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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  January 10, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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>> one man is determined to swim in the ocean every single day for a year. but he does not live on a tropical island, he lives in new jersey. he does not believe in wetsuits either, only swim trunks. he says he was inspired after taking part in the polar plunge last fall and wants to start collecting donations for charity. >> wow. ♪ music ♪ i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase like 60,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months
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>> let's check the forecast. >> monday morning, for the
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commute, it will be a little icy, so you will want to monitor the situation. tonight, clear and cold. clouds increasing tomorrow night. we stay in the 30's for the highs the next seven days. >> we have 30 more minutes coming up.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> the search continues for a suspect in the deadly terror attacks in france. there are also reports one of the terror suspects killed yesterday may have had ties with the underwear bomber. >> the single remaining publicly identified suspect in the french terror attacks is not in france, according to a source close to the turkish prime minister he. hayat boumeddiene is wanted in
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connection with the shooting death of an officer thursday. they were tracking her movements andin turkey, which she entered january 2 before the terror attacks. a source said she is likely bound for syria. many journalists tell cnn the so-called underwear bomber was a roommate of one of the attackers on "charlie hebdo." cnn has not been able to verify the report. the police killedsaid said and cherif kouachi in a standoff. >> this is a war against terrorism, against jihadism. >> while the investigation
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continues, people all over france are holding rallies while the country mourns the victims. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser has completed her first week on the job. among her first moves, opening a satellite mayor's office in ward eight, one of the poorest in the city. she moved her office to the third floor of the wilson building. vincent gray worked on the sixth floor. mayor bowser said the move would put her closer to staff members and other city offices. a special election will be held in april 2 phil bowser -- to fill bowser's vacant seat. marion christopher barry announced he will be running for his father's vacant seat, along with 20 other candidates. >> he now uses his given name
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and he intends to run for his late father's ward eight council seat. >> i feel i have a clear vision. >> he was often seen at his father's side. the 34-year-old who runs a small business has never run for office, but his name has been in the headlines with brushes with the law over drug in traffic violations. he said that he wanted to honor his father's legacy and the turning point came during the funeral, when he was mobbed by will wishers urging him to run. >> it was uplifting to me and got me focused. >> he joins a crowded field roughly two dozen potential candidates. we reached out to reaction from some names that are considered front runners. commissioner natalie williams. >> i applaud chris for wanting to learn about politics at this time, following the passing of his father. however, i believe what ward eight needs at this time is an
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experienced leader. >> and a former school board member who feels confident but realistic. >> i love christopher like a brother. his name being marion barry does have an impact. we do have to take that into consideration. >> roz plater, abc 7 news. >> a local man is fighting the u.s. postal service to find his lost shoes or get the $677 he paid for them. he called 7 on your side and horace holmes found out there is a little-known rule holding things up. >> terrance admits that he has a weakness for online shopping and shoes. specifically, exotic designer shoes. like this pair that he received today. he had been hoping to add this pair of tennis shoes to his collection. it just them online from a store in italy. when the shoes arrived, they were damaged. he packed them up, and went to
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his local post office to send them back to italy. he told 7 on your side that before sending them off, he ensure the shoes for the maximum $650. after the store in italy said they had not received them, he went to the postal service website to track the package. >> chicago, illinois. >> the postal service has not been able to find his shoes. he filed his insurance claim. after going back-and-forth with usps in early december, he received a letter from the claims of the postal service saying that his claim had been denied. it said prohibited items to italy included footwear of any kind. >> so you can't send shoes to italy. >> so he reached out to 7 on your side for help. is there a lesson that you learned? >> use federal express. >> horace holmes, abc 7 news.
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>> we went to the usps website and it says that it is prohibited to send footwear to italy. we spoke with a representative who said they would do with they could to help him with his claim. if you have an issue that you want our team to check out e-mail us at or call 1-866-236-3401. we listen to every phone call. coming up -- there is a fight in the district over a playground. and forget about grabbing a drink at another local nightspot. >> bitterly cold temperatures. forecast is coming up.
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>> fights on the playground are nothing new, but a fight over a playground in d.c. it's a condo board against preschoolers. stephen tschida explains. >> too cold today for kids, but when it is warmer, this is what the playground sounds like from the top floor of this condo building behind closed windows. [kids squealing] >> the sound bounces off the
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walls. the higher you get, the latter it is. >> the noisemakers, little folks. he is a student at apple tree early learning public school. they spend several hours on the playground, making you what residents describe as big noise. >> the noise can be a little bit loud. >> here is cell phone video that a woman took after kids on the playground woke her. most say the volume frequently awakens her baby boy. >> you will hear screams and screeches as if they were in the bedroom next to you. >> the board says the playground is communal property and once ite for residents. the administrators say the playground is integral to the mixed-use development. this parent believes the residence should accept yelling
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and screaming as part of life in bustling columbia heights. >> there is always going to be noise. >> stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> both sides have attorneys. they say they are trying to come to an arrangement before the situation goes to court. a popular bar in northwest washington will not reopen. mcfadden's had its liquor license suspended after five people were stabbed in a fight last patrick kennedy, chairperson for the advisory neighborhood commission in foggy bottom, said the bar's assets will be sold. mcfadden's had planned to close even before the stabbing. the abc board also suspended the liquor license of another nightspot in northeast. they took action after a customer was stabbed one week ago. that stabbing followed a fight between two men. the suspect was arrested. d.c. police chief cathy lanier
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used for emergency power to shut down the nightclub after the argument. next, eileen whelan has the forecast.
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>> i know we have to talk about sunday, but monday as the day everyone is going to work. when the rain is coming, how long it will stay frozen on the pavement? >> it is not going to start until a lot of us go to bed tomorrow night.
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monday morning, be prepared to look at the cell phone, look at e-mail, look at what we have because i'm sure that a lot of school delays and closings will be coming in. we will be starting at 4 a.m. monday morning, "good morning washington." right now it is just cold. the cold temperatures brought to you by the weatherbug network. in arlington virginia, francis scott elementary school, 21 degrees after a high of 26 balmy degrees. it made it to 30 degrees in najemoy, maryland, but the temperatures are falling into the teens and single digits. waking up tomorrow morning we may be near five degrees frederick, possibly eight degrees dulles. in the city, upper teens, but a cold start to the day. a lot of sunshine. clear skies overhead, just some
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high-level clouds moving through the ohio river valley. the main weather story is the ice potential monday morning. storm system is already bringing icy conditions to parts of central texas, the rain stretching into louisiana. this weather system will track towards the north. we'll have a better idea tomorrow how it is coming together but with these weather situations, it is tricky to determine when we will have the transition from freezing rain the plain old rain. the futurecast simulation over the next 36 hours shows nice and dry conditions through the day tomorrow. clouds increasing through the day, the temperatures milder, climbing into the middle to upper 30's. after midnight i think is when we will see the precipitation, 1 a.m. monday starting to see that in the western counties, the rain, and the purple that you see on the map is where there will be freezing rain with ground temperatures near 32. 6:00 a.m. monday, more of that
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in and around the district. that is why i suspect there will be some closingaybe some delays. the temperatures will be critical, but i think ice accumulation will be likely. ice accumulation relatively light. i think .05 inches possible. there could be more towards loudoun county and fauquier county. by 2 p.m. monday, after lunchtime, i think we will see everybody rising above freezing, changing to chilly rain. then we dry out tuesday. the timing, after midnight sunday. anticipate waking up to a glaze of ice on services by monday morning. -- on surfaces by monday morning. the morning commute will be impacted. the rest of the work week, ch illy highest tuesday and wednesday. another weather system moves in
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late wednesday that may bring snow showers. 38 thursday mid 30's friday. the average is 43 this time of year. that is not in the extended forecast. >> i don't see them. i'm looking and looking. eileen, thank you. still ahead -- some people thought they were being charitable. instead, they were being
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>> as you start at the new year,
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you may be feeling charitable, but be careful not to get scammed. autria godfrey shows a scam that plays with your emotions. >> a grainy photo intended to tug at your heartstrings. compelling picture seemingly clinging to life. in reality, the picture is one p7 elaborate scam. >> the victim will receive correspondence from a foreign country. or a man. they claim that they need a u.s. citizen as a beneficiary to their millions of dollars so they can get this money to a charity. that is ing wish. >> the picture note, and death certificate are used multiple times in multiple scams. they tell that they will inherit money simply by helping out, helping distribute the large amount of money. >> once the money is shipped to the united states, a miraculously gets held up in
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customs. and they have to pay thousands of dollars in fees to get this money released. >> but there is more. the victims are then told the money they will receive has been dyed black or yellow to avoid detection. then it is on the victim to have it cleaned. victim say this game has already cost victims worldwide roughly $100 million. they have had cases in arizona, minnesota, and new york. if you get a suspicious e-mail or letter, report it. autria godfrey, abc 7 news. >> 7 on your side with a consumer alert for pet owners. pepco has polled all remaining chinese-made dog and cat treats from its stores. the company and its rival petsmart agreed to stop selling those treats. hundreds of animals have died since 2007. petsmart plans to have those treats off shelves by march.
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good news if you like girl scout cookies -- the girl scouts are offering three new choices this season, including two that are gluten-free. one is a butter cookie with toffee bits and another has whole-grain oats. a third cookie is an oatmeal cookie with yogurt-flavored pieces.
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