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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> that breaking news out of southeast d.c. where police are investigating a fatal crash on the 1,800 block of alabama southeast. police are telling us the victim was a 63-year-old man, walked into traffic and was hit by a vehicle. the driver has not been charged.
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stay with abc 7 and for updates on this breaking story. the holiday shopping season is officially here. our crews found hundreds of people lined up for deals for anything from toys to electronics. tom is live in fairfax for us. he has been all over the place. tom, how is it looking? >> well, you know the stores open earlier every year. two years ago they opened at midnight. last year 8:00. this year, 6:00. they are going to close at midnight. they still have an hour to go but you can see there are still a lot of people here today for the first time malls throughout the region opened at 6:00 with many heading right out after thanksgiving dinner. >> some have been out on thanksgiving before. >> i buy something for my little
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niece. >> for others, this is unchartered territory. >> this is my first time coming out on actual thanksgiving eve to shop. >> what do you think? >> crazy. heading back home. >> others absolutely love this. >> i like it because it gives us more time to shop. >> other places opened even earlier. in columbia heights in district some folks waited all day in cold until best buy opened at 5:00. >> welcome. welcome. >> the big item that brought so many people out? huge flat screen tv's marked down hundreds of dollars. as malls and stores open earlier every year, it has become a big controversy whether they should. this year some stores proudly announced they would not open until tomorrow. it is clear some folks prefer
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doing their black friday shopping on thursday. >> you don't have to get up at 3:00 in the morning? >> yeah, i don't have to do that. >> we have a bunch of friend who is have bought a lot of stuff already. if folks didn't want us to open thursday, malls said they wouldn't be here. >> a lot of people are out there. i'm the type of guy that goes out there and waits in line and my card gets rejected so i don't do it. the weather was perfect for shopping but tonight, the temperatures are dropping. but there is good news. >> we are going to see temperatures dropping. a little bit of moisture across the area. radar, watching a few little blips on the radar.
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maybe a sprinkle in southern anne arundel county. moisture down through culpeper. when you wake up, skies should be fairly clear. temperatures now, 41 downtown. most of the glr the 30's. quantico 33. lexington park, 37. your forecast for waking up tomorrow morning, 20's into the 30's and down right cold. if you're heading out for bargains, dress accordingly. more on that and the weekend coming up in just a bit. >> thank you. happening right now in columbia. on a dent investigation shooting in an apartment complex. a knock on the door and when the woman answered, he started shooting. gunman is still on
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the loose. the trouble is we don't know who he is nor why he opened fire. >> this columbia apartment complex under extra security after a bizarre thanksgiving day shooting. police say a woman opened her door and a masked gunman burst in and opened fire striking a 29-year-old man multiple times. next thing the neighbors knew, their complex was swamped with officers. >> my neighbor called me and there were helicopters outside. dogs, canines. >> when the shots rang out, someone inside that apartment jumped out the window to escape. police stopped and s.u.v. and discovered a 19-year-old man with a hand injury. investigators won't say whether he was the window jumper. >> seeing that on thanksgiving was kind of freaky to be hoons with you. >> police spent hours interviewing people inside that apartment looking for answers.
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>> they assured neighbors there is no need to panic. >> we believe it wasn't a random act. there is no threat to the public in the area. we believe this was a targeted incident. >> we are told the man that was shot multiple times was taken to shock trauma. tonight we are told he remains in critical condition. >> thank you for the update there. caught on camera. break-in and burglary at an apartment. three men robbing his apartment. the device records and immediately uploads videos. even though the thieves took the camera, rossman was able to give the video to the cops. the high quality video should make it relatively easy to find the suspects, but still neighbors in the area are
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shocked. >> it is scary. it can happen to anybody. >> they must have known his habits. >> the suspects took an ipad with a tracking app which has led detectives to three locations they have since visited. police tell us one person is in custody but another on the loose in connection with a violent sex sexual assault. it happened early this morning and northeast. paul williams was arrested. police need your help finding the second man who had a stun gun. if you have any information d.c. this crime contact police right away. more than two dozen people are out of their homes tonight following a three-alarm fire at a condominium complex. the fire broke out in a second oor unit at the lindhill
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condominiums. a man suspected of two carjackings is being held behind bars tonight. on two occasions, 32-year-old darian robinson approached women at night and forced them into their cars at gunpoint and made them withdraw money from a.t.m.s. in both to have carjackings, the suspect got out at the metro station and left the women unharmed. new fallout from allegation of sex abuse against bill cosby, amherst announced this is no longer associated with the comedian. he received a doctorate from that university and was an honorary chairman of a fundraising campaign. now that relationship we are told is over. the move comes under pressure from high-powered people including the state's attorney
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general, martha coakley. >> on thanksgiving resident departments in plose grateful for the support from across the country. the holiday is also bringing a welcome change to the area, peace. after a week of sometimes violent protests. >> a nearly empty parking lot along what should have been a long, exciting parade route. the st. louis thanksgiving day celebration was canceled. >> they canceled the parade due to that reason. >> today's biggest event made its way through new york city. demonstrators there led a march of their own as they made their way towards the parade, police made several arrests. >> this is a national event. an historic event. anybody who would seek to interrupt it would be very callous indeed on this very special day. >> rioters.
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people looting. >> on this day, kids have a different focus, leaving their mark with the words they think ferguson needs the most. >> it is a message of hope. >> plane hopeful the violence is over in part because of how peaceful last night's protests were. even on this holiday the national guard has troops out in case. new information about the fight against ebola. a new vaccine showing positive results. scientists say it appears safe and has proved positive in first volunteers test it out. the vaccine designed to spur the immune system's production of anti- ebola anti-bodies called t cells. thanksgiving is a time when many of us focus on excess. for some, it is a struggle to
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make ends meet. even for military families in our area. how one local organization is helping out next. and the turkey bowl. who took home a big win? ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
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>> new at 11:00, go to any food bank in the area and you will see the need. people are struggling to put food on the table this holiday season, including those that fight for our freedom. we report on a unique program ensuring local military families will have enough to eat thanksgiving. >> these go on the top. >> thanksgiving. >> i got more for you. >> and reflect on all we have. >> we are so blessed. we have got to give back. >> with more than 40 years of military service between them, they -- >> we have to go shopping. we're out. >> they know full well the measure of sacrifice. >> this is what we think we
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need. that's why members of the rotary club give to the needy every year. >> this is one of our popular event, packing food for people less fortunate than us. >> there is an even greater need in this area. support the military. >> that's right, these food boxes are bound for military families. >> what little they make for giving up their lives for the nation. >> base pay for the lowest rank is only around $18,000. add a couple of children to the mix and that family falls below the poverty line. >> we just have to do better for our military. >> my name is mary. my family and i have been coming to the burton community action center for four years. >> she picked up her box packed by the rotary club a few days
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before the holiday. now she has what she needs to make a memorable thanksgiving meal for her military family. >> it means quite a bit. we don't need to let the kids know that we're hurting financially. things just go on as usual. >> it is very expensive. we're hoping this makes their life a little bit better. >> abc 7 news. >> it is one of our area's largest thanksgiving celebrations put on by the knights of columbus in arlington in a 30-year tradition. they provided thanksgiving dinner to thousands of people today. volunteers prepared and served three tons of turkey at the knights of columbus hall. they also delivered dinner to shut-ins. >> and a taste of home for u.s. soldiers in afghanistan.
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hundreds of soldiers stationed in kabul took some time to enjoy turkey and all the fixings today. this is the last thanksgiving celebration before the mission ends on december 31 this year. >> of course the weather is always on our mind. we have gotten through big part, the big day, thanksgiving day with not too bad. now a lot of people are heading out shopping again tomorrow. > yes. >> crazy, ambitious. >> ambitious. sorry. >> i came to work. there was some sunshine. 49. the average for this time of year is 53. not too far off. a little bit of moisture trying
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to pass through the area. report of sprinkles. a few flurries. not a big deal. 41 downtown now. ind out of the west-northwest. tomorrow is going to be very brisk. temperatures a good nine-10 degrees cooler than they were today. 38 now at andrews. manassas, 36. martinsburg, 35 now. cooler air settling in here. i think we'll be waking up to 20's tomorrow morning. pretty brisk tomorrow as we get the day started. moisture dropping through. not a big deal. dropping through later tonight and tomorrow, cooler air starts to move in. the winds pick up out of the north and west and get a bit of a breeze. tomorrow's high, probably 40 degrees or so.
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outside of town, upper 30's. low 40's south of town. it will be a bit breezy. saturday, our winds become more southerly. with that push, we'll start to warm up again. we'll be warming up nicely into next week. monday, first dive december, we could be near 60 degrees. black friday hourly forecast, temperatures tomorrow pushing 40. with a cool breeze there will be a chill factor throughout the day. our weekend outlook, upper 40's saturday. 50's by sunday. looking good sunday into monday. a little shower action possible monday night. our next system swings on through. that will drop our temperatures back. tuesday, into wednesday, a bit of moisture moves through here. as it moves through here late tuesday, there could be a little bit of wintry weather.
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a little bit of cold weather into wednesday. tomorrow is brisk but we're looking good for the weekend. so if you're doing some traveling or just hanging around, it is improving and it will be dry. more sun for the next four days or so. >> it is nice to see higher temperatures as well. >> things -- this was the day off for most people but not necessarily for the redskins. >> you almost feel sorry for rg 3. >> almost. key word. right?
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>> well, the skins got after it this morning. jay gruden held practice early this thanksgiving.
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rg 3 and his trauma is alive and well. he was surrounded by reporters asking about being the backup now. he did what he has been doing for the past week. he made it short and simple. >> you know, -- >> like i said, short and sweet. nfl action today. eagles and cowboys. this one was all philly. you can thank lesean mccoy. he ran for 159 yards and a touchdown. he locked up his fourth 1,000-yard season since 2010. philly gets the win 33-10. earlier in the day, bears and the lions. calvin johnson had a lot to be thankful for. he played on a full stomach. and ceptions for 136 yards two touchdowns.
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the bears won 34-17. the turkey bowl, h.d. woodson. cooper gets the pick here. delonte moore takes it to the house. cooper gets its revenge. aa son repeats as d crimp hamps. dciaa champs. >> you know what? we got it done. that is what it is all about. winning. guess what? >> congrats. talking college hoops now. last night against the florida gators, delonte smith. was it enough for a victory?
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trayvon jackson with the rock. drives to the wlain a one-point lead. he misses. georgetown falls to the badgers. 68-65. and a final note. college football double header tomorrow at noon. nebraska and iowa. at 3:30, stanford and ucla right here on abc 7. fun stuff going on tomorrow. >> yes. we thought that after the nfl tonight we would not have much to watch tomorrow, it continues. >> fun stuff. >> maybe a little tired from all the food today. this next one will get you moving, hopefully. how many calories you lik
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>> one person is shot and a suspect on the loose after a incident at a columbia apartment complex. hours for stores in your neighborhood on black friday. brian's forecast for the rest of the week. you can read all of these stories now on when you add up the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and everything else, odds are you ate 4,500 calories today. that is 3,000 for the meal and 1,500 for extra snacks and drinks. that is equal to seven big macs
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from mcdonald's. what will it take to burn it all off? you can try skiing for 15 hours. who does that? running for almost eight hours. eight hours! >> swimming for more than 10 hours. >> kenyans run a marathon in two hours. they can do like four marathons in that time. the kenyans. the rest of
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providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart. >> a last quick look at the forecast? >> a little brisk out there. if you're going to get your hol deals, i guess you're good -- hot deals, i guess you're good to go. monday near 60. >> thank you for joining usice on this thanksgiving, everybody.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jamie foxx. from "blackish," tracee ellis ross. "do you have what it takes?" and music from the new basement tapes. with cleto and the cletones. and now, when all else fails, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching, thanks for coming. thank you for everything. wow. i appreciate that.


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