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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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has breaking details. what do you have? kevin: the divorce adding to a great deal of suspicion and mystery in this tragic and bizarre car crash that happened along i-370 behind me. the mother and son are identified at 33-year-old narges shafeirad and her 5-year-old son daniel dana. it was 3:30 yesterday morning that shafeirad was driving along i-370 in the toyota corolla with her son in the backseat when the vehicle made a sudden 90-degree turn just into the concrete median and crashed in a grassy embankment. the car caught on fire. now the divorce adds to that. the first responders found shafeirad outside the vehicle. but the car four doors were locked shut and little daniel
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trapped in the backseat where they pronounced him dead later on. according to the zil court records. -- civil court records shafeirad is in the middle of the divorce and custody dispute. the estranged couple was set to have a court hearing yesterday morning hours after the crash took place. i got off with the estranged husband's divorce attorney and he said, "everybody is stunned. the life of a 5-year-old is gone and that is a tragedy." >> it's completely char and burned up. a little burn damage showing on the outside. kevin: shafeirad was taken to the burn center with bad burns to her hand and respiratory issues. major crime the homicide unit collision reconstruction scene and the fire marshal
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office investigating the crash. they are taking this seriously. they want to speak with the mother as soon as possible. we've follow the story. i'm kevin lewis. leon: a three-alarm fire all but wipedded out tuckers restaurant in upper marlboro and now investigators are trying to figure out if it was accidental or something suspicious. maryland bureau chief brad bell joins us from tuckers. this is really a devastating loss to a lot of people out there. brad: a lot of people upset. tuckers restaurant was not fancy but it's well known and it has been here a long time. look at the window and you can see it's nothing but a burned out shell. loss of $1.3 million. there has been a tuckers here longer than anybody can remember.
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the building goes back to 1969. the current chef says it has always been popular. >> the ribs crab cakes and barbecue. right now this is a tragedy to us. brad: steve was in the restaurant until midnight and checked everything. but by 3:30 a.m. it was fully engulfed in flames the fire starting inside the middle of the lounge area. growing fast up and out. the flames so intense firefighters have to retreat and fight the fire entirely from outside. >> write off the majority of the building. >> why did it catch on fire? brad: he has his suspicions. auzual well when he left. he wonders about disgruntled exemployees. firefighters spent hours looking for evidence to explain the fire. they are not calling it suspicious or accidental yet. >> at this point the investigators are looking inside to determine what happened.
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it is under investigation. >> i'll miss my customers. my heart is hurting. >> back live now, look at the scene going on here. the investigation is underway. there is the proof. prince george's county command bus is leaving. the other vehicles arson investigators have been here all day long. extraordinary. this fire happened overnight and the investigation on scene is still well underway. they are not telling us anything about calling it suspicious. simply under investigation. brad bell abc7 news. kimberly: moving forward, our chances of staying dry don't look much better. leon: chief meteorologist doug hill is here with us now from the storm watch weather center with the first check of the forecast. not too bad out there. definitely cooler that is for sure. doug: definitely cooler. less humid. it has been for several days. we have showers in the area. that is the story. nothing heavy. get to it. outside the belfort furniture weather center. cloudy. cloudy in rockville as we look
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live at the seen -- scene at the mont gotry county there. scattered showers nothing heavy. moving left to right, west to east across the screen. scattered hit or miss showers. later thunderstorms could enter in the picture. we have a building well to the west of the metro area ahead of a warm front. 79 in washington. 3 in gaithersburg -- 73 in gaithersburg. through the evening hours the way it will look is cloudy and scattered showers in the 70's. the nationals park could be showers or sprinkles in the game. but i don't see anything to cause the game to be suspended or delayed. i hope those aren't famous last words. we'll see. i'll join you in the studio in a few minutes. >> you have had a lot of last words. we'll talk to you later. tonight, metro safety record blasted. along a number of issues and
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widespread problem in the control center. these are the finding from the federal transit administration. stephen tschida covering metro for us tonight. at the headquarters. this is part of a massive report released? stephen: this is huge, leon. many, many pages long. there are a number of troubling findings, a lot of directives toward metro, for metro and right now calls from local leaders, from the f.d.a. and a lot of passengers for metro to improve safety fast. >> almost six years to the day after the metro collision which left nine people dead, widespread safety issues persist. the federal transit administration launch an inspection of metro after january's deadly smoke incident on a yellow line train near l'enfant. >> they have safety issues they must correct.
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stephen: the f.d.a. said they must take dozen of actions to address 44 safety issues. chief among them the hub of operations. >> the f.t.a. found serious safety lapses in the rail operation control center. stephen: such as high level of noise and lack of electronic controls to prevent errors. chronically under staffed. and distracted employees when talking on personal cell phones. >> that is bad. that is not safe. stephen: the f.d.a. found a backlog of thousands of repairs dating to 2012. failure to update cancellation systems and repair power symptoms in a timely manner and uncover a failure to comply with the key safety rules at a rate as high as 40%. >> my goodness. that's scary. i ride it every day. stephen: metro issued a statement and says it welcomes
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the findings and it will use the directives as a roadmap to improve safety. reporting live stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: thank you. we put the entire f.t.a. metro report online for folks and you can read the whole thing at now, new tonight after missing for a month, prince george's county teenager is found. devaney bay was last seen leaving school in capitol heights may 19. she was found today near her home and she is now in the hospital went i'll stay on top of the story and get the rest of the details. as soon as we find out more we will let you know. kimberly? oh, i have. scheduled hearing for a fairfax county police spokes perp postponed today. he was in court for child pornography charges but it lasted less than a minute. he is out on bond but due back in court september 8. kimberly: u.v.a. lacrosse player convicted of murdering his girlfriend now taking his case to the u.s. supreme court. george huguely is serving a
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23-year sentence after being found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of yeardley love. tonight, his lawyers argue his rights to a speedy trial were violated. a petition filed last week said huguely was denied coup coup -- counsel when one of the attorneys fell ill during the trial and the judge agreed to proceed despite his objections. new develop in the the colorado movie theater shooting trial. the fifth juror has been dismissed in the case against suspect james holmes. the judge released a female juror for not telling him she recognized a witness who testified last month. the juror works at the witness' son's school. that now leave 19 jurors. 12 will decide the case and seven will be alternates. another juror was dismissed after her brother-in-law was shot in an armed robbery. leon: contract talks on the way for 10000 d.c. area janitors. they launched a rally and a march downtown at this hour. maybe not the best of news for
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commuters. bureau chief sam ford live in northwest washington with a look at this. you are walking, sam. tell us what is going on out there. sam: we're at a rally for justice for janitors. there are demonstrators behind us. they are in the area joined by a number of supporters including councilmembers that are represented by the fci union and negotiate with the contractors association to clean the building of the washington area. they are about 4000 of these employees in d.c., 4000 and then 2000 in maryland rate. they looking for a 30-hour work week. 30-hour work week because they would qualify for obamacare. that is their concern.
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>> we want a signal that they will do what is right for the work herbs. they want a full-time job with healthcare. that is on the table. we want them to take it serious. >> also, this is the 25th anniversary of the start of justice for janitors. the organization began in los angeles when janitors walked off their job in protest over cages and so they are observing an anniversary and getting ready for contract negotiations. reporting live from downtown washington sam ford, abc7 news. leon: watch your back. we don't want you coming back with foot prints on your back. charges dropped but the trouble ahead. the new battle on the hands after a bloody arrest went viral. kimberly: a heavenly appeal to safe planet earth. the new push from the pope and the message he wants everyone to hear. plus -- >> a shark.
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leon: an amazing story of survival after two separate shark attacks. enough tonight what is new about this year that makes the attacks more likely than before. >> a violent assault and robbery that takes place on videotape. we have
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jonathan: people need your help to track down five people involved in a horrible assault and robbery. go to the video. surveillance cameras rolling as a man at first was walking down the street. then he started to run from the five men. you can see here they tackle him, they start beating him. then theywallet his shoes, anything they can get off of this man. in the video, three men are pretty clearly seen. in fact, d.c. police have come forward saying they are seen clear enough if you know who they are they would like to hear from you. if you want to take another look at the video, you cofind it on the d.c. youtube channel. five men beating down another man and robbing him on monday night. this happened first street northwest. if you know anything about the men involved in this videotape, the police would like to hear from you. that is the latest from the breaking news desk in the newsroom. jonathan elias back to you. kimberly: thank you. trending now the 16-year-old boy who survived a shark
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attack over the weekend is now speaking from his hospital bed. hunter treschl was in waist-deep water when a shark attacked. his cousin helped him get to shore. people jumped in and stopped the bleeding before he was air lifted to the hospital for surgery. he did lose part of his left arm. >> hunter: i didn't see it coming. i felt it on my leg. then i saw it attacked my arm. there is only one thing i would choose to do, try to fight and live a normal life with the cards i've been dealt. kimberly: treschl was the second attacked in the area on that day. 12-year-old kirsten lost a portion of her left arm below her elbow in an attack about 90 minutes earlier. leon: now researchers tonight are saying that this decade is on track to hit a new record for shark attacks. there is a reason that you are noticing an uptick of the report of the encounters. first federal wildlife protection are working and
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they are helping the shark populations rebound. second, more people are taking beach vacations because the economy is getting better. last year there were 72 shark attacks worldwide. three of them fatal. speaking of sharks, this one not necessarily a dangerous or scary one we checked on a location of a familiar face to us friendly shark if you like. kimberly: marie lee. a sweet name. the great white. she has been up and down the east coast and came by the beaches in may. looped down south. tonight she is swimming around the orange dot on your screen off the continental shelf somewhere between jacksonville and savannah. she is one busy lady. leon: yeah. a sweet lady with eight rows of teeth. right now people in texas batoning down the hatches. johnny depp sweeting -- tropical depression bill sweeping the state. the tide waters are still up to two feet higher than usual.
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texas oklahoma, as, -- arkansas and missouri are seeing flash flooding for the next few days. doug: it will be a lot of rain associated with the remnant circulation of bill. we'll keep an eye on that. it could affect your weekend plans. kimberly: hopefully not. doug: hopefully not. on wednesday showers around the area. let's start with a look live. it will be live in a moment. but this is a time lapse starting in centreville at elementary school. a lot of sunshine for a while. then clouds would come and go. that has been the story throughout the entire day with the temperatures holding in the 70's to 80. the rain would come and go. it wasn't heavy rain. gainesville less than a quarter of an inch. that is the rainfall with any showers we expect. later tonight heavier thunderstorms could come through part of the area briefly heavier downpour. 79 in reagan national. 73 in gaithersburg.
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lexington park at 82. the same in midshore. 74 in culpeper. so the bottom line for the evening is we will continue the basic pattern we have now. cloudy, a little glimpse of the blue sky for a couple of hours and cloudy through the night. scattered showers here and there. later in the overnight, isolated thunderstorm. we will wake up to hazy, ground fog conditions. partly sunny skies. 70 degrees tomorrow morning. area temperatures farther north and west the cooler it will get. 70 in hagerstown. 71 in pittsburgh. south is warmer. 93 in greenville raleigh and fayetteville. 91 in greensboro and back to 93's. that will be back in the forecast in the next few days. tonight, just kind of muggy. we get through the day tomorrow, we will see the possibility of few more showers and thunderstorms pop up. the reason is the leading edge of the warm front is slicing across the midatlantic in neighborhood. showers and thunderstorms tonight. look, more and more back west.
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eventually all leads back to the moisture created by tropical depression bill. so the thing we have to figure out is exactly where is the precipitation going to go? where is the maximum access that the heavy rain going to travel? the heaviest will stay north. but the showers and thunderstorms will be part of saturday's forecast. the area of low pressure. leading edge of the warm front sliding through tonight to affect the weather tomorrow. then you can see the syndication of the stationary front. this boundary is going to set up overhead. often the moisture will follow the contour of the boundary. if we don't get heavy rain over the weekend, a near miss. stay northwest in pennsylvania. it will be in the forecast. in the short-term the future cast shows clouds. scattered showers overnight. rumble of thunder overnight and early in the morning. maybe a few afternoon showers or thunderstorms tomorrow. for the day tomorrow partly sunny, humid upper 80's.
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as we head to the next seven days check it out. the heat and the humid is coming back. 90 degrees on friday. showers and thunderstorms. cold front coming through. then over the weekend,85 on saturday. 90 on sunday. chance of storms. hopefully it will stay north and west of the viewing area. hot and humid returns big time monday tuesday wednesday. kimberly: we're ready. you warned us. pope francis entering the climate change debate. the pontiff warning in his own words our home is being ruined. a public letter on the issue of climate change will officially be released thursday. by issuing such a letter on climate change the pope is putting it high on the list with other moral issues. driving up the bill. still ahead, "7 on your side" with the mileage you are putting on your wallet. and revealing the real cost of your commute. leon: later, painful freeze. the new pay cap and why a county is saying the temp wage worker don't need more money.
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>> the cell phone video seen around the country but no charges were filed the mar quiz johnson case. after the break the ns why he made that decision.
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leon: this coming in. virginia prosecutors say
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officers did not commit a crime when they arrested martese johnson, a process that ended up with him being bloodied. jeff goldberg has the new developments on the case. what is the latest? jeff: the commonwealth attorney chapman today holding a long thorough detailed presentation to explain his decision not to charge martese johnson or the three officers involved in the incident. in a briefing this afternoon in charlottesville, chapman saying his office interviewed 52 people as part of the investigation including johnson and the officers and other eyewitnesses. he ays he would not have hesitated to charge the virginia a.b.c. officers if he believed their actions were malicious or racially motivated but he said he found no evidence of that. chapman saying the agents were justified in approaching johnson after he was turned away from a bar early in the morning on of march 18 in st. patrick's day celebration in an area near u.v.a. called the corner. cell phone video captured johnson being thrown to the ground by the agents his head
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bleeding. that video was seen all over the country. chapman releasing new video of the incident today from a different perspective. he says there was a better alternative in this case than pursuing criminal charges. >> this is a long-term interest of our community is best served in this instance by using these events as a stimulus for discussion. for understanding and the prevention of similar acts in the future. jeff: johnson's attorney watkins releasing a statement late today which included this -- , "we are thankful that the criminal prosecution against mr. johnson has been terminated and he is excite today to celebrate his 21 z birthday in a safe and responsible manner." his birthday is today. watkins also saying it is and has always been their position that police lacked justification to seize johnson in the first place. johnson will start his fourth year at u.v.a. in the fall and said last week in a press
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conference this experience has motivated him to dedicate his future to social justice. live in the satellite center jeff goldberg abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you jeff. now, "7 on your side" consumer alert. time is money. even wre heading to and fro work. new research shows the american spend average of $2600 every year on the daily commute. that averages $10 a day. people in southern california have the most expensive daily commute. they spend $16 a day getting to and fro work. no surprise. kimberly: that is right. alexandria police officer who was wounded on the job turned in his badge today. the department hosted a retirement search for peter laboy earlier today. laboy was shot in a head in a traffic stop in 2013. he since has undergone more than two years of physical and speech therapy. laboy was with the department for 19 years. leon: to see him smile like that is amazing. kimberly: the fact he was
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there to turn in the badge. did you see the tattoo? leon: i love that. kimberly: unexpected tour taking off online. wait until you see a stuffed tying ears trip around an airport -- tiger's trip around the airport and a surprise inning that has a family grinning ear to ear. leon: the cookie crumbling. the one ingredient in the crosshair and how it could be the end of the baltimore burger cookie. >> a man in this parking lot was trying to get across the street when he was struck. tonight a family mourning a loss of a man they called "big boy." details coming up when "abc7 news at 5:00"
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>> announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: tonight an agonizing search for answers after street sweeper hit and killed a 73-year-old man. kimberly: this happened on clay place in northeast d.c. that is where brianne carter joins us live. that man's neighbors must be devastateing. brianne: the neighbors and the family both of whom we spoke to today. take a look at the road we are talking about here. >> we called him big boy. big boy.
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brianne: to his family 73-year-old james was called big boy. the husband and father was a former businessman, retired living with his wife of more than 30 years along clay place northeast. monday while a paying project was underway on his streets, tragedy struck. >> sad to see. brianne: charles monroe lives across the street. monday morning they came home at the same time. >> i walked across the street. he started going across the street. brianne: that is when authorities say a street sweeper in a road began backing up. >> he went behind the truck, the sweeper. the betweener hit him. brianne: witnesses say he was knocked under the truck. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. tonight his family is remembering the good times. his youngest son kevin says for months his dad wanted a pair of cowboy boots. last friday kevin bought his dad the boots. kevin says big boy as he called him was wearing those same boots when the accident
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happened. >> at least i put a smile on his face before he left me. brianne: authorities say the investigation into what happened here is still ongoing. earlier today we did see some police back out here on this road. meanwhile, they sate was a construction company out here doing work. we tried to reach out to the construction company we have not heard back for them tonight. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. kimberly: new tonight an urgent police search is underway in prince george's county for a man accused of sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl. it happened inside a store of 57020 of riverdale road on monday. police say the man inappropriately touched the 2 -- 6-year-old because she was able to push him away. the child's mother was inside the store at the time but was not with her daughter when she was attacked be i stranger. >> new tonight, a second teenager is charged in a deadly stabbing in fredericksburg sunday morning
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outside the cookout restaurant. police say the 17-year-old is the brother of the 15-year-old who is already being charged in the case. three people were stabbed. two died. kimberly: a budget battle underway in prince george's's county. the county council delivering a budget to baker two weeks ago. baker vetoed it over is .5-cent tax hike only to have the council override the veto. baker is now challenging the legality of the council's budget revisions. maryland bureau chief brad bell will have much more on this budget battle and the looming deadline coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00". leon: a wage freeze in montgomery county. if it sticks tipped workers will never make more than there are 4 an hour. the council approved the measure unanimously. the member say it is meant to keep tip wage workers on par with minimum wage workers but
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opponents say it's a power play from the restaurant lobby to keep wages low. we'll see how it plays out. check on the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is keeping an eye to let us know if there are any backups. rain out there complicating some spots. what are you seeing? jamie: this is where we see a little wet spots. road spray is something to keep in mind. the beltway traveling from 66 closer to the leadsburg and we are seeing volume. show you how heavy we are in some of the spots. this is the stretch. this is closer to 56th. in the teens. that is where we see the wet spots. gritting closer to the b.w. parkway we are in bumper-to-bumper traffic in both directions.
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on the outer loop out of maryland closer to 95. you have the heavy traffic as well. on 270. so of course a lot of slowing. we are seeing some of that because of the rain keep in mind closure on half street m street and first street in the area near nat park. the game starts at 7:05. a lot of closures went in place at 4:00. but pedestrian traffic near the navy yard metro we will see quite a bit of volume. keep that in mind. that is a look at traffic be. careful with the wet roads. kimberly: good point. trending is a toy tiger that got quite the tour of tampa international airport. a 6-year-old boy left the animal behind but rather than putting it in lost and found,
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the airport took the animal on the tour and when the family reuited they got the whole photo book of the airport adventure. leon: speaking of those of us here who know and love calvin and hobbs. did you read it? kimberly: absolutely. leon: the most awesome story over. kimberly: going above and beyond. they had fun. leon: love that. kimberly: popular auction off the menu. the $100 million project starbucks is now putting on ice. why it had no need but to pull the plug. leon: and we
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leon: meet the staff of the school. her son charlie stopped breathing. charlie has severe special needs. on this day he needed
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emergency medical care. >> i took him out of car seat. we continued to support him until the rescue team arrived. leon: the school administrator credits mock and the private nurse saving her son's life. and mock says it's part of her job. >> that is the only way to make long view work. we have to take care of the health and safety of the kids. we are a family. leon: that means celebrate the child's acatch hisment, no matter how small. like using the hand to push a button. >> it doesn't happen for month to month. it might take a year two years, three years. leon: they focus on the potential and put them on environment to flourish.
5:42 pm
>> we want them to see that their child can be a child and we want them to do an opportunity to do what any other child is doing. leon: what they do means so much. i can't tell you how many times i have been contacted by people with children in the school. kimberly: awesome work. a maryland delicacy on the chopping block. what the government wants to ban and why it could spell the end of the burger cookie as you know it. would you believe that this a theme park. where some of the deadliest
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kimberly: update from the breaking news. the police released a video in the search for three people wanted in the connection with the shooting of a teenager on 28 street in southeast washington. it happened tuesday around 12:30 a.m. a 16-year-old boy is in critical condition as a
5:46 pm
result. now a $10,000 reward is being offed for any information that leads to an arrest. leon: all right. overseas now. russia's newest theme park. a little unusual here. this features not just a lot of rides but some of the deadliest weapons on earth. patriot park allows russians to get an up-close look at tanks, military hardware. children can climb orn top of the tanks and they get to learn how to use the grenade launcher. something every little 8-year-old boy needs to know. president vladimir putin used the opening to announcer 40 brand new nuclear missiles to the national arsenal. kimberly: quite a collection. the federal government is trading out trans fat and that could mean a change to a pop lor maryland dessert. leon: we have reaction to the burger cookie controversy. >> baltimore burger cookies have bee 180 years. >> i don't know if i had more than one but they are very good. >> they won't make a cookie like this again.
5:47 pm
>> that's probably true. in the last three years they have had the find a way to make cookies without trans fat. >> in the long run it's probably good. bad for your health. maybe they can make them taste as good and aren't as bad for you. >> the food and drug administration ruled tuesday food manufacturers have to eliminate trans fat. >> is that a chemical, chloride or something? >> trans fatty acids raise cholesterol and that can lead to heart disease. >> if it kills people. >> the burger is faced to change the long-held recipe something customers is possible. >> we can adapt. we can adapt. especially because of health. >> probably. >> yes. don't let it fool you. >> should i take it back? >> no.
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i'm going. see you later. >> in baltimore, abc7 news. >> pretty good. leon: i'll take your word for it. starbucks is getting out of the bakery game. they are closing the bakeries. they sunk in $100 million to get the idea off the ground but say it's not good for the long-term growth. kimberly: a lot of people -- sorry. leon: take a look at what is coming up at 6:00 -- a scathing report that is ordering safety changes at metro. plus a north carolina beach considering drastic changes after sharks attack two teenagers on the same day. prince george county is now involving the f.b.i. and we will tell you how it factors together with home obers in the middle. that's new at 6:00.
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kimberly: now we talk about the weather. people getting ready for the nats game. leon: as long as it's not too wet. doug: showers will be in the area but i learned a long time ago never to promise anything. cloudy skies. view at the sky from the country club in alexandria. there are a couple of showers around in the area in fact. we are looking at now doppler radar. you can see washington south of that. shower moving through. then you have to go to western lout lout -- loudoun county to faquier county. if i had tickets, i'd go to the game. i would put they way. i don't though. 79 at reagan national. 70 in winchester and frederick. 82 in fredericksburg. 80 in charlottesville. the showers will be light and hit or miss. but late tonight overnight a warm front goes through. rain could be heavy out times humble of thunder. it will be muggy.
5:50 pm
66 to 71 degrees for the overnight lows. the bigger picture of the satellite and the radar together. shows a number of showers or storms continuing to form on the warm front west of the appalachians. all of that will move eastward. the future cast shows possibility tomorrow of scattered showers and storms. midnight through overnight. we will pop back up with the partly sunny skies and the case of the showers in afternoon and the evening. upper 80's to 90 on friday when a weak frontal system comes through. the weekend frontal system and remnant moisture from tropical depression bill could play in the weekend forecast. 60% of chances. sen sunday it's back -- then sunday it's back to 90. monday, tuesday, wednesday hot and humid back and to the 90's. that's the latest. back to you.
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leon: thank you. nats have a good chance to get it in. kimberly: yeah. the doug -- "the doug." the doug said go to the game. that is where our robert burton is live right now. we have to ask you lebron got it a little wrong. leon: c'mon! don't go there. don't go back to that. kimberly: we can't? robert: we are still talking nba finals, huh? i'm glad i'm not a lebron fan. let's talk baseball for a second. nats are on fire if you want to talk about momentum. 16 runs last night. you saw it. we got the tampa bay rays getting batting practice in right now. the nats might not batting practice after the performance yesterday. we talked to clint robinson yesterday and he added to that, the home run derby. the home run of his own. i asked him if i told you you put up 16 home runs on the board, what would you say? he said this. >> the hitting is contagious. you see it all the time.
5:52 pm
not getting any hit nobody scoring runs then and you rip off two three four five hits. >> last night i was thinking we should save some. for the next three day you know what i mean? but hey, one of those days that everybody is getting hit. contagious. you want to try to pad the stats. good for everybody. robert: day two of the mini camp for the redskins. right now, rgiii will take the snaps band the starter. however, jay gruden said robert is taking baby steps. one day at a time. so robert spoke to media today. this is what he had to say about the progress. >> well, feeling better about what we are doing. you know being the second year in the offense we feel like we know more than we did last year. coming in as a player you have to be confident. sometimes you have to throw a flag on it.
5:53 pm
i am just having fun with my guys. i appreciate it. robert: now we talk nba finals. the controversy is iguodala winning the m.v.p. he didn't outplay steph curry or lebron james but lebron james did say if he wins the finals m.v.p. and loses the series he wouldn't be happy about that at all. all in all he had a great season. but steph and the warriors too much. leon: the most horrible warmup music in the background ever. kimberly: new developments about what some people call a d.c. eyesore. the measure in the city that is acting as a pop-up blocker. what people say about the homes, that
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leon: today marked 130 years since the arrival of the statue of liberty on the shores. the symbol of american freedom arrived at gift from the french in 1885 on a ship. it was supposed to mark the united states 100th birthday. didn't make it though. they didn't fink it in time for the 1876 celebration. it's dedicated as a national monument. kimberly: the construction of a tawerring rowhouse came to a halt when inspectors determined it was in violation of the building codes. neighborhoods complain the pop sup an eyesore. as mike conneen report some worry it might even be leaning to one side. mike: on june 4 they issued a stop work order near new jersey and rhode island avenue northwest. >> made it even with the other building, that would be great. mike: many shaw residents call it hideous, ugly and out of
5:58 pm
place. they are concerned and worry the pop-up might lean left on the neighborhood blog, it's referred to as the leaning tower of shaw. >> it does look like it's leaning a little bit. mike: according to dcra the inspectors say it's not leaning but believe the exterior weather gives it that appearance but it did issue a stop work order. the dcra noticed unsafe structure, the wall not supported properly. >> once they finish it it will be fine. >> this long-time resident says he knows the property owner and he expects more pop-up in the neighborhood. he doesn't mind them. last week they gave approval to the pop-up regulation. to block developers carving over 600 unit per structure. >> they cause damage to the
5:59 pm
adjoining homes. mike: dcra says the stop work order is in effect until the violations are corrected and associated fines are paid. we were unable to reach the property owner for comment. in northwest, mike conneen abc7 news. kimberly: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00 -- >> fix what needs to be fixed. kimberly: new order from metro after investigators found dozen of serious safety issues following a woman's death on a yellow line train. plus new information on the parents of a 5-year-old quilled in a crash in gaithersburg. possible changes for a north carolina beach after a pair of shark attacks. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: scathing report for metro after the deadly smoket at l'enfant.
6:00 pm
today they are order changes at metro and rail systems across the country. stephen tschida is live outside the u.s. department of transportation. this report identifies a lot of failure for metro. stephen: many maureen. the finding of the inspection reverberate across the metro area. troubling passengers and local leaders. a couple of minutes ago we heard from d.c. mayor muriel bowser. she is joining the chorus of call for a major shakeup at metro. actions to beaken. the call we are hearing to improve safety. the federal transit inselected metro after the smoke incident at l'enfant. they found the metro safety policies aren't


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