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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  June 14, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> working right now, a park ride out of control. disturbing discoveries. bodies found in the water and what we are learning about the developing investigations. ending the weekend on stormwatch. abc 7 is on your side, getting you through the worst in preparing you for what is ahead. the news at 6:30 starts now. and right now we need to about the weather. some of you already seeing heavy storms in your area. we go straight to our meteorologist is tracking at all. >> an hour and a half ago we started to see storms tracking towards washington.
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the warnings went up over the metro. towards annapolis, researchers county, heavy storms on the way. strong storms in clinton and upper marlboro, southeast movement. look a little farther north and west and there is not a whole lot. it looks like the round we have already have might be the main round. there is a drop to temperatures with a little relief but we got tons of humidity. dew point at the mid-70's. it feels 100 in fredericksburg and 85 in downtown washington. there is still a risk for severe storms and if you are thinking of heading out, it is like stepping into a steam room. temperatures still into the 80's with sun. in the work we can expect hotter days to come at a risk of thunderstorms on monday and
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tuesday but rain chances go down a little bit. we will have them backed up in the middle to the end of the week but there is a chance we will break the heatwave. we will discuss that in the complete forecast. kellye: breaking right now in clinton, the people, adults and children headed to the hospital after a train ride loses control. -- 20 people. the ride careened down a hill before the lead car flipped over. diane got their moments before it happened. diane: the accident actually happened from where we are right now past the playground and just behind the skate park. we're told that 21 people were taken to hospital with injuries. firefighters say that the train was actually a tractor was going down the hill when the driver
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lost control, causing it to land on the side. the present or car stayed intact and did not fall over. the majority of passengers were children. there were about 16 of them. firefighters do not believe that anybody fell out and describe the injuries as slaves and bruises. -- we talked -- scrapes and bruises. we talked with woman who was a medical assistant. >> she was able to tell me, i was on the train and it was going zigzag nfl. -- and i fell. diane: we're told that everybody suffered minor injuries in this accident this afternoon. we are told the driver was able to get out and is expected to be ok. in clinton, diane cho. kellye: developing right now, a woman's body pulled from huntsman lake in fairfax county. that is were kevin lewis joins
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us live. people are surprised that this happened so close to home. kevin: certainly tommy kelly. two dozen people went up to the truck today, curious as to what happened. the police are saying that there were kayakers in the lake that stumbled over the body floating facedown in the warm water. a large piece of wood floating in the lake. >> cardiac arrest. huntsman lake. kevin: a mystery on huntsman lake. this morning kayakers happened upon the body of an adult woman floating facedown wearing blue jeans and a gray tank top. twitter broke the news to trade brown. >> people do not have problems in this neighborhood. to hear about a dead body being here, wow. kevin: first responders used in inflatable boat to examine the body >> an -- an inflatable boat
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examine the body. >> the person was clearly dead and have been here for some time. are there any missing adults? has anyone called in recently? that is where they will begin and go from there. kevin: huntsman lake has long been the recreational jewel of the neighborhood. people fish and canoe on the water while others often walk the hiking path. >> item certainly hoping it was an accident. -- i am certainly hoping it was an accident. that would really concern me. kevin: rescuers the body from the lake around the clock -- 3:00 this afternoon. the autopsy will pinpoint the cause of death. detectives would not tell us if there was visible trauma to the body. live, kevin lewis. kellye: the second body found it
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was recovered from the potomac. montgomery county crews were called out to carter rock. a swimmer has been missing since june the first. we did check with officials and they say this is most likely not that person. the body was found near a rock climbing area. new tonight, police have arrested a man they believe shot and killed an ice cream driver. according to the police larnell lyles was behind the attack that killed 22-year-old brandon brown. this happened at the lucas village housing project. witnesses help to the police tracked them down. -- track him down. police say that 27-year-old andre picarriello stepped his father last night during a fight at their home. -- stabbed his father last night during a fight of their home. guillermo picarriello died at the scene and andre picarriello
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is charged with the murder. >> most of the people are pretty quiet people, family-oriented people. so we never expected anything like that out here. kellye: andre was arrested this morning on an unrelated charge. new developments in an attack on dallas police headquarters. this is of the shooter, james have a history of erratic statements and behavior. italy sniper killed the man during the standoff. -- a police sniper killed the man during the standoff. investigators believe that the van was owned by a sheriff's office and sold last year. the capital pride concert growing strong tonight despite the rain moving through. just about an hour ago organizers tweeted that it will take more than rain to stop the show. performers will be hitting the stage in front of the n taliban :00 tonight.
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performers include carly rae jepsen, wilson phillips, and en vogue. it is now easy to get around the national mall. the d.c. circular added a new route. there are 15 stops including the capital, natural history, air and space museum, and lincoln memorial. each ride will cost one dollar. that's up if you drive 395 in the district, changes on the way could slow down the commute. starting june 22. two southbound lanes will be shifted to allow for road work. at night one of the lanes will be closed between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. the nba finals continue tonight and we are a little more than an hour away from game five. golden state warriors evened the series with a victory in game four. the finals of the most-watched ever with an average of 18 million people for each game.
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tonight's game starts at 8:00 right here on abc seven. lions, tigers, and hippos? the situation after massive flooding lets you animals loose on a town -- let you animals loose on a town. -- let zoo animals loose on a town.
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>> you are watching abc seven news at>> 6:30. kellye: a long-lost friend beaming a hello back to earth. the probe headed into space months ago and now it is awake. russian scientists have been trying to pinpoint its location since november -- mission scientists had been trying to pinpoint its location since november.
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the has not announced he is running yet but chris christie took aim at hillary clinton. christie says he doubts that the secretary of state knows what real americans are going through. the also touted his record in a heavily democratic state. chris christie: if you ask me one of the things that makes me different i think i am combat ready for washington dc. you need to know how to work with people and bring them together. kellye: despite being reelected with 60% of the vote recent polls show that 60% of voters disapprove of his vote performance. a big day tomorrow for jeb bush who is heading for miami and expected to announce he is running for president. he teased the announcement last week with a link. the husband been touring the country as a prospective candidate for the past few months -- he has been touring the country as a prospective candidate will the past two months.
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animals on the loose and a warning for residents. we are on storm watch. devon
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kellye: heavy flooding in the country of georgia has killed at least a dozen people. survivors are also dealing with wild animals in the capital. tigers and bears and wolves were among those set free. some of been captured but others remain on the loose and residents have been told to remain indoors. wow. very serious situation. devon: we have had to deal with heavy rain and not quite about extreme but with a lot of rain in a short amount of time there is the potential for rising
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water locally speaking. in the streets that can fill with water quickly. we experienced that in the last hour when we had severe thunderstorms through the heart of the metro. east and southeast but we want to start with the doppler radar for the region. an hour and a half, the storms were northwest over washington. the intensified and dropped a lot of heavy rain. heavy lightning as well. we will go east southeast and there is still a cluster of storms from annapolis heading to the day. you can see the storm weakened over clinton and dunkirk. lightning strikes over the bay. looking upstream, farther northwest, a water view in a moment. still more storm activity so there is the possibility of storms to come. still the possibility of heat and humidity, the trend will continue. the fronts start to fade out as
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it runs into the heat and humidity bringing storm chances so it is hit or miss storms scattered in nature. not everybody is getting one round. 7:00 tonight, most of the storms have passed. into the late hours, 4:00, there are indications that the storms that are northwest could drop another round and there is the potential was a bit of warmth, maybe not true heat but high humidity. some of these dorms could be severe. -- the storms could be severe. the main threat is from the lightning or maybe a wind gust over 50 miles an hour. despite the marginal risk, it is above a marginal risk but they are a low threat. as issued from the prediction center. it is really humid, very warm to start. the last week of school for many school districts that are trying to keep cool this week. isolated storms going into monday with lower to mid 90's,
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could be hotter with the heat index and the risk expands for the mother forecast. heavy rain and lightning is what you have to dodge so maybe the kids get back to school with rain gear. keep an umbrella handy throughout the entire week. the hottest days could be coming as we start the week, monday and tuesday. rain chances down to 30% or 40% and scattered storms. you have to factor in humidity to the air temperatures and it could feel 100, 102 105 enhancing rain chances wednesday and thursday. storms most likely in the afternoon time period. kellye: we will stay on top of it. we have confidence. who are you rooting for internet? -- tonight? devon: golden state. >> whoever wins, it is going to
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be hot. [laughter] >> the nba finals are living up to the hype with more subplots than a good novel. speaking of living up to the hype, a performance that legitimizes y they are play
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>> and now the toyota sports desk. >> the associations ok's event is that association showcase event is grabbing attention. even my father who would much rather watch tennis and these ball is staying up late to watch the games. of the many aforementioned subplots, lebron james going headfirst into a cameraman's lens is the latest momentum
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changer. will he have any ill effects? will they feed off of the loud oracle arena crowd? of all of the soundbites that the demise the series, listen to how lebron james nails momentum on the head. lebron: when you get to a championship game i do not think anyone has the momentum. they are coming back home. after the game to have the other night, -- they had thnight. the game starts. we see who can make the most plays and put the team in the position to win. >> talk about waking up. since the tobacco lawn friday the nats pitching staff waking up against one of the worst teams, outscoring the brewers 11-to over the last few games.
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the nats did not need them, at the top of the fourth, pose -- jose. scores, 2-0. max was on fire today blowing hitters away with a fastball. he got them to trace the curveball. he got guys inside and outside up and down and everywhere. perfect through six innings and he finishes with a career-high and franchise record 16. bottom of the seventh, carlos lopez. the cap get it -- he can't get it. there goes the perfect but still a 4-0 shutout. #whereisthemoney. the woman's world cup in canada, the stars and stripes finish out
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the play on tuesday. they are at orlando tonight in mls play. the third game with the new mls franchise would be black and red winning both in dramatic. this ends a stretch for the top team in the conference. armenia and portugal in the euro qualifier, 58 minutes. look at this beauty. from almost 30 yards out, upper 90. third goal for one of the best players in the world. kelly loves them. portugal wins 3-2 in the final. forget you can catch game five of the nba finals right here. coverage starts in 30 minutes. kellye: i was asking devon who he wants to win. >> i just want a good game. kellye:
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kellye: dinosaurs took a giant bite at the box office. worldwide, "jurassic world" made $512 million, the largest opening in history. it looks good, too. have you seen i have not. >> $500 million? >> just a small percentage is all i ask. devon: on the radar we are still tracking storms and selfies. we go -- south and east. northwest there is a chance of severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and lightning topping the list but we will be tracking
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dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live: game night." tonight, the cast of "magic mike xxl." plus "lie witness news," nba edition. presented by juicy fruit. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: wow, thank you very much. welcome to our sunday night game night special. i'm jimmy, your host and guide to the journey of baskets and balls. tonight, gave five of the nba finals between the golden state warriors and the


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