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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  December 31, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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cameron's family members arrived at the apartment complex that we are at currently. they are keeping quiet until more details come to light. we visited a germantown apartment complex where cameron's paternal grandparents used to live. they had trouble controlling their motions upon learning the news. >> oh, my god. i've got to go. that is so sad. >> we know very little about little cameron's injuries but court paperwork does indicate that he was spanked repeatedly and so hard that his skin tor does not indicate who did this thinking or who -- did the spanking or who placed his body in that back. >> montgomery county police are still hoping that a montgomery county mother can lead them to
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her missing children. she is facing several charges in connection to the disappearance. she maintains that the children are safe but she has not been found competent to stand trial. caught the flu epidemic is spreading. the centers for disease control is seen widespread cases and most of the country at this point. at least 16 children have already died from this year's illness including one this past friday. the northern virginia where a chief -- bureau chief with a look at how hospitals are keeping up. >> it is not easy these days. in fact, with the health system, we had a very difficult time just beinge to catch up with the doctor to talk about what is going on right now simply because they are dealing with so many flu cases at the moment that that doctors are completely busy and booked up at the moment. one of the cases happened in the
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region in ashburn, a fifth grader at creighton corners elementary school, the boys name dustin a. -- i the boyhave's name joshua just we will hear.from a doctor about what the next few months will look like. >> the loss that we cannot begin to imagine. it's my guess is that we are probably going to continue at this rate and probably continue through at least january or february. ashburn, a fifth >> the big question is why. the thought is that the flu vaccine is not currently covering a certain strain of the flu that is hitting really hard. that does not mean that this is not effective and you should not edit.
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-- should not get it. >> we might be reporting on a hangover epidemic tomorrow. >> i cannot imagine why. >> it will be chilly. we are ready to ring in the new year. >> i cannot wait until the stroke of midnight. it will be cold out of there. if you have plans to be outside, bundle up. temperatures will fall quickly. you can hardly see anything going on. 34 degrees, gaithersburg. dulles at 35. temperatures did not warm up a lot today. this is what we have on the satellite radar, quite dry high-pressure is ahead which will keep us cold for the overnight. here is our forecast as we move into the midnight hour, we will see temperatures just around
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freezing, even a little bit colder to the north and west. the cold start to the first day of 2015. he will talk about what to expect for the upcoming weekend. you will need an umbrella. >> new at 4:00 we are happy to tell you about a promising start to the new year for a nine-year-old shot in the head. he was released from the hospital this afternoon. he was shot october 3 near a playground in northeast washington. that bullet lodged just above his right eye. you will hear from his mother and find out why she says his release from the hospital might actually be a mixed blessing. the district made it official, the street car will not be opening in 2014. when will the project start carrying passengers? we are live along the tracks
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trying to track down the answers. >> we will try to touch base a little bit later. you might remember, talking about streetcars, that just last month arlington county officials backed down from their plans to build a $333 million streetcar and there has been several developments like that. >> in other news from virginia the state's former governor will learn his fate this tuesday. bob mcdonnell will be sentenced on 11 counts after he and his wife were convicted in a corruption case.
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>> bob mcdonnell's lawyers are pushing for three yecommittee service. prosecutors want him to spend 10 years in prison. >> a judge denied a motion to move or delay the start of the trial. that means that the jury selection to become this monday as planned. prosecutors say that he and his brother tamerlan planned the attacks that killed three people and injured more than 260 others. tamerlan tsarnaev died with the shootout with police. >> weather is hampering rescue efforts. the first body arrived at an airport in indonesia. >> in coffins today, they carried the recovered bodies from air asia 8501. the family still in shock. >> my son was so excited for his first overseas trip, his mother said. he bought a new belt, new close. his face was shining. in this photo, and relative remember is a family of four that were lost, their children
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just two of the 17 youngsters on board. the process of identifying the victims is slow. recovery teams are fighting strong currents and tall waves. >> we have bodies that need to be recovered on the surface of the ocean but they have been pushed around for days. we need to find the wreckage of the aircraft that is on the bottom of the ocean. they really balancing to priorities. >> they are driven by omission. -- by a mission to find the black boxes and the answers they hold. industry experts agree that modern planes are safer than ever before. >> back locally to that story about the streetcars because the district made it official that the streetcars will not be opening in 2014. we all want to know when this project along h street north
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east will start carrying passengers. chris past lives to give us answers. >> no one ain't easy government we spoke to seems to have any idea exactly when these streetcars will be running and caring passers. -- no one in the government that we spoke to seems to that we spoke to seems to have any idea exactly when the streetcars will be running. they are not carrying any passengers yet they are just running through the protocol and practicing. as for right now, they are not. despite years of delays, setbacks, and other issues, the mayor has contained they will be running by the end of 2014 and the mayor held onto that hope. on monday, we were told that they had hoped to have those they are just running through the protocol and practicing. running times by today. no parking signs or even posted maent to make that announcement. late yesterday, the signs came
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down. the mayor's office released a statement saying that the streetcars had not received the proper safety and security permit. those come from the state office and oversight and safety. no start date was given. >> really frustrated. we have been promised so many times. i think it is about time to really act on it and get something done. >> now 7 on your side reached out to the mayor elect and she said right now she's focusing on her inauguration. next week, she will address the streetcars. >> banks. >> three days after the end of their season, the redskins parted ways jim haslett. >> we have a video of the former
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defensive coordinator that you will only see here. what is the story here is mark >> i don't think that everyone is shocked about the change that was made at redskins park after this season. you will have to make at least one change, so why not start with the defense? jim haslett is the former defensive coordinator for the redskins. he parted ways with the team. that is video you will only see here. this is the first big change at redskins park. after hearing bruce allen, we should get used to these changes. >> we are going to analyze everything from the top down and it is just not on the football side of the building. it is not just on the personal side of the building. it is everything we do. we understand four-12 is unacceptable. we absolutely do. if there's anything we can do to get this team back to where it belongs, we will do it.
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we will do it. >> you probably heard the phrase a change in culture for the redskins. we just don't know because we have been hearing that for a lot of seasons. for now, we will just hope and pray that something will happen to the following season. >> this is a big move, it might not be the only move that will be required to satisfy the fans. our question of the day is asking if you are thinking of -- if you think that parting ways with jim haslett was a step in the right direction. we will show you some of the comments we get a little later in this hour. hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes to start the new year. >> going nowhere fast, the rescue efforts to reach drivers stranded in the snow. >> the plato park that has
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parents talking around the country. >> as much as $100 to ring in the new year but the doors are locked up tight and they will stay that way into 2015. coming up, how mcfadden's thank you
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>> some breaking news coming out of shanghai where at least 35 people have been killed in these dan p that happened at a new year's event. at least 42 other people were injured. -- 35 people have been killed in a stampede that happened at a new year's event. a very popular northwest bc bar will be closed -- d.c. bar will be closed. >> how they are getting money back to the people that might have paid up front. >> they will have to do that because the big party they were planning or here: not happened. the doors here are locked up tight. they should be pressing for a huge party but it will not
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happen. it will not happen because of this big yellow notice on the front door. there is a poster that advertises five hours of open bar on new year's. the bars liquor license was suspended following a stabbing where five people were hurt. the out-of-control -- the alcohol control board made that decision. they did not look for the weapon involved and they might have escorted this dapper out of the bar. now, mcfadden's is being forced to deal with customers who paid as much as $100 in advance for tickets to the event. the company has not yet responded on how they will make things right for customers. >> tough circumstances. i hope that the people that did
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pay can get refunded. >> you can see that it has the option to appeal their suspension and the closure. as of this moment, they have not done that. i hail mary pass could not o the bar for tonight. we did reach out to mcfadden's, it's management and their attorneys, but they did not respond. we will hear from one of the men that was stabbed that night and we will show you what we found when the i-team went digging into the history of problems at this bar. >> thank you. heavy snow stranded more than 100 people in california's san bernardino mountains overnight. rescuers used vehicles with special treads to reach drivers stranded in a foot of fresh powder. east los angeles had a dusting of snow. people turning out for the
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tournament of roses will need to bundle up. >> most victims died in flash floods and landslides. more than 35 people -- 3500 people had to flee their homes. deaths reported in malaysia and thailand. >> we are pretty much in the clear. nothing major. >> it is just cold. clear skies for tonight and a lot of folks going out the first night. little kids get cold really fast. you have to hope for warmer weather for the weekend. 49 degrees right now at reagan national airport. look at the dew point. it looks like an electrical charge up there. we will look for our dew point levels to remain on the dry side. that is where we have the static out there. 35 degrees in maryland after a
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high of 30 with seven. they had a morning low of 21 degrees. no rain to speak of. we will keep the rain gauge drive. washington at 35, the high temperature just one degree warmer than that. satellite and radar, not a lot going on across the mid-atlantic. high pressure remains in control. it will remain so overnight and into tomorrow. temperatures slightly below average for this time of year. for the after -- for the overnight, 15-23 degrees. the coldest air columbus, 26. pittsburgh, 25. this is what is on the way early tomorrow morning. it stays dry here in washington. as we move into the friday, clouds will increase a little bit. we have a disturbance that will move across the mid-atlantic. that is when you'll need your umbrella. by sunday, talking temperatures in the middle 50's. temperatures just around 30
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degrees in the district. a little bit colder in the suburbs, talking upper 20's. for the day tomorrow, we will look for temperatures that will make it into the middle 40's. the next seven days will show that brief warm-up. middle 50's with a shower activity and then breezy and cooler as they move into next week. back to school, back to work, back to reality. nighttime lows in the we don't have to worry about ice or snow tonight. >> exactly. >> as soon as the sun goes down. >> which won't be long. trending now, it is a toy but now some damage control. this is part of a plato said -- play dough. a lot of parents say that it resembles a part of the male
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anatomy a little bit too close for comfort. hasbro will replace the tool for anyone who asks. >> what kind of cake were they making with that? the simple way that these are getting their
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>> we are back with what they called new yards deep. it features balloon artists, face painters, still walkers magicians. this is right next to nationals park. >> wearing those codes out there, as you can tell. it's very chilly. 2015 is spreading across the globe. >> most recently, moscow rang in the new year. we look at some of the celebrations and the preparations for the east coast finish party. >> across the globe, a new year's celebration has been breathtaking. first, sydney harbour laid up i seven tons of fireworks. north korea showing up its pyrotechnic skills on state tv while this display lit up dubai. meanwhile, an estimated one million people are expected in time square for the new year's
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celebration, new york's finest were on high alert. >> there is a heightened sense of security. as we turned the police officers out, we remind them that they have to look out for each other and work together and make sure that we all stay safe. >> activist groups nla, chicago, new york, and others, organizing a series of anti-police demonstrations. in st. louis, at least five protesters arrested after storming the doors of police headquarters and handing police officers a notice of eviction. in boston, the mayor asking protesters to be mindful of the city's first night celebration an event that draws scores of families and small children. >> we would like to respectfully ask for people to be able to enjoy first night. >> police will be looking at all of the cameras around the
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festivities. >> thank you for that. don't be surprised if you thought when you hear what sounds like gunfire. civil war reenactors will be out there firing their muskets at midnight. they will be firing blanks, by the way. >> metro is planning to be open until 2 a.m. to help people get home from their new year celebrations and tomorrow, but since and trains will operate on a sunday schedule. you can learn more about your transportation options. all of the information is there at >> no one likes to ride next to a sleeping child on an airplane. >> we will show you the photos that a former flight attendant captured of passengers behaving badly that might have you wishing for only a kicking kid. >> how much more will you be paying for gasoline in the new year?
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>> a rising star for a pro football team who
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 4:00. >> only a month away from leaving for school. >> a local student is in a hospital bed after being shot.
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not far from the library. we are joined live with more on the investigation tonight. >> the shooting is still under investigation right now. this is the field where he practiced twice a week with the hopes that one day he would have a shot in the nfl but now his life has been put on hold. his coach tells us he was shot several times in the back yesterday afternoon just before 4:30 off of jefferson street. smith is a safety for the montgomery county rams, a semi pro football team. he had been with them for year but he was excited to leave the area so he could go to college. >> it is a crushing blow because this is why we leave kids in school, so they can get away from the violence herend things like this will happen.
4:31 pm
-- won't happen. >> witnesses saw a black car speeding away from the scene but they could not provide any other details. we will have much more on the story for you coming up at 5:00. >> we will continue to follow that awful story. let's switch gears and talk about the weather because we can certainly say it is a chilly start. >> that is an easy call. >> at least we are not dealing with the snow and the ice, that makes things messy. we are looking at cold temperatures, a cool start for the first day of 2015. 43 in richmond, head farther to the north and west. we will show you satellite and rain are not problem out there. these are well off to the north. we will see clear skies for the overnight hours.
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bundle up, temperatures will fall into the lower 30's. ringing in the new year. this is where you will see get pictures in the middle 20's. we will talk about the upcoming weekend, when you will need your umbrella, and when you need to put it away, and the next chance for snow. >> a new year means a new rule in parts of our area. maryland is one of eight states raising the minimum wage. also, drivers over the age of 75 in virginia will have to renew their license every five years. virginia is raising its gasoline tax by five cents maryland will be raising its by three and a half cents a gallon. we are still paying relatively low prices for gas. the national average is at $2.25.
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you can always find the best gas prices near you at we have all encountered a few passengers that we probably would have preferred to be around when we fly. >> a former flight attendant created a facebook page which is devoted to some of that bad behavior. we look at how they are being shamed online. >> passengers, prepare for shaming, especially if you are not in the upright position. >> this is so beyond yikes. >> the former flight attendant created the facebook page "passenger shaming." leaving dirty diapers and seat pockets and going shirtless. how far we have flown from the elegant old days. instead of pearls, check out the l2 to these shorts. >> it is getting worse by the
4:34 pm
minute. >> her personal pet fee -- >> sox stay on. >> my dogs are barking. that feels better. >> who wants to let barking dogs lie when they intrude from another row? we recommend keeping your feet covered and hands exposed. they have seen passengers do worse. >> he caught his hair on fire while he was smoking crack. >> that means that shoot gum left in the safety card looks quaint. why don't you just skip thin-flight manicure, nobody wants to see you caring for your feet at 30,000 feet. >> there was a gentleman treating his wars with compound w.
4:35 pm
yes, that happened. but she quit her job a year ago to become a nurse practitioner. somehow, looking at this -- >> i can't. >> seems worse. the passenger using a pillowcase to cover his eyes while uncovering the rest. lets fly but don't leave behind your boxers, your dentures, your toenails, or your wig. >> i am never eating and other thing on a plane. >> was that a little kid on a potty? >> i cannot defend that but if the airlines will treat you like cattle, like an animal -- >> it is already a difficult experience.
4:36 pm
now, after seeing all of those photos, you might need to read dean your faith in humanity. we can help with that. take a look at teddy. jennifer krauss took this picture. she told the homeowners association and then started seeing the dog regularly. she offered him food, try to approach him but did not manage to lure him inside until december 12. he was taken to animal control and nursed back to health. he had been adopted from the nfl welfare league in september but escaped from his new home the very next day. by the time he was recaptured, that family wasn't interested in him anymore but now jennifer is interested and he has joined her family including a new brother. entire neighborhoods through a party for him once he came home. >> they have been used and abused and ill used in the last year. a look at some of the words that could stay behind this 2014.
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>> how the teams are preparing for the winter classic we thought
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>> volts wagon is recalling five models because of fire dangers. the fuel leak may cause a fire. this involves 2014 and 15 beadles, jeter does, and the thoughts -- beatlles, jettas, and passats. now, to a story that drives home the point that you should be checking your credit card statement as often as you can. >> otherwise id thieves can walk away with your information without you ever knowing it. you're looking at video from top retailers showing what authorities say is fraud in action. -- is about to go on a shopping spree with someone else's credit card. >> the victim who had their identities taken from them where
4:41 pm
you have an individual to ask themselves as an authorized user, receives a card issued in that person's name, and they go on a shopping spree, which also included cash advances. as most did not realize that their account had been hijacked. there's a whole other twisted this scam and that is why bank officials say it is very important to citor your account activity online. but the victims were not receiving statements because of the change of address. the suspects would add themselves to the account as an additional user. in this case, they made good use of time purchasing electronics like smartphone, a laptop, even a 65 inch television. but the vast majority were cash advances where the suspect is able to go into different banking institutions and obtain
4:42 pm
cash advances. >> there are 10 victim so far with losses exceeding $25,000 but investigators are convinced both numbers could grow. some advise from inspectors, regularly check your credit card account. most importantly, monitor your credit as often as possible. >> till to come, -- still to come, we are tracking the forecast ahead of the winter classic. >> we are at nats park where the fans
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>> we have been talking about this for so long, it is hard to believe that we are less than 24 hours from this year's winter classic. >> there is a reason for that. the national hockey league is talking abt pushing the puck dropped back. this could cause a problem with something called ice. what is the word? >> if you tell the caps or the that they will push the date
4:46 pm
back, they might go crazy. they have been like kids waiting to open up gifts. -- if you tell the caps or the blackhawks that they have to wait, they will go crazy. but the capitals got their first taste of the nationals park ice today. cosi got our our in today. but they will have the and the sun. >> we will see. >> the hardest part was the reflection off the ice. after five or 10 minutes, your eyes kind of adjust. >> there is a glare off the ice. there is so much attention here. >> this is a marquee event and for us to be part of that and to host that, we are very privileged.
4:47 pm
>> it is great, it shows how many people really appreciate the game we play. that is what this game is for. we are glad to have it in our home rink. >> the sun could possibly create more than just one problem, not just melting the ice. we will not see what happens until tomorrow. as for the musical situation billy idol, if he does the sound check, our sports producer will try to go down there and take a selfie. >> go for it. >> don't you come back for that one. >> thousands of hockey fans will make their way to the park. we have what you need to know
4:48 pm
about about the street closers and where you can park. >> the skins parted ways with jim haslett. >> our question of the day is asking what you think of this move. janet writes -- logon to the wjla faced the page and you can get in on the conversation. -- facebook page and you can get in on the conversation. good for the ladies, joining in there. we have new information this afternoon on the topic of tuesday's question of the day. we told you about the new
4:49 pm
hampshire auction house that was trying to sell a 1920's rope from the ku klux klan. an 80-year-old said that she found it in the attic with their fathers name on it. many of you should be at a museum. the highest bid, $375. still no word on what will happen to the money from that sale. >> i'm nine-year-old houma recklessly survived being shot in the head is heading home. -- a nine-year-old who miraculously survived being shot in the head is heading home. >> we will be counting down the top stories of 2014. the first look is coming up at 5:00. >> i love the story of jade and going home. as a great story for everyone. >> weather-wise, we have a nice and the year? >> it should be cold. it is not snowing, it is not
4:50 pm
raining, they can wear their finest. bundle up, that is what i'm trying to say. this is our new camera atop our building looking out. not a cloudless sky. this will allow our temperatures to drop quickly as it moves through the evening hours. by the evening, we are talking of temperature is about 30 degrees. the wind out of the west northwest at six miles per hour. not much of a windchill factor to worry about. here is nationals park. they start off with temperatures in the upper 20's. you can see the temperatures falling quickly. the same in atlanta, maryland. satellite and radar is quiet, drive, high-pressure overhead. that is what is going to give us clear skies. a lot of sunshine for the day tomorrow. temperatures slightly below average.
4:51 pm
the coldest temperatures off to the north and west. temperatures now in the 20's over in columbus, pittsburgh. a good indication of what is on the way. this shows the clear skies overhead and we will see a very cold start to the year. this is our futurecast showing additional cloud as they move through the day on friday. here is our forecast temperatures will fall into the 30's. mostly clear skies. tomorrow, a cold day ahead. breezy at times with wind out of the southwest at 8-12 miles per hour. we are glad is not snowing sleeting. >> you could fly to miami. >> that sounds a good idea. >> he has been known to do that. >> let's check on traffic around here.
4:52 pm
>> we do have some delays on the outer loop. the heavy snow from andrews to to 14. there had been a crash there that is gone. delays along the southeast. 270 is doing .12. 166 is just volume headed west out to centreville. traffic and generally slow still on the outer loop. headed out to to 14, that is out of the runway and completely cleared. a few volume delays headed for landmark. >> thank you. up next, through the lens. >> we are taking a look back at we
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collects the best and worst of the next year. time to look back at some of the things that we could leave behind. michigan state university's out with a list of words that should be banned in the coming year. this year's list includes polar vortex, curated, skill set foodie hack, bae which stands for before all else. >> are we all that we don't know that? >> i think that makes it official. the president is ringing in the new year in hawaii. >> the official photographer released a collection of his favorite photos from this year. >> way to go, pete.
4:57 pm
>> and there are hidden motives behind the history of 2014 inside the corridors of power. in ebola meeting on the white house patio, weekend casual and even feet on the table in the oval office. this seen in the east room as democrats grabbed the president for attention. it was a tumultuous year for barack obama. crises in your crane, a rock and syria. -- in ukraine iraq, and syria. pensive moments like these captured by a man who lurks in mr. obama's shadow, a paparazzo for the president, there with his lens. eruptions of laughter among friends and the first family. this client among air force one possibly inspiration for the hit network series, "house of cards."
4:58 pm
a father, and mother come and a private moment. he captures the humor coming here what he says of the most famous years in washington. mr. obama getting bunny ears of a different kind. a reminder that the president and the white house is human being. a kiss under the mistletoe, the hunger for those moments of peace and quiet which in 2015 will certainly be a rare find. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a heartbreaking scene as they find the body. >> the 14-month-old from frederick was reported missing after his mother said he had been abandoned on a strangers porch, but now, that woman is
4:59 pm
changing her story as she faces a judge. >> we have details of the child's injuries and also reaction from those who knew the family. kevin, what are you hearing? >> well, cameron lived in this apartment complex with his mother, father, and sister. his parents got into a fight and so the mother took her children up to columbus, ohio. she stopped with text messages, and that is when her boyfriend called authorities. the 24-year-old entered an ohio courtroom this morning charged in connection with her 14-month-old son's death. it was here that the body was found, wrapped in a garbage bag. documents say the injuries included repeating -- repeated spanking that toward layers of his skin.
5:00 pm
>> oh, my gosh. >> kathy jordan knows cameron's father. >> ok, ok, i have got to go. this could be my kid. >> abc seven has learned about a domestic case filed back in november 2009. she demanded he pay child support for their now six-year-old child, but the case was dismissed, saying they were back together. today, family members flocked to their frederick apartment complex, telling reporters they are keeping quiet until more details come to light. >> anything to help my kids.


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