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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 22, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news. captured. an islamic extremist, about to lunch a deadly terror attack in paris on churches. the surprising way authorities this warted the plot. new this morning. nightmare at sea. a cruise liner stranded by an epic storm. the ship battered by massive 30-foot high waves and 60-mile-an-hour winds, more than 2500 people on board. >> it was scary. our patio furniture flew off the balcony. >> terrified passengers speaking out about their harrowing time at sea. fighting back. dr. oz breaking his silence overnight, taking on that group of doctors trying to get him fired. >> weilyeily -- we will not be
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silenced. >> what dr. oz is saying this morning. and wild journey home. the iditarod dog missing for a month after the grueling sled race. her incredible 150-mile trek through the wilderness. how this pastor found her and brought her back to the pack. and we do say good morning, america. on this wednesday morning. this is something you don't see every day here in new york city. emergency workers searching for a coyote. loose in major park. coyotes are a growing problem all around the country. we'll get into that just ahead. >> this has really cropped up. first, the breaking news. a terror arrest in paris. they take a man into custody, they say he was about to carry out an take on churches. abc's terry moran has the latest
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from london. good morning terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. this was a close call. a very close call. police on sunday in paris arresting a 24-year-old computer science student from algeria. he was in possession of an arsenal, they say, of heavy weapons. he was planning to carry out an imminent attack on churches. paris still hakken by the "charlie hebdo" massacre. the suspect, who they have not named, accidentally shot himself on sunday. he called emergency services. police responded. they found a trail of blood from his apartment to his car. in that car, combat weapons, ammunition, bullet-proof vest. he was already on a terrorist watch list because he wanted to go to syria. they also say he is the suspect in the killing sunday morning of 32-year-old aurelie chatelin a
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mom of a 5-year-old girl in paris on a training session this weekend, shot and killed in her car, apparently chosen at random. so this killer apparently already putting his plans into execution. >> any sense of a wider plot? >> reporter: well right now, officials are saying they have detained one woman for questioning. but they're not saying yea or nay on whether or not they're involved. france and right across europe including london is fighting off the virus of islamic violent extremism settling into the neighborhood. some of them taking a violent revenge on their own societies. >> thank you terry moran. now to the cruise ship strapded at sea during a brutal storm. 30-foot waves keeping it from entering sid any harbor. this morning, the ship is finally back to port.
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him aic mcdonald icic icic -- hamish macdonald has the latest. >> reporter: 2500 people on board. they thought they would enjoy a sunny get away. instead, massive waves and stranded at sea for days in what is being described as the storm of the decade. a two-day nightmare on a carnival cruise captured in this new video. >> wow. >> reporter: passengers looking on helplessly as massive waves, 30 feet high slam the cruise ship turning from a 12-day tour of the south pacific, 2500 passengers on board. >> it was scary. our patio furniture flew off the balcony. >> reporter: the man in charge admitting. >> it was wild. >> reporter: the conditions so intense, authorities forced to shut down sydney harbor port. the ship forced to wait in open seas for two days. >> the ship would have literally
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surfed into the harbor. it's a rare occurrence. >> my suitcases were flying out of the cupboards. the tv was falling down. >> reporter: etch walking became a struggle. look at these passengers hanging on to the wall. these two women on the verge of falling into each other. >> a lot of the glass had been pushed out and was smashed all over the place. chaired turned like lollipops. >> we're all a bit frightened i think. >> reporter: the situation is reminiscent of the giant wave that struck a cruise liner in 2010 killing two people. this morning, relief and joy. as the passengers and crew on the carnival "spirit" finally set foot back on solid ground. >> really happy to be back on land. >> reporter: now, though this nightmare holiday is over. for those on board, the greatest danger is probably back on land in australia. they're facing floosh flooding
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and dams bursting. >> but still they're on solid ground. hamish thank you very much. now to the city of baltimore on the verge of erupting. demonstrators taking to the streets last night. the justice department has opened its own investigation. david kerley has more on that. >> reporter: the death of freddie gray on the streets of baltimore. [ chanting ] >> all: justice for freddie. >> reporter: protesters calling for an end of what they say is police brutality. his mother collapsing in grief. his sister in tears. this morning, the u.s. justice department investigating. why did gray suffer a severe spinal cord injury. >> y'all dragging him like that! >> reporter: an injury hat led to his death a week later.
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>> we're handing over all of the documents we have. >> reporter: one piece of evidence, this quick, autopanning police camera. gray and another man ran away when they saw police in the neighborhood. here, someone seen running down the street. a police officer walking with two boix. squad cars arrive. not a minute later, gray is on the ground. watch as we slow and stop the video video. the officer kneeling next to him. minutes later, a flash of gray. they don't know when gray was injured, during the arrest or in the van. the mayor claims it was when he was in the van. why the condra diction? >> i don't know if it was a contradiction. i looked at the timeline. i have concerns about what happened in the van. i want answers to those questions. >> reporter: baltimore police have identified the six officers. the mayor has asked the state to expedite the release of the
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autopsy report. she believes that will provide a lot of answers about freddie gray's death. >> thank you, david. we're going to get the latest on the boston marathon bombing trial. the penalty phase started yesterday, with jurors hearing emotional testimony from some of the victims. and a striking picture of dzhokhar tsarnaev making an obscene gesture to a courtroom camera. >> reporter: prosecutors say he deserves to die because he's unconcerned, unrepentant, and unchanged after killing four people. and they say, they have the photo to prove it. shown in court, tsarnaev giving the middle finger to a camera. prosecutors highlighting the lasting pain. reintroducing jurors to those killed. starting with 29-year-old krystle campbell. as her baby photos were shown in court, her father weeping on the stand, telling jurors her
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anymore make the was princess. [ screaming >> reporter: and for the first time, jurors seeing a new, more horrific angle of the boston marathon bombing. this is what it looks like on the ground. what the victims awe up close. blood, bodies. these aluminum pelts. b.b.s from the pressure cooker bomb. celeste cork ran never lost consciousness. but did lose her legs. on tuesday, she walked to the stand on prosthetic legs telling jurors, i remember thinking i wanted to die. the pain was too much. this morning, some victims' families are calling for tsarnaev to spend his life in prison others say that's not enough. >> i want the death penalty. >> reporter: liz's two sons each lost a leg in the second blast. >> i want it more now than um before. you know i just -- i just think he's a monster. >> reporter: and the defense
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opted not to give their opening statement yesterday. they're going to wait until monday when they present their entire case. george? >> okay tom. thank you very much. now to amy with the day's other top stories. starting with the show of force in the middle east. >> that's right. u.s. warships are arriving in the waters in the coast off yemen. a troubling development this morning. just hours after air strikes were stopped, new air strikes are being started in the western part of the country. the obama administration has pressured allies to end the air strikes. tensions remain high as the pentagon positions warships in the region to monitor iranian ships suspected of carrying weapons for the rebels. the head of drug enforgsment agency is stepping down. michele leonhart is resigning.
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members of congress were outraged when agents were suspended instead of being fired. the man called the accountant of auschwitz is asking for forgiveness in germany for his role in the holocaust. oscar groening faces 300,000 counts of accessory to murder. on the stand, he says he morally shares in the guilt but denies committing any crimes. back here in this country, a california man seen being beaten by california sheriff's deputies has accepted a settlement. ten deputies have been placed on leave. the fbi is investigating. major recall from one of the world's biggest bicycle makers. trek is recalling nearly 1 million bikes. a lever on the wheel has caused several accidents, including one
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that left a rider paralyzed. finally, we have all been there. the computer is not doing what it's supposed to do. you're frustrated. then it's time for payback. just like the guy who dragged his dell computer into an allie and opened fire ending months of irritation. police gave him a ticket. he said it was totally worth it pip . it reminded me of the movie office space when the guys took their frustration out on the printer. the printer, and in my opinion, the computer got what it deserved. it's cathartic just looking at it. get it get it. >> you got it out today. >> yeah. >> i feel better already. >> thank you, amy. now to a strange rise in coyote sightings. it's happening in many parts of the country. you saw the search here in new york city this morning. one community in new jersey is on edge after two dens were found near a school. police are warning people to
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stay inside. and linzie janis is in norwood, new jersey with that story. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is that school. the children will no doubt have extra chaperones when they arrive in a little while. they won't be allowed to go outside for recess. police are imposing a coyote curfew asking residents to keep kids and pets indoors. after a recent spate of attacks. this morning, a community on high alert. aggressive possibly rab did coyotes. getting dangerously close to children and pets. >> it was running by the school parking lot. >> reporter: wild life authorities taking these two pictures. >> i'm so upset and scared to go outside of my house. >> reporter: police say coyotes have attacked twice in new jersey in the last 15 days. john was ambushed while working in his yard. >> a's turned across the
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driveway here to this part boom she bit me in the back of the calf. >> reporter: across the country right now, encounters with coyotes are on the rise. the wild animals who feed on rodents and have been known to go after smaller pets can run up to speeds of 43 miles per hour. they've been spotted prowling from california to wisconsin and massachusetts. john mcpherson bitten as his young daughter stood just feet away. >> when it felt it grab me i turned. there it was. i'm like get out of here. >> reporter: and this video taken in new york city. two separate coyotes seen roaming the streets. and we just got word that police many han hadden are searching for a coyote after another sighting this morning. this time on the upper west side. wild life officials say it is crucial to keep pets and pet food indoors at night. if you see a coyote acting brazen, show them who is boss.
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be loud raise your hands, tell them to go away. whatever you do don't run. lara? >> that is easier said than done, linzie. thank you. turning now to major meltdown by major league baseball manager. the cincinnati reds' manager bryan price went on an epic rant. t.j. holmes is here with more. >> reporter: these coaches and managers are under intense and nonstop scrutiny. his team lost 7 out of 8 games. it got to him. he gave us a friendly reminder there's no crying in baseball. but there's a ton of cussing. >> i can say anything i want. that's the beauty of this country. i'll stand backwards and answer the question. i'm going sideways. >> reporter: athletes managerings not exactly known for having grace under pressure or the coolest of heads. >> he just broke a stick over the ice. he's lost his mind! >> reporter: something cincinnati reds manager knows
7:16 am
all too well. >> it's [ bleep ] hard enough to [ bleep ] win here to have every [ bleep ] opponent know exactly what the [ bleep ] we bring to the table every day. i don't like it. >> reporter: price ripping into a reporter from the cincinnati enquirer. just two weeks after opening day. price upset when a reporter asked him where one of his star players was. >> i'll be honest with you, i'm [ bleep ] sick of this. plp blp sick of second guessing. [ bleep ] you guys can do whatever the blp bhp you want. i'll tell you this. i'm not going to tell you. blp egg about this club. >> reporter: price dropping 91 profanities every 3.7 seconds. >> it's a [ bleep ] disgrace. i'm sick of this [ bleep ]. >> reporter: if you think that's a lot, you're not wrong. he didn't quite manage to nab top spot. that goes to hal mcrae of the
7:17 am
kansas city royals. >> get back on the [ bleep ]. tired of all this [ bleep ]. questions every night. >> reporter: his 1993 rant beating out price by one full second. dropping one bleepable moment every 2.7 seconds. he did apologize. but his apology says i'm sorry for the language. i'm not sorry for criticizing the media. his team went on to twin next two games. like i've been telling you, profanity works. >> he just needed a printer to beat up in the allieeyalley. >> i'm wondering if his apology was, i'm [ bleep ] sorry. >> it was on twitter. >> i forgot about that hal mcrae. >> yes, so good. ginger is back. we have another big set of storms brewing. 22 million americans in the cross hairs? >> much of texas.
7:18 am
from houston back to amarillo. let's start with what happened in california. that is a land spout, east and southeast of palm springs. not the same as a tornado. it doesn't have the low-level mesocyclone. it's before the storm is forming. you could see hail damaging wind from amarillo to dallas. the elevated richk area is north and east of lubbock. houston, back to austin you're in the slight richk area too. we have to get to the stormy cities brought to you by weight watchers.
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still to come here on "gma," the latest on the honor student accused of killing her boyfriend. her friend taking the stand revealing the shocking text message she received day before the shooting. dr. oz fighting back. he won't be silenced by his critics. and grilling dangers. the important steps you can take to stay safe. and the long journey home. the incredible story of the
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jummy: we want to get a check on the weather right now. this wednesday, this earth day. jacqui jeras as a check on that. jacqui jeras: earth day and birthday for some, i'm just saying. happy birthday, girl. a bit on the cool side sunshine on the increase. suburbs in the 40's, 43 in
7:27 am
manassas. a few showers working into western maryland, i expect them to be arriving mid a in d.c.. it will be gusty with highs in the upper 60's. your seven-day forecast chose cool temperatures continuing into next week. jamie: this morning we are not really dealing with the wet spots that we have been for the last couple of days, it is a little bit of sun glare for you. a nice twins they treat because monday and tuesday were not so pleasant. they do not have any big crashes , outer loop of the beltway you can see the congestion 270 on the beltway, topside 15 miles per hour, into the d.c. area with 60 delay slowing to centerville. jummy: thank you so much, jamie. top stories right now, the ward eight council candidate plans to protest muriel bowser's influence on the race, all except one candidate.
7:28 am
may will meet outside the wilson building at 11:00 this morning. they claim that she is getting the most support from bowser. meantime, today is earth day and to students at chester burke academy in northern virginia, they will be releasing thousands of back into the environment. a treeplanting ceremony will be held at christ episcopal school. in an earth day event will be taking place at the plan learn day care center.
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good morning, america. right now, we're trablging the failed terror plot in paris. police arrested a heavily armed man planning to attack churches. zblmpl also right now, a close friend of the honor student on trial for killing her boyfriend takes the stand. revealing the chilling message she received from shayna hubers. and dr. oz is fighting back. saying he will not be silenced. >> good morning, america. a lot going on this morning. including a little reveal right now, "people"'s worl's most beautiful issue. a first look at the cover. >> and there it is. it's sandra bullock. >> good choice. >> i know. jess cagle will be here. he'll tell us the stories behind why that beautiful woman was selected. and much more about the issue coming up. >> i love that. i love it. it's not like a very very
7:31 am
very young supermodel. >> she's 50 years old. i didn't realize. she looks incredible. >> fantastic. >> inside and out. great choice. >> we'll get the behind the scenes. we begin this half hour with the murder trial of the former kentucky honor student, shayna hubers. a close friend took the stand yesterday. revealing a shocking text message hubers sent her just days before shooting her boyfriend to death. abc's gio benitez is here with that story. >> reporter: good morning. prosecutor are using that text to show it was cold-blooded murder. legal experts say the defensechipping away at the claim. having a hard time she killed in self-defense. haunting evidence and testimony taking center stage. as shaneyna hubers fights accusations of killing her boyfriend out of anger. >> i mean i'm not a murderer.
7:32 am
>> reporter: taking the stand tuesday, hubers' friend christy, who received this text days before the shooting. when we go to the shooting range tonight, i want to turn around shoot and kill him, and play i like it was an accident. hubers sazhas said it was a joke. christy says she brushed it off. >> i wish i would have paid more atoepgs it. i think well maybe there's something i couldd or down to potentially not have this situation. >> reporter: hubers teking her, my love has turned to hate. prosecutors say hubers killed poston when he tried to break up with her in 2012. hay believe poston died sitting at a table, defenseless. hubers says she was defending herself. the defense calling on this doctor to argue that poston was standing up and on the move and nobody nose which of the six shots came first. >> it would be pretty impossible for him to be seated in a chair
7:33 am
with the gunshot wound to his back. >> reporter: and now the defense claiming hubers had suicidal tend sis, asking a mental health official from the jail about her sanity. >> she let me know her nerves were bad. she said she was having nightmares. >> reporter: and testimony also revealing tuesday that shane that hubers was seeing another man in the days before the shooting. as ellie as today, hubers herself could take the stand. the trial could be over by the end of the week. the big question was this self-defense? >> you said she could be taking the stand? >> as early as today. we turn to dr. oz. firing back at the group of doctors trying to get him fired from columbia medical skoon. >> reporter: he's been called the promoter of quack treatments who misleads the public. don't let his demeanor fool you.
7:34 am
he says he won't take the controversy lying down. overnight, dr. oz breaking his silence. >> i know i have irritated some potential allies in our quest to make america healthy. >> reporter: fighting back against a group of fellow physicians calling for dr. oz the be removed from his job at columbia university medical school. >> no matter our disafwreemts freedom of speech is the most fundamental right we have as americans. and these ten doctors are trying to silence that right. >> reporter: ten doctors from around the country, urges the school to fire him because of claim like this one. >> this miracle pill can burn fat fast. >> reporter: accusing oz of promoteing quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain. the doctors also taking issue with oz's push to more thoroughly label genetically modified foods. >> one solution is to give you labels. and tell you this has genetically modified foods in
7:35 am
there. >> reporter: one of the doctors calling for his resignation, a convicted felon and advocate for genetically modified foods. >> i vow to you right here right now, we will not be silenced. we will not give in. >> reporter: dr. oz's response is set to air on thursday's show. it will be dedicated to fighting for the right to know what's in your food. sounds ready for a fight. >> we all know him. he's very very fashion gnat. you'll hear from him tomorrow on his own show. time now for the speed feed. amy is in the social square with all of that. good morning. >> trending on facebook. a rare quadruple rainbow. it happened in glen cove new york. amanda took this picture. today will be four ports of gold. it got us thinking about the famous double rainbow guy.
7:36 am
bear vasquez. >> remember this video. >> oh, my god, oh my god! >> that got more than 41 million hits for that classic clip. we showed bear the quadruple rainbow and here's what he had to say. >> look at that. whoa! quadruple rainbow! all the way. whoa! it's so intense. ah what does it mean? oh my god, whoa! >> tell us what's coloring your feeds this morning. tweet us with the hashtag social square. you guys you're welcome. >> thanks. >> i don't think he needs rainbows. >> no. he's good. >> yeah. >> he's seening rainbows and a lot more. thank you, amy. oh this weather, ginger, all around. >> there was a reflection off an inland lake for that picture. that had something to do with the quadrupleness of it.
7:37 am
>> quadrupleness? >> quadrupleness, that's a word. maine, the crashing waves. the tide was high. the power flashes. this morning, not the case in the great lakes. this is. snow showers have been flying ging through the skies. this is from yesterday. it's happening now in parts of michigan chicago, indiana. warm side. new york city 65 today. 73 washington. this is a high >> it only took calm of weekings. now i'm hit too. time for the weekly pollen report.
7:38 am
a huge incease in concentration across the northern plains. all due to the trees. it's mostly the maple birch, and ash tree. i'm feeling it. >> i'm hearing it. >> whoa it looks like a rainbow. >> a great map. all the way. >> it's great to have you back. >> good to be back. coming up grilling dangers. the new warning before your first cookout of the season. what you need to know to stay safe. and sherri shepherd's bitter custody battle over her baby born by a surrogate. what it means for families everywhere. incredible! i've been claritin clear for ten days. when your allergy symptoms start, doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin live claritin clear. every day.
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back now at 7:42 with the damgers of grilling. the temperature heats up. more of us will be outside firg up the grills. every year gas and charcoal
7:43 am
grills cause 8600 house fires and injure 7,000 people. alex perez has hat you need to know. >> reporter: officials say a gas grill explosion days ago in florida injured a girl and caused a fire in this community. the girl's condition unknown. the danger is clear. you can see from this video on youtube just how dangerous propane grills can be if not used carefully. >> should those who support the league demand the same? >> reporter: hannah storm suffered severe burns on her face chest, and hands after trying to light her grill. >> a huge fireball exploded. all of this was burning, on fire here. >> reporter: to show you how to protect your family we teamed up with underwriter's laboratories. first up gas or propane grills. this could be a hazard. >> it could be if you don't do things right. >> reporter: first tip, always check hoses for gas leaks. put a mixture of soap and water on the area where the hose
7:44 am
connects to the valve. there's a bubble. >> that means there's a leak. >> reporter: keep the lid open when lighting the grill. we intentionally closed the lid and turned on the gas for this demonstration. using this long pole, we ignite the grill. oh. the gas buildup explodes when we hit the ignition switch. singing the hair on the mannequin. next up, distance. you should always put the fwril ten feet away from the house. after just a few minutes, the flames flare up. in seconds, the tire takes off it's getting too hot. >> absolutely. >> reporter: not long after that, the entire home in flames. a firefighter standing by to extinguish it for us. for "good morning america," alex perez abc news chicago. >> good tips. >> how fast it can happen. >> it happens fast. we're all getting ready to grill because it's been a long winter.
7:45 am
coming up on "gma," a stunning bank heist. criminals drilling through six feet of concrete to get on the vault. and the wild journey for the iditarod dog lost for a month. how she was finally brought back to the pack. what if the world is a blank canvas and our imagination the brush? we would use only the most vibrant colors. the most dramatic strokes. creating a world of endless expression. and endless possibilities. creating a world like grand rapids. where every day is a work of art. and inspiration is pure michigan. your trip begins at
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have you heard about this? that incredible story of the iditarod dog finally found after a month in the wilderness? traveling more than 150 miles on her own? abc's david wright has the story. >> reporter: the most grueling sled dog race in the world. 1,000 miles through the alaskan tundra was too much for 3-year-old sarabi. her musher dropped her midway through because of a sore shoulder. >> she wanted to stay in the race. i made the decisioneave her at the check point. obviously, she wasn't done running. >> reporter: she managed to escape an went missing for a month. volunteers passed out flyers and hundred posters. she mushed herself to dplashier view 100 miles away from anchorage. last week turned up again, this time poking around a church in
7:50 am
palmer 40 miles from anchorage. >> two ladies in car looking for sarabi stopped and mentioned they had seen her walk through our backyard. >> reporter: the reverend tim carrikk put out fooed and mounted a camera. he managed to corral the stay dog into a cage. all told sarabi traveled at least 150 miles. not quite an eye dit rod. but impressive enough. >> she's made for it. she loves it. i can't wait to give her a chance to be able to complete the race. >> reporter: for "good morning america," david wright abc news new york. >> aw. >> aw. >> a sweet dog. >> maybe before the race a big cuddle and a nap. a big bone. sarabi. >> and both end. coming up here on "gma," ben affleck's big apology. what he's saying this morning about trying to hide something from his family's past. come on back. now here's a great improve this tip from lowe's.
7:51 am
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still ahead on "gma," the dangerous new trend of teens trying to look like kylie jenner.
7:56 am
jummy: good morning. we want to get a check of your forecast this wednesday. jacqui jeras is in the storm watch weather center with a look at the day ahead. jacqui: we are starting out today needing sunglasses but you will be swapping it for an umbrella after the lunch hour. keeping an eye on the stormwatch doppler radar with a few sprinkles in western virginia and western maryland right now but as you take a look at temperatures they are on the cool side, 54 degrees downtown, temperatures today making it into the mid to upper 60's, wind becoming gusty this morning to the afternoon hours with showers clearing out with 30's in the suburbs when you wake up in the
7:57 am
low 40's of the beltway. jacqui: -- jamie: the commute is not terrible in some spots. because it's not raining. dry, but we have a crash on the inner loop of the beltway, so if you travel on the inner loop in virginia, get ready you definitely don't want to take the express lane and we only have one lane getting by to the right. moving to the maps i want to show you what we have as far as delays in maryland. top side of the beltway typical, inbound 295 we are jammed. back to you, jummy:. jummy: ward eight council candidates plan to protest mayor bowser's influence on the race except for one candidate meeting outside the wilson building at 11:00 they claim that ruby mays getting the most support. also today is earth day and students in northern virginia will release thousands of ladybugs back and the environment.
7:58 am
in annapolis governor larry hogan will take part in an earth day event at the plan learn bit -- day care center. have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning america. it's 8:00 a.m. and ben affleck speaksout overnight. his apology after the documentary erupted over his slaf-owner roots. and the dangerous trend that has teenage girls looking like this. >> what did i do? >> why it's all being blamed on reality star kylie jenner and what she's saying about it this morning. "gma" goes to the dogs. first, the canine supershe roe that saved soldiers' lives. her bravery under fire. and then, we're off the leash. one family about to find out live they're giving a home to an adorable puppy. nice crowd out there in times square in morning. good morning, everyone. a lot to get to this morning,
8:01 am
including the pup miss. >> aw. >> and an end to sherri shepherd's legal battle with her ex-husband over their 8-month-old baby. we'll tell you what the judge decided. >> and jesse palmer, speaking of adorable. you have quite a story about a real-life superhero don't you? >> we had warming stories. all heroes could come in shapes and sizes. today's is not a man or a woman. you see that right there. the unbelievable story of bravery and courage. i can't wait to share it with you. >> speaking of incredible dog. look at these firefighters everybody. ten community superheroes. they're from the hoboken fire department. each of them is holding a puppy in need of a home and they have come to the right place. because, over the coming weeks, we hope to help many of them get adopted. we have a lucky dog definitely going home. that boxer getting the star
8:02 am
treatment in the social square right now from zendaya and michiel huisman. you'll meet the boxer's new family just ahead. >> i'm getting relentlessly e-mailed from my daughter harper. we already have two at home. >> and this is not going to be an apartment dog based on the paw size. a lot coming up. gotta get news from amy. we begin with what authorities are calling an imminent terror attack foiled in france. police have arrested a 24-year-old computer science student. he was arrested after he accidentally shot himself and called for an ambulance. police found an arsenal and notes. he's accused of killing a woman found shot in her car in paris. tejss escalateing in the middle east hours after saudi arabia announced it was ending air
8:03 am
strikes against the iranian-backed rebels in yemen. the air strikes have resumed today. back here in this country, a prayer service is scheduled today for freddie gray, the man who died after being arrested by baltimore police. an estimated 1,000 protesters demonstrated in the streets last night, demanding answers. gray died after suffering a spinal cord injury. it's unclear how he suffered that injury. the justice department has opened a civil rights investigation. and new evidence from the brazen jewel heist in london earlier. thieves breaking into a safe deposit facility. take a look at how they did it. police have released this photo showing the huge hole the thieves drilled to reach the vault. drilling through more than a foot of concrete. the suspects are still on the run. and this mornin affleck is responding to the controversy concerning his
8:04 am
appearance on the pbs program "finding your roots," in which he asked producers not the include one of his an sesers who owned slaves. here's linz zisey davis. >> reporter: this morning, ben affleck speaking out after stolen e-mails show he asked "finding your roots" to not air evidence that one of his ancestored owned slaves. >> he made the statement to people would realize he had honorable intentions. >> reporter: posted overnight, i regret my initial thoughts that the issue of slavery not be included in the story. we deserve neither credit nor blame for our ancestors. while affleck says the show's host and executive producer henry louis gates jr. decided what went in the show he admits i lobbied him the same way i lobby directors about what takes of mine i think they should use. >> it makes me feel more
8:05 am
connected to the history of the country. >> reporter: in a private e-mail exchange reportedly sent last july and stolen by hackers, michael linton allegedly told gates to honor affleck's request. >> the show had the spoonlt responsibility to talk about everything and anything found in the research. >> reporter: gates defended the episode telling abc this week ben affleck's ancestors' story was not as interesting as the stories we did use. the future caped crusader saying i don't like the guy is an ancestor but i'm happy that as peck of our country's history is being talked about. >> our thanks to lindsey for that. a long-running battle for sherri shepherd has ended with
8:06 am
with shepherd being name as the legal mother. child support needs to be worked out in that case. and finally, a dream come true for a 5-year-old ohio boy who really loves baseball. jack carter was born without usable fingers on his right hand. he doesn't let that stop him. and a group of college physics students recently brought him a prosthetic hand they designed and built themselves with the ironman theme. they made it on a 3-d printer. jack couldn't wait to try it out. that night he threw out the first pitch at the columbus clippers' game. the mascot saying it was a perfect strike. what a home run for everyone involved. >> i love that they designed the that. >> 3-d printing is all the rage right now. >> he's got a good arm. >> better than most when they throw out the first pitch. not naming any names. pop news and weather coming up. let's go lara in the social
8:07 am
square. >> thank you, george. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." remember bongo lady? wait until you see the surprise we're drumming up. and sandra bullock on the cover of "people" magazines a most beautiful issue. and we have major star power in the house. zendaya, michaeliel huisman. both here live. coming up here on "gma." and puppies. and a great crowd. why not stay with us i ask. hi guys. thanks for being here. the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite.
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8:10 am
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8:12 am
i just want to be sure. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. time for "pop news." and this song, one of my favorites. don't you forget about me from simple minds. some simple mind did forget about something. leaving a first draft at the illinois high school where molly ringwald and judd nelson and others did the movie years ago. just found in the filing cabinet. in the early draft, molly ringwald's character was named kathy douglas. the draft could be worth thousands to a movie memorabilia collector.
8:13 am
>> filing cabinets. also in "pop news" we reported on monday. pink monday. plaque friday. pink sunday it was when the lilly pulitzer line flew out of the stores. the late lilly's own daughter couldn't get in. liza pulitzer wanted a beach chair. didn't get it. her granddaughter managed to grab a floral print hammock. clearly the dresses her grandmother started selling from a juice stand in 1959 stand the test of time. >> can you explain the craze to me? >> oh my gosh. just -- >> it's happy. it's easy. >> it's fresh. >> it's summer. >> it's like a -- like a drink with an umbrella. sounds good. and then finally, michael strahan brought us the story of
8:14 am
bongo lady yesterday. the woman who has won over the memphis grizzlies since debuting ongo skills in the 2012-'13 series. in a pop news exclusive. welcome malenda meachem. >> whoo! >> you lost your bongos. but you kept on bongoing. malenda, you are a judge, a part-time judge. >> yes. >> have you been recognized in court for your bongoing skills? >> not in court. out around town a lot. >> you're something of a celebrity in memphis now. >> yeah yeah yeah. >> and your son brought you the bongo lady jersey for christmas and is now thoroughly embarrassed. >> yes, it was a big sacrifice on his part. it does embarrass him. he wanted me to visit.
8:15 am
>> your daughter and son are with you at games. you're season ticket-hoerlsd. every game are you bongoing? >> not every game. they do it three or four times a year. well i guess maybe four or five. i don't always know when they're going to do it. i have to be on the ready. on the ready to embarrass my son at any given time. my daughter now, she'll go along with it. she'll play the maracas. she's more like her mom. >> did you have training? >> no no training. >> it's natural gift. >> i guess you could call it that. >> any inspiration from the muppets? >> coffee. >> look that style. >> you have the craziest happy smile. >> it's a lot of fun. it's like -- >> just look at her son in the shot. >> you were intense there. you were concentrating. >> it's like running marathon. >> i love if you would, our graphics department was kind
8:16 am
enough to create our own faux bongos. we would love if you could conclude "pop news" with a very special edition of bongo lady in action. >> okay. is there there they are. gotta move it. come over this way. there you go. >> there you go. >> whrksoo go grizz. go grizz! >> with that george. you take it away. >> thank you. we're going the go over to ginger with the weather. >> can we do it -- do i still get the graphic. it's her hand motion. you notice that. she has a really open hand. it looks really dramatic. and her face is awesome. thank you, bongo lady. we're keeping this up. it is nice here today. >> beautiful. >> it's warmer out here than the studio. we're going to get storms later. as will dallas. that's where we start. reunion tower. sunshine early.
8:17 am
you'll heat up. they're in the heavier rain showers also. just south of little rock. north and west of shreveport. >> and i'm not coming in. with all these puppies out here. i cannot wait for pupty time. i'm hanging with the pups. >> have fun. by the way, we got the tweet from your wife. >> ali. >> did you get it yet in she
8:18 am
wants the dog. >> three dogs? three dogs? >> if you don't take him, i will. >> we're working on him, ali. >> challenge, america. we're going to move on to the heat index. teens trying to copy kylie jenner's pout. paula faris has the details. >> reporter: this morning, kylie jenner responding to dangerous new trend sweeping the internet inspired by her famously plump pout. the kylie jenner challenge has gone viral. prompting many teens to try to get the full lips jenner is known for on their own. >> what did i do? >> posting photos and videos online of the painful process of sticking their lips in small glass containers and sucking all the air if to get this swollen look. >> kylie jenner lips challenge. >> reporter: this is not the first time the 17-year-old has had to answer for her potent
8:19 am
pout. in the past speculation that she might have had lip injections. something the youngest of the kardashian clan denies. claiming her lip transformation is thanks to lip liner. and now, in response to the diy plumping trend, jenner is speaking out again, writing on twitter, i'm not here to try to encourage people/young girls to look like me or to think this is the way they should look. telling her fans to be yourself and not be afraid to experiment with your look. some of the images looking painful. many even using the #kyliejennerchallengegonewrong, to warn others. this stunt can be a risky one. doctors warn it can cause a number of issues. there it's temporary at best. at worst, you create cig tant bruising. you break the blood vessels. you can have tissue damage and scarring. it's a terrible idea.
8:20 am
>> reporter: now the shot glass can always break, sending shards of glass into your mouth and lips. there's a risk for permanent disfigurement. this needs a hashtag, doann't do this. >> right. >> your lips are beautiful. >> thank you. >> okay, you two. thank you, paula. next up "people" magazine showing the cover star. that woman right there. sandra bullock. a beauty inside and out. nick watt. more on her and the other stars who made the list. >> i'm not cutting. i'm just asking. >> reporter: she makes $20 million a movie. she's a mom. she's 50 years old. she's dpornlgs. she's goofy. why has she never won this before? >> did i really earn this or did i just wear y'all down.
8:21 am
>> reporter: she can do serious. >> you threaten my son. you threaten me. >> reporter: and she can do great. gravity. and forgive me. but she can also wear short shorts. a little lower down on the list of people's 100 most beautiful, kidman kunis, kerry, hunlens. and treanor. >> ♪ i can shake it shake it ♪ >> reporter: and also laverne cox, i believer the first transgender honoree. michelle fifer was the first winner. julia roberts four times. only three men have ever won. two friends have won. and only one model. her reaction when she was told of the honor. that's ridiculous. i've told no one. and that's why we love her. for "good morning america," nick what abc news los angeles. >> joining us our good friend "people" and "entertainment
8:22 am
weekly" editorial director jess cagle. >> good morning, what's happening? >> a lot. great choice. >> one of my favorite ones. sandra bullock. world's most beautiful woman 2015. the photos are staggering when you look at them. you realize that this woman just gets better and better all the time. >> yes. >> as you know not just more beautiful. but also she's -- the most likable movie star right now. she's raising a 5-year-old son. she's defined her life the way she wants to live it. >> a real rodele model. >> rob within a special next week on robin berry and gina dejesus. >> these are the women held captive in cleveland for nearly
8:23 am
ten years. they got out of the house in 201. we read the story. i can cannot wait to see the interview. >> the sit down with these two women. hope, survival. resilience. to see where they are now is remarkable. they're going to share that monday we will have something on "good morning america." and then next tuesday night, it's a special hour on "20/20." they do have a story to tell. >> we cannot wait to see that. >> it's amazing they survived. and, and, to be who they are now. and thrive. their spirits completely in tact. >> thank you, jess. >> thank you, jess. >> issue on news stands friday. it's a superhero week on "gma." jesse palmer is sharing amazing stories about real-life supershe roes -- superheroes. here's jessie to explain. >> reporter: meet blake. a 4-year-old amputee who still
8:24 am
runs at lightning speeds. soors through the atmosphere. >> oh, got it. >> reporter: and is loved by little kids. a dog who, by all accounts is definitely super. there's something more. something special about his prized companion. >> you can look at her eyes. there's just so much fire there. she's definitely a superhero. she saved my life that night. >> reporter: that night was back in 2012. mcdonald was on his eight tour overseas and completing a routine mission with his team and laika by his side. >> i went up there to assess the situation. the guy started shooting. >> reporter: laika was hit. >> e he shot about four to six controlled rounds at her. >> reporter: she bravely went on. when the team returned she was rushed into treatment.
8:25 am
after mull. surgeries, doctors had to amputate her right arm. she would make a recovery. >> for what laika did to save lives, you can't put words to it except that it was divine intervention. that's how i feel about it. >> she saved our lives. i -- i owed it to her to obviously save hers. >> reporter: so mcdonald adopted laika and took her home to his family where she fit right in and made a fast friend with his young son. >> i unhooked her. from there on out, her and liam are best of friends. >> reporter: though their active military days are over mcdonald continues to train laika and keep her fit. a form of therapy they both enjoy. >> seeing she could transition so easily. i said if she can do it i can do it. she's my rock. >> reporter: this morning, we salute the superhero dog who richk risked it all to save others.
8:26 am
>> thank you for allow megato come home every day. i hope i'm doing you justice in return. >> laika, thank you for being there that night. thank you for saves not just my son but everybody else's boy that night. thank you. you're our superhero. >> oh. >> our thanks to national geographic magazine for that story. the belgian dog is used by elite services. it's a highly intelligent breed that can sniff drugs and bombs with a sense of smeel 40 times greater than a human's. let's honor her in times square.
8:27 am
jummy: welcome back, good morning, 8:27 is the time, let's get to jacqui jeras in the weather center with a look at the forecast this wednesday. jacqui: happy earth day everybody. remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle. look at the clouds, they are starting to filter in across the region, thickening up today, bringing showers and isolated thunderstorms with it. 50 in manassas and gaithersburg, 51 at the airport, the cold front is straight across the valley now and we will bring the rain in after the lunch hour. gusty winds picking up, they could be 35 to 40 miles per hour . tomorrow will be dry and breezy, 59 degrees, cooler than average the next week. jamie: we have been dealing with an accident for the last hour and a half on the inner loop of the beltway at braddock road it's now gone.
8:28 am
everything that they had of the shoulder, the express lanes are now open. we are starting to pick up and move. i want to talk about slowing down and d.c.. disabled adding to the congested spots southbound before benning road, taking a look at 395 near edsall road it is bumper-to-bumper traffic this morning getting to the 14th street ridge. jummy: some top stories this wednesday, the man who tried to assassinate president reagan is expected back in a d.c. courtroom today, federal judge begins hearing arguments as to whether john hinckley should be able to spend more time outside a mental hospital. one gallery county executive ike leggett will sign six bills into law today, including a pay equity bill that will require contractors to report wage data based on gender and race. right now the news continues on "good morning washington."
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ ch] well what a great morning we have here in times square. look at all these great dogs all these great firefighters from the hoboken fire department. this is going to be so much fun today. and we've got -- this is the anselmo family from long island here with us. michael and britney here as well. how are you? >> good. >> i'll bet. you had a great time. are you ready for a puppy? >> i think we are. >> yeah. >> well it turns out, george will you help me with the mike. i have my hands full. we have very big news for you guys. we know you have been wanting a puppy of your own. you're getting your puppy today, you guys. to you want a puppy? you're getting your puppy. can we bring out the new family pup?
8:31 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> oh, look. >> aw. >> our thanks to -- deliver the good news. >> and this is our big "gma" unleashed surprise. this puppy needed a new home. he's going home with you now. newest member of your family. what do you guys think? >> what do you think? >> i like him. >> i like him. >> are you happy? >> do you have a name for the puppy? >> molly. >> molly. >> there you go. he was ready for that. >> a big thank you for the north shore animal league. i know you'll love this puppy. >> and i know you might love this puppy, george. >> the lobbying continues. >> you can find out how the adopt all of these puppies from our friends on our website,
8:32 am on yahoo!. let's find all of these guys great homes. amy is not focused. >> we want to thank the hoboken. i was trying to hold the dog. the hoboken fire department for getting us all fired up. we can't wait for more "gma" unleashed. this is just the beginning. >> it's not all about pups. it's about movie stars. "age of adaline" and "game of thrones" star michiel huisman. he's very cute, i know. >> he's saying george take me home. >> it might happen. i'm warming up. >> we'll talk about blake lively. "game of thrones." let get in to robin. >> i'm telling you. puppies. children. firefighters. >> cuteness everywhere. >> cuteness. how about teen superstar
8:33 am
zendaya? taking everyone by storm. she's hosting this year's radio disney music awards. we can't wait to see what you have planned for the big day. >> i know. i'm so excited. it's a little nerve racking. i have never hosted before. >> right. but you got skills. >> i can do a little improvization. >> i'm looking forward to talking to you about that. this is the first time we have seen you since the first of the year. so many people appreciate how you handled the insensitive remarks made by giuliana rancic following the oscars on fashion police. what was your initial reaction? >> honestly you know at that point, it -- you know it wasn't really about me. i had to stop myself from being ignorant and being a kid, like you know as a teenager you want to say the first thing that comes out of your mouth. i had to kind of really take my time and think about what mayy
8:34 am
parents taught me. the most important things in the world are your voice and your knowledge. i sat in my room. i used both of those things. hopefully, you know whether it be a little girl out there or a young man out there that was able to read that and see positive change and be able to stand up for themselves in any kind of incident in their lifer then i did what i was supposed to do. >> what you said on your instagram, you tell you spent time. it was very thoughtful. i know the show is coming back. and you're hoping that maybe it will be a little bit different when it come back. >> absolutely. we can all learn something. >> you talk about keep lg it real. congratulations on the success. number one, baby. you have touched so many people. what it is is you said it's not being a role rrkz orkz lrkz erkz, mod -- r-o-l-e. but being a real model. >> it's something i saw in a
8:35 am
tupac interview. i don't want to play a role. i don't want to pretend to be someone i'm not. when there's young people watching you can poke holes in something that's fake. i want to be -- it helps that i'm a good kid. that i just don't like doing crazy stuff. i like to stay at home and watch tv and i'm really chill. so honestly it helps that i'm a good kid. i want to continue to be the positive light or positive influence far lot of young people. i feel like sometimes we lack that. i feel like i'm power or a position where people know my name for bigger reasons. >> i'm just -- i want to meet your mom and dad. >> they're here somewhere. >> i'm beaming. you're a final example for them. >> that's a new role for you. >> i think when i decided to come back to the disney channel, i really wanted to -- i had a vision of what i wanted. i wanted to bring back that old school disney flavor.
8:36 am
to something that is mature and edgy in the right way. i'm really glad that i'm in a space where i can do that. i can have a voice. i'm heard. i'm listened to. it's awesome. >> you're going to have a voice this weekend. radio disney music awards. how excited are you? >> i'm so excited. i know i'm going to have a lot of outfit changes. i have to find some type of shoe. i want to be in the i want to run around. i want to look cute at the same time. i'm having this issue trying to find the perfect shoe. i'll be good. >> we can expect the unexpected i would imagine? >> absolutely. so many great performers this year. into so many like great presenters. it's superexciting. just it's an honor to be a part of it and be a part of the disney family and do my thing. >> we love having you be a part of the disney family my friend. thank you, you're a breath of fresh air. zendaya.
8:37 am
come on. the radio disney music awards airs this sunday 8:00 7:00 central on the disney channel. thank you. robin, not about to put away the puppies or the firefighters. the hoboken firefighters here around me from friends of freddie adopgs and rescue. it's such a beautiful morning. we're about to get showers. thunderstorms along the east coast. they'll be occasional. late afternoon, a better chance. after they move through. it will be cooler. the numbers go down. boston, from the 60s down into the 50s. happy earth day, everybody. we ticked out a couple of earth-type cities. plant, arkansas. green,
8:38 am
>> all that weather brought to you by the caress forever collection. i can't choose what's my favorite amy. they're all so adorable. >> i know but, there are plenty to choose from. you know who we have here now, kadee strickland. "private practice "fans remember her running the show as the chief of staff charlotte king. now she's running rings around her husband, ryan phillippe. on "secrets and lies." i hear you're a georgia you are, too. >> from one georgia girl to another. >> hey. >> you have an accept. you had to tone it down. >> it's so hard to rein it in.
8:39 am
? you never take the georgia out of the girl. >> you sure can't. >> the show revolves around a serious topic. a child's murder. your husband is the prime suspect. you're not a stand by your man girl. >> i'm more of a take your children kind of girl these day. it's a situation where i love the complexity of the way the script came forward. you saw what a marriage could look like under a strained circumstance like this. >> it's called secrets's lies. and you have your own. >> you bet. you'll find out a lot more. >> part of your secret comes down to a pile of cash. >> otherwise known as a possible getaway plan. getting away from what? you'll be interested to find out. >> lots of twists and turns. you don't know who ends up being the actual killer. >> i have no idea. it's so fun. we shot multiple endings.
8:40 am
i'll be right there with the audience when the final episode airs. i can't wait to find out. >> you have had an amazing career. you were in "the grudge" and a film directed by woody allen, starring diane keaton as well. it all began from what i understand in a restaurant. you were serving m. night shamalan. >> i was a waitress. he threw me into the movie based on a conversation we had. >> look at you now. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. and you can see brand-new episodes of "secrets and lies." kadee strickland thank you. coming up the ultimate beauty food pick me up. and "game of thrones" and "age of tt2wút+o md8 bt@q>74 tt2wút+o
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md8 "a@q.;p tt2wút+o md8 bm@q%0é tt4wút+o md8" dztq hbh tt4wút+o md8" entq 8f( tt4wút+o md8" gzt& !ap tt4wút+o md8" hnt& 1o< tt4wút+o md8" iztq [&d tt4wút+o md8" jntq iv$ tt4wút+o md8" lzt& q;x all right, everybody, time to yahoo! your day. this morning, a super beauty secret to give your complex major boost. bobbi brown is sharing her recipe for the ultimate beauty smoothie. ♪ yahoo! ♪ >> reporter: it's the ultimate beauty food pick me up. that can help keep your skin
8:44 am
grow glowing from the inside. you are what you eat in. >> you are. if row start you day with a beauty smoothie, it will make a big difference in the long run. you'll note a difference in your skin. >> reporter: we caught up with bobbi grown to get the scoop on how the make the perfect superbeauty smoothie and kitchen remedies. what are your ingredients? >> water. coconut water. coconut milk. chocolate protein powder. kale or spinach. and protein powder. >> reporter: are frozen fruits and vegetables a good way to get the bang for your buck? >> you don't have to wash them. they make the smoothie thicker. put water in. i put coconut milk or almond
8:45 am
milk. he's coconut milk. lets put in protein powder. two scoops per serving. i'm going to add a little bit of cacao. raw chocolate. really good for you. no sugar. put some ice to make it thick. let's add a banana. i'll throw in some berries. i'll ask you to put a little bit of kale in there. not the stalks. >> pick the leaves off. >> this is hemp seeds. they make everything creamy. they're high in protein. they is omega fats. i can put in flaxseed to bee pollen. you could put steveia. honey, agave. i think we have enough liquid. >> a all right. >> reporter: blending your way to radiant skin. >> cheers. here's to beauty. >> reporter: perfect skin.
8:46 am
for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news new york. >> mara. thank you. coming up we're going make yours. we have "age of adaline" and "game of thrones" star michiel
8:47 am
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and we're back now with
8:49 am
michiel huisman. he starred in "the age of adaline" with blake lively. she plays a woman who mysteriously stops falling inaging. >> it was between this and stuffed quail. don't tell me you're disapoiped. >> i'm truly overjoyed. >> dig in. >> okay. ♪ >> well? >> as perfect as the music is painful. >> you don't like jazz? >> i love jazz. this is something else. >> and michiel huisman joins us now. welcome to "gma." i was telling you, live in a house full of women.and two daughters. they were all in love with you after the airing on saturday night. you had a hard time cracking blake lively's character. internet billionaire with a heart of gold. >> exactly. but she's something else.
8:50 am
you know i mean -- she has put up walls around her for eight decades by now. because, um love for her means heart break, really. she doesn't age. and knows that if she falls in love with someone, she'll end up losing that person. because of that leads a very solitary life. and won't let me in. >> you do not give up. >> no. >> despite she didn't love your taste in music. you have a big musical background. have she was right there. it's hard for me to say. i -- i -- i was trying to play jazz in the movie. i would probably play jazz myself. but i would go for something else. >> you put out a solo album in 2005. >> oh my god. >> there you are. >> are you doing this? >> we are doing that. this is way back. i was probably 18 years old back then. but you're right. i used to play in bands and stuff. and, it's a -- you know music
8:51 am
is a definitely a passion of mine. >> you might do it again? >> i hope so. i've been able -- over the years, i've been able to combine both passions acting and music. i hope i will be abled to that again soon. >> you created jealousy in my house hold. and you got ryan reynolds a little worked up after this tweet of you and blake saying you are the perfect pair. he decided to get into the act. wait a second. i'm listening. i see this. i can hear you. are you all good? >> he's a really cool and fun response. i don't think i got him worked up at all. >> not too worked up. >> no of course not. but i was -- you know it was fantastic to be -- um -- um to portray this movie couple together with blake lively. i really enjoyed that. >> she was here raving about harrison ford yesterday. he's a lot of fun on set, huh? >> oh my god. i would be happy to add to the mix.
8:52 am
yeah. it was an amazing experience. and, he was a very intense actor. and i feel like the movie shifts into the next gear and it felt like that on the set, as well when he came on. it was like whoa. let's step it up guys sflp boy, you have so much going on. "game of thrones." or fan black. this movie, nashville. pretty good? >> it's an amazing experience. >> great to have you here. >> thank you. >> we'
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
what a day. what day. can we get one last bongo lesson? one last. one last. >> there you are. >> there you are. >> thank you, bongo lady. thanks the great firefighters from the hoboken fire department. have a great day, everyone.
8:56 am
jummy: well, we want to get a check of the weather right now on this wednesday morning. let's head over to jacqui jeras for look at the forecast. jacqui: we have got some changes taking place already as we speak. we started out the morning so
8:57 am
nice and sunny. temperatures not bad, but look at this, clouds are already starting to move in and will continue to do so throughout the day. 52 and culpeper, rain showers should be arriving after lunch you can see that they are getting hefty. in pennsylvania we will see if you rumbles of thunder as well, high temperatures limited because the clouds are in the mid to upper 60's with chilly temperatures tomorrow morning. jamie: traffic is bumper-to-bumper in some spots. some good news, some bad news. debris is blocking the two left lanes on the inner loop the beltway just before college park . you can see the good news, too lanes are able to get by, but this gives you a good idea of how congested we are in both directions. 395, bumper-to-bumper traffic working your way in closer to the 14th treat bridge with a live look showing you how congested we actually are. so, a lot of slowing for you
8:58 am
this morning. jummy: top stories right now frederick police investigating a hit and run crash that injured a cyclist at around 4:30 yesterday afternoon and broadway street and lee ally. police are looking for silver newer model sedan, possibly a honda or hyundai. it may have damage to its passenger-side mirror. students at the chester murray academy in northern virginia will release thousands of ladybugs back into the environment. you can get more weather, traffic, and news updates right now on news channel 8. have a great day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy award-winning actor russell crowe. and from the hit drama, "nashville," hayden panettiere. plus, we'll announce the finalists in "live's top teacher search." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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