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tv   Washington Business Report  ABC  November 16, 2014 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> business news from the capital region. this is "washington business report," wh abc national correspondent rebecca cooper. .> thank you for joining us today the man behind the biggest development on d.c.'s waterfront. an our one-on-one, his secret to breaking new business ground. and getting attention for y you, andrew brand. t that the two top mines for washington business are here. federal''t realalize the government controls 90% washington property in washington dc.c. lot -- long long legged behind others.
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our next guest t d a vision for a huge waterfront park. he had to get approval from more than t two dozen agencies. testhe needed congress to three e lalaws for his plan to become reality.. his good guy approach has worked for him. he explained how would we sat down with him one-on-one. >> welcome to washingtoton business report. tell us about your background. how did you u get into this business? father was a contractor, so i grew up in n the constructn 84 andmoved down here in moved in with a couple of friends from college. rightable to get a job away and that worked out well. them.ound 10 years with
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in the early 90's i decided i wanted to go off on my own. partner, wey started the company in 1993. that time there was a mass exodus of people leaving the district of columbia. it was the crack cocaine epidemic. we regularly have people stealing our tools and selli it back to us. a police officer was shot in the front yard of one of the sites we were on. be considered for this project but you have been primarily been a registered- you have primarily been a residential builder. from the beginning this was the vision, even though so few pepeople t thought it uld be the reality. i would characterize e this
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rather than a project that has a community. morgan, intoadams old town alexandria. we were in all of these different areas. it wasn't just residential. it was all established neighborhood-based. project isular really a community. were a lot of skill sets and preparation those prior 15 years or 16 years. >> let's talk about what you look for or your top and overall employees. prefer a personality willing to go the distance? te me which personality best suits your needs.
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>> each of those are extremes and extremes are not appealing to me. i look for someone of f high intellect and high moral values,s such that of we don't have to go back and forth onon values. those are dna aspects. i think you are trying to achieve things the right way. we are not worried about our partners making money. >> you have this nice guy demeanor. >> when you are doing urban development in washington, i think this is a small town and people know reputations.
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the brokerage community knows it. >> what are you most excited about? what are you most excited to do? them excited to see opening of it and the people coming in and enjoying it. >> you want to hop in on one of the votes? >> i am in long term. >> making a big mark in washington dc.c. thank you for joining us. thank you. intrie as a tool for business sucssss and the roundtable. what it means for our region.
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>> it is part of a business plan, building its own brand is pivotal. but how do you re above e crowd? the answer is intrigue. she likes to p point out data shows even goldfish have a longerttention span than any human. marissa is here e with more, auththor and expert on creating intrigue for your brd and your business. ladies, wewelcome. you are a s selling autr and you have a new book in 2015. there is some of the secret sauce being saved. what can you share with us today?
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iyou don't have a compmpetitive edge don't compet. >> what do you think he meant by that? >> it is easy to get lost in that crowd. here is your qck tip on how you can stand out. ask youourself what is my purpo, get new customers. who is my person? what arere her problems? she cannotind a cab in rus hour. she cannot find a cab in the in. now cocome to premise. why does it have to be that wa then you come up with product. we believe in this smuch we will give you money back guararantee.
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all of a suddeden you are one-of-a-kind inset of one of many. >> one of the things you are good at is thnaming. expert, great name. are some of t the ways you have used her strate for business? >> sam is e ofy longest t titime literary members. of that one of my all-time favorite thingss a writ >> so many gooideas driving in the mimile of the night. >> here's another one, she once shared a story about a tinyy little dog that is struggling in the middle of the ocean. that onecared about
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dog because people zerero in on the e specific problems. is something i always used in my strategi. at are their specific problems, who am i targeting, what is thspecific proposition i am trying to cmunite? those are two ways sam has changed my life. > they cannot all be as cute and lovable. you h he a whole ok that has been a bestseller. gave e peoplewewe fr around the world and opportunity to jump the cane -- jump the chain of commandnd and pitch h to decision-makers. they would all ask the same question, what is your book about?
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so i help people get their message in 60 seconds or less. i am the p pitch coach from springboard enterprise. here's kathleen. she says i have good newews and bad nenews. i'm pitching to a room full of investorors in new york. she said, i'm goioing at 230 in the afternoon. >> 1 10 minutes s can be enough. secondsdsyohave 60 heres a 62nd opening that get all of our viviewers -- they can use thihis for their business. 1.8 alien vaccinations a are gin every y year. are given through
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used needles. imagine if they were paying us for a fraction othe current cost. then come in with your p prerect and evevidence to show it is n speculative. >> this is busininess is not ony over t country but in the world ringing you in. what is one message youould share withth others inerms of pitch? >> one of the most important things of any business center is to always stay in a blue ocean.. you have done what you suested. yoursese and you will always be able to deliver value.
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>> we lookok forward too those - thank you for joining us. >> time is an money we will keep it quick. >> well done. whenen we come back, what to expect from marylaland's gogove? there are some challenges. all th and more in our rounroable.
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, it is time for the round table. inne some of the top minds
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business to tell us what to expectrorom the region's west elected officials. todayay, president and ceo of the greater washington boboard. gentmen, welcome to you both. you just unveiled is year's class. we even had a few on the show. >> great event this weekek. all of the informationon is on r website. >> let''s talk about another man who means business. lots of challenges an opportunitieies that face new mayor.r. whatre thehe tophings she during the election that youd do actually think she might be able toto pull off? >> i am not sure she promised much in a siness community.
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what tot to figure out do with the restst of the streetcar plan. >> we e heard a loof talk about propoposals for xes in theast city councncil. we heard about what they need to is to be a more businesss friendly city. whwhat do you think she needs to follow through on? >> certainly being ethical. remove that clcloud and give her restored confidence and people willing to invest in the district and the region. she does have to adju the affordability of housing and then t the homeless situation in the district of columbia. people need places to live and sleeeep.
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that certainly has implications for the busine community bu overall from the perception of business and quality of life in the e district, those are two tp items. >> we were here on election night. very close to larry hogan. he was hopeful but not convinc they were e going to pupull it . of p promises when it comes to businesses, taxes, the economy. >>e only ran on one issue. it was repealingng the 40 tax increases fromhe om our rep. if you ask me what he can and can't do it is going to be both of euros. there are democrats who realize
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the tax burden has gotten too big for businesses and in general. way facing a deficit like the state is that he is going to be able to make all those promises. >> i ltened to some of the political analysts placed in baltimore. african-amican voters in baltimore said they neverer reay felt-- they never really like they knew antnthony bwn and he lost all credibility when he promised no new taxes. they felt like you codn't do that in a state ththat is facing so many different deficit pressures. which do you think maybe they are here to ststay? he underestimated the concerns associatewith the economy,y, the number of regulations and tax increases. itid keep business from thinking about maryland.
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his hands full with the legislature but he is going to have to keep good that he is going -- it cannot be done by fiat. he needs to work wh the legislatures. we can't just be business friend. series ofg to bebe a lots of things all ktted togeth and certainly working with the legislator to make that happen. >> if you sat t down with him tomorrorow would you cite specic taxes that focus on those and are ther certain os to leave alone? hin --e tbe advising advisi him on number of things. ey are a baltimore maryland company y so that wod be a signal.
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marianne, lockheed, and the rest. you can cut some taxes that will generate some growth. they have low energy cts. d do something to spur the development o technology. i will also say that soundg youwhat counterintuitivee have to invest in the purple line and red line in b baltimor. if there is any delay on them it wi throw a wet towel on the development in the state of maryland. >> what is in other take away from the election that people should be paying a attention to? >> symbolically it is huge. it wasn't ite as much as a surpri.
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heasas able to accomplish a a l. he had a lot more political experience than larry hogan. will be interesting to watch this unknown character, whether he can have what you need in an annapolis. >> i have been a naysayer. he has proven me wrong i in onef the top finalists in the nation. how do you rate our chances getting into olympics? >> if you look at the history of where it has been before and what we e have to offer and we could offefer without billing a whe lot more > are you convinced of the advantages and disadvantages? >> absolutely. >> i have been a nyer on cost make t the case for our audienc.
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a lot of business leaders are following. what are you telling people? >> we have a very strong board put togethe to make this happen in t the greater washington are. olyics come t to o the greater washington it will be 30 yeyears since the olympics has been held in the unitestates. all of the big funders are u.s. companies. l.a. has had it twice. we have wonderful venues. this is our time. you for joining us. we will be right back.
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>> thank you for joining us. u have lots of ways to connec to washington business report. chececk out all of the extra content we offer on our facebook page. follow u us on twiwitter and atc 7 rebecca. watch all of our interviews on the butte jl
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>> this week. >> they are trying every day t hack into the system. >> federal officials put the final touches on healthcare.v. we d detailed the improvements d possible pitfalls. >> the breaches cost the companies hundreds of millions of dollars. they all started with a sisingle e-mail.ous >> what it t takes to stop them. >> it still has expanded authorities for chi information officers, but nowhere near what we envisioned. >> will the defense spending bill included? "government matters" starts right now. from abc 7 and news channel 8, this is "government matters." >> to our viewers around the


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