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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  December 31, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> live from the abc seven broadcast center, this is abc seven news at noon, on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> it is noon here but already new year's day right now where the clock just struck midnight and thousands are celebrating the new year in a 2015.
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>> we still have a little ways to go, 12 hours to be exact. the party is already underway. boone artists and you are planning to stay up until midnight, expect cold weather. our meteorologist joins us now with a look welcoming us in. >> all bundled up if we will be outdoors. clear conditions and that means cold temperatures will be right around the three degree mark at midnight downtown. in the suburbs, and will be closer to the upper 20's. still a little bit of a wind chill. three degrees off of what the phenomena says. -- the thermometer says. >> your body is certainly feeling the cold at this hour. 36 degrees with a temperature and a wind chill, still hanging
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onto the upper 20's. 31 degrees here it as we take a look at the windchill factor, lows and the 20's for the most part of the region. 20's will be the rule throughout the rest of the day. a look at the hour to hour forecast, it will top out in the upper 30's to near 40 degrees. we will be dropping down to 32 degrees by 10:00 tonight. if that sounds too cold for you we have a bit of a warm-up in store and i will have word on how warm we get in your seven-day forecast about 12:15 or so. >> here is something we can all agree on. we are now a little mo than 20 hours away from the start of a winter classic. a live look right now. the baseball field is an outdoor hockey rink. final preparations are underway. the game starts at 1:00
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tomorrow. the washington capitals are taking on the chicago blackhawks. we just look for tickets on stub hub here the cheapest right now are $177 and those four are standing room -- those are for standing room only. >> other sports news, some big news this noon. after ending the season at 4:00 to 12:00, the defensive coordinator jim haslett agreed to part ways. the general manager just wrapped up a press conference. >> the other shoe has dropped here at redskins park. this afternoon announcing it has fired the defense of coordinator, jim haslett. abc 7 news is the only nation here to capture video leaving the park before he got into his car. i asked him if he had anything to say and he shook his head no. the -- right off the bat
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essentially apologizing to fans and promising a better future with some changes. it cannot get much worse. the last two seasons, after five seasons here, defense ranked 29th in total yards, 30th in points for games there you do the math. it is not good. allen said four in 12 is not acceptable. listen to how he addressed not only the firing, but also a question as to why, after six years in office, he should keep his job. >> i appreciate the coach bus is work and what he has done for the redskins, and i think it was the right decision. we will make sure we hold everyone accountable for everything that happened. >> allen added you could put the blame on him with what happens with the organization moving forward. earlier this month, former redskins says he believes he was
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clueless. allen said today he was extremely disappointed with how the season ended up but was clearly trying to look at the bright side, saying the team won division games against the cowboys and eagles, something they did not do last season. abc 7 news there questions up the road in baltimore, the ravens say security director darren sanders will not accompany the team to the playoffs game in pittsburgh. now charged with a fourth degree sexual offense, and it stems from events on december 14th. court records do not say specifically what happened. due in court february 9. police say this is a sketch of one of the man who assaulted and tried to rob a police -- a pizza delivery man trying to make a delivery on fletcher road when one man yelled at him and others he managed to get away before
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the suspect so anything. sources tell us crews believe they have found the body of a 14 month old from maryland. we have a photo of the scene where homicide detectives are working. the boy's mother was in court this morning. charged with endangering a child and tampering with evidence. she originally told police she left cameron because she can no longer care for him. a way of reaching out for help. stevens is being held on $150,000 bond. a missing child alert was issued earlier this month after the boy's father in frederick maryland told police he took camera and a sister out of state. the little girl is now in custody of child there is is. we are learning more about the man shot to death in capitol heights overnight. we have confirmed the victim was in fact a taxicab driver. talked to people who live barack -- along the drive where that
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occurred. >> i looked out the window and saw police cars are doubt. >> a deadly investigation after a taxi driver was shot dead inside his cab. >> it was kind of shocking. the area is relatively safe. >> police say it all happened here in this neighborhood just before one of. take a look at this video. you can see this solar -- silver cap sitting with the lights on. police found a man yet to be identified inside with gunshot wounds. he died a short time later. you can see from the bumper the cap collided with another car at some point. >> some neighbors say this is a relatively quiet neighborhood and they have only seen petty crimes. they say they had never seen anything like this. hours later, we noticed yet another cab driver here in this community. he tells everyone inside needs more protection.
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>> it is bad, dangerous, that we have got that kind of crime in the area. >> he says while he does not drive much anymore, he is to -- still careful. >> he say you cannot go to maryland or whatever, because of the crime. >> the investigation as to what led up to all of this is still ongoing. in capitol heights, abc 7 news. >> this crime scene is five minutes away from where a 31-year-old was found dead yesterday morning. he was found inside a home with trauma to his body. police have no suspects in his murder. no indication the crimes are connected. as early as with this week, hope was alive the streetcar would be still running at end of the year. but this was confirmed it would not happen. disappointed people who live and work in the area.
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>> the streetcars running back and forth evutes with no one but the driver back inside. >> i am just not surprised. >> this was the general reaction we got today. disappointment and frustration and anger, all in response to the long-awaited d.c. streetcars. launching the d.c. streetcars system has been a top rarity of the administration and the district department of transportation. unfortunately -- the mayor goes on to say that they are now awaiting approval from the state safety oversight, meaning another delay. >> people in the city are hungry housing jobs, $50
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million you could have donated to us. >> there was expectation days ago that the $45 million project will finally be up and running today for passengers. right now, stuck in a testing phase, running a 2.5 mile track. >> get -- just giving away free money. they're just riding up and down the street. so why did they put it here? >> it is a question many are now asking. >> we could've had money for people to get jobs. people are still looking for jobs. >> abc 7 news. >> leather continues to hamper efforts to find more victims and wreckage from air flight 8501. in indonesia, family members are helping to id the debt. >> the message search from
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flight 8501 continues. strong currents and heavy rain slowing efforts. indonesian authorities say they are trying their best to feet -- speed up recovery of the bodies of passengers and crews so they can be very. several bodies have been retrieved so far, including one female. here, grieving families registered dna samples and described the physical appearance of their loved ones. people are moving to hospitals where the victims arrived on the search flights. authorities closed in on the suspected area, but the exact location of the aircraft is still unknown. >> there are a lot of rumors going around. until we have a visual confirmation, it is all speculation. >> this man says officials told him yesterday the plane has been found and the news the plane is
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still missing is extremely disappointing. photos retweeted of an evacuation slide. it is not clear whether the slide was deployed or activated automatically on impact. for now, it is all about gathering crews and the condition of the uncovered bodies. what really caused the plane to crash, the question can only be answered when they are found. abc 7 news. >> at of the new year, the white house released some never before seen white house photos and we will show you those. you will want to stay bundled up
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>> you are watching abc seven news your side. >> president obama continues his vacation today. to celebrate the end of the year, the white house officials introduced a collection of photos from 2014 and devon shows them to us. >> hidden moments in 2014 inside the corridors of power. the white house patio. with jeans and even feet on the table, the oval office. this scene in the east room as democrats grabbed the president for attention. a tumultuous year for to -- for barack obama. challenges behind the scenes. crises in ukraine, iraq, and syria, ferguson, and the border, and republicans in power. moments like these captured by a man who works in mr. obama's shadow.
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pete is there with his lens to capture the moments other cameras are not allowed to see. of laughter among friends and the first family. this climb possibly inspiration for the hit netflix series, house of cards. a father, a mother, and a private moment with honest abe. he captures the humor here where he says, the most famous years in washington. or president obama giving faint touch giving bunny ears of this kind. a reminder the president in the white house is a human being, a kiss under the mistletoe, they hunger for moments of peace and quiet, which in 2015, will certainly be a rare find. abc news, traveling with the president in honolulu. >> it is so cool to see those behind the scenes pictures. >> forget what it would be like
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for those moments, you're just living your life and you forget someone is there. >> the stories feet must have, i cannot imagine. he has been there forever. >> what a job. >> will the president and joy that warm weather in hawaii? >> i just checked and it is 64 in halle -- in honolulu. it is like 7:00 in the morning there. well into the 70's this afternoon. they're still in california. i just checked conditions in las vegas. they are finally seeing flurries. less than an inch and the first time in four years that that happens. let's talk about some numbers as we are on our last day. some trivia here. the hottest day of 2014 was july 3. the coldest day was on january 7. single digits with only six degrees. and it's been almost a year since we had single digits. the biggest snow we had in 2014
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was six inches in 2013. so far this season, not early last year, but so far this season, we have had none, so we are down to the wettest day on the counter was april 30. rainfall totals for the year almost 45 inches, way above average, and it will go down to be one of our wetter years. conditions through the morning what a beautiful sunrise we have had. skies will be clear and will allow for a chilly start across the region. another shot here of where we got temperatures up to 30. 34 degrees in frederick, 30 in gaithersburg, and 30 degrees downtown. we are all there -- very chilly with a windchill factor in the 20's all across the region. the big weather story today is the arctic high-pressure. dating about two thirds or more of the country, keeping us clear but cold.
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we have seen a few clouds in western maryland this morning. that is the remnants of this energy is the cold air moves over in the great lakes. we have got to stay and out -- us than out -- standout -- span out. that is the system that will ultimately come here in the weekend. a wintry mix this saturday but mostly cold rain. this really spells out the story of how much of this country is impacted by this. the core of it here across the rockies and stretching down. a little more modified compared to that. this morning 80% of the lower 48 was at 32 degrees or below. everyone is getting in on the cold. the forecasts today temperatures will be in the upper 30's to near 40 degrees. the overnight hours for tonight it will be chilly. look at all the 20's. the winter classic is tomorrow. you will need to bundle up for
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that. temperatures will be in the low 40's. that and plenty of sunshine and we will warm up more as we head into 2016. the rain for the weekend, 50 degrees as we head into sunday. today is the worst of the cold and tomorrow morning as well. >> sunday will feel great compared to today. thank you. gas prices are still going down. we can guarantee that
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>> screening procedures are under review after the first diagnosis of the deadly virus was made in the u.k. earlier this week.
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the nurse arrived sunday night and complained of a fever and was given the all clear in a flight. she became ill the next day. england's chief medical officer says public health england will have to make changes following the incident. gas prices continued to drop and that is something we are happy to see in the new year. unleaded drops 2% in d c maryland, it is cheaper at -- virginia is by far the cheapest. but, if your car is running low you might want to fill up today or tomorrow, the price of gas goes up five cents per gallon. attack -- a tax increase will pay for a funding package passed last year. caught on video, a couple of hikers running for their lives. up next, what was chasing and threatening to kill them.
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and another look at the new year's eve
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>> a couple hiking in washington state forced to run for their lives when an avalanche hit. you can see here the frightening ordeal was all caught on a cell phone. snow and ice came right for them. >> it was like a blink of an eye and then it was closer and closer. all i did was look in the
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opposite direction and start to run. >> luckily, everyone is ok. on a scale of one to 10, outrunning the avalanche was right 9.5. a warning issued was ignored to stay on the trails. >> wow. that is kerry. >> i hate those warnings. >> you do. you do not want to go to that country, because that could happen. >> all right, snow around here. he you -- at midnight, you will bundle up if you're out there on the town. 30 degrees. 20 in the suburbs. picking up a little bit as we begin 2016. >> all right. >> ok. >> sounds good. thank you for joining us this midday. >> tune in at 4:00. have a great day.
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