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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 15, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this thursday night, the breaking news. the large-scale terror raids under way. authorities say major attack was imminent. the firefight, what was their plan? and the abc news exclusive. the moment in an american quarry. the fbi says this is homegrown terror right before your eyes. the practice bomb going off. the plane crash in florida. you will hear the frantic call blinded by the fog and dark. and the nfl player pulled from the field amid charges of sexual assault. and bradley cooper is here
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on playing an american hero and taking the subway like anybody else. good evening. we begin tonight with a dramatic terror authorityies taking down an imminent attack. this time in belgium. this was the raid. you can hear the shouting the gunfire, and the blaze as they moved in. we have a team on the ground there. and here at home this evening an abc news exclusive. that white car pulling up. the black suv in a quarry in west virginia. a terrorist pulling explosives possibly from that trunk. more on that in a moment. but first, alex marquardt is in
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belgium. >> reporter: as night fell dozens of gunshots descentde descended on this building in verviers. and trying to serve warrants to terror suspects that had recently returned from syria. >> certain suspects immediately opened fire with weapons at special forces of the police. >> reporter: by the end, two suspects were dead. a third, arrested. that assault, one of at least ten operations across belgium tonight. authorities say they were prepareing to carry out major attacks. and brussels is on high alert. authorities tonight raising the terror alert level to its second highest for building like here
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at the justice ministry. this tiny country, now fertile ground for breeding jihadists. the certain now, they're coming home. authorities say there's no known link between the terror cells in belgium and france. but that's the worry. highlighting the growing fear that this is just the beginning of a new wave of terror. david? >> alex thank you. here at home we're learning more at this hour about the young man from ohio under arrest. on his way to the capitol with deadly plans. investigators believe it was much worse. here's martha raddatz. >> reporter: today, from his hometown of cincinnati, to capitol hill, there is nothing but shock. how did this 20 year-old, so-called "mama's boy" go from this -- the clean-cut wrestler,
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the homebody who loved his cat, to this -- a man the fbi accuses of preparing to bomb the capitol in support of isis and al qaeda terror groups? >> he's not a terrorist and i don't appreciate him being painted as a terrorist. >> reporter: but fbi officials, which acknowledged they ran a sting on christopher cornell, says his plan involved not only detonating bombs at the capitol, but then mowing down members of congress with assault rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition he purchased at a gun store moments before his arrest. cornell's parents said today the boy was just trying to figure himself out, described as a quiet student who converted to islam last summer. that's when he first appeared on fbi radar, after, they say, he pledged his support to isis on social media, under an assumed name. >> martha is with us live. do we know if he was acting
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alone? >> no link yet, they think he was the classic lone wolf, but the fbi does believe he was trying to communicate with radicals overseas. but no one overseas apparently had anything to do with this. now to the abc news exclusive revealing how serious it is at home. video never before seen tonight. here's pierre thomas with the tapes. >> reporter: that's amine el khalifi in a d.c. area hotel room brandishing a machine gun he hoped to use to massacre members of congress at the u.s. capitol. >> it's fully automatic. that means when you hold the -- >> how many hits in here? >> 30. >> it's full auto. you hold the trigger it's going to keep firing. >> reporter: tonight, this exclusive inside look at an fbi undercover sting targeting a man the bureau believes was a homegrown radical.
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a would-be suicide bomber. >> this is one more example that the threat is very real. >> reporter: here is khalifi at a home depot buying nails to use as shrapnel in an explosive vest. >> i got thick ones, not thin ones. the one who's going to make damage, right? >> don't be nervous man, come on man. >> reporter: this is khalifi driving out to test a bomb. unaware the men with him are undercover fbi. he thinks they're al qaeda. >> i'm going to put everything on my body i'm going to go inside, like a real place, maybe the capitol. >> i'm done. my work is done. >> reporter: the fbi records his every move even as he pulled into a west virginia rock quarry where they would test the bomb watch as the fbi undercover gives khalifi a cell phone rigged to detonate an explosive that is planted outside of the car. >> i want you to place the call so you can see how it works. okay, now hit send.
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>> reporter: the bomb detonates. >> oh! >> reporter: khalifi wants a bigger bomb. khalifi was a moroccan national living just outside of washington, d.c., when the sting operation took place in 2012. he hardly seemed the terrorist type, working as a local dj. but would he really have it? >> what has happened >> i was arrested two blocks from the u.s. capitol on the morning of february 17th, 2012. he had the machine gun and was attempting to put on what he thought was a suicide vest. he pled guilty and is now serving 30 years in jail. and >> thank you. and the white house releasing five detainees from
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guantanamo bay. the release sparking protests in congress. 122 detainees remain there. new developments after the deadly commute home in washington, d.c. smoke filling the station just as rush hour get under way. questions about response time. tonight, rescue teams got there half an hour after the calls. it took medics more than an hour to reach and move the woman that needed medical attention, who later died. and now to another investigation into a plane crash. a woman piloting a blinded by fog. here's jim avila.
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>> reporter: a small, frightened voice begging for help. >> i can't see airport, i can't see. >> reporter: lost in the night sky, 600 feet over florida's central coast. >> okay, just stay calm, stay calm. maintain your present altitude. >> reporter: 38-year-old mihoko tabata is at the controls in full panic. >> just calm down. calm down. >> reporter: the calming voice of the daytona control tower attempting to talk the pilot down, the airport just a mile away but the single engine cessna is too low. >> are you climbing, ma'am? i need you to climb. >> reporter: nearly 400 americans died in small plane crashes last year. this fiery crash happened just last month in maryland, killing six. the leading cause, pilot loss of control. what kind of enemy is panic? >> once we panic, it's over. >> reporter: too o often, the inexperienced pilot stalls while climbing. as this instructor showed me over california. >> try and relax when that happens. >> reporter: but ms. tabata was inexperienced and piloting a plane she was not certified to fly alone, according to the
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plane's owner. >> if you can hear me please contact me. please say something. >> reporter: there would be no answer. mihoko tabata died on impact. the wreckage found in the five-foot-deep waters of the atlantic ocean. jim avila, abc news, washington. tonight on the eve of a big new game in the nfl, the tough new personal conduct policy getting a test. here's ryan smith. >> reporter: indianapolis colts linebacker josh mcnary today, dodging cameras. the nfl, benching him, less than 24 hours after he was charged with rape. and just as the colts prepare for their biggest game of the season, taking on the new england patriots for a shot at the super bowl. >> we've placed josh on the commissioner's exempt list, which will give him time to take
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care of things he needs to take care of. >> reporter: the case against mcnary, a west point graduate, began in december, when his accuser met him in a bar. they went to his apartment, where she says they got into a physical fight and mcnary sexually assaulted her. when police arrived to question him, mcnary told them, i know why you're here, gesturing to his bed sheets. saying, i preserved it for you because i knew you would be coming. >> that's why the league and the colts had to move quickly. they said this is something we have to take care of and we take it seriously. >> reporter: mcnary pleaded not guilty, his lawyer saying the linebacker unhesitatingly deniesgainst him. >> rieb ryan with us now. the nfl launching its own investigation? >> yes, and his season may be over. and beginning tomorrow travel and trade with cuba may
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be over. new moves from the white house. americans can go to cuba, use credit cards and bring back small amounts of rum and ciga tonight, john boehner speaking out for the first time since a bartender in his home state of ohio was arrested charged with trying to poison him. the speaker saying tonight, he hopes the suspect gets the mental health an there's an stream number of flu cases in 26 states. and children up to 17 years old, 26% effective. and 12% between 18 and 49 and
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14% forse over 50. dr. richard besser, how does this compare to the past? >> well we've learned it's not very effective. last year 51% effective. >> so is the advice still to get the vaccine? >> it is. some protection is better than none. >> rich thanks for being here tonight. we're going to turn to the oscars hollywood's biggest night. and the five biggest surprises and snubs that had many talking >> reporter: grand budapest hotel." as well as
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and jennifer aniston snubbed. many pointing out that jolie was not nominated either. and bradley cooper nominated for his performance in "american sniper." steve carell getting his first nomination, the wealthy benefactor in his movie. and the "selma" director over. but there was a nomination for the movie. no love
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but they made their there's still much more ahead this thursday. the visitor to a real estate open house with much more in mind. this camera catching her, what she was really up to. and tonight, pope francis coming to america. and the big announcement. what will happen when he arrives? and bradley cooper getting the oscar nomination. his amazing transformation to play the part. and tonight, how his life has changed. (man) when i can't go, it's like bricks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation
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people looking for something else in your house. here's paula faris. >> reporter: an open house can mean open season for thieves. sally spaisman wasn't just sizing up the closet space at this maryland home. she was digging for diamonds, cartier watches and precious heirlooms at nine separate open houses. stealing over $82,000 worth of valuables. in l.a., this thief came across a locked drawer full of jewelry. so he quite literally ripped it off. walking out of the open house, undetected. >> you're inviting strangers into your house. take some precautions to protect your valuables. don't leave them out in open or plain sight. >> reporter: thieves are typically looking for jewelry, firearms, even prescription drugs. so, who's on the hook? not the realtors who set up the open house, rather the homeowners. as for sally -- she'll spend her next year behind bars. and has to pay all that money back. >> you don't know who these people are. take some common sense steps to make sure that the sally spiesmans of the world cannot come in and take your property.
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>> now, many times, thieves arrive in pairs. one distracts the agent, so the reckommendation is to multiple abilities. >> and stay home. paula, thank you. when we come back, which airline has been slapped with the biggest fine for stranding passengers on the tarmac? and what pope francis will do when he visits america? and after the hippo close encounter last night, another one with something else. to instantly add volume to your cheek area. as you age, cheeks can lose volume. voluma adds volume creating contour and lift for a more youthful profile. for up to two years. temporary side effects include tenderness, swelling, firmness lumps, bumps, bruising, pain redness, discoloration and itching.
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so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin hbp. straight to the "index" tonight. southwest airlines a fine for stranding passengers on a plane for more than three
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hours. and pope francis is promising to make an american saint when he visits. and a heartstopping moment during this whale watching tour in hawaii. that's a humpback whale, ramming the boat. pushing it five feet. they believe she was just protecting her calf. >> and a new first for women in the military. 60 women are taking part in the grueling army ranger program for the first time. they still will not be able to serve. stay tuned on that. when we come back bradley cooper one-on-one. playing a hero, and how his life has changed after. "sheesh, i wish i'd looked some more."
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have serious health conditions or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. finally tonight here, actor bradley cooper nominated for an oscar in "american
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byron pitts, one-on-one tonight. >> reporter: bradley cooper, tonight an oscar nominee for his portrayal of legendary sharpshooter chris kyle in "american sniper." in a statement, cooper said the film is a "tribute to chris" and all who serve and "sacrifice their lives for their countries." chris thought maybe you were a little too pretty to play him. >> he did say that, yeah, yeah. he wanted to tie me up, put me in the back of his pickup truck, and ride around. but i found that as a compliment that he -- >> reporter: a compliment? >> well, pretty, thanks. 38? pretty? okay. >> reporter: this is cooper's third back-to-back oscar nomination. first, there was "silver linings playbook" and then "american hustle." >> the casino >> my parents didn't push me to do anything other than would make me happy. and i had such an engine myself they never needed to push me. >> reporter: for all his success, there is guy next door
6:58 pm
quality to bradley cooper. he is now appearing on broadway in "the elephant man." every day he takes the new york city subway to work. how is it different being photographed by paparazzi who follow you around the world to being snapped by folks? >> with their iphone? people are very covert, man. they'll do a lot of this thing. and then you just see it just hanging out there. and you're like -- you know? >> reporter: with this latest oscar nod, it's even less likely that fans put down their cameras. byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> thanks to byron and bradley cooper. we thank you for watching tonight. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. until then good evening, good night.
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from sony pictures studios it's america's game. wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen here are the stars of our show pat sajak and vanna white. hi. how you doing? thank you, jim. am i through? am i through walking? not yet. thank you very much. i was anxious to get started. okay. go ahead. all right. how you doing? good to see you l. oh, you're well-prepared. i admire that. we're doing our first "toss up," obviouslyly. "what are you doing?" is the category. here we go. [ bell chimes ] and it's christina. seeing the world. yeah, that's it. oh, it's an easy game, is


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