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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 23, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. major meltdown. the massive snowfall that's collapsing roofs now threatening to cause huge flooding, but there's still tons more digging to do. >> can you imagine living like this? >> our rob marciano pitching in to help as severe weather hits across america sending planes skidding on frozen runways. bracing for a decision. >> all: no justice, no peace. >> as we wait for word from the grand jury in ferguson, the mother of shooting victim michael brown hits the streets to call for calm. >> i don'tant nobody to get hurt. >> barricades and boards going up around town and what we are learning now about that grand jury. season's thievings, caught on camera, packages being stolen off front porches all across america.
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>> we're talking about the grinch here who literally stole christmas. >> why this is happening more than ever and how to make sure you get your holiday delivery. ♪ and is this the world's saddest christmas tree? the people in one american city complaining about their spindly spruce. >> it just reminds me of charlie brown. >> now the mayor under pressure to produce a yuletide upgrade. >> hey, good morning, everybody. let's get straight to our top story. the weather whiplash in much of america. >> but nowhere is the change more dramatic than in hard-hit buffalo, new york, where after days of fierce and fatal snowfall, they are now looking at a whole different kind of problem, a big warm-up, which will melt all that snow and produce potentially dangerous and devastating flooding. >> as of right now, though, that massive snowpack is very much in
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place, which poses a giant logistical problem for the hometown nfl team, the buffalo bills, who have had to move their game. some of the players even hitching rides to the airport on snowmobiles. you can see it right there. meteorologist rob marciano is covering all of this from ralph wilson stadium. rob, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, dan. we are about ten degrees warmer today than we were yesterday so some melting of the snow but as you can see behind me there's just way too much in ralph wilson stadium to have a football game being played today and moved it tomorrow. i guess it would help if there was a roof on that but that's been a big problem because roofs have been pushed to the limit and many have failed. you're looking at 1 of nearly 30 roof collapses just south of buffalo, new york, this week under the weight of nearly 80 inches of snow, and as the rain begins to fall, residents fear flooding and more collapses on the way. take a look. the weight of the snow cracking glass and window panes.
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and as for the roads, they started digging that car out but what's the sense? this road hasn't been touched. can you imagine living like this for six days and counting? residents unable to climb over the compact snow and ice are cut off from food and medicine. this man turned to his tractor and plow when his wife's water broke. >> you have got to be kidding me. like what are we going to do? i'm like, only one thing in my mind. >> reporter: driving in whiteout conditions to the nearest hospital. >> the baby decides to come early, middle of the blizzard, unbelievable. [ sirens ] >> reporter: this is one of the few roads in south buffalo that is clear. main reason, it's the way to the hospital. hundreds of volunteers stepping up in the city of good neighbors armed with snow shovels. stronger than the guys of buffalo. right? still snowed out of their home stadium the buffalo bills will play their not so home game in detroit. some of the players so snowed in, they were hitching rides on snowmobiles to make the
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flight. as the icy weather sets in highways becoming dangerously slick an riddled with mangled cars from michigan to pennsylvania. even runways so slick from ice this delta flight to detroit skidding into a ditch on landing. no one was hurt. we did have a brief period of freezing rain in buffalo yesterday but have since warmed and rain overnight and this parking lot has puddles in it and more puddles to come. our flood watches have been now upgraded to flood warnings, a number of creeks and tributaries will go into flood stage in the next 24 hours, that is going to be a huge issue as all of this snow continues to melt. we'll see temperatures warm dramatically. take a look at this map into the 60s leer across western new york tomorrow and 10 to 15 degrees above average and above where we are today. 70s and 80s elsewhere. big warm-up. paula. >> rob, those folks not getting a break. thank you. we'll check in with you a little bit later. and now to ferguson, missouri. the country is on edge awaiting a decision from the grand jury. they are deciding whether to charge a white police officer in
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the shooting death of an unarmed black teen. so, how close are they to reaching a decision? abc's alex perez is in ferguson with a time line as the city braces for more violent protests. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula, the grand jury expected back here at the justice center to continue their work tomorrow. now, michael brown's mother hitting the streets of ferguson pleading for peace. >> all: no justice, no peace. >> reporter: overnight michael brown's mother attending a special march on the street where brown was killed calling for peace and justice. >> i don't want nobody getting hurt. you see what i'm saying? because when i walk in the courtroom i want all y'all with me. >> reporter: we now know the grand jury will not resume its work until monday. nearing its final decision will bring bigger and more violent clashes between protesters and  police. many business owners here taking no chances boarding up their windows ahead of a possible grand jury announcement.
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triundis sleet says her beauty salon sat nearly empty since august whe protesters here began demanding officer darren wilson be charged for the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown. >> people are scared to come. >> reporter: over the weekend authorities putting up barricades outside the st. louis county justice center where the grand jury has been meeting since august 20th. nine white, three black, seven men, five women reflecting the racial makeup of the county will need nine votes to indict wilson on murder or manslaughter charges. prosecutors have said due to the unique nature and high profile of the case jurors have had three months of complete access to evidence and witnesses with any connection to the investigation including testimony from officer wilson himself in september and dr. michael baden, the forensic pathologist asked by the brown family to perform an independent autopsy. >> the d.a. is trying to present a case that if there is no indictment, they can say, look, it was them. >> reporter: prosecutors insisting on transparency hoping
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to eliminate any doubts when the grand jury finally reaches a decision. and as we await that grand jury decision, the st. louis county police department says their officers have switched over to 12-hour shifts hoping to be ready to deal with anything should it come up. dan. >> everyone trying to get ready for this decision. alex perez on the ground, thank you. let's bring in abc news chief anchor, george stephanopoulos who talked to president obama about the situation in ferguson in an exclusive interview that will air in full later this morning on "this week." good morning, sir. >> hi, dan. >> so when you talked to him, he called for calm. we know that but i guess i'm trying to get a sense from you of how worried they are behind the scenes about this and what, if anything, the administration can do to stop violence. >> they've been worried for quite a while. that's why you've seen the attorney general talk about the situation as well and talk to the governor, jay nixon and the fbi putting out a report warning of violence around the country in the wake of this but they don't know a whole lot more about what's going on inside the grand jury than anyone else. the president is considering whether to go there after the fact depending on what unfolds
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on the ground, but they're doing everything they can now just to urge calm. >> so there may be a presidential visit at some point. let me switch gears and talk to you about hillary clinton because i know you asked the president about what his working relationship may be with hillary assuming she runs for president. he didn't quite confirm she is running but he did talk about their relationship. >> oh, yeah, and he talked about how he expected to work with hillary or any democratic candidate going forward although certainly does seem she's the -- you know, going full steam ahead towards a run right now. one of the most interesting things he said is that he understands how people will be looking for what he called a fresh new car smell the next time around but also he in a way gave his blessing to hillary or any democrat, you know, to create some distance from him, to bang him around if they need to. he knows that may be necessary for any democratic candidate, but he also said, and this is very important to him, it is very important to him to try to get a democrat to succeed him and lock in what he thinks are the gains of his two terms.
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>> right, so he's willing to take some dings to his ego in order to secure his legacy. >> exactly. >> george, thank you very much. we should remind you that george has a big show. you can see all of his wide-ranging and exclusive interview with president obama and they will, of course, talk about the president's controversial immigration initiative coming up later this morning on "this week" right here on abc. george, thank you. >> thanks, dan. >> we'll be watching. we move to the crisis on campus after a very disturbing sexual assault allegation at one of america's most prominent colleges, the university of virginia. the school is now cracking down on all uva fraternities after an outcry that they failed to respond strongly enough in the first place, and abc's bazi kanani is right there. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, paula. a quieter weekend here fraternity row, all of the university of virginia's fraternities suspend as the president calls for a criminal investigation and serious change to protect students. overnight protesters in place of partyers at the university of
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virginia's fraternity houses voicing outrage over the school's handling of sexual assault cases. >> it's been anger that this is happening and a little bit of shame. >> reporter: several angry protests this week sparked by a scathing "rolling stone" article. an 18-year-old freshman telling the magazine the devastating story of her alleged rape by seven young men at a phi kappa psi fraternity in 2012. >> these are our students, both the victims and the perpetrators. >> reporter: now the university is taking bolder action suspending all fraternities and their events for the rest of wai this semester. its president writing in a statement, "we can demand that incidents like those described in 'rolling stone' never happen and that that if they do the responsible are held accountable to the law." the university of virginia just 1 of 86 schools nationwide now under federal investigation over
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the handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints. president obama launching a task force in may to address alarming rates of sexual assault on american campuses at private and public institutions like dartmouth, princeton and ohio state university. here in virginia, the state's attorney general is appointing a special investigator, and governor terry mcauliffe is calling for a zero tolerance policy to combat sexual assault. paula, dan. >> bazi, thank you. we were talking about that article in "rolling stone." if those allegations are true, quite bothersome. >> it's a huge problem all over the country right now. all right. bazi kanani, once again, thank you. let's turn to ron claiborne for a look at the other top stories this morning. good morning, sir. >> good morning to you, dan harris, paula faris and rachel smith. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news overnight former washington, d.c. mayor marion barry has died. the four-term mayor and current d.c. council member
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died in a d.c. hospital saturday night. in 1990 as mayor he went to prison on cocaine charges caught on video smoking crack. and then he staged an astounding political comeback by being elected mayor again four years later. marion barry was 78 years of age. we also have breaking news right now out of london. a train station, an underground station has been evacuated because of a fire that broke out in the front carriage of a train. it happened at the cherring cross station. the fire has now been put out but firefighters are dealing with smoke which has spread to an adjacent hotel. no injuries have been reported there. staying overseas, combat missions for u.s. troops in afghanistan have been extended. afghanistan's parliament overwhelmingly approved a bilateral security agreement allowing international troops to stay in the country beyond the end of this year. this comes amid a renewed offensive by taliban militants. american troops will be allowed to target taliban fighters if they are threatening u.s. soldiers or providing support for al qaeda. the deal will not affect the
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overall number of troops in afghanistan. and in cleveland, a 12-year-old boy is in serious condition after being shot by a police officer. the boy who was inside of a recreational center saturday afternoon was apparently brandishing what turned out to be a fake gun. a man who watched the boy playing with the gun called 911. >> the guy keeps pulling it in and out of his pants. it's probably fake but it's scaring the [ bleep ] out of me." >> the boy never made any verbal threats. island air owned by larry ellison is facing christmas bonus backlash. pilots are outraged after being asked, asked to give back a4,000 christmas bonus that they got. airline officials say the bonuses were supposed to be paid out once the company received a new fleet of aircraft. but that aircraft shipment has now been delayed until next summer and the airline officials say they will restore the bonuses if they give them back at that time. and finally one of the most recognizable pieces of hollywood memorabilia is going up for auction.
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♪ if i were king of the forest >> you remember that. that's the cowardly lion's costume from the movie classic "wizard of oz." it will be put up for bid tomorrow in new york city. the owner, a collector hopes to fetch a seven-figure price. the record, by the way, for hollywood memorabilia, can you guess from marilyn monroe. >> $25 million. >> 5.5 million bucks. not a lot of money to dan harris, maybe. but that was for marilyn monroe's white dress in "seven-year itch." >> wow! >> yeah, it's hanging on my wall. it looks good. >> get your bid in for the next one. okay? thank you, ron. >> that costume would be great to have. >> cheap at twice the price. >> well, it is that time, the holidays are upon us, the time to give unless you are a brazen thief. all across the country they are stealing packages from right off people's front door steps, and abc's linzie janis has details and tips to make sure it doesn happen to you.
8:15 am
linzie, i have a couple of ideas. >> good morning, paula. 'tis the season for shopping online and shipping gifts straight to your door. but for scrooges it's also the season for stealingle it's not even thanksgiving yet and these thieves are already hard at eck it out. these videos captured on home security cameras across the country show grinches trying to ruin your holiday. >> the worst thing you can do is let a package sit out all day and night because you never know when a would-be thief might do their own christmas shopping off your front porch. >> reporter: watch as this woman walks onto this front porch near detroit late wednesday and boldly snatches a fedex package. it's happening in broad daylight too. this man walking onto a porch in houston earlier this month. a cigarette in his mouth as he makes off with a large box. >> they prey upon, you know, watching that delivery person, all they have to do is see the truck pull up and they know there's going to be a package somewhere. >> reporter: in tennessee this woman approaches a front door,
8:16 am
moments later scurries off with a box under each arm then quickly drives off in her car. >> we're talking about the grinch here who literally stole christmas from little kids. >> reporter: it's an ongoing problem for police during the holiday season. one report estimates most of those little brown boxes left on our doorsteps are worth $28 throughout the year. but as christmas approaches, with the average package worth $124. for police, videos like this one crucial to stopping grinches in their tracks. in philadelphia, you can see this woman casually walking up to a home, stealing a package, then just as casually walking away. apparently it's so convenient in philadelphia, this man is able to do it with one hand while holding his 1-year-old daughter in the other. so here's some tips from police on how to make sure this doesn't happen to you. first always get a tracking number so when you know when your package will arrive. then if you aren't going to be home, ask a friend or a neighbor get it for you.
8:17 am
if possible, have items sent to your work and if you're sending a package to someone, pay that extra money to have a delivery that requires a signature. it takes all the convenience out of it, bah humbug. >> it does. but still. >> how brazen of that thief to carry his little child. >> i know. what kind example for the kid. it's ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous. >> a bad one. thank you. >> linzie, thank you. we'll move to a christmas story of a less menacing but slightly more pathetic variety. here's the question, is this right here the saddest christmas tree in the united states of america? perhaps even the world. many people in reading, pennsylvania, say emphatically, yes. so what are they going to do about it? abc's rachel smith who is in for sara haines this weekend is on the story. good morning. >> good morning. the saddest? that poor thing. but it seems like a scene from the holiday classic "a charlie brown christmas" playing out in real life. residents in a pennsylvania community outraged over the town's christmas tree. ♪ >> i'll take this tree home and decorate it. >> reporter: when it comes to this tree, the town of reading,
8:18 am
pennsylvania, might disagree, mr. brown. >> there's a squirrel looking for a place to live in the winter, it won't even go on to this tree. >> it does look pitiful. very sad. >> reporter: complaints are pouring in and the consensus is clear. it may be tall but it's sparse and the needles continue to fall off. >> it just reminds me of charlie brown. >> i think it needs me. >> reporter: the city council president is hoping for a christmas miracle. he started a fund to track down a new tanenbaum. >> so, hopefully we'll be able to have a beautiful main street appropriate tree. >> reporter: this lackluster lighting may have disappointed residents but 'tis the season to be jolly, merry and bright. >> three, two, one. >> not even a squirrel would live there, really. it's got to be -- >> best line ever. >> who picked that out? you know like how did that process go? >> it was, yeah, it was a backup tree allegedly. so community officials are
8:19 am
hoping for a redo next weekend actually, and the town's sprucier spruce in all will cost them around $5,000. they've already raised a thousand but in all $5,000. it's like a costly spruce. >> charlie brown might donate a little bit of money. >> i mean i think the lighting just needed a little help with the lighting, you know. >> a lot of help. >> the spirit of christmas, not necessarily the tree. maybe we should all rewatch charlie brown. right? >> very positive. i think rob marciano is in the spirit of the season. he's surrounded by a lot of snow for certain right now outside of buffalo. >> yeah, how can you not be? right, although temperatures are in the 40s right now. went from, you know, you have that snow to get you in the spirit then you got that rain afterwards and it's a little bit yucky for a lack of a better word and for a lot of people we've been reporting in buffalo it's just a downright nightmare. all right, one of the reasons it's warming up here today is because we have this very strong system that is causing severe weather across parts of the south.
8:20 am
take a look at this out of weimar, texas. yesterday severe storms there rolling through. thankfully no tornadoes but heavy, heavy rainfall. hydroplaning on some of the roadways there, a number of car accidents and in austin they got an inch of rain and in 15 minutes and there were water rescues in that area. all right. the severe weather threat today pushes off to the east. so now we're looking at tallahassee, the florida panhandle to be under the gun and tap gulf of mexico moisture as well. anywhere from new orleans to savannah up through wilmington is where the threat for severe weather, maybe a few tornadoes and certainly some flash flooding because there's going to be a lot of moisture with this over 3 inches of rainfall potentially across parts of southeast. santa ana winds blowing and fire danger high. some rain across the
8:21 am
>> thanks, rob. coming up on "gma," an ex-sheriff's deputy arrested for killing his wife nearly three years ago in a case originally ruled a suicide. why her family says they knew it was murder. and oscar winner, angelina jolie dropping a bombshell in a new interview about her future on the big screen. a special honor for superstar taylor swift. we'll be right back. ♪ shake it off shake it off >> "good morning america" is brought to you by the cuisinart coffee plus water. savor the good life. ca" brought to you by kwecuisinart. savor the good life.
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>> live from abc seven broadcast center, this is an abc seven news update. >> good morning. i am jeff goldberg. death of adcthe councilmember and mayor for life overnight at the age of 70 years old.
8:28 am
marion barry. this happened after barry had been released from howard university hospital on saturday and was said to be doing well. continuingwe're coverage on this situation. a quick update on the weather. 59, and then rain tonight, almost springlike temperatures tomorrow. >> thanks. continuing coverage on the passing of marion barry on abc
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, america, from the american music awards. get ready. dale. ♪ >> dale, which we learned means like good-bye? >> yeah, like done. >> so that is pitbull giving us a shoutout during rehearsals where tonight the amas, the american music awards, he's hosting for the second year in a row. coming up a preview of today's big show and only on "gma," the big name performing tonight. it's so big, i don't even know. >> only on "gma," only on "gma" paula faris will use the term dale in a sentence. >> don't know what it means. also coming up, the camera loves as we all know angelina jolie but is the feeling mutual making surprising comments this morning on where she may be taking her career. that's coming up a little bit later. first we'll take a fresh look at the death of a young woman, how it went from a suicide to a murder.
8:31 am
>> ashley fallis' mother never believed her daughter would want to kill herself and when police took another look at the case, they were ready to make an arrest, and abc's tom llamas has more. >> my wife just shot herself in the head. please help me. please help me. >> reporter: that's the voice of tom fallis telling a 911 operator his wife committed suicide. for two years investigators thought she took her own life but this morning, her husband tom is sitting in jail accused of her murder. police re-opening the investigation in april after new witness testimony came to light. >> shock, elation, sadness, it encompasses every emotion you could possibly have. >> reporter: ashley's mother says from the get-go she believed her son-in-law, a former colorado corrections deputy, was the one who pulled the trigger. >> i didn't shoot my wife. >> reporter: the shooting happening new year's day, 2012 in ft. collins, colorado. police say four agencies
8:32 am
initially agreed it was a suicide. >> the forensic analysis done did not support any indication that tom was in proximity of ashley when the shot was fired. >> reporter: but denver tv station kdvr working with the family took a closer look at the case obtaining the 911 calls along with this police interrogation video -- >> why would you tell me you got off of her? >> i wasn't on her. >> reporter: the tv station spoke with neighbors of the couple, one said they heard ashley screaming. another said they overheard tom confessing to the crime but police say those testimonies never made it into the police record. the new revelations leading to a grand jury investigation indicting tom fallis on second degree murder charges. according to the indictment, the 34-year-old became irate at the end of that new year's eve paparty, stormed into the maste bedroom, grabbed a 9 millimeter handgun and shot his wife. tom fallis' attorney says he's innocent. >> this was a series of nightmares for ashley's parents. they just knew their daughter, she was a very happy, young
8:33 am
mother with three children and the idea that she would somehow decide to commit suicide, they would never accept it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> a wild and really sad story and those interrogation tapes are quite something. >> they are quite telling. >> absolutely. >> let's head back over to ron for another look at the stories we're following. >> hi again, paula and dan, rachel. good morning, everybody. we begin in ferguson, missouri, where a grand jury in the michael brown shooting case is expected to resume its deliberations tomorrow. overnight michael brown's mother attending a special march on the street where her son was killed calling for peace and justice, meanwhile, authorities put up barricades outside of the st. louis county justice center where the grand jury is deliberating. and the university of virginia has suspended all fraternity activities for the rest of the semester, this after a student told "rolling stone" about her alleged rape by a group of men at one of the fraternities there in 2012.
8:34 am
pope francis called for an end of the isolation and stigma of those living with autism spectrum disorders. the pope met with children with autism and their parents saturday and got extra hugs and kisses from one of the children. and finally, imagine this, a sleepover inside the clubhouse of your favorite baseball team. some kids from the children's hospital in philadelphia grabbed their sleeping bags and pjs for one unforgettable night, that night included movies, pizza and several rounds in the batting cage, but that was all a buildup to the big moment, a pillow fight with the phillies mascot, who everybody knows who is named the phillies fanatic. f-a-a-n-a-t-i-c. a man bought the package and donated it to the hospital anonymously. that would be very cool to do. >> in a clubhouse, let's hope they put air freshener in there. >> season's over. >> spoken like a former sports reporter. >> it's just the obvious. i'm just saying. buffalo, new york and meteorologist rob marciano who
8:35 am
has been covering what is a crazy, crazy week for the folks in that area, heavy snow now followed by a warm-up. rob, take it away. >> yeah, well, you know we're at ralph wilson stadium where they moved the buffalo bills game tomorrow night in detroit and speaking of mascot, i have not seen any buffaloes roaming around here. it is warmer today, though. one of the reasons it's warmer today and will be tomorrow again is because of the severe they and the heavy rain that's moving across the south. want to start you off there and we will see a severe threat from new orleans all the way to wilmington and heavy rain and here's how it times out. temperatures in the 60s and 70s, over 3 inches in some spots and pushes off towards the north and east and here's how it times out for the buffalo area and new york. we'll be in the 40s today but we're probably going to add 15 degrees to that tomorrow because that warm front will come through tonight and when the rain arrives, sometime after midnight and the rain could be heavy at times. that will add to the misery, potentially flooding as we go through tomorrow. big-time snow out west.
8:36 am
a couple feet of fresh powder and some heavy winds, maybe 60 miles an hour on some of the mountaintops. hey, let's talk about thanksgiving and the wednesday/thursday forecast watching closely potentially a storm that rides out the eastern seaboard. no doubt about some colder air coming in behind it and dry across parts of the southwest. >> this weather report brought to you by kay jewelers. they have removed 220,000 tons of snow from this parking lot. from inside of the stadium and the practice facilities, but that's still not enough, guys. back to you. >> that means they could use your help, rob. >> yes. rob, we miss you. >> pitch in. >> we miss you. come back in from the cold next weekend. we want you right here on the desk. >> in the cozy studio. >> thank you, finally.
8:37 am
we'll see you then. >> thank you. and coming up on "good morning america," we're talking turkey in "pop news." what it takes to burn off that big meal. or you could not care. >> you know what, i don't want to know. also coming up, taylor swift's big night at the american music awards. what she'll be doing and one secret revealed about the award with her name on it. >> just one secret. >> one big one. ♪ shake it off shake it off ...a pebble. some males, however... are smarter than others. diamonds in rhythm. its continuous motion catches light from every angle. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. and apparently antarctica. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. this weekend only, it's our better than black friday sale. save up to 60% storewide at kay. sir, we're loaded and getting ready to go... ...we're going to need you on the runway.
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♪ he says he gets nervous for this night. but i don't him. that's pitbull, pitbull warming up to host one of the biggest nights in music. just hours from now, the american music awards where the fans get to pick the winners. >> i would love to be one of those dancers and be able to move like that but that's never going to happen. >> that could happen. >> i have zero moves. this year taylor swift is on tap to get the first award of its kind and only on "gma," the big star ready to perform tonight and here's abc's cameron mathison. ♪ hey yeah >> reporte explosively entertaining, we are behind the scenes of the american music awards with an exclusive preview of the only show where the fans vote for the winners. >> i know i'm going to be around the best talent in the world when i'm here. ♪ >> reporter: pitbull hitting up
8:42 am
the stage in dress rehearsal and stepping into the spotlight to host the 40th annual amas tonight on abc. the first ever dick clark award for excellence will be given to the queen of catchy choruses taylor swift by the one and only diana ross. >> actually love that new taylor swift record, it's amazing. so to be able to watch her perform live, that's going to be a whole lot of fun. >> reporter: and lorde, the musical masterbehind behind the soundtrack of the number one movie in the world, "the hunger games: mockingjay, part 1" will hit the stage with the film's hit single "yellow flicker beat." ♪ and this is going to -- >> reporter: jennifer lopez and iggy azalea's assets also set to grace the stage. ♪ big big booty about you got i big boot? ♪ >> reporter: their backsides bewildering tv execs who want to avoid an on-air derriere disaster.
8:43 am
>> it's going to be hard to outdo iggy & j. lo's booties. >> reporter: magic! teaming up for a rare collaboration giving us a sneak peek during sound check. ♪ why you have to be so rude >> not everybody knows how to arrange that but i think the amas have figured that out. ♪ don't stop the party >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> okay, and something that we should point out exclusively is that lorde will be performing her song from "the hunger games." what's it called? >> "yellow flicker beat." it's really good. i'm a big lorde fan. i think she's really good. >> you do love the lord -- i mean lorde. >> she's 17 years old. >> looks like it's going -- >> not going to take the bait on that. >> it's going to be a great night. you catch the awards live at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. >> and we should say that the host of the big night, pitbull will be performing right here on "gma" tomorrow morning. you do not want to miss that and
8:44 am
what's his little tag word? >> dale. >> dale. >> i thought it was darling but it's dale which means i'm done. >> drop the mike. >> i just dropped a pen. anyway, coming up on "good morning america," is angelina jolie about to make a major career change? what she's saying this morning that's straight ahead with rachel in "pop news." ♪ >> dale! wiblack friday deals!coolest like 50% off all toys. a keurig elite brewer - just $99.99. nutribullet - only $79.99 after rebate. save on the kitchenaid artisan stand mixer. take 10 to 20% off all fragrance. and cashmere sweaters are just $34.99. plus - only once a year - get $15 kohl's cash for every 50 spent! kohl's black friday starts 6pm thursday! find your yes. kohl's. only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out,
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♪ sara haines is out this weekend. no big deal. she's just getting married. but we're very happy and lucky to have rachel smith with us. >> thank you.i:fn$@ >> delighted to be here. i've got a nice variety for you. first up, the shocking news about angelina jolie. is she ready to give up acting? well, not just yet. but in the story featured in
8:48 am
the latest "du jour" magazine, jolie reveals she's never been comfortable as an actor or in front of a camera. she's much happier as a director and hopes to make that her next career. >> doesn't show. >> not at all. >> she's great as an actor. >> talented at everything. >> check this out, guys, when asked whether she'd give up acting her response, one worded, absolutely. her latest turn as director and producer is the war drama "unbroken" opening christmas day. >> can't wait to see that. read the book, it's phenomenal. >> i want to get the book in first. next up a piece of music history on the auction block. anything from the beatles as you can imagine fetches big bucks and this item is no different. take a look at the guitar that once belonged to the late john lennon. he used the guitar during the recording session for "paperback writer" at the abbey road studios in london in 1966. it could fetch, guys, close to a million dollars, and lennon's cousin is selling it.
8:49 am
he says he asked the singer to borrow or to get a spare guitar from him and being the good cousin he was, he gave it to him. >> it's cheaper than the cowardly lion's outfit. >> yes. >> probably. >> we don't know. that has yet to be bid upon. >> both of them, yes, exactly. and one of the most romantic couples on the planet is showing off their picture perfect vaca, the pair, well, none other than singer john legend and his wife model chrissy teigen on a safari. check out the pics. chrissy very excited to spot some elephants from her jeep. she looks mighty cute in the hat too and john posing with an elephant family in the background and a few lions. chrissy snagging a few with lions. >> lying there on its side. >> everyone is just looking at her. >> rocking those antlers. the two are in south africa for legend's "all of me" tour. >> who looks that good on a safari? she does. >> they're such a great couple. >> did you guys notice the animals in the background? >> the lion was on its side
8:50 am
and it looked like it was dead. >> looks like a fashion set. >> you asked. i answered. >> yeah, you can always count on ron claiborne to just throw a little grenade right at the discussion. ron, appreciate it. love ya. >> let's love on to a little thanksgiving talk. it's definitely my favorite holiday. i cannot deny my mom's stuffing. i love -- i mean -- >> yum. >> delish, delish. but maybe were you thinking about how much stuffing i'll be indulging in, may be the key word but check this out. the typical thanksgiving dinner runs up to 4500 calories. >> whoa. >> they're good calories. yeah, they are. they're worth it. >> that's twice the amount you should take in every day. who's that guy? >> that's you. >> check this out. you would have to run 7.7 hours to burn off those calories, and it would take you to jersey or into new jersey. >> dan, you have great form. great form. >> it would take you to philly. >> and, paula, you would have to do some cycling for how about 15 hour, right, to work it off. >> okay. why did you give me a pink bike?
8:51 am
>> i think it's precious. it looks great. >> how come you took the training wheels off. >> ron, you would have to play basketball for 7.7 hours. >> what's wrong with your -- look at that arm. >> look at those feet. >> and i would have to squeeze into a bathing suit for a cool 10.6 hours of swimming. >> where's the graphic? >> the visual -- >> no, no graphic for that one. >> we'll be right back. keep it right here. >> can we see ron's again? keep it right here. >> can we see ron's again? t goo. beautiful. better, but no. it's your engagement, but this is my vow: with up to 10,000 loose diamonds and our amazing settings, i will help you create a one-of-a-kind ring that can only be described as... what's the word i'm looking for? perfect! that's the word. followed by one more. yes! and that's why he went to jared. the galleria of jewelry. let me get tyes?straight...
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"good morning america" is brought to you by voya financial, changing the way you think of retirement. >> breaking right now, we've got this new video coming in from the sara haines/max shifrin wedding. there's a still picture. we do have some video of their first dance. quite beautiful. this took place in the bahamas and she, as always, looks glowing and stunning, and we are
8:56 am
so, so happy for them. >> this is the video of their first dance as man and wife as mr. and mrs. shifrin. unless he's going to take her name and be mr. and mrs. haines. >> could, could. >> thanks again for watching, everybody. big congrats to sara and max. we'll see you next weekend. sara and max. see you next weekend. >> good morning. i am jeff goldberg. the big story of the day d.c. councilmember and mayor for life marion barry died overnight at the age of 78 years old. midnighthortly after at united medical center in southeast washington. this came after he had been
8:57 am
released from howard university hospital on saturday, and he is said to be doing ok. all day oncoverage our website. w jail thek not bitter cold for first time in 10 days. above-average. sunshine above arlington this morning. a big improvement over yesterday. 40 degrees in arlington. the wind is very light. today, we are headed to the mid-50's. 41 degrees at reagan national airport right now. you can see the clouds begin to encroach. they will thicken as we go through the day. rain is likely tonight. a near certainty. 55-59 today. we'll thought out of it. seasonably mild. late rain, rain overnight, breezy tonight quite mild in the low 50's out there.
8:58 am
tomorrow, almost springlike. open the windows. partly sunny and breezy cap -- breezy, unseasonably warm. tuesday, back into the 50's. adnesday, the big travel day, wintry mix is possible. i think a cold rain for us. >> thanks. for contemporary -- for continuing
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> business news from the capital region. this is "washington business report" with abc7 national correspondent rebecca cooper. [caponed by the national captioning institute which is responsible for its caion content and accuracy. visit] the is a lot to talk about this week. the gop says it is taking the president and obamacare to court. withesses side administration action on ininnovation, but want him to oo more. we will tackle it all in the roundtable. spotlight,l business tricks that work for you. this week, w we sat down with te of the mosted one recognizable names in online retail,


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