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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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on the floor in a pool of blood. the parents say they noticed the next evening that his teeth were missing. then he falls again four to five days later and the mother allegedly admits to striking him in the mouth because he wouldn't eat. on the day he was declared dead, the doctor said he had severe bruising. the parents say he had a lump on the back of his head, the size of an egg and he was morn that way. they say they didn't get medical attention because they were afraid. here is the neighbor. >> i didn't even know there were kids living there to be honest. people come and go constantly. there is a lot of cars and stuff. jennifer: so going back to the court documents, we want to get back to you. as you were hearing the charges against the parents and the injuries that the boy suffered over weeks, the question kept coming up why
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expect you take him to a hospital? detectives asked that numerous times. a statement from the mother, according to the court documents she said i don't know. his teeth had already fallen. i thought i would get in trouble for not being responsible. she is in trouble now. the son is dead. she is behind bars. the judge said the bond was suitable, they just moved to california. at 5:00, you will hear from the owner of the house they were living in. jennifer donelan, back to you. kimberly: horrible story. thank you, jennifer. alarming news as we head to this weekend. a fifth woman attacked in ash ash and police believe -- in arlington and police believe the incidents could be connected. horace: virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg live in arlington now with the latest in the investigation. jeff? jeff: well, it's just after 10:00, the woman in the early
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20's was dropped off after work at the corner of south frederick and columbia pikes. she headed this direction north to the apartment complex when she tells police a man grabbed her and took her in a wooded area. thankfully she was able to successfully fight off the attacker. the woman tells police initially she noticed a man holding a stick nearby but thought nothing of it. then as she was about to make a call on the phone she says that man came up and grabbed her from the side. pulled her toward wooded area and demanded she take off her clothes. she kicked and screamed, got away, running home and called 911. he took off with the cell phone. this is the fifth attempted sexual assault in arlington in the past three weeks. there each case the woman is in her early 20's or 30's, walking alone at night and the man has come up from the side or behind. they are looking into or not the cases -- whether or not the cases are connected. >> i semi-hope it's one person
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and not a string of people. >> there is a chance that there is a copycat but the methodology doesn't suggest that. jeff: arlington police have a vague description of a man involved in the crime last night that matches somewhat the description of the man in the previous attack. it's vague. there are similarities and differences. we have more on that around what the police are doing to respond to the string of crimes. until then, live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. kimberly: we have incredible video out of baltimore county. look at that. a huge water main break. a lot of power. horace: i don't think i have seen anything like that. kimberly: the crews work to repair this one. horace: what a sight! a woman is hurt in a stage
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accident. news chopper was over as they t group was renting outdoor ladies and gentlemen area and putting together -- they -- the group was renting outdoor area and putting together a stage. in prince george's county theyge park with the numbers. hi. brianne: take a look here. they are getting a number of stop that would be impactful here for university of maryland. leaders in the prince george's county call this a big step for the purple line now that both agree to funding. the project is going to connect new carolton to bethesda. they slated $1500 million in funding -- $100 million to
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funding. they will get the command center for the purple line and the state will begin construction. in june, governor hogan gave the green light for what they call a streamlined and cost effective version of the purple line. how does the county plan to add the additional money? >> the government issues some debt and that is how we will fund the $120 million. over 60 years. brianne: last month we heard they agreed to pay $40 million for that project after ne-ating with the state as well. coming up, what the riders have to say about the additional cost and whether it's worth it for the purple line. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. kimberly: thank you.
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you need to. beautiful sky. horace: it looks gorgeous. we saw in the live picture of the capital. this is in alexandria. belle haven. not a cloud in the sky. gorgeous. it's calm, 84 degrees. the humidity is under control. the humidity levels haven't started yet. that happens in the weekend. 90 in frederick. 88 in win chester and 86 in manassas. 87 at the reagan national airport. the dew point is important to calculate how comfortable the air is. this is as comfortable as you can get in the month of august. through the late afternoon and
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evening, any outdoor activities is fine. the numbers drop to the 70's this evening. overnight you have a range of 60 to 69 degrees by morning. 53 in baltimore. inside the beltway it's upper 60's. coming up, me details around the weekend. we look at the weather and the beaches as well. kimberly: this is something we haven't seen in half a century. this morning the u.s. flag waved over embassy in havana cuba. we have more on the next step to restore through cuba. a moment in history, more than 50 years in the making. today, the u.s. flag raised above the american embassy for the first time since 1961.
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they broke diplomatic relations in the midst of the cold war. secretary of state john kerry in havana for the u.s. embassy. >> this is a memorable occasion. >> u.s. and cuba restored full diplomatic relations. but not reaction to the move is positive. marco rubio himself the son of cuban immigrants talking to a new york audience about the castro regime violation of human rights. pointing out they weren't invited to the ceremony. >> their exclusion from the event ensured it's little more than propaganda rally. >> kerry spent time with
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cuba's foreign minister who eit rated that the full normal relation between the country depends on the total listing of the u.s. embass go's as well alaska the guantanamo navy base. >> at the moment there is no plan to change arrangement. >> the normalization of time will chart mid-november. >> back at home the red light camera ticket is on the rise. according to wtop the prince george's police eached more than 70,000 tickets in the 2015 year. the department says it allows the camera to catch and turn investigation. kimberly: firefighters are affecting a two-alarm fire. this is what it looked like last night when we flew over
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the scene. cardboard and recycling materials fueled the flame there. took six hours to put it out. no one was injured. horace: act of generositity police officers. marcus downey learned three brothers at a youth camp did not have a bed at home and slept on the floor. the officer created online fundraiser to buy beds for the boys. this shows the officers assembling the beds and the brothers standing by. kimberly: great news. a push to restore calm in ferguson, missouri. the latest move announced by the leaders in st. louis county.
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horace: the parents of nascar driver kevin ward jr. speaking for first time when he was struck and killed in the race. what they say about pursuing justice in his death. kimberly: and the social experiment raising concern about the teens and the dangers they
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horace: st. louis county lifted the emergency post in ferguson and the surrounding areas. the decision comes less than a week after the shootings in protest to mark the anniversary of michael brown's death. brown was shot and killed by officer wilson. it follows the third straight night of calm in the st. louis suburb. kimberly: the parents of late nascar driver kevin ward junior demanding justice. panel and kevin ward sat -- pam and ketch ward -- kevin ward sat down. tony stewart last year hit ward's car and set him in a wall. ward got out to confront stewart he was fatally hit by stewart's car. they are filing a civil suit. >> we want him accountable. it's the only action we have
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left. if he hadn't done that, my son would be here. >> tony races every weekend. my son will never race again. kimberly: toxicology report showed ward with trace amount of marijuana in his system. horace: actress kelly rutherford says she is fighting not just for her children but other parents involved in international custody disputes. kimberly: today we hear from her for the first time since a judging ruling that sent her kids overseas to be with their father. abc's marci gonzalez reports. marci: kelly rutherford talking about her international custody battle for the first time since the judge ordered her two children to go to monaco to live with her father. the "gossip girl" star sharing frustration with "good morning america." >> i walked in a courtroom where everything felt like it
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was already done. a done deal. marci: her son and daughter are both american citizens and are back with their father german businessman. a new york judge making the decision tuesday after he accused rutherford of kidnapping the children when she disobeyed a monaco court order not sending them back to europe last week. >> i was accused of things i couldn't defend. thinking no one knows where their children are and i was in communication because they skype every day. >> the battle began six years ago to share custody when they divorced. but when he u.s. vase was revoked and -- visa was revoked the california judge ruled that the children live with him in monaco temporarily while he reapplied for a visa, which he reportedly never did. they agreed that the children would come back to america if he didn't get a visa. >> he violated an american
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court order. the saddest part is no american court seems to give a damn. marci: they say he will not respond to the latest round of false statements. the case returns to court in monaco september 3. marci gonzalez, abc7 news, new york. kimberly: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. volkswagen recalling 420,000 vehicles in the u.s. due to a front air bag problem that could prevent it from deploying in a crash. volkswagen is developing a fix for the problem. for a list of the affected vehicle goes to horace: time to check on traffic. what is the situation on the roads. robert altman has details.
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robert: this is below 178, the eastbound 50. delays for the most part from 97 over the severn river bridge. look at the capital beltway. the right side of the screen behind the trees. you can see smoke. that is a car fire beyond the george washington parkway. look at if beltway. the left side is the inner loop. out of virginia to the area. connecticut avenue. stop-and-go continues including southbound 75. southbound on 301 leaving la platta to the bridge on 301 because of an earlier incident with a stalled car.
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that is the latest. kimberly: alert for "jeopardy" fans. tournament of champions are underway but you didn't see it because of the rayens game on abc7. you can watch it tonight at the sister station newschannel8. then at 7:30 flip over to watch tonight's regularly scheduled show. horace: great idea! kimberly: yeah. horace: 7:00 on newschannel8. >> sounds like a plan. kimberly: okay. doug: do you know how many fridays we are well, hem and haw. but this is gorgeous. >> the humidity won't ramp up enough for afternoon.
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throughout the day, the clouds will go away with the heating of day leaving. temperatures are comfortable. this is very comfortable weather for middle of august. the measure was measured by the dew points in the 50's to 60's. not as dry as yesterday. but drier on average for the middle of august. that trend will continue tomorrow. clear skies and we expect the overnight reading between 60 and 69. it will be really nice! high pressure responsible.
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moving east over the weekend. we will get warmer and more humid. 91 tomorrow. 93 sunday. if you head to the beach, perfect sunshine. all the way along the coast from the midatlantic to the carolinas with the highs in the lower to the mid-al 80's. more heat and humid tuesday, wednesday, thursday. the next few days look great. doug: i want to hear report of krispy kreme hamburgers take like. kimberly: we already know. are you going? horace: saturday. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- update on a story with a woman dealing with flooded basement. who is to blame? find out what happened.
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go to wj
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kimberly: all of rain in the summer caused problem for a woman. it got so bad she called "7 on your side." >> after a recent storm she found four feet of water in her basement. she blames the department of public works for all of this. but the county says no way.
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horace: she went back to sleep not knowing the problems would plague her when she got up in the morning. >> the water at the front door. the door was open. four feet of water. >> a drain here. overflows often and goes like this. that was bubbling up as well. horace: maria ford doesn't live her but owns the house where they live. the son and stays in the apartment. horace: no one was in the apartment when the floodwaters claim. they claim the heavy rain and the blocked storm drain in front of the home caused this. she says she had been complaining for years for the department of public works and the city to clean the drains. >> they just don't come clean like they are supposed to. it's at the bottom of a steep
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hill. the water pours down and is supposed to go to the base of the dead end street. >> the county maintains the storm drain adding the crews were sent to inspect the drain on two occasions after the home flooded. they found no blockage and no structure. she feels that the county is responsible but she is left cleaning up the mess. horace: fortunately her insurance company will give her $5,000 to help with the clean-up but ze says she needs three times that amount. she filed a claim with the third party administrator. kimberly: that is still outstanding. still ahead at 4:00, a former method used to help with pain in labor is making a comeback.
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mike: i'm mike carter-conneen live at the montgomery county fairground. activity is underway in the kid zone. a special deal available for the carni
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". "7 on your side." horace: well, look for assistant coach for the university of maryland women's basketball team. kimberly: he is charged with sexual assault. our jeanette reyes is in
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college park with the details. jeanette: e was set to begin his first season as the assistant coach of the woman's basketball team but it is lacking unlikely. the story is unfolding but we know the alleged sexual abuse was against a former female basketball player he coached at xavier university in ohio. we got ahold of the complaint that says 29-year-old bryce mcgee invited the player to his home in kentucky near cincinnati on may 2. that is when he allegedly touched her inappropriately. days following the incident, the offer from a mutual friend to pay her to not file charges. the university is not investigating the alleged incident because he was no longer employed at the time. meanwhile, he faces indefinite suspension at the university of maryland. >> find out what happened exactly and go from there. i think for now, find out the details of it. let him go.
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jeanette: if convicted he faces $250 fine and 90 days behind bars. reporting in college park, jeanette reyes, abc7 news. kimberly: virginia commonwealth welcoming the largest freshman class ever. the incoming class is expected to total over 4,000 students. 90% of them are from virginia. 51% are minority students. richmond area freshmen begin moving in today. all other freshmen move in tomorrow. v.c.u. expects to enroll more than 31,000 students this fall. horace: we are on a roll and seeing another great day of weather. kimberly: we want to know what is ahead for the weekend. chief meteorologist doug hill has a gorgeous forecast. doug: good stuff coming. it's beautiful outside. it will continue. warmer saturday and sunday. start you with a look at the camera in woodbridge, the prince william county. the skies have been clear. cool this morning. 83 degrees. beautiful day. fair weather clouds. that is all we have seen throughout the day through the
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rest of the viewing area. 87 at manassas. 86 in gaithersburg. through this evening, here, this will be for a friday night, it's fine. temperatures are dropping through the 80's and in the 70's. comfortable throughout the weekend. it's 84 and 89 in the mountains. if you go hiking go early. the sun will heat things up quickly. if you are out on the chesapeake bay it's sun and hot. wave heights at one foot. no expectation of a small craft advisory. for the rest of the area, the montgomery county fair is hot and perfect summer weather. we see heat and the humidity late sunday, monday, tuesday and the saturday and the storms come our way next week. horace: you said it's perfect weather for the start of fair season. montgomery county and the cultural fair began today. kimberly: kicked off in
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faith-based. we find mike carter-conneen with a difficult assignment. mike: i wish you could smell the food out here. the funnel cakes and the deep fried oreos. my mother taught me not to talk with my mouthful so i'll wait until after this update. all kids at the fair 11 and under get in free. all the activities in the kid zone are free as well. there are a lot of family friendly activities. tonight, 6:30 tonight the general public the children can drive through here and get in the four-wheel try vehicle action. unless you get stuck like this fellow. the teenage mutant ninja turtles. the kids wanting their picture taken. all week long, activities here, including a tractor full
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of the monster truck madness and the demolition derby. we have seen the acrobatic groups. chain zaw chicks and a lot of -- chain saw chicks and a lot of animals. the kids get in free,11 and under. mike carter-conneen. kimberly: look like mike has friends. horace: mike and friends. tomorrow is your day to meet more of us from abc7 and the sister station newschannel8. check out our booth at the fair from 10:00 to 5:00. i will be there around noon. located near grand stands we will have goodies. a lot to give away. kimberly: "today show" where hagueer works as a correspondent announced baby
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today and popy was born yesterday. seven pounds, nine ounces. she is named after jenna's grandfather former president h.w. bush. they tweeted a photo and the big sister with the grandparents. congratulations to them. britain's royal family have a strong message for the paparazzi to back off. kensington palace say they are going too far snapping pictures of prince george. one lived in a car for a day just to get photos of the prince playing on a playground. today the royal family sent a member to members of -- sent a letter to the members of the media to ask them to not pay for or publish for any unauthorized photos of prince george. good luck with that one.
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horace: yeah. the authorized ones are great. kimberly: beautiful. look at that face! hottest photo in the united kingdom. horace: maybe the world. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- laughing gas instead of an epidural in labor. some mothers are going that route. we explain the new equipment to help with the process. kimberly: interesting way to mark pope francis's trip to the u.s. next month. wait until you hear the name of a new beer
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i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's rvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure
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up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems, or other medical conditions. and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. harvoni should not be taken with any medicines
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kimberly: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. the cadillac of car seats recalling 200,000 child car seats saying the harness adjuster button may stick to cause shoulder straps to loosen. the recall impacts the advocate, boulevard and the marathon made between august 1, 2014, july 29 of this year. the company is notifying customers and will send out a fix. laughing gas used to be wildly in the u.s. in labor and then declined when womens started to use epidurals. horace: i'm fascinated by this. the f.d.a. delivered special
4:40 pm
equipment to deliver laughing gas in labor. we explain in this health news. reporter: carla paige tried epidural in the first delivery but said it failed in a previous back surgery and left her with almost no pain control. the second time around he used laughing gas. she is among a growing number of women in the united states choosing nitrus in labor. it's the same gas used in dental procedures and widely used in canada and europe. it wears off quickly so women can move around freely during labor and after delivery. the experience isn't blurred. >> we don't see it with this because it's a low dose. so they remember everything about the birth. that is really -- reliving the memory is the greatest memory of their life. reporter: it doesn't block pain like an epidural can but instead it helps the women
4:41 pm
dissociate from pain. babies born to mother using laughing gas has similar scores for women using other pain relief options or none at all. >> the babies are wide awake and feed nicely because it's quickly eliminated from the body. horace: that was our concern. how does it affect the baby? kimberly: it doesn't eliminate the pain. makes you laugh at it. horace: baby comes out laughing insteld of crying. up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- "7 on your side" with an alert for anyone who deposits money in their bank atm. this is about all of us. how to protect your money. kimberly: wonder what president obama's favorite tunes are? he released some play lists and we'l
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do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate.
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these may worsen with spiriva respimat. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat orongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain or problems passing urine, stop taking spiriva respimat and call your doctor right away. side effects include sore throat, cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. horace: a social experiment raising new fears about children and the safety online. video showing how easy it can be for strangers to target your teen. kimberly: it is alarming.
4:45 pm
now while some find the stunt disturbing others say it teaches a valuable lesson. we have more. reporter: you are watching a 13-year-old girl meet up with a complete strangershe met online. >> from facebook. remember? reporter: she doesn't know this is an experiment and her father is waiting close by. >> are you crazy? are you out of your mind? guy she is meeting in the park is a youtube star known for silly and outrageous pranks. this caught the attention of millions of parents now asking if their kids are also at risk. >> did it turn out as you thought it would? >> i knew it was a big video. i showed it to my mother. she cried. reporter: the person made a facebook profile posing as 15-year-old boy. >> with the parents permission i friend requested the girls. reporter: after texting and chatting on the phone he told
4:46 pm
the girl he is wanted to meet up. >> you contacted the parents. >> she said i think my dad fell asleep. you can come now. >> you're 12 years old. >> the dramatic video parking barrage of the social media comments. most saying it is hard to watch but needs to be seen. young girls trusting online stranger. what started as a light-hearted experiment sparking urgent conversation. what do you think it will ultimately mean to people? what do you hope the outcome will be? >> so everyone can show it to the kids and see the live events happen. the kids will learn forever. kimberly: that is tough to watch. the video has been watched 25
4:47 pm
million times and he is planning to conduct another experiment. horace: a powerful narcotic killer available for children. the food and the drug administration with oxycontin for children who need round the clock pape relief. critics say prescribing it to children could put them at risk for addiction. kimberly: now to pope francis's visit in america. the new jersey brewery releasing a brew. they are brewing 500 gallons of yopo, you only pope once. it's a hoppy pale ale and only available on draft. horace: the white house giving you a chance to listen to
4:48 pm
obama's favorite tunes. kimberly: two play lists created by the president. surprisingly it doesn't include a tune he famously crooned in 2012. >> ♪ i am so in love with you ♪ [applause] kimberly: that was pretty good! that is "let's stay together" at a fundraiser. some of the songs on the daytime list. "ain't too proud to beg" by temptations. "wang dang doodle" and "push your love girl." horace: now the evening list including "super power" by beyonce. "how can you mend a broken heart." big al green fan. so am i. and check out the entire list by going to the website
4:49 pm kimberly: we put together our lists. i put recently. i'm not going back to the movie "grease" or anything but i love "all night" and "sweater weather." by the neighborhood. "furdelicious" and anything by black eyed peas. horace: my list is a song i love. "forgive father" and uma thurman. kimberly: you like that song? horace: i do. kimberly: i have heard it 10 billion times. horace: you have 11-year-old girls. that is on my play list. monday morning donnie simpson day on "good morning washington." you can send good luck wishes to him as he starts hi new job. have you met him? kimberly: i never have. but an inspiration grown up here in the washington area my
4:50 pm
whole life. even knows him. send your picks to or tweet them at #donniesback. we may share them on the air monday morning on "good morning washington." horace: so what is on your play list, doug? doug: we would haven't any viewers left. bing crosby, perry como. kimberly: they're great! doug: starting a weekend outlook. the story of the weekend, gorgeous sunshine. lower 90's for the weekend. the humidity levels will ramp up again for the weekend. a big deal in leesburg. the 20k and 5k. 20k is 7:30, 15 minutes later the 5k get started. it will start off in the lower 70's and ramp up during the
4:51 pm
day. but still in the 80's when the race comes to an ends. beaches are terrific, too. sunshine, mid-80's. maryland, delaware, shore. mid-80's in the outer bank. five or six degrees cooler there than the local area. the next seven days lined up side-by-side. the numbers tick up. 93, 94. humidity levels is high. kimberly: let's check on the traffic situation. 4:51. robert altman has the details. everybody is heading south and east. robert: definitely! especially south and east. look at the bridge near the potomac river. southbound a 7-mile delay because of an earlier stalled car. expect big delays. seven miles. ten miles on east-round route
4:52 pm
50 moving to 424er on the severn river in the bay bridge. that is because of an earlier incident on the bay bridge. silver spring to connecticut to the george washington parkway. the car fire there blocking the right lane. looking just as bad. 95 to 214. southbound 95 the stop-and-go below springfield to fredericksburg. u.s. withbound, 66 from the beltway. that is the latest from the traffic update. back to you. horace: thank you. up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- imagine depositing your paycheck at your bank atm and the money never shows up in your account. that happened to a woman. learn how to protect your deposits next.
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kimberly: australian surfer mick fanning said he wouldn't
4:56 pm
do it but he is returning to the water for a competition in tahiti. the first competition since he made headlines last month when he fought off a shark in live television in a competition in south africa. he vowed to never surf again after fighting off that shark. but the latest close encounter did not stop him. >> with the event coming out, it was good. i had to put a timeline like this is stopping, now get ready. kimberly: the shark attack last month was the econd encounter with the shark. despite the fear, he said he knew he had to get back on the horse and focus on the competition. jonathan: better man than i. >> it's an addiction and a passion. no way he'll stop. right? kimberly: a important consumer alert. for those using atm to make deposit. jonathan: consumer reporter john matarese shares a woman's nightmare. john: have you deposited a check in the atm opinion and wonder where the check went? a woman found the deposit
4:57 pm
disappeared. we have important advice to protect yourself when depositing money. she deposited her paycheck to an atm as she has done many times before. >> i took it to the atm at the bank. put it in. deposited in my account. went home and thinking the money is in my account. john: but the money didn't show up. $1,400 to feed her family and pay her bills missing. a few days later she gets a letter from the bank. >> i get a letter in the mail. saying that it cannot process the item. john: we contacted the bank where a spokesman promised to investigate immediately. within hours she got a call and the money was on the way. so what happened? the spokesman told us the check may have had strange markings and the scanner didn't like. in many newer atm they are scanned electronically and no human ever touches the check. >> it used to be that you put it in an envelope.
4:58 pm
at the end of the day a teller would get the envelope and process them. now it's all done automatically. john: how can you protect yourself? if there is a branch nearby go inside to a teller and get a receipt. if that is not possible never deposit check in atm that is hard to read or has poor handwriting. she is going to a teller with her next paycheck. banks tell us atm's in the d.c. area are as safe as using a teller and less risk of human error. if you planning to deposit cash you might want to go inside and get a receipt so you don't waste your money. i'm john gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: attack number five. one unanswered question. are they the work of the same person? >> we certainly would not ignore that is a possibility. jonathan: tonight the hunt for leads. out of the ashes a miracle. a rescuer is the rescue. adopted twins catching a glimpse of their long lost
4:59 pm
grandfather on abc7. >> i know. oh, my gosh! jonathan: "7 on your side" is there for a wonderful reunion. we begin with right now the arlington police are gearing up to find this guy. they want to know if the fan pictured in the sketch behind the latest attack on a woman on south frederick street north of columbia pike. this is the fifth attack in less than three weeks. jeff goldberg with the latest on the investigation. do they have any leads in this? jeff: arlington police chase down leads as we speak to find the man or the men responsible for the attacks. the latest happening in this wooded area here off columbia pike. in each case the women have been in their 20's or 30's walking alone at night. each time the male suspect approached the women from
5:00 pm
behind or the side. thankfully also in each case the women have gotten away. the mood is unmistakable. >> scary. jeff: women looking over their shoulders everywhere they go. >> i don't want to go outside. jeff: she lives near the latest attack. last night after 10:00 a woman in her early 20's dropped off work and started to walk home and tells police she noticed a man holding a stick and thought nothing of it. as she was about to make a call she says the man grabbed her from the side. pulled her toward the wood and demanded she take off her clothes. she kicked and screamed and got away running home to call 911. he took off with her cell phone. >> it could happen to anyone. jeff: this is the fifth sexual assault in arlington in the past three weeks. each happening in different neighbors. the arlington deputy police


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