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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  November 23, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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the city has lost a huge chunk of its soul. we witness he, marion berry deal with a number of health issues and only to return to, tackle politics and, shortly after leaving the hospital, he collapsed, and died a short time later. when he was release l released from the hospital. tonight, as the tributes pour, in, the mayor for life, we look back at his leg today six including the ups-and-downs and, how he mounted, come back after come back. the tragic news of his death
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has started to spread in the overnight hours, and condolence sense come in, plans are underway far city wide remembrance and, we have team coverage of his career, in politics, and how he transformed the district. we begin, with sam, i'm standing in front of the big chair, a landmark, in his ward and, you can hear the noise, a number of people, gathered at his house, and took a march down martin luther king avenue to this spot, in his memory. he was loved by. in, dc, and we saw some of his closest friends and, several had talked had to berry by phone, after he was released from the hospital,. strong, and optimistic and, upbeat. he went to the bar and grill, for dinner and, when his
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driver brought him home, he just collapsed here on the steps, and, he was non-responsive. his driver and, a passenger by, called an ambulance, which took him to medical center, and he died, at 1:46, they couldn't believe he didn't make it. she donated her kidney. i'm shocked. unbelievable. you thought a lot of him. i loved him so much. we all did. there were people who had been with berry for years, and his godson. i felt like i lost a part rf me, and, a father and, a friend and, my godfather, and, the mayor for life is no longer here with us. who was mary on berry, he was a civil rights activist, who came here from memphis and, ran the place, elected mayor, four
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times. after the assassination nation, he emerged as a high profile community activists running a black self help group, and he was elected to a school board post. he justifying out how to get some power. and he was next elected to city council and, an inciden, to 1977, rocketed him, to prominence,. they took over the building and, they shot, marion berry and, the news reporter, who was killed. and the city negotiated an end to the takeovers and berry survived. the following year, berry was elected mayor of washington, dc. the early years were marked as a time of progress for dc black business, and city contracts, from single digits to
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more than a third and, he guaranteed, all youths, who wanted summer jobs and, his adminiphrasing suffered from 'daily news' stories, about his drug use. and then in january, 1990, he smoked crack cocaine, in an f.b.i. sting, and they used a old girlfriend and, arrested him. the next day, a wild scene, as the mayor of the nation's capitol, and his wife, arrived for arraignment, on misdemeanor charges of possession of crack cocaine. after a four-month prison sentence, he was back in politics. the city was in financial chaos, the feds put a control board and,er berry was but a figure head, and he returned to the council, representing eight, and, "dogged" by new scan delaware, drugs, money or women, he never regained his
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prominence,. we're back live, his friends said he was so anxious to get out of the hospital, h he was going to be on the network tonight, and she was doing a show on him, and have a watch party, and now they're going to have a watch party anyway, and alab that's at 9%, he won't be there and, also, his turkey give away, 3,000, and they will still give them away to the poor from union temple bap tit church, in his memory. reporting live, sam ford. thanks. he has been covering mayor berry for 3 decades,. president barak obama released a statement, it reads, make shell and i were saddened to hear of the passing of berry,
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he earned the love, and respect of countless washington. shortly after his death, they ordered flags lowered to half staff and, you can see it, a wilson, a place where berry spend a lot of time and tonight, we're hearing, about his legacy, and, now, continuing the coverage and, live, from the newsroom. the city loaders were at an event, and found themselves talking about the former mayor and, lives he impacted over the years. former mayor was admitted to the hospital, and released order saturday, after his spokesperson told us he wasn't feeling well, and vincent gray heard he had collapsed after leaving the hospital, he thought berry would overcome it, like most of the things he faced.
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i got call from his -- communications director, and he died. the civil rights activist, started his political career, school board member, and city council. and such a brilliant guy, he knew that he could memorprogress, and, inside the system. after four decades of service and city council member, one of the most talked about accomplishments, from his career, centered on how he helped the used, guaranteeing summer jobs. the program helped countless teens, including idawilliams, who was one of the first to work there. you they came onto work, and, giving a voice who felt
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like they didn't have one and, leaving behind a legacy, that. believe will never be replaced. he collected well with regular folk and, that's why, and, enjoyed him. and the mayor says that he is working on a celebration, and he wants to speak to his family first, before they move forward. dc mayor elect, also released a statement, about berry, tweeting this photo, during her campaign. he gave a voice to those who needed it had and, lived his life to others. and it hits hard inward eight, in which he represented, and tonight we're hearing, from the ref rever rend, who was by his side, and now, how the community is remembering the
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mayor for life. earlier, the flags, at the wilson building are at half-staff and, here he spent much of his political life, and, there's a church where he spent, quite a bit of time, it was there today, he was much missed. ♪ ♪ at union temple baptist church, a joy uses service tempered somewhat. definitely. i just started crying. his usual seat was empty today. it's going to be hard not to see him in service. but, you know, we're going to come together, and be there for one another. a void, felt by the reverend. pretty much he was gone before he got to the hospital. the reverend, among those, who saw him. we had prayer with him. every person has a story.
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including mike dean, who got his first job as a teen advocate, under the summer youth jobs. it gave me a sense of pride, and a sense of wanting to help someone else. also remembered as all too human, 1990 crack cocaine arrest. are we opposed or above reproach? church leaders, held a ceremony, and, pouring of liquid to honor the passion of a life. to make a difference in the lives of those people is what he committed his life to. we just came out with some information, from the medical examerrers office, they are saying, he died, from natural causes, connected to the heart, and also, complications, from diabetes, speaking to the reverend, he said that hwill
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be remembered for his good works, rather than his troubles with the law. all right, thank you. and one of the. things that, people will miss, is his social media, and he tweeted about his interview interview with oprah winfrey, and turkey give away and, the love for the hit, scandal, just two days ago, is tonight really scandal? it just started. ♪ ♪ ♪ did you know the mayor for life, could carry a tune? this was video from june. he performed at the senior class picnic in southeast. he was known for performing as well, at his campaign victory parties, stay with us as we remember the mayor for life. we have a photo gallery, on our
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website. still ahead, the wait for a decision, from ferguson, and, the grand jury investigating possible charges against wilson, when they plan to meet next. rain is moving in, and record breaking temperatures and the potential for wintery weather on wednesday, i break it all down, and
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there is other news, 3 people died, in a crash, in silver spring. a chevy, went off, and struck a tree, 3 passengers were pronounced dead and, five others were taken to the hospital, and one of them suffering life-threatening injuries. and the cause is under investigation. the grand jury considering
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possible charges, against ferguson police officer, will reconvene tomorrow, and tension high, lately, with protestors, arrested, and the mother of michael brown, took part in the march calling for calm. and once it is announced, we'll bring it to you, on air and, online. still ahead, tracking big changes and, it's an important week ahead and, learn if you need the
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so, if we weren't covering marion berry death, the big story would be the weather. it is, and, wednesday travel will be impacted, and before we get to that, we have rain moving
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in, and, showing a few scattered light rain-showers, and we've had a few light showers, and then just to the west, and all of this moisture will be tracking north war and, it is part of the bigger system, and moving closer to midnight. temperatures are still in the 50s, and through the overnight hours, they will stay, in the 50s, and just as i was mentioning the heavier rain to our south, and from the mid wester and, deep south, and tornado watches earlier, in parts of alabama and, georgia, and this rain, moving north ward, and the heaviest rain likely around, midnight and, temperatures will be in the 50s, and the breeze will start to kick up after midnight, 5-15-miles-per-hour, with some higher gusts by early tomorrow morning, and our futurecast, starting at 8:00, noticing the
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moisture, and, by midnight, and yellow bands, that's where some of the heavier pockets of rain will come in, and, about an inch of rain and, by 6 a.m. tomorrow, we're done with the rain and, in for a possible record breaking high temperature day. 56 by 6 a.m. and 70 degrees, and 72 by 3 p.m. and quite breezy, and between 10 and 20 miles-per-hour, and look at these forecast highs, 75 degrees, in dc, and we will break the record, set back in 1958, and then, we drop back into the 50s, on tuesday, and, that's the best day for travelling, and wednesday, monitoring an east coast storm, that could bring travel impact. i think it will. so, i think, the cold wind will
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change to wet snow and, monday, the ground is going to be so warm, and, we'll monitor it, and, thursday, looks delightful, and, partly cloudy and, 44, and iday, a little cool and, dry. all right. thank you. and let's talk about the redskins, because they are travelling. they're on the west coast. and hopefully. not as bad as everybody thought it would be. we'll give you an update on the skins, and 49ers, and, rg3, and, mayor
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well, we continue our coverage, about the sad news,
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about marion berry, passed away, he was a big sportsfan, some 18 years ago, he was osgood morning, washington and he was kind enough to deliver one of our sportscasts, that morning. magic johnson, will play tonight. that's good news. and 94-87. the lakers, too, and with the win. and 96-94 win. eight-game winning streak. here's mike. i'm telling you, you just can't bunch. thank you. he should have stuck with it. right now, the redskins are
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in san francisco, taking on the 49ers, and redskins lead, 13-10, we'll have highlights and, the eagles hosting the titans, opening kickoff, and, look at josh, 7 yards deep, and after that, breaks a tackle, and he has one man to beat, and shakes him off, and goes all the way for a 107-yard touchdown and, eagles never looked back. lions, and we're in the second-quarter,. pats, tom terrific, buys some time, and goes to wright, and his second touchdown-pass of the half. pats win, 7-straight. 34-9. so, third-quarter, f.s.u., and boston college, and is, since f.s.u. said, winston, snapping the ball, until will defense had time to wrap up and, it lead like winston, wanted to
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get it done, and, shoved the ref out of the way, no penalty was called. and the final note, george mason loses as heartbreaker, and american university, beats more head state. so good stuff for the redskins, they have the lead. and hopefully they can hold on. not over until the end.
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okay. we are looking at the radar, and some possible rain. overnight tonight, it should be out of here, tomorrow, and, warm and breezy, 73, and record breaking temperatures, and wednesday, we're monitoring.
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breaking temperatures, and wednesday, we're monitoring. see you then
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