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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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kellye: a new lead in a case gone cold. what they found just feet below the water. tracking rain, the changing forecast and what you will see in your neighborhood. it's one of the biggest parties in d.c. the changing face of pride and what it means for so many people. the news at 11:00 starts right now. announcer: now abc 7 news at
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11:00 on your side. kellye: we begin in d.c. where police are hunting for a suspect . tonight, there is a look out for a woman was last seen wearing a black tank top as well as black sweatpants. if you know anything about this, call police. there is another person dead this time after a shooting in northeast. the police are not saying much but someone was shot and killed around 7:30 on the 2300 block of 15 street. some breaking news right now out of prince george's county. a death investigation has just been ruled a homicide. not many details at this point but we do know now that this is in the 7300 block of done no place.
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we are talking with police. as soon as we hear anything more, we will let you know. dive teams zero in on a previously untouched part of kenilworth park looking for dinner sharad. abc 7 has confirmed that inside was nothing more than sticks. rudd was last seen with a janitor at the homeless shelter where she lived in 2014. a volunteer dive team made the trip to d.c. to search an area that got a cadaver dog hit last october. >> i think the fact that the cadaver scent was picked up wanted another search. i appreciate them coming from so far to help my family. kellye: her family and friends
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have started an online fundraising team. davaughnie day's's mother says that she suffers from mental illness. if you see her, please contact police. enjoy the dry weather while you can because we are looking ahead to a couple of days of rain. devon: last time we actually spoke around the 6:00 hour, we were tracking area showers and storms. it could bring some chances of rain here tonight. some widely scattered showers, thunderstorm or's or isolated in nature. you can see southeastward movement. there is a chance they could go to the washington metro. between loudoun and fairfax
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counties, just near all the, a heavier shower. right now, 83 degrees. washington is really humid outside. it feels closer to 90. 70's elsewhere. ocean city, second half of the weekend, they are show will bring the blue angels. only a slight chance of a shower. the rest of us looking for heat and humidity sticking around. widespread storms are possible. some could be severe. the details in our complete forecast if human us away. kellye: it is always a party of the year in d.c. it is the capital pride parade.
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this year's festivities had a subtly different town. rebecca cooper joins us now. a slight change of face this time of year. rebecca: it is a decades-old tradition. i have been covering gay pride parades for many years. now with the game -- the gay-rights movement gaining across america this year you saw noticeably different, almost family-friendly theme. there were arts and crafts for the kids businesses lining up to be corporate sponsors, and a lot gay couples with baby strollers and small children. it's been a long day for cora. it she seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere at dupont circle. her dads have been here before for the parade but not as a family. >> it has been great having cora in our life and more excepting for us as the world changes. rebecca: in addition, attendees
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also noticed how many businesses and big corporations seemed to be competing to be the most gay friendly this year. >> i noticed that the marriott hotel had big billboards in the parade. later on, -- >> it is more excepting of the culture, showing that times have changed. i think it is a really good thing. rebecca: there were still plenty of over-the-top outfits. it is part of the fun of this parade. this year's parade was notable for just how mainstream maney now consider gay pride to be. >> it switched from protesting to a celebration and a parade. rebecca: some of the corporations lining up to be sponsors are marriott, hilton, starbucks had their employees where their special gay pride t-shirts. businesses is now thinking that being gay proudly -- gay friendly is good for business.
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kellye: while this year's parade may be over, the pride festival is not done yet. tomorrow, there is the star-studded capital pride concert between 1:00 and 9:00 p.m. in front of the capitol building. plenty of local business is also showing no for the lgbt community tonight ahead of the parade kickoff. and number of business owners gathered at the embassy row hotel. >> we've done a couple of wedding cakes in the past. and some for same-sex couples. kellye: the organizers of this event said it was important to do this now, not just because of pride weekend, because of the supreme court 's impending decision on gay marriage. justices will decide whether to
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legalize marriage equality under the 14th amendment. same-sex marriage is legal and the district of columbia. if the court rules against marriage equality, same-sex marriage bans could be reinstated in several states. the court will reissue its -- the court will issue its ruling later this month. a new playground is helping keep the memory of ruthanne o'donnell alive. . o'donnell taught for years. she was killed in 2014. the man with -- the man charged with killing her and two other people will go on trial in fairfax county this fall. the naacp leader coming after her race transition. what we are learning. >> we were there for an hour and then the cops came. kellye: where life gives you lemons you change the law.
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from the cold the sack to the new flight after the state shuts down a lemonade stand. the latest in the hunt for it to w o escaped convicts.
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kellye: people in new york are feeling the strain. for more than a week, their lives have been upside down as police scour the area for two escaped murderers. roz: we are learning a lot more about the worker that prosecutors's say help those prisoners escape. and the big question is why she would risk it? if convicted, she could spend nearly a decade behind bars. prison worker joyce mitchell spent her day in the courtroom. court documents reveal investigators believe five weeks before the escape she smuggled hacksaw blades chisels, a punch and a screwdriver bit to richard
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matt and david sweat, tools they used to cut their way out of the clinton county maximum-security prison. her husband lyle may have known of the escape, but he is not facing any charges. >> this does not happen. and if you do it, you will be convicted. and then you will be on the other side of the prison. roz: there have been no sightings of the runaway convicts. hundreds of law enforcement officers are combing through the dense woods this weekend. >> we have been prisoners in our own home basically for the last week or so. it's scary. roz: there is no plan to ease up on the manhunt. cuomo: we have a message for them. we are coming for you and we will not stop until you're caught. roz: the police believe they are still in the same area. they may be cold, hungry and desperate. kellye: thank you very much for
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the update. new developments involving the leader of the and delay cp -- the naacp. her parents have produced photos of the daughter as a blonde blue-eyed child. she says she will address the controversy at the group's meeting on monday night. another step toward healing old wounds with cuba. republican senators sat down with cuban officials today in have anna. the obama -- in havana. the obama administration removed its terror designation. now to the race for the white house. after speaking to thousands of people in new york city, hillary clinton addressed a much smaller crowd in iowa tonight. one of her primary opponents
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bernie sanders, praised her speech but said she needs to be specific in your policy proposal. mr. sanders: i urge her to speak out to the dis-note -- discontinuation of disastrous trade policies. kellye: former maryland governor martin o'malley is making time for a little music on the campaign trail. ♪ a broke out the guitar in new hampshire, met with voters and spoke with a parrot on his shoulder. his says that his time as governor will serve him well should he win the presidency.
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you never know what you might see martin o'malley doing on the campaign. this is about a family in texas who was fighting the law over lemonade. andrea and zoe green wanted to raise money for a father's day trip to a local waterpark. authorities shut her down and saying that they did not have the proper permit. their mother is spearheading a challenge to change the law. evans says, even though her girls are only seven and eight years old, this could be a lesson they could keep with them forever. let the girls sell their lemonade! devon: most ridiculous thing i have heard all week. they will get that changed. earlier, we discussed in a change of storms tonight. a few people thought it was possible, maybe not.
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we do have widely scattered storms in frederick. it's more widely scattered, you could say isolated storms a nature. not everybody is going to get rain tonight. in these situations, we will explain, difficult situations to forecast. we've got frederick right under heavy rain. look at the southeastward movement. that will put it right along 270. that would go right through the heart of the metro. but it would be about an hour midnight or thereafter. scattered showers going on toward northern virginia and frederick county -- fairfax county, rather. between chantilly and centreville, some heavy rain. thunderstorms near front royal as well. marshall in haymarket as well. we do have a little bit of -- marshall and haymarket as well. we do have a little bit of rain out there.
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it might the more likely that sunday when storm chances come in. the heat and humidity spreads back to the midwest. a weak cold front tried to move through today. this is why our forecast pattern is difficult. the center of the storm and the energy that keeps it north and west cervix -- so it extends farther away. it is difficult to pinpoint when storms will be there. tomorrow could see more widely scattered storms. some of the storms can be severe. heat and humidity and storm chances. if futurecast shows midmorning storms come in, that would limit high temperatures for the day. severe storms may not be realized. we would have a very small risk compared to if we hold off
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storms until the afternoon. they bridge swim going on tomorrow. if we have storms there, that is something to be getting around. so the severe potential is a slight risk. it is heavy rain and lightning that tops the list. maybe an isolated tornado in that risk. really, it is about he and humidity storms. tomorrow looks to have storm chances. monday, storm chances go down further. 93 is going to -- 93, it's going to feel closer to 90. watch out for a wind gust. that is your primary threat tomorrow if it is realized and
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the heat and humidity in the afternoon. lou: the only thing we need is a guy going "step right up!" up and down, nats are up again. . nats and finals talk from the nab -- the nba and nhl coming up.
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lou: me figuring out why the nats aren't winning on a config -- on a consistent basis is like me trying to figure out why my kids won't put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink. after friday night's debacle nats come back today and handle one of the worst teams in the majors.
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in the fifth, nats up 3-2. bryce harper on board for wilson ramos. he clears the base paths, a two-run jack to write makes it 5-2. a day after jordan zimmermann went three and a third innings joe ross filled out the pitching staff, fanning eight and saving the bullpen. scary moment in the ninth. bryce harper gets plucked on the left leg. harper would leave the game. update on him tomorrow. nats winner, 7-2. the skipper is pleased with the starting arm coming to play today. coach: it was good to give the bullpen a respite it has been taxing lately. good lengthy start from joe casey came in there and kept his pitches down, too. so freshen up a little bit. lou: those -- o 's win seven of
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their last. headley scores. that is r.b.i. 2000 and 2001 putting a-rod and hank aaron is the only players in baseball to hit over 2000 rbis. manny machado brings home j.j. hardy and ryan flaherty. machado goes 3-5. 9-4 is the final. the college series from omaha uva was the runner-up, taking on national and a solo jack to write, 378 feet. game tied in the eighth. kenny townes doubles to deep right. daniel pinero scores. they will play the winner of florida-miami on monday. florida is winning their game
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15-3. so it looks like they will play florida. the best-of-seven is now to down to -- now down to the best-of-three. in order for lebron and the cavs to win the title they will have to win one more game away from quicken loans arena. the two best players are indeed having a say in this entertaining final. reflecting on rest and signature moments. james: for us to be able to get this extra day to mentally and physically prepare for tomorrow night or tomorrow day, it is definitely helpful. curry: there is a lot of opportunity to turn it around. i don't know if that -- what that signature finals moment will be. as long as we get four wins, that will be signature in a for me. lou: game 5 in the stanley cup finals. game tied 1-1. look at antoine, gets the
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rebound. 2-1 is the final. blackhawks can hoist the cup with a win on monday night. back to basketball, you can catch game 5 of the nba finals here tomorrow night on nbc seven -- abc 7 at 8:00. so that is your look at sports. kellye: we will be watching. coming up, why police officer pulled over a woman on electric scooter -- on an electric let's mobile. same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target and upgrade to a shiny new everything. all things mobile. all in one place.
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kellye: an emotional ceremony today. the uss gabby giffords was christened today in alabama. giffords was shot in the head in tucson into -- in 2011 and nearly died. six other people were killed. 13 hurt in that attack. after she recovered, she left congress and founded an organization that supports gun control. dave hint spotted a woman on her scooter a few miles from the rest-canada border. she was lost and had been riding around for a while. he decided to make sure she got home. >> we are going to have to do
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something. i don't want you to get hurt out here. i treated her the way i would have wanted somebody to treat my mom. kellye: she is a determined lady. the trooper escorted her home at the scooter's speed, six miles per hour. [laughter] it took more than an hour, but the pair did finally arrive at the woman's home


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