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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  May 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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into. >> mike: second straight game going down to the final seconds. so it's dellavedova smith, james, jones, james jones, lebron james and kyrie irving. noah will guard the inbounds. do you try to at least try to get a steal or a turnover before you commit the foul? >> jeff: no doubt. i think noah just told the referee in front, they are not fouling. >> mark: the way they are defending, they are fine with james jones throwing the ball to dellavedova in the back court, which i believe is the right play. >> mike: the veteran james jones will inbound. looking. finds j.r. smith. trying to double smith and smith calls time-out. he saw the double-team coming so now the cavs are down to one time-out left. >> jeff: mike i would have fouled j.r. smith. historically he is not a great
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free throw shooter. >> mike: smith saw it. didn't want to take a chance. and calls a time-out. 74% for his career. he hasn't been to the line recently. he has only taken two free throws in the playoffs. they will try it again on the inbounds. the cavs by the way, do not have a foul to give. should chicago get possession. again, the bulls out of time-outs. cleveland has one left. and you can throw it in the back court if you're cleveland. jones looking, and they have to burn their final time-out. client ball bail out and now the
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cavs are out. >> mark: you need guys that are not afraid of the moment and go get the basketball and create. >> mike: going back to what jeff said having a guy like jones and instead of panicking, they could use that final time-out. doesn't sound like a big deal. but it's important. >> jeff: mike, you also have to have an inbounder who can put it on the money. so many times, it's tight. j.r. smith. it's open and the pass to lebron james. >> mark: who is going to get it? i don't see one guy go to get the basketball. >> jeff: you with justcan just throw it over the top of dellavedova. >> mark: if i'm dellavedova, i say give me the basketball. i want to go to the line right now. >> mike: looking, looking, crosscourt to james.
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rose on james, trying to double-team him. holding it offensive foul! they call offensive foul on james and the bulls get it back with 14.3 remaining. what a double-team from chicago and dunleavy. >> mark: it's the right call. it's the right call. we talk about chicago and not fouling and you look at the replay. there's contact there. it's the right call. >> mike: great double-team from mike dunleavy. james picks up his fourth and now chicago with a chance to tie or go for the win. they do not have a time-outs remaining. rose on the cross over. ties lay up. it's good tie game with 8.4 left. cavs don't have time-outs left. >> jeff: lebron james, get a head of steam going. >> mike: james drives down on butler. james, knocked away. out of bounds.
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and it's still cleveland ball with .8 remaining. dave blatt tried to call a time-out and his assistants told him they don't have anything. james can catch and shoot. >> jeff: similar situation. noah fouled, mozgov in the first half. >> mark: to me that is contact on lebron james. lebron james should be shooting two. >> mike: noah came up to bump him. >> jeff: i don't like this mike, how can you give a team a free time-out when you review -- there has to be an adjustment, the guys have to stay on the floor. >> mark: you're 100% correct on that. >> jeff: this is a poor rule. it just really is. i don't flowknow if the ball went
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out of bounds in the initial hit. >> mark: you can't overemphasize enough. this has to change. i can't agree with you. more they have an opportunity to huddle up and design a play. and this is a foul on noah. that's a foul to me. >> mike: yeah, i agree. mirotic, meanwhile, knocks it out of bounds. >> jeff: if that ball hits out of bounds the ball stops at a different time than goes out of bounds. >> mike: that is huge between .8 seconds or 1.2. watch here. should give us a good angle. no, can't see if it went out there. that is 1.3. and then it bounces and goes out. so now they are putting time, 1.5. >> jeff: which, again, you can get a dribble and a shot. the ball is taken out, though a
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little further than it normally is underneath the basket. so you have gibson pressuring dellavedova. >> mark: if i'm noah i'm helping lebron james. >> mike: 1.5 remaining. james, for the win. it's good! lebron james at the buzzer! stuns the chicago bulls and the series is tied at two games apiece. what a finish here in the united center for the second straight game. a buzzer beater! james, who has struggled with his jump shot throughout the playoffs, nails it from the corner. and no question getting it off in time. friday night, the bulls with a buzzer beater.
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and here sunday afternoon, james with the road win. and they'll head back to cleveland all even at two games a piece. >> jeff: and mike they get to set a play with the free time-out. they get extra time. put on. this game was decided in large part at the end by the replay advantage that cleveland got. >> mike: and skbrams v james right now with lisa salters. >> lisa: thank you, mike. who drew the last play? >> first of all, i don't put ourselves in a position to get down. but the game presents different challenges and you have to be overto overcome it. i told della, give me the ball. i'm going to win the game for us. >> lisa: like you said you were in fact the position in the first place. what happened on the inbound? >> i tried to split a double-team.
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i thought dunleavy took a dive on the floor. and the refs called it. you know and i can't put myself or our team or the referees in a position to call it. but i was able to make it for it for my teammates. >> lisa: you knew you could not go down 3-1. what did you say to your guys before the play? >> we continue lose this game. it's a hard-fought game and i made mistake after mistake after mistake and i can't let my teammates down. the man above, you know granted me one, and i was happy i was able to make that play for my teammates. >> lisa: you got banged up in the game. how is your ankle? >> i got time to recover. i wasn't going to sit out. my teammates need me. this series needs me. and i was happy i was able to make a few plays. >> lisa: status for game five? >> active. >> lisa: congratulations, mike? >> mike: all right, lisa.
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the cavs down 11 with 43 seconds to go in the third. a fantastic fourth quarter. chicago, though came back tied it up and james with the high drama at the buzzer for the second straight game. and now, it's all tied at 2-2. another game tonight coming up on tnt. with houston and l.a. as lebron james, 25 points 14 rebounds eight assists. and another game winner at the buzzer. what a weekend of nba playoff basketball here in chicago. the final score, the cavaliers, 86 and the bulls, 84. abc "world news" or your local news is coming up on most of these stations except the west coast. for jeff van gundy, mark jackson, lisa salters the producer and director mike breen saying thank you for watching abc, home of the nba finals.
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. welcome to "world news tonight." dangerous storms. severe weather on several fronts. powerful tornadoes.
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at least one dead. more than a foot of snow. flash floods and watchouts. killed on duty. the manhunt for multiple suspects and the new hunt tonight. and what the principal said at the high school graduation sparking an uproar. tonight, the principal speaking out. and, the gift. what mom probably wants the most the hug that took a 10,000-mile journey to deliver. good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. more than 30 million people tangling with deadly tornadoes, heavy snow and the effects of a
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tropical storm. this ef-3 tornado in cisco, texas texas. and this tornado in delmont. in north carolina somehow, this mini van drives through several feet of water after tropical storm ana blew through. here's rob marciano. >> reporter: texans this morning bolted out of bed by tornado sirens. >> do you see any rotation? >> reporter: reported tornadoes striking from denton, texas, all the way up to south dakota. children sheltering in the
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basement of this church. at least 20 buildings are damaged in delmont. the state's governor on the scene. the city under a voluntary evacuation tonight. no water or power. >> this has been a long-track tornado. it's been on the ground for about 15 minutes.eporter: a nerve-racking mother's day weekend. more than 40 reported tornadoes blasting across the heartland in the past 24 hours alone. including this ef-3 tornado in cisco, texas, leaving one person dead, several injured. >> i mean, i lived in cisco for over ten years now, and i haven't seen anything like this a long time. it's definitely very powerful and very destructive. >> reporter: ripping roofs off houses, stripping trees to their trunks. a seven-mile-long trail of destruction. 60-mile-an-hour wind gusts damaging this horse hospital in stephenville. tonight, the animals are all okay. flash flooding wreaking havoc. the water, and debris it carried, damaging this bridge near justin. and in granbury, part of this grocery store parking lot, washed away. part of the same snow bringing snow from the rockies to the northern plains, too.
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in colorado, snow falling as fast as two to three inches an hour. our clayton sandell showing us how quickly the weather changed. >> here in colorado, you never know what you're going to get in spring. this was saturday. and this is today. some areas around denver got up to nine inches of snow. >> reporter: south dakota showing the extremes of this storm. on the western side of the states, blizzard conditions. and you hear the buzz of chain saws as they continue to clean up here. this home differently damaged, a mother and her three children huddled in the bathroom, they're okay tonight. >> rob, who remains in the danger zone? >> parts of oklahoma and texas have seen over a foot of rain. the storms have been very very wet. and tornado watches from here to iowa. tomorrow it pushes up to the
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east, houston, and chance of severe weather and potentially tornadoes. and across the carolinas ana is downgraded to a tropical depression. >> rob, stay safe. thank you. and next to a scare at the indian point power plant just outside new york city. and the toxic cleanup, a transformer sending smoke into the sky. the company says the fire was put out quickly, but fluid leaked and crews are cleaning it up. and a new arrest in the killing of two on-duty cops. one a rookie the other, once named officer of the year. four suspects in custody. gloria rivera reports.
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>> reporter: today, as a fourth suspect has been arrested one already in custody sayse's innocent. police say banks was in the car with his brother and a woman, when a routine traffic stop turned violent. >> i heard six loud gun shots. >> reporter: the officers, gunned down. marvin banks and joey calloway charged with their murder. one officer, a member of the k-9 team. the other, with less than a year on the force. >> we want to ask everybody to pray for this family and police officers not only here but around the united states. >> reporter: and a sea of blue coming together to say good-bye to 25-year-old brian moore, shot
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dead on another routine stop just over a week ago. in 2014 126 police officers were kill marylanded in the line of duty. gloria rivera abc news washington. and jimmy carter, suddenly flying home from guyana because he was not feeling well. no details yet on the nature of his illness. still ahead, the high school principal and her controversial remarks at graduation. what she said that has so many outraged tonight. superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs.
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the audience into chaos. many finding them to be racially insensitive. here's david wright. >> y'all owe this young man an apology. especially that goober with his little thing. >> reporter: in dekalb county, georgia, pomp and circumstance overshadowed by an angry principal. >> where are you, you little coward? >> reporter: the principal, nancy gordeuk, accidentally skipped the valedictorian's speech. and now, unsuccessfully trying to regain the audience's attention. >> reporter: visibly upset as she watching people leave. >> look who's leaving. >> reporter: did you hear that? gordeuk's remarks, angering the audience. many describing it as a racist outburst. listen again. >> look who's leaving. all the black people. >> reporter: the crowd now outraged. >> she named only black people. she didn't say, oh, look at the caucasians leaving. look at the indians leaving. she said blacks. >> reporter: the principal has
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since apologized, insisting she was just angry people were not paying proper attention. >> it was not a statement of racism. it was just my frustration. and, you know, when i said it, i told my husband it felt like the devil was in the house 'cause it didn't even sound like me. >> the principal e-mailed an apology to the graduates and their parents, but some aren't buying it saying she ought to resign or lose her job. >> david, thank you. still ahead, the surprise that played out in front of an entire stadium. the guy photo bombing was behind all of this. what happened next? stay tuned. it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable.
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a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote. finally tonight, it took a lot of planning and a trip halfway across the world. but the hardest part was keeping this mother's day surprise a secret. but this serviceman pulled it off, and boy, was it a surprise. she thought this video from her son andrew an airman based
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overseas was her gift but then he came running up behind her. >> i had no idea. >> it's a moment i'll never forget. just seeing the look on her face and how excited she was. >> andrew was based in south korea and hasn't been home for month. so being home was special. >> we hadn't seen him since december. >> across the country, service members surprising their moms. staff sergeant markita james surprised her mom, who was about to receive a master's degree. back in houston, they're making the most of andrew's surprise visit.
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brunch with extended family. >> it's been hard but i know that andrew is in a good place. i miss him tremendously but i know he's happy doing what he's doing, serving our country and protecting our freedom. >> they have three weeks together this time a visit the two will never forget. from everyone here at abc news a big hug to all moms out there. i'm tom llamas in new york. good night.
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anchor: heartbreak this mother's day, a family found dead by family members, and police say this was no accident, and breaking right now crews facing dangerous conditions unfolding in texas, and we are taking you to where they cap are trying to seal the deal against the rangers. announcer: now, abc 7 at 6:30 on your side. anchor: a mother's day turned tragic, couple found dead, and now, a homicide investigation. diane has the latest. diane: well police have been out here for several hours going in and


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