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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  May 17, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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kimberly: a grisly crime and now murder charges. the startling confession from the suspect and what documents are saying about the day dick and jodi vallarta were murdered. why this video could be the key to cracking a quadruple homicide case and the details police want you to pay close attention to. playing out right now, a bar in texas, a powder keg. it is a deep-seated feud that is being blamed for sparking a deadly gunfight. >> now abc 7 news at 6:30 -- on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: a rock phil dead, their neighbor charged with murder. scott, shanosky was arrested on a cruise ship in juneau, alaska. abc 7 broke word of his arrest last night. kevin lewis has been coming through charging documents. a lot has come to light in the
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past few hours. kevin: scott lives in this him. police say he was a suspect in an easter weekend break-in at the home directly across the street, and when dick and jodi vallarta were killed last sunday, detectives went looking for tomasscott. >> i think everybody would have a difficult time making sense of that. it makes no sense. kevin: accused of murdering his neighbors, dick and jodi vallarta. police say he then stole pricey items, including a rolex watch worth $7,000. >> these folks worked 24/7. kevin: officers arrested him in juneau alaska.
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he was on a cruise with his family. detectives say they found blood-stained money while searching his room on the coral princess. >> even if you gave a reason would it make sense? kevin: neighbors described him as strange and antisocial. the 2002 will do in high school grad was still living at home with his mom and dad. it's unclear if he had a job. >> the fact that this individual committed such a brutal crime and have no emotions when apprehended is just incomprehensible. >> you start questioning everything, your security, your safety. we've got a protection dog on order now. when do you stop? kevin: scott tomaszewski was on the cruise with his mother, father, and younger sister. they were getting ready to go on a whale watching excursion when police arrested him. during a sitdown interview detectives say tomaszewski
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admitted to both murders. i am kevin lewis. abc 7 news. kimberly: the family is sending a heartfelt thank you to the montgomery county police department. they say for the past week, we have known the way her when, and how. now we know the who. you can count on abc 7 for continuing coverage of this developing story and you can always keep the latest and get the latest on our website, and on our facebook page, as well, and our twitter pages. an manhunt is underway in fairfax county for two men wanted for a home invasion in reston. a third suspect was shot and killed, but it is not clear who pulled the trigger. a fourth suspect was wounded. this happened on stony view square near the intersection of south lake drive. police say the homeowner was not hurt.
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we have a crew on the scene, and we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. we are on storm watch tonight as this hot and humid air gives way to some potentially rough weather. meteorologist devon lucie is in the weather center with the first check on the forecast. devon: strong thunderstorms, even severe thunderstorms rolling through. we are on watch for storms to develop from now to the sunset hour. let's start with stormwatch seven doppler radar. you are watching those widely scattered showers west of here move into the region. front royal to the shenandoah valley, a little cluster of rain, even some lightning. that could spark more numerous storms as we head through the next couple hours. we will keep watching that one closely. 87 for our high in d.c. low to mid 80's. morning cloud cover helped temps a little bit. 80's, even a few stop -- spots in the 70's.
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mid to upper 60's, it's extremely humid. it feels like it is closer to 90 degrees in several spots. getting back to the wii, it's a mild start, another cloudy one. light winds and high humidity leads to a hot afternoon. we still have to track storm chances. powerful forecast, in a few minutes. kimberly: four people in northwest d.c. are killed, their house is torched. this video is the first clue in figuring out what happened to the family. diane cho has been following the developing story. investigators are leaning heavily on this footage. diane: kelly, that video shows a hooded figure that appears to be running behind a building, and detectives are hoping that video will lead to new clues in this investigation. investigators want you to take a good look at this video of a person of interest they are trying to identify in connection with the quite triple homicide
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at this home on woodland drive last thursday. collects just tragic to think that someone would do this in such a heinous way. diane: detectives believe that person seen here may have been driving a 2008 blue porsche that belonged to the family. that car was found later that same day burned in a church parking lot here on annapolis road in prince george's county. police say 46-year-old savants of up list and his wife amy were found dead in their northwest d.c. homes blocks away from the vice president's home. among those believed to be killed include the couple's 10-year-old son philip and housekeeper felicia figaro. three of the four victims suffered blunt force trauma. police say there were no signs of forced entry.days after the murders were discovered, officers still surround the multimillion dollar home. while neighbors tell us they didn't know the family or
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housekeeper, they say they can't imagine what it must be like for their loved ones who are left picking up the pieces. >> this is hard for the family. diane: if you know anything about that person seen in the video, or if you saw that blue porsche on wednesday or thursday you are being asked to call the d.c. police department. in northwest d.c., diane cho abc 7 news. kellye: playing out right now, a buyer curb in waco, texas becomes about ground. at least nine people are dead after a deadly shooting. because, apparent gang rivalry. police say that the fight began with punches and escalated the knives and guns. it is not clear if bystanders are among the dead. d.c. police are asking for your help in finding a missing man. 21-year-old dominique bussey was last seen this morning on jasper street in southeast. he is 6'2", hundred 80 pounds. the last time anyone saw him, he
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was wearing no shirt and no shoes. if you know anything about him please call police. just in, amtrak says tomorrow morning service will be back to normal along the northeast corridor. the first of carter from philadelphia will be at 5:53 a.m. train 111 leaves new york city at 5:30. travel on this portion of the corridor had been suspended since tuesday when train 188 derailed killing eight people and hurting more than 200. the u.s. navy is investigating the death of one of its sailors in bahrain. that sailor died last night after falling from a hotel balcony. he or she was assigned to the uss farragut, which is docked in the country. the farragut is supporting the uss theodore roosevelt in airstrike operations against isil. coming up, some new developments in the race for the white house. the governor who could be the next contender for 2016.
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the landmark day at the event -- vatican. newly canonized saints and why they are getting so much attention. first, a worrying move from isil
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 6:30 -- on your side. kellye: members of iraq's military are fleeing the city of ramadi. the government says it has been completely taken by the islamic state. isis made the same claim in a message on the militant groups website, saying it controls the entire city. that includes an army base as well as tanks and a missile launchers. officials are concerned that this could give the militants the football that they need to begin assaulting the entire region. a potential new candidate for the 2016 election -- a source
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close to ohio governor john kasich said the republican is very likely to run for president, but the source cautions that a decision would likely be a few weeks away. he recently ramped up his activities, making media appearances, spending time in south carolina and new hampshire, and establishing a political committee. pope francis canonized four new orleans in a ceremony in saint peter's square. among those were two 19th-century palestinian nuns. palestinian president mahood abbas among the thousands in attendance. the ceremony took place days after the vatican recognized palestinian statehood. a volcanic mystery. what scientists have noticed in one of the country's most famous critters and why it has been concern. we are also on stormwatch. devon's tracking
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kellye: a question on scientists' minds -- what is happening at the kilauea volcano? the love the lake is barely visible. scientists at the hawaiian volcano observatory report that there have been a higher frequency of earthquakes recently. experts speculate that the low love you and the quakes could mean a new era option is coming. yesterday saw nearly 30 reports of tornadoes in nine states. many of those reports were from oklahoma. despite the tornado outbreak there are no reports of deaths or serious injuries. rain led to flash flooding in north texas where people had to be airlifted from their homes. in iowa, straight-line winds blew a cargo train onto its side. a soggy sendoff for george washington university's class of 2015. they had to break out the umbrellas once the rain started
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out. apple ceo tim cook deliver the keynote address and received an honorary doctorate degree. more than 25,000 people attended the ceremony, including 6000 students. i guess we can take credit for carrying all of those folks -- telling all those folks to have their umbrellas. devon: hopefully everybody -- it looks like everybody was prepared for those showers. that helped to put some humidity in place. we are under the chance for showers and thunderstorms right now. we're watching just yes -- west. we're watching storms that have been west more of the day, now they are starting to come closer with the humidity that is here. can blossom into storms through the evening time frame. that would be over the 9:00 hour. sunset is just after 8:00. we had to the shenandoah valley, front royal 66, a little bit of
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thunderstorm activity. there's the potential over the next two to three hour span. we will keep a close eye and the abc 7 weather department. if anything become severe, we will break in to let you know about it. real-time temps, still 80's. sun has been up with morning cloud cover. it is a hot and humid day. when you figure in the heat and humidity together, what it feels is closer to 90. luray, and felt like it was 91. very high humidity. i've been feeling from many on facebook and twitter saying, shouldn't we be celebrating fourth instead of starting offspring? 86, real-time temps. look at south dakota. pierce, south dakota is at 46 degrees. a drastic change in temperatures. a huge cooldown from a cold
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front. the strength of the overall system is two days away. he and humidity in place. expect tomorrow a day that could be like saturday very hot and humid. tuesday, the front is through. the timing of the front determines your storm chances but eventually cooler, drier air comes in. we watch for storms through this evening, but tomorrow morning, a very humid start. it's more about trying to keep cool by the afternoon. we could spark showers and storms coming in monday afternoon. temperatures could be closer to 90 tomorrow, just as we had yesterday. we go to tuesday, and here is that cold front that will be closing in. it could spark a possible shower or stone. temperatures might be a little bit cooler, lower to mid 80's. we are still looking to come in to at least the chance of storms that would be mid to upper 80.
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a backdoor could aid that. with the cold front coming northeast, showers and storms, hot and humid, but by the end of the week, it looks beautiful. back into spring and mayweather. the humidity goes away. kellye: i like the sound of that. have you heard of the sheriff? >> i have. he's a big dude. >> we have seen big brandon sheriff and action, but we will get to know the second round pick. preston
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the rookies had the day off after two days of grounded out at redskins park. we heard how the fifth overall pick brandon sharpe will have to
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from left tackle to write. that is because of trent williams. he will be going up against the skin second round pick, defensive end preston smith. smith was asked about the challenge of going head-to-head with a big sheriff, and he says that is just going to make him better. preston: a top garlic sheriff is a draft player. it really helps me, going up against the best oh lineman. going up against someone every day, it will help me improve, also. he is a skilled guy. he knows what to do. >> i can't wait for that. the mets could clinch the series with a win over the padres today. it would be their sixth straight series win. bottom third, that is where we pick it up. justin upton upton gets a hold of one to deep left. that is a solo shot. padres would take a 2-0 lead after that, but the nats get the lead back in the fifth thanks to this guy, danny espinosa. he goes deep to right-center for
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a three-run homer. that gave the nets a three-to lead. the nets lead 10-3 in the eighth inning. over at camden yards owes and angels, bottom eighth. adam jones knocks once a left center field. hits the gap, up against the wall. manny machado would score. jimmy perry the offers -- o's avoid the sweep. the final, 3-0. ncaa lacrosse tournament, the turkmen hoping for a win over unc. they dominated the first 8-2. connor kelly scores his third goal of the half. the terps take a nine-to lead and never looked back. turk women in action, as well. they led northwestern 6-4 at the half and would score nine straight goals to open the second half.
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aaron collins had a hat trick for the terps, and they blew out northwestern 17-5 to advance to their seventh straight final four. rockets and clippers, game seven, third quarter rockets up three. the clippers just stare at james harden as he parts the red sea. he finished with the smash. they got the rockets going. they build an 18-point lead and advance to the western conference finals with a 113-100 win. a very happy kevin mchale. rory mcilroy had a five-stroke lead going into the final round and he cruised to victory. check out this approach. lands within two feet of the cup. i'm jealous. mcilroy a shot a 69 today, -29 for the tournament, which is a record. a final note, d.c. united will take on philadelphia union. that one kicks off in about 10 minutes. kellye: you will have the score at 11:00? >>
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kellye: time for a final check of the forecast. devon: i'm watching doppler very closely west of washington. developing storms north of harrisonburg. brain activity around front royal. the indications and forecast -- we will be here if anything comes up. more abc 7 here on this side. 88 degrees tomorrow. tuesday, a cold front. spring by the end of the week. it is really going to be enjoyable. timing on storms tomorrow, after 2:00 p.m. kellye: thank you so much. thank you for joining us. we will see you back here at 11:00.
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