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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> 911 where is your emergency? >> hi. i would like to report a missing child. >> a tragedy turn many 2 search for a missing maryland toddler. police say it's a recovery position now. plus a popular restaurant won't serving a drink anytime soon. what caused the liquor board to suspend the liquor license.
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>> abc news 7 at 11:00 starts right now. >> and that breaking news involves a toddler from frederick, maryland, reported missing after his mother took him off to ohio. police now have charged 24-year-old fa nisha stevens in connection with her son's disappearance. they say she is partially cooperating but search crews still have to find her son. kevin lewis is live with the breaking details. >> leon, prosecutors in columbus ohio, have charged stevens with tampering with evidence and endangering the life of a child. it is alleged the 24-year-old mother took her 14-month-old son cameron beckford and his sister to a relative's house in ohio. what happened there? that is the mystery tonight.
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a massive search for a tiny toddler. 14-month-old cameron beck foverment police canvased a columbus, ohio park. dive teams searched the creek. by the end of the day the police renamed their investigation to a recovery mission. >> mom took cameron and his 6-year-old sister to a relative's home. the father became nervous and contacted authorities. >> look building at phone numbers that we had on file and ba we were able to locate a possible address in columbus. >> adding to the confusion cameron's mother dialed 911 in ohio reporting a missing child. >> 911 where is your emergency? >> hi. i would like to report a missing child.
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emergency. my location is logan's road house by the red robin. can you get someone down here to make a report. >> officers quickly found the mother and sister but the toddler remains missing. >> this is a weird and tragedy case at this point. there's a lot of follow-up being done on the frederick side and a lot of follow-up to be done over on the columbus side. >> the mother will face a judge tomorrow. meanwhile, the father will pick up his six-year-old daughter and help rescuers try to recover his 14-month-old son. >> thank you, kevin. now, our other top story tonight, forget about toasting in the new year in a pop lar restaurant. mcfadden's restaurant has had its liquor license pulled.
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we're learning about the investigation which involves police officers being attacked by patrons. roz plater has more. >> leon, the control board said one bar patron hit one feamb in the head so far he had to seek medical attention. police say there wasn't enough security here. d.c.'s alcohol beverage control board moved to suspend the liquor license of the popular restaurant and saloon. >> it's shocking somebody would do that. >> the move comes after a brawl about 1k saturday morning here. a pay tran with a knife stabbed five people. all survived, including one with a knife stay tuned a kidney. it accused mcfadden's of not
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cooperating. they found video saying they were allowing one unknown individual to exit. that individual appeared to have blood on his hands. the workers were "mopping up blood from the floor thereby not preserving the crime scene." this comes just before new year's avenue. some think the investigation goes too far. others had little sympathy. >> always something was happening around here. >> we were not able to speak to anyone from mcfaden es. >> prince george's county county police have been looking -- officers were sexonding to a
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welfare check call this morning when they found 31-year-old ralph frazier dead in the home. he had trauma to his upper body we're told. anyone with information is asked to call police immediately. new tonight, crews expect to have a water main combreak break that's closed down a section of columbia pike fixed in about two hours, they tell us. fairfax water says that a cap on a six-inch water main broke around 9:00 this morning. workers had to big through concrete to begin the repairs. it's starting to feel more like winter. steve tschida is here to tell us -- steve gruden is going to tell us about the weather. >> not a lot going on. high pressure overhead will keep our skies clear. look at the temperatures
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though. 33 at reagan national. compare that to 22 at dulles, 23 in petersburg and way out in west virginia, they're looking at 17 degrees in elkins. it's quiet here, dry. we are going to look for lots of sunshine early tomorrow morning. let me tell you, it is going to bed cold. once the winds start to pick up, wind chill factories will make it feel about 15 degrees colder than that. we'll have what to company coming up in a few minutes. >> overseas search teams have found bodies and debris in the java sea. the search continues into what caused the crash of the airasia plane. >> the brief is heart wrenching. the families who waited for days for word now traveling to a
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seaside town near the crash site where they will identify their departed loved once. search and recovery officials say they're not hopeful of finding other survivors. the c.e.o. of airasia apologized to families. >> it's a horrible, horrible experience. >> found in relatively shallow water, the debris undeniblely the wreckage. >> they say they have retrieved pieces of the plane along with a blue suitcase. several bodies have been recovered. the white house says the u.s. is prepared to help. the u.s.s. sampson is at the site. teams are standing by ready to deploy. the pilots reported bad weather but it's still a mystery as to why the plane went down.
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it's being treated like a crime scene, investigators piecing together what happened. >> the question is, what would have caused that? was it a bomb, structural failure? what could have brought this plane down catastrophicly? >> they say their top priority is to bring the passengers home. >> the murder in the canada city -- canadian city in edmonton. three separate crime scenes police say it was not the public who will be in danger. maryland governor elect larry hogan announced more appointments to his staff today. he says he'll be working to keep
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spending under control including cuts to state agencies. of course, we'll have our eyes peeled. >> sin vent gray signs his final bill as d.c.'s mayor today. it involves the new stadium at buzzard point, also, the metro crash. the final bill creates new protection for inexat tated adults living with guardians. muriel bowser will be sworn in as the next mayor friday morning. a new report shows more than 4 million people signed up for healthcare. there was a target of 9.1 million customers to be signed up in 2015. opening enrollment runs through february 15. coming up tonight at 11:00. >> pretty tragedy incident right
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now that we're dealing with. >> shock and horror after a freak accident at wal-mart. how a two-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his mother. another little boy holds the key to a possible break-through of the ebola outbreak. and enough years eve parties could leave you with a huge bill in 2015.
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>> to the west, a tragedy story coming in from idaho where a two-year-old boy accidentally killed and -- shot and killed his mother in a wal-mart. the boy reached into her purse and found the weapon and fired.
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she did have a concealed weapon license. >> they came in to do some shopping. >> it was a terrible incident but it turns out that no one else was hurt. researchers in germany think they pinpointed just how the ebola viret started in africa. they believe it started with a two-year-old boy playing in a tree trunk where fruit bats had lived. he became the first known case of the epidemic. the epidemic is the worst in history. now to a 7 on your side alert. flu season started early. now the centers for disease control has declared a flu epidemic. the declaration comes after the deaths of 15 children, six of them in tennessee alone. making things worse, the current
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flu vaccine does not protect against this year's most common strain. up to 10 patients a day are testing positive for the flu in one doctor's office. >> they present with fever, chills causing, aches. >> the c.d.c. recommends getting a flu shot this year because they say it can make your symptoms shorter lived and make them less severe. the estimated 24,000 americans who die, of that, the majority are the elderly or have some other underlying health problem. >> visiting hours in one hop are 11:00 to 1:00 in the afternoon and from 6:00 to 8:00 at night. these are in i disto the other rules, no visitors under 16, no visitors with flu-like symptoms and a limit of two visitors per
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time per patient. a consumer alert for anyone planning to use uber or lyft this weekend. uber increases its rate when there's high demand and there's no cap. a typical $10 ride could cost five times more depending on the time. using the service lyft, the increases will be capped at 400%. >> 400% >> wow! go figure. >> a lot of folks are going to need to bundle up tomorrow. or take that expensive cab ride home. >> they're having so much fun -- >> stay out all night. >> reagan national airport, high today made it up to 45. one degree above average. look at that record. 70 set back in 1990.
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nothing like that on the way, at least not anytime soon. we're at 22 degrees on our weatherburg network in he'sburg. clear and cold moving through the overnight hours. thanks to that area of low pressure. -- high pressure. the coldest air in our suburbs, around 30 downtown. i wouldn't be surprised, some of you way way out to the west, the mountains, may see 18 or 19 degrees come early tomorrow morning. this is our zone forecast. waking up tomorrow morning, 29 in arlington. around 25 in gaithersburg and germantown. he'sburg waking up to around 20 degrees. manassas around 22. temperatures this hour, 17 in elkins, virginia. for us, this is cold, considering what we've had over the last several weeks. temperatures above average. now we're looking at the push of colder air.
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these will temperatures, 11:00 temperature -- make that 10:00 temperatures for minneapolis. they have poish factors to deal with anywhere from 18 to 30 degrees below zeroer we're not looking for cold air like this across our area. but with winds kicking up out of the north and west, it's going to feel like the 20's for most of the day. lots of sunshine to enjoy. it's going to look pretty. our next weather maker for the upcoming weekend is when we have a better chance of looking at a little wintery mix changing to rain. but i don't any we'll see much in the form of winter weather around here. we move into tomorrow evening, the new year, we'll see temperatures falling from the middle 30's to around 30 at midnight with mainly clear skies and a lot of folks gearing up for the big hockey game on
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thursday new year's day. temperatures will be in the 38 to 44 degrees. breezy at times. not so bad. upcoming weekend appears to be wet. saturday and sunday temperatures range from the middle 40's to around 50 degrees. by monday and tuesday of next week slightly below average for january. at least we're turning that corner and if we can get through january and february we'll be talking cherry bloms. >> i like that. >> optimism. >> this is the face of optimism right here. >> it was so cold in nats park tonight -- >> have you thawed out yet? >> not yet. >> the mark sturgeon with his terrapins on the road fighting their way through the first big ten game.
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>> let's start with college basketball. the maryland terrapins team asking do you believe yet? they played their first big ten game tonight against michigan state. pick it up with three seconds left in regulation. dez wells bang with this shot. it was reviewed, confirmed. tied game, 48-48. showtime for melon trimmables. he had 17 points to lead the terrapins. dez wells gets the steal. look out. here comes the flush. the terms -- terps win their first big ten game ever. maryland goes to 13-1. >> we talk about playing with poise and this and that, but there's a reason this guy has won so many games. no one has guarded us as well as
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they've guard us. they made it tough on us but we kept figuring out ways to store. >> mark turgeon. third ranked virginia take taking on davidson. anthony gill had to bail them out with a career high 25 points. the wahoos come from behind with a win. uva is really, really good. the wizards have gone 7-2 against the west. they were a step slower tonight. jefferson makes the steal. goes ahead to ellis. take it strong to the rack. 39-30 mavericks. and say so long. they pulled away. watch chandler carson. draws the foul from butler. the three ball, one come. mavericks pull away from the
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wizards, 118-47. terps down 7-0 in the first quarter. speed kills. nice gainer. terrence on the move. wes -- terps on the move. touchdown maryland. that ties its at 7-7. a 28-7 cardinals lead in the second quarter. ice official. jim harbaugh was introduced at michigan today. seven years, $35 million. in the nfl how about this? lions defensively tackle dominique sue will play against the dallas cowboys in the playoffs. >> that's a big surprise. >> major surprise. >> everybody saw what he did. >> must have had a good lawyer. >> family wakes up to a strange sight. they find a brand
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>> far from normal morning in this home where a family woke up to find a brand spanking new dodge charger inside the back ward pool. they say the two teenage boys who had it all of three days were speeding through the neighborhood lost control, crashed through a fence and slammed into the pool there just
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short of the bedroom where the family was sleeping in the house. fortunately, no one was hurt but we don't know what happened after they got home and explained it to their parents. it could be a different
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>> new year's eve is around the corner 24.5 hours away. think about that for a second. new year's eve we'll ring it in around 30 degrees. the hockey classic is that what they're calling it? >> the hockey classic. >> ok. a wake-up call. >> that would be fun.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- emily blunt. from "the hobbit: the battle of the five armies", lee pace. and music from alt-j. with cleto and the cletones. and now, strange but true, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. thank you, everyone i'm jimmy i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you for coming. i'm glad you're here. you know, we almost didn't have a show tonight. late thursday night, at around midnight, we had a fire in the studio. guillermo, i'm going to ask you one more


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