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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 5, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v welcome to "world news tonight." the avalanche. two young americans, suddenly gone. two sons olympic hopefuls. late details coming in. plus the a 0 million americans bracing for deadly cold. from washington state all the way to the east coast. the boston bombings. tonight, the brother entering the courtroom, facing the death penalty. what his family is now saying about america. and young american girls supporting him. breaking news. the son now under arrest. did he murder his hedge fund father and then allegedly stage it to cover his tracks? and nothing wrong with rooting for the cowboys -- unless you're from new jersey. governor chris christie hugging the cowboys owner. and tonight, his new explanation, right here.
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good evening and it's great to have you with us here in the new year. and we begin two major stories. the deadly cold. 50 million americans affected. first, the avalanche. two young americans with incredible promise, olympic hopefuls, gone in moments. one of them from new hampshire, there on the left. the other from utah. both of them in the alps. fellow athletes horrified by what they witnessed. abc's clayton sandell with the rescue efforts and the video one of the americans made trying to follow his olympic dream. >> reporter: high on the mountain search teams in helicopters today with a desperate task after a sudden avalanche buried two rising stars in american skiing. >> the rescue crews were on the scene immediately with multiple helicopters and other rescue crew. they were able to extricate the two skiers but unfortunately it was too late. >> reporter: four skiers escaped the wall of snow on the austrian slope, but those two olympic hopefuls killed. >> my name is bryce astle, i'm
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19 years old. >> reporter: ley's skills earned him an invitation to join the u.s. ski team. he posted this video to raise the money he needed to follow his dreams. >> nopefully help me get that much closer to reaching the top of the world cup circuit and 0 olympic podium. >> reporter: ronnie berlack pounced back from a knee injury to compete in front of the world. his father saying his son organized his entire life around ski racing. even the best skiers are sometimes no match for avalanches carrying snow and debris at 80 miles an our or faster. >> everything happens really fast. you don't really have much of a chance to avoid the danger once you've triggered it. >> reporter: both men are being remembered tonight as outstanding and passionate skiers who died doing what they loved. david? >> clayton sandell, thank you.
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and back here at home now, and to the blinding snow the wind chills in some places reach reaching 50 degrees below zero. winter weather advisories coast to coast tonight. so many covering their faces, the brutal commute today. and images from upstate new york tonight, cars off the road, covered in ice and snow. this is the coldest air of the season. . it's moving in quickly tonight. the fast-moving cold front, an alberta clipper on the move this hour. rob marciano with the new track right here in a moment. but first, abc's alex perez in a very frozen chicago tonight. >> reporter: blinding snow and deadly cold to start the first full week of 2015. bundled up in minneapolis. it felt like minus 30. in wisconsin, rice lake covered in a sheet of ice. at least two dead in milwaukee. officals believe from exposure to the cold. tonight, snow causing this pileup near des moines iowa. up to two feet of snow pounding the great lakes, from west michigan to western new york. the biting cold stretch, all
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the way to the deep south, where they're still cleaning up from at least nine tornadoes in mississippi and alabama. in washington state, flooding and landslides. here in chicago, frozen hydrants making it difficult for firefighters battling this overnight garage fire. crews out in force keeping them clear. we took an infrared camera to show how fast heat escapes. look at this hand. in just 45 seconds, red, orange and yellow the heat disappear, and frostbite begins. >> there really is no time to spare. if you aren't dressed appropriately and the temperature is low and there's a huge amount of wind your body itemtemperature will drop you could get frostbite, hypothermia. >> reporter: and this is just the beginning the cold will be sticking around. here in chicago, temperatures will struggle to get out of the single digits all week. david? >> alex thank you. really incredible to see how quickly the heat leaves your hand there. rob marciano you said much of the country is going to field this cold. >> reporter: yourself right about this. this is truly dangerous stuff.
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minus 31 today. but first, we've got some snow to deal with. this is the clipper you spoke of. it's going to drop snow probably four to eight inches across iowa illinois indiana, ohio. lesser amounts in chicago. it quickly moves to d.c. and filly. a couple of inches there, a dusting in new york. this opens the gates to the really cold stuff. watch this white line. everybody north of that line will be below freezing on thursday morning. new orleans, mobile pensacola in the 20s. teens in atlanta. single numbers in new york and below zero from chicago to boston. this will rival the cold we saw last january. >> rob, thank you. now, to boston tonight, and to the trial of accused boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. you'll remember the country watching for days authorities zeroing in the suspect hiding in that boat. later, bloody as police moved in to arrest him. tonight, his father saying he believes quote, the americans are going to harm his second son just as they did to his oldest
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son. while families of the victims in boston have their own message tonight. abc's brian ross. >> reporter: potential jurors were told today they must forget images like this one. and this one, allegedly showing dzhokhar tsarnaev as he placed one of the bombs in a backpack near the marathon finish line. nearby 8-year-old martin richard, killed in the blast. and here two brothers j.p. and paul norden each of whom lost a leg in the blast. >> he knew when he dropped that backpack there was kids, women, families. >> reporter: the mother of the two brothers, liz norden, plans to be at the trial every day. >> i think he is an animal. he deserves the death penalty. >> reporter: security was heavy in court today. the bearded 21-year-old tsarnaev dressed casually as if he were still a college student, watched as judge george o'toole addressed the first of some 1,200 jurors. the judge told them they have to be prepared to be fair and impartial, but also be able to impose the death penalty if they
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find the accused bomber guilty. defense lawyers are expected to argue that tsarnaev, who was captured while hiding in this boat. >> he is moving. we have movement in the boat. >> reporter: only did what he did under the influence of his older brother, who died in a police shootout. but the jury will also see this bullet-pocked anti-american message that sarntsarnaev allegedly scrawled on the side of the boat saying "the government is killing our innocent civilians." and defend him online saying there is no proof he planted any of the deadly bombs. the judge here in court today said it could take most of the month to pick a jury of 12 people. in a trial that's expected to be long and for many in this city very painful. david? >> brian, thank you. you a in development this evening outside ferguson missouri in the case of michael brown, the unarmed black
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teenager shot and killed by officer darren wilson. the grand jury's decision not to indict wilson sparking protests from coast to coast. tonight, word that one of those jurors is suing the prosecutor for the right to speak out about the case in public. that juror now claiming the prosecutor presented the evidence in favor of the officer. this evening, we're learning more about a brave 7-year-old girl who walked away from that plane crash. her entire family trapped inside. he was shehey were simply sleeping. walking a mile to find help. tonight, abc's gio benitez on what her father taught her. >> reporter: tonight, 7-year-old sailor gutzler recoverering as investigators look into what happened to her family's plane after he crashed in rural kentucky upside down. the pie lot marty and his wife kim, their 9-year-old daughter piper and 14-year-old niece sierra all killed. sailor, the sole survivor. around 6:00 p.m. after marty reported engine problems the nose of the plane dove right
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here into the ground. >> unbuckled seat belt that i could see. that was to the rear of the aircraft. i believe that's where she was at. >> reporter: the gutzler pastor saying marty taught sailor survival skills. the little girl went through thick woods, nearly 40 minutes after the crash, she walked three quarters of a mile. she ended up at this house, safe. >> 7-year-old has just come out of the woods alone, scratched up and i think she was involved in a plane crash. >> reporter: now tonight, sailor's aunt is speaking with abc news about the death of her 14-year-old daughter, sierra. >> this is going to be the highlight of her chris has vacation and -- it's just -- it's a hole in every one of us. >> reporter: the aunt also says sailor is well loved and that she'll be well taken care of. in fact the family has already set up a fund to help little sailor as she copes with the loss of her family, david. >> gio, thank you. now, to the economy, and to
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gas prices. tonight, new numbers. down to $2.21 a gallon. down nine cents in just one week. oil prices dipping below $50 a barrel. for the first time in nearly six years. that part sent wall street into a freefall. rebecca jarvis is here. we are saving money at the gas pump but losing money in the 401(k). >> reporter: pump primss sprices are down 102 days in a row. not if you're an energy company. that's dragging down wall street. wall street is concerned that oil tanking means the global economy is in trouble, that the global economy is slowing down. but all of this needs to remain in context, because as much as we saw stocks fall today, last year stock prices were up more than 11%, so for most people tonight, your 401(k) is still intact you're nest egg is there, you're retirement savings are up last year they're just in a little bit of trouble today. >> always calm and reassuring rebacke ka thank you. now, to a murder ris my unstery
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unfolding right here in new york city. this evening, his son, a prince on the grad charged with murder. allegedly staging the scene to cover it up. abc's linsey davis is there. >> reporter: a powerhouse in the world of finance, thomas gilbert sr. managed millions of dollars. but police came it was a dispute over his 30-year-old son's allowance that may have led to his demise. police say the 70-year-old investor was killed by a sings shot to the head. and that his son, thomas gilbert jr., pulled the trigger. police were called to this manhattan apartment sunday afternoon, after the victim's wife called 911, telling responding officers she left the apartment to get a sandwich. >> she had a bad feeling and decided to return and she found senior on the floor with a bullet hole in his head. >> reporter: police say the son left the murder weapon next to the body a staged suicide. they say they later found him barricaded here inside his manhattan apartment.
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detectives say his father recently discussed no longer paying his rent and planned to reduce his weekly allowance from $400 to $300 a week. his son, a princeton graduate was regarded as a socialite, with previous run-ins with the law, including an arrest for violating an order of protection and another on drug charges. according to a doorman here, gilbert jr. hid his face with a hoody as he left the building on sunday and later, allegedly refused to speak to detectives and asked for an attorney. david? >> linsey davis tonight. a health alert tonight from the cdc. the flu outbreak the growing quickly. a month ago, just six states hard hit. the number is up to 29 and at least 21 children have now died from this. tracking it all flu season long dr. richard besser. and how far are we now into flu season? >> reporter: well a typical flu season lasts 13 weeks. we are six weeks in. we're halfway there. >> you hear about the drugs tamiflu, do they work?
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>> the cdc says if you are elderly, young children pregnant women, people with medical problems it's worth taking the drugs. you have to start them within the first two days of illness. >> and the vaccine, not a match, still worth it too? >> reporter: it definitely is. >> rich thank you. now, to the growing royal scandal on the cover of every paper in london. allegations of prince andrew, and tonight, his ex-wife now speaking out. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, buckingham palace denying allegations of prince andrew's involvement in an underage sex scandal. queen elizabeth's middle son prince charles' brother and sarah ferguson's ex, named in newly filed court documents, claiming this girl pictured with the prince was forced to have sexual relations with him on several occasions. the filings claim the woman identified as jane doe number three was claimed as a sex slave by jeffrey epstein, who ordered
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the teen to quote, give the prince whatever he demanded. in 2008 epstein pleaded guilty to soliciting a minor for prostitution serving 13 months. but these new court filings claim the government's plea deal with epstein violated the rights of the two girls who claim they were used as sex slaves. in the filing jane doe number three claims epstein made her available for sex to politically connected eded and financially powerful people. one of them the prince. the other, alan dershowitz. >> are you saying at no time it was possible for you to be alone with this young woman? >> absolutely not. the story is completely and totally made up. >> reporter: sarah ferguson standing by her ex today, taking time out of her swiss ski vacation to say he is, quote, the greatest man there is. neither the prof or the prince both takingthisveryeriously dershowitz is right now filing a
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motion to intervene. and the palace has issued three statements of dedenial and extraordinary move for them. david? >> matt thank you. coming up here, many are asking, is this the price of putting your family on tv? the real housewife is put to federal prison. the phone call she made before hand. also tonight, the giant cargo ship on its side this evening. and we've now learned what's inside. they are trying to save it all. and watch this tonight. new year's fireworks gone wrong. you'll see the man's feet right there, blown right off of his feet. we'll tell you what happened next. ps me skip the bad stuff. i'm good. that's what i like to call the meta effect. 4-in-1 multi-health metamucil now clinically proven to help you feel less hungry between meals. experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line. ♪ ♪ i love my meta health bars. because when nutritious tastes this delicious i don't miss the other stuff. new meta health bars help promote heart health. experience the meta effect with
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with prescription tamiflu. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. next tonight, millions watch reality tv but this evening, what is the real price if you put your family in front of the cameras for one of these shows and get in trouble with the law? abc's cecilia vega with the lesson from the judge. >> reporter: her car arriving before dawn. a harsh reality for teresa guy
6:48 pm
dechai. her final hours of freedom? spent with family attending church on sunday. >> she was anxious to get in get this thing started, get it behind her. >> reporter: her downfall? like the rest of her life playing out in public. a judge reportedly telling her to take responsibility and to stop relying on p.r. she was sentenced to 15 months behind bars. martha stewart served five months and went right back to being a media mogul, following her 2004 federal stint for obstructing justice. even seeking advice from former inmates before she surrendered. >> they told her to be friendly but to be guarded with staff and with other inmates and to you know savor the time that she gets to spend with her family when they come to visit her. >> reporter: now, this brand built on cameras following her
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every move faces a new reality. cecilia vega, abc news new york. when we come back here tonight, a beloved football team in the heartland. is an owner about to move the team? a big night for cowboys fans and now a big day after for new jersey governor chris christie jumping up and down asking for a hug there for dallas? and then the new year's fireworks display. wow. knocked this man off of his feet right there. the index is ps in your diet? try the improved formula of boost® original nutritional drink. each delicious serving provides... 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle and 26 essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support bone health. plus, boost contains 3 grams of fiber which helps support digestive health. try boost original nutritional drink today. man when i got shingles it was something awful. it was like being blindsided
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6:53 pm
royce. ouch. and one more unusual secret weapon. we haven't seen this one. er isserena williams in australia. after losing the first set, watch this. she asks for an espresso. we all see her drink it right there. we wonder does it really do the trick? she wins the next three sets quickly, and takes the match. somebody get me an espresso. and these dramatic images out of columbia. that was the fireworks factory exploding there, knocking the man with the camera right off his feet. couldn't believe the video. at least two people were injured in all of this but the man with the camera expected to be okay. well, when we come back here on a monday night, hugging it out. governor chris christie feeling the heat the day after. cheering on his family team the cowboys. but what about the giants the jets, the eagles?
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a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. constipated? .yea dulcolax tablets can cause cramps but not phillips. it has magnesium and works more naturally than stimulant laxatives. for gentle cramp free relief of occasional constipation that works! mmm mmm live the regular life. and finally tonight here what a night it was for cowboys the win, jumping up and down hugging. and that's what you'd expect. unless perhaps, you're from new jersey and you're the governor being watched by millions. here's ryan owens. >> dallas is going to win!
6:57 pm
>> reporter: the dallas cowboys are known as america's team and it seems one politician who'd like to be america's next president is a big fan. yes, that's new jersey governor chris christie hugging cowboys owner jerry jones after dallas beat detroit. >> i've been a cowboys fan 43 years. >> reporter: but wait a minute -- new jersey is where the new york giants and jets play, and the cowboys' archrivals, the eagles are just across the bridge in philly. so -- #chrischristysucks was trending on twitter last night, even one giants fan even drudged up the bridge-gate scandal. jerry jones should sign gov. christie to play or defense, he's great at stopping drives. on the radio this morning, the usually outspoken governor sounded more like a long-suffering fan. >> we haven't had a heck of a lot of success for a lot of cowboys fans. so what are you angry at me for? believe me, i will take all the abuse i'm taking from some of these folks in return for cowboys playoff wins. >> reporter: on facebook, the
6:58 pm
governor's brother sounded more, well, christie-like -- telling naysayers to get a life and that eagles fans should worry more about the fact that your sorry team has never won a super bowl. while some presidential hopefuls might be in way or new hampshire this weekend, christi be in green bay, hoping for another win and maybe another hug. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> the hug seen in new jersey tonight. and thank you for rooting us on. we're roofting for a great new year for all of you at home and i'll see you tomorrow night. good night.
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from sony pictures studios it's america's game. wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen here are the stars of r show pat sajak and vanna white. [ cheers and applause ] how you doing? what a nice-looking group of people. you're not so shabby yourself. you, too. thank you. see you later. hi. well look who we got here. get ready, guys. our first "toss up" of the night is a "thing." it's worth $1,000. vanna's in place. here we go.


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