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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 31, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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t, and victims of the stabbing say rightly so. we are live with josie sturman with more. >> well, maureen, just inside these doors if a poster advertising a big, blowout party, that was supposed to start a couple of hours from now, but that is not happening because of a situation that got out of control on the 27th, and the abc seven i-team dug in and found this is not the first time mcfadden's has had an issue, with three pages of incidents from the alcohol control board. you feel like you got lucky? >> we are lucky. >> nelson does not want to show you his face, but he did show us the wound he got during a night out at mcfadden's. >> a couple of inches from the front of my chest. >> nelson was one of five people stabbed on the 27th at the popular bar in northwest. police closed it down soon after, but these red signs turned to yellow yesterday when
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the r's liquor license was suspended, a surprise to some, like sarah grace. >> yes, it does not seem like the norm for mcfadden's at all. >> but the abc seven i-team found the bar has a history of problems with prior suspensions and fines and other things the agency could not take action on, but this time, they are holding them accountable, in part because of lax in security. -- a black insecurity. they were also on cooperative allegedly. >> they tried to cover it up. you know what i am saying? they are trying to cover it up for all of the wrong reasons. >> and now the business is paying the price, bitterly. tickets for as much as $100 apiece were sold for a new
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year's eve party, and it now has been closed. >> the customers lost. >> and they have a message on their facebook page, talking about refunds, but we called them today to find out what is happening with that suspension, with the closure ordered by the police and also with their past, but we have not heard back from mcfadden's or their attorney. the bar did file an appeal, but it is not going to make a difference tonight. they will not open. they are scheduled to have a hearing on friday. >> thank you. the i-team obtained documents indicating mcfadden's has a history of incidents, and to look at that paperwork you can check out our website on >> tonight, many of you are wondering what the weather will look like for new year's eve, and the answer in one word is cold. abc 7 meteorologist steve rudin has a look at the numbers. steve?
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>> it is cold, and it is only going to get colder. midnight tonight around 30 degrees downtown and in the 20's off to the north and west of us and right now 30 in gaithersburg already 27 at dulles, andrews air force base at 33, lexington park, maryland, in the 20's, and high-pressure overhead, and that means temperatures will tumble quickly. 11:00 tonight around 30, and we will fall into the teens in the northern and western suburbs. we will talk about the upcoming weekend coming up in just a few minutes. >> steve, thank you very much. developing news out of indonesia tonight. the weather is causing some major problems for the victims of the airasia crash, as choppy seas kept divers out of the water, and there was also confusion after authorities backed off of earlier statements that they had found the airplane. scott thuman has more. >> it is interesting how they said they knew the location, but
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now they sound uncertain. helicopters were grounded, some airplanes also, as they have got 20 knot per hour wind. in fact, what wreckage and debris they have located they say has drifted about 30 miles and even bodies that they cannot get to they believe could land on beaches. meanwhile, family members gathered in a new location, and they are sharing vital information about their loved ones dental records photographs, fingerprints, anything to help identify them and they have already uncovered seven bodies and are not sure what is next. >> we don't know. the victims, i believe most of them are still inside the aircraft with their safety belts on. we hope the evacuation is over fast. >> it may depend on just how
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quickly they can deploy sonar to find the jet, which may be in about 100 feet of water. either way, they are still not sure what brought down the plane. they will then look to recover the black box and the cockpit audio recorders. scott thuman abc seven news, scott. new 6:00, two brooklyn streets named in honor of the police officer is killed in the mind of duty more than a week ago. the detectives were shot while sitting in their cruiser, and the shooter had a long history of criminal history -- of criminalization, rather, and he also killed himself. today, new york city mayor bill de blasio said streets will be named after them, and the mayor said this is to make sure the fallen officers are never forgotten. >> and a heartbreaking discovery in columbus, ohio. police have confirmed that recovery teams have found the body of the 14-month-old frederick, maryland, boy cameron beckford, who was found
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after his mother said she left him on a porch. she was in an ohio court room morning. today, family members were at the complex, but they told our crews they are staying silent until more details come to light. back seven is on your side with a health alert tonight as the flu epidemic turns deadly in our area. a fifth grade or in loudoun county has died from complications after spending a week in hospital. this marks the first death from the virus in virginia. at least 16 children from nine states have died from the illness, and the cdc says this year's flu vaccine is not a good match. they say people should still get the vaccine though. next at 6:00, a dramatic te about a child who truly beat the odds. how jaydan stancil will celebrate the new year, next. >> and
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>> a d.c. miracle. a little boy shot in the head is out of the hospital tonight. a stray bullet hit jaydan stancil at the was playing outside his apartment complex in washington, and the bullet is still launched in his brain. his legs are partially paralyzed.
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they are looking for a safer place to live. >> seven is on your side with a consumer alert. uber is expecting new year's eve to be the busiest night in its history, and globally, they expect 2 million riders tonight, and what that means for you is higher rates. last year, a receipt for 260 five dollars for a five-mile ride made around on it internet. it is expected to be the most expensive between 12:30 and 2:00 a.m., and there are other ways to get home, but not bad. >> $265 for a 5-mile ride, i don't know.
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>> tonight we say farewell to one of the most trusted man in washington, gordon peterson. after 10 years at the wjla anchor desk and even more at wusa gordon has made it clear it is not the start of retirement. there is more to come. i am so sad to see him leave abc 7, but i am glad we have had such an amazing time together. i don't think many people know how you got started in this business. can you remember back that far? >> i left active duty in the marine corps, and i did not want to go to work, though i got a job as a news director at a radio station in worcester massachusetts. >> from there, gordon moved to washington to cover sports. >> yes, a lot of sports for cbs radio. the impossible dream with the red sox and cardinals, and i covered arthur ashe and billie jean king, and i did a lot of
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sports. the battle has been lost here at the supreme court. >> but his first love, political reporter, pulled him into washington, d.c., in 1969. >> the civil rights thing was big. i walked up 14th street. the mayor. 1969. my clothing reaked with tear gas, in my clothing and my eyes and i loved it. >> ward and also began a 45-year to rear as one of the area's premier news anchors, and we shared the desk at wusa and here at wjla for the past 10 years. >> the best 10 years i have ever had, right here, and also the chance to reunite with you was a main factor. you and doug hill, and the bonus was becoming so friendly with leon harris and alison starling and of course jim grant. >> gordon also brought an
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award-winning news institution with them, "inside washington." >> it was not about the subject matter, and i did not care about ideology. it was like a conversation around the dinner table. after the meal is served, you can have spirited conversations. that was my game plan. and i think it worked pretty well. how are you doing tonight governor? >> he also reported on presidential races new popes and battleground virginia, and though his time at abc 7 is coming to an end, he says he is not finished yet. >> i am not going anywhere. if you see me in the street, say hello. i will appreciate it. i'm going to keep working. i am too jan to quit. >> but you are leaving. >> we are like an old married couple.
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[laughter] thank you so much for that. >> you are welcome. you are so welcome. and you will have a few remarks of your own to share with the audience before the broadcast is over. >> if we have time and is steve does not go over. but i will go fast. the blizzard of 1996. i was so nervous, and not quite as nervous now, but still nervous. thank you. we wish you all of the best. and take a look at what is going on outside. gordon this forecast. it is for you. he read go. mainly clear skies at this hour 36 degrees at reagan national, and i am going to zip through this quickly. 34 is the average for this day the record 70, 34 on the weatherbug network in downtown d.c. after a high of 30 ticks 35 at nationals park with a hockey game tomorrow, near freezing -- after a high of 36
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today. tomorrow, we will wake up to temperatures in the mid teens to 20's, the coldest temperatures off to the north and west of us. satellite radar, high-pressure overhead mainly clear skies. that will allow temperatures to fall quickly during the overnight hours. waking up tomorrow morning the forecast shows 17 in leesburg 17 admin, 26 in arlington, and here is what we expect for new year's eve. for tonight, not so bad if you like it cold. at least it will not snow or rain, around 30 degrees at midnight. this is inside the beltway, but the further north and west you go, temperatures will be a lot colder. the forecast for tomorrow, 42 to 46 with pretty good conditions for the hockey game tomorrow afternoon, lots of sunshine to enjoy, and take a look at the next seven days. we are talking temperatures around 48 degrees on friday.
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saturday, a better chance of showers, heavier rain expected late in the dayre around 40 degrees, but we will see a high about 45 on sunday. it will not last long. a cold front moves in, and then clears out. monday, tuesday, wednesday temperatures in the upper 30's to lower 40's. gordon, maureen? >> thanks very much. a hockey game. robert, tell us about it. >> yet, are we talking hockey or football at a baseball park? even when the coordinator is
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. like this week found behind me, but i have to talk about football, but we are going to talk about it anyway. the coordinator left the team today, jim haslett and what you was the only on abc seven, jim t leaving redskins park. talking about the new changes but also about rg iii. he has not given up just yet.
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>> robert has suffered a couple of significant injuries in the last couple of years and he had grown. he is 24 years old. i think he got better as the year went on, but his future is up to him, and the surrounding cast we put around him. but all right, let's talk about what we are here for at nats park, and that is the winter classic, the blackhawks getting ready. the sun could have an effect. we talked to some players, and they say, well, they are just going to go with it. >> i think sunglasses. that was a little bit out there but i like it. >> i actually had a different pair of sunglasses, so i was
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already planning on trying it. i do not know if it is in the rules. i am going to try it tomorrow if it is sunny. >> we just got done with lee greenwood, an earlier, billy idol doing a little sound check so you may see fans coming for the music. we will see what happens. abc 7 sports. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you very much. have a good time. let me just say a few words to summarize. i have had 10 wonderful years year after being invited across the river reuniting. my pals doug hill and steve rudin, and i am so fortunate to have been able to form new and lasting friendships with alison starling and leon harris and tim brant, as well as all of the wonderful people. you cannot see the people who put us on the air every evening and i looked forward to work
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every single day. it may seem that our message is one of doom and gloom and discord, but we try to remind you that there are summer mockable people in the washington area doing extraordinary work on behalf of their fellow humans every day. leon harris' heroes, for example, and then the founder of the creative nonviolence, whose funeral i attended yesterday. he devoted his life to fighting for justice for the least fortunate among us. he irritated some people, but that goes with the territory. the washington i love is the washington of the people who are trying to spread light where there is darkness, and i am also so grateful to our viewers. every day, i hear from people who treat me like a member of the family. i have to tell you i love that and i thank you for that, and i thank you for all of your comments even the critical ones even though it all of the years we have been together, i have never heard anyone
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criticize maureen bunyan. [laughter] that is not leaving on a positive note. thank you, gordon. i know i can't speak for all of the staff year, managers as well as reporters out on the street, photographers, everybody who works in the newsroom. they all tell me they have learned from you because you are the master of the craft, news broadcasting. they have been encouraged by you. they have been complemented by you, and most of all, they have been inspired by you, so on their behalf, i thank you for all of your service to us here at channel seven, for 10 years and at wusa for so many years. we are going to miss you. >> thank you for
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welcome to "world news tonight." new year's freeze. a frigid night for tens of millions of americans from california to the east coast. whiteout conditions. drivers abandoning cars. the deadly avalanche and the freak wind storm at the sight of the rose bowl. 2015 starting off with an arctic blast at home and overseas with a deadly stampede. the mystery of air asia flight 8501. recovery teams struggling in choppy seas. the first bolds of the victims arriving back on land. our team is there. downsizing. that shrinking feeling in packaging. are consumers getting what they expect? and as we look into the new year the spectacular celebrations already taking place around the world.


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