halloween decorations including 200 pumpkins carved by volunteers. >> did michelle obama pass out carrots? >> no carrots this time, i don't believe. >> she made them run in place to earn their candy. >> finally all of us driving to work face obstacles getting there but some drivers in arkansas, quite an unusual tale to tell. traffic on interstate 49 in the town of bella vista came to a standstill when you see there a group of horses appeared on the highway trotting around even caused a two-car accident. police were finally -- they were unable to corral them so instead herded them off the highway. they escaped from a farm when a utility company apparently allegedly tore down a portion of fence. and you know that song wild horses by the rolling stones. it has nothing to do with this. >> thank you for the clarification. thank you for that clarification. >> because i like the song. wall street analysis and -- >> wild horses.
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>> you never know what you're going to get with ron claiborne. part of the excite many. uncle ron, we appreciate it. people have reactions to failed diets, resignation, resilience, what about reject? >> the allegation in our next story about a guy who got his hopes up after seeing these famous commercials after seeing jared who claimed he lost all that weight after eating subway sandwiches so what did the disgruntled dieter do next. sarah is here with more. >> well, this is a mystery solved for me. you know those legal disclaimers on so many commercials we see. i wondered who they were for and i found him. ha hangry this guy was determined to get a full refund. police say this is one teen's revenge over a failed diet. four robberies in four days all of them subway restaurants in alabama. watch as this man according to police 18-year-old zachery torrance pulls a gun on an unsuspecting subway employee. so what's his beef? >> he stated to the detective
7:19 am
that he had attempted the jared diet and had not worked for him and he felt like he should get his money back. >> here is jared -- >> reporter: that's jared. he lost 245 pounds in one year after eating a steady diet of subway sandwiches. police say when the focus on foot longs didn't pay off for torrance, he targeted sandwich artists across the birmingham area. the victims say this portly gunman weighs over 200 pounds. >> my first reaction is that, you know, that's a crazy thing to say but, you know, there has -- all he did was rob subways. >> reporter: behind bars this morning on $250,000 bond, the alleged jilted dieter may have missed this part of the commercial. >> jared believes in an active lifestyle including lots of walking. >> reporter: now after this image was shown on the hueytown police facebook page viewed by 150,000 people in 24 hours, including a customer at the local walmart, the giveaway,
7:20 am
apparently these orange shoes seen in the surveillance footage. amateur mistake, orange shoes? you don't show up in that but also i want to clarify -- >> this from the woman in the orange shirt. >> exactly but i'm not robbing anything. >> it's hunting season, though. >> so, dan, has to collar what hangry means, hungry and angry. we've all been there. >> dan is always there. he doesn't want to admit. >> i want to go on whatever diet you're on because you look fantastic? are you trying to make up to me now? >> your wedding is coming up and we're all excited about it. >> although orange is a very slimming cover. >> no, that's black. >> that too. >> happy halloween or post-halloween. we have this big halloween storm i want to show you some time-lapsed video coming out of chicago. look at the storm rolling through there. yeah, just enduffeling the skyscrapers and then, boy, it all just came tumbling down as far as rain, sleet, snow and big-time waves crashing on lake shore drive bringing travel to a
7:21 am
standstill so this is -- these were 15, 20-footers and winds blowing to 59 miles an hour, plus, down across parts of south of the lake there. low pressure, yeah, we've got it. this is the big storm dropped to the south and east and snow falling as far south as greenville, south carolina, right now, even flurries showing up in atlanta. and we've got maybe another 5 to 6, 7, 8 inches possible at the higher elevations then a coastal storm. we'll see big winds today from new york city back up through boston. mostly in new england, then i think the shoreline will see the heaviest amounts and even snows in northern maine we'll see 5 to 6 inches or more of snow there. and, of course, the cold air coming in behind this. it's going to be a chilly morning to start your day. temps in the 30s. this is >> good d morning. we're watching an area of low pressure today that will intensify off e ea coast. move up the east coast over the next 24 hours. we will watch for a chance e of
7:22 am
showers, actually now over the eastern seaboard but those will rotate into the region. scattered showers. likely breezy and cool. remember to turn your clocks back tonight. the skies windy, clearing and cold. tomoow mostly sunny. 45-50 >> happy november 1st. >> how did that happen? >> sliding by quickly. isn't it. coming up here on "gma," death on a movie set. the new video this morning, why did the film crew set up on active train tracks? we'll show you what happened next. hollywood, halloween celebs showing off their coolest costumes. pi snapper. this adorable dog taken right out of his heartbroken owner's home. >> ashley furniture.
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>> good morning. a day where we're gng to see cooler conditions. highs only around the 50-degree mark. showers over the eastern shore prm they will continue to sped to the west. through the late morning hours and continue through the afternoon. 47-52 today. breezy at times. winds 10-20 miles p hour but they will be increasing tonight as that area of low pressure
7:28 am
intensifies. 15-25 miles per hour sustained. gusting up to 40 miles per hour at times. it actually feels like it is in the 20's at times. also remember to set your clocks back one houtonight as daylight savings time ends. 45-50 tomorrow as we head through the next seven days, temperatures will moderate. 59 on monday. 62 on tuesday. voters out there. nice day out there. partly cloudy. mid 60's by wednesday.
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♪ my life ♪ to keep it whole >> i look like ellen. >> you're nill, with two ls. >> we had a lot of fun preparing for our grand entrance at yesterday's halloween ball on "gma" but, you know, it did require a whole lot of practice. what's dan doing? >> you trusted dan -- >> doing his best live impression. >> or is that tom jones. >> check it out. ♪ the story of my life >> who's shooting now. ♪ i'll drive all night >> we don't have to actually sing. >> right. >> just the lyrics. ♪ oh frozen ♪ the story of my life >> wow. ♪ i'll drive all night >> gio getting so frustrated
7:31 am
with me. he had to stand in. he knew the words unlike ron and i were -- >> i knew the words. >> ron, ron, you did mess up the same line. >> i really missed having rob there because i like having several people to hide behind. and he's tall. >> you killed it in can i say saturday morning i instantly regret seeing that and doing that now. >> i don't at all. i kind of want to do it again today. that was so much fun. >> speak of halloween, supermodel heidi klum outside klum. she's out doing herself this year. her amazing costume, check it out also many other celebs who played dress up. we'll show you all of themes -- all of them, all of them. >> warning there. >> how to speak english. coming up here on "gma" but we are going to start here with a real disaster on a movie set and it played out on camera. >> not a movie camera but instead a surveillance camera that was set up on a moving train flying at almost 60 miles
7:32 am
an hour towards a film crew that may not have had permission to set up shop on the tracks. the results were fatal. so what went wrong here? abc's chris connelly speaks to an eyewitness. >> reporter: 27-year-old sarah jones was doing her job. part of the "midnight rider" crew. ♪ ♪ don't let them catch the -- >> reporter: based on the memoir by greg allman of the allman brothers moments after filming began, a dream sequence on the trestle bridge turned into a nightmare. >> i just kept saying over and over, lord, help us. god help us. >> reporter: instructed to place their equipment and a metal bed on these railroad tracks. only to see a train coming towards th at 57 miles per hour. >> i thee we need an ambulance. well someone got hit by a train. >> reporter: startling new evidence just released dramatic
7:33 am
video taken by a camera mounted inside csxq 12519 that shows the "midnight rider" crew racing off the bridge as the train rapidly approaches the bed that's been left behind on one of the rails. >> i saw the light of that train, it was like the train was right here. so you had seconds to figure out what you were going to do. >> reporter: look again and listen as the dramatic scene unfolds. 26 seconds before impact. the engineer starts to blair the horn continuously. three seconds before impact, it's too late to get the bed off the tracks. on impact, the bed becomes a deadly weapon. >> sarah was the first person i s saw. she was lying on the side of the tracks dead. i didn't know it was her. >> reporter: the wayne county d.a. has charged randall miller
7:34 am
and three other members of the "midnight rider" team with involuntary manslaughter. they've each pleaded not guilty. a statement from the lawyer of randall miller and his wife, producer jody savin says they believe they had permission to be on the tracks from rayonier and csx. they had no reason to believe that anyone would be placed in danger. they will live with the sorrow of sarah's death for the rest of their lives. >> such a sad story and thanks to chris connelly for bringing it to us. we want to take another look at the morning headlines and for that we get it back over to ron. >> good morning, again. dan and paula, sara, good morning and rob. good morning, everyone. we begin in california in the mojave desert where federal investigators will be trying to figure out what caused friday's deadly spaceship accident. debris from virgin galactic spaceshiptwo is scattered after it was released from a carrier aircraft at a high altitude. one of the pilots was killed and the other was injure parachuting out of that spaceship.
7:35 am
marine reservist andrew tahmooressi is back in florida this morning after spending seven months in a mexican prison, a mexican judge freed tahmooressi because of his mental state. the retired marine has posttraumatic stress syndrome. tahmooressi says he made a wrong turn and crossed over into mexico with guns in his car. and an attorney for jesse that mew jr. who is charged with the aduction of murdered student hannah graham asked a judge to undergo a psychological evaluation. he w arraigned friday in a separate case dating back to 2005. finally, rob, i hope you're not a new england patriots fan because coach bill belichick is blasting local meteorologists for their weather prediction. >> where is his hoodie? >> based on history that they are almost always wrong, rob. >> i hate him even more now. >> 100% of rain last week and only water i saw was on the
7:36 am
gatorade table. if i did my job the way they do theirs i'd be here about a week. >> whoa. >> that's cold, man. >> that is cold. >> anyway last week the patriots did beat the bears by a score of 51-23 and play the broncos on sunday in foxborough massachusetts, south of boston. rob will have that forecast coming up for the area and we hope it is accurate. >> those are fighting words. >> as a yankees and giants fan i try really hard to like boston sports teams but belichick, you've gone one step too far. wear some long sleeve, pal and then we'll take you seriously. >> some people do say you're a weather guesser. that's just on the street. we know -- but we know -- >> i have friends in boston and they're all fantastic meteorologists. >> amen. >> there you go. >> take that. >> speaking of, let's take a live shot from boston, shall we? you know, we didn't plan that out. they just happen to be -- oh, goodness, all right, temperature in the lower 40s there and hey, coach bill, huh. what's going to happen today there, smart guy?
7:37 am
mr. big short there is with your cutoff short sleeves? 4 degrees, going to be the high temperature and i suppose, what, if we hit 50 that's an incorrect forecast. temperatures will be cool off the bay there. certainly with gusty winds and rain is going to -- i don't know what the exact percentage is but it's up near 100%. we rarely say 100% we're all about covering our tails. the worst weather certainly going to be along the new england coast. we have a high wind watch and warnings posted for those spots. we are going to see temperatures bounce back a little bit. things will warm up as we go towards the week. the middle part of the week from the 40s to the 60s in louisville, in new york and atlanta after seeing temperatures there in the lower to mid0s this morning you'll eventually hit 70. we thought we'd mention the rain out west, heavy snow in the mountains and take it and try to >> mostly cloudy today. we have a chance for a few showers. throughout the morning hours, high temperatures only around
7:38 am
the lower 5s. 49 tomorrow.w. stly sunny. wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. one more reminr. >> this weather report brought to you by macy's where they have a fantastic selection of lo longsleeve sweatshirts for coaches. >> thus beginning the rob marciano/bill belichick feud. coming up here on "gma," costume craziness, celebs doing halloween in a big way. who had the best costumes coming up. is it a case of dognapping. the hunt for this precious pooch who has become an internet sensation up ahead in "pop news." ♪
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wow. >> so this is a big philosophical question. if on halloween everybody likes to dress up as celebrities, what do celebrities go as? >> that's a philosophical question. >> that's a big thought for you this morning. >> i have no answer for that. i do know there are no shortage of ideas from the big names in hollywood. and a whole lot of creative. so take a look. ♪ >> it's halloween weekend and
7:43 am
the stars are pulling out all the stops. this year from jimmy kimmel's couch to the red carpet at heidi klum's 15th annual halloween bash stars underwent a metamorphosis. >> i'm really excited. this is my favorite holiday of the year. it's halloween and this year i am a butterfly. >> reporter: klum has become famous for her crazy costumes from last year's realistic old lady to her beautifully rendered goddess and all the other transformative costumes in between. ashanti was at the annual bashoing us her best rendition of personal belly dancer. >> i am a personal belly dancer for a prince in cairo. >> reporter: and jimmy kimmel made sure to celebrate the holiday in style as all his guests joined him in costume during the late night show. >> everyone on our show tonight is dressed up. we're all children's toys. >> reporter: rosie perez came out as a giant pumpkin which
7:44 am
made sitting down no easy task to earlier in the day was cleopatra. a night of tricks and treats in hollywood. check out katy perry who took snacking to a whole new level dressed as a flaming hot cheeto. meantime, hollywood celebrity tots aren't shying away from the attention. north west is a chic pepe le pew and blue ivy dressed as michael jackson while follow queen bey kept it in the family dressing as janet jackson from her "rhythm nation" video. >> so you went trick-or-treating last night with the kids. what did you dress as -- >> batman, batgirl and robin. i had a wonder woman costume that i was going to reprise but it was too cold. >> you're wonder woman every day. >> that was good. >> that was panthering, ladies and gentlemen. >> and it worked. >> can i have a kleenex? well, coming up on "good morning america," this guy's efforts to set a very unusual world record high in the
7:45 am
himalayas. are you going to explain it to us in "pop news"? >> probably not. probably not. >> but stayed tuned anyway. >> watch anyway because it'll be fun. man: [ laughs ] those look like baby steps now. but they were some pretty good moves. and the best move of all? having the right partner at my side. it's so much better that way. [ male announcer ] have the right partner at your side. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. a snuggler, tand showing me that slobber... ha! just adds character. (male announcer) this holiday season, give thanks to the pets who inspire you! for 3 days only, at petsmart, save 30% on thousands of items! petsmart® [ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion has active naturals® oat with five vital nutrients.
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♪ so yesterday she was on national television dressed like a dude. this morning -- >> all glammed. >> glammed up in orange and ready to bring us "pop news." >> back to being a lady but we start with a little bit of a sad one. first up, i know that's giving myself a compliment. first up, a possible case of celebrity dognapping. the chow chow, missue became a star on social media. doesn't he look like a little bear. >> misiu.
7:49 am
>> it reached 2,000 views and thousands of likes on facebook but now misiu is missing and owners believe he was deliberately stolen by a fan. they thought to get misiu home soon. >> turning it into america's most wanted. >> keep your eye for a little be. i miss you, misiu. we'll keep moving. >> yeah, please. >> story for rob. a kid rock fan who has down syndrome received the ultimate birthday gift this week. dan mcgerth invited the rock star to his 30th party via youtube. you can imagine his surprise when this happened. ♪ happy birthday ♪ to you >> i love this. ♪ happy birthday to you >> oh, my! >> isn't that amazing. >> you can't see but he has a kid rock t-shirt on. sent him a hard copy and invited him on youtube but kid rock came
7:50 am
bearing gifts and signed memorabilia. tickets to one of his upcoming concerts and as a birthday bonus dan went viral with this nearly 1 million times. had a soda. chilled out. feels good. >> no rebel without a cause there. >> that's how people from michigan roll. >> staying with the birthday theme. happy birthday to one of the cutest kitties around. hello kitty turns 40 today and doesn't look a day over 4 or 5. >> maybe 2. >> lots of people are celebrating the big day embracing their inner child by attending the first ever hello kitty convention in los angeles this weekend. it's called kitty-con 2014. >> kitty-con. >> first ever. >> yep, first ever. >> dedicate fans will be flocking to all sorts of hello kitty items. wanting to wear the love on your sleeve get a tattoo. katy perry is showing her love for all things kitty and sent
7:51 am
fans pictures -- >> that's the middle finger. >> it's the tall man. that's what we say to all the kids. the tall man. >> okay, don't flip them the tall man. >> it makes the tall man benign when you have hello kitty on. a 23-year-old call center worker has become a world record holder for plays video games on mt. ever rest. will cruise played far cry four at an elevation of 3 1/2 miles above sea level. the world record involved a three-week trek traveling through monasteries and glaciers facing freezing temperatures and wind gusts up to 25 miles an hour. a train of yaks carried the gaming equipment making it possible for him doing that on the land. only thing more shock something that that category exists at all. >> yeah, anything you do -- >> drop the mike. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] lowe's presents
7:52 am
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citi double cash card. >> november 1st. good luck to the parents waking up with children still strung out from all the sugar. >> having to take it away from then. good luck with that. >> you don't take -- >> that's why my husband is home with the kids. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> good morning. i'm caroline tucker taking a look at some of the stories topping our region today. it was a violent night in the district with four keep shot in two separate shootings -- with four people shot in two separate shootings. three people suffered what are being described as gray's wounds
7:57 am
wounds. wpimd -- crawl isndon halloween being held tonight. it will be the fourth pub crawl since the board decided such events would require a permit. organizers are required to reimburse the county for things like extra police officers. now a check on your rainy weather. >> we have some rain on the way, already see -- circling in. this will spin towards the d.c. metro. we will see the chance for showers throughout the afternoon hours. highs around the 50-degree mark. we will have some gusty winds. 10 to 20 miles per hour. it will be in -- begin to
7:58 am
increase overnight. up to 40 miles per hour in the morning. another reminder to fall back as we head into tonight. remember to turn the clocks back one hour before heading to bed. 08 andn sets tonight at 6: tomorrow at 5:07. a cool day and a cool weekend. improvements for next week.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." >> ohh! >> look at that. who's the fussiest eater in your house? do you have a little brother or sister, or maybe a finicky cat? today, you are going to meet 6 species that take picky eating to the extreme. like marsupials that munch on eucalyptus leaves. you couldn't even see them up there. >> yeah. >> it's like a little stuffed toy. >> a pananda that brunches on bamboo. >> i can't believe how gentle he is when he takes the food. >> and hummingbirds that nosh on nectar. >> they're constantly feeding and constantly just moving. >> and wait till you feast your


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