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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 5, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. quis isis claims responsibility for the terror attack in texas. as we learn exclusive new details about the shooters. the secret messages intercepted by the fbi before the shooting. and if hero cop who saved lives at that event. new overnight. heavy rain causing flash flooding. and a major storm brewing in the area off florida. stranger danger. the shocking new video revealing how easy it can be for your kids to be abducted. >> want to go see the other puppies? >> yeah. fashion fashionoff. who was the queen of fashion's biggest night. rihanna ruled the carpet.
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sarah jessica parker reaching for the sky. and what about beyonce's sheerly stunning dress? . . and we do say good morning, america. on this tuesday morning. so much buzz about the met ball last night. the super bowl of fashion, if you will. beyonce among the stars of the red carpet getting a reaction for what they were wearing. >> some dress. >> very bold choices. >> bold choices. >> what they were or weren't wearing. >> you read my mind. >> works for me. we'll move on. breaking news in the deadly texas shooting. isis now claiming responsibility for the foiled attack. we're learning more about the two gunmen killed outside. brian ross here with exclusive new details. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning,
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george. isis claiming responsibility for the attackers with a new warning saying we tell america what is coming will be bigger and more bitter. all this as there are tough question this is morning about the ring leader of the attack who was under fbi scrutiny but still able to get to texas with assault weapons on a mission to kill. the fbi was aware that in the last few months 30-year-old elton simpson was nearing a boiling point. soon you won't be able to live in america as a muslim. the noose is tightening he wrote in a march 14th twitter message. seen by the fbi and obtained by abc news. april 10th time is short. april 3rd of the upcoming cartoon-drawing event in texas, when will they ever learn? simpson and his roommate in phoenix, naq were killed in the take. >> he did what he was trained to
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do. and under the fire that he was put under, he did a very good job. >> reporter: simpson grew up in a christian family in this phoenix neighborhood. an all-star high school basketball player he told friends an auto accident ended his chances of playing college ball. >> he was trying to convert people. he thought that -- he thought that islam was a way of life and should be a way of life for most people. >> reporter: he had planned to travel last month to syria and join isis. he was recruiting others to go with him. bring your passport. if you have $4,000 that's enough to travel with. his plans were disrupted when the fbi in san diego and minneapolis arrested some of the people he wanted to go with him. now, the question this morning, why was the fbi not playing closer attention to his
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movements and intentions. now to the severe weather. flash floods stretching from new mexico to illinois. a possible subtropical storm brewing near the bahamas. ginger tracking it all. >> we're starting to get unsettled. let's start in manhattan, kansas. two to four inches of rain fell far too quickly. cars submerged. look at this video from new mexico. not just in kansas. south to new mexico. you saw flooding rains. daily record rainfall records broken. that's happened. now this is happening. oklahoma and texas panhandle. back into eastern new mexico could see large hail. def i have rains, damaging winds. the other storm we're tracking. the disturbance over the bahamas. it's something to watch. the 80-degree temperatures. that's what we need to make it tropical. it is moving into cooler waters. that would make it subtropical.
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the national hurricane center only gives us a 30% shot of becoming our first named storm. we'll be updating as we get chooser to the week. if it got named it would be ana. >> thank you ginger. now to a surprising new report about confusion in the sky. planes land at the wrong airport more often than you think. david kerley is at dulles airport with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's surprising. a bit embarrassing for pilots. it could be much worse. there are calls for changes to keep airplanes from l at the wrong airports. it's a dangerous, possible deadly mistake. >> apparently we've landed at dec. >> reporter: it was supposed to land at an air force base in wichita, kansas. instead, it landed. >> you're on the ground at
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d.e.c. airport? >> we think so. >> reporter: that big boeing 747 was on such a small runway they couldn't turn it around. they had to move it in position and reduce its weight so it could take off for the right runway. >> the pilot came on and said i'm sorry, folks, but we've landed at the wrong airport. >> reporter: a southwest jet headed for branson touched down eight miles away. >> i can't just start moving the airplane around or trying to reposition. >> reporter: in just the past 1/2 years, five aircraft have landed at the wrong airport. safety investigators are calling for changes this morning. and here's what they would like to see happen. a pilot will not be cleared to land until they passed every airport except the one they're going to land at. and a software change that will make it less likely that they'll land at the wrong place. it's up to the faa to make them
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regulations. shocking new allegations against banking giant wells fargo. accused of unlawful and fraudulent behavior taking advantage of customers. secretly running up fees. pierre thomas has that for us. >> reporter: the the city of los angeles is accusing wells fargo of gouging customers. in a new lawsuit, the city claims the bank charged bogus fees. when customers couldn't pay the feerks they allege lid dajd their credit rating. the lawsuit says bank employees opened up new accounts for people without them knowing it and sometimes would siphon money out of old accounts to do so. wells fargo says it will fight allegations. if any of the accusations are true the bank has big question to answer. was this done by a few rogue employees? or was it encouraged by a greedy corporate culture? >> yes.
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want answers to those questions. next up former arkansas mike huckabee making a second bid for the white house, following the announcements from ben car so and carly fiorina here on "gma" yesterday. the field will be big. it's getting strong. a lot of republicans sensing an opportunity now. >> reporter: that's right. republicans believe hillary clinton is beatable. and after eight years out of power, they have a prime chance to retake the white house. you also have the most wide open republican field in memory, with no clear front-runner. that adds up to a very crowded field. mike huck we're jumping in today. announcing in hope arkansas added to the five ores already in the race. fee fiorina and cars frn yesterday, and paul cruz and rubio. two big names poised to jump in next month. scott walker and jeb bush. if you look at the others i count nearly a dozen other republicans saying they're at least thinking about running for
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president. quite a crowded field. >> the debate stage will have to be like college bowl. a few tiers. meantime the showdown between hillary clinton and congress is heating up. >> reporter: that's right. she's said she'll afree to testify before the special committee on benghazi. the republicans want her to testify twice and hillary clinton through her lawyer yesterday said point blank, she'll only testify once. we have a showdown there. republicans insisting they want to talk once about e-mails. once about benghazi. >> thank you, jon. you'll be back later with your exclusive tour inside air force one. let's go the amy with the other top stroirs. >> we're just getting word about another refugee tragedy in the med rain yan sea. today officials said dozens of people appear to have drowned while trying to make their way from north africa to europe. more than 1,000 people died last
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month when their boats capsized. in boston rare show of emotion from the marathon bomber. dzhokhar tsarnaev cried during an aunt's appearance on the stand. and a cousin called him a warm kind child. they're trying to spare him the death penalty. in colorado video was shown of police questioning holmes after the shooting. hol. s is heard on tape askings, there weren't any children hurt, where were there? this grows wildfire north of new york city. bone dry conditions are fueling the fire. and a dangerous explosion on the subway here in new york. a worker was trying to clear the tracks look that when vandals tossed a burning garbage can.
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the worker was no injured. just last month, a similar explosion happened. a close call on this busy street in brazil. a soda truck loses control on a turn. releasing an avalanche of soda bottles and crates on a pedestrian. he escaped without serious injuries. finally, president obama making his eighth and final appearance on "the late show with david letterman." they got serious about the situation in baltimore. then joked about retirement plans, which letterman will start after his final show in two weeks. >> what will you do when you're not president? >> uh well, i was thinking you and me we could play some dominos together. >> dominos. all right. i plan to teach law at columbia. >> his top ten there's last night was top ten questions that dumb guys ask the president. number one, when will you return my gyrocopter?
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>> too soon? >> perhaps, perhaps. all right, amy, thank you very much. now to a story. someone we've been thinking about a great deal around here. new details about the sunday death of dave goldberg the 47-year-old top tech executive and husband of facebook's sheryl sandberg. we're learning he died after an accident while exercising. david wright is here with the latest. >> reporter: his sudden death has shocked the tech world. he was half of a silicon valley power couple and a successful executive in his own right. currently ceo of surveymonkey. he died on vacation at the hotel gym. they were staying at a private resort on the mexican coast. mexican government official told the associated press and the new york times that he collapsed while exercising in a private gym, hitting his head. according to the u.s. consumer product safety commission
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19,000 people a year go to the emergency room after treadmill injuries. >> if you pick someone willing to share the burdens and the joyce of your personal life, you're going to go further. >> reporter: the walt disney company, parent company of abc, has announced it is moving up the second quarter earnings numbers so that people with go to the funeral. the white house posted this photo. the president noting sandberg's warm spirit and generosity. she wrote about her husband in her book. dave is my best friend, closest adviser, dedicated coparent and the love of my life. a private memorial service planned for later today at stanford university. miss sandberg has made no public statements. >> she knows that wend many are thinkening of her and lifting her up in prayer. and her children. now to a utah man who
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stopped a violent car jacking, losing his gun to kill the suspect when he lunged for the weapon. neal karlinsky has the story. >> yes, somebody's been shot. >> where are you? are you in orem? >> i am. at the macey's. >> reporter: a man calls 911. telling them he's just shot an alleged car jacker in this parking lot. >> somebody was trying to steal a woman's car. >> okay. >> reporter: he says he was trying to protect the owner of this mercedes suv, but when the suspect lunged at him, he opened fire. >> i had a concealed carry weapon. i went up and pointed the gun at him. he put his hands up and came out of the car and tried to grab the gun from me and i shot him. >> reporter: this morningings he's being called a good samaritan, a hero who police say had a legal concealed weapon and every right to shoot it.
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>> we feel he did what he felt he had to do to save his life and the life of the woman. >> reporter: the alleged car jacker beingize fied. his family calling him a defenseless victim. police say matafeo was no angel. seen in this surveillance video before the shooting ditching a car with four others following an alleged assault. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news seattle. >> my goodness. >> some story. michael, what do you got? >> it's a big day. a big day if the world's newest royal. princess charlotte elizabeth diana. she's meeting her great-grandmother, the queen, for the first time. terry moran is many london with the latest. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good mornings michael. good blustery morning. a strange destiny to be a royal princess. this girl a few days old, already beloved by her farmly
7:16 am
of course. and by her country. and reports ofthe sbt of news reports around the world. this morning, 3-day-old princess charlotte elizabeth diana will have the first audience with the queen. the queen anxious to see her great-granddaughter and big brother prince george. the name princess charlotte a nod to william and kate's family. charlotte, a female version of william's father's name and it's kate's sister pippa's middle name. elizabeth for the queen. and kate and her mother share the middle name i lez bit. and diana for william's mother. the princess will be fourth in line for the throne. bumping harry to fifth. an act initiated by the current
7:17 am
queen. later today, william and kate take the heir and the spare though their country home. >> he'll take two weeks of paternity leave. we won't see kate for much longer. she wants to spend time with her family. >> reporter: so this family will hunker down up north. so what's next? the next time your likely to see princess charlotte is for her christening. probably before the queen leaves for scotland in july. >> that is one serene baby. >> are you happy. you wanted dianea in the name. >> i am. i like charlotte. maybe they'll call her charlie behind closed doors. >> i was hoping for apple. >> okay. >> we all can dream. let's go on to ginger now. and the midwest in for it huh? >> there's a lazy stationary front not moving. i want to start you off in
7:18 am
chicago. only in the 50s. it will stay that way. we have a live lock thisok this morning. they're moving. rain heavy. parts of texas and new mexico flash flood watches in place. we're talking up to three-plus inches in the yellow bull's eye. from south kansas into the texas panhandle. let's get to the tuesday trivia.
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>> a nice, warm y, it is going to be a bit more humid with isolated s showers and thunderstormss late this afternoon, high of 83 degrees after evenining thundershshowers it becomes mild and muggy overnight with lows in the 60's,epeat tomorrow, cooler in the upupper 70's, drier weatr to endhe work week and a nice, dry mother's day weend ahead. >> the record daily rain fall in albuquerque came with hail. where do you think the hottest temperature in the united states was yesterday? which state? >> um. >> california. >>. >> new hampshire. >> new hampshire? >> 86 degrees. i'll show you more coming up. >> i never would have guessed that. >> that's why she asked. >> trick question. coming up, receivesofia vergara breaks her silence.
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why she's confident she'll win? was it a poisonous plot. a student putting windex in her roommates' food. and children tricked into leaving a playground with a stranger. what you need to teach your kids. and rihanna getting a big slice of the headlines. la vie est belle. la vie est belle the eau de parfum, lancôme. receive a free gift. only at macy's, your fragrance destination.
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jummy: time to start with a look at your forecast for the day. jummy: no rain yet, we are not expecting that until later this afternoon and in the meantime this morning we have plenty of sunshine start the day. the current temperatures 65 degrees and the king -- humidity is up a little bit today
7:27 am
feeling a little bit month year. 59 degrees at dallas airport with temperatures rising to the 70's this morning to get near 80 degrees by lunch, a few showers and thunderstorms possible most likely between 2:00 and 8:00 with a threat of severe thunderstorms being very low. angela: major roads are in good shape in terms of accidents, but in the district heavy and slow from south dakota to the 3rd street tunnel, one travel lane is open through to massachusetts avenue. northbound on connecticut avenue the crash around chevy chase circle in virginia, fairfax county and arlington boulevard as you approach 66 on chantilly road near the maryland camera no accidents to report, travel and southbound at 270 and cheney brook road. jummy: top stories right now on
7:28 am
tuesday, a man is behind bars in connection with last month's attack on a metro escalator. elisha smith punched a 69-year-old man at the eastern market station. the connelly school of the holy child and potomac, maryland, close today because of a small fire that broke out last night in a conference room. there was an ap calculus exam scheduled for today and it will still go on. student should go to the clive bello room at 7:45 this morning.
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7:30 am
good morning, america. right now, isis claims responsibility for that foiled terror attack in texas. also right now, sofia vergara is speaking out. what she's saying about the exboyfriend shoeing her over their frozen embryos. and a college student faces up to 20 years in prison for a poison plot. caught on camera spraying windex many her roommates' food. wait until you see this. the shocking video of children leaving the play ground with a stranger easily lured away. all part of an experiment and john walsh's son has very important information for parents everywhere. >> scary how easy that was. we begin with sofia vergara. she's breaking her silence in the legal battle with her ex nick loeb. rebecca jarvis has the details.
7:31 am
>> reporter: soef kra vergara attempting to set the record straight shp she says he and ex nick loeb broke up a year ago and the contracts they both signed with the fertility clinic were clear. >> i am a sitting goose out here. sofia vergara speaking out, opening up to howard stern about the legal battle with her former fiance nick loeb. >> you wreak up. you say, i don't want to have a baby with you. i'm not involved with now anymore. >> can you blame me? >> i can't blame you. >> reporter: the couple created two prosen empree yos six months before they broke up. loeb saying he now wants to bring the embryos to term. but the "modern family" star does not. >> a child needs a mother. >> more than a mother. a loving relationship of parents that get along and don't hate each other. >> you hate each other now? >> well i don't hate him.
7:32 am
but obviously, he has a problem with me. >> when you break up with a guy, there's a problem. >> reporter: but vergara says she's confident loeb's wishes won't be carried out. the contracts say one person cannot use the embryos to create a child without expolice sint written consent of the other person. >> if it was so serious with him, this issue, thn you should have taken it more serious at the time. like i did. fortunately and unfortunately, there is law. you signed papers. legal papers. >> reporter: we reached out to loeb. he did not want to comment. >> kids that are already set up everything wrong for them? it would be so selfish. >> reporter: this is a topic legal experts expect to see a whole lot more of in the courts. there are 600,000 frozen embryos in storage in the united states.
7:33 am
this is a whole new area of the law that the courts now have the deal with, robin. >> thank you, rebecca. the latest on the mystery lotto winner in california. he's not a winner at all. an undercover inspector. the question now is whether that small payout wouz an innocent mistake or intentional. abc's matt gutman joins us with that story. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. that's what california lottery officials tell us they're investigating this morning. they sent in their compliance officer undercover with a test. he came in with a $75,000 win ticket. he left $64,974,900 and change short. he's been identified. he's not who you might think. >> we have undercover investigators the. they have decoy tickets they give to a clerk.
7:34 am
they ask them to check and see if they've won. >> reporter: the guy in the ball cap is an undercover lottery inspector. sent to test this store at random. to see if they would give him the right payout for a $75,000 ticket. the clerk giving him just 75 buck. the bigger surprise came when the store released the video five weeks later, unintentionally blowing his cover. this morning, the store insisting the payout was an honest mistake. rot lottery officials not so sure. >> why did they keep the tkt for 40 days? >> reporter: it's not the first time store owners have come under suspicion. this clerk in syracuse convicted of swidling a customer. saying he had a $5,000 ticket when it's really worth $5 million. in california, undercover operations like this one has uncovered clerks stealing tickets. >> we advise strongly
7:35 am
encourage, all players to turn the ticket around. sign the ticket in ink. that way, it's yours. >> reporter: now if that clerk did commit fraud, he could face charges. that store could lose its license to sell tickets. there's a very simple way for not being dupd. that is signing the back of your ticket. i signed this one. but in case you were wondering, not a winner. robin? george? >> philadelphia you signed it matt. it will be tough to prove, though. >> it will be. we move on to the south carolina college student caught on camera poisoning her roommates' food. they set up a hipd camera to catch her. >> reporter: watch closely. police say this is 22-year-old university of south carolina student hayley king contaminating her roommates' food. allegedly pouring cleaning supplied into their food. etch spitting in it.
7:36 am
king's roommates setting up the hidden camera. they thought she was up to no good after weeks of fighting. they tried to kick her out of the off-campus apartment but say she wouldn't leave. >> what they found on the surveillance camera is quite shocking. >> reporter: watch again. in this tape filmed in february king is spraying her roommates' food with windex. she allegedly puts the food on the counter and pours the solution over it before putting the food right back into the fridge. police say after seeing this video, they brought king in for questioning and she confessed to the incident. one of her roommates telling abc news overnight, this not only affected me physically having to deal with the repercussions of the incident. but also mentally from the anxiety that came along with it. king facing felony charges and possible jail time is currently out on bond. she's not responded to our
7:37 am
question requests for comment. >> they carry up to a 20-year prison sentence. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news new york. >> amy, you said it. who raises these people? >> who raises a woman that could do that. it's crazy. >> what do you have? i've got wildfire in the northeast. dry, hot, windy. this is part of new jersey. five wildfires. more than 80 acres burning. almost all contained at this point. you'll have the gusty wind again today. maine, new hampshire, vermont especially chances for wildfire. washington, d.c. mid and upper 80s. new york going to close to 80. burlington at 70. it will start to bring in slightly cooler air. still very nice after the front gets out of here. the highjacqui: good moining,
7:38 am
washington. you u ll want the e sunglasseses this morning, but grabbed the brella f l later on. exct a fewew thunderstororms this afafte >> it's pollen report time. we're all so excited for this warm weather. but the plooms are out. i'm one of these people that are so affected by it. high levels across most of the country. trees are still producing the most pollen. especially right here in the northeast. i couldn't sleep last night. i was sneezing myself awake. >> i feel lucky. >> me too. i'm like. >> sorry. moving on to stranger danger coming up. a shocking experiment. children lured from the playground in front of their moms. and a big magic mike surprise. one of mr. strahan's costars in the blockbuster will be popping in. it's a big exclusive, only on "gma."
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back now at 7:43 with "gma on the lookout." an important report for parents. a frooigtenning look at how easy it is to abduct a child. making us question the things we've been teaching kids about talking to strangers. >> reporter: an estimated 460,000 children reported missing last year. experts say the use of a small, cute animal to lure kids is one of the most common tricks. now, a disturbing new video shows how easy that can be. stranger danger. >> do you want to go see the other puppies? >> yeah. >> reporter: this morning, a shocking new video suggesting just how easy it can be for a
7:44 am
stranger to lure an unsuspecting child there their parent. >> hey, you like puppies? >> reporter: in a social experiment now viewed more than 25 million times. joey the youtube prankster, approaches several moms for permission to talk to their kids. >> how many times a day do you tell your kids not the talk to strangers? >> i tell my kid every day. i'm pretty sure she won't talk to you, but you can try. >> reporter: but 3 out of 3 times he gets kids to talk to him and appears to easily convince them to leave the park hand in hand. >> let's go see the other puppy puppies puppies. >> you have to ask me if you want to see somebody. he could take you and you won't be with mommy anymore. >> reporter: did you expect it to be so easy? >> that was unexpected. sometimes kids are too young to comprehend the dangers. >> reporter: a 2005 abc news
7:45 am
investigation found people could lure kids away with a picture. >> reporter: experts say it's not enough to tell kids to steer clear of strangers. and callahan walsh, son of john walsh, says parents need to explain who a trusted adult is. >> a police officer, a security guard. many parents assume their child knows. until it's put to the test sort of like the scenario here really determines where whether your child knows what to do. >> reporter: tell your kids to use the buddy system. travel with a friend. and tell your children not the be afraid to say no to an adult if something doesn't feel right. kids who fight back kick and scream are the once most likely to get away. >> trust your gut. >> absolutely. kids most likely to get in trouble on the way to and from activities. >> not only be afraid to say no. say no when ever you're
7:46 am
uncomfortable. coming up here, the secrets of sleep walking solved. the stunning now report showing how your sleep might be affecting your kids. and the super bowl of fashion. why some are saying anne hathaway was channeling her inner princess lrks eia on star wars day. may the force be with you. now at chili's new top shelf ranchero chicken tacos. stop in for lunch and tap, swipe, and go. chili's.
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welcome back to "gma," everybody. let's go the amy in the social square with "the speed feed." >> the met ball. the ultimate night of fashion. so many beautiful dresses. all celebrating the night's theme, china through the looking glass. there were a few standout looks. check out rihanna. the extravagant look gave a birth to a wealth of memes. this one, seeing it as a pizza pie. and then the famous foursome from the wizard of oz following the yellow brick road. and anne hathaway. this means suggesting it was inspired by "star wars." spot on. and then sarah jessica parker donned this philip treacy hat,
7:51 am
that reminded people of the heat miser. george and amal clooney hitting the red people saying she looks like dancing girl emoji. not bad. magic mike costar joe manganiello is here live with a big exclues frif the new movie. only on "gma." you don't want to missive.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
jummy: we want to start with a check on your forecast this tuesday. jacqui jeras, will folks be eating that lunch outside today? jummy: -- jacqui: i would say yes, absolutely, we have beautiful conditions to start the day, but the finish is not so plan -- pleasant. 59 degrees at dulles airport the temperature will be warm again today in the 80's with a cold front approaching triggering showers and thundershowers late this afternoon and early evening. tomorrow, a repeat of today with
7:57 am
drier conditions to end the work we. angela: we continue to follow this crash northeast, we are looking at the beltway where the center lane is blocked just passed her camera shot here before you get 355. just before the major backup, of course, on the beltway traveling to hillandale and silver's ring as we head to the traffic lane cameras we have a live look at 390 five and the gw parkway the third street tunnel impacting the drive, the work set up again blocking the right side of the ramp towards massachusetts avenue. that is a look at your commute. jummy: top stories right now, a fire in germantown, maryland at that bath and beyond, out now. heavy smoke was reported in the building actuating the strength was inside, no injuries reported. today the washington archbishop cardinal donald growth posted the 21st annual honoring of the
7:58 am
first responders at noon at the same metrics catholic church in downtown d.c. we will see you back here and 25 minutes for another update. ha
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ bang bang into the room ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the glittering. the glitzy. and the barely there. a blockbuster night on the red carpet. sarah jessica parker leading the style stakes. amal clooney radiant in red. rihanna almost stealing the show. perhaps beyonce trumped them all. >> what are y'all fashion pli late. was it jarks z? it was jay z, right? >> so who was the best dressed. are the secrets of sleep walking revealed. why parents may will the reason your children are sleep walking. a sur rising new study. the little princess. the little baby back in the headlines for being named after the queen and princess die wran that. one of diana's closest confidant's is here live. all that and "magic mike"
8:01 am
star joe manganiello is here with an exclusive surprise. as we say -- >> good morning, america. what a gorgeous tuesday. you heard the man. it is a gorgeous tuesday morning. and, speaking of gorgeous -- joe manganiello. welcome. welcome, joe. >> thank you. >> after a late night, a surprise this morning for us. >> i can't believe i'm up. but yes. it was a great met ball last night. >> how is the man in "magic mike "? that man right there? >> that's not a news question. >> nothing will prepare you for this magic mike. >> oh. and we have a few pictures here. and joe, joe is here to reveal exclusive first look at the
8:02 am
brand-new magic mike xxl trailer. you'll only see it here. you don't want to miss this. he's here in the flesh. you'll see a lot of flesh. it's all i can say. >> a lot of fresh, yeah. a lot of flesh. >> good morning, america! >> there's the tease of the morning right there. so now, to amy with today's top stories. >> well a big story this morning. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack outside a muhammad cartoon contest in texas. we're learning about the two gunmen. the fbi had one of the suspects on its radar for a decade. the gunmen were roommates in arizona. one said he plannedo travel to syria to join isis but off the trip when the people he was traveling with were arrest arrested. happening right now, john kerry has arrived in somalia. the first secretary of state to visit that country. it's so dangerous, kerry is not venturing beyond the airport.
8:03 am
and happening today former arkansas governor mike huckabee is entering the race for president. he's announcing in hope, arkansas, where former president clinton was born. and a brewing lawsuit in north carolina. a police officer is suing starbuckings for $50,000 after spilling a free cup of coffee on his lap. matthew coarse says he was badly burned and claims the int dent caused so much stress it activated his crohn's disease. your risk of sleep walking. nearly 20% of children walk in their sleep. the problem may run in the family. >> reporter: turns out when things go bump many the night and your sleepwalking child is to blame, new research shows it may be genetic.
8:04 am
>> a child is walking. they're totally asleep. >> reporter: nearly half of kids with one sleepwalking parent also walked around asleep. compare those noums kids whose parents slept normally. about 1 in 5 of them ever sleep wauks sleepwalks. >> you tend to see these when someone is not getting good rest. make sure your child is well rested. the frequency of sleep walking may go down. >> reporter: it can be funny. it can also be dangerous. the movie "sleepwalk with me" is based on a true story about a chronic sleep wauker who leapt out of a hotel room window in his sleep. luckily, it was a second story room. he survived with 3stitches. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thank you. phewnew this morning. a drive in a real jam.
8:05 am
his suv ended up wedged between two trucks. he managed to climb out without a scratch. and trending up did you hear the one about the koala that checked into a hospital? this little guy sauntered in the emergency room doors at 3:00 in the morning. no one saw him. then blinky bill turned around and walked out. apparently the pain he was suffering wasn't so unbearable after all. and maybe he didn't have the koala-fications for the insurance. bam. how do you like that? >> that is a drop the mike moment. well done my friend. well done. >> koala-fications. "pop news "and weather coming up. to michael in the social square. what's ahead on the "gma"
8:06 am
morning menu. the clooneys on fire at the met gala. joe zee here breaking down the all-star power in the biggest red carpet hits. also princess charlotte elizabeth diana. the meaning behind the new royal baby's name. and how princess diana's legacy lives on. and let's get excited. joe manganiello here to reveal exclusively. the brand-new "magic mike xxl" trailer. >> the man. >> my man.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
there it is. all the dplits and glamour at the met. so many decked out. >> there it is again. >> the theme was china through the looking glass. and abc's rachel smith was looking there on the red carpet at it all. she's here with us this morning. good morning, rachel. >> good morning, robin. the annual met gala is the ultimate fashion feast. one that's become increasingly buzzy. anna wintour may be the belle of the ball. orchestrating every aspecttacle from the theme to the guest list. what you to get when you take george and mail throw in jennifer lopez and kim and kanye for good morning. you get the met ball. >> this is fashion's night. >> reporter: held as a fund raiser for the costume institute, the annual gala is
8:12 am
overseen by "vogue" editor than wintour. her goal? not only to gather a-list celebrities but a-plus celebrities from the world of fashion, music, film and sports. sarah jessica parker is a met ball regular. it could be risky. >> it's always risky. every year it's risky. >> a risk taker. >> reporter: this year's theme china through the looking glass. the first look at the exhibits. the costume's institute's biggest ever. donning elaborate headpieces. gorns trains. red and gold. popular colors of the night. >> i like to have fun but still embrace my youth. >> reporter: i cons like lady gaga didn't disappoint. nor did amal clooney. who wowed the crowd. rihanna made a grand entrance. sporting a yellow gown. it retired its own entourage. 90 minutes after most of the
8:13 am
guests have arrived. finally, the moment we've been waiting for. beyonce and jay z on the red carpet. beyonce dazzling. i have to ask, jay z, why are y'all fashionably late? was it jay z? it was jay z, right? no word on how much this year's gathering raised. it raised the the spirits of fashion lovers everywhere. oh what a night. many celebrities partnered with their designer months before the big event. sarah jessica parker told me she started pressing anna wintour on this year's theme back in december. but in true wintour form she remained tight lipped. she did. she always makes a statement. she's typically one of the first to arrive. works the carpet so well with her date. >> your statement on the carpet.
8:14 am
>> hey peabeyonce! >> girl i love you. but you make me wait. >> let's bring in joe zee. break it down for us. beyonce. >> beyonce. there's a lot of fashion on the red carpet. it is like fashion prom. people really step out in their finest. beyonce, of course in that givenchy dress. it took five hours to get into that dress. every bead had to be placed. they were still dplugluing it. >> they were still dpluing them on? >> how about sarah jessica parker. she brings it every time at the met. >> she does the theme really full throttle. she does not hold back. i love this head dress on her. philip treacy. this dress, by h&m.
8:15 am
she had been working on the design for months. that's her dedication to the event. >> very over the top. but that's what this event is all about. taking big chances the. >> and having fun with fashion. >> amal clooney. >> over the top in a different way. stripped down. minimal. like not a single piece of jewelry around the neck or the wrist. a simple earring. she's wearing the talked about designer that nobody can get to margello, the don galliano relaunch. i think anna wintour had a little say on this dress. >> what about mr. clooney in the tails? >> very dapper. >> but everybody was looking at amal. sorry, george. >> everyone was looking at rihanna's dress. tell us about that. >> she wore a chinese deesigner. a couture designer. that designer has a dress that takes up a whole room in the
8:16 am
exhibit. rihanna took four people to get her out of the car, on to the carpet and walk with her. that is princess. >> she actually performed, right? >> she changed into a bustier. >> and the entourage. >> this is really drama. you're talking about the fashion prom. i mean she's giving it to you. >> but kerry washington too. like a little mull lettenet going upon. >> party in the front. >> a little marie antoinette. a peek of a green shoe. the pink was feminine. it was daramatic. >> thank you, joe. if you want to see more go to on yahoo!.
8:17 am
and, also in our heat index. the meaning behind the princess's new name. a kensingon the palace spokeswoman saying the name speaks for itself. princess charlotte elizabeth diana made her debut on saturday. many can't help but look back at her grandmother, the late princess diana. >> she would take them out on the street take them on the bus. she just wanltsed to be a mum. >> reporter: diana though gone is clearly not forgotten. with the newest in line to the throne carrying her name. kate is a very hands-on mother. in 201, prince william spoke candidly about missing his mother on the wedding day. >> she would have loved the day. she would have been proud. i'm sad she'll never get the chance to meet kate. >> reporter: as for what diana would make of the young royal
8:18 am
family. she would have been an extraordinarily proud mother and grandmother. >> and joining us nout patrick jephson, princess diana's chief of staff for eight years. you had such an emotional reaction to the three names. >> i did. the british like to think they have a stiff upper lip. a couple of months ago i became a u.s. citizen. maybe it's changed me. it was the most emotional moment since diana's funeral. diana is a magical name. all over the world, she's remembered with respect and affection. she was the first wife in royal circles. there's a second wife now. she was not really headline news in the palaces anymore. now, by using this name by deliberately recalling his mother's legacy it's like prince william got a hammer and chisel and banged her name into the front of buckingham palace. >> she, of course, adored her
8:19 am
sons. did she ever talk about wanting a little girl? >> she did. i was lucky enough to have two beautiful daughters while i was working for princess diana. she would talk to me about them and baby girms. she would have loved one. this, i'm sure, would have been the nest best thing. she would have been a fabulous grandmother. very involved. also on the teaching the little princess what it's like to be a princess. this is not a celebrity. you're here to work. it's your duty. royal work is something she's always going to be working at. it's never finished. >> well put, patrick. well put. so wonderful to have you on this side of the pond with us. >> well it's lovely to be living here now. i feel very fortunate. it gives you the extra perspective on stories like this. we do tend over here to look at it as a bramplg of the celebrity industry. royalty is not celebrity. we should be carefully not the treat it the same way. royal people. you're all famous.
8:20 am
you can all remember a time when you were normal. you were regular. >> we're still regular. >> princess charlotte will never be able to remember a time when she was not a princess. >> good point. >> that's a particular destiny she has. >> it sure is. let's go to ginger with the weather. >> hey, we're on. good morning, everybody. i was making chats about arizona, right? you all met, tons of groups from arizona. now they've all met and they're friends. it's a party every day. not in miami. camera. a live look brings you all the rain showers. low 70s now closer to 80 you'll end up. that's spinning off the disturbance in the atlantic over the bahamas. mostly in the southeast. 82 f >> a nice, warm y, it is gng
8:21 am
to be a bit more humid withh isolatedhowewers and thunderstorms late this afternoon, high of 83 degrees afterr evenining thundershows it becomes mild and muggy overnight with lows inin the 's, repeat morrowow, coerer in the uppeper 70's, drier weather to end the rkeek and a nice, dry mother'day weekend ahead. [ cheers and applause ] >> ah, there we go. now we're all paying attention. you're from where? >> michigan. >> western michigan university? >> yes. we have "pop news" first up an exclusive first look at the new trailer for "magic mike xxl" starring channing tatum, michael strahan, and joe manganiello. roll 'em. >> i got a little treat for y'all tonight. we're going see if he's still got some imagine nick that mike.
8:22 am
>> tomorrow start to myrtle beach for the convention. >> i wish we had known you fies back in our day. >> well i'd say it's still your day, ma'am. >> i mean if this is o last ride, what if we make up new routines? >> are you ready to be worshipped? are you ready to be exalted? >> what are we? >> we're like healers or something. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah! >> it's not bro time it's show time. are you guys ready? >> oh. they don't call it magic for nothing. it's a "pop news" pop in with none other than star of "magic mike xxl" joe manganiello.
8:23 am
thank you, joe. >> those are cleaned up versions. >> is it everyone saucier than we're getting a glimpse of there? >> everything is extra, extra large in this one. >> oh, my. your fiance sofia vergara, was on set while you were filming. >> she was. is there what was her advice about getting into character? >> she was really shy about it. which made it fun for me to practice my routines on her. like, she was on the machine in the gym where you lock your legs in and do this. she couldn't run away. i would catch her and -- practice. >> wait wait. >> on camera. >> can you show us that again. >> yeah that's it. >> and she would cover her face. she's in bed, pull the sheets up over her face. i kind of go -- >> yeah i'm sure she was pulling her sheets up over her face. don't show me that, joe. michael strahan is your costar in the film. one of our dear friends.
8:24 am
on scale of 1 to 10 dancing ability? >> michael wept for it. he was the rookie. we were all the veterans. he joined our team. we were aum very skeptical. is he going the bring it or not? and man, he dove right in. >> he did. >> he went wild. like i was saying earlier, i -- i've seen it -- his routine eight times. i still can't not do this when -- >> a wow factor? >> i mean, you can't believe it. nothing will prepare you. nothing will prepare you. >> a tease for us. >> it's going to change the way you look at him for sure. >> oh no. >> you're not going to be able to look him in the eyes. >> no wonder he didn't stay. >> he had to go back over the other show. thank you for you know preparing us. july 1st everybody. >> let's bring it. >> "magic mike xxl." we're going to have a contest for our viewers. we're not going to reveal the
8:25 am
details. >> why? >> i think we're still working on them. it's a contest. big prizes. big big prizes. >> xxl? >> xxl-size. joe, we thank you. how do you sleep at night? are you a good sleeper? >> i could sleep on the floor right -- i was up all night at met ball so i mean -- >> oh oh. that's horrible. >> oh. >> it's easy for me. i get ready in ten minutes. she has shifts and teams and things like that. but no i'm a good sleeper. >> well we all have to get up very early. there's a new study out. we like to call these "pop news" investigations. a scientific investigation. when you have to be afwhak the wee hours, like we do. we'll all try just about anything. in this investigation, a new study shows we can put the sheep we use to count out to pasture and just start counting to four seven, and eight. this comes from dr. andrew weil. he says the an shept technique
8:26 am
is guaranteed to work. you exhale through your mouth. inhale through your nose for a count of four. you hold your breath for seven. and you exhale for eight. it's four seven, then eight. he says if you do it four times it clears your brain, you stop king. >> i've tried it. it works. >> it does work? >> it definitely does work. >> turn your brain off. >> there you go. >> george s. approved. >> i just touched joe's knee. i apologize. do it when you can, people. we gotta go. we're skipping the other pod. >> jack black and james marsden coming up.
8:27 am
jummy: good morning to you. time to get a check on the forecast this tuesday with jacqui jeras. jacqui: things are looking good here this morning. a couple of clouds filling in the mid level of the atmosphere right now, 58 degrees as i head out the door, you don't even need a jacket, 80's once again today with a nice southwind bowling in warmer temperatures but the cold front to the north will trigger thunderstorms this afternoon expect those to be scattered across the region between 2:00 and 8:00 with highs in the low to mid 80's today, tomorrow another peak with slightly cooler temperatures ending the work week very comfortably with a nice mother's day weekend ahead and temperatures in the low 80's. angela: along the inner loop of the capital beltway u.s. 50 is where the backup begins to 202 where we are losing a lame with
8:28 am
the newest crash on the capital beltway. a live look at the district in georgetown we have the pedestrian struck in the crash extra delays if you are traveling in that vicinity. for folks traveling on 50 eastbound we continue to dock the left lane on 66 with a crash near chantilly road. no accidents nala 95, volume delays are headed into springfield. that is the latest traffic update. jummy: a man in custody in baltimore after a gun that he 11 -- allegedly threw on the ground went off. no one was hurt, north avenue was the epicenter of last week's riot. in the potomac the school of the hot -- holy child is close today because of a small fire overnight, an ap calculus exam was scheduled to take place today and the exam is still going on. you can get more
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, america. >> and that's miley cyrus. she needs no introduction though. i had great interview with her. we'll have more on a very powerful mission and message that she has for everyone. >> i can't wait to hear what a night on "dancing with the stars." rumer and val with two perfect scores. more from the dance floor just ahead. getting down to the nitty-gritty. let's get inside to george. >> i'm here with jack black and james marsden. they star in "the d. train." >> ask me why i'm here oliver. why i'm really here. >> business meeting, right? >> huh uh. that's what my wife thinks. what my boss who is sleeping right above us thinks. but the truth is i came here to get you to come to our high
8:31 am
school reunion. >> jack black, james marsden here now. kind of pa thetic right there. >> um you know i choose to call him sensitive. he's sensitive. he's an insecure guy. >> and your character, who completely is a different kind of loser. >> yeah he's just as desperate. >> i don't think, in my eyes, he's the king of the universe. so loser is a relative term. >> right. that sun tan lotion commercial does it all. you blew my mind. you went all in. i don't want to give anything away. there was one scene that was the reason you wanted to do the movie. >> uh, yeah. t, like you said, no spoilers. so -- next question. no i mean i would like to spill the beans on all the -- >> don't do it. >> twists and turns.
8:32 am
i think it would sell tickets. it would make the movie not as enjoyable. when i read the script, the surprises made me love it. >> a lot of twists. very tonfunny. a little dark. this is something, we want to -- thinking about 0-year reunion. this is a 20-year reunion for you guys as well. you know what's coming right? >> are we about to throw to a 20-year-old clip? >> the two of you on "touched by an angel." >> oh boy. >> yeah it's me man. >> you haven't aged a day. >> yeah, look at that guy! whoo! >> doing my best john malkovich. >> ooh. >> you don't know the context of that. you were selling drugs or something. >> yeah a criminal. sflit was a very special
8:33 am
episode. >> a powerful performance. >> is it true, the producers of this film saw that and thought you might have chemistry? >> yeah, yeah. >> resurrected. how did this little gem go unnoticed? >> i don't know that that's why they wanted to work with us. >> i'm pretty sure it's why. >> that's why? okay? >> it got us all excited. let's go back the high school. voted most likely to -- >> uh. i didn't get a superlative. >> nothing? >> i didn't qualify. >> you weren't the big man on campus? >> no. i was the drama kid. a hybrid. i was in between. i was like a crossover vehicle. just like -- do everything. >> he's not buying it at all. >> i was not. >> and you? >> oh you know i was the theater kid. so people probably thought i would end up in the performing arts. you were too.
8:34 am
don't tell yourself short. >> drama? >> we were theater dutds. >> a terrific movie. "d. train" opens nationwide this friday. now to ginger and the weather. >> such a nice crowd. it's a rainier morning in denver. that's where i want to begin. the temperatures in the upper 40s. they'll end up in the low to mid-50s. we'll get extra rain and snow in the mountain areas. south and east parts of oklahoma and texas panhandles have a shot at large hailjacqui: good mornining, washington. yowill want the e sunglass this mornining, but grgrbed the brella forater on. expect aew thunderstorms this afafternoon, otherwise a mix
8:35 am
>> and all of us here at "gma" are honored to grace the cover of "live happy" magazine. on stands now. to brighten your morning, we're writing some of our favorite sayings on the sidewalk in chalk. we shall never know all the good a simple smile can do. one of my favorites. i'm watching these kids coloring and saying that's enough for me to smile today. good morning, everybody. you can pick that up on news stand. we want you to share your favorite sayings. just tweet us @gma. lara? >> i'll take it. now to "dancing with the stars." the couples facing double elimination tonight after pushing themselves to the limit last night. rumer and val pulling off not one but two perfect scores. melissa rycroft, our dear friend is here with the drama. >> there's always drama on the dance floor, right? >> absolutely. >> so what happened last might? >> i'm sorry.
8:36 am
i thought we were going to a piece. >> i thought i would talk. i figured we would chitchat. >> there's a lot going on here. let me ask you, melissa rycroft. wah, wah, wah. rumer seems like the front-runner. >> she's been from week one. now is when they'll start to feel the pressure. i kind of think it's still hers to lose. but nastia is right there. noah has become a huge fan favorite. you can't count anybody out. >> so inspiring. what was the favorite dance tonight? >> derek, sasha, and nastia. derek's injured. he can still perform these. i can't talk. i'm watching right now. sorry. so creative.
8:37 am
>> what about chris "the bachelor." we heard julianne say he was the most improved. >> he admits i'm not the best dancer. his confidence. look at this. he did not come out week one and do this. something has happened in these past weeks that makes him go out and feel like he can own it. therefore, i do. i think he's the most improved. >> if there's an award for that -- >> right. give it to "the bachelor." >> you were on the program before. you get down this far to the quarter finals. the nitty-gritty does the pressure start to build? >> absolutely. we definitely saw nastia crack a little bit last night. uh, not anger. it's frustration. and you know, you meptntally start to shut down. your body is not doing what you want it to do. you're so close to the end. you can feel the competition. they have a double elimination tonight. that's huge. >> what's your bet? >> i mean i hate to say anybody.
8:38 am
i think it might be robert's week. you know he's been at the bottom. and then i'm torn. i'll be honest. it could be bachelor chris. or i think maybe riker. i don't know a lot about riker to be honest. i don't know the fan base he's got. he's a better dancer. i think the bachelor nation fans could pull chris through. >> could be. >> they're out there. they're all over the place. i don't know. >> we'll find out. >> you look fantastic. can i say that? a fine time to say that? >> thank you, thank you, thank you. lots of spanx. >> all right, melissa. you can see all the "dancing with the stars" action tonight right here on abc. now to the abc news exclusive. a rare look inside air force one. jon karl got incredible access. >> reporter: it's the world's most famous plane. also the biggest target in the sky. >> looks like we're losing fuel. >> reporter: the hollywood version has gone down. in our exclusive visit to the
8:39 am
most lily secure cockpit in the world, we didn't find anyone losing sleep. >> every movie, they're frying to blow up air force one. it's concerning to me because this is my day-to-day job. in the real world, he's very well protected. >> reporter: a flying fortress with no mechanical delay or security breach in 25 years. we had an all-access pass. the nighing oval office. and a look at the president's magazines. this is on the president's reading list? >> that might be on the first lady's reading list or the girls'. >> reporter: there's the airborne situation room. the president's personal doctor. you could turn this into an emergency room? >> we can definitely do that. >> reporter: hidden hospital beds. and a refrigerator to carry blood for the president. upstairs encryption services.
8:40 am
>> the president is very well froekted. that's all i'll say. >> reporter: that sounds like a yes. we rode with the president on the way to new york city. i tried the phone. on average, air force one arrives within six seconds of its scheduled arrival time. precisely on time. for "good morning america," jonathan karl abc news on air force one. >> not a second to spare. >> if all airlines could run on time like that. we would be so much happier. >> it looks just like it does on "house of cards." coming up miley cyrus speaks out on how bruce jenner inspired her.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
well miley cyrus certainly knows now raise eyebrows. now she's using her star pow or the raise awareness, launches a foundation to help homeless youth. i got the talk to her about her initiative and how bruce jenner inspires her. it began with a surprising and unconventional date to the awards. >> i'm accepting this on behalf of the 1.6 million runaways and
8:44 am
homeless youth. >> i'm the one that can fix it. and i think, i've been able to identify with it juz because, i never thought of myself as i'm a girl and so i can't do this. i can do this. i feel completely like i'm not tied to a gender or to an age. i feel -- you know like an infin it in cosmic thing. that's what i want people to feel. >> reporter: that feeling inspiring her to launch a foundation committed to helping homeless young people in the united states. >> what's going on in here? >> reporter: the happy hippie foundation. what is it? >> we started a year ago with jesse. we were focusing on l.a. and different support groups. now we're going bigger and kind of wanting to take on america and by the end of it we're going to be taking on the world. >> reporter: because the momentless youth problem much of it surrounds the lgbt community. >> it's focused on it because of the lack of acceptance.
8:45 am
alienating people from society. i thought it cool in bruce jenner's interview. he talks about losing the platform platform. many being on me being on a tour can get you in front of that many people. taking the power with social media is the best thing ever. we're putting an online support froup. so this giving thaem place to ask questions and to be educated. >> reporter: and obviously, it's a serious subject. you're not afraid to have humor with it. you were putting happy hippie hood hoodies on kim and kanye. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> reporter: and for her fans the two-year wait for new music is finally over. only this time there's a greater purpose. ♪ live your life outside the
8:46 am
box ♪ >> reporter: >> we're launching with the back door records. facebook has a donate button. >> reporter: you brought in friends. joan jett. ariana grande. >> yes. >> reporter: you did it in the backyard? >> it was the best day ever. i don't want to sing just for myself. i want to be doing something. >> reporter: you advice to anyone out there watching a part of the lgbt community anyone that feels like they don't fit in. >> i've learned now love myself as i got older. when i was 16 or 17 that was the hardest years ever. i hate to look at pictures of myself and i know that that day was the day i was freaking out about my skin or i felt like i didn't fit in. i didn't dress like everybody else. you want to be peaceful with yourself and happy with yourself and love yourself. sometimes i think, as women especially i think we're taught that we're not supposed to say i love myself. >> reporter: it's vain right.
8:47 am
>> that that's vain. i love myself. that's what emp should be able to say. >> bravo. robin says amen miley. coming up one of the men
8:48 am
when you own a small business there's a never-ending list of small things to do every day. appointments... orders... deadlines... every one of them matters. so you need internet you can count on. verizon fios is really fast with 99.9% network reliability because when everything is running right, all those small things you do every day can turn into something big. team up with fios for this great limited-time offer.
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how to you turn a tiny startup into an international powerhouse? that's a secret verevealed by former president of espn george boden himmer. he's out with a new book "every town is a sports town." george started in the mail room as a driver. he learn a lot from driving the legendary dick vitale. george is a ptp. a primetime player. let's talk about this book here. from the mail room to the board room. you literally started in the
8:50 am
mail room. >> my interview lasted two minutes. i'm not sure the human resources director looked up at me. i was a college graduate. he said i was qualified to be a driver. what espn called its mailroom personnel. my dad took me out for a beer to discuss it. he gave me what i think is the pest advice i ever received. he said if you're interested or you could be interested in sports television then if they offer you the job, i recommend you accept it because you would be making a krer ze six versus a money decision. >> what were some of the key on-air moments that you remember most? from those early day? >> i would say the nfl draft? 1980. early college basketball including the early rounds of the ncaa tournament. "sportscenter" at the world series. at the earthquake in san francisco in 1989 was a big event. >> i know firsthand your open door policy. you listen to everyone.
8:51 am
you said one employee about veterans that you write about and said hey, we're falling short here. >> i never turned down a single employee that asked to see me. one gentleman had something on his mind. why doesn't this company do more to recognize veterans? out of that formed our veterans a committee. we took "sportscenter" to kuwait. took "sportscenter" to west point. >> you, at the height of everything you stepped down. why did you make that decision when people work their entire lives, their careers to get to where you were? >> i felt like i was ready for a change. there's other things to do out there. of course i'm involved with the v foundation which you are as well. sfland the proceeds from the book go to the v foundation as well. >> all of my proceeds are donate to the v foundation.
8:52 am
i think it's healthy for companies to give other people a chance to rise and grow and run the company. >> what is your advice to those young people heading out into the work force to become the new leaders that we need? >> i would say to choose something you are or can be passionate about. choose a career over money. second, be prepared to work hard. and be optimistic and persistent. both of those still pay. >> one final question. what is your favorite this is "sportscenter" commercial? >> i would say the one around the millennium. when all the computers were going to stop working. follow me to freedom was probably my favorite. >> all right, thank you george. oh, he is one of the good guys. definitely. he takes pride in what the company has been able to accomplish including heroes work here. they've hired 5,000 veterans. every sun to a sports town is in stores now. all of george's proceed gos to
8:53 am
the v foundation
8:54 am
8:55 am
we want to congratulate our dear friend john nance, on his 50th anniversary as a pilot. decorated air force pilot. over 130,000 hours of flight time. a veteran of vietnam.
8:56 am
an internationally recognized air safety consultant. >> you know he knows his stuff. jummy: 8:56 is the time, good morning, time to get a check on the forecast your tuesday. let's get over to jacqui jeras for look at the day ahead. hopefully sunshine? jacqui: we have got a lot of it out there right now. a couple of clouds are all -- along with it, that is when the
8:57 am
changes will begin, 68 degrees is the temperature this hour at reagan national, 66 it gaithersburg, 64 in martinsburg the forecast high today in the low to mid 80's to that -- again, late this evening we will see some showers and thunderstorms with severe weather and a repeat performance tomorrow afternoon with dry air and cooler temperatures to end the work week. angela: progress on the capital beltway, the crash has over to the shoulder and these are the delays that start well before the baltimore-washington parkway traveling on the inner loop. heading into the springfield entered -- greenfield interchange a slow ride on the inner loop from the interchange as you go past gallows road towards interstate 66. looks good on the camera maryland avenue northeast continuing to block the ramp into the third street tunnel with northbound restrictions on massachusetts avenue impacting
8:58 am
the drive on the southeast southwest freeway. jummy: montgomery county council is considering attack some electronic cigarettes. the have considered a hearing for tonight and rock though. health experts will hold a news conference on ways to reduce infant mortality a new report finding the infant mortality rate is more than two times higher in ward eight than in ward three. right now the news continues on news channel 8 with good morning washington. see you back here for the news at noon.
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, broadway, film, and television star, kristin chenoweth. and from the new series, "grace and frankie," the one and only lily tomlin. plus we'll meet a tall teacher from south carolina as we continue "live"'s "top teacher week." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are your emmy award-winning hosts kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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