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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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problem, the biodiesel fuel gushing from the tanker. >> so they had about a golf ball sized hole in the side of the tank. >> in all, about 700 gallons of the 7500 aboard the tanker spilled. that mess becoming the focus of efforts. first, the spill had to be contained, not allowed into storm drains. then the flipped tanker pumped as dry as possible all while traffic in both directions on 95 backs up for miles. >> 95 goes up and down the east coast. it's a very difficult situation. we had a team effort to deal with it. >> detours are set up. trapped motorists rerouted. cleanup crews swarming the scene with tons of absorbent material in an effort to make the highway safe for travel for those forced to wait it out. >> just glad that there wasn't an explosion. and that apparently nobody was seriously injured. >> live now as the dense fog settles in over the scene. you can see the crews out there now focusing their efforts
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primarily on the shoulder of the highway. that's where most of this biodiesel fuel very much like diesel fuel you'd use in a motor vehicle or home heating oil, that's where it was spilled and it appears as though finally that cleanup is starting to wrap up. near laurel brad bell, abc 7 news. >> thank you, brad. crews are also cleaning up a haz-mat spill in manassas. petroleum was found this morning in a tributary of lake linden near copper mine road. environment officials say the leak causes no threat to the public and an investigation is under way into the source of the spill. route 1 is open in college park after a water main break snarled this morning's rush. it put out service to two dozen customers. all lanes reopened at 3:00 this afternoon. the big challenge for drivers tonight is wet roads. the rain moved in just before lunchtime and it's been constant ever since. chief meteorologist doug hill joins us with how much longer the rain will last.
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>> i think we're going to have periods of rain straight through the night, the overnight and through mid morning tomorrow and to complicate things now we have fog forming, some of it dense. let's go to a graphic and show you the dense fog advisory that's in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning for southern maryland stafford king george spotsylvania not included. you'll have fog there but not to the quarter mile or less limitations we'll see in many areas later this evening. there's the rain for you on doppler radar. there's more areas of rain to the west across the mountains. that will push through as well. rainy stretch indeed. what's on the other side of this system by tomorrow afternoon is so much nicer. tonight, steady temperatures with dense fog, areas of rain. tomorrow morning we'll deal with some rain in the morningment by -- by the afternoon, we could shoot into the mid 60's with sunshine. we'll look beyond for you coming up in a few minutes, maureen? >> breaking news just in from prince george's county. tonight's rain combined with snow melt forced ridge road in prince george's county to close.
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department of public works says high water has made the road too dangerous to cross. it will reopen once the water recedes. former secretary of state hillary clinton is breaking her silence in the controversy over e-mails she sent while in office. after turning over 55,000 e-mail messages the secretary insists she did nothing wrong. senior political reporter scott thuman is live in the newsroom with clinton's explanation. scott? >> well maureen, hillary clinton hasn't had a full blown press conference you could say since 2013 when she left her job at the state department and certainly, this is not the way she'd like to return to the podium. doing damage control. >> i thought as a matter of convenience and it was allowed. others had done it. >> the explanation so many were waiting for. why would hillary clinton use only her private e-mail account for all of that business as secretary of state? >> looking back it would have
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been better for me to use two separate phones and two e-mail accounts. i thought using one device would be simpler. and obviously, it hasn't worked out that way. >> while clinton insists recipients of her work-related e-mails all have dot-gov accounts so they were automatically archived skeptics brought in a third party to analyze her server and make sure she did turn over anything relevant. >> i won't trust the clinton people to be the last word on what's in those e-mails. >> i think we're way past an explanation. i think she has to produce all the e-mails. that probably means her server. >> others say it's nothing more than a full scale attack on the leading contender for the white house. >> total disclosure and there's no efforts made to deny the access. >> except, that is for what clinton deemed personal. >> no one wants their personal
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e-mails made public. and i think most people understand that and respect that privacy. >> the state department says it had eventually post those e-mails on line. although many wonder if they'll include e-mails with the president or if those are protected. the white house, by the way was asked if president obama uses personal e-mails. the response "part of the security precautions we take around the e-mail is not talking about it much publicly." maureen? >> scott, thank you. the chairman of a house committee investigating the deadly attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi plans to call secretary clinton to testify twice. first time would focus on the secretary's e-mail use while in office. the second would deal with the attacks that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. metropolitan police department tactics were the subject of testimony today by chief kathy lanier before a hearing of the d.c. council's judiciary committee.
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protest groups watched as lanier answered questions about so-called jumpouts when officers jump out of unmarked vehicles to make an arrest. lanier outlined the department's priorities for the next year. prince george's county detectives say they link two more incidents to a man accused in a string of shootings. four bullet holes were found in the grand e buffet on fort meade road. in a separate incident a man is seen on camera throwing rocks at a restaurant on baltimore avenue. police say the man in that video is hong young. he's jailed in connection to five other shootings including at the n.s.a. and at a truck on the intercounty connector. one person was slightly injured in that accident. ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 a 6-year-old reaction to finding out he's finally leaving the hospital six weeks after a sledding accident that almost claimed his life. plus the emotional good-bye for a local man who made history in the u.s. senate.
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>> senate republicans tonight are defending their letter to iran which criticizes ongoing nuclear weapons talks. 47 republicans signed a letter written by arkansas senator tom
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cotton. cotton dismissed concerns the letter violates the logan act. that law prohibits americans from negotiating policy without the permission of the executive branch. >> we're simply trying to say that congress has a constitutional role to approve any deals to make sure iran never gets a nuclear weapon. >> the white house and democrats in congress say the letter undermines limits to -- attempts to limit iran's nuclear capabilities. vice president biden called the move dangerous while hillary clinton said it was out of step with american tradition. congresswoman donna edwards made it official today. she's in the race for a u.s. senate seat. prince george's county democrat posted a video on you tube today calling herself a fighter with a proven record of helping working families. her only declared opponent so far is congressman chris van holland of montgomery county. both hope to fill the seats of
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retiring senator barbara mikulski. efforts to get rid of maryland's so-called rain tax are facing an uphill battle in the generalmbly. today, a senate committee rejected governor larry hogan's proposed repeal of this stormwater management fee. the house version of the bill was defeated last week and the repeal of the bill was a key part of hogan's campaign platform last year. next on abc 7 news at 6:00 -- a child left in a coma after a sledding accident is now awake and preparing for a milestone. his priceless reaction. plus chief meteorologist doug hill tells us when this rain will end and when we can expect another round. >> in sports try to avoid a three game skid in florida and crazy day in the nfl as day one of free agency is a go! that and more as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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>> fawn -- funeral services were held today for former u.s. senator edward brook the first african-american to be popularly elected to the u.s. senate. d.c. bureau chief sam ford shows us the remarkable legacy brook
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had left behind. >> he died at age 95, a champion of civil rights and women's rights. a liberal republican senator from massachusetts, born and reared in d.c. among the hundreds at the national cathedral today, his lifelong friend a 93-year-old who attended dunbar high and howard u and fought germans in italy in the all black 366th infantry in world war ii. >> out of 3100 men and officers we had 1800 casualties. >> in the service, they celebrated the man who more than beat the odds in massachusetts politics elected attorney general and then twice as u.s. senator in a state that was 2% black. >> his opponent kevin white, claimed to see no hidden message in campaign bumper stickers that read simply "vote white." >> the current chaplain of the u.s. senate delivered the homily and the one time chair of the
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d.c. republican party, a former brooks staffer. >> end of an era. our whole family was so close for so many years. >> d.c.'s delegate said he helped the city get home rule. >> he came from he was a wash washingtonian to the very end. >> they came from his adopted state, delegation of kids from the edward brooks charter school. >> and i'm proud that we were chosen to represent our schools. >> so the funeral was today, the senator died two months ago. he was laid to rest at arlington cemetery. in northwest washington sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you, sam. on capitol hill today, a bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation to end federal restrictions on medical marijuana. it would apply to states where medical marijuana is already legal including maryland and the district. the bill would also allow doctors at veterans hospitals to prescribe pot for medical
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reasons. new at 6:00 the words of the family and washington capitals fans waited for six weeks to hear. >> i'm coming home! >> that's right. that's 6-year-old benson shoan who has been hospitalized since january 28th. that's when his sled ran into the path of a moving car. a little boy as you can imagine is a huge hockey fan and when the washington capitals heard his story they rallied around him. family members say benson should be home by the end of this week. must see video from boston where a massive icicle crushed several cars and damaged a building. the accident is blamed on a sudden warmup that made the icicle melt. nobody was hurt but the cars will never be the same. we haven't had to deal with that around here. >> i was going to say -- this morning when i looked at the computer and looked at what kind of weather day, i had a temptation to complain about it. i thought what are the people in
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boston doing? they still have four feet of snow on the ground. it is a bit of a mess. couple of things that you need to know coming into this night, fog is an issue. dense fog advisory issued by the national weather service in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. southern maryland stafford spotsylvania, king george not included. in this area of dense fog advisory visibility will be below quarter mile. that along with rain is difficult driving conditions and that will persist through the morning rush hour tomorrow. here's what we have right now, live look from the weather bug camera along the fairways at congressional country club in bethesda. you see already, the fog is forming and the reason it's clear. warmer slightly warmer temperatures overrunning cold ground or snow covered ground. that's how we get the fog and it could be a bit of an issue. as far as temperatures, we're kind of pinned in the 40's and stay there all night. 41 in frederick. 47 in silver spring. haymarket at 43. generally around a 10th to a quarter of an inch of rain so far and more on the way. we find steve rudin in
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clarendon. clarendon courthouse mardi gras parade. week late but it's here tonight steve. >> absolutely. it is here. and it is raining. it is chilly out here and you know, the rain beginning to pick up a little bit right now. i just got off the phone with the coordinators of the parade going on as scheduled. it starts at 7:00 and begins at 8:00, they have bands and they have cars and fire trucks. all sorts of things. good time out here. after that a lot of folks go to the bars to enjoy themselves. let's take a look at storm watch 7 live doppler radar. you can see rain that's moving overhead. it's going to stick around for at least another several hours as doug mentioned, still have that fog to look forward to later on tonight. but the parade it will go on as scheduled. 8:00 tonight. come on down to clarendon and courthouse and enjoy it. doug? >> all right steve. come in and get dry now and we'll continue our weather story about the temperatures. here's the best part of my forecast. 74 in raleigh now. 75 greenville. 76 fayetteville and that is the air mass that's moving in our direction. we get rid of the fog and the
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rain in the morning and the storm system moves out. look at all the clear skies coming our way and that will help boost the temperatures for the afternoon. enjoy cooler day, upper 50's but lots of sunshine on thursday. but then on friday everything changes again because another storm system potentially stronger one will move our way. that will bring rain here i think, late on friday night but the best chance for this complex to move through will be all day saturday with rain. there is going to be rain and there's no cold air. high pressure is out of the way. we need lots of cold air over canada to push in to make it snow. that's not going to happen. here's what we think will happen through the day. morning rain and fog. temperatures will climb to about 59 by midday as the sun makes an appearance and 65 sunshine in the afternoon. something to look forward to for the wednesday. take a look at the next seven days weatherwise for you. cool off a bit on thursday. 58 with sun. late day rain on friday. saturday looks to be a rainy day. it will be mild in the upper 50's. clearing skies, mild on sunday. on monday and tuesday, it looks terrific.
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sunshine and temperatures near 60 degrees. maureen and robert? >> thank you, doug. one day of free agency. >> it's already gone crazy. >> crazy. >> you wouldn't even think of. we'll talk about it. only day one of free agency in the nfl and things are already getting out of control. the trades that have everyone going crazy and it's the spring. but it's still nice for one game. maureen and nats looking to end a two game skid in
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>> starting off with a little football. they won a free agency in the nfl. reports say the redskins have added defensive tackle steven pyatt to their defensive line and the 26-year-old agreed to a deal up to four years. things got a little crazy in the nfl elsewhere start with signing jimmy graham. graham and multiple draft picks were traded to the seahawks for center max unger. seahawks were looking for a tight end during the off-season. no one would guess it would be a franchise player like graham. good luck re-signing quarterback russell wilson. that will be tough. and it was a trade happy tuesday. couple of starting quarterbacks were swapped as well. nfl insider reported rams traded starting quarterback sam bradford for the phillies starter and some draft picks along with that. philly already making big moves
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including the big shawn mccoy trade to buffalo. talking baseball now, nats on a two-game losing streak. it's the spring. you don't have to be alarmed. taking on the marlins today and max scherzer started for the second time this spring. the former cy young award winner had a good day today overall. allowed one run and struck out three with six hits. there's one hit right here. scherzer retired after 47 pitches. nats would lose their third straight, however. the final for this one, 2-1. os and yankees in sarasota. manny machado was 2-2 before this, sixth inning gets one to go right up the middle. that would be enough to get jonathan scope home. os up 2-0 after that. birds would go on to win the final for this one. 3-1. and you're never too young to make "sportscenter" top 10. eighth grader candice libell after pennsylvania made it after this one handed shot from her own free-throw line. that was over 60 feet away. clearly, play of the day. it made number two on
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"sportscenter." it would have made number one on our list. and a final note -- ravens have traded the veteran nose tackle. >> like that shot that she took. >> exactly. >> very good. >> crazy. >> you should pick up a few hints from her. >> i can say something. >> all right. doug. what's the latest? >> more rain and some fog. look at the storm scan. patches of rain here. more coming across the mountains to the west. periods of rain tonight. areas of dense fog, too. but we'll clear it out by tomorrow afternoon and warm into the 60's. 50's with sunshine on thursday. rainy day on saturday. clearing out there after a lot more on what to expect from this weather pattern when he joins you tonight at 11:00. combination of wet roads, rain and fog. >> all right. be careful. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. join us at
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tonight, breaking news on several fronts. hillary clinton breaking her silence. what she now says about her e-mail. who decided what she kept and what was thrown away? expelled. the college students kicked out after that racist song caught on tape. they have until midnight to pack up. the manhunt at this hour after the kidnapping caught on tape. carrying this child away. then watch as the brother and sister chase after the suspect. breaking now. the verdict is in. did they steal this song -- ♪ ♪ >> from marvin gay. robin thicicke and pharrell hear from the jury tonight. and the miracle baby. the car in the water, 14 hours upside down in her car seat. we just heard from the hospital tonight.


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