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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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m have already gotten off. most of them got off with soot on their faces and you could see many of them hunched over trying desperately to breathe and coughing. one woman was so crucially sick that she fell to her knees collapsed to her knees here and was nauseated and then they had to take her on a gurney chair and take her to the mass casualty bus which is straight ahead. now, there are a number of folks still on that bus being evaluated. again, this all started, we're told around 3:00 around 3:10 or so in the afternoon witnesses are telling us. they were either in trains or on platforms, on the green and yellow lines and they saw smoke coming out of the tunnels. thick, white smoke that felt like rubber burning and they had metro transit police officers telling them to get out of the station and getting out of the platforms as quickly as they could. some other folks were caught on the trains themselves. i talked to one man on a yellow line train and said they were on their own and got out some kind of way and then found their way out to safety at the l'enfant plaza exit here.
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still, a lot of activity here. a number of these triage stations set up around me in the blocks around here and there's fire equipment down here at water street just ahead of us here a couple of blocks. what we don't know so far is the origin of all of this and what started it. but again, a number of fire and e.m.s. folks here paramedics mass casualty buses here. so take the folks on to the hospital. we talked to some of them who have gone to the hospital. difficulty breathing again and the nausea. and again the soot around their faces where they had been breathing in this thick dark smoke from whatever that incident was that started in the metro tunnel. again, a number of triage stations here and we don't know a total number of folks treated but a significant amount we should say. >> ok. roz, thank you so much. and as she mentioned, folks with the soot on their faces, horace holmes just a short time ago talked with some people who had been through just that and what a remarkable story you're hearing from people down there.
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>> >> yes, unbelievable scene. roz was talking about the buses taking people away. people were getting treated and getting some oxygen and from the stories that i was told, they really need some oxygen. especially the folks that were in the first two cars of that train. they say that those are the two cars that filled completely with smoke and they were in there, some are saying up to an hour with that thick smoke in those cars. and people were telling me that there was a bit of a panic but everything k down. there were people on there, women on there who were freg pregnant. people wanted to open the doors and get out. the smoke had filled the tunnel also so they didn't want to do that. and they were just waiting and waiting and waiting for help to come. and finally, about an hour later, the help was able to come. we're seeing some pictures from the people who were coming out.
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we've talked to one elderly gentleman who was just overcome. he got out and you could see him coughing and breathing hard. trying to catch air as they were getting the first fresh air. once they got out of the tunnel back down here got out of the station trying to catch their breath. and everyone was coming out with soot around their mouth. the black spots around their mouth from whatever was that smoke was, but just a terrifying situation. everybody just happy to be out. there were a number of ambulances who were out -- that were out here also that transported a number of people. they had about six to 10 buses around here. most of them have left at this point. again, this -- i think this bus right here, the last people were on the train are on this bus getting some care. and those buses have moved on. this will also -- here we're getting some people coming out of the bus. so maybe we can catch them and talk to them as they are coming
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out. ma'am, was that a tough situation in there, ma'am? >> wasn't fun. >> it wasn't? how bad was it? how bad was the smoke? ok. you know i could really understand -- hi, ma'am. did you get your -- i talked to this woman a little bit earlier today. tell me the situation again that was on the train. you were in one of the first two cars. >> i was in the second car. as soon as we took off from l'enfant plaza around 3:15 not even a minute, we were not even a minute when we hit the tunnel all of a sudden we started seeing smoke coming into the cars very quickly and all of a sudden, the train stopped. yeah, i got to go. we have to go to medical now. >> all right. take care of yourself. thank you very much.
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>> i would understand she's been through a lot as have all of these people. at this point, we're talking about burning in their lungs that they are experiencing. ones in those first two cars so these buses are going to take them to the hospital for them to be checked out that other people were in the rest of the cars behind have been moved out by these buses and hopefully are able to safely make their way home. i talked to one lady who says she was trying to make a meeting at the pentagon and i asked her, do you normally use metro to get to and from work? she says i normally bike and i think that's what i'm going to do tomorrow. so this is the situation out here. i just want to say one other thing. i talked to some gentlemen who were down on the platform. we got some video of them as the train was coming through. they told me they saw sparks coming from underneath the train
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and smoke quickly filling up the entire station. they got some video of that and shared it with us. hopefully we can get it on if we haven't already. you can see the situation that was down in the tunnel. but that's the situation out here. these people clearly -- i've talked to a number of them are very, very happy to be out and breathing fresh air at this point. as they were coming out treating those first gasps of fresh air saw people coughing. but very happy to breathe fresh air finally. that's the situation out here. again, people very very happy to be moving on to try to get some medical help and then moving on. the investigation now begins as to exactly what happened down in that tunnel. exactly what was it that those people were breathing. back to you guys. >> all right, horace. and for a long time you mentioned an hour or so for these people. that is a really long time in such a difficult, uncomfortable
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situation. all right, horace holmes thank you very much. so let's go live now to stephen tschida who is tracking the impact of all of this on the evening rush in general. he continues our team coverage now from mount vernon metro station. stephen? >> alison we have a lot of frightened confused and now angry metro passengers. you can see behind me a lot of these people we caught up with as they came out of the metro station and some of them said they had been stuck on trains for about 30 minutes. they were on their smartphones and they saw there was smoke in the l'enfant plaza station. this sparked a lot of concern and a lot of fear. we heard from some of these passengers as soon as they got off the train. >> >> yeah we were stopped there for 10 minutes. >> it's a little scary. on top of that a little
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inconvenience. >> there you can see some people running. they see a shuttle bus. there's been a lot of people out here saying they're expecting shuttle buses and they were told they were coming but they have not arrived or had not arrived when we spoke with them. they saw a bus and a lot of these people stuck here trying to get into maryland or virginia. their regular route home on metro disrupted. again, a lot of angry passengers here. but many thankful that at least they were not in one of those train stations or in the area where there was indeed that smoke. reporting live stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> ok thank you stephen. we'll continue to bring you updates from l'enfant plaza and hospitals as well where the passengers are being taken. if you want you can go to and see some of the i am images being sent to us from l'enfant plaza. we'll be back in a few minutes here. >> the other big story, the risk of freezing temperatures overnight making for an icy mess of area roads. chief meteorologist doug hill tracking this winter weather
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alert for us. doug? >> all right, alison i think what we'll find is as the cold front moves in tonight after the rain ends the gusty winds will dry off a lot of roadways big stretches of roadways but areas where there's standing water and puddles, those are the areas that are wet now and will freeze overnight. that's our concern. 38 degrees right now in the city and you see the rain, patches of rain moving from west to east. it's a few more hours and the rain will end as the cold front gets closer to the area and behind the cold front. that's when indeed we'll see a nice change coming our way and that's going to be for clearing skies and we'll really get to see a real transition because we're in the upper 30's now so that gives us several hours for things to dry out. but after that, we're going to have to deal with the possibility of temperatures in the 20's overnight and that's going to mean the possibility of a refreeze. rain ends i think, by 8:00 or 9 9:00. tomorrow, a gusty breeze. should dry up the rest. we'll talk about the timeline of the falling temperatures when i
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join you in a couple of minutes. leon? >> we turn to the developing story about a possible hacking at the u.s. central command social media pages. this afternoon, the centcom twitter page began posting isil propaganda and what revealed to be documents with home contact information for retired military officers. rebecca cooper is in the newsroom tonight with the story. what have you learned so far? >> leon they aren't saying much at either the pentagon or white house. in fact they're both trying to play it down pentagon saying no sensitive documents were breached. right now, they're trying to call it simply an annoyance. i can tell you behind the scenes, they are racing to determine what happened and they are ramping up security to those impacted by this breach. >> as pentagon cyber security experts raced to determine who got into the system and how, white house officials were quick to insist no highly classified documents were leaked. >> i can tell you this is something that we take
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seriously. pretty significant difference between a large data breach and hacking of a twitter account. >> the first hijacking of the u.s. central command twitter page popped at 12:29 p.m. the profile picture picturing this masked militant and the words i love you isis. for nearly a half-hour, they post a series of taunts and sensitive information. internal pentagon documents focusing on places like korea and china. even revealing closely guarded contact information for senior retired u.s. army generals. along with the threat -- we know everything about you your wives, your children. plus this threat. american soldiers we are coming. watch your back. it took until 1:09 p.m. for the pentagon to shut down the account. in the mean time centcom's you tube page had been hacked and now is shut down. now, leon and alison keep in mind that many of these retired generals targeted in the attacks still live in the washington area and today, a spokesperson for the fairfax county police told us that they began working
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immediately with their federal counterparts to quickly put into place new safety and security measures for these generals impacted and threatened but, of course, they declined to elaborate any further on those new security measures. reporting live in the newsroom rebecca cooper abc 7 not news. >> thank you. you can count on abc 7 to keep track of the investigation of this incident and any potential fallout from it. we'll bring you updates as soon as we learn the information right here. alison? >> leon a family is calling for change following the death of a 7-year-old boy who fell through the ice on friday night. abc 7 first brought you this story on friday evening when police officers jumped into the frozen pond in oxen hill tryin to save zaqwon white. the little boy died over the weekend. what white family says could have made a world of difference in this tragedy. richard? >> yeah, alison they are hoping for fences gates something out here. take a look at the pond behind me.
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you can see a partial fence down there. but look at all those gaps and the family feels that safety measures have been in place their son might still be alive. a small memorial balloons stuffed animals and photos. sits near the spot where he fell into a freezing pond on friday. >> i'm hurting every day and -->> the 7-year-old's family is still in shock. around 5:30 friday night, he and a cousin wandered down this embankment to take a look. >> he wanted to skate not knowing the dangers that ice would crack and he could fall in. >> that's what happened. the cousin went to get his mother. >> the lady was panicking, frantic. she was screaming. >> meisha frantically flagged down two prince george's police officers hoping they could save her son. >> memorize it in the back of my head. >> they were actually trying to use the rod to pull him out.
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that didn't work. the officer went in went on the water and pulled him out. >> but his heart had stopped and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. and now his family says safety measures should have been in place. >> there should be a fence and some signs. let the kids know if they see a fence, i'm not supposed to go there. >> i think they should have gates so this won't happen to another family. >> and there you have another look at that memorial down there. now, prince george's county safety officials tell us that this is homeowners association property. and in this county these kinds of fences around these retention ponds is not required. it's not mandatory. if they want to do it they can. or if a building inspector recommends it, but again it is not required. still, the family believes that something should have been done. something in place here and they've already contacted an attorney. live in oxen hill richard reid abc 7 news.
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>> rich thank you. this comes almost one year to the day that three young boys plunged through an ice covered pond in gaithersburg. and in that case 10-year-old d.j. mcmullin died. his two friends were rescued. an investigation later found that a required fence around the pond was left partially open. mcmullin's family have since filed a lawsuit against several real estate companies for that lack of fencing. they are seeking millions of dollars in damages. >> coming up on abc 7 news at hat jordan zimmerman is saying about the confrontation that landed him back in jail. >> w a d.c. teenager was gunned down that as a family fearing for their lives. >> first, the shift in the search for two girls that vanished from a montgomery county mall 40 years ago. >> and another winter day and more school systems canceled classes. i'm suzanne kennedy. i'll tell you how this is impacting local students when abc 7
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>> auto they have spent three of
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those days at home. suzanne kennedy live in sterling with why the school system has closed so frequently and how the students are hanld handling it suzanne. >> it's a fairly simple explanation of what happened here. this is the western portion here in the east where we are right now at 5:30 this morning, all they had on the roads was water. but in the western portion, it was nothing but ice. and that forced the county school system to cancel classes for the third time in just a week. even at 1:00 this afternoon, the rural roads in western loudoun county were a sheet of ice. these roads are treacherous for county school buses and that's why the school system called off classes again today. dave hunt has been out treating roads since the decision was made early this morning to switch from delayed to cancellations. >> the roads have been very very icy. a number of dirt roads that are
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almost entirely solid ice right now. >> part of the county like here in ashburn, today's event was mostly rain. they stayed connected with school work. still, she says it's hard to stay focused. >> you like forget all about school work and then when you get to class, you forget what you were doing last time. >> and their mom says it's hard to keep her two middle schoolers motivated. >> and watch tv for the full day and that's the bad part. >> during last tuesday's snowstorm, the county did not cancel classes and the snow days are built into their calendar allowing the system the flexibility to air on the side of caution. >> only thing we have to worry about is safety. and talk about test scores and talk about attendance. if we have an unsafe day and an accident, it negates any of the
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measure that we have. >> some counties in which there were delays today had finals scheduled. i called around most of them said they were going to be able to accommodate them if not today, a little bit later in the day. they would be able to get in those exams at some point this week. roaring live in sterling suzanne kennedy, back to you. >> all right. pick up that ice event. count on abc 7 and the stormwatch weather team to keep you ahead of the storms any time severe weather threatens. track it on line using our web page, facebook twitter or the stormwatch weather app for your iphone or android device. >> we look ahead to what all of this will be for tomorrow and potential refreeze. >> yeah. there were exceptions this morning to ice, majority of the area stayed above freezing. rain will end tonight and then after the rain ends and skies clear, it will get mighty cold. so we're afraid that puddles and standing water will refreeze. so that will be the issue overnight and for the morning. in the meantime, let's tell you about the current conditions
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around the area. we have areas of rain. that's slowly coming to an end from the west to the east. as the rain increase with the cold front, that will be a good thing. it will start to dry up the roadways and parking lots and sidewalks. 39 degrees at morningside outside andrews air force base, about the same in alexandria. 38 now in arlington. .6 of an inch reported in rockville. well above freezing temperatures. if it stayed like this temperaturewise all night, we'd have no concern in the world about ice. it's not going to. temperatures will fall. and they will fall quickly. once the front comes through and the wind shift to the northwest, skies clear and temperatures will bottom out across the viewing area between 20 and 30 degrees. 30 degrees inside the beltway and 20 degrees in some outlying areas especially north and west of town. there's legitimate concern for moisture on the ground to refreeze. winds will be on the side. they'll help us. it will dry a lot of surfaces and water and puddles and low spots and roadways that have
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standing water now but does not evaporate with the winds are the icy spots. bright and sunny and breezy. it will be cold. temperatures only get in the lower 30's for the afternoon. then maybe a few clouds by tomorrow night and then by wednesday morning, we shift our focus on the south as a little storm system expected to develop across eastern north carolina head out to sea. moisture may come far enough to north to give our southern suburbs light snow. can't rule out a flurry. this is clearly a system that will bypass our area and then we'll get into sunny skies for the rest of the week and the great thing about this now, time we get into thursday friday, saturday and sunday we'll have a warming trend. in the short term with the cold front tonight, look what the wind chills will be like. tomorrow morning, teens and lower 20's for wind chills through the day. wind chills will stay in the lower 20's. as we go to wednesday morning, cold start. we'll see some improvement as we get to early wednesday morning, get rid of the teens wind chills and the temperatures will start to rise and give us a break. tomorrow, 20's when we wake up
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icy patches. sunny and breezy. low 30's for the afternoon and there's that 20% chance of a flurry or light snow shower south of town on wednesday. clearing skies thursday friday, saturday, sunday. look at the ramp-up of temperatures into the lower 40's on friday. mid to upper 40's for the weekend. >> like the looks of that. >> nice break there. >> yes, ma'am. >> all righty, thanks. >> thank you. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 george zimmerman jailed again? the new details in a police report showing what led police to his home and what he says happened. >> plus a d.c. teenager killed in a shooting. terrifying scene that played out hours earlier. >> what prompted the search of a new area for two maryland girls who vanished from a mall 40 years ago.
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>> and we're back now with a possible breakthrough in the 40-year search for two girls abducted from a montgomery county mall. >> 1975 the abduction of sheila and katherine lyon changed how parents let their children interact with the world around them. maryland bureau chief brad bell explains the new search in bedford county virginia. >> you can see the f.b.i. agents and sheriff's deputies from bedford county on this hillside now actively digging. they first came here in september. they didn't find anything but now, some new leads have brought them to these specific spots. they are on their hands and knees in the rain and mud looking to solve a 40-year-old
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mystery. the sheriff says new leads point them to these specific spots. >> the unit will process through a forensic dig. >> sheila and katherine lyon 12 and 10 years old vanished from what was then wheaton plaza in march of 1975. there had been false leads over the years but last february police named imprisoned child sex offender lloyd lee welch as a person of interest in their abduction. that led police to this patch of land which once belonged to the welch family. sources say investigators believe the girls are buried here. a possibility whichrifies life long neighbors. >> my mind won't even go there what their family went through. >> never thought that maybe a predator had passed through. >> searches last fall came up empty. so in addition to searching these new spots for evidence which would allow charges to be filed, the local commonwealth's
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attorney is once again appealing for information from neighbors and from members of the welch family who have so far, according to sources, stonewalled investigators. >> please come forward. you're not just helping law enforcement do its job, you're helping a mother and father have some peace. >> right now, this dig is scheduled to last two days but the bedford county sheriff says even this investigation is low on budget, he won't stop until this case is solved. on taylor's mountain brad bell, abc 7 news. >> coming up on abc 7 not news at 5:00 a woman's water turned off as soon as she moved into a home and how much water was being used there before her move-in that racked a $7,000 bill. >> plus, claims our smartphones are making us dumb? the medical research being dubbed "iphone anxiety" and how it's affecting us all. >> and the investigation continues into what caused major incident at metro.
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dozens being treated for breathing and smoke in the tunnel. we'll have more when we come back.
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>> let's get back now to the breaking news in the district where at least six people have been hurt. many have been sickened after an incident in a metro tunnel. >> this happened two hours ago when the smoke poured into the l'enfant plaza forcing an evacuation there. roz slater has been there all afternoon with the story. we see people with faces covered
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in soot walking out of tunnel there and coming out of the metro station. you talked with a lot of these people. what are they telling you? >> all right. it is a sight to behold. very frightening sight and a very frightening experience for them indeed. let me give you one piece of information. i just got a couple of minutes ago from d.c. fire. six people we're told were taken to the hospital for various stages of difficulties breathing. one person we're told in life threatening conditions. serious condition with life threatening injuries. not clear, they would not tell us at least what the nature of those injuries is at this point. dozens of others right here have a triage center in operation here. they have oxygen on a number of rescuers down in that tunnel working here as well. all this started, as you say just a little bit after 3:00 this afternoon around the l'enfant plaza metro station when smoke suddenly appeared in a tunnel. folks who were on the platform told us they were rushed out by
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metro transit police. there were others stuck in trains that have difficulty getting out and they got out the best way they could. they came out of that some of them frightened. some of them very nauseated. having difficulty breathing. bending over. not able to stand up straight breathing and with soot on their clothing and on their hands and all around their faces from where they have been breathing in this thick, dark smoke and fumes. so those are the people who have just been treated at the triage stations. six have been taken to the hospital. one with life threatening injuries we're told. we donny know -- don't know what the cause of this is. they know that the smoke broke out in the tunnel and the fans came on. it didn't move the smoke out of the tunnel as quickly as had been hoped. they are still investigating it and promise to come and tell us something in a bit. but we're standing by for that.
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meantime everyone we know is out. evacuations are over. but in terms of how many people are injured, dozens at this point. for now we are live in southwest d.c. i'm roz slater abc 7 news. >> keep us posted. we know that situation there at l'enfant plaza has been complicating traffic on the metro system. bob has been watching that as well as the roads this evening. bob? >> we do see that the yellow and green lines service is suspended between mount vernon square and the navy yard for the green line. and between pentagon city and mount vernon square on the yellow line. now, orange silver and blue lines traffic is moving through the station. but not stopping. and we understand that some shuttle buses are set up to try to accommodate some of the passengers that would be on metro but, of course there won't be enough capacity to handle all of that. and at m street and new jersey avenue, if you're near the navy yard, you can pick up the buses. if you're at l'enfant plaza, you can pick it up at seventh and c
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southwest. you can pick up the buses at m and fourth street. that's what's going on. no indication of what will be until it's restored on m lines. volume delays heading from tysons. route 50 had a crash in the service roadway. on 66 eastbound of falls church volume. and same on 295 in the district. otherwise, things are not doing too badly out there. we take a look at some cameras right there. things are moving slowly heading northbound on 270 in the usual spot without incident and traffic on 395 headed southbound slow from the pentagon into landmark. i'm bob emler with wtop radio. >> thank you, bob. university of virginia has reinstated the fraternity at the center of the "rolling stone" article. this comes after police say a rape at phi kappa psi took place. they have apologyized for it. the university sent new rules
5:37 pm
for greek organizations on campus. >> a police report is revealing new details today about george zimmerman's latest run-in with the law. he was arrested friday night after police say he destroyed a girlfriend's cell phone and threw a wine bottle at her when she broke up with him. in speaking to police zimmerman said it was not him but the girlfriend who threw the bottle and he was simply trying to keep her out of her home. he's now free on $5,000 bond. this is the second time zimmerman has been arrested since being acquitted in the death of trayvon martin. montgomery county police need your help finding the person that they say abandoned a puppy in a parking lot. the 6 to 7-week-old puppy was found moments from death in a dirty crate in the 4200 block in
5:38 pm
burtonsville. this pitbull puppy now claimed clark kept was underweight and malnourished and the owner could face criminal neglect and abandonment charges. police say the puppy will be put up for adoption as soon as the case is closed. >> oh. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 this evening, where you can find the cheapest gas in the area. and how much further prices may be dropping. >> plus, how your addiction to your smartphone may be impacting your brain? it is a problem so rampant, it already has a name. they call it iphone anxiety!
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>> a "7 on your side" health alert tonight. a new study shows separation from your iphone increases anxiety and may make you dumber. university of missouri researchers say that they found that iphone users performed better in puzzles when they had their iphones with them. but separated from the device the participants experienced elevated heart rates, blood pressure and anxiety. iphones are capable of becoming an extension of ourselves so much. negative philosophical state as well. >> wow a massachusetts doctor who beat the ebola virus is returning to west africa. we're talking about dr. rick
5:42 pm
sacra who will fly to liberia to rejoin efforts to stop then epidemic epidemic. he was released from hospital after successfully beating the virus. >> the doctors tell me that i'm immune. >> so dr. sacra will spend a month in liberia. more than 8200 people have died. some 21,000 have gotten sick since the ebola outbreak began last year. >> his immunity makes him like superman over there. >> good for him for going back over there. lot to be done. ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00 how much water it takes to rack up the $7000 bill. that's the amount d.c. water says one woman had prompting her water to be shut off. >> where you can find gasoline for just $1.67 here in this area! that's coming up next.
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>> five years. that's how long it's been since we've seen gas prices as low as
5:46 pm
we're seeing right now. after the plunge in prices over the last three weeks. tom roussey shows us what's driving these prices down and how low they may go. >> it's been great! >> gary michaeles of kensington drives this van for his business. to say he's a big fan of the falling gas prices would be an understatement. he's saving a lot every month. >> i would say at least $100. >> as of today, triple a says gas prices in the d.c. area are averaging $2.27 a gallon for regular. that's down from $2.34 a week ago and a year ago, it was a heck of a lot. $3.39. >> gas prices have dropped for 109 days in a row. it's the longest streak of daily declines we've seen ever. >> john townsend says at the moment there's a number of things working in a driver's favor. >> low demand. and drop in crude oil prices. >> townsend says signs point towards prices continuing to fall for at least a few months.
5:47 pm
by next week virginia's statewide average is expected to fall below two bucks. before you get too excited about these prices d.c. is still above the national average which right now is $2.13, according to triple a and it used to be normal to pay less than $2 a gallon even as recently as a decade ago. 10 years ago this month, according to the federal government the average was $ $1.86 and that was considered high. prices will go up some in a few months when they switch to a summer blend of less polluting gas. >> already talking about adding a federal tax on the gas because it's lower now. so one way or another, it will go back up. >> in green belt tom roussey abc 7 news. >> all right. now, just how low are the gas prices right now you might be asking? well abc 7 found some folks boasting on instagram about getting gas for $1.67. level k and scott rocket both posted pictures from the sheets where the growing rate is right now $1.67. gas selling for that price at
5:48 pm
the murphy gas station down the street from the sheets. that's just near the west of fredricksburg. to find cheap gasoline where you live turn to our website at you won't have to worry about filling up that often. they introduced the chevy bolt at the auto show. this all electric car will be able to drive $200 on a full charge. it is expected in 2017. >> gas prices are still cheap. high end sports cars are still expensive which makes this video from charlotte something that will make car lovers cringe. it's this mazaerati stolen during a carjacking this morning. and the thieves then crashed in a police chase tearing apart that car and knocking down a power pole. >> that's heartbreaking. that is heartbreaking. >> hard to look at for you, isn't it leon? >> yes it is. yes, it is. >> all right.
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so they've got good weather there. looks like our weather here. >> whole mid atlantic and the east coast socked in with a lot of rain. it's going to change for the better later tonight right now 37 degrees and light rain outside the furniture weather center. where we're continuing to make progress slowly, steadier areas of rain moving out and patchy rain will be the story for the next couple of hours. after 9:00 or 10:00, all the rain will be out and the key is how long will it remain above freezing. the longer we go above freezing better the chance to dry stuff up before the puddles and low lying areas with water in them start to ice over. that will be a concern overnight. there will be icy patches when you wake up in the morning, temperatures will range between 22 in leesburg and 30 in arlington. plenty cold enough to cause slick spots and icy conditions. again, winds will help us out for a while overnight. through the day tomorrow it will stay quite breezy and cold. highs 28 to 34 with partly cloudy skies and northerly wind so those atmospheric conditions
5:50 pm
should dry up anything left over and we're in for a day on wednesday that might feature for some folks especially south of the district morning flurries and midday flurries. it will be one of the patterns where the storm system moves through eastern carolina so most areas will have clouds. farther south and east you go from washington, better chance for light snow. highs only 31. then look after that thursday friday, saturday, sunday partly cloudy skies with a nice little warming trend. eventually climbing to and then above average temperatures by saturday and sunday. fresh look at the numbers come up at 6:00. leon alison back to you. >> ok doug. thank you. >> didn't think to ask you this. are you wearing green because you're backing oregon tonight? >> no pure coincidence. it's going to be a great game. >> should be a great game. this is going to be fun. you know i've worked national championship games. >> i know you have. >> but not like this! everybody says this is the real deal. as a matter of fact tonight, they'll play the first ever college football playoff national championship game with the number two seed oregon ducks taking on the fourth seeded ohio state buckeyes.
5:51 pm
the truest national championship in the history of the game! oregon has the heisman trophy winner marcus mariota and the ducks are favored by six. there's no question that oregon has the advantage in speed. in my mind, the coaching advantage goes to ohio state and urban meyer. the buckeyes were underdogs, too, and ohio state won that ballgame. i think oregon will win tonight but as alison said, it should be a terrific ballgame. >> being part of this national championship, it's an awesome feeling and it will be even greater for me if we were able to win. >> we talk quite often about when you have that opportunity to step in batter's box you get one swing and you swing in a prized fight, you get one swing. great champions don't miss. >> everybody talking about the dez bryant catch, no catch. karma. it will leave a bad itch and hey, brother, listen to this now. i mean this was the call. common sense tells you it's a catch. a great catch. but by the letter of the rule, it was the right call. if a player goes to the ground in the act of catching a pass,
5:52 pm
he must maintain control throughout the process. and contacting the ground he's got to have possession. if the receiver loses control of the ball, when it touches the ground, it's incomplete. bad rule. good call by the officials. all right. our play of the day comes from mccannes chancellor from the seahawks. number 31 jumps the carolina line. didn't get the block. there was a penalty he jumped the line again. did it twice. it's hard to block a field goal. this was incredible. former virginia tech star has our play of the day. look at this. it's unbelievable. all right. to catch one of the hottest teams in all of hockey right now, but so are the colorado avalanche. they are in town tonight the pipes and they have led colorado to four straight wins. caps are 12-1-4 over the last 17 games. face off tonight 7:00. playoff type atmosphere. the phone booth will be ringing!
5:53 pm
going with the ducks, huh? >> going with the ducks. going with the cats. going with the good call. >> o-h-i-o right here. cowboys, the kiss of death, though. you watch. >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- >> a grandmother moves into a vacant home. and inherits a $7,000 water bill. we'll tell you why she doesn't think she has to pay it and how much wat as a small business owner
5:54 pm
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>> we have got some new information on the breaking news we've been covering and passengers being sickened on the metro. we're told the yellow line service is resuming for gallery place. l'enfant plaza remains shut down at this hour. at least one person there was critically injured after smoke filled the tunnel. new details coming up just ahead for you at 6:00. keep it tuned right here. >> amazeing video of people coming out of those trains.
5:57 pm
meanwhile, "7 on your side" is working to get some answers after a grandmother moved into a vacant home and inherited a $7,000 water bill. >> that's right. $7,000. because of that bill her water end up getting shut off a month ago and she can't afford to get it turned back on. "7 on your side" investigator chris pabst is working this story for us now. what did you find out today? >> leon the average person uses about 2,000 gallons of water every month to brush your teeth, get a shower flush the toilet, things like that. but the house that we're looking into here, the one that we're talking about tonight was using 160,000 gallons of water a month. that is enough to fill a 10 foot deep diving pool like the one that you see here. now, as this house had all this water flowing thrit again every month it was supposed to be vacant but the owners of the property never received any alerts from d.c. water. in other words, the owners of that property had no idea this much water was flowing through
5:58 pm
this house every 30 days and they would have to pay for it. every two days, addie takes a trip to maryland to fill these five gallon jugs with the water her family needs to survive. >> so you heat this on the stove and pour it in tub and get a bath. >> on december 2 two weeks after she moved into this northwest d.c. home this single grandmother who is raising two children had her water shut off. three months before she moved in, while the home was empty, it somehow used 546,000 gallons of water. costing seven grand. >> i'm disappointing. i'm very disappointed. i can't afford it. >> d.c. water maintains nothing is structurally wrong. the water was pumped into the home. utility tells "7 on your side" it sent seven high usage and cancellation alerts but not to brinkley or her daughter who bought the home in june. citing privacy concerns d.c. water would not say who did
5:59 pm
receive them. only that it was a name associated with the account. now, brinkley is stuck to pay for water she didn't use. we talked to her again today. >> you see for yourself there's no water in the basement or no water in the floor not damaged. where did the water go? >> when people have high utility bills, help is available. organizations such as strong families in the greater washington urban league can assist. but brinkley does not feel that she should have to pay. >> if i wasn't here and i have not used water you know i don't think we should have to pay anything because no one used the water. >> now, we did reach out to d.c. water for comment. we did not receive any. now, if you are any difficulty paying your utility bills, go to our website and click on this story and we have about 15 organizations there that can help you. live in arlington, chris pabst abc 7 news. >> thank you, chris. that's going to do it for us here on abc 7 news at 5 clock --
6:00 pm
5:00. >> but the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> we're breaking news from southwest washington where the l'enfant plaza metro station was evacuated this afternoon just before 4:00 when smoke was discovered in a tunnel. we're also told that one person at the scene is now in critical condition. horace holmes is at the station right now. horace, what is happening there and can you tell us anything about the situation with the welfare of some of the riders and people at the station. >> >> we did hear that one person was transported in critical condit


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