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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> breaking news on the roads, a snow plow in flames. what drivers need to know. plus -- >> we have no water in these buildings. we need water. >> troubles inside too. how people are faring after sticking out with no water. and cries for help gone. the backlash after complaints were deleted. first data 11:00, we begin our weather coverage with meteorologist eileen whelan. she has a look at what we can expect overnight. it has been a busy evening so far. eileen: it really has, the snow earlier today, starting to transition to sleep and rain.
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now we are really starting to see the full transition over to rain, especially southern maryland. in the district, mainly rain still freezing rain being picked up by the stormwatch 7 live doppler radar. frederick, montgomery county southern loudoun county, and fairfax county. the temperatures have it on the rise, above freezing in dulles, and d.c. in frederick still above freezing. regardless of their temperatures, the road services are still at or below freezing. the roads will be treacherous overnight. that is why the national weather service continues a winter storm warning through 9:00 tomorrow morning. southern maryland remains under a winter weather advisory. as we continue overnight everything continuing to change to rain. tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., may
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an isolated shower east of i-95, but other than that a pretty nice sunday with highs of about 40 degrees. coming up, how much snow fell across the region. more than originally anticipated, and some great actors as well. >> back to the breaking news, a snow plow up in flames. this was a long route 50 in arlington, just before 9:00. eastbound lanes at last check were open, but drivers heading west are being diverted. nobody was hurt. we will bring an update as soon as we hear more. right now, a heads-up for metro riders, the trains are single tracking between arlington national cemetery and foggy bottom because of problems with an insulator. metro says these are not weather-related. the weather of course is still making for huge problems tonight. cars are backed up nearly six miles on 495 from the cabin john
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parkway all the way to tysons. we have checked and it is taking drivers about an hour and a half to cover that stretch. no matter where you went, it seemed like a dangerous day on the roadways. roz plater continues team coverage in northwest. just an absolute mess today. >> it was crazy. snow first, then sleet now we are getting rain. the streets in chinatown or a slushy mess. as you have said, it is only going to get worse as the night goes on. at the height of the snowstorm it was not fit formation nor metro bus. this got stuck going uphill in tinley town. a metro tans it team -- a metro transit team got the bus on its
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way after more than an hour. on that same hill cars were spinning as the snow and ice made it tough to get around. >> roads were really bad. it's been like mush, about four inches i want to say on the road. it seems like there have not been any plows. >> to compound the misery, there was a water main break in this neighborhood. >> we have no water in these buildings. we have kids, grandbabies, all that. we need water. how can you cook, brave, watch your toilets without water? >> as the snow tapered off, more folks ventured out on foot. just getting out of the house? >> absolutely. >> the weather that these touruisists say they are used to. >> at least it is not raining
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and snowing at the same time. >> folks are walking very carefully on the sidewalks, but also slipping and sliding. people are still out. that is what we have seen all day. despite the warnings, they are out tonight. live in northwest, roz plater, abc 7 news. scott: tonight come major power outages, mostly in northern virginia. dominion is reporting 3000 people without electricity, many of those in the clarendon neighborhood. pepco said there are about 2300 in montgomery county and prince george's county. huge travel delays tonight. reagan national cancel 200 arrivals end up archers. dulles and bwi each canceled about 150. and to the west, richard reeve is live in winchester. people out there dealing with more than eight inches of snow
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right? reporter: absolutely, scott. behind me, a familiar sight, a pickup truck buried. the snow almost reaching the top of the front wheel. over here, check this out, this parking lot was buried under about a foot of snow for much of the day. it is now clear, but the job is not over. pushing snow. >> it is four-wheel-drive weather. reporter: about all you can do with a storm like this. at least eight inches, which is why an army of plows is fanning out across winchester. >> started at 9:00 this morning and probably will not be done until tomorrow. reporter: all the snow is one reason why an ice scraper is a must. vdot plows along route 7 -- the biggest part of the snow offensive. main roadways passable.
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neighborhood streets, not so much. >> they are worse, but you can still get around. reporter: up north in harpers ferry, west virginia, a traffic mess along route 340. a trio of stuck tractor-trailers caused a mile-long backup. >> they don't want us to pass yet. >>reporter: good samaritans pulling one driver in her car to safety. >> this is nothing. i'm from utah. reporter: and they went to the supermarket in this. >> we have a giant truck, so it is not a big deal. i was in a car, i would not be out here at all. reporter: this weather has left behind incredible landscapes. check out this wall, huge pieces of snow everywhere. the concern, as roz plater mentioned, icing overnight.
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later tomorrow, the rain. so our winter adventure continues. richard reeve, abc 7 news. scott: abc 7 is your storm watch weather station. we will bring you updates on air and on social media. download the free weather app to have alerts on your smart phone. stormwatch cover is not over. next, 9000 complaints thrown in the trash. one city official to blame, and why he says he deleted e-mails asking for help. eileen: and we are really starting to see the transition over to rain. forecast coming up. reporter: work, play, party just some of things people did this saturday.
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abc 7 news.
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scott: for some people, braving the weather was not a chore so much as it was a party. chris papst has that story. reporter: if we are going to have this kind of weather, you may as well embrace it. the people we spoke with embraced it in many different ways. some worked, others played in it, others decided to help people. whether it was a wall of plows leading cars down interstate 66, or much smaller plows doing a smaller job, for some, today was all about work. >> i have to clear the parking. reporter: carlos started moving snow today at noon and he is ready to be out all night. >> a lot of work. reporter: while some work to get money, others work to get free. >> it would suck to be stuck out
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here in the snow. kind of want to help another person. >> if he stays in the middle, i think you will be fine. reporter: in arlington, these neighbors chose to spend the day in the street. >> kids getting exercise enjoying the fresh air. reporter: this is a snow block party, complete with fire. these festivities were canceled last time after a plow came through. this time they asked the plow to stay away so everyone could play. >> hopefully everybody is staying safe and enjoying their time. reporter: while the partygoers enjoyed playing in the snow today, they also told me they hope this is the last snow block party of the year. they are ready for spring. chris papst, abc 7 news. scott: as if winter has not been bad enough in boston, now the
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city is getting fallout from how it handled complaints about snow removal's. boston has been hit with about eight feet of snow. with that much snow, there are bound to be complaints. in fact, there were so many, somebody in the public works department deleted 9000 e-mail complaints, configuring the same issue was going to get raised again. >> they should not have deleted them. they did. i apologize. sorry for the inconvenience. scott: snow removal is an around-the-clock effort in boston. every day, 1600 trucks are filled with snow, and then dumped. to the south, the problem is winter weather of a different sort. nashville is dealing with snow, ice, and freezing rain. crews were clearing storm drains to prevent street flooding. drivers have been told to stay
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clear of the roadways except for emergencies. and the coast guard is trying to free a freighter trapped in ice on lake erie. the officials airlifted the crew thursday. an icebreaker has been trying to break through the 10 foot thick ice, made difficult by icy sheets that have rideen den up, making it much harder to break. as tough as we haven't come you can always look someplace else. eileen: exactly, we have a lot of snow, more than anticipated. i will get straight to the numbers. some of the highest totals are just over a foot in damascus, 13 inches, 10 inches of snow in frederick, 10 inches culpeper. about nine inches reported at dulles airport, 8.5 inches gaithersburg.
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for thoseyou who are saying, why so much, you were forecasting snow but not this much, a lot had to do with the duration of snow. we had the snow start this morning at 9:00 and we did not see the transition until about 6:00. we had a large chunk of the day with snow falling. the ground was frozen, so everything that fell stuck and piled up. 8.5 inches of snow in winchester, gaithersburg eight inches. prince george's county, laurel maryland about five inches. 1.5 inches waldorf. the snow came down, it's stuck making for a mess on the roads. then we saw the transition to sleet. i have to show you great pictures from our amazing viewers, keeping us abreast of the storm. jacinta greene with a great picture of the national harbor the sheet of snow.
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dulles airport to get it this, the crews working hard to clear the runways. and a shout out to all of the crews that have been working around the clock to keep the road say. and how fun is this picture? snow kisses with molly. the snow can be a little bit of an inconvenience, but it is also fun. now we are dealing with ice, ice accumulating on this tree in leonardtown, maryland. it looks beautiful, but imagine this layer of ice on top of the snow. now some of the rain is falling on top. we really are seeing that change over to rain. off to the west, pretty much done with the action, a little bit of feedback on the radar near front royal. frederick, i 70, there may be freezing rain, but the overall trend is for the transition to be precipitation.
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but he six degrees at reagan national, 34 manassas, 32 frederick -- 36 degrees at reagan national. the temperatures are above freezing, but the road surfaces may still be below freezing, so there could be slippery conditions. all the reporter showing us conditions on the roads are slushy and messy. the futurecast shows rain sours -- rain showers continuing overnight, clout starting the day tomorrow, sunshine with the milder temperatures moving in. tomorrow, highs in the lower 40's. it should be nice, and we will see some melting through the day. i'm concerned going through the overnight hours sunday into monday the temperatures will get down into the upper teens in the city maybe mid 20's, but i'm concerned about a re-freeze with all the melting. then the arctic front moves in overnight friday -- friday, where is my brain? overnight sunday into monday. scott: frozen. eileen: literally.
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back to freezing temperatures for much of the next work week. yeah, the arctic front is moving in overnight sunday into monday. scott: that's ok. the big benefit of this cold, terrible weather mean stay inside and watch sports. robert: why even go on the road when you can watch basketball? and the perfect time for, when it's freezing outside. coming up, plenty of action from the atlantic 10, the acc, and the beast.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: yes, the first of their last four regular-season games, and today it was against the blue demons of depaul.
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paul white misses the three from the corner, but josh smith is therefore the cleanup. georgetown lead at the half. second half, the hoyas lead. smith throws the alley-oop watch your head. georgetown up why 8. later in the second, the freshman comes through. isaac copeland with the short jumper in the paint. georgetown wins, 68-63. gw has a chance to turn things around against richmond today. first half, the drive come he cannot get it, but kevin larson is therefore the follow, the colonials up 4. second half, kendall anthony hits this 3. gw dropsfour in a row, 56-48. acc, virginia tech, n.c. state. the wolfpack, finishes with the
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trey. n.c. state cruises 69-63. another big day for gw's jones perfect from the field finishing with 22 points, six boards. the colonials improve to 24-3 with a victory over fordham. the capitals hosting the metropolitan division leaders the new york islanders. the caps looking for four straight for the first time this season. it would take more than regulation. in the first, 1-0 islanders. nicklas backstrom, who leads the league in assists gets another. we are tied at 1-1. in the third, still tied, brooks laich leaves it for eric fehr
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the wrister scores. 2-1 cap stake the lead. but the islanders would tie it at 2-2 send it into overtime, and send it to a shootout. the only goal of the shootout, but it's enough to give the caps the win, 3-2 the final. that is four in a row for the first time this season for the caps. nationals manager matt williams, big news, washington has picked up the option on his contract. williams guided the nationals to a league-best 96 victories this past season and took home the national league manager of the year award. he became the fourth manager to win the award his first season. daytona beach, kyle busch had a rough day, breaking his right leg in this vicious crash into the concrete wall. he will miss the daytona 500 undergoing surgery on that right leg. he will be out indefinitely.
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and a lot of speculation about jameis winston, because of his questionable shoulder. reports say the heisman trophy winner had a slightly better performance than this year's heisman trophy winner marcus mariota when it came to throwing. meanwhile, marcus mariota had the fastest 40-yard dash, running 4.52. does not compare to scott thuman, though. scott: i will let you say that out loud. robert: i just had to put it out there. scott: bad idea to challenge me to a race.
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>> if you are trying to grab an uber in montgomery county or prince george's county, they are still giving free rides up to $20 despite the heavy snow. we are less than 24 hours from oscar night. the producers are taking care of the last minute details
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preparing for dolby theater for the 87th annual academy awards. expect live performances from jennifer hudson, lady gaga, and tim mcgraw. neil patrick harris will host the oscars for his first time. and we have complete red carpet coverage right here on abc 7 live tomorrow night starting at 7:00. catch the complete wrap up right after words on abc 7 news at 11:00.
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