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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 5, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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. good morning, america. republican revolutionovernight. a sweeping victory from congress to state houses. >> we shook up the senate. you shook up the senate. >> voters across america handing the gop control of the senate. their largest majority in congress in decades. >> and we are going to make 'em squeal. >> this harley-riding military vet, the new republican rock star. democrats reeling. >> you are disappointed. and being disappointed is okay. >> our entire abc news political team here right now on the staggering defeat for the president and a seismic shift in washington. developing now, flash flood warning in texas. almost half a foot of rain overnight. as an arctic blast is set to set
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temperatures plunging in the northeast. and the 22-year-old woman snatched on the street. more video released overnight of her chilling abduction. and what a mystery man was seen doing on tape. ♪ freeze frame who's that boy? how does this go so viral so fast. it's what you think. what made this teenager the target of an internet obsession out of nowhere. and good morning, america. what a big, historic night for the gop. sweeping wins across the country. solidifying their hold on congress. surprising democratic governors. taking back the senate. here's where things stand, 52, 45. seven pickups for the gop. nearly all across the country.
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and three states in the balance, virginia and alaska, still too close to call. louisiana, a run off in december. >> what does this mean for president obama? he is going to be at the white house. he is preparing to speak this afternoon to the nation. and in an instant, it's time for the race for 2016. and what does that mean? governor of new jersey, chris christie is here, and he's going to talk with george about that. >> and now, the abc news election team, up all night. covering the big races. jon karl starts us off. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. this was a big, big day for republicans, winning the senate and the governors races, the largest majority in the house since herbert hoover was president. meet the majority maker. >> and we are going to make 'em squeal. >> reporter: joni ernst, the hog-castrating, june-shooting war veteran put republicans over the top.
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and in iowa, no less. the place where president obama had his first great victory on the road to the white house. but it wasn't just iowa, in kentucky mitch mcconnell was the democrat's number one target. but he won by 15 points. and is now poised to be the new majority leader of the senate. >> i don't expect the president to wake up tomorrow and view the world any different than this morning. he knows i won't either. >> reporter: the republican wave will bring in rising stars. in utah, mia love becomes the first african-american woman republican to serve in the house. in the senate, cory gardner, 40 years old, a popular congressman from colorado. he won decisively in a state that voted for obama twice. and 37-year-old tom cotton, a veteran of iraq and afghanistan, a harvard grad and a tea party favorite. meanwhile, high profile democrats had hopes dashed.
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the grandson of jimmy carter lost in georgia. and wendy davis, the hope of democrats in texas didn't have a chance. >> you have lifted me up. you carried me on your shoulders. every single day. >> reporter: but perhaps the most embarrassing loss for president obama was in his home state of illinois. >> make sure that we've got -- >> reporter: where both the president and first lady campaigned for governor pat quinn multiple times, but he lost anyway. this morning, the message from the white house is, we get it. as one senior official told me this morning, voters are extremely frustrated, and the president has a unique responsibility to make washington work. and robin, we will hear from the president this afternoon. he's going to have a press conference. >> we will. thank you. and now to the rising star of the republican party you were referring to. joni ernst, victory putting her party over the top. this headline from the des
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moines register saying it all, history for iowa. she is the first woman from that state elected to the senate. and cecilia vega is in cedar rapid this is morning. >> reporter: what a headline. what a major political upset this was in iowa in what had been president obama territory. and all because of joni ernst who crushed her democratic rival, capitalizing on the anti-obama sentiment we saw sweep across the country last night. what helped push her on to the national political stage? that ad, that famous political ad where she talks about castrating hogs on a farm in iowa. now she's headed to washington to make them squeal there too. even taylor swift became a part of the race when a senior democrat out here compared her looks to the singer's. there are some big firsts. sh will be the first senate headed to the congress from iowa. also the first combat vet in the senate. all eyes now on 2016.
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the caucuses here in iowa start in, count it, 425 days. get ready, it's going to be a big race. >> and they are counting. we know that. thank you. and the republican tidal wave captured in magazine and newspaper covers. time magazine, play on the iconic picture of president obama, actually, that's "the new york times" right there. and time magazine showing mitch mcconnell as president obama. that's the daily news saying hope to nope. that's the beginning. bring in matthew dowd, democratic strategist, donna brazile. and hope to nope, coming into the night, looked like a reject of incumbents. but this fell on the democrats and the president. >> it absolutely fell on the democrats. there is a brewing and growing frustration. both political and economic. and the voters took it out not only on incumbents, but democratic incumbents. only one republican incumbent lost statewide.
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that's what the democrats are realizing this morning. >> and the president is going to have a press conference to address the nation. and on friday, bringing leads from both parties to the white house. because people are wondering what these next two years mean to him, the results from last night. >> hope he brings more than coffee and doughnuts. it was a crushing defeat for the democrats. democrats lost not only in purple states and red states, which we anticipated, but we also lost in blue states. maryland, massachusetts, illinois. it was -- it was a crushing defeat because i think conventional wisdom said you know what? a tough year because of the president. but in addition to that, our candidates didn't have a message to galvanize democrats. and now democrats will have to do what republicans know how to do. that is to write an autopsy report and hope we can rebirth the party in two years. >> coming into the night, the republican brand was as damaged as the democrats, how do they do coming out?
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>> it's still very damaged. and both political parties are looked at negatively. the republicans better not misread this. this wasn't a vote for them, it was a rejection of the and the politics that's been practiced the last couple of years in washington, d.c. >> so to see a real difference today from the president and the republicans as well? >> i hope so. voters sent a message to washington. they want compromise. they want washington to focus on their concerns and they want us to stop fighting. >> and get the job done. that's really what the american public wants. they want the job done. >> we are going to hear from both sides today. thank you both very much. and the focus turning to 2016 and the race for the white house. earlier i spoke with one of the early favorites in the republican party, chris christie. big night for the governors races. and the chairman of the republicans governors' association. didn't just hold on to wisconsin, florida, michigan, surprised dems in blue states.
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>> it's because we had great candidates. and candidates make the difference. and we are there to help raise money, raise awareness. but we had great candidates. governor-elect baker in massachusetts, brown in illinois, hogan in maryland, and governor elect hutchinson in arkansas. proud to have supported them. >> you said it was good candidates, but what's the larger message for washington? >> governors who get things done win votes. rick scott in florida or paula paige in maine, or scott walker in wisconsin or rick snyder in michigan. all states people said we could not defend and win. remember, of the 36 races, we were on defense 22. we're the opposite of the senate story. we were on defense 22 of 36. and nine of our states, president won twice. so -- and we won eight out of those nine last night. >> you worked with the president on issues including in the
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aftermath of hurricane sandy. if you were going give him advice, what to do? >> sit down with mitch mcconnell and john boehner and lay out an agenda you can agree on. there's no other way to do it. the president took a beating last night. and the fact is, you have to sit down, then, with the folks on the other side and say, okay, let's see what we can agree on together. and i think the president needs to lead. i have been urging him to do that for years. he needs to lead and work with these folks. >> the executive order on immigration, lifting some deportations on his own. >> the president should look to work with the new republican congress. the people elected a new republican congress. and the president shouldn't look to go around them, he should look to work with them. >> what does this mean to you? you are looking at 2016. you had a big night last night. how does this shape your thinking about the presidential race? >> it gave me experience in terms of traveling around the country. for me and mary pat and the
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kids, to get a feel what would that be like? over the last 11 months, i have been to 37 states. in the last five days, 19 states in five days supporting gubernatorial candidates. gives you a feel for what that life might be like. we sit down and think about this stuff. >> moved you closer to running? >> no, not fair to say. i haven't had time to think about it. what i'm looking for is a nap. on the other stuff, we have time, and we will. >> okay. thank you for your time this morning. >> thanks, george. >> big smile for two hours sleep. >> two more hours than you got last night. all the focus on the senate, rightfully so, big win for the governors across the country. >> what a surprise. people were not expecting the republicans to pick up not only their own states, hold states like florida, but win in maryland and massachusetts last night. and in illinois, the president's home state. that is big. that is a surprise and that certainly helps chris christie.
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>> it does. to amy with the other top stories. >> good morning, everyone. breaking news, what police are calling a terrorist attack in jerusalem. a crash this morning, killing one person, injuring a dozen others. police shot the driver. and palestinians at one of the holy sites, shooting fireworks on the temple mount. police fired back with stun grenades. tensions are up since the attempted assassination of a jewish activist last week. and an air france flight hitting turbulence so extreme, they turned around. four crew members suffered concussi concussions. no passengers were hurt. and now information on how eric frein was lost in the woods for 48 days. logging on to the internet by accessing unprotected wi-fi hot
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spots. one website likely enabled him to listen to police radio. rinking brothers has been fined $,000 after this stunt went wrong in rhode island. eight women hanging by their hair plunged 15 feet when safety equipment failed. $7,000 is the maximum fine under the law. nfl star adrian peterson will avoid jail time after agreeing to a plea deal in the child abuse case. he will be on probation for two years, pay a fine, serve community service and attend parenting classes. his return to football is unclear. and ray rice today, video of him knocking out his then-fiance went public. roger goodell is set to testify at his hearing today. and allots of people are peeking at their lottery tickets this morning. and with $321 million good
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reasons. one single ticket matched all six numbers in last night's $321 million megamillions lottery. it was purchased somewhere in the state of new york. lara? george? >> we're here. so obviously it's not us. who isn't here today? >> yeah, exactly. >> george stephanopoulinger zee. >> oh. >> she's in nashville. it's all right. thank you very much. now to a break in the case of the woman kidnapped in philadelphia. police releasing new video of a person of interest in the disappearance of the 22-year-old nursing student. mara schiavocampo is in philadelphia with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: robin, good morning. this is the spot where that woman was kidnapped. there are several surveillance cameras in the area. and police say thanks to that video, they are close to a break in the case. this morning, a brand new lead
7:15 am
at authorities desperately search for 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither and the man who kidnapped her in the surveillance video. this video of a person of interest in the case. buying a drink at a convenience store. this just minutes after he was captured in another video withdrawing cash from her account at a bank in maryland. >> it shows a male using an atm card. it was hers. >> reporter: those videos eight hours after the abduction on a quiet philadelphia street sunday. here you can see a second angle of the attack after she returned from a visit from her godson. walking just blocks from her home. watch as the suspect approaches her and tries to shake her hand before striking. a different surveillance camera captures him dragging her down the street, forcing her into a car. her family is emotionally
7:16 am
pleading for her freedom. >> i'm willing to give you whatever you want. >> reporter: the fbi and four state agencies are involved in the investigation. those efforts led to that new surveillance video which police say includes audio. >> we hear the woman being placed in the car. and you can hear her yelling. >> reporter: does she ever say a name? >> nope. >> reporter: officials don't think she knows her kidnapper. described as a black male in his 20s, 5'10", driving a gray ford taurus. and finding that car is also key. police in the area stopping similar models. there is a reward for almost $50,000 in this case. lara. >> thank you so much. and turn now to a cosmic mystery solved. we know a cause that strange streak seen above the sky in chicago monday night. it wasn't a meteor or space junk after all. it was the light in the sky that left an entire city in the dark. but this morning, the fire ball
7:17 am
that mystified chicago monday night is a mystery no more. energy drink company red bull revealing it was this high-flying stunt that parked all the commotion on the ground. those sky divers are part of the so-called red bull air force. shooting flares from their shoes in an elaborate promotion in the park. you can see it from the city below. it's not the first time a harmless promotion sparked mass confusion. just last week, san francisco, concerned citizens said there was a southwest airlines flight flanked by a fighter jet. they were shooting a commercial. perhaps the ultimate flying false alarm, this so-called plane crash in chicago. so convincing even the local news reported it. >> it looks like a giant hole in the middle of the street. >> reporter: not realizing it was the set of the tv show "chicago fire." >> are you kidding me?
7:18 am
29th and king drive. it's okay. it's all for a tv show. >> reporter: as for monday's freaky fire ball, it just so happened to come on the same night as hundreds of other actual meet rite sightings around the globe. the result of the earth passing through the tail of a comet and it freaked people out. >> of course. that's something. turn now to ginger. heavy rain and flooding in texas overnight. and nashville, really wet. >> it is. but we have a huge crowd despite the rain. not the best, especially in san antonio, texas. 2.5 inches in just the last 24 hours. parts of i-10 and i-35 shut down this morning. you are going to have issues getting around san antonio for sure. you can see the radar moving through texas. smothered in rain, flash flood watches in san antonio, austin, loredo. and goes through this afternoon.
7:19 am
we have the remnants with the tropical moisture. 3 to 4 inches. corpus christi, you're also on alert. the cold air in a couple of minutes. for now, that's the big picture. the rainy cities brought you by macy's. >> good morning, washington. pretty comfortable to start the morning. warmer than yesterday significantly. 55 degrees at reagan national. we have white of the cloud cover ross the region thickening throughout the day.
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skies eventually become cloudy, 65 degrees at 11:00, 69 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. a few showers will be possible late today west of the c more from ginger in nashville in a bit. also ahead, usa soccer star hope solo in court on domestic abuse charges, why she's still on the field. and the letter detailing a murder plot. she says it's notes for a movie script. and the surprising new technology being used by repomen. we'll explain. ♪ fifty omaha set hut ♪ losing feeling in my toes ♪ ♪ nothing beats that new car smell ♪ ♪ chicken parm you taste so good ♪ ♪ nationwide is on your side
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>> good morning. it is now seven: 26. we still don't have a winner in virginia. final votes are still being tallied. for the latest head over to headed our latest we are to jack taylor. >> not a great morning. prince george's county hopping into the fray. the rampthe top of from 400 50 on the inner loop. locked the inner loop, outer loop delays begin. bridge, broken down vehicle, alternating with big delays southbound. 295 eastern avenue, a mass in both directions, moved off to the shoulder northbound, eastbound is blocked, authorities remain. the forecast. >> not a bad forecast for the day. it could be worse, it will mainly be a dry day across the region. ofdegrees, a jacket kind
7:28 am
morning warming up into the 60's. rain showers trying to develop to the west about finding the ground right now. it is very dry, a lot of this is evaporating before it hits the surface. we could see a shower to the skies turning cloudy. high temperatures in the upper 60's and a few could hit the 70's. rain is more likely overnight tonight and lasting throughout the day before we cool down this weekend. >> thank you. thank you for tuning in. we will see you right back
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♪ ♪ i've got a real good feeling yes, the cmas are tonight. cary underunderwood, miranda lambert. they are nominate together for that song, "something bad." look at the crowd. it is raining in nashville. >> they are committed. >> they don't kocare. that's right. they love country music. and seeing keith urban later on this morning with the live performance. you don't have to wait until tonight. we are two announcements, awarding two this morning. >> thanks to ginger. also ahead, team usa soccer star in court on a domestic violence charge. many calling this a double
7:31 am
standard right now. and a bizarre murder trial. a woman accused of plotting to kill her ex. they found a letter detailing her plan, she says it was notes for a movie she was writing. and a startling use of technology. remoemen with cameras capturing license plate numbers even for those paying their bill ms. >> great tease. coming up. we begin with hope solo. the olympic soccer star in court. she's pleaded not guilty to assaulting her sister and teenager nephew. the judge has a january trial date. many are wondering why she's allowed on the field. neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: she is u.s. women's soccer biggest star. a role model to millions. at 33, hope solo is a two-time olympic gold medalist. star goalie and even a sex
7:32 am
symbol. this morning, a symbol of controversy and what some call a double standard in the world of sports. what do you say to critics who say you shouldn't be allowed to play pending the outcome? she stands accused of assaulting her sister and 17 year-old nephew as a party. >> she is going psychotic. she's beating people up. >> reporter: while her future is in limbo, she's on the field. u.s. soccer taking the issue of domestic violence very seriously, but stands by its decision to allow her to participate. a far cry from the nfl with two players suspended after assault claims. >> there is a double standard. she continued to play, some of these national football league players did not. >> reporter: in a rare move, one of her former teammates broke ranks with the sport, saying that the league is not living up to its responsibilities. >> hope solo denies the charges.
7:33 am
either you believe in innocent until proven guilty or you don't. that's the position of u.s. soccer. >> reporter: telling espn's e-60 in 2012 -- >> think what you want about me. at the end of the day i'm an athlete who wants to win. >> thanks to neil. and a woman charged with plotting to have her ex-boyfriend killed. police say she wrote out a letter laying out exactly how the murder would happen. she claims it's the outline of a movie script. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: call it a story of murder she wrote, at least according to prosecutors. police finding a letter they say was written by 40-year-old marianne cast that lea lay that, and jose hernandez, his body
7:34 am
found frozen in the winter in january. all for his $1.5 million life insurance policy. she says it was the outline of a book and movie script she planned to write. listen as detectives read from the letter. they say it was found in her backpa backpack. >> still on what we talked about before. >> reporter: written to 29 year-old anthony de la garza. ambushing him, his former roomma roommate, withlows to the head. >> do it by the car. >> reporter: they said this is about greed and selfishness, and their key witness -- >> did you in fact commit that murder? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: that 19-year-old who pleaded guilty to second degree murder for spilling the beans on her. >> if he turns into a vegetable she doesn't get any money.
7:35 am
>> reporter: she's pleaded not guilty to solicitation and first degree murder. insisting he acted on his own. she says it was based on an overheard conversation, not her actual plans. a story she is now hoping the jury won't think is a work of fiction. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. thank you. and bring in dan abrams on this. the defendant has all types of explanations for the note. it was a movie script, it was for a book, even she was forced to write it. >> now she overheard it. this is a big problem for her. this was found at the home she was staying. allegedly laying out the entirety of how the murder is going to take place. that's an incredibly powerful piece of evidence. to have to say, yes, i offered different explanations, et cetera, very interesting if she were to take the stand, i don't
7:36 am
expect her to, but how to explain that all away. >> what is the defense's best hope? >> point the finger at the guy who admitted having done it. he's sitting on the witness stand right now. he admits he's the one who did this. try and point everything at him. and the only way, i think, the defense cannot get a conviction here is if he seems totally incredible to the jurors. if they look at his testimony and say to themselves, i can't believe this guy, that could be the reasonable doubt that the defense is looking for. >> how important is the motive? >> it ties everything together here. it's the thread that makes the prosecution's case all come together. because it's very specific. it's not just generally a life insurance motive, it's about the timing of when that policy of going to expire. that's an important piece. >> dan, as always, thanks so much. time again for the weather. head to ginger in music city, usa, nashville, tennessee.
7:37 am
good morning again. >> reporter: do you hear that guitar? good morning, everybody. can you guys hear me down there? i don't think they can. they could earlier. that is a wet nashville. but everyone is so pumped. keith urban just came on stage. and the energy out here is huge. there they go. got a glimpse of keith again. we have to get to the weather forecast headlines across the world. we have typhoon nuri. it's going to fall apart eventually. but affect us. alaska for sure with a big storm, and also out west. look, a huge ridge builds. warm weather for six to ten days and so much colder in the great lakes and >> good morning, washington. we are mostly cloudy, 55 degrees. cloudy throughout the day, peaks of sunshine, temperatures continuing to be
7:38 am
>> not only will you see keith urban coming up, we have miranda lambert. this thing is a huge party in nashville. pre-cmas. are you all ready for more keith urban? they are. get back to new york. >> they are not going to let a little rain dampen their spirits. thank you. coming up, repomen snapping photos of your car. why it could be putting your personal information at risk. and how putting calorie counts onli menus helps. ...we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) don't let a severe cold hold you back. sir? (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms.
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. well, we're back now at 7:42 with an eye opener about a new kind of massive surveillance that effect s anyone who drivesa car. repemen raising concerns. and we have the details. >> reporter: someone is following you. >> you know, everybody wants to know what we're doing. >> reporter: tracking your car, taking photos, recording your precise location. >> people are concerned about the cameras. >> reporter: ask selling the information without your knowledge or consent. who's behind this? >> no one likes the repoman, you know? >> reporter: that's right, the repoman. fleets of repo trucks. camera cars like this one, rigged up with the same license
7:43 am
plate reading technology that police use to find criminals. >> they have over a billion cameras. >> reporter: capturing 1600 an hour. >> we get 20,000 plates in a day. >> reporter: those cameras creating a digital snapshot of our lives. where we go, who we see and when. the l.a.p.d. gets more than a million every week. >> on the public safety sites, they are controlled. on the private sector side, it's a business. it's not clear legally how long they can keep that information. how they can share that information. how they can sell that information. >> reporter: two of the biggest names in the business, drn and mv track were started by former repomen. scott jackson says his database contains more than a billion license plate records nationwide. >> there's a gps latitude and
7:44 am
longitude. >> wiley canyon road. >> reporter: that's the sound of a hit. a car that'ss up for repossession. but repo cameras catch all cars scanned, not just dead beat borrowers. and that's valuable to more than just repomen. >> they are selling the data to insurers, banks, and law enforcement agencies. >> reporter: there's no opting out. anyone who drives a car with a license plate will be in the databases. >> everyone has a right to take a photograph in public. >> they send the license plate reads to tro owned by transunion. >> it's just a huge database of records on americans. >> reporter: critics say that sensitive information could fall into the wrong hands, including stalkers. >> they are able to get the information off the database. they're literally able to surveil them. >> so that's more money in my pocket. >> reporter: mark brown, abc
7:45 am
news, los angeles. >> who knew? it's scary. all right. thank you so much. and coming up, an important alert for new parents. why giving your baby a bath every day may be bad for his or her health. and he is the biggest obsession online right now. the key to how alex of target really became an overnight sensation. >> go alex. >> come on back. save your coffee from the artificial stuff.
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now to alex from target. he is the hottest thing on the internet right now. still trending big this morning, we're told. and now we know who is really behind this overnight viral sensation. abc's t.j. holmes in the social square. he's going to bring us up to speed. >> good morning. the last thing to do would be to break the hearts of millions of young women and girls. ladies, you have been lied to and manipulated. alex from target was dangled in front of you intentionally and you took the bait. he is the most famous target employee outside of "snl." alex from target, becoming a household name overnight after this candid pick of the team being checked out at checkout went viral. shared nearly 2 million times. a top trend. some girls proposing marriage like a modern-day beatle mania. but the alex from target frenzy
7:50 am
may have been the product of a social media experiment by this man. bill, ceo of breaker says they are responsible for getting the hashtag trending by activating his website's fan base. >> we were able to get the breaker fans to retweet. >> reporter: it's to show how easy it is to be an overnight internet sensation, weapons teenager girls. case in point, past phenoms like this runner, akary kickously photogenic guy. and this criminal who's mug shot took the internet by storm. >> you're correct. >> reporter: some of the fans are not amused. one tweeting, alex from target is a scheme. now nothing can be trusted. and the texas teen who's gained 600,000 followers, tweeting
7:51 am
overnight, my family and i have never heard of this company. so robin, it goes to show you sometimes internet stars are not created organically, they are manipulated and created. >> that cannot be. >> let them down easily. >> thank you, t.j. >> well done. >> just the facts. we're back to nashville with the cmas. ♪ to achieve greatness. gs of those who aspire ♪ they represent more than traits of those we admire. ♪ they represent the soul. ♪ (mac) (surface) so...whatit's my surface pro 3.
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7:56 am
>> good wednesday morning. it is now 7:56 a.m. let's get a check on that morning commute. we have an eye on the road. >> it has been quite a mess this morning. 295 northbound traveling towards the 50 interchange we have virtually stopped traffic flying
7:57 am
over the incident itself over the ramp. two lanes getting by to the left. southbound lanes are open getting by very slowly. and's county, a crash at the end of the ramp onto the inner loop of the beltway. 450 into the inner loop, the accident is clearing and hopefully these delays on the right side of the roadway should begin to be's. is it going to get sunny at all today? >> no. peaks of sun, clouds thickening even more throughout the day for those of you who are not getting those breaks, 55 degrees is the current temperature but despite the cloud cover things are going to be mild and into the 60's. rain showers trying to get going here as they move into parts of west virginia and western maryland. the observations we could get a stray shower today, mostly coming after sundown. temperatures in the upper 60's,
7:58 am
topping 70, rain tonight with tomorrow morning's commute. >> not sugarcoating it. no sunshine today. thank you so much for watching. we will have another news update 8:27
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ suddenly i see good morning, america, it's 8:00 a.m. are you bathing your baby too much and putting your infant at risk? new research revealing the impact of all those baths. and break free of bad dates. how women are fighting back against the rude men online who can't take being turned down. >> no one else can do this. and we have the exclusive first clip of the new hunger games movie just ahead. and we're going country. miranda lambert live from nashville. keith urban with a special performance to kick it into high gear. and tim tebow is right there with them as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
times square. and there in nashville. they're there for that man, keith urban who's up on stage. set to perform live for us this morning as we count down to tonight's cma awards right here on abc. you'll see that. keith was nominated for four cmas. >> well-deserved. >> and two winners will be announced this morning. don't have to wait until tonight. two winners announced. >> right here. and who cares about a little rain? look at the umbrellas, look at the stage. didn't deter the fans, lining up since 6:00 last night, braving the rain for music. >> who can blame them? >> anne hathaway is with us. she is in the social square. hello. she is in the new sci-fi thriller, interstellar. we can't wait to talk to her. >> first the news from amy.
8:02 am
good morning. we begin with the republican landslide. this is the number everyone's talking about this morning. yes, republicans will control at least 52 seats in the u.s. senate. come january, picking up seven states. three races still up in the air, virginia, alaska and louisiana. cecilia vega is in iowa where history was made last night. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. here it is on the front page, the history-making headlines in iowa. it is all about republican joni ernst. this was president barack ama territory in iowa, but she crushed her democratic rival in the race, capitalizing on the anti-obama sentiment that swept across the country last night. what helped push her on to this national political stage, it was that now-famous political ad where she talks about castrating hogs on an iowa farm. she says she is headed to iowa to make them squeal there too.
8:03 am
she is the first woman elected to congress from iowa, and the first combat vet to serve in the senate. but now all eyes an 2016. >> all right. move on quickly, d don't we? thank you. women made gains across the country. for the first time ever, the next congress will include 100 women. also historic, south carolina elected the first black senator from the south since the reconstruction era. and democrats fared no better in governors's races, losing from florida to michigan to maryland to maine and even in president obama's home state of illinois. and key issues that could have impact, voters in south dakota and alaska approved an increase in the minimum wage. and marijuana was on the ballot tuesday. voters in oregon and washington, d.c. approved recreational marijuana use by adults while florida rejected medical marijuana. for more election results state by state, log on to on yahoo!
8:04 am
in other news, violence in the middle east with palestinian protesters attacking israeli police at a holy site. police fired back with stun grenade the. and a car into a crowded train station in what police called a terrorist attack. back here at home, the nascar drivers who sparked this brawl will not be punished for it. jeff gordon and brad keselowski avoided fines. but their crew chiefs must fork over $50,000 each. several crew members were fined and suspended. and calorie labels in restaurants may not just trim your wasteline, but your budget. researchers studying college students found that after labeling calorie items, students not only lost weight, they spent 33% less at the cash register. and a pair of brazen shoplifters caught on camera in florida. talking into this macys, placed
8:05 am
purses on a rack, checked to see if anyone was watching and walked out with $2,000 worth of handbags. most of them michael kors. and finally an election-themed photo bomb on the internet this morning. take a look at senator mitch mcconnell voting yesterday. a jokester yesterday giving him the thumbs down. but we know mcconnell had the last laugh. not only did he win, he's set to become the majority leader. thumbs up for minute mcconnell. >> no question. thanks. "pop news" and weather coming up. now lara in the social square with the morning menu. >> really busy morning. talk about the "gma morning menu" and "pop news." why tom cruise is getting ready to say good-bye to his favorite getaway. and giving your baby a bath every night may not be good for them. a health alert you don't to want miss. keith urban, braving the rain. it is pouring in nashville. that's not getting us down.
8:06 am
the cma awards are tonight. and hi. anne hathaway in the house. don't miss it, coming up on "good morning america." >> good morning, america. ♪ the markings of those who aspire to achieve greatness. ♪ they represent more than traits of those we admire. ♪ they represent the soul. ♪ ewhere dragons roam,d of small wonders, guinea pigs play, and fish show their true colors. let your curiosity go wild! now at petsmart, save up to 20% on select national geographic™ pet products.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
oh, man, that is so right. we are going big with "gma" goes gopro on friday. everyone looking forward to that. we can't get enough of the videos. take a look at this one right here. gopro video if a kayaker heading down a river. now it's a 70-foot drop coming up in just a second. this guy's going pretty fast. >> he is. he's moving. >> that's cool. >> right there, right there. >> here we go. >> oh, gosh. >> wow. >> he's under now. >> oh, my gosh.
8:11 am
>> on the other side. that is unbelievable. >> just take use right there, george. it's like you're in the kayak with him. >> right inside "gma," a whole new way. taking you behind the scenes in the "gma" gopro show. "gma" like you have never seen it before. it's tickled your funny bone. >> never. i'm thinking of all the things we could gopro. everybody is getting involved. >> yes. >> yes, we are. >> what? let's go. ♪ turn out for what >> a slight change of the words for lil jon's hit song. the rock anthem to rock the vote. the video's gone viral. the twist of fate with the rapper so outspoken about the vote almost couldn't vote himself. he had to fly from l.a. to atlanta where he is registered to vote because his absentee ballot was never sent.
8:12 am
that is dedication. what did you call him last night, george? he got the award for -- >> the guy who went the farthest. >> he went the distance. say it one more down. ♪ turn out for what is that on your ipod now? >> what's an ipod? >> all right. i want to -- we're going to gopro george looking at an ipod. all right, good job, lil jon. hey, if you're looking to enjoy a cocktail in a mountain top retreat, tom cruise is putting his snow chalet on the market in tell ycolorado. $59 million this one will cost you. the a-lister spent years designing this, it's the perfect one-two punch of private, yet accessible. as it is just ten minutes from downtown telluride.
8:13 am
cruise said it's his favorite getaway. but maybe not able to get away. we met baby suri in 2006. and tom and katie spoke to op h oprah. tom designed this house and was so proud of it. that was fun to get a sneak peek inside of it. now you can own it if you win the lottery. >> for how much? >> 59. >> 55 -- >> very reasonable guy. and then final will be, you know, how sometimes when you're getting your back rubbed you don't want it to stop? little scraps. all this -- can someone say this for me? he's a south american raccoon. he's getting scratches from his owner. and the owner -- >> oh. how cute. >> scratching away. scratch -- >> come on. >> whatever you do, don't you stop these were not cuts. it just kept going on and on. >> was that the same one?
8:14 am
>> that was not the same one. i asked you to show you how he kept pulling the hand. he knows what we know, when you hit that spot, life is good. so these guys are described as permanent toddlers and apparently great house pets. and that, by the way, is "pop news." >> thank you, lara. >> charlie never lets us stop when we get going. keeps coming back. heat index coming up, to ginger with a check of the weather in nashville. >> george, look at the crowd. good morning, nashville. we are having the party of our lives. i have three tammys. seriously, all tammy in the front row, and you said the rain doesn't matter. >> doesn't matter anymore. >> they're wet. and the music sounds even better, if you can believe it or not, in the rain. or at least we have been telling ourselves that. we are going to hear the music coming up, but we have weather headlines for you first. check the rain. and the future cast. you want to know when it's going to stop raining? 8:00 tonight.
8:15 am
that's -- i'm serious. that's all -- you can see it going into the northeast there. but mild >> the rain is going to be moving in here likely after sundown in the metro. a diffuse opts to the west could get it earlier. temperatures feeling good in dallas, 57 degrees at reagan national airport, temperatures making it into the upper 50's this afternoon and picking up despite that it will be mild showers passing to the west lead most of that developing overnight tonight. temperatures in the 40 posta 50's, rain likely >> and as you know, we are counting down to country music's biggest night. the cma awards will be handed out in just a few hours. we can't wait, and we know you can't either. get this, we are going to hand out a couple right now.
8:16 am
i put my hat on to block the rain and get into the spirit. first the nominees for the musical event of the year. the cma awards are done by the international accounting firm of delawa -- the envelope please. we have our friends right here helping us out. we're going to help me, your friend here. and the cma award goes to. wow, for "we were us," keith urban, featuring miranda lambert. interestingly enough, we have both right here. this is exciting. can you follow me. that video was certainly a good one as well. and the next award we are doing. i'm going to come up on the stage. the next award we will be giving away is for the best music video of the year. you're seeing the nominees here. the suspense is killing all of us to know who is going to be
8:17 am
the winner of the best music video of the year. within the second envelope, our answer. are you ready for the cm a's best music video award? "drunk on a plane" by dirks bentley. don't miss the 48th annual cma award the tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern in nashville. >> drunk on a plane. i adore them. and for miranda, up with for nine, already won one. >> eight to go. next up on the heat index, women fighting back against rude men they meet online who can't take rejection. the instagram account byefelipe, with shocking exchanges for women online. brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: with an estimated 40 million americans using online dating, there's no shortage of rejection. now single men are taking it to
8:18 am
a whole new level. sending hostile messages to women who dismiss their advances. >> very biting words. they come after women's number one insecurity, their looks. >> reporter: after receiving one of the messages herself, she created byefe lee pe, to post comments sent by angry suitors. one man writing, go and cut your face off with a broken bottle. no worries, you're not my type either. i don't like fat girls. >> i decide to the publicly shame them. and i wanted the world to see this is what our inboxes look like. >> reporter: and in just three weeks, it's gained nearly 200,000 followers. look at this post. hello, i'm stan, nice to meet you. you're so attractive and i love your cute face. but after no response just 21 minutes later, stuck up
8:19 am
expletive. i would beat the living expletive out of you. >> if you don't see the guy, he definitely feels like he can be whoever he wants to be. >> reporter: dating coach laurel recommends women delete the nasty messages immediately, report them, and above all else -- >> don't respond. you are fueling their fire. and honestly, it will get worse. >> reporter: negative rants alexandra hopes to turn into a positive mission for all women on a much larger scale. >> see how we can make some social change. >> reporter: for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> she's right to fight back. >> scary stuff. >> scary stuff right there. and health alert for parents about bedtime. bathing your baby every night is not a good idea. leaving them with an uncomfortable condition that could last their entire life. dr. richard besser has more. >> reporter: new parents think, it comes with the territory.
8:20 am
giving baby a bath every night. but what if that daily dip is actually putting your baby's skin at risk? >> i just thought a nightly bath would be good for him. >> reporter: first-time mom anna didn't know she was bathing her son, tanner, too frequently. at 7 months old, his son is so delicate, with a bath, it removes natural oils. if a baby broken to ex-ma doesn't get moisturer every day, they may get an itchy rash. 11% of kids get it. he has it. >> tkd go away or being a lifetime thing. >> reporter: baby sylvia's mom does a different approach. >> it's easy on the hands. >> reporter: fewer baths and more moisturizer. >> around the neck and behind the ears.
8:21 am
>> reporter: that's what the story tried, coat your newborns, a moisturizer every day. others were told not to use moisturizers at all. by the time they were 6 months old, the moisturized babies had 50% fewer cases of eczema. lighten up on the rubber duckies no more than three baths a week. and bath products, small amount. fragrance free is best. none on the face, and moisturize after bath time. but before they're dry. the damp skin will absorb the lotion better. to keep baby's skin as happy as baby's bath. for "good morning america," i'm dr. rich besser, abc news, new jersey. >> we come away with baby envy. we want babies again. >> they just smell so good. like baby powder. >> i love that baby. >> that's what you want to say. i am here with oscar winner
8:22 am
anne hathaway. one of the stars, brilliant stars, of interstellar. the rave reviews in, one critic calling it sublime cosmic knockout. this is how she meets matthew mcconaughey's aracter, cooper. >> who are you? >> dr. brand. >> i know a dr. brand once, he was a precious. professor. >> what makes you think i'm not? >> i don't have any idea what this is. i want my daughter by my side. you give me that, i'll tell you anything you want to know. >> get the principals in the conference room, please. your daughter is fine. must have a very smart mother. bra bright kid. >> please welcome back to "good morning america," anne hathaway. good to have you here. wow, a big whistle over there,
8:23 am
mark. so that scene was shot on your birthday two years ago? >> one year ago. >> one year ago. first of all, happy belated birthday. it's not your birthday now. i remember when you were here, before the movie came out, and it was a head's up. it's a bit of a mind twister, mind blower. and i saw it, and i can debris agree wholeheartedly. >> you have to wear your thinking cap going into it. you don't have to have a ph.d. in physics to understand it. will you understand the science? no. it's nice if you engage with it. but it's an emotional story. it's an amazing, dramatic movie about a relationship between a father and a daughter. and -- so i think there's a lot to -- i don't know, to get into. >> there are a lot of layers there. you bring it up. it is, visually, wow, on imax, and you're there, you can't believe what you're seeing.
8:24 am
but it's about family, about relationships and those things. i went to dinner afterwards, and the group of us, that's all we could do is talk. >> isn't that nice to have a movie that you want to talk about? we had the premier in new york a couple nights ago. my friends have been texting me ever since wanting to talk about it. it's nice to have the interaction. it's about a lot of things. it's a love story. just not a romantic one. >> i have to say when we first meet where a meet your character -- >> oh, okay. >> you're an acquired taste. you growen us. you felt that way too talking to christopher north about it. >> to quote matthew, that was on purpose. my character is an astro biologist, and you'll understand why in the movie. she's not the easy toast get along with socially. and i think she has a certain amount of arrogance about how smart she is and the work she's
8:25 am
doing. and i want to tell the story of someone from arrogance to humility. i saw it on the screen play. you're not supposed to like her. she's a little bit of a pill. >> just a little bit. >> hard to swallow. >> that's the version of what they were describing her. but we keep talking about christopher north who you had the privilege of working with. >> i don't mean to correct you, but it's christopher nolan. >> please do, you're right. >> he's a fan of hitchcock who made north by northwest, so it's all one. >> you're so generous. and seeing him, and the stars, and you have worked with him on the batman movie. what was it like working with him this time? >> it was the same. maybe i was different. more trust there, maybe not on his part, but on my part. i was so happy with the work we did on batman together. i was proud of the character we created. i think i was maybe even more present in the experience. because i was less nervous about
8:26 am
how am i doing? what's going on? chris says it's good, we're good. i can trust that. >> and you can trust the people on screen. matthew mcconaughey was here yesterday. michael cain who plays your father in the movie. just talk about showing up to work every day and having this cast with you. >> well, i mean, unbelievable actors, obviously. so you come in, it's just -- it's a joy to get to watch them work. but they're also just really nice people. and that was one of the things i didn't know what to expect from matthew. i met michael on "dark knight rises," i knew what a great guy he was. i didn't know what a deeply great guy matthew mcconaughey is. you think he's going to be that way because of his personality. but he's that all the kind. and so kind. >> and you are too.
8:27 am
>> good morning. i am autria godfrey. it is a 20 7 a.m., let's get right over to jack taylor to see how things are going in the morning commute. >> unfortunately not much better. we have wrinkles in quantico. both directions of interstate 95 trying to get into the base. military drop -- military dogs were tracking movement once again in both directions.
8:28 am
accident activity blocking the right centerline, majorities with it, eastern avenue with the better news on eastbound 50, austin 295 north reopening all travel lanes sometime before the end of the week. on cap today, not quite as good as yesterday, quite a bit of cloud cover here and there, most of us cloudy already, continuing throughout the day. the satellite radar shows rain showers fizzling as they try to on the bestay chance of rain. temperatures will cool down and become breezy late on friday and into the weekend. thank you. we are of course keeping an i on tuesdays election results. go to we will see you at 8:56
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ you were someone else ♪ but in my mind in my car ♪ and it's raining hard on broadway in nashville, tennessee ♪ ♪ i can't believe all that ♪ maybe we'll go get you ♪ around the back ♪ enough of that ♪ bring me back ♪ oh, oh that is keith urban. live. one of his hits down there in nashville this morning as "gma" goes cma. such a big day and night here with the cma awards tonight right here on abc. so glad and brad and carrie are
8:31 am
back hosting. you are in great hands and entertained. it's a wonderful night. >> it is great. and a big night for keith urban. picked up the big award for musical event of the year. and miranda lambert, and tim tebow and ginger in nashville. going to check in with them. and miranda lambert again, signing the beautiful new ram truck. we'll hear from her coming up. why she's doing that. and share a special announcement with us. she has a lot at stake tonight. how many? nine? >> already won one. we have an exclusive look this morning from the duggar's latest wedding. daughter jessa tieing the knot on saturday. it will be on news stands saturday. breaking with tradition, there was no wedding cake and no first kiss. they wanted to keep that private. 19 kids and counting. i love how the audience laughs. that's on tlc.
8:32 am
>> all righty, then. now let's go to tony reali president social square with the speed feed. what's hot? >> speed feed. checking in trending on twitter for the last three-straight days. still going strong, #vote. look at the tweets. it's the girl group vying for a music award in europe. m mtv's european music award, even though it's a vote. fifth harmony has been trending in the u.s. non-stop. it's a safe bet. fifth harmony fans keeps it strong in times square this week. take a look at the tweet from the band. we're going to be on "gma" this friday. home room doesn't matter anyway. home room teachers shake their head. clay aiken, may have lost the bid in the election, but it wasn't a total loss, he got a reality show out of it. esquire network followed him
8:33 am
during the run. and the big news series hits the small screens in early 2015. and to the big screen we go. deep breaths here. it's a world exclusive. filling you from now to the reaping day. hunger games mocking jay part i. and over 100 million views in 48 hours. see how hungry katniss fans are to watch this. >> there has been rampant speculation about what really happened in the quarter quill. and so shed a little light on the subject for us is a very special guest. please welcome mr. peter mallark. peter, a lot of people feel as though they are in the dark. >> yeah, yeah. i know how they feel. >> now, so set the stage for us. talk us through what really happened on that final and controversial night. >> well fwishs off, you have
8:34 am
to -- you have to understand that when you're in the games, you only get one wish. it's very costly. >> you're alive. >> peter. you can check out the clip again and again on on yahoo!. may the views ever be in your favorite, that's the speed feed. >> back at you ten fold. so you go on monday? there's a screening. >> yeah. >> i'm sure ginger's going to join us too on monday. but she's with tim tebow in nashville, getting ready for the cmas. hey, guys. >> hey, there. we're here with tim and and i nashville's biggest country superstar, miranda lambert. congrats, you already won this morning. that's got to feel good. one down, you have nine nominations. you're going for records this year, miranda. >> it's insane. it feels great. i woke up happy.
8:35 am
it's going to be a great day. >> it's going to be a great day. it's already more beautiful because you won. >> it is. >> so, miranda, on top of all this, you're the first woman to be a truck sponsor for ram trucks. >> yes. >> tell us about it. we have one on the property. it's right over here. >> it's great. trucks are a part of my life. i have been driving trucks ever since i got my driver's license. it feels like a great match. i'm the first woman to be a spokesperson for a truck. it's cool. >> you grew up in texas, it has to be a part of your life. >> exactly. >> we have a couple of texans in there. >> just a few, long horn fans. >> and helping out, you have a charity, mutt nation, five girls helping out some dos. >> we started the mutt nation foundation in 2009. it's to raise awareness for people to go to shelters and adopt dogs. we give money for shelters to
8:36 am
renovate. my mom is the president. we have been able to raise over $1.5 million since 2009. and ram has donated a truck to be auctioned off for mutt nation. it's awesome. >> tonight, you're singing "all about that bass." >> i am. >> excited about that? >> absolutely. we did a rehearsal, and she can dance so well. i'll just do this. >> i saw the sound check. it's better than that. >> it's fun. that's the tour song. we had it every night, cranked it up in the dressing room. got us ready. i didn't have to think about it twice when they asked. i knew it. >> it looked great, you look great. go to people on twitter. you know your fans love you. right? we love miranda. and i know we have a couple of different twitter geps one of them, how old you describe your relationship with your husband, blake? >> it's actually great. i know that sounds really boring. there's no good dirt. it's just we have a great
8:37 am
relationship. and just -- it's awesome being married? you know? not every day, but most days. >> if you could sum up that relationship with one word, what are you choosing? >> happy. >> happy. >> that's good to hear. that's awesome. >> i like this one. i have one dog, but you have six. and you want to have a seventh? what do you think blake would think about that? >> we actually have seven now. >> yes -- they have seven. >> they're all rescues. but they're our kids. you know, we have a very big family. christmas is a little chaotic. i think we're done. i think -- i mean, there's really no room for blake if i get another one at this point. >> does he help take care of them? >> he does. he complains, but he does it. >> that's what counts. congratulations, we can't wait so see the rest of your wins. but we have to check the weather forecast. you know it's raining here. but we have to see what's going on across the nation. the southwest, los angeles, 86 today.
8:38 am
high wind warnings. the fire danger is up. close to 90 for palm springs. are you guys booing the heat advisories? i don't know what else to do. >> they are not happy, ginger. >> it's like having a live audience hate on your weather. >> >> good morning, washington. mostly cloudy skies, 57, moving up from here, peak of sunshine but cloudy everywhere this >> all right. we have so much more coming up. i'm trying to do that all about that bass dance right now. >> i see it. >> all right, but until then, the show is going on. more keith urban coming up next.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ all right. i've got my grandma hat on for the rain. does that look good on me, tim? okay. keith urban has to make room on his trophy shelf, everybody. he's just picked up his first c mrm cma for musical event of the year. and he's up for three more tonight, entertainer of the
8:42 am
year, album of the year for "fuse." >> here he is with his classic hit, stupid boy. ♪ ♪ she was precious like a flower ♪ ♪ she grew up wild and innocent ♪ ♪ a perfect prayer in a desperate hour ♪ ♪ she was everything beautiful and different ♪ ♪ stupid boy ♪ canyou can't fence that in ♪ ♪ stupid boy it's like holding
8:43 am
back the wind ♪ ♪ she let her heart sit right in your hands ♪ ♪ and you stole her every dream and you crushed her plans ♪ ♪ she never even knew she had a choice that's what happens when the only voice she hears is telling her she can't ♪ ♪ stupid boy ♪ oh, stupid boy ♪ so what made you think you could take her life ♪ ♪ and just push it -- push it around ♪ ♪ i guess to build yourself up so high ♪ ♪ you had to take her and break
8:44 am
her down ♪ ♪ oh ♪ well she let her heart sit right in your hands ♪ ♪ and you stole her every dream and you crushed her plans ♪ ♪ she never even knew she had a choice and that's what happens when the only voices she hears is telling her she can't ♪ ♪ you stupid boy ♪ oh ♪ you always had to be right ♪ and now you lost the only thing that ever made you feel alive ♪ ♪ you know you did ♪ oh ♪ yeah ♪ woooo-ooo ♪ yeah ♪ well she let her hard sit
8:45 am
right in your hand ♪ ♪ mmm ♪ and you stole her every dream and you crushed her plans ♪ ♪ you know you did ♪ yes she never even knew that she had a choice ♪ ♪ and that's what happened when the only voice he hears is telling her that she can't ♪ ♪ you're a stupid boy ♪ oh i'm the same old -- same old ♪ ♪ stupid boy ♪ it took a while for her to figure out she could run ♪ ♪ but when she did she was long gone ♪ ♪ long gone ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:46 am
>> thank you so much. >> "gma" at the cma awards is powered by ram trucks. guts, glory, ram.
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ and we are back now with country superstar keith urban and his new album is up for album of the year at tonight's cma awards. one of four nominations for this guy. it is so great to have you back, keith. >> great to be back, ginger. >> absolutely. you have won so many award the. what do the cma nominations mean to you? >> it's a huge honor. for me i made the album i set out to make. we got to do the tour we set out to take on the road. so for that to happen at the end of the year is just feeling.
8:49 am
>> are the cmas different because it's in front of your peers? >> it's a beautiful thing. it's intimidating playing in front of everybody. >> the adrenaline goes. >> just get into it and play. >> it's such a busy year, and you have been on the road so much. how nice is it to be home and spend time with your family? >> the girls are at home, having breakfast and watching tv. >> hopefully they're watching us. they should. absolutely should. we just wonder, what's thanksgiving like for the urbans? >> i think it's pretty classic. turkey and cranberries and sweet potato. we have everything going on. >> american idol is coming up soon. how do you think i would do? can i rock it or what? >> give me something. >> it's not the right acoustic environment. >> what song would you do? >> "stupid boy." >> you'd do that? >> we heard that one. on to the next one. how about we hear "good things."
8:50 am
♪ ♪ well now let me put my track down ♪ ♪ baby tell me are you really or for real ♪ ♪ swinging side to side doing the electronic slide ♪ ♪ a pretty little cat girl here ♪ ♪ and you are all alone and that ain't right ♪ ♪ girl like you should have the best of everything ♪ ♪ like someone treats you right ♪ ♪ well close -- and on t tonigh ♪ because i'm a good man when i see it ♪
8:51 am
♪ yeah something i ain't never seen before ♪ ♪ i know a sweet dream when i dream it ♪ ♪ just give me one chance mama ♪ you'll never be lonely no more ♪ ♪ oh ♪ oh, oh ♪ possibility you're killing me ♪ ♪ you're killing every dude in the room with the way you move ♪ ♪ you ain't slowing down ♪ i spin around this neon buzz get me up ♪ ♪ gonna get down with you ♪ listen i know a good thing when i see it ♪ ♪ you have something i ain't never seen before ♪ ♪ a sweet dream when i dream it ♪
8:52 am
♪ until walks in you'll never be lonely no more ♪ ♪ hey, yeah ♪ ♪ you'll never be lonely ♪ ♪ i know a good thing when i see it ♪ ♪ something i ain't never seen before ♪ ♪ sweet dreams when i dream it ♪ and it's left there
8:53 am
♪ you'll never be lonely ♪ you'll never be lonely no more ♪ ♪ no more ♪ oh, rain's coming down ♪ i know right away ♪ on "gma" ♪ i can't stop you'll never be lonely ♪ ♪ >> hey, hey! thank you so much, nashville! [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> good wednesday morning. is now eight 50 6 a.m., three minutes before 9:00. we have an eye on the road. >> you are funny. 295, another wrinkle. southbound the slowest traffic right now has an act chapel and pennsylvania blocking the left lane northbound. it was slow to recover from the earlier accident as traffic has towards us eastbound. lanes are open once again. quantico, those delays are starting to ease. southbound the last cast of heavy traffic is moving into rock will. past 28,city growth all lanes are open. still kind of dreary, nothing's
8:58 am
happening but i feel that something is going to happen. >> i think that for most of us it won't happen until after sundown. heavy rain tonight and tomorrow morning, we can't rule out a stray shower today. temperatures in gaithersburg are all very cloudy right now, showers are fizzling as they move through. too much dry air to overcome it at the surface. moistening things up our way on the atmosphere, a couple of showers developing, temperatures in the mid to upper 60's tonight . rain likely into the day, joining us to become breezy and cool on friday. >> thank you and thank you for watching. we will see you back here for the news at noon
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy award-winning actress anne hathaway. and star of the comedy, "the exes," kristen johnston. plus, we continue our "pawfect pet week" with viewer questions answers. ll next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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