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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 19, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. dangerous flash flooding. half of foot of rain falling in the south, wiping out roads in hours. trapping drivers. >> dispatch this vehicle is completely under the water. >> at least 20 water rescues and more heavy rain on the way. new this morning -- bloody battle. new video of the chaos from that deadly biker shootout. 170 gang members charged in the killings. snipers on the lookout, a town on alert as fears grow this morning about a new wave of bikers bent on revenge. real-life captain america. an army officer caught on camera racing to a fiery car wreck, springing into action to save three people trapped inside, dragging one man from the flames. >> hey, there's somebody still in the car! >> what this true superhero is saying this morning.
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♪ you can't stop me no ♪ and big moves and big emotions at the "dancing" finale. the three stars with a perfect night. know what gets emotional. riker with a white-hot performance. and rumer brings her dad to tears. the most competitive season ever still up for grabs. who will take home the mirrorball trophy? we say good morning, america. on this tuesday morning. and a big night on "dancing with the stars." no clear front-runner just hours from the finale. >> what a night it was. >> each dancer came out with the best performance. know what's so emotional. sharna taylored that dance so well to his story. >> that was good commentary george. we move on and begin with the flash flooding overnight. half a foot of rain coming down in hours, trapping dozens of
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people on the road. >> it's not just the amount of rain. it's how fast it falls. a school bus, children still on it stuck in the water. they all got out. deadly flash flooding from texas to mississippi. frash flash flooding inundating the south. washing out roads in just a few hours. ? an angelo texas. >> dispatch this vehicle is completely under the water. >> reporter: at least 20 water rescues. >> we're going try to get these people out of the car and bring them up to the ambulance. >> reporter: rapid-fire golf ball-sized hail. deadly flash flooding stretching east. 24 hours of water rescues. in louisiana, rising waters sweeping a car away. the 11-year-old inside killed. a 7-year-old escaping, clinging to a tree for an hour before being rescued. the biggest issue this is morning happening around san
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angelo, texas. they're in a flash flood watch all the way up to wichita, kansas. a large swath of the plains has to be watching out. that's through the midweek and beyond. the system will bring more rain three to four inches in southern oklahoma, north texas. some spots could see another half foot. we have tail and damaging winds, too. >> you're keeping an eye on it. thank you, ginger. now to the latest on the deadly gang shootout in texas. 170 bikers in custody charged in connection with the bloody brawl that left 9 dead, 18 injured. there's fear of retaliation this morning. phillip mena is in waco with more. >> reporter: good morning. law enforcement here very much on guard this morning. in the wake of the shooting a state-wide bulletin was issued stating that gangs had an order to kill anyone in uniform. this morning newly released mug shots of some of the 170 bikers
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taken into custody after the shootout that left nine dead and 18 injured at this texas restaurant. they appear to include members of the notorious bandidos and cossacks gangs. violence starting in the restroom. quickly spilling out into the park lot. the bikers using brass knuckles knives, chain, clubs, and guns. >> 170 individuals have been charged with engaging in organized crime at twik peaks. >> reporter: cops lining up the gang members on the curb. loading them into buses and squad cars. each gang member held on a $1 million bond. investigators gathering evidence with snipers on the lookout. are you worried about retaliation snmplgt something we're aware of. >> reporter: edward was a member
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of the bandidos for six years. >> they lost something in their childhood. in the motorcycle gang they find a sense of family they never had. >> reporter: he's written ten books on birk culture. territory is everything. >> i think the potential for more violence is there. >> reporter: the bandidos have a saying cut one, we all bleed. the ruthlessness featured on the show "gangland." charles is a former erer -- we requested we not show his face. >> at least half are involved in constant criminal activity. >> reporter: according to the department of justice, there are more than 300 so-called outlaw motorcycle gangs across the country. five are classified as a serious national domestic threat the feds say involved in everything
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from drug trafficking to prostitution. two big questions this morning. how will prosecutors try all 170 people in custody? and will they pursue the death penalty. george? >> thank you. we turn to the major military victory for isis. the terror group on the move in iraq taking over ramadi where hundreds of soldiers and civilians have been killed. martha raddatz covering the offensive from washington. officials see this as a setback. what is the plan to take the city back? more it will require more intensive air strikes. iraq is turning to iran for help on the ground. there are iranian-backed militias heading for ramadi. we were there a few months ago when they were trying to push isis fighters back. today, isis flags are flying in
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ramadi. the streets are desserted. deserted. and the forces that survived had to be rescued by the helicopters and returned to base. they're clearly not ready for this fight. and the u.s. is going to have to figure out a new strategy to make this work. one senior military officer telling me it's as bad as you are hearing. probably worse. in some areas. george? >> they're not sugar-coating it at all. thank you, martha. to the race for president and hillary clinton. the state department announcing it may not release her private e-mails from when she was secretary of state until early next year. just days before the iowa caucus. abc's cecilia vega is on the campaign trail and joins us from iowa
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iowa. >> reporter: these are the state department e-mails that hillary clinton wrote from her personal e-mail e-mail e-mail account. she said she would release them from her private servers. 50,000 pages of e-mails. the state department may not release them not january 2016 that is a couple of weeks before the iowa caucuses. that would be -- this sake early voting state. one that hillary clinton wants to win. really wants to win. she's campaigning hard out here. the timing of this release will raise serious questions out here on this campaign trail. >> and the other big question seems to be when hillary clinton will take questions from the press. >> reporter: that's right. we saw her out here yesterday in iowa. we tried to ask some questions. she waved to us from afar. 28 days by our count, since she's take an media question. just nine questions so far. republicans having a field day with it. we'll try again today. >> thank you very much.
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we move on to the latest on the deadly amtrak derailment. fbi investigators have ruled out a gun as a cause for the dajd windshield. raising new questions about human error. david kerley has the story. >> reporter: on the partially shattered windshield the small circular fracture was not caused by a bullet. fbi forensic analysts say they found no evidence that that could have been caused bay firemen arm. this as an assistant conductor said she thought she heard the engineer talk about being hit by a rock before the derailment. this morning, the ntsb will determine if the windshield was hit by something else. they'll also have to determine why the eight-car train accelerated to more than 100 miles an hour before the 50-mile-per-hour curve. why the sudden acceleration? the data recorder may reveal if the throttle was manually
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increased, possible human error. they'll go through the engine. for the possibility that the acceleration was caused by a mechanical failure. the ntsb says the investigation could take up to a year. it's about the speed and acceleration. that's why investigators will pore through the data. the hope is that the engineer, whose lawyer says he suffered a concussion that some of his memory will come back as he heals from the wounds. >> david, thank you. now to dangers on the racetrack. days before the indianapolis 500, another serious crash. during practice monday. bringing the total to four in the past week. indycar is taking action to make sure the race is safe. and matt gutman has the latest on that. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. those indycars hurtle around the track at a speed faster than a jetliner takes off. just two weeks before the
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biggest event in motor sports the organizered increased the speed of the cars. something they have now put the brakes on. overnight, indycar investigating four airborne crashes days before the most watched race in the world, the indianapolis 500. this morning, james hinchcliffe is in stable condition following surgery after this crash monday afternoon. watch as he comes around a turn after a practice run. his wheels lock. he skids at about 220 miles per hour into the wall flames shooting out of the car, tires sent flying. his crash the fourth in less than a week here. helio castroneves turning a backflip during his wreck last week. >> didn't have enough time. spun out. >> reporter: we spoke to ed
7:12 am
carpenter about it saturday. >> it's been quite a different year this year with all new aero kits and new cars. >> reporter: day later, carpenter went flipping as well. each crash was caused by something different. like flat tire or a setup error. one thing they all had in common, those aero kits. extra trim added to the vehicles just in the last two weeks, modifying the shape of the wings and fins designed toe eded to make the cars go faster. >> when the cars turn around and go backwards after a crash, they're getting airborne. >> reporter: now indycar ordering all cars to reduce horsepower and modify the design the keep them slower. perhaps most shocking is that nobody was seriously hurt. and over the years, indycar technology has helped keep drivers safe and safer, including creating suits like this.
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this is a fire suit that can help keep a driver safe and not burn for ten speshs seconds nechb a 2,000-degree gasoline fire. >> matt thank you. now to amy with the other top developing stories. starting with a group of airport workers under arrest. >> federal agents say they have uncovered a drug-smuggling ring involving baggage workers at oakland international airport. pierre good morning. >> reporter: we put a lot of trust into the people at the nation's airports. today, another example about how security breaks down if there's an inside threat. three baggage handers at oakland international airport are accused of a drug smuggling ring. prosecutors say it worked like this. the airport workers used special access badges to circumvent security to sneak baggage with marijuana in them to the planes.
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14 people charged in all, including passengers accused of taking the smuggled marijuana and boarding the planes. in recent years, airport workers have been charged in a number of scams. amy? >> pierre thomas with the latest, thank you. new video from norng from a deadly landslide in colombia. torrential rains swept away homes killing at least 58 people. that death toll could rise one the water subsides. back here in this country, thousands of teachers in seattle are walking off the job. staging a one-someday strike. parents of of some of the 52,000 students forced to stay home today have been scrambling for day care. a wild escape attempt in los angeles. three burglary suspects crashed into a car, took off, pulled into a driveway and ran on foot. two of them tried to jump from roof to roof. one hiding behind a garage.
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as what usually happens, police eventually took all three into custody. a florida bank robber didn't get too far with his loot. a customer chases him down. even tying him up for police. turns out the customer is a mixed martial arts fighter who happened to be in line during the burglary. if you're walking down the street and run into bear you may want to do what this guy did. or maybe not. watch what he did when the bear appeared to charge at him? [ man growling ] >> yep, that's him roaring at the top of his lungs. he's facing one of the most ferocious animals on the planet. thankfully for him, the bear fled. we're not sure what his plan b was. we're also not sure why he had a camera rolling. some locals claim, scandinavian brown bears are shy. which, looks to be the case. >> we did the story last week where it said not to run.
7:16 am
turns out it's right. >> and we all agreed we would be in the fetal position. >> now we know what to do. >> what do you have for us lara? >> a terrific story. a real-life superhero in this army captain caught on camera racing to the rescue. three people trapped inside the burning vehicles. t.j. hol. s isholmes is here with us. >> you do not need an "s" on your chest to save the day. no mask no cape, no superpowers. as you're about to see, the phrase good samaritan really does not do him justice. a community's act of heroism caught on camera. look at this. three people trapped inside these cars after a fiery head-on crash. one car going up in flames sunday afternoon in chatham county north carolina after police say one of the drivers
7:17 am
crossed the center line and hit another car with two passengers. neighbors jumping into action before firefighters got there. [ sirens ] >> not that car out of the way. watch out, watch out! >> reporter: one guy using a fire extinguisher to get the people out. the guy in the red t-shirt is a soldier from nearby ft. bragg. he drags one of the victims away from the flames. >> i grabbed one of those fire extinguishers. we smashed out two windows. if there, i graped mr. thompson. i took him to a safe distance. >> reporter: but steve voglezon the army captain, wasn't done yet. he ran back to retrieve thompson's wife. >> the army has helped a lot. >> reporter: and the red t-shirt he was wearing? it's a captain america t-shirt. he says he's no superhero. i was just at the right place at the right time to at lest bind
7:18 am
us together to help save people's lives. >> i didn't make up the t-shirt part. he wants everybody else it was a group effort. he wants everybody to come forward. it wasn't just about me. i want everybody the attention. it's an avengers coming together here. >> yes. >> exactly. so humble. so humble. >> he's great. >> thank you, t.j. back to ginger. look at the fog across the northeast. >> and robin, you were saying delays as of last night. delays as of this morning. an houred a laguardia. midtown manhattan. can't see much. a picture from philly. the art.irport. it's not looking good there, either. that's the big picture.
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jacqui: good morning washington. another warm and sticky afternoon with a couple of showers and thundershowers mt likely midday or midafternoon, high tempeperatures in the upper 80's day, tonight skies gradually clear, cooler and less humid, 50's in the suburbs and downtown, tomorrow mostly sunny but nice, breezy with highin the mid 70's, cooler a through the resest of the work a lot more to get to this morning. new details in the d.c. mansion fire mystery. family housekeeper now speaking out. and watch this. a superstar deejay caught on
7:20 am
camera. fan's neck is broken in the fall. she's speaking out this morning. and an all-out search for a mountain lion on the loose. and what bruce jenner said last night about his life to his family and to millions of viewers. stay was. "good morning america" is right back.
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jummy: you can expect delays on the red line this morning. the bethesda station will not close. the good news is that the smoke is gone and the station is open again, but only trains headed towards dcr stopping at that station. first let's check on the weather with jacqui jeras. jacqui: another warm and muggy
7:27 am
start this morning, let's show you what's happening across the region right now temperatures are in the upper 60's the lower 70's with high humidity up there at 84% as we take a look at other temperatures in the suburbs, 67 in dulles, the nine degrees in quantico. high temperatures today are going to reach the upper 80's once again and there may be some scattered showers and thundershowers with chance east of 95, tonight we will watch for the skies to clear out and cooldown around 60 degrees with refreshing air on its way tomorrow. angela: on the roads right now traveling to springfield on the fairfax county parkway police responded to a fallen tree possible lane closures in that stretch, heading over to lane closures on southbound
7:28 am
270, tracking in montgomery county in eastbound lanes, westbound lanes of 108 shutdowns by zion road. jummy: thank you the top story we're following this morning, the man accused of murdering his neighbors in rockville is set to be arraigned in alaska. police arrested scott tomaszewski after he got off of the cruise and alaska. the news continues right now with "good morning washington" live
7:29 am
7:30 am
good morning, america. right now, we are tracking that dangerous flooding in the south. more strong storms on the way. following at least 20 water rescues overnight. also right now, police in waco texas, on alert this morning, bracing for possible retaliation after the deadly biker brawl. 170 gang members in custody. and last night, bruce jenner opening up about his transition. as we do say, good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. taylor swift's "bad blood" video is trending everywhere. >> my daughters were watching it. i said close that right now. go the bed. >> i'm sure that didn't help. you have the speed feed coming up. you'll show what happened behind the scenes. an epic stunt tail. >> that's right.
7:31 am
we have all that ahead. we begin this half hour with the latest on the mansion murder mystery. lits revealing new details about that surveillance video showing the person of interest. and the family's housekeeper is telling her side of the story. ryan smith is in washington with the latest on all this. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: and good morning to you, robin. the police presence remains steady here at the family's home where they say a quadruple homicide occurred. as they continue to work the scene, a long-time employ eye of the family is speaking out. this morning, police revealing new informaon about the deadly fire killing wealthy business man salve vas savopoulos his wife amy, and what authorities believe are their 10-year-old son and their housekeeper, vera figueroa. this video sewing a person of interest was shot miles away from the family's home but close to where savopoulos's car
7:32 am
was found torched. now, a long-time housekeeper is shedding light on the homicide. selling abc news she was with savopoulos the day before the fire. he said his wife was going out that night. this new detail seemingly contradicts a message left for an employee the same night. >> i hope you get this message. amy is in bed sick tonight. and she was sick this afternoon. >> reporter: according to gutierrez, vera figueroa came to the house. moments later, fig roar what's husband received a call from savopoulos telling him his wife was staying the night. >> i wouldn't be surprised if there was not already somebody in the house. the bad guys would not want somebody else in the house. >> reporter: police on the hunt for leads, offering a $25,000
7:33 am
reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. the savopouloss' surviving daughters, 19-year-old abigail and her younger sister now living with the grandparents. on mother's day, one of the girls posting on facebook about her mother i'm so grateful for everything you do. george? >> okay ryan. such a strong sad story. we turn to a lawsuit against one of the most popular deejays in the world. steve aoki known for going wild during his shows. one woman saying he went too far, saying she broke her neck during a stunt a few years ago. tom llamas is here with the story. >> reporter: you can see how these concerts really are. imagine being in a crowd of peoplers dancing, screaming, when one of the world's most famous deejays jumps from two stories high and lands pretty
7:34 am
much on your head. one woman says it happened to her and there was nothing fun about it. deejay steve aoki one of the biggest stars in electronic dance music is known for high-energy, crowd surfing. smashing cake into fans' faces. now this millionaire beat-master who has broken all types of records when it comes to concert ticket sales is being sued for allege lid breaking if neck of one concert goer. the 2012 incident caught on multiple cameras. he flaunchs a 20-foot-high scaffolding. under the raft 27-year-old brittany hickman. >> i was unconscious. >> reporter: she describes being trapped when the rule raft was tlun into the audience zplp he jumped. landed on the raft landed on my head. i was knocked out.
7:35 am
>> reporter: she had no idea how hurt she was until a doctor's visit days later where she got the scare of her life. >> he's like don't be alarmd. but you broke a bone in your neck. >> reporter: the case is headed to trial. >> he's going around the world performing for large audiences and there's people constantly being subjected to this risk. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, steve says i would never want anyone to get hurt at any one of my shows. and feel badly that someone has. but at this time i have been advised by my attorneys to not speak about this as it's going the trial. now, hard rock san diego, where the concert took place is also named in the suit. they had no comment. it's been a busy time. steve aoki just released a new album last week. >> thank you, tom. now to a california neighborhood on high alert. a mountain lion hon the loose. aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: terror in in northern california neighborhood
7:36 am
monday. >> we hear that there's a mountain lion. that's insane. >> reporter: a mountain lion on the loose. spotted three times in 12 hours. wild life officials scouring the streets armed with tranquilizer guns warning neighbors to stay away. >> it was running around the backyard. it's all gated. i don't know how the heck it got back there. it's a big shock. >> reporter: the first sighting at 4:30 a.m. from a resident. officers spot it on a street corner. nine hours later, a resident reports seeing the cat walking away from an apartment complex. at 4:30 p.m., a third sighting. officials set up a perimeter. canvassing the area before finally finding and capturing the cat shortly after 7:00 p.m. >> took two shots to bring the lion down. and he was safely -- sleeping away in the bushing over there. >> reporter: this morning, residents breathing a sigh of relief. wild life officials releasing
7:37 am
this lion back in the wild. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news san francisco. time for the weather. ginger snow on the map? >> and snow flying. we have the pictures just west of denver along i-70. that is going to be slippery and slidey. that is happening. it will keep happening. above 10,000 feet, you could see 10 to 20 inches. we have winter storm warnings in parts of the rockies. they're seeing record rains in places like colorado springs. rainy on the front range.jacqui: good morning, washington. one last hot and sticky day before some cooler air comes in, dryer, too. the forececast humid >> pollen. it's all starting here. the allergy report. moderate to high in the northeast and west with higher amounts across northern nevada. grass poll season the problem in
7:38 am
the southwest and southern plains and the carolinas. watch out for ragweed, too in las vegas. i've got all good news. pretty much everywhere. >> i can smell it. >> i can confirm. next up bruce jenner's emotional revelations last night in front of millions of viewers. and important new health alert about breast cancer screenings and what doctors should be checking for. come on back. allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful non-drowsy 24-hour relief for... ...fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do... ...every day. live claritin clear. my school reunion. i don't know. who wants to play in idaho? gotta get milwaukee up to speed. we win in flint, we take the lead.
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we're back now at 7:42 with more on bruce jenner. revealing more than ever about his transition last night. his family opening up in part two of a tv special, letting the world in on the emotional journey they're all on. "nightline"'s juju chang is here with more. >> we all know. this is a family whose intimate
7:43 am
details are for public consumption consumption. yet, kris jenner sitting down with bruce feels brutally honest. filled with lots of pane and lots of tears. >> you were the toughest one to talk to out of anybody, okay? >> well maybe it's because i'm the one you lied to the longest. >> reporter: for the first time overnight, kris jenner sharing her toughest feelings. >> i think i'm just so confused right now. >> where is your confusion? >> i think you shut me out a long time ago. and i just think that being honest is something that -- we all would have appreciated. i think your truth in your head is different than the truth that came out of your mouth. >> reporter: kris raw with emotion in part two of "about bruce" a keeping up with the kardashians special event. >> and try something hard to just process my pain and get through my days. it's a struggle. i wake up in the morning, like
7:44 am
and then i realize, oh my god, this is really happening. i have to mourn this person i was married to for all these years. i look at pictures of you and the kids and i get really sad because i feel like -- you died. you know bruce died. >> reporter: bruce's daughters excited and nervous for their first encounter with her. zblefb though i haven't seen her. when he talks about her, he's happy. that makes me happy. >> my biggest fear about meeting her for the first time is i thing my reaction. i don't want to do anything that would be offensive or hurt her feelings. >> i do want to meet her. but when he's ready. when we're boat ready. >> reporter: easing the way through this unchartered journey, kim, showing her love. joining bruce in his closet. >> can i confess? >> what you copy my outfits. >> no. >> what? >> i stole your outfit.
7:45 am
>> what? >> reporter: turns out, not the first time she's sneaked outfits from the women in his life. >> i got that from mom. >> reporter: learning support would come in the least expected way. >> i couldn't have a better stylist than you. >> that was fun. >> i ner thought i would do that with you. >> reporter: the transgender community is the place where the gay community was about 30 years ago. me hopes these frank conversations will help others to understand. i thought from himkim styling her father's clothes. >> it's about clanging the narrative. thank you so much juju. >> my pleasure. coming up medical miracle. the identical triplets born against the odds. two of them con vind. the emergency surgery to separate them. and taylor swift's bad blood video trending big.
7:46 am
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you are very familiar with the "speed feed" today.
7:50 am
>> oh yes. it was my life last night. women and men watching taylor swift. stars are just like us right? which means sometimes they wipe out filming a new video. she recently day bud her video. it's been viewed more than 18 million time. take a look at that screen right there. she walks out, bursting will you the wall. perfectly flawlessly. well monday night, she posted this behind the scenes video. the first take from making that same scene. oh! >> oh! no! >> you love it. she gets up she's like i'm okay i'm okay. that clip has been viewed -- got more than 845,000 times in just hours.e, guys. i forgot the keep walking. >> oh. >> good for her for letting people see, y can fall down like that get back up. >> try again. >> and make a killer video.
7:51 am
>> thank you, amy. we have so much ahead. "dancing with the stars," the big finale is tonight. before going down to the wire we'll talk about an all-out battle between these three.
7:52 am
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jummy: could tuesday morning. we want to start with a check on the forecast for you. jacqui: another warm and muggy one, the today is the last one, we will have a break as cool and refreshing air comes in here. 73 downtown, 72 in fredericksburg, 70 this morning and culpeper. a cold front to the west will be a bit of a trigger this afternoon with isolated showers and thundershowers, the best chance will be east of interstate 95 with temperatures reaching the 80 degree mark noon in the upper 80's expected today. tomorrow, breezy conditions the seasonal temperatures back in the 70's.
7:57 am
angela: starting on the rails red line service has not been restored, but we do have limited service that is single tracking between medical center and friendship heights. a live look at d.c. 295 high standing water from southbound 295 to capitol street expect delays on the george washington parkway. just volume delays, northbound from the keen bridge to turkey run park and the beltway southbound you are jammed from the memorial bridge to the key bridge. back to you. jummy: top stories, this year's it or ticket campaign kicks off this morning, law enforcement officials unveiling a campaign outside the medstar washington hospital center with great news for the district. d.c. is the fittest city in the midwest -- u.s.. neapolis came in second, followed by sacramento.
7:58 am
the american council for medicine compiled the survey. pretty cool. you can get more traffic weather, and news up dates back on
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. baby oh baby. identical triplets born against all odds. two of them conjoined. the emergency surgery and the tough road ahead. ♪ i could fill your cup ♪ medical mystery. hidden autism. the real-life story of a woman struggling to fit in. unaware of living with the disorder all along. and it's an all-out battle for the mirrorball noah on the verge of tears last night. >> this is going to be a very very tight final. >> riker dominating on the dance floor. and rumer wowing in the ballroom. and it's the clash of the bachelorettes, behind the zeechbs show already shocking fans and critics. chris harrison is live dishing with love as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
>> chris harrison always takes time to smell the roses. now he's handing them out, too. >> the ladies. the ladies out in the crowd this morning. he has a new hit book. as we say good morning, america. >> it's a mega"deals & steals" "good morning america." the first of three this week. this one saul about music. ginger and tory have a flash deal. >> i have it. our mega "deals & steals." it's all about instruments. tory johnson. >> i'm so impreeszssed with the wind in your hair. we have ten different instruments. from the baby grand to guitars. you'll only find it at on yahoo!. normally, $30 to $160.
8:02 am
everything is slashed in half. how good is that? 15 to 80 bucks. we have more to take your sing. i don't know if we're doing more wind blown. >> more wind please. more deals that will make your sing. >> does the wind machine come with it? a music video. we have been waiting to officially say this welcome jesse palmer. yes. it's official. you're going to be a special contributor to us here at the "gma" family. and, my friend you can do it all. your versatility we have seen already. you'll get dirty. down in the mud. in the ring. >> and he's always smiling. >> just like that. >> so far, george. so far. >> and with ronda rousey. >> no one can question my dedication. >> and the special story about the big-time baseball coach that changed the lives of kids playing little league.
8:03 am
and, okay espn fans. he'll still be around college football season. don't worry. >> you're joining the seven-day-a-week club. >> none of us do just one job. here's to that. >> i'm so humbled and excited for this opportunity to work with you all. i want to thank everybody at abc and the abc family. and for espn continuing to support me. and of course my mom, my dad. and my french bulldog who runs the show. >> you have made us better every day you've been on. >> thank you. >> oh there's a picture. >> aw. >> that little dog runs my life. runs the show. >> okay. >> i sound like mickey rourke accepting an oscar. >> congratulations, jesse. the big story this morning. the extreme weather ginger has been tracking. three inches of rain fell in 45 minutes in central texas. all that water washing out roads from texas to mississippi. prompting at let's 20 high-water
8:04 am
rescues. in louisiana, an 11-year-old died in a car that was swept away. a younger sibling clung to a kree for an hour and was rescued. the city of waco is bracing for more trouble. 170 bikers are each being held on $1 million bond facing organized crime charges. some will be charged with capital murder. a bulletin went out earlier this month warning that gang members were ordered to kill anyone in uniform. the restaurant where it all took place has been shut down for good. overseas dramatic video showing dozens of iraqi military personnel being rescued from inside the city of ramadi which is now controlled by isis. the isis victory in that city is raising doubts about the u.s. strategy in iraq. to a health alert now and word that some women with dense breast tissue may not need extra
8:05 am
screening. dense breasts make cancer harder to detect. only half of the women with dense breasts are at high enough risk to warrant extra screening. age fanldly history could is be taken into account before ordering extra tests. a texas couple is calls the birth of their baby girls a miracle. they were delifrd over the weekend. two of them were joined at the pelvis. dls are hopeful they'll soon be able to lead separate lives. >> reporter: doctors are calling it a 1 in 50 million chance identical triplet girls. what t's more unusual? two of them are conjoined. >> we were not expected it. it was rare. >> catalina amina, and scarlet were born at 34 weeks.
8:06 am
>> we worry about the brains. eyes. lungs. and the babies' g.i. tract. >> reporter: doctors performed emergency surgery to begin the process of separating amina and scarlet. the outcome, the twins have separate bladders. our affiliate cameras were there when dad held catalina for the first time. >> god chose us for a reason to take care of them. >> reporter: doctors say in six month, they'll be able to separate the wins the completely. >> this is a very rare finding. and a rare abnormality. we want to make sure we have as much information as is possible. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news new york. >> our thanks to reena for that. truly miraculous. we wish them the very best. >> we do. >> thank you, amy. in case anyone missed it. check out this emotional moment on "dancing with the stars." >> i think it will be powerful.
8:07 am
because it's -- it's real. >> you know noah named last night's freestyle. makes for an all-out battle. let's go to lara in the social square. >> thank you, george. he'sre's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." secret autism. the woman dowho didn't know she had it until later no life. and the bachelorette. who doesn't like chris harrison. we're here live with him with all the latest. he's written a book. what don't you do? we'll find out coming up live on "good morning america." hi, everybody. good to see you all.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
welcome back. time now for the heat index. and today's -- [ bell rings ] -- hot button. a fight to the finish on the dwts dts finale. "gma's" melissa rycroft has all the drama from the ballroom. ♪ i'm titanium ♪ >> reporter: it all comes down to this. the final three dancing it out in the most competitive season ever of "dancing with the stars." >> this is going to be a very, very tight final. >> reporter: the remaining contestants first doing an encore of one of their favorite routines in an attempt at gaining higher scores. >> 10! ♪ amen ♪ >> reporter: rumer's reprise bringing dad to tears. >> diehard, baby. >> reporter: then it the was time for the main event. the highly anticipated
8:13 am
freestyle. rocker riker lynch was white hot in his show-stopping stunner. >> i have had one of the most amazing times of my entire life. >> reporter: tied at the top of the leader board with actress/singer rumer willis dancing to the beat of her own voice. ♪ with the touch of your lips i'm on ♪ >> i'm completely ecstatic right now. >> reporter: and no whatah galloway. >> i want to see the vulnerable side of noah. >> i think it's going to be good. with you know -- what we have been rehearsing and the ending. i think it's going to be powerful. because it's real. >> reporter: oh, how real it was. >> 10!
8:14 am
>> reporter: all ahead of tonight's big showdown. ho will walk home with the glistening mirrorball? it's still way up in the air. for "good morning america," melissa rycroft, abc news dallas. >> we're talking. we have no idea. >> none of us can guess. >> so you have to watch. "dancing with the stars" finale event tonight, 9:00 8:00 central. tomorrow morning, you know what's going to happen. it will be a huge "dancing with the stars" afterparty tomorrow. >> george is going to dance. >> okay. up next a woman who spent most of her life struggling why she couldn't fit in. unaware she was living with a condition that doctors failed to diagnose. turns out that happens a lot more than you think. jesse palmer is here with this story. >> reporter: for 21 years lydia knew she was different. doctors and psychologists couldn't explain why. in her senior year in college, a friend noticed something unusual
8:15 am
about lydia that helped her finally get the answers she needed. for 27-year-old lydia, life has been a series of hard-won battles since childhood. >> i got overwhelmed around other kids. i was frustrated a lot too. food and tags and clothes. and crowds. andfireworks. so many things were hard. but i wasn't able to communicate it when i was little. soy just cried. is there she would juts refuse the eat. i would mention to it the pediatrician. he would say, it's not unusual. they can be very picky eaters. >> reporter: doctors put her on medication for anxiety and depression. >> i have heard everything from stubborn. she's a manipulate later. personality disorder. >> reporter: but what lydia's doctors missed and her family didn't know she was on the autism spectrum. we don't yet know the number of adults don't get diagnosed, today, 1 in 68 children are on
8:16 am
thespectrum. the one area she excelled academics. teachers said she was lazy. >> she seemed incapable of keeping things organized. >> reporter: at 21 a friend recognized the symptoms and suggested she be e vl waited. shortly after sherks was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. >> i'm the same person i always was. >> reporter: why did it take so long for her to be diagnosed? >> years ago, the prevalence wasn't as great. i think in some case there wasn't as much awareness. clinicians may not have been able to diagnose as easily. >> in that blog that lydia writes. autism does mean that i'm absorb absorbed within myself. it doesn't mean i don't want you around. if cow can come to me i would love to let you in.
8:17 am
there's a whole world in here. check it out. >> lets talk about this more. this key moment when her friend realized she was unusually bothered by bright lights. why is that important? >> the it's the condition september of sensory overload. jesse will put on these head sets and look at video clips from the group autism speaks. it gives you a sense of what the expeer jeps likerience is like for someone who is sensitive to sound and lights. you think about autism there is a spectrum. some people are on the higher end. may they may just experience difficulty with social interaction. others on the other end may have difficulty talking. for lydia, the intensity of light was the clue. >> your heart went out to her hearing from her mother all these things they thought about her and here all along sherks was on the spectrum.
8:18 am
how do you know? >> it's not like diabetes where they do a blood test. if you're struggling and wondering, you can take a quiz and get a sense of the kinds of questions they'll ask. here are three things you need to react to. i get extremely upset when the way i like to do things is suddenly changed. the next one, some ordinary textures that do not bother others feel very offensive when they touch my skin. and the third one, it's difficult for me to understand how other people are feeling when we're talking. so you know, if you take these kind of quizzes or are concerned, see your doctor. they can sort out if this applies to you. >> what was it like? >> sensory overload. the light was piercing. i had to squint to look around. the noise was so overwhelming. i thought when people were looking at me, it was as if they were looking through me or
8:19 am
judging me. i would say more than anything a feeling of anxiety. absolutely. yeah. >> and watching the video can give you the empathy and compassion and will help us all interact. >> people will have a lot more questions. you'll take them on twitter? >> i will. we're going switch gears and get to "the bachelorette." it was double the drama on the season premiere. not one but two women greeting prospective husbands at the mansion. the men voting on who should stay. juju has a look behind the scenes. >> reporter: millions of fans tuning in for the kickoff of this season's "bachelorette." we were there too, filming the action behind the action. a side you have never seen before. >> knock knock. >> who's there? >> two bachelorettes. >> two bachelorettes who? >> that's the joke. >> reporter: that's right. two bachelorettes.
8:20 am
which women will the men choose? kaitlyn or britt? seems like the country has divided into team kaitlyn and team britt. >> it's a bizarre thing. >> reporter: we were granted un unprecedented access to the set. >> see how glamorous this is? >> reporter: the entire crew. the mansion transformed into a hollywood set. >> if you came here three days ago, there's little of this. >> reporter: inside the ceilings are gridded with studio lights. finding love while dating multiple men on tv. really? people at home going, come on? >> i think people believe in this show. obviously, i do. >> reporter: you're not a paid actress. >> no. >> reporter: you're not being told what to say and do? >> no. you get 25 big personalities in the room you don't get a script. >> reporter: here's a part you don't see. cameras jammed into the kitchen.
8:21 am
makeup touches for everybody. and the drinks. does anybody catch your eye? >> yeah i mean. i'm not going to lie. when a guy smells good i'm like hello. >> there was a twinkle. >> reporter: will lit weird romances more than one guy? >> weird is a good word. >> reporter: as artificial and downright weird as this show is both women argue when it comes to finding love it really works. >> i know it's crazy and believe me i watched the show for a long time. i know how weird it looks from the outside. >> reporter: is it actual love or just the adrenaline rush of a fabricated world of mansions hot air balloon rides and exotic travel. a lot of people are cynical. this is an artificial construct. >> yet they're still watching aren't they? deep down even believes. you want to make fun of the show the premise, it's impossible. it's not impossible. it has. it's worked many times over.
8:22 am
>> reporter: i got to meet five of the bachelors. a a welder from iowa. a single dad from detroit. a trainer from california. what do they all have in common? they ooze charm. >> and? >> they're easy on the eyes. >> just saying. >> and just saying this. chris harrison is with us in our next half hour with more on the big premier. right now, we need to head outside with ginger and the weather. >> yeah we do. i have a message. alyssa will be late for work because she's spending the morning here with us. and my new friend from tennessee, we have to check in on the freeze warnings and frost advisory. that's right. places like northern michigan. going to get very cold. chicago, feels like the 40s this morning. much colder.
8:23 am
jacq: good morning washington. another warm and sticky afternoon with a couple of showers an thundndershers most likely midday or midafternoon, high temperatures in the upper 80's day, tonight skies gradadually clear, cooler and less humid, 50's in the suburbs and downtown, tomorrow mostly sunny but nice, breezy with ghs in the mid 70's, cooler air thrgh the rest of the work [ cheers and applause ] >> we're staying dry out here. thank you for the umbrella. where are y'all from? >> california. >> we're going check in on the west coast coming up. let's great back in. it's "pop" time. >> you said it. >> i like that. thank you. chris is on later. i know you love "pop news." >> but i was on the couch, so you thought, he's here. >> and we don't want to be rude. >> awkward. >> um so any way. let's talk "pop news." up first, love chris helps worth shemsworth.
8:24 am
he may be a star but he doesn't see his earlier roles as a ", the -"thorn" in his side. he'll play the role of guy eating a burger on a soap opera. he agreed to jump in this scene while visiting his old mates on the set. he just went them to say hi to everybody. other former stars of the soap have tried to distance themselves from the show chris has said he krits every job he gets now to that first break. >> i get confused for him all the time. >> harrison hemsworth. >> same body. same ak sents. have you heard of no-mo-phobia? >> no. >> no mobile phone phobia.
8:25 am
it's a sense of anxiety of being separated from your phone. women four times more likely to suffer from it. feeling insecure when your phone is dead your can't check it. and feelings of inadequacy when you can't access information. >> you were going along until that point. >> george can never fathom feeling inadequate. >> never. researchers at iowa state university has created a 20-question test to determine if you have no-mo-phobia. you can find it online. ginger is moderate. she took the test this morning. chris, you only had mild. >> oh, good. >> i think the older you are, we remember what it's like. >> i was going to do this yesterday for our friend dan harris. if you think you're having a rough morning, how do you think this guy feels? i mean, the cat is just sitting there trying to have nice little moment in the sun. he is the most patient cat ever.
8:26 am
being harassed. his name is reggie. if he can handle this we can definitely make it through the workweek. >> everybody nose thatknows that feeling. >> that's pop news. >> thank you for letting me stick around. >> you have to stay around. jennifer weiner is here to go head to head with you. and amy winehouse. you have a new book, don't you?
8:27 am
jummy: we want to start with a check on the weather right now on this tuesday. is it going to be another hot one? jacqui: a toasty tuesday, very humid once again this morning temperatures very similar to what they were like yesterday with high humidity, 75 downtown, six he ate in dulles, 70 this morning. making it into the upper 80's cooler than yesterday at 92, we will see showers and thundershowers possible by midday today. tonight the skies will start to clear out to the overnight hours, into the suburbs and tomorrow a little lid of a change with temperatures in the mid 70's. angela: on secondary roads trying to connect with the capital beltway there are volume delays on the outer loop from prince george's county into montgomery county. a live look at interstate 66 in
8:28 am
indiana and on the fairfax county parkway as we approach leesburg pike crews are on the scene with roadway restrictions on the ramp from southbound 295 to apple's. back over to you, jummy:. jummy: prosecutors are asking the judge to was a gag order on witnesses in the freddie gray case. prosecutors argue the statements by attorneys could prejudice the public. a new company is launching today in d.c. that is a cheaper alternative to tax season -- two taxis and uber . split guarantees prices between two dollars and eight dollars. good morning washington will continue live on news channel 8.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ take me to church ♪ ♪ i'll worship like a dog ♪ how about another look at a truly remarkable night on "dancing with the stars." rumer and val. perfect 10. oh. and her parents were there. cheering on crying. they were tears. throughout the ballroom. >> you couldn't find anything but 10s last night. the finale will be a block buster tonight. all the finealists here tomorrow. all part of the "dancing with the stars" afterparty here on "gma." take a look at our friend chris harrison. host of "the bachelorette" here with his take. and the latest on his hit new romance novel. lara is sitting with him. >> he's getting a lot of air time. >> nhe knows the genre.
8:31 am
>> one more one more. hey, we want to wish a very special happy birthday to a dear friend of this program. david hartman. oh, yes. [ cheers and applause ] co-host of "gma" back in the day. one of the true true greats. he's been such a wonderful friend to all of us. we're wishing him a very happy -- no. 80th birthday? make it a good day today. >> wonderful man. now to lara. >> thank you so much guys. more on last night's explosive "bachelorette" season premiere. here to break it down, host of the hit show soon to be host of " "who wants to be a millionaire?" and the author of the book "the perfect letter." and also jennifer weiner. >> who i aspire to be.
8:32 am
before, after. >> time put jennifer on the list of 140 best twitter feeds last year. your commentary on "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette." is legendary. >> i had to get up early to wash off the awkward. >> i knew her as an author. i have got on the love her as a tweeter of "the bachelorette." >> talk quickly. i know you worked on "the perfect letter." your first novel for two or three years. >> yes, it's taken quite some time. what it was, i realize who love "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette." it's an extension of that. it has nothing to do with the shows but everything. >> have are story lines you have cultivated from what you have seen? >> not from the show. but from my depressen personal life. it definitely brings lessons from what i have seen and
8:33 am
learned in the last 13 years of hosting the show. the basis of the book is a love triangle. the guy that's perfect on paper. your friends think he's great. but -- >> ryan m. >> steamy scenes. >> mommies will love the love seens. >> so will caddaddies. you just said it. you said it best. her opinion, she had to wash off the awkward. now, we have not one but two bachelorettes. >> that's when we know we have done something right. >> the thunldder dome of love. >> you have them set up on the courtyard that is as always soaked with the tears of former losers. >> yes, yes. >> there's britt in white, looking dare i say bridal. and kaitlyn fading into the background. >> and both with side eyes to
8:34 am
each other. >> it was like the fast food franchises at last exit off the jerdy turnpike. the men are like do i want mcdonald's or burger king? and did some of the guys really just say hi to one woman? or was that editing? >> they're at least an olive garden. >> appleby's? >> i was so deliar use, i combined their names. their hollywood name is brittlyn. it was the most awkward. i was glad they came together. ? when a man drives up in a cupcake, what other choice do you have? >> what can you do with that? what about the carpool? >> what did you think about the entrances? >> look at this. why? why? >> how do you not fall in love with a candy corn, jen?
8:35 am
>> this guy ha has a mom somewhere. >> we encourage them to be original. think out of the cupcake is what we try to encourage. >> jen, sit working? >> no. i'm sorry. no one wants -- i speak for all women in america and possibly the world, no one want mans who drives a cupcake? or a car pool. or the lawyer/ -- >> we don't know. they're all in contention. which team are you on? >> you know who wins. let me ask you. >> i'm on team let's not set women back 100 years again with this nonsense. you know i love you. >> how does a guy driving up in a cupcake set women back? because she says you can't put men any further back. >> i love you guys. but, okay "the bachelorette" is the one chance that women get to be in the driver's seat on this
8:36 am
franchise. what have you done? you have taken away their agency and delivered to it ryan m., the cupcake guy, and the lawyer/exotic dancer. >> i excused ryan quickly from the premises. >> he went pretty far. don't you think that after the in'proep rate touching he should have been yoinked. >> he got yanked quickly. >> do we have to go? >> we'll narrow it down. by the end of tonight, you'll forget that there were two bachelorettes. >> i'm going out the get you a glass of white wine. >> and i'm taking you to mcdonald's and burger king. >> i'm the winner. >> you two come together. we'll check in with both of them again. part two is tonight. 8:00 7:00 central here on abc. chris' book is available now. george to you.
8:37 am
okay lara. thanks a first look at the powerful new documentary about amy winehouse. she was just 27 when she died for yours ago after struggles with addiction. now the movie, "amy" is drawing buzz and acclaim. chris connelly has more. >> reporter: a new documentary just debuting at the cannes film festival offering the the latest but probably not the last look at the late amy winehouse. spl amy was a girl that just wanted to be loved. >> reporter: critics are saying amy offers an intimate unflinching look at winehouse. the undeniably talented singer claimed by her addiction. >> she became this rock 'n' roll cliche almost. i don't think a lot of people saw that she was a kind person a soft-hearted person. a kind of shy person.
8:38 am
>> reporter: interviews delineate he battles with eating disorders and her tempestuous marriage to blake fielder civil. >> she had a lot of people surrounding her that loved her. not emp had her best interests at heart. >> reporter: despite initial support, members of her family have disassociated themselves from the doc. the idea that they pushed her and didn't do enough to help her are unfounded and unbalanced. amy was an adult who could never be told what she could or could not do. >> and the grammy goes amy winehouse. >> reporter: not in dispute, her voice, which was stilled too soon. >> and "amy" opens nationwide on july 10th. let's go back to ginger. >> we're celebrating 40 years of marriage. so happy to have you here. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much.
8:39 am
>> happy to check in on los angeles earlier in the morning. a nice day today. eventually getting into the 60s. you have the upper level low. reno 66. the flash flood watches, that's our headline this morning. parts of the plains could see up to a half foot of rain. please turn around. don't drown. we can say it 100jacqui: good morning, washington. one last hot and sticky day before some cooler air comes in, dryer, too. the forast humid scatter >> all that weather brought to you by macy's. i'm just stopping and smelling the roses. we'll
8:40 am
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tt2war@1,kú:o j# ?od tt2war@1,kú:!!án oo, tt2war@1,kú:4!j# 9yx tt2war@1,kú:x#á&ú:>w, tt2war@1,kú:t#j'ú:áwh tt2war@1,kú:t#j)ú:!7, tt2war@1,kú:p#jáú:6,0 tt2war@1,kú:p#j,ú:wvp tt2war@1,kú:l#á.ú:íóé tt2war@1,kú:l#á0ú:ei4 [ cheers and applause ] we are back now. they are ready. our mega music "deals & steals." tory has bar gaines you can't beat for music lovers. >> it's slippery. first up this singing machine. we'll see something like fun on
8:43 am
here. these are the disco lights. i don't know if we'll hear it. we'll see it. >> if i say something like this? >> i was on "pitch perfect 2." doing this. >> the real thing. two karaoke machines. one has the built-in lyrics on the screen. the other is superdisco fabulous. everyone needs a karaoke machine machine. normally $80 to $100. both clashed in half. either model you choose $40 to $45. >> not bad. >> pitch perfect 2, actress. >> what do we have here? >> i love this. this is called freshy tech. a suction that goes right into your show person do you sing in the shower? >> oh yes, i love it. >> you can sing with tunes along the way. you can accept phone kals.
8:44 am
it makes singing in the showers ton. there's two model ps. one has better suction than the other. normally $40 to $70. slashed by 55%. starting at 1 bucks. >> love love love this. >> okay so this company is called zip buds. they won inc. magazine's style of the year. there's a zipper. no tangle. your ear buds ore head phones the cords get tangled. by using the zipper there is no tangle. lots of colors to choose from. lots of goodness. normally $40 to $200. these are slashed by 50% to 60%. $20 to $80 and free shipping.
8:45 am
this is brilliant. from minisoout. you wrap this around your arm. you have seen them for exercising exercising. you can have your music on the go. i love these. they're available for all the popular models of phones and ipods as well. normally $13. these are slashed in half $6.50. you get to -- you have your fitness track. your phone with the fitness tracker. you don't lose the points when you're out on the go. and you know why everyone is excited. >> i see the audience has them. >> everybody here is going home with one of these. everybody. >> very generous. >> thank you to them for that. >> we'll have a nice fit audience with this. >> and they'll be singing too. >> you can get the deals at on yahoo!. you'll be back on thursday with megawedding deals. and you can keep the music going
8:46 am
all week long. we have the giant party in the park. you coming with us? come on, jessie j. on friday. and just ahead, the woman who made 300 sandwiches, got a marriage proposal. sharing her favorite recipes live.
8:47 am
8:48 am
if the way to a man's heart is truly through his stomach, then stephanie smith found the perfect recipe.
8:49 am
sandwiches. 300 of them. she documented her relationship and recipes on a plog. she has a brand-new book. here's mara schiavocampo. >> it withas the sandwich that launched a love story. stephanie smith making her boyfriend a turkey and swiss when he uttered those famous words. honey, you're 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring. with that, it was game on. >> hi! >> reporter: she started the blog 300 sandwiches. becoming an interset sensation along the way. whipping up a caviar sandwich and a good old-fashioned fluffer-nutter. all in her book $300 sandwiches." not everyone wants to break bread with eric. many critics dubbing him the
8:50 am
internet's worst boyfriend. >> 300 of these for one of these. >> reporter: for stephanie and eric, sandwiches are a way of showing affection. finally getting some karats for all that bread. >> and joining us now along with a few of her sandwiches exactly 300, i believe, is the author of "300 sandwiches" stephanie smith. the big day is in three weeks. congratulations. >> yes, amazing, right? >> will there be sandwiches at the wedding? >> yes. >> do you have a special wedding sandwich? >> yes, i have been practicing at home. there was some backlash nishlly. people thought you took feminism back decades. they were apald your boyfriend would say, make me 300 sandwiches and maybe you'll gate ring. there was a lot more for the story. >> for one, eric did most of the
8:51 am
cooking during the 300 sandwiches. i think people connect when it comes to cooking for somebody else. a real relationship developed between us and our families. >> he didn't wait until the 300th sandwich. did he propose at 257? >> yes. right before i made it down in barbados barbados. >> what was in the sandwich? >> it was a fish sandwich with salsa. >> where did the inspiration come from? >> our parents, pinterest, what was going on in our lives that day. >> you made eight types of peanut better and jelly. we have examples ready to roll out. how did you come up with eight versions? >> you know you kind of go through and vary it up every day. the book i went through six different versions in the book.
8:52 am
>> this one has chocolate on it. it's good. >> all these things can be made in five minutes. >> it's hard to come up with the different ones. you're a reporter. how did it feel to become a part of the story, or become the story. >> it is interesting to be on the other side. it's sort of -- it was fun to ek employer as we were trying to ing toing to get to our engagement. >> did it help you prepare or react differently when you were suddenly the target? >> the whole thing started as a joke. i had a sense of humor about it. >> what is your favorite sandwich? >> there's so many. i love the lobster roll. so many peanut butter and jellies. >> i'm guessing eric's favorite was the fish sandwich. that at that's what got you the ring. >> so he says. >> congratulations.
8:53 am
"300 sandwiches." you can go to on yahoo! to get the re (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word.
8:54 am
(little girl) no! saw r first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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8:56 am
have they told us? >> it's going to be -- >> we have no idea. >> it will be the biggest, baddest afterparty. >> and what a night tonight. noah rumer, riker. anyone could win this thing. you have to tune in tomorrow. >> you never know who will be here. jummy: good tuesday morning, we want to start with a check of the weather right now. jacqui jeras has a look at what is this that you called it? jacqui: tofu tuesday. yesterday was muggy monday. tomorrow will be wonderful
8:57 am
wednesday with the air coming our way. 75 degrees is the current temperature right now. 70 in gaithersburg with a cold front approaching from the west triggering showers and thunderstorms by the midday hours possible today continuing off and on to the afternoon, chances are less compared to guess today. tonight cooling it down with highs in the mid 70's. angela: heavy congestion on the capital roadway, getting reports on the outer loop between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard as we head over to our traffic lane cameras in prince george's county, two accidents reported on the inner loop at branch avenue and indianhead highway, be prepared for additional delays through that stretch. live in georgetown we have cleanup on wisconsin avenue. 295 to east capitol street. jummy: the blue angels will be
8:58 am
practicing today for friday's performance at the naval academy graduation, meaning traffic delays on route 50 in the. today's practice section runs from 10:45 until 4:00 in the afternoon. the memorial bridge is about to undergo evaluation to determine if renovation is needed. structural concerns forced them to shut down the right-hand outbound lane last night and it's not clear when that lane will reopen. more weather, news, and traffic updates right on "good morning washington."
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." -- from disneyland. we're having a party and you're invited. get ready for a good time. on today's show, the lovely and talented jimmy kimmel. and from the hit series, "scandal," scott foley. and a performance from "american idol" winner nick fradiani. plus we continue "live"'s "anniversary games: family challenge edition." put on your mickey ears and come with us to our disneyland anniversary party. and now, here are nightly mcqueen and gator from the cast of cars land. [captioning


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