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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 12, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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. good morning, america. breaking right now, a deadly winter storm. the midwest under as much as 3 feet of snow, making roads impossible to drive and the deep freeze and winds plunging temperatures as low as 35 below. extreme weather team tracking it all. the daring mission under way, landing on a comet. slingshoting around the solar system, and what is this strange noise from the comet telling the scientists? the bold attempt to go where no one has gone before. startliing new details abou the death of robin williams. was he the victim of a disease that can cause hallucinations? >> we hear a guy screaming in the back. >> and check this out, a man trapped in the walls of a
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department store for three days without food or water. a space just two feet wide. an incredible discovery after his cries for help were finally heard. and good morning, america. robin on assignment today. welcome to sara haines. great to have you here. and take a look at this, everyone. simulation of a plane crashing into the ocean. that is a pool, but there's matt gutman. >> there he is. why matt put himself through that. he is the first reporter to ever go through the coast guard's crash survival train. it's grueling. >> the sharks and now crashes. and right to the big chill. cold, bitter snow and ice in most of the country. frigid temperatures in the deep south. ginger is tracking it. >> some thinking it's too early to see this out their back door.
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but two to three feet in northern michigan, the upper peninsula. and the snow no longer the headline, it's the bitter, frigid air. the wind chill in amarillo, is 1, denver, 16 below is what it feels like. the east coast, it's not here yet. you have one more day. and then the bottom drops out. the cold front, and by friday night, freezing or below. and, yes, getting there. but there's a winter weather advisory. we find our extreme team, rob marciano, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's snowing in down denver. but the buses are rolling through here. they can handle the snow. 5 to 8 inches. but that's not the story. it's record-breaking cold. broke records yesterday, do it again today. and across many states, this storm and arctic blast has hit the u.s. hard. the winter storm responsible for at least four deaths in minnesota. raging on this morning.
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with parts of the midwest buried under as much as 2 feet of snow. >> i hate to know what january and february hold for us. >> reporter: michigan's upper peninsula getting 24.5 inches. and from wisconsin -- >> this is early for this kind of snow. >> reporter: to nebraska are scrambling to get out. the commute -- >> be aware of surroundings at all times. >> reporter: hard to believe that this place two days ago, temperatures were in the 60s. today we won't get into the teens. a rude winter awakening, not only for denver and the front range, but millions of americans east and south of here. from a snowy square, lara spencer, back to you. >> stay warm. it is happen. it's here. we want to turn to a landmark in space exploration that's happening right now. this is the first attempt to
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land a spacecraft on a comet millions of miles from earth. it may unlock some of the secrets of the yoourcuniverse. and clayton sandell is tracking it for us. >> reporter: good morning. right now mission control says everything is just fine. we are now just hours away from a truly historic event as long as one small spacecraft can stick the landing. this morning, the do or die moment for a decade-long, nearly 4 billion mile space race. >> the spacecraft is healthy, and we have a go from the flight control team. >> reporter: a seemingly impossible mission. a washing machine-size space propose trying land on a km et, speeding at 84,000 miles per hour. something that until today was hollywood science fiction. the spacecraft, known as rose a rosetta, has been tracking through the koz pose since 2004.
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trying to catch up with a comet known as 67-p. it's going to deploy a small craft to land on the surface and unlock the secrets of an ancient space rock. researchers believe it holds clues about the dawn of the solar system, maybe even life on earth. >> 4.5 billion-year-old time capsu capsule, what was it like when the earth was forming? that's huge. >> reporter: rosetta is picking up an unexplained singing noise from the comet. [ comet noise" and sending back selfies from where not even captain kirk has gone before. star trek legend william shatner sending along his wishes. >> good luck, rosetta. i'm so excited and wish you good
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luck. >> reporter: they have to wait 28 minutes to see if it landed okay. that's how long it takes to get the signal bark to earth. after that, we hope to get the first pictures from the surface of a comet. >> had to get star trek in there. thank you. and the bold robbery in manhattan. a jewelry store robbery, but the criminals escaped. tom i can't mass has the story. >> reporter: this is one of the jewelry capitals of the world. $24 billion in sales every year. that robbery happened just behind me. one of the crooks dressed as a delivery man. but happened on the eighth floor. how did they get away? one working theory, jumped rooftop to rooftop in a batman-like espe. a brazen heist in broad daylight in new york's diamond district. >> male robbed at gunpoint. >> reporter: two heavily-armed men storm into this building
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with a watch store on the eighth floor. one is outside, the other holds several employees at gunpoint. on a crowded block at 2:00 p.m. >> weapons used is two handguns and a machine gun. >> reporter: with a veterans day parade taking place a block away, demanding the employees to open the safe. but loading up the backpack, the store's owner arrived at work. >> they were yelling at him to call police. the suspect hit him in the head with the firearm. >> reporter: the office workers were sealed in their offices. cops and k-9 units chased down leads on rooftops. they are at large. but if you're going to rob one of the busiest and heavily-monitored places in the world, shouldn't expect to be free for long. it's unclear how much was stolen. but there are reports it was in
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the millions. they are still at large. >> right not middle. there was a parade downtown. it was crawling with cops. just incredible. >> thank you. turning now to the navy s.e.a.l. who claims to be the one who shot and killed osama bin laden. telling his story in a television interview. he revealed fascinating new details about the mission and what he did right before leave. martha raddatz is in washington this morning. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning. former navy s.e.a.l. rob o'neill says he has thought about the mission since that may day in 2011. trying to figure out if it's the worst thing he has eve done, or the best thing he has ever done. the mission, high risk. the command, take out the most wanted man in the world, osama bin laden. and rob o'neill wanted to be one of the ones to do it, no matter how dangerous. >> the analyst told me, if you want to get a shot at bin laden, he's on the third floor. i talked myself out of a team
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leader spot to stay on the help the ai want and go to the roof. that's a martyrs brigade. >> reporter: in a special on fox news channel, he acknowledged it felt like a one-way mission. not knowing if they could come back home, committed to the task. >> we're going to die eventually. it's worth it to kill him. he's going to die with us. >> reporter: and a phone call to his father to say good-bye. >> i'm the last one he calls, and he's checking in. kind of thanking me for a lot of things. >> he was in his truck at a walmart down the street here. after i hung up the phone, he couldn't get out of the car for 20 minutes. >> there was something in the tone. >> o'neill even writing letters to his young children just in case. >> it was an speculation of wex
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went. it was sad. a few times the tears hit the pages. >> reporter: but face-to-face with bin laden, thinking of the mission, certain that his was the last face he saw before he fired the shots that killed the terrorist mastermind. and the letters to his kids, when he returned, he shredded them. >> glad he did. >> indeed. thank you so much and the other top stories from amy. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the big news overnight from president obama's visit to chin. the u.s. and china announcing a deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. president obama calling it a major milestone. but not everything went so smoothly at a news conference jim was there. >> reporter: and it was a toast to the landmark global warming agreement, but nearly overshadowed by a diplomatic snafu in front of the world press. >> we have agreed to take a
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question from the press. >> reporter: after weeks of trying, the u.s. got china to hold a rare news conference with one question from the press. choosing "the new york times" that's been battling with china. and the times reporter pulled no punches, confronting president xi. but he did not immediately answer. turning to the chinese press without acknowledging the american question. reporters were stunned, as was obama who looked at the press corp. with a shrug that seemed to say, what am i going to do? after several minutes much to the relief of president obama and his aids, he answered. saying the united states needs to stay out of the hong kong situation, and the new york times, he said, causes its own problems by not following chinese law. amy. >> all right. thank you. and breaking overnight, five major banks fined more than $3 billion to settle accusations
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they manipulated foreign exchange markets to boost profits. it was a slap on the wrist because they made a combined $337 billion last year. that fine actually equals just two days of revenue. missouri's governor announced preparations to keep the peace after the decision from the grand jury in the michael brown shooting case. 1,000 police officers have special training and the national guard will be on stand by. the grand jury decision on whether to charge ferguson police officer darren wilson for his death could come any day now. and two city workers breaking into the window of a truck. their colleague was inside up to his neck in water. they cut his seat belt, pulled him out just in time. he suffered a medical emergency before losing control of his truck. and finally, when you think of corn maze this time of year, it's supposed to be fun and games, good family fun, right?
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but take a look at this concern maze. see a problem with it? it's unbelievably complicated. it's the world's largest corn maze. it looks like a computer chip. >> does. >> so 63 acres, hundreds of paths. and people keep getting lost and they're actually calling 911 for help. can you imagine? calling, hi, i'm in a corn maze. i don't know how to get out. the owners are going to downsize. less complicated. this is fun. shouldn't be hard. >> when you send people in that one, you don't to want see them come out. >> lara and i couldn't make it out of one that had two turns. >> yeah. >> that's bad. >> thank you, amy. turn now to new details about the death of robin williams. a report reveals he may have been suffering from dementia that can cause hallucinations. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: abc news obtain, an
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autopsy report revealing the comedian may have had a condition, louis body dementia, linked to hallucinations and unusual behaviors. and diagnosed with parkinsons disease last november. >> the pathological line is a blurry line. >> reporter: according to the coroner's report, he was having a hard time sleeping and was restless. and the night before his body was discovered, acting strangely and reportedly placed several wristwatches in a sock. giving them to an undisclosed person as he was worried about the watches and wanted to keep them safe. it's most often confirmed after death when looking at a person's brain tissue through a microscope. it can include unusual behaviors, trouble sleeping and visual hallucinations of animals or people. as well as slowed movement
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similar to parkinsons. he had multiple medications before his death, some that doctors say can exacerbate symptoms. he battled alcohol, drug addiction and depression. >> there's a voice that goes -- yeah. >> reporter: though no alcohol in the system when he died, he may have been in a fragile mental state. some reveal if this condition could have played a role too. sources close to the williams family telling abc news correlation doesn't necessarily equal causation, but it was illuminating. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> very sad. all right. now to new details. it's a bizarre story out of colorado. a man stuck in a wall at a department store for three days. workers heard the cries for help, but no idea where the noise was coming from. reena ninan is here with all of
7:16 am
the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. people come to marshalls for the deep discounts. one man dropped in and officials say he is very lucky the way it all ended out. it's the dramatic moment a colorado man is rescued from inside this department store wall after being trapped for nearly three days. >> he was desperate to get out of there. >> reporter: police are still investigating why 35-year-old paul fellick was at the store and ended up stuck. police say he went through the roof and fell through a vent into the exterior and interior walls approximately 2 feet by 8 feet. >> as far as we know, no water, no communication, no food. >> reporter: store employees heard his cries for help on monday but couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from. eventually alerting authorities a day later. >> we hear a guy screaming in the back. >> he's outside, but sounds like
7:17 am
he's inside, correct? >> screaming like he was in pain. >> reporter: first responders locating the spot where he was trapped before a dozen of them made a hole large enough for him to crawl through. finally free, he was taken to a nearby hospital. he's currently in fair condition. >> i don't think he would have been able to survive through tonight. >> reporter: authorities are still trying to figure out how he got into the crawl space from the roof. and the big question, why did he do it? police say they'll investigate the incident as a trespassing case. >> strange. >> yeah. and to ginger now, the words we have been seeing all week. >> all week. and finally here. the south, and deep freeze. dallas this morning waking up at the freezing mark. the earliest freeze dallas has had in 17 years. put this into motion, all the blue, freeze warnings and hard freeze warnings that stretch from new mexico to alabama.
7:18 am
birmingham this morning, the actual temperature is 28. and it's not just down there. we're talking about headlines. out in the pacific northwest, high wind warnings outside seattle. wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour in some of the passes. higher elevations, snow, rain, 1 to 2 inches, and northern california. always a good thing for california. wanted to stop it right here. denver, that's the high temperature today at 5. your local forecast in 30 seconds, first the windchill forecast brought to you by burlington.
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with're still dealing some's issues out there. the advisories in effect until the top of the hour. visibility is below one quarter of one mile at times in spots. comfortable, 50 toss to lower's, cooler air working its way in from the last. different spots throughout the rest of the morning, falling into the 55 this afternoon with the wind picked up >> as mild as it is here along the east coast, from the carolinas all the way through new england, dense fog advisory. people can't see anything. talk about that at 7:30. and new developments this morning in the california murder mystery of a family of four. the suspected killer now in court four years after they vanished. and dramatic 911 calls as
7:20 am
dispatchers tell a family to stop running after the gang that stole their cell phone. and one man's story of surviving a plane crash. the incredible footage on tape. what you need to know if you go down in the water. matt gutman takes another one for the team, first grizzly bears, then sharks, and now you're drowning. and ticking it up a notch. why target is giving you free money. remember this from "seinfeld," elaine's dance moves. there's some science behind having two left feet. ♪ get together for some cheer. buy one holiday drink at starbucks, and get one free to share. november 12th-16th, 2-5 p.m.
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morning, it is now 726
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a.m. on this wednesday morning. as far as the morning commute goes, fog has been the issue all morning long. how do things stand now? >> two crashes on the beltway of the outer loop, the second one was right at the point where 295 merges with river road. that is what you are in for if you are headed out. at this point the lanes are open. the newest problem in maryland on 50 westbound, accident activity blocked two left lanes toward 295. gainesville, near the prince williams parkway, accident activities been cleared from the right side of the roadway, but they are cautiously still closing the right lane. have got some big changes coming in the next six hours the foggy conditions that they will continue to keep an eye on.
7:28 am
west,lity to the improving inside the beltway, we are expecting temperatures to fall this afternoon with temperatures in the upper 60's the lower 50's this morning, falling into the low 50's by tonight. only upper 40's by thursday. we will stay in the chill through the rest of the week. see you back here for more local news 7:56
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. want me to get it started ? >> yeah. >> i'll get it started. snoelts ♪ ♪ >> now, i am not one to make fun of anyone's dancing. who can forget elaine on "seinfeld," setting all kinds of record for awkward. turns out it may not have been her fault. scientists now say that bad dancing is just something you might be born with. and you might not even know it. clearly she didn't know it at that time. we're going to get into it in a little bit. >> that's just living in bliss. >> and the ones watch. >> it's a beautiful way to live. and you can dance. you just don't. >> thank you. >> just wanted to -- also coming up, we do have a dramatic 911 call as a family
7:31 am
pursues their stolen iphone. tracking the bad guys. this is a warning for everybody. listen up. and one man's incredible story of survival caught on tape. crashing into the ocean. matt gutman going through, taking a scary plane crash simulation. he's going to show you what you need to do to get out alive. facing one of my biggest fears in life. i could not do that. >> real helpful advice from matt. that's coming up. begin with the california murder mystery solved. the mcstay family vanished four years ago, the bodies discovered in the desert last year. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the high-profile mystery who have may have killed this family of four. a suspect finally in custody. but one very big question remaining. why did charles chase merritt allegedly murder friend and business associate joseph mcstay, his wife, summer, ask their two young sons?
7:32 am
>> this is a cold and callous murder of a family. >> reporter: preparing for the arraignment today, they are not revealing the suspected motive. >> new clues on the computer. >> reporter: vanishing from their san diego home in 2010. investigators thinking they planned to flee across the border to mexico. >> there was some type of planning ahead. >> reporter: but as months went on, it made headlines, even profiled on investigation discovery's "disappeared." last year, a grim break in the cold case. their bodies found in the california desert just miles from charles merritt's home. 57-year-old merritt says he was the last pnerso to see joseph mcstay alive. and in an interview earlier this year -- >> everybody loved joseph. >> reporter: he denied any involvement in the family's disappearance and murder. he claimed he took a pollee
7:33 am
graph test administered by police. >> there's nobody that i'm aware of that would have any reason to hurt him. >> reporter: now joseph mcstay's father speaking out. saying he was crushed after hearing of merritt's arrest. >> a lot of people will say it's like lifting a ton off your shoulders. and i said, no, it was more like me like a boulder falling on me. >> reporter: if convicted, merritt could face the death penalty. and for the family, his arrest is the first step to closure. >> i need justice from the law and the courts. and most of all, justice upstairs. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, los angeles. now a real warning next time you lose your phone. in a series of dramatic 911 calls, dispatchers in seattle begged a family to stop pursuing the gang who stole their phone, concerned they could lose their lives trying to get it back. neal karlinsky has the story.
7:34 am
>> we're following the people around. can we get a police officer? >> what do you mean you're following people around? >> reporter: a seattle family in pursuit of their iphone. telling police they're tracking the bad guys who snatched their bag by using find my phone. apple's gps feature showing the location. >> pull over and stop following the vehicle. >> okay. >> that's dangerous. you don't know if they have weapons. >> reporter: police were not happy, and after repeated calls to 911, one dispatcher let the victims know it loud and clear. >> ma'am, let me tell you something -- hold on a second. i have been on the phone with someone like this killed over a cell phone and i don't want that to happen to you. it's really not worth it. >> in fact she was on the line with this man, shot and killed in february after refusing to give up his cell phone. police are adamant, just because the technology lets you follow a stolen phone, that doesn't mean
7:35 am
yoshoulden. >> a cell phone isn't worth your life. >> reporter: the victim understands that, but he was still frustrated with the police response. >> not some vigilante, our credit cards, money, phone, 20 feet away in a van. and that's where you're supposed to call the police for. >> reporter: they got it back a week later the old-fashioned way by tracking the suspect's license plate. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> just not worth it. >> no way. let's get the weather from ginger. >> go ahead and do that. promised you the dense fog advisory. from myrtle beach to boston. less than a quarter mile to near zero. take extra time. right outside new york city here -- or in new york city. and you can't see much. that's why i couldn't tell. along with the fog comes the mild, high temperatures. look at the highs. new york in the mid-60s, d.c., 61, raleigh, 71, jacksonville, 78. that's only for so long because
7:36 am
all the warnings are coming this way. right now, snow advisories, lake effect in parts of the great lakes, and >> good morning, washington. we are under intense fog advisory in the 8:00. now.grees in d.c. right temperatures holding steady this morning, the wind will be picking up this >> all that weather brought to you by target. and this early winter stuff, i feel like it's on the instagram, the kids say, that escalated quickly. >> that saying -- >> those kids are getting very articulate. thank you, ginger. coming up, why target is raising the stakes when it comes to black friday. is the retailer really giving away free money? >> hope so. and how to survive a plane crash in the ocean. our matt gutman taking one for the team. taking the plunge and showing
7:37 am
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back now at 7:40 with "gma" survival week. and this morning, we ask what would you do if the plane you were on plunged into the water? or if a beat capsizes in rough seas? abc matt gutman is back with a terrifying demonstration. the bravest man we know. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning.
7:41 am
this was the coast guard to put us there the wringer. simulating a plane crash using their dunker. it's like a giant washing machine spin cycle. and i picked up tips that if you're ever in a crash, you're going to want to remember. this was a normal flight for ferdinand and nine others gliding towards honolulu. suddenly an alarm. >> your life goes in front of you. >> reporter: that loss of altitude, and that shattering impact. >> life jackets. >> reporter: as the water rushes in, the passengers manage to escape before the plane sinks. and if you think there's nothing to do but brace yourself and pray if your plane crashes into the water, the coast guard has another answer. prepare. i was invited to be the first reporter to ever go through the coast guard's grueling crash
7:42 am
survival training in north carolina. my training ground, this beast. the dunker. which simulates a plane crashing, sinking and flipping over in the water. >> if you get the i'm stuck signal, pull thetology, all the seat belts come undone. the divers give you fresh air quick. >> reporter: first, can i tolerate being strapped in underwater as i would be in a crashed plane. i didn't expect to be disoriented at all. but it happened instantly. >> you did great by coming out. staying calm is the key to getting out alive. >> reporter: now to the dunker. >> wait, all motion stopped, release that window, grab a reference point before you undo your seat belt. >> reporter: if you're about to crash, here's what the coast guard says you need to do, hold on to something, like your chair. then after the crash, remove any obstacles like arm wrests, and only then unbuckle your seat belt ask get nd get to a door ow
7:43 am
as quickly as you can. frightening, but i made it. but now it's more difficult. jets on to simulate a storm. the water engulfs me. now i'm upside down. hold on to the seat, clear obstacles, unbuckle and head for the window. but it won't open. i slap and push for 40 seconds. finally, with some elbow grease, it pops open. i passed. but now the really hard part. a different scenario all together. this time the dunger simulates a boat capsizing in the open ocean. it's dark, the wind howling. but the coast guard says the steps to survival are the same. >> door, seat belt. >> reporter: the boat capsizes, get the belt off, find the door, there are three handles.
7:44 am
nearly a minute in, and i'm running out of air. i have to tap out and allow the rescuers to do their job. they yank me out. watch again how quickly they pull me from the boat, pushing me through the door to the surface and safety. >> if that had been in a real world situation, could have been a bad day. >> reporter: i would have been dead. >> could have been dead. >> reporter: so before you take off or get i a ship, know why the exits are. if you crash, don't worry about staying calm. think about the small tasks, hold on, find the exit, get your seat belt and get out. >> think about what you need to do instead of need to stop freaking out. >> it's like the new stop, drop and roll. >> you knew they were out there and it was fake, but still got a panic. >> it was frightening. the water was not comfortable. but they were so good at their job, nothing could go wrong. at least i hoped.
7:45 am
one last thing. everyone makes fun of it, read the safety information cards on the plane. >> deal. great tips. i have so go check my pulse. that was awesome, thank you, matt. coming up, why egg-freezing parties may be the future of fertility, and the woman known as the egg whisperer behind them and the science behind, get this, bad dancing. why new research may explain why you have two left feet.
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7:49 am
♪ okay. it's time for the new study on why some people just can't dance. turns out it may all be in the genes. t.j. holmes has that in the social square. not your problem, t.j. >> not necessarily. you either, you have the moves like jagger. it's not just bad dance moves, it's this, can you keep a rhythm and a beat? if you can't do this, you may have a condition we have no cure for. ♪ from elaine on "seinfeld" -- >> what is that? >> reporter: to kevin james' character in "hitch." some just dance to the beat of their very own and apparently jacked up drum. >> don't ever do that again. >> reporter: but it turns out bad dancing may be in the genes. a new study calls it a beat deafness. researchers finding that some people were able to move in time
7:50 am
to the beat, but couldn't sync up after a change in tempo. it wasn't pretty. we checked out manhattan ballroom dance. folks there clearly hearing the beat. that's good. not everybody. you own a dance studio and you can't dance. >> you know what, let me just focus on the business aspect of it. ♪ i have no reason >> reporter: but like napoleon dynamite, the study shows many don't know how bad they are. they may think they're dancing like beyoncé, but look for like jimmy kimmel. and nobody wants that. ♪ >> all right, everybody, simple test. this is your beat deaf test. tap like i'm doing. no matter what, keep tap. i'm going to play a song, when the song plays, start bopping to the song. keep on tapping, platapping, pl.
7:51 am
she's beat deaf. people dance transition from one thing to another. can't keep the next rhythm. >> i'm a great dancer t.j. >> it's going to be okay. it's going to be okay. >> the first dance is only a week away. >> i wasn't dancing with the rhythm, but i thought i was. >> i have a cure for that. more wine. >> oh . ♪
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> the morning, the time right now 7:56 a.m. on this wednesday morning. it has been a rough start on the commute. let's get to jack with the latest on the fog causing problems. >> it is causing delays and accidents on the beltway. college park, river road, clred, a one-hour ride to go 40 miles.
7:57 am
95 southbound, accident activity right there blocking the right lane. 50 getting to the river bridge, the problem is that just before hand we have an exit in blocking the left lane of three. 295 near laboratory road, just as you leave the beltway it sounds like a new crash with authorities headed to the scene. at least outside of this accident the travel lanes are open. this is the last few hours to enjoy anything considered warm? >> i would say so. by noon we will start to watch the temperatures go down hill and the wind will be picking up with the direction changing. we are getting close to where we are starting to feel some of these changes. the fog is improving, the visibility will get better throughout the day with more sunshine in the afternoon with morning,res flat this plunging late today. the wind picks up as much as 25 miles per hour and cold air starts to filter in and we start to feel the impact tomorrow and
7:58 am
through the rest of the week. >> thank you so much, jacqui. thank you for watching. we will see you back here at 8:25
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ oh my gosh good morning, america, it's 8:00 a.m., and the bold new move for black friday deals that's right on target. we'll tell you who's giving away free money. ♪ up and down around the clock ♪ and are you working out but gaining wagtd? why exercise could be packing oshtd on the pounds. and freezing time, how the woman known as the egg whisperer is revolutionizing the future of fertility. you'll hear from her this morning. and jennifer aniston opening up in a revealing new interview. what she's saying about her fiance, justin, her secret to personal happiness, and why she's having more fun than ever in her 40s. and all that and pop
8:01 am
sensation fit harmony this morning as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> wake up, america. this is a call to arms. and lel low to all those hunger games fans out there. and hello to donald sutherland. the best "good morning america" we have ever seen. wake up, america, we are ready to wake up. >> wake up or else. >> that's right. so great to have him here here. and also steve carell is with us. a brand new movie, darcht kind of role. and buzz. >> you can barely recognize him. it's "fox catcher," it is magnificent. can't wait to talk to him. >> that's a ruf. and james open up about his famous sister, prince george, i spoke with him. he's back here live today, telling us how he's feeding everyone's sweet tooth in a
8:02 am
technologically advanced way. there's your clue. >> that's a great tease. and now the news. good morning, george, everyone, the extreme weather that ginger has been telling us about. millions of people bundling up for bitter cold from the rockies if the gulf coast. places like denver are barely out of the single digits. in the plains, a 60-degree drop in temperatures compared to earlier this week. and snow is still coming down around the great lakes. up to 3 feet is already on the ground in parts of michigan. and icy roads are causing hundreds of car crashes across minnesota. at least four people have died. ginger's forecast is coming up. president obama announced what he calls a break through climate deal with china to reduce greenhouse gases. but there was tension in the room during a news conference. in a rare move, china's president agreed to take a question from the u.s. media. "the new york times" asked him about foreign press access to china and he ignored the
8:03 am
qution. reporters were stunned and president obama responded with a shrug. he eventually criticized the new york times for not following chinese law in the past. republicans have added to their majority in the senate next year. that's because overnight republican dan sullivan was announced the winner in alaska's senate race. only louisiana still has a race up in the air. a second sink hole in this florida neighborhood. and they are worried that a third could open soon. the first swallowed a car in 15 minutes, farcing the evacuation of six homes. and next year in maryland, no christmas, no easter. kids get the day office, but no mention of religion on the school calendar in montgomery county. it's in response to a petition by muslim community leaders to recognize their holy days. they aren't pleased with the decision, saying they alienated all religious communities. and former president bill
8:04 am
clinton had a tough choice to make. on ellen, he spoke about being a grandfather. he was presented with two baby gifts and had to choose which one he wanted. >> all right. so you're not going to tell us if hillary is going to run or not. but i'm just saying if you only had one -- if you could only -- i'm just -- if you could only pick one. because i can't afford to give you both. >> in case you couldn't read them, one said my grandma's a stay at home granny, the other said my grandma is running for president. very clever, ellen. but he did not fallor it. it's a decision not for him to make. but she would be happy as a clam as a stay at home grandma. and ellen decided she could afford both and gave him both. >> that's been asked about seven dozen times? most create i have way.
8:05 am
>> via the onesie. news from target now. the retail giant is raising the stakes on black friday. basically offering free money. it's a bold move to win back customers after the massive data breach last year. rebecca jarvis has the story. >> reporter: target wants you back and ready to pay for the love. offering target gift cards for 10% off this black friday. free money. an unprecedented move from the retailer that had an unpress didn'ted data breach last holiday season. expected to cost target $1 billion. still feeling the effects, sales and foot traffic down. >> the data breach really hit target hard last holiday season. they're doing all they can to win back customers zblsh two weeks to thanksgiving, and an all-out war for business. clambering for the cut of the $804 that each american shopper is expected to spend this
8:06 am
holiday. rolling back prices on 20,000 items at walmart, ipad minis, now $60 off. amazon offering daily discounts, like $120 off this asis laptop. and office depot, new deals every monday. >> it's just a race to get the customers in the doors. they have to find a way to make themselves stand out. >> reporter: all those retailers hoping they're on the christmas wish list. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> they're going to do what they need to do to get the customers back. "pop news" and weather coming up. now to sara in the social square. >> thanks, george. what's ahead on the morning menu in the social square powered by samsung galaxy. and backstage with michael bouy bla, the incredible performance going viral. and why workout backfiring. what can cause you to gain
8:07 am
weight. been there. and what may be the future of fertility. all that and steve carell and donald sutherland coming up here in times square. i've been using just enter your walmart receipt and if there's a lower advertised price at a top store in your area, walmart will give you the difference on an e-gift card. i used this circular to make a turkey...gobble gobble! really? join the millions who are saving with walmart's savings catcher.
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8:11 am
♪ welcome back this wednesday morning. big crowd out there in times square. you see those "hunger games" plaque cards. donald sutherland is coming up. but first sara haines with "pop news." >> just a bit of a teaser, a music-themed "pop news." epic night in washington last night, music, movies and more coming together at the concert for valor at the national maul. rihanna performs, one part of the star-studded lineup. and foo fighters, brave grohl, bruce springsteen. hollywood paying tribute, a special appearance from meryl streep. and the fans came out.
8:12 am
the park police tweeting this snapshot of crowds lining the national ma national mall. helping to raise money for veterans causes. >> that's incredible. meryl streep and heavy malgts. >> crazy juxtaposition. michael buble is on tour, but the grammy winner is providing epic entertainment for those of us without a front seat. ♪ it's better than yours like this rendition of "milk shake," taking song requests on social media, and posting a lineup of backstage performances, the band. and even a throwback. you know it -- "scecilia gi sim and gar function kill. are you making a request? >> i make a request you show the dance moves.
8:13 am
you have them. >> who's got it now, t.j.? >> yes. >> i'm going to make a request for george. heard it's one of your favorites. "turn down for what" by i'lil john. >> again? >> come on, george, the movies. coming at you. too much too early in the morning. he wasn't ready. okay. >> not ready for that. >> you proved your point. that's a girlfriend for you. thank you. >> yes. >> and the fire in her eye too. >> you looked fearful. the more scared you got, the more strong i came on. >> and the music takes you to that place. >> we do. we have more music. an oldie. you know that song -- >> give it to us. >> "raspberry beret." a major hit from prince. a sign of the times, taking his
8:14 am
very first selfie. posting ton facebook. and you'll notice he actually went really old school. taking the photo with an actual camera. no one does that in the now present day. it's also an iphone and a cell phone. and getting creative. this filtered version. probably should have posted with a beret. hoping for a personal request. >> maybe he will today. >> maybe he was scared like you were. george scooted back, it's a one-sided table. >> it will be in my head all day long. >> we will dance on the commercial. >> and ginnier with a check of the weather. >> and we have macy and emily. you are from where? >> savannah. >> she did so well on her report card, got to skip school. do you know we're 80 degrees warmer than wyoming this morning? 21 below zero. show you into the forecast. talk about the snow in the u.p.
8:15 am
of michigan, the upper peninsula. and trevor city, east of grand rapids, and not leaving out our friends from erie up to watertown. don't forget that. the lake effect through the weekend. ask there are the numbers. into the 40 we have new information out on the fog advisory that has been allowed to expire in d.c. to the east and it is expanding later now to the east of the blue ridge on 95 until 10:00 this morning. we are continuing to keep an eye on the visibility in those areas. temperatures will be steady and following this afternoon, get ready for the wind at 10:00. >> so enjoying the nice weather, that's bagel, the cat. if you can see with the
8:16 am
sunglasses on, george. >> very cool cat. thank you, ginger. first up in the heat index. a surprising new study about some people struggle to lose weight more than others. some gain weight while exercising. it's in the new york times. researchers at arizona state university asked women to walk on treadmills and not to change their eating habits. and at the end of the experiment, they were fitter, but heavier, gaining fat, not mus. >> what? >> that's the surprising thing. some continued to lose weight. the takeaway, if you don't notice change after four weeks, look at your diet. exercise is essential, but you have to change your diet. >> 80% food, 20% exercise. that's how you change the number on the scale. >> yeah. that's happened to me. if you don't change the diet. i put on weight last summer. i was like, what's happen. i was working out so much. >> and you are hungry, you want to eat more. >> and you think you can because you're working out. >> yep.
8:17 am
so -- >> good tips. also in the heat index. nice to hear from jennifer aniston. looks amazing on the cover of "harper's bazaar.bazaar." she's opening up about her relationship with her fiance. talking about why she is happier at 45. and has had more fun in her 40s than any other adult decade of her life. she says they were friends foirs first, and romance happened later. that was the natural way to be. he's her ultimate creative crush, an actser, writer, director and one of the most humble people she has met. >> can't do better than that. >> write those down and say i do. >> i do. >> right. >> all the details in the new issue of harp"harper's bazaar." now the "morning stir." >> we do. it's time. and new in the field of fertility. women are actually attending egg-freezing parties. and behind it all is an expert
8:18 am
who calls herself the egg whisp whisperer. paula faris has that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ready to stir it up this morning. unlike the frozen parties you may be attending, anna, elsa and olaf won't be at this one. this is a party and power point in one, women discuss fertility and freezing their eggs. a big cost that's becoming a bigger perk from some companies. sofrmg >> so welcome to this party. >> reporter: san johe's known a egg whisperer. her game? freezing time. >> imagine going to your fertility specialist and sit down and talk about your fertility, indicators, oppositi. it's fun to have a fertility friend. >> reporter: she's hosting egg freezing events. informational cocktail parties for working women interested in postponing motherhood. >> it's just fertility
8:19 am
awareness, just to spread information. >> reporter: the parties launching this week in the san francisco bay area. just a month after apple and facebook announced their plans to pay for female employe to freeze their eggs which can run upwards of $10,000. >> it's exciting that companies are embraces it. >> i think it should be open to empower women to ask questions about their health and reproductive future. >> reporter: it wasn't just women in attendance, some guys coming in place of their significant others. >> she sent me here for reconnaissance. >> reporter: hoping to skrood the uncertainty of reproduction. >> 10 to 15% of women in their 30s may not be able to have babies. if they knew that was going on when they were 20, 25, wouldn't have to shed so many tears other what to do next. >> reporter: and events like this could be the future of fertility. >> egg freezing parties are
8:20 am
helping bring a problem to the forefront and making it mainstream. it's a great way for women to learn about how their fertility can be protected in the future. >> reporter: now the actual fertility aspect, removing, freezing the egg, doesn't happen at the party. but women who schedule the procedure at the party get a discount. it's like a modern day it upper ware party. you get a discount, and book one of your own, you g a deeper discount. not selling tupperwear. >> it is expensive. >> but a big perk, tens of thousands of dollars in some cases. and now to another member of the middleton family stepping into the spop spotlight. james middleton, we will talk with him and his business partner about the sweet now company. but first, behind the scenes,
8:21 am
the royal brother-in-law. for james middleton, brother to the future queen and uncle to the future king -- the royal wedding felt like an intimate gathering. >> the most wonderful thing about that wedding which will stay with me forever, the whole thing, although billions were watching, it felt like a family wedding. >> reporter: while his sister stole the show with that dress, james had a meaningful role inside the abbey. >> brothers and sisters -- i suffered most of my life with dyslexia. the reading. i felt, yes, absolutely terrified. >> reporter: james wanted to give something else to his sister and new brother-in-law, a very personal wedding present. lupo was a gift from you to kate and william? >> it was -- my cheat for them was to get them a puppy. and lupo was their gift. so, yes. >> reporter: and james' latest adventure, channelling his creative talents in a hip new
8:22 am
business, personalized marshmallows. the name, boomf, where did it come from? >> teaching one to speak, that's wh it would say. >> reporter: your titles, you're won ka in chief. and andy, chief edible officer? >> add the fun throughout the company. say a lot of the staff and production are boomfs, we obviously take a lot of the magic from willie wonka. >> reporter: i was in london outside of st. marys with the great kate wait. was it surreal to see the attention? >> well, i think -- what was the most wonderful thing, everybody was celebrating with us. becoming an uncle. and for my parents, becoming grandparents. they were all so kpooexcited. >> reporter: i think of this when you were young and playing together, that you would ultimately be the uncle of the future king of england.
8:23 am
>> i still see prince george as my -- my nephew. and in -- i just want to be the best uncle possible. like any uncle wants to be. i want, to be the cool uncle, the fun uncle. what should we get for christmas this year? thousand stand out? >> reporter: what do you get prince george for christmas? >> ifbt gott haven't gotten tha >> reporter: how often do you spend time with your sister and prince george? >> we are close. we see each other and speak on the phone. the odd sunday lunch, popping in for coffee. something like that. >> reporter: and looking forward to the spring, james and his family are excited to welcome the next royal baby. >> it's wonderful to have another niece or nephew on the way. >> reporter: and how is kate feeling? >> well, she's better. it's not sort of -- it's not unknown that she is suffered from this acute morning
8:24 am
sickness. and unfortunately she is, i think, on the mend. >> reporter: that's good. we are hearing that she may come to new york. >> i heard that too. i -- her -- i don't really know. >> reporter: we would be very excited to host her if she feels up to it to come. that's exciting news. and look who we have here. so great to have boomf founders james middleton and andy bell with us. and you brought the marshmallows. we have all of our faces printed on the marshmallows. and one thing you love is when you see people open the packages. you saw george's reaction. >> laughed, couldn't help it. >> you say it's harder to put images on marshmallows than one would think. >> yes, there's quite a scientific way to put the photograph on to a marshmallow with edible inks. but it is a challenge. >> which one to eat? >> i ate a "gma."
8:25 am
>> that was the angle to take, the safe one. >> someone's face -- >> it's tough. great for kid's birthday parties. are you making progress on being the cool uncle? >> well, i think there's a long way to go to try to be a cool uncle. i'm just trying to be, yeah, as best as i can, really. >> marshmallows make you cool. >> what is his title in the company? >> wonka in chief. >> that's pretty cool. and andy, you may be in the states a little bit more. planning on boom mrboomfing it . >> this is the proper announcement of our launch in the states. from anyone with make photo marshmallows. lots of christmas messages and holiday messages. it's a great gift. >> what's the craziest request you got? >> that was a request that we got, we ran a competition a few
8:26 am
months ago. it was for an engagement, or a proposal. and actually that proposal happened here around two -- about a month ago in times square. and the -- >> and she said i do. right here in times square. >> she said yes, right here. >> thank you all so much. we are going to be eating mar marshmallows all day. coming up, donald sutherland and steve carell here live.
8:27 am
>> good wednesday morning, the time now is 8:27 a.m. and we want to get you out on the roadways with the first and its first, the fog is impacting morning commute. has it burned off yet? like of course not, and it has been extended until 10:00. cleared,g is now delays stretched back to 14th street and they should begin near 270, which has been a mess on the outer loop of the
8:28 am
beltway, activity there is blocking the right lane, a one-hour ride, thank you very much. allhe 14th street bridge lanes are open with a new problem the george washington parkway, look at that delay near old town. >> well, we do have those changes and we have got to be ready for them. things are as good as they will get for a while. we still have the clouds to the west, miles of visibility in dallas, improvements coming from the northwest to the west of interstate 95 with cool air pushing in, the wind will pick up and mix up the atmosphere between 10:00 and 11:00. temperatures are going to be in the low 60's this morning and falling through the afternoon hours. that will be the end of it. you that i. in we will be back here for one
8:29 am
last news upda
8:30 am
♪ well, a little fifth harmony in times square last week. they know how to take care of their fans. the doughnuts. fans have been waiting up all night to see them. a little hungry. they got the payoff. and the new single, "sledge hammer," this morning. >> save up for me. also ahead, donald sutherland is with me live. you can see behind me the white roses. the hunger games heating up big time. and also in times square, steve carell. in a role you have never seen him like this before. lots of oscar buzz already about his performance. can't wait. >> the movie is "fox catcher" it is great.
8:31 am
now to tony reali. tops of the morning. and one of the most watched videos from last week on a serious topic. now leading to pariodyparodies. and more than 800,000 clicks in 24 hours. princess leia walking the streets of a galaxy not so far away, new york city. you might recognize the characters. >> do you have a size, do you. >> hey, princess. princess! i'm luke skywalker, i'm here to rescue you. >> wrong movie. >> sorry. sorry. >> that was indiana jones and starr kwa"star wars,"," your on. and get used to this, being on your feet all day for a while. hunger games: mocking jay part i, and elizabeth banks, doing a counterdown to the release. and her challenge to the
8:32 am
faithful. send in selfies, life stock. the fans delivered. photos with livestock. madison with a calf. and leeann with cows. and georgia didn't let a lack of livestock cost her, dressed up as a cow. don't moe know what her friends are thinking of. the hunger games spirit is brave. and the hunger games countdown. president snow, donald sutherland, joins up. >> the countdown is on. nine days until the hung er games: mocking jay part 1. and they take over times square, all the stars will be here. but begins, the president. president snow, donald sutherland. take a look. >> president snow, it's katniss. >> i don't imagine you're calling to thank me for the roses. >> i never asked for this. i just wanted to save my sister.
8:33 am
and keep peeta alive. >> i told you what a fragile thing peace was. and still like a child, you took pleasure in breaking it. it's the things we love most. that destroy us. >> wow. you are very scary in this movie. >> just doing my job. >> in a very, very creepy, delicious way. in fact, francis lawrence, the director said that you have been sort of a nine in terms of evil, and by the time we get through this movie and the next, that you are at an 11. how is that for your ratcheting it up? >> i think he's a really good guy. i really do. >> president snow? he's misunderstood. >> francis is a very good guy. president snow is not misunderstood. he runs a totalitarian state. he's an oligarch. we have them here. >> yep. true, true. in the film, you're head-to-head with katniss, the one and only
8:34 am
jennifer lawrence. talk to us about the experience of working with her on this, the third film, installment. >> it's just been a continuum, the same from the very begin. she's a genius, the child. she's a genius. she tells the truth from inside herself and delivers it. that's why, she was -- susan colins wrote the wonderful books, but jennifer catches it it's fantastic. nnkts a recent interview, you pretty much lobbied for the role of president snow. >> i don't think that actually expresses it. i asked for it. but i didn't lobby. they -- mygent sneaked me scripts from from time to time. because i like to read them. and they sent me this one. and i just wanted to be a part of it. i wanted to end my life being part of something that i thought would maybe catalyze and revolutionize young people. because they have been so dormant.
8:35 am
and this election, it was the lowest -- lowest voter representation in 72 years. young people have to get out. you have to get out and change things. you really do. and it's up to you. we've wrecked this world and if you're going to fix it, you have to do it now. >> and do you feel like you're in playing this character? is that -- i don't know, does it move you in some way that you will miss deeply as we move toward the last installment? >> working with jennifer and francis, and nina jacobson -- >> reading the lines. >> this is a call to arms. but if i can just see young people catalyzed and going to the voting booth and having some kind of a revolutionary movement. not an armed revolutionary movement, but a revolutionary movement to change things up. >> president snow has spoken. listen up, everybody. and the film is direct.
8:36 am
donald sutherland, thank you so much for being with us. everybody, the hunger games: mockingjay part 1 opens friday, november 21st. thank you so much. amy to you. >> thank you. oscar winning icon sophia lauren and opening what she calls her trunk of secrets, yesterday, today, tomorrow, my life. the rise out of a desperately poor childhood to the relationships, leading men. we sat down with a rare one-on-one. >> reporter: after more than 60 years as an actress, sophia lo ren is sharing her story. chronicling her earliest days in italy amid poverty and war. painful even now to talk about. >> for me it was very difficult. because it was hard.
8:37 am
i went through a lot with my family, of course. >> reporter: acting was her refuge. her depth of feeling won her a best actress oscar for "two women." >> it's a book, it's a dream. >> reporter: she would bewitch her co-stars, cary grant, carlo ponte was the love of her life. producing two sons. >> i think kout cary with great tenderness. we became friends. sometimes even a little more. >> reporter: he asked you to marry him. >> there are moments in life that you have to decide. i wanted a family, i wanted children. i wanted to be in my country. >> reporter: a 1957 hollywood party led to this infamous photo. as she eyed the dangerously revealing neckline of jane mansfield. a moment parodied by "modern family." >> she was preoccupied, bending too much. maybe something would have
8:38 am
happened. but fortunately it didn't. >> reporter: at 80, she understands the ageing process. but hopes that actresses will resist the urge to look young per. in my age, we never thought about plastic surgery. i think it's always wrong because i like myself. i like my skin. i don't want anybody to take it away from me. you have to live the life you have. and if you have the luck to look well even at 80 years old, then you can be happy. >> reporter: not all of us will be blessed to look like this when you're 80. chris connelly, abc news, los angeles? >> these are genetics. her memoir is available now. now out to final check of the weather. >> know the best birthday president for the 60th?
8:39 am
it's a george stephanopoulos boomf marshmallow. >> ily keep it forever. >> keep it forever. the weather, and before we get there, a shot from mississippi, long beach. and not half bad either. and thanks to gym graham. and look at the temperatures that we're not having. the windchill, 17 below in denver. 1 below for bismarck, 5 the feels like in minneapolis. but we will in the beginning of the weekend. quintess 62 degrees in washington, d.c. no problems downtown, still feeling it to the west of the city, especially towards the airport. >> all that weather brought to you by massage envy spa. coming up, steve carell you by massage envy spa. coming up, steve carell opening up about h
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8:42 am
we all know steve carell as one of the funniest leading men alive. but a brand new look in "fox catcher," his look at john dupont who made the olympic wrestlers his life mission. we see what his mother thinks about that. >> mother, i am leading men. i am training them. i am teaching them.
8:43 am
i am giving them a dream. and i am giving america hope. >> hope? it doesn't matter. i'm glad you have your trophy, it can go in the trophy room. not in the rose case. i don't like the sport of wrestling as you know. it's a low sport. >> and steve carell joins us now. a little mother/son tension there. >> a little bit, yeah. >> and you are barely recognizable in that scene. >> well, bill corso designed the makeup. and he's really an artist. he's great at it. >> this story, back from the '80s and '90s, john dupont, wealthy heir to the dupont
8:44 am
fortu fortune, taking these wrestlers under his wing. it was a dark turn. what drew you to the story? >> working with bennett miller. he directed "moneyball" and "capote," and he is particular about the things he's involved in. if he's in, i'm in. >> he said this role was outside of your comfort zone. >> for sure. i don't think i was on anybody's list for this kind of part. i wasn't campaigning for it. apparently my agent submitted my name and gave him pause and thought about it. we met, and he offered me the part. >> and you said the chance to work with him is all i need. >> huge. and i didn't know if i could do it, but the fact he thought i could, was enough. >> it was clear you could do it, and this story has so many different layers to it. i was struck by how much of the story is told without any
8:45 am
dialogue at all and the looks and the glances. >> it's very spare. very economical in the pauses. there's a sense that you get from the movie. and i think bennett is really adept at that in particular. >> the new yorker calls your nose the fourth main character in the film. >> yes. >> and you know, you have some good company there. our crack research team found out, did, you know, that there are actually three other oscar winners who won with fake noses. >> really? >> can you name any of them? >> robert de niro, "raging bull." >> number one. >> charlize theron, did she have a fake nose? >> it was a woman. you're on to it. >> nicole kidman. >> two for two. way back for the third. >> olivia dehavelin.
8:46 am
i don't know. >> si a know deberg rack. you're in excellent company. >> fantastic. >> ready to go back to comedy? >> sure. anything that's good. i just want to do things that are -- that are good, you know? this whet my appetite to do things that have depth. i don't want to get pretentious about it. but it's fun to be a part of a movie like this. >> it was just magnificent to watch. it was just an engrossing film. i hope a lot more good things come to you. >> thanks. >> it opens in theaters this friday, and fifth harmony comes here next.
8:47 am
8:48 am
they are the pop sensation taking the world by storm. you can hear it. fifth harmony, hand-picked b simon cowell, and immediately up the charts.
8:49 am
winning the 2014 mtv vma award for artist to watch. and now the debut album, "reflection," and the latest smash single, "sledgehammer." thanks for being an "good morning america." >> thank you. >> and you have fans, dedicated, har moe nicers. and this is the first single. the first television performance of "sledgehammer." ♪ if you could take my pulse right now it would feel just like a sledgehammer ♪ ♪ if you could feel my heart beat now it would hit you like a sledgehammer ♪ ♪ i don't admit it ♪ i play it cool ♪ but every minute ♪ that i'm with you ♪ i feel the fever and i won't
8:50 am
lie i break a sweat ♪ ♪ my bode's telling all the secrets i ain't told you yet ♪ ♪ oh we, oh ♪ i struggle to contain the love that's in my veins ♪ ♪ and how it circulates ♪ if you could take my pulse right now it would just like a sledgehammer ♪ ♪ you guys sing ♪ if you could feel my heart beat now it would hit you like a sledgehammer ♪ ♪ so close together ♪ so far apart ♪ you're turning me on and my fire's waiting for your spark ♪ ♪ i struggle to contain the love that's in my veins ♪ ♪ and how it circulates ♪ if you could take my pulse
8:51 am
right now it would feel just like a sledgehammer ♪ ♪ if you could feel my heart beat now it would hit you like a sledgehammer ♪ ♪ you're taken over the beat of my body ♪ ♪ you just don't let up, don't let up ♪ ♪ you're taken over the beat of my body but you lift me up, lift me up ♪ ♪ if you take my pulse right now it would feel just like a sledgehammer ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ the truth is out no stopping now ♪ ♪ i'm getting closer ♪ i've had enough ♪ undress my love ♪ i'm coming over ♪ if you take my pulse right now it would feel just like a
8:52 am
sledgehammer ♪ ♪ oh ♪ and if you take my pulse right now it would feel just like a sledgehammer ♪ ♪ hammer ♪ oh ♪ if you take my pulse ♪ if you could take my pulse right now it would feel just like a sledgehammer ♪ ♪ oh, oh, ♪ if you could feel my heart beat now it would hit you like a sledgehammer ♪ >> here we go! ♪ you're taken over the beat of my body ♪ ♪ you just don't let up, don't let up ♪ ♪ you're taken over the beat of my body but you lift me up, lift me up ♪ ♪ if you take my pulse right now it would feel just like a sledgehammer ♪ >> one more time! >>
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
when it comes to survival, who knows more than jennifer, liam and josh? and tomorrow, the only place to see the stars of the hunger games is on "gma." >> which is awesome. >> it's so big, so epic, tell them, jennifer. >> it's incredible. >> tomorrow on "good morning america."
8:56 am
that'll be us tomorrow. but end with awesomeness now. sara haines. >> go sara. >> bye, everyone. >> go, sara, go sara.
8:57 am
him and him and him and and him and him are her wednesday morning, we will see how your wednesday morning going now. so far, jack? >> it has been tough. these are all problems from the early morning accident before river road. 270 southbound, all lanes are georgetownge park, road, almost a one-hour ride. parkwayeorge washington northbound near the reagan national we have a broken down vehicle in that area with right lanes open. we have an accident near current run on the parkway turkey run causing unusual delays. there is a usual fog in the area. when will it turn off? flex the advisory expires at 10:00, but i'm hoping it will extend a little bit.
8:58 am
,n d.c. we are doing a good southern maryland, patchy spots , fairfield west county, down towards annapolis. 50's to thecity, west, 48 degrees in martinsburg. the cold front is upon us in d.c.. northwest of the cold front right in here, the cold air is going to take it time filtering in today. temperatures will start followed -- falling this afternoon. rest of theough the next seven days. >> enjoy these last few hours.
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with elly & michael." today, from "hungry games," josh hutcherson, and actress and author, anjelica huston. plus, a performance from the legendary, the one and only, aretha franklin. ll next on "live." ♪ now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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