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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 15, 2014 12:37am-1:08am EST

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this is "nightline." when school turns terrifying, the drama is real. training teachers and students about what to do if there actually is a shooter on campus. but when does it cross the line and cause major trauma? plus, lap dogs of luxury. if you're living large in vegas, fido can too. the new hotel where pets are blinged out, rubbed down, and ready to rock. and an incredible journey into the nile.
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where the wildlife isn't the only thing that will take your breath away. but first, the "nightline" five. number one
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♪ good evening. how do you train students and
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teachers to prepare for a school shooter? often, by pretending there actually is one. but it can be intense. and it's not just the kids that say they're scared. here's david wright. >> reporter: it's every parent's worst nightmare. an active shooter on campus. threatening to kill innocent kids. this one, just a drill, but it's terrifyingly realistic. how do you strike a balance? it's just a drill, but the trauma is real. in this school, they're saying they got it wrong. they held a drill without warning where police showed up,
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weapons drawn. place came in with guns, texts said, and we're scared. their mom was scared, too. >> i'm panicking, thinking it was a legitimate shooter coming. >> this boy's dad raced to the school, unaware it was a drill. >> my husband almost got a ticket, he was doing 130. >> reporter: the school has apologized to parents, and the police say they will not use weapons in drills. but there have been about one active shooter incident a month since columbine. and lockdown drills are now as common as fire drills. some go as far as covering
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students in fake blood, and playing dead in hallways, to make the drills more realistic. >> we need to lock down. >> reporter: the modern version of duck and cover. >> please go behind my desk. >> reporter: the teacher locks the door and pulls the shades. everyone told to keep quiet. the kids huddle quietly under the teacher's desks. do you know why they do this drill? do you worry that this scares students? >> we do, but we practice enough so that students get used to the idea. >> reporter: how long to these go on for? >> five minutes. >> reporter: and the teachers fully support these drills. this is a graduate of columbine
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high school. are you looking at these kids, thinking someone could take away their lives? >> no, i think how great they are and how lucky i am to teach them. and i wonder how great they're going to be when they grow up? >> reporter: that day is why she became a teacher and why she takes the drills personally. >> it's not about flash backs. it's about the thought of anyone wanting to hurt the kids. >> reporter: the charter school where she teaches does the basic lockdown drill most colorado schools do. >> nobody is getting out. >> reporter: and just last week, the teachers got a new kind of training. how did you feel? >> way more empowered.
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>> reporter: this is a former s.w.a.t. employee, teaching them how to recognize when the shooter is reloading. and teaching them defense tactics. how and when to pounce. >> it may save a life. >> reporter: they're trying out the new active shooter training for teachers only. held at night, no students involved. they're teaching the teachers how to take down a shooter. the atmosphere, boisterous would be accurate. and the teachers are loving it. you think in real life, you could do it? or it doesn't matter? >> i think so. >> reporter: but not all teachers support this. last week, a teacher wrote an
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op-ed that went viral. she said it's time to stop rehearsing our deaths. do you think they can really take down a 200-pound gunman? >> let's try it out. you just saw what happened. take joe here, he's about 220. see what happens. >> reporter: so, we got holly to do it again. but this time he's going fight >> okay. >> reporter: this time, the gunman resisting her efforts to disarm him.
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>> whoo! whoo! [ applause ] >> got the gun. [ applause ] >> reporter: joe also encouraging the teachers to enlist their students to help. the football team, the kids. you're asking a lot of people to be heroes that don't have the training. >> that's because they're not prepared. they come to this program, and we're giving them a little bit of knowledge. >> reporter: the question is, does it protect people or put them in greater danger? >> we're not advocating the
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teach to go on a suicide mission. we're talking that the split second, when everything else isn't working -- >> reporter: if you're staring down the barrel of a gun -- >> right. >> reporter: and let's see how they're sitting ducks. >> you're all dead! >> reporter: then, everyone gets something to throw. in this case, a tennis ball. but in real life, it may be a hole punch, a chair, or a dictionary. this time, when the active shooter comes in, he finds he's the sitting duck. would it work like this if the
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bullets were real, and this was full of kids, not teachers? it's hard to really know. to a kid, a scene like this may feel terrifyingly real, and leave behind a lasting impression. but one that may save a life when it matters most. david wright for "nightline" in colorado. next, the most luxurious getaway for your pooch. and also, a getaway to the nile. has no quit er. it's 2x more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand, and then stays strong, so you can use less. watch how one sheet of bounty keeps working, while their two sheets just quit. bounty. the no-quit picker-upper.
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las vegas is known for having some of the finest and most over the top hotels and restaurants in the country. most catering to humans. but for those wanting to ensure their furry friends have a good time, sin city has that, too. here's rachel smith. >> reporter: they're about to check into a brand new luxury hotel. the high-rollers' room. a spa or celebrity suite. could it be britney? no, they're not for "a"-listers,
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they're for dogs. here at the luxe pet hotel, the owners have made their mark in vegas catering for canines. their celebrity suites from $195 a night, part of a booming pet industry in the u.s. we're there as she checks in. she wanted to spend some cash on her chocolate lab when she's on the town. >> i don't feel like she's stuck in a kennel. >> reporter: and unlike in "the hangover," the guests at this hotel won't be able to keep any secrets. she will be able to keep an eye
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on per pup thanks to a 24/7 live stream. oh, my goodness. this is the life. in all, she'll pay about $500. >> so much energy. >> reporter: but her pooch will be pampered to the extreme. i can't wait to see this place. luxe pet hotel. >> come here. >> reporter: we have to start shopping, right. >> we begin with the details. this is plated with 18 carat gold. it's not that expensive when we're talking about the quality. >> reporter: around the corner, more luxury, but it will cost you. the massages claim to keep the
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pets more calm and flexible. what kinds of rooms do you offer clients? >> all of our beds are custom made. >> reporter: can we check out his home away from home? i got it. go get it. go. ♪ and the amenities don't end there. the extravagant property has heated rooms, room service, and a gym. they have fitness activity, or do a workout of sorts. >> we have a workout room, a weight program and a cardio program. this is a great thing. >> reporter: and just when i thought i'd seen it all, we came upon this. the honeymoon suite.
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>> we have people who came to vegas to get married. and they have two dogs, and decided they're going to get married. >> reporter: and they stayed in this honeymoon suite? >> yes. >> reporter: outside, 25 vip pets have a pool. >> we have a pool, and offer a cabana in each play area. >> reporter: the owners have a few tips. number one, lose the doggie bed and invest in silk sheets. number two, treat your pets for a massage for increased
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mobility. and playtime is key. >> lots of playtime. they love to play a lot. >> reporter: and memory foam, satin sheets, tv, artwork, a camera. do you ever think, this is a little over the top? >> well, when we have a customer coming, they say hold on a second. they check on these rooms, and -- no, no, no, it's everything about the place. >> reporter: well, she's anxious to reunite with kona. >> mommy is here. are you excited? oh. >> reporter: and there she goes. for "nightline," i'm rachel smith in las vegas. next, elephants, crocodiles, and hippos, oh,my.
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we're about to take you on a journey to the nile river. few will ever get to see these views. it was even a first for our guide. here's gloria riviera. >> reporter: along the banks of the river nile there are many things you would expect to encounter.
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but we're on a journey to a stretch of river to remote, violent, and powerful, there's no other place on the nile like it. it's amazing to see the nile. joining us is our guide, a national geographic explorer born in africa and dedicated to its wildlife. and this scientist is giddy with excitement. she's helping us as we venture along the nile. he's coming down. >> i see him. >> they're very quick. >> reporter: by spotting wildlife and the hidden dangers lurking along the way. that's a big croc.
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that was a little guy. it's so beautiful, it really is. and we're the only ones here. but there is one spot beyond compare. >> we're going to get to the falls any second now. >> reporter: the mighty murchison falls. >> it's like a rip in the earth. >> reporter: water plummeting 140 feet through a narrow cravas cravasse. our guide is in awe. >> from here, it travels all the way through northern africa, sustaining so many lives, animal, and eco systems that
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depend so much on the nile. >> reporter: for "nightline," gloria riviera. thanks for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow, and as always, we're on good night. robert: hey, wrapping presents? debra: yeah. tie, huh? whoa, jazzy. yeah, it's for ray. hey, everybody. hey, my brother! good to see you, my brother. all right, comome on. don't ever do that unless i on fire. even then, ask first.
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so, are we going away on a golf weekend or what? yes, we are. i spoke to my connection in myrtle beach. he pulled a couple strings. we're in. oh, this is going to be beautiful. i'm going to buy a new pair of plaid pants. what do you mean?to check what? you said we're in.t first. you haven't asked debra yet, have you? not yet, but i'm just -- i'm laying the foundation, okay? it's a whole process, man. you got to make this happen for me. i need something to look forward to in my soup-for-one life. i know. it just -- it requires a little finagling. oh, god, what are you going to do? don't worry your large rectangular head. okay, i got to go pick up the kids. hey, deb. hi. aw, you look nice. i'm totally gross. i haven't had a chance to shower yet. ah, you'd never know iknt.


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