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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  December 1, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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some patches of sleet mixed in. a dramatic weather change over the next 24 hours. leon? >> all right. let's turn to the fallout from ferguson. right now, president obama is in washington working on creating trust with the police, and this meeting is hours after the president authorized money to increase the number of police officers wearing body cameras, giving opposite is more training, and adding more resources. now, today, protesters took their aim at those making their way in during rush hour, and there was another road test outside the justice department. >> leon, you can see the police officers lined up here on pennsylvania avenue in front of the justice apartment. the protesters are right over here. they were gathering for what was
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scheduled to be a 4:00 press conference. said,r in the day, as protesters started at 7:00, and they ended up blocking traffic as people were trying to make it and varioustown, avenues throughout the district, they were laying down. they were locking arms. a lot of people were very upset, but the protesters said this would continue. attalked to some protesters the justice department earlier today, and this is what they had to say. >> yes, i am here until we see something different, until we see some change. i do not think this is something we can let go easily. do i think that will be easy? no. but just like in the civil rights movement, it ended up being a whole year. think we have to dig our feet on the ground and keep going. can see, the
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protesters are gathering here in front of the justice department, an expert thing to start in just a few minutes, 5:00 :00, and we will catch up with protesters with what happened earlier, and how long these protests will go on. reporting live from downtown, horace holmes. the national football league said they would not be taking any action for five players who showed their support in the field, when they stopped and raised their hands sign.the don't shoot some were asking the players for an apology. and with the union request, long onto the facebook page, or go to or the wjla facebook page, and join in. momentding right now, a caught on camera during a ferguson rally in oregon. take a look.
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you may have seen this picture over the weekend. it shows a boy hugging an officer. he was crying as he held a sign offering free hugs. the boy said he was crying because he was concerned about the level of police brutality against black kids. what most of us work this job for is to create goodwill and to help mankind, help our fellow citizens in the community, and that is what police work is all about, and you know that i was able to help him say some extraordinary fears that he has, it is really humbling to me as an individual. and it makes me feel good about the work i do. >> the opposite says he has two sons of his own, and they were talking about travel and summer vacations. he is surprise the picture has been shared online as much as it
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has. in everyes like that corner of the country, every time zone, every corner of the country. join us invite you to for a town hall on the ferguson seven, ande on abc we will be having a discussion about this issue and where we go from here. you can also watch it streaming live on >> ok, turning to some other news, hearing from the wife of rate rise, where over the weekend, a judge overturned his suspension, meaning he could be picked up by 18 at any time. his wife takes a look at what that means for his family. >> even after the disturbing she has been his most ardent defender, going forward with their marriage, being hand in hand with the football player, and supporting him in an nbc interview. he has been telling the
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honest truth, that he has been telling from january. she said commissioner roger goodell only kicked him out of the nfl following outrage following his initial two-game suspension. rice is now a free agent. but will anybody sign him? >> if another nfl team paid him up this season -- but going forward, i fully expect ray rice to play again. >> even michael vick who fought a felony conviction about dogfighting found his way back to the field. but for all of his support, his wife said that seeing him dragged her body out of the elevator brought about a physical reaction, saying, i felt sick to my stomach. i just looked down in tears. teams have showed interest in rice but have since pulled back. we will see what happens in the off-season. abc news, new york.
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a lot of speculation that rice could take the field again on social media. >> looking at what a lot of you have to say about it. a lot of people saw this interview, a lot of people reacting on social media today. first stop, amber said -- and frayed bluejeans says -- dr. carole lieberman says -- and finally, a doctor says --
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clearly, this conversation will continue on social media, especially as this story moves forward and as teens consider whether or not they're going to add ray rice to their roster. back to you. >> thank you. the supreme court is taking up a beach,volving facebook's a case involving a pennsylvania for posting song woolly arcs about killing his wife and attacking an fbi earlier -- fbi opposite. he said he was just venting, but his wife and others did not see it that way, and a jury convicted him of a law that makes it a crime to threaten another person. and justice ruth bader ginsburg was back on the bench five days after having a stent implanted to clear a blocked artery. she has been on the court since 1993 and has perfect attendance. are looking for
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five people accused of robbing two women over the weekend. this her late -- happened early saturday morning, and jennifer donelan is live with the latest. >> well, it is this video, leon, that is shocking to all who have seen it. this is a robbery. it is listed as violence, and we went to give you a closer look of the video. we are talking about three young women who are the victims. they have as many as five suspects. this all occurred in a northeast neighborhood. now, there is a ton of new development here, i ton of new apartments, and there is residential activity out here. this happened saturday around 2:45 in the morning, police releasing that video today in an effort to get the violent man off of the street. now, we heard some interesting
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information about the three women seen in the video, and we will have more on that coming up at 5:00, and we did speak with building management off camera. where this occurred, and it did happen at a door behind the building, and the manager told me they were just as shocked as anyone else and that they had never had a case like this, so we will have more information on this for you coming up on abc 7 at 5:00. reporting live, i am jennifer donelan. >> thank you. a meeting at cornell university in the wake of a 23-year-old engine airing student from montgomery county. the body of the woman from maryland was found on thanksgiving day, and they say the woman's boyfriend strangled her. he is now charged with second-degree murder. the department of forensic science is cutting back on the amount of evidence it will analyze. they are eliminating certain
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tests, and that is to save housing of dollars this year. some have opposed the cuts and worry that it will hurt investigations and public safety. 4:00,ing up on abc 7 at the gop staffer who had a lot to say about the first daughters is changing her tune today. >> and warnings about members of the u.s. military.
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>> holiday travel for thanksgiving hit its highest level in seven years and this year. that is according to aaa. 405 million, and another million drove to their destinations, and the average round-trip distance was 549 dollar -- 549 miles. and this was the security line in chicago at midway airport. they found that people were 1.2 miles, just to get through security. a spokesperson for airport security said there were long lines in the morning.
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>> i am sure they were in a great mood also. >> the malls and big-box stories -- stores on friday. >> many skipped black friday this year, and there is a reason for that also. well, leon, you know what beats the parking hassles and the mess at the mall is deals, things you can find online. walmart, 50% off, and you see 60% off on clothing. target offering free shipping. when you see deals like that online, why in the world would you go to the mall? are skippingeople that and doing all of their shopping from the comfort of home. much of the business chatter at northside social was about deals, not about closing them but about finding them. >> 75 e-mails. >> messages that spread the kind
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of holiday cheer that some are lookingmorgan for. >> 50% off today. >> those discounts have retailers cutting the prices and feeling your inbox. this is in exchange for cyber monday. the national retail association says there were fewer people out on black friday. instead, they are spending online. even if that means hiding behind a laptop to sneak a peek at deals during the hours you are technically on the clock. >> what is going on. was resisting the temptation as she worked at the copy shop, that we have all taken a peek to see if something on our list can be found for less. it, so it must be pretty good. >> good enough to get 127 million people shopping on cyber
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monday, according to the arf, and if she cannot find the discount today, she knows she has still got time. >> after christmas sales. >> we know that online shopping of be overwhelming, with all those e-mails in your inbox, and it is tough to find the cheapest prices, but 7 on your side coming up on abc seven news at 5:00, we did some of the work for you. we priced checked some of the items, and coming up, we will tell you where to find them the cheapest. >> thank you. the first ceremonial christmas tree is about to light up these the there is a -- light up d.c.. is going on at union station. joined by santa this morning to kick off the festivities. this year, the theme is the arctic. there were 700 polar bear ornaments.
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>> you are here to warn us it is going to feel arctic. >> after 70's today, so a dramatic change. let's get you in here and tell you the weather story. 72 degrees, the high so far today in bethesda, he seven right now at congressional country club. a beautiful day and very mild temperatures, to say the least, and in about another hour, there will be a few sprinkles at congressional and in the city. they're even talking about 70's, thees in the december,of 70, -- of the first day of meteorological winter. and in these higher elevations, freezing rain advisories. now, but it will
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get cold, especially overhead. the cold air will move in first, and that is where we will have a mixture with rain. spreading to the east in advance of the cold front. moistures the extended not only in our area but southwest, back through kentucky, tennessee, and even beyond, and already in southwestern sections of ohio. futurecast computer model shows areas of rain. this is representing more frozen areas. again, mostly right now, some sleep. farther west, there could be an impact, and that could be sleek and possible freezing rain. days shows an improvement as the cold front does a 180. we will break into afternoon sunshine and bounce back into the 50's, mid-50's on thursday, and then chillier temperatures
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by friday, saturday, and into sunday next week. >> no kidding. up, down, up, down. thank you. members of congress made it back to work today, and there is a lot in the agenda. members have until december 11 to avoid a government shutdown. that is when the current temporary funding measure expires. risk insurance also expires at the end of the year, and there are dozens of tax breaks or businesses and citizens that are due to expire. work at oneack to congressman's office not happening, and that is because one staffer resigned after making comments about the first daughters. elizabeth lauten posted this message --
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you have hadof reaction to this on the facebook page, on the wjla facebook page, that is. >> one person posts -- karen roche -- -- wrote -- another road this one -- wrote this one. thoughts coming. by the way, she said she prayed for hours. i wonder what took so long.
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withy, coming up, reunited her son after four years. find out how he was found. greg staying home to shop. before you sign on the dotted line. >> and taking a look at the roadways this monday afternoon, on the beltway on the interlude as you go around towards tysons , andr headed up to 270 more of the same. on a 210 southbound, it is a crash in prince george's county. thisn the virginia side afternoon, just volume delays, along 66 heading to vienna and centreville. a very slow ride.
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>> we are back with this 7 on your side consumer alert. it sounds like a perfect job. getting paid to go shopping. actually one of the fastest-growing scams in the country, totaling over $400 million. >> my money is limited. i watch every penny that i have. wax diana was on unemployment and constantly applying for jobs online.
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she was thrilled when she was offered a job as a mystery shopper. initially, she received a few money orders in the mail and was told to deposit them in her account. >> $20 to purchase anything i and toat the walmart report back on how the transaction was handled. there was money wired to her new employer, and this time, she worth.t $3400 >> this was counterfeit money, and the whole job was a scam. diana began feeling something was not white right, so for the next round, she proceeded with caution. there were money orders, and that until this money is cleared, i cannot carry out
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this job, because i do not have the $3400. >> it turns out it was a fraud. millions of dollars in counterfeit money orders and counterfeit checks coming into the united states. >> inspectors warned all consumers to be especially careful when they are offered a job online. cautious. do not trust everything you see. >> any offer that requires you to deposit money into your send some money back is almost always a sure sign of a scam. >> you may not have to wait anymore. now, you can get them when everyone. >> jay gruden just spoke. wait until you hear what he has to say about yesterday's loss. i have the latest. >> the military numbers at home.
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news, are watching abc 7 on your side. >> the threat of isil and foreign fighters. >> this comes after a new warning about the group. scott thuman is that the live desk with more on warnings for the u.s. military? what that is correct. overnight,g came out
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and it seems to be pretty significant as far as heads up goes and a warning for military members. they are searching facebook and twitter accounts, and you're making yourself a target. member, it was just under two went afterthat isis and killed a two soldiers in canada. like is a fear something this could happen in the u.s., so a bulletin went out on fresh intelligence that the u.s. has obtained. are young,stand, you you communicate through social media, but we are telling you that is out isis finds people to potentially target, so for safety, you need to modify your social networking profile. >> coming up at 6:00 tonight, we're going to talk more about this specific threat and talk with the senator on the armed services committee about how serious it is and what can be
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those like wet saw in canada. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, scott. weather, a bit cloudy, but still nice to head out without a jacket. it is too good to last. chief meteorologist doug hill has a quick check of the forecast. >> very pleasant, temperatures in the 60's. a real study in contrasts. 70 in culpeper, but the further west, holder air developing. 68 in blue ray. tomorrow, you folks are going to be dealing with freezing rain and sleet. there is a winter weather advisory along the interstate 81 corridor. freezing rain at the higher elevations. and if you're heading out to church street for the holiday stroll, gathered showers, but it is not going to be icy. as far as temperatures, they will steadily dropped through
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the evening hours as it goes into the ernie's. morningcts on the commute, we will highlight that as part of the forecast, coming up in about 18 minutes. >> all right. let's take a look. for the skins, they lost to the colts, 49-27. >> and coach jay gruden just finished up his monday wrapup. withports director is here what he had to say. high hopes for the colts. >> what he said is that the redskins are not very good right now. hello? the skins it looked like they were sleepwalking. points, give them 49 you have serious problems, so he is talking to the choir. this team has problems everywhere. especially the secondary was awful. there was a sacked six times. -- a slow start, and then
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392 yards and three touchdowns, so that was better. the skins have given up 22 sacks in the last of the quarterback. chance to jump on indianapolis and did not. this can set a chance to get back in the game and did not. >> overall, i think you did a good job in the pocket and threw well. i was impressed with some performances. butthe first time in weeks i think overall, when you watch the tape, he did some good things. >> it is way too easy to criticize this team. dan snyder's track record is terrible. the quarterback gets too much of the blame and too much of the glory. right now, this football team is dysfunctional. the record is 3-9, and that says it all. four more times.
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i was trying to be nice. >> all right, another sports related story. we are learning about a hockey has got just limited speech now and can hardly walk after having two strokes in the last two months. the hockey player was most valuable player six times. we wish him the best. hagerstown of a woman has become part of a city as the city council renamed an way. marguerite the alley is located behind the hagerstown home where she has lived the past 55 years. the cityter petitioned and collected more than enough signatures. forou may not have to wait a local girl scout troop. that is right. you will be able to start buying
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cookies online through a service called digital cookie. it launches next week. people have mixed opinions about this on our wjla facebook page. excepting credit cards in front of grocery stores. they say it may not hurt cookie sales, but it will show these girls that you can sit home and do nothing. get out andneed to go door to door and go to the malls and department stores and sell them. >> helping the particular scout. so this means i can get tagalong's any time of the year? you can join the conversation on this one on the wjla facebook page. >> all right, still ahead on abc seven news at 4:00 -- >> we saw him. say was a great feeling is an
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understatement. >> an incredible story. a little boy reunited with his mother four years after he went missing. >> and a sneak preview. what hackers stole from a major movie studio. >> but
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>> coming up on new at 5:00, stealing priceless family heirlooms during a break in. explain why she said they stole a piece of her that she will never be able to replace. other sidee at the of the lawn now. >> a woman accused with her husband in a bizarre revenge plot and attack on her former boss and his wife. we have the details and why she says she is a victim also. she will remain behind bars after being denied bond in court today, facing charges, including malicious wounding at the home of her former boss. prosecutors say she was fired from the law firm job back in october. prosecutors say on november 9,
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posed asnd andrew law-enforcement and knocked on the door of her former loss, and when the man came to the door, she shocked him. he tied up the boss and wife and then stab them during a three-hour period that was described as a torture session. court, it was said that she was the driver and was not aware of what was going on in the house. incident, she the led police on a high-speed chase, at times going 90 or 100 miles an hour, even attempting to write an officer off the road. gunce say they found a stun and more inside the car, and today in court, they also said a list was found inside her purse, items including nyquil, benadryl, and sleeping masks.
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it was argued that the list was in andrew's hand writing, indicating that she was controlled and intimidated by her husband. she hadors's said previously been released from a job, as well, and that on this prior occasion when she was released, she allegedly told that her husband was asked military. the nfl says they will not discipline five players for showing support in the wake of that ferguson decision. >> what you have to say about their actions on the field.
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toyland maybe beautiful boy and girl and calm but there is some trouble there. >> seven is on your side with a consumer investigation. why you might want to take it all with a grain of salt. kimberly? >> here is why. take this tall. found at target, we found her on
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the list, and even though there a a warning label about choking hazard, there is a tiny bit that comes with your that is considered a noise and pill for whatever else would be a lovely gift for a trot -- child. the trouble in toward land goes to headbands for girls and even a backpack, a shopping cart playset, and you can see all of them up close on test them for toxic chemicals, phthalates, and choking hazards. >> it is really about the specific child you are purchasing a gift for. if they are a younger child who puts things in their mouth, the very careful about small parts, as well as potential chemicals. industry says these tiny toys are being wrongly maligned, and it questions the testing procedures of u.s. pirg
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for not being done by an accredited lab. singleve not recalled a toy as a result of that report. live, abc. >> thank you. four yearsssing for and return to his mother. police found him behind a false wall in georgia in his father's home. we have more on this story. mother'sorning, a prayers were answered. a for your years after she never thought she would see her son again, she put her arms around the boy saturday. he went missing after visiting with his father when he was nine. police could not find him until over the weekend, when they say the 13-year-old managed to get his hands on a cell phone, downloaded app, and contacted his mother, saying he was in
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atlanta. able to get inside the home. >> police say this script read like a hollywood movie. they visited the home twice. the first time they visited, they could not find him, and that people who weren't there said the boy was not. and then there was a second text, saying he was hidden in the house. >> i saw him and asked him to come forward, and he was horrified. in a smallnd him attic above the garage, and the only way through it was through the back of a closet that was covered with towels and a piece of plywood. he just kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you. >> surprised neighbors have said they have seen the boy outside. >> he is the only one that i saw. >> will he say he was held against his will and abused. his father and stepmother are charged with obstruction and
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more. both were denied bail. they will appear again on december 9. a way to pick his life up. >> unbelievable. download the app and text his mom? he is a fighter. >> that is for sure. and the st. louis rams. walking through the field with their hands up. said they wills not find the players, and on our wjla facebook page, one person writes this -- >> another post --
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and another points out -- let us know what you think. head over to the wjla facebook page and way in. >> humming up on abc seven news at 5:00 tonight, this cyber monday. >> who had the hottest gifts of the year at the lowest prices? to peopleeaching out who broke into a home. why she says they took a lot more than just material things. and just why is airfare still so high if you prices are so low? >> and we have some high and low action here. >> air is a cold front, and then a warm front, only to be
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replaced by another front. confused yet, maybe over the next two minutes. let's get started. the winter weather advisory. yes, crazy as it sounds, with temperatures in the 70's now, washington, metro an advisory beginning in the morning for freezing rain, freezing rain mostly in the high mountains farther north and west, and a very volatile pattern as we go through the first day of meteor logical winter. is rain increasing across the area and some downpours just south of the city. this is just across alexandria, moving across the river, and that is for the next hour or two, but more showers on the way. north ofch of showers the metro area and extending across the mountains into the tennessee valley, and on the north side where the colder air is moving in, that is changing to snow already.
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our area, the tri-state area of virginia, well,nd, and delaware -- five state area, pennsylvania and west virginia. it is too warm for the flakes to form. freezing rain. for the metro area and most of the region here, no sleep, but above freezing temperatures. the areas in the advisory. but some of these temperatures, 72 in manassas, cooling down to the north and west, and that pattern will continue. look how much colder it is, 36 in columbus right now. down to 19 in chicago. asa big change is coming highlighted in the seven-day forecast. then as we get through the day on thursday here, we see things really change on us as the toperatures are starting turn downward again with partly cloudy skies. the next cold front will come through with more showers and temperatures in the 40's.
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>> ok. >> how about getting a check of the traffic situation? bob immler is standing by. it does not look too bad. >> coming out of tysons, very slow, heading up towards 270. talking about the rain showers, that is becoming a factor, especially on the maryland side right now. germantown,illage, and into prince george's county, so just looking at extended volume. i-95, baltimore-washington parkway doing alright, but looking for a crash southbound. here is what it looks like at the beltway at river road. it is hard to tell. and just slow traffic here and there on 395 headed south to the pentagon and on the left side of
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the street into southbound traffic, but no incidents along the way. wtopbob immler on the traffic center. >> up next on abc seven news at 4:00, the movie industry does not like it when 0
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>> sony is investigating a hack involved five yet to be released movies online. interview. lists north korea on the of a cyberattacks on the studio, and it for some employees to use gmail accounts to communicate. >> north korea? those comedy stars
4:57 pm
plotting to kill north korean leader kim jong yield -- kim jong il. a hacker group called the gop, the guardians of peace, is taking responsibility for the attack, and over the weekend, several pirated copies showed up online, including the brad pitt film "fury" and the remake of "annie." the theft of its contact is a criminal matter and that they are working hard to address it. a north korean government website called"the interview" and act that was an evil act of provocation that deserved stern punishment. is sony communication system up again, and the interview is
4:58 pm
set for release on christmas day. >> live from the abc seven broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 5:00, on your side. looking calmgs are outside, but we have got some the weather changes on the way. we are enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures for this first day of december. >> things are about to change in a big way. chief meteorologist doug hill has more on when the temperatures will arrive. of the temperatures around here will drop, especially overnight. still 65. outside the belfort furniture weather centers here in arlington. of the city on the south side of alexandria, south side of the beltway, moving east, in prince george's county, there will be more areas of showers to deal with. affectingours are beltre traffic, and that is not
4:59 pm
a good thing any time of year. some sleep tomorrow in the i-95 area. sleet and freezing rain could be an issue, and that winter weather a advisory. jill, temperatures are delightful, but you can see the trend, now in the 50's and 40's, and then by the overnight hours, everyone will be in the earnings, and 58 now, the average temperature. the wind will pick up, so the windblown showers will b a little uncomfortable as we go through tonight with areas of to 39 degrees, the range of temperatures, and there is that chill in the air. beginning of cold weather? i am out of time. i will have to let you know in a couple of minutes. much, andhank you so stay with abc seven for all of your weather needs. not on the air, check the abc seven facebook and twitter pages.
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>> president obama went to better train police departments in the country, and that will include $75 million in matching funds to provide body cameras. was the shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, and the grand jury there declined to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting. >> today, hundreds of people to heart and marches, and this one you're looking at now is in new york city, and in other towns, college students walked out of school in protest of the decision not to indict darren wilson. have some local protests of our own. horace holmes is live in northwest with how some here chose to do it. maureen, the rain has started down here, but the protest continues down here in front of the justice department. you can see them. they have gathered,


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