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tv   ABC7 News at 4  WJLA  August 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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side. today we spoke to two of the dear friends. >> he would walk in the kids rooms and he would sigh little kids with faces, steroids, we have chemotherapy and you would see all of a sudden their faces would be like oh, my god. batman is here! >> his heart was so full of love. if you think of the purpose of human beings to make the world a better place than he found it, he did that. kevin: the state police say robinson was driving home from an auto show he attended in west virginia where his bat mobile had some sort of trouble and broke down. he leaves behind extended family including three adult children. live in northwest, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. kimberly: a life well lived. thank you. five people were hurt in a metro bus crash in northeast washington, road island avenue and tenth street. investigators say a car made
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an illegal u-turn and hit the bus. five passengers were on the bus and they were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. a new week and yet new reports of more violence in the district. two people were shot just this morning in northeast. jonathan: you can understand this, the people are worried. but they are now to the point where they are just mad. this latest incident of violence, 23-year-old man killed when someone randomly shot up the area around the shaw metro station onrd sad -- station on saturday. this is almost tiresome. stephen tschida joins us and say the latest on another investigation. at some point it has to stop. stephen: there is no stop in sight at this point, jonathan. that is why it has so many people upset. i was right over here on saturday where 23-year-old was gunned down in a rain of bullets, random gunfire. since we have seen the spike in homicide in the d.c. area in the city we have also witnessed this beefed up
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police presence. the mayor saying they are doing all they can to stem the blood flow in the city. but just this morning in northeast d.c. two people shot. this has so many people outraged in the city. they are calling for aggressive action to end the continuing spike in killings. >> crime is an issue nationwide. i think there are specific steps to be taken to reduce that. i wish they would come out with specific steps to make it clear this is the number one short priority for the city, to keep the residents safe. stephen: charlie bengal a local activists in the city to call on mayor muriel bowser to come up with a more detailed plan of action, something concrete to bring the killing spree under control. as far as the investigation,
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nothing new to report as far as suspects or arrests at this time. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. developing now and this is tough to watch. a security camera catching the horrific moment that a bomb went off outside of a popular tourist spot in thailand. 16 people killed. most of those tourists. at least 80 others were wounded. this was supposed to be even worse because police when they got to the scene found two more bombs that did not go off. both of those were diffused. at this point no one knows who carried out the attack. speaking of explosion, the chinese government taking swift action after the massive explosion that killed more than 100 people last week. beijing ordered a nationwide check on workplace safety to correct all of what they call "irregularities." the prosecutors are investigating dereliction of duties and abuse of power. they believe that contributed to last week's blast. it has been reported that the quantity of sodium cyanide
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stored at the warehouse that blew up far exceeded safety limits. kimberly: more fall-out from trouble on our tracks. after a metro derailment snarled the commute earlier this month. the metro board safety committee is bumping up the meeting to talk about the incident. the board will meet september 3 to review an investigation due by next monday. you will remember thousands of people were impacted when a non-passenger train went off the tracks. metro admitted it was aware of the issue weeks before it actually happened. but did not take steps to solve it. jonathan: if you had to be outside today, i feel for you. i hope you took precautions. it's a scorcher out there. kimberly: you should drink water and stay in the shade if you can. relief looks like it might be around the corner. meteorologist doug hill is here to explain. doug: it won't get a lot cooler but not as hot getting through the rest of the week. right now we have an impressive combination of heat and humidity outside the belfort furniture in arlington and all across the area. let's get you started with a
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look around the area. a wide image from the camera just down the potomac at the national harbor. a lot of sunshine. a few clouds. a little haze and a lot of heat and a lot of humidity. here is how it looks. 93 at reagan, manassas, andrews and the rest of the metro area in lower 90's. a few spots hotter like frederick, maryland, 97. if you factor in the moisture you get a reading like with the heat index. feels like 100 in washington, 101 in frederick. this is the toughest stuff. temperatures are in the 80's this weekend. after sunset, mild and muggy all night long. higher elevations could dip in the 60's but most areas will stay in the 70's. a muggy forecast here. we will continue to keep the eyes on the high pressure system that is giving us the hot and the humid weather's it moves east. we will slowly see the low pressure go west and ramp up the afternoon thunderstorms in
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spot starting tomorrow. we will talk about that and another peek of weekend upcoming in a couple of minutes. kimberly: thank you, doug. this is the start of the season and you are in nfl and you think you are the best, should you say it? redskins quarterback robert griffin iii catching heat for an interview he made. jonathan: it's gone viral. we talked about this a second ago. bring in robert. this is what he should be saying. robert: it's going viral for the wrong reason. jonathan: totally. robert: if you are a kid you are taught by parents or the guardian whoever, you are the best. at least i was. [laughter] rgiii is in the spotlight and the regular is hasn't started. abc7 sat down with robert one-on-one at the fame day of camp. i was a big one. last year in one of his weekly press conferences to be specific robert compared himself to peyton manning, cathy mcmorris rogers and tom brady. this is last year in -- peyton
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manning, aaron rodgers and brady. today he dug himself a deeper hole. he sat down with alex parker in an interview you can only see here on abc7. here is what he said about having a chip on his shoulder. robert: i don't feel like i have to come out here and show anybody anything. or i'm better than this guy or that guy. i go out and i play and i know i'm the best quarterback on this team. i feel like i'm the best quarterback in the league. and i have to go out and show that. any athlete at any level they say concede to someone else, they are not a top competitor, they are not trying to be the best they can be. there are guys in the league that have done more than me but i view myself as the best. if i step on the field it's time to prove it. that is what i do every time. robert: the entire interview at if you want to be the best you
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have to feel like you are the best. jonathan: you don't have a problem with this. kimberly: i don't. robert: you have to feel like you're the best. jonathan: at some point my coach would say don't tell me, kid. show me. robert: exactly. jonathan: robert, thanks. >> cyber attack from china in our own backyard. university of virginia computers down for two days following an attack. administrators say no personally identifiable information was accessed and no sensitive research material was compromised. the daily progress report the attack targeted the e-mail account of two employees. federal authorities told the university that the breach originated in china. kimberly: is video you will only see here. flames spread through the home and a family of seven made it out in time. jonathan: moving fast, too. started at an alley near the home on seventh street in petworth neighborhood. john gonzalez has a look at
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the damage. it quickly spread and barely gave them time to get out safely. >> she was saying fire in the house, fire in the house! >> six adults and a child were sleeping when the house was consumed by smoke. we saw rear of the structure is destroyed. >> the owner said i smelled a lot of smoke like something was burning. i ran through the house to knock on the doors for even to get out. most of this was destroyed by the water. not the smoke. this is where the mother was sleeping when she heard the flames. she rushed to the window and saw it down below.
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it ripped through the ceiling above their bed. >> i opened the window. i called 911. john: fire investigators are looking into what caused the fire. i asked if the smoke alarms were working and he said they were. >> i'm going remodeling in the basement so next to the house there is a lot of wood, plastic and the old carpeting that i have removed. that is where the fire started. in northwest washington, john gonzalez. kimberly: lucky for the family of seven. jonathan: no question. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a "7 on your side" alert for the easy pass customers. how thieves are trying to access your account to swipe money. kimberly: comedian tracy morgan making a comeback here. where he will make his first appearance since he was critically injured in a crash. jonathan: talk about amazing. guess who put on a surprise concert.
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who do you think? steveie wonder. we'll take you to the performance and tell you what
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kimberly: "7 on your side" on your side with a consumer report.
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a.a.a. warning about a phishing scam targeting e-z pass accounts. they believe they owe money so the users get directions to click the link. don't click the link. even if you don't give up the information, just clicking the link can infect your computer with malware. jonathan: more trouble to tell you about on the tracks. it delayed the rollout of the green trains this morning. the nice training. minutes before the new train car was about to leave the green belt station it was stopped in its tracks. because of an older train car that broke down in front of the new train car. fitting, right? it took an hour to be fixed. kimberly: this is amazing if you consider how many tourists come to washington. record year this year. tourist group destination d.c. say there were 2 million international visitor this year. up 16% from 2013.
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most international visitors from china. 18 million to domestic tourists to the district. jonathan: more than a year after he was nearly killed in a car crash, comedian tracy morgan will return to host "saturday night live." nbc announced morgan a former cast member will host the show on october 17. morgan has been recovering from the injuries suffered in the crash on the new jersey turnpike that took place on 2014. he says in a previous interview he hoped to return to comedy when he was able. kimberly: a big-time music star surprised fans in d.c. this morning. he sounded amazing. stevie wonder performed a free pop-up concert in the d.c. mall. jonathan: don't you love it. wonder by, that's stevie wonder. i'll just listen. kimberly: you know his voice anywhere. jonathan: we have more. >> what better way than listen to stevie wonder play his
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biggest hits. the crowds started to gather 10:00 this morning. this all got underway. mother nature enjoying it as well. not a cloud in the sky. although they had to stay hydrated. the temperatures in the upper 80's. they enjoyed all of this. this was for a big announcement you have to make. ♪ ♪ >> i want to hear him live. i never heard him before. i'm a big fan of him. >> this is a great opportunity to bring the kids to see a legend. come on up. here we are. >> what's your favorite song? >> this is a busy day for him. he has another concert at 3:00 this afternoon in philadelphia. the last one is at 7:00 this evening in new york city. reporting in front of r.f.k. stadium, jeanette reyes, abc7 news. jonathan: after five -- what a great concert by the way.
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kimberly: makes me want to relationship to him all over again. jonathan: after five years airwaves, donnie simpson is back. you will hear his voice on the air. afternoon drive 102.3. kimberly: to celebrate "good morning washington" declared today done -- donnie simpson day. do we have that power? i guess we did. he said he has a lot to catch up on, including social media. donnie: crazy. i hired someone to handle social media. i can't keep up with it. it's a lot. facebook, you know, i have always been active on facebook. shy of 400,000 friends on facebook. but twitter, we got to pump those numbers up. kimberly: a number of guests appeared on "g.m.w." to welcome him back to radio. others recorded video messages that were played. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00", kellye lynn has more on
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donnie's big return to radio. he is only gone five years, the speed of technology. jonathan: i know. at least he didn't say what is that tweeter thing all about? kimberly: question got it right. jonathan: exactly. take a look at what is going on with the traffic situation. robert altman keeping an eye on things. robert: right now the beltway between new jersey and the university, the accident popped up. two right lanes are blocked. solid delays building around through college park and i-95. where we have six lanes but they are all jammed up at this point in time. moving along the beltway. look at the inner loop, the right side of the screen leaving river road. most of the slow traffic above georgetown pike to the 270 spur. passing an avenue at new hampshire avenue. left side of the screen is the inner loop moving in toward college park to capital greenbe. westbound slow moving from the third street tunnel to the 14th street bridge. an accident at southbound 95 near pohick road midway
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between springfield and morton, left side of the roadway. slow traffic nonetheless moving toward the southbound commute. 395 also to the pentagon. approaching the area of 95. that is the latest from the traffic center. jonathan, kimberly, back to you. jonathan: robert, thanks. did you walk outside? did you feel like you were cutting your way through the air? kimberly: no way i was doing a run today. too hot. way too hot. doug: the heat-humidity combination gets us every time. right now it feels like 100 degrees in the city. we'll do better. not cool or dry. just not as intensely hot and humid. that is the best i can offer to you. look now at the time lapse from the earth and the science lab, or the early and space lab if i could read. frederick, maryland, 92. beautiful sunrise. gorgeous day but heat and the humidity creeping up hour by hour by hour. just as the pictures go it looks nice.
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unless you are out there. it feels closer to 100 degrees. a few fair weather clouds. check out temperatures. 93 at reagan. 92 at charlottesville. got a cluster of the hottest temperatures up and down the coast. cooler to the west. but the real story lies in the heat index. the way it feels outside. i feels like 100 degrees in washington. feels like 96 in richmond. 94 in hagerstown. there is a little cooler air to the west. but the way the pattern is developing it won't get cooler but just become less intensely hot and humid. temperatures will drop but it will remain muggy and mild through the overnight hours. mo of the metro remaining in the 70's throughout the overnight. satellite and radar shows off to the west the area of showers. trough of low pressure, cold front. everything is going to slide eastward the next couple of days so a chance of afternoon storm west of washington tomorrow. then a better chance around most of the area on wednesday and thursday afternoon. it's staying fairly clear tonight. through the day tomorrow the
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clouds thicken and we could get isolated showers west. better chance of showers, not so much late tuesday night or wednesday but as we get through later wednesday afternoon and thursday we are talking about a 6% chance of scattered showers and storms. friday is up in the air. it looks like we have a clearing trend develop through today but the weekend looks like off to a good start. not cool but better than what we have right now. kimberly: not bad. doug: best i can do on a monday. >> we're not complaining. we want to show you a beautiful sight in virginia from over the weekend. no, not napa valley. mark e-mailed thus picture from the flying circus hot air balloon festival. he said he snapped the photos from the deck of his house. what a great view. if you see any great shot or breaking news, please take a picture or shoot video and send it our way. tell us your name and location of the shot. we may show them on air or online. kimberly: coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" --
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a reunion three decades in the making. we are there as a patient reunites with the rescue worker who saved her life. jonathan: as always, stay on top of breaking news by signing up for the text alerts. go to enter your cell phone number. if it breaks it will go to your phone right away.
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kimberly: get out the tissues. an amazing reunion in bowie today. woman meeting the rescue workers who saved her life 30 years ago. jonathan: long time. maryland bureau chief brad bell was there and has more. brad: this story goes back to the fall of 1986. three girls, three best friends, all seniors at the high school in laurel were driving in a small toyota home to new carrollton. when they were involved in a terrible collision. a run-away dutch truck rolled back down a hill. smashed down their car at 50 miles per hour. i killed two of the girls. one would survive. well, today, 29 years later, that survivor met her rescuers for the first time. her name is lisa hedgewith. her name then was lisa beaver. well, today, many of the first responders are retired or work elsewhere but several of them gathered at a firehouse to tell her their stories and give her an opportunity to
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give each one of them a hug and to say thank you. >> i think it's really important for me to be able to see them and thank them for all that they do. because they do a job that is a pretty difficult, a pretty hard job. brad: at 6:00, we have more on the story. the wreck changed a lot of things. i changed laws with truck safety and it stayed with the firefighters through the years. colored how they handle the terrible collisions. that is coming up at 6:00. prince george's county, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: never get tired of seeing those reunions. kimberly: no. for the rescuers who see so much tragedy, it helps keep them going. jonathan: warms their heart. i'm sure. still ahead at 4:00, we aren't the only ones dealing with the intense heat. a look at conditions in other part of the country that might make you feel better. >> heroin and prescription
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drug addiction continues to be a problem for law enforcement and families. now the white house is taking
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. kimberly: it's stunning what a problem heroin has become for our communities across the country and now the white house has launched a new fishtive to fight heroin use and trafficking of the drug.
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jonathan: heroin is a problem in the d.c. area. jeff goldberg is live with the details on the new plan. jeff: the white house taking action in the push for the white house will have a direct impact on the battle against the heroin and prescription drug epidemic right here in virginia, maryland and the district, with 13 other states in the east. they launched $13 million toward the effort. they want to determine where the heroin is coming from, who is dealing it and what it's laced with. don flaherty is the father of kevin who overdosed on what he thought was heroin but contained a dangerous drug. flaherty of alexandria believes the effort to unight two powerful community during unite two powers communities
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is a big part of the fight forward. >> they believe they will not arrest their way out of it. >> the numbers pertaining to the epidemic in virginia, over the past few years are staggering. we have more at 6:00. plus hear from attorney general about how the efforts help our fight in virginia. jonathan: thank you. a little relief may be on the way. kimberly: the hot coffee i had earlier is not sitting well. jonathan: bad plan. doug: it's not as hot and humid through the week. we will check the amount of daylight we had. tonight the sunsets at 8:00.
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as the hours of the daylight get shorter and shorter toward the beginning of fall and winter you see how much time we lose. september 6:579 after the solstice and the first day of wednesday 4:49. shower and downpour. and another one at the suburb. the heat and the humid are widespread. the temperatures and the lower 90's across the region. it feels like 100 in washington.
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low of 89. 78 on wednesday. 30 -- 87 on wednesday. 30% chance of tomorrow west of washington. jonathan: d.c. is not the only region ready for an end to the heat. kimberly: elizabeth hur shows what other part of the country deal with it now. elizabeth: millions of americans were baking in the summer heat looking for any way to stay cool. the beaches along the jersey shore was a hit for others. >> for many this is easier to do my job. >> out west, soaring temperatures from arizona to nevada and california are keeping officials on their
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toes. >> we are running 130 right here. if a child climbs up a ladder they could get burped hands. >> in the east, air quality warnings out from virginia to connecticut. the officials urging children and anyone with breathing problems to avoid the outdoors. once inside, remember to conserve power and up plug any unnecessary devices. >> in the northeast, a heatwave declared when you have three consecutive days of 90 or above temperatures. today new york city marked the first heatwave in two years. elizabeth hur, new york, abc7 news. jonathan:m coming up for us at 4:00, off the campaign trail and in a courtroom. find out why republican candidate donald trump was there. kimberly: an alert for families trying to purchase a new pet. how thieves are targeting pet buyers online.
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jonathan: donald trump is off
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the campaign trail. we have more. >> donald trump was still the center of attention as he arrived at a lower manhattan court for jury duty. at the state fair, trump a popular topic among his rivals. >> think of a single instance in which a man's judgment might have been clouded. >> carly fiorina referencing the comments about megyn kelly. carly saying she knows more leaders than anyone running with the exception of hillary clinton. fiorina is not the only one taking a turn on the soap box stage a traditional venue. scott walker, wisconsin governor, stepping out of the and addressing the crowd saying he is unhappy with the republican leadership of the usa senate for their lack of action. adding he managed to lower it in the state.
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walker said he wasn't intimidated. walker is looking to regain his standing in iowa and he now trails neurosurgeon carson and front-runner donald trump. john kasich was in alabama today looking for support for the g.o.p. nomination. landing an endorsement of the fellow republican governor robert bentley. in northwest, stephanie ramos, abc7 news. jonathan: up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we are going to explain how iphone's personal assistant siri is being credited with saving a teenager's life. kimberly: plus an nfl player stirring up controversy off the football field. what it has to do with taking a certain kind of trophy away from his son.
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jonathan: we are getting new details in the death of morgan freeman stepgrandfather. kimberly: it's horrible. her boyfriend is charged with the murder. he is in under custody undergoing psychiatric evaluation. police say he stabbed the actress devil times outside her upper manhattan apartment early sunday. a neighbor says he heard it all happen including what the
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suspect allegedly said while stabbing the victim. >> jesus, god, i command you demons, get out. i heard two screeches. i looked out the window and i saw a man over the girl. kimberly: disturbing. hines is the grand daughter of freeman's first wife but the actress always thought of her as his own grand daughter. this is pretty bizarre. a store clerk with a giant sword stopped an attempted robbery in pennsylvania and this is caught on the surveillance camera. two suspects carrying machete and dressed like ninjas come to rob a supermarket in pittsburgh but the clerk was prepared. he comes from behind the counter with an even bigger storm and he is not afraid to use it. >> he attack me, i i attack
4:44 pm
him. threw the sword from his hand. jonathan: look at the size of that thing! kimberly: the store clerk chased a robber out the store and the elderly confronted the other. they came out with a gun and chased them out. unbelievably, all that weaponry, no one was hurt. jonathan: looks like from an "indiana jones" movie. tennessee teenager is credited now for saving two women, actually two women are saving the teenager and the one not a woman at all. kimberly: one is a 911 dispatcher. the other is siri. abc's t. j. holmes have that story. reporter: millions user if for recipes. >> here you go. reporter: directions. >> this organic market looks closer to you. reporter: and weather reports. sam ray had a pressing request. >> 911. hello. rutherford county, 911. >> help me. i'm stuck in my truck. >> you are stuck in your truck. where are you?
4:45 pm
reporter: the 18-year-old was working on a pickup truck at his home in tennessee when the nearly 5,000-pound vehicle slipped off the deck holding it up pinning him underneath. >> this arm was above my head. >> with no one around to hear his screams he heard a familiar voice. >> senioriri here. how -- siri here. how many i help you? >> he couldn't reach the phone but he could maneuver the body the activate siri and telling her to call 911. >> life-saver in this case. useful tool. >> he was trapped for 40 minutes before help arrived and lifted to air hospital with broken ribs, bruised kidney and cuts and bruises. he finally was able to meet the rescuers and the 911 operator who took his call. >> the greatest thing he did but say his address to get everybody there. >> one person he can't thank. well, because she is not real. >> you're welcome. t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. jonathan: well, one nfl player is sparking a whole lot of
4:46 pm
criticism but from some he is getting a lot of support. maybe you heard about this. this is all thanks to one instagram post he made. kimberly: this is after james harrison announced he will return his son's participation trophy. abc's ryan smith has a look at the reaction online. >> james harrison. one of the toughest linebackers in football. pittsburgh steeler james harrison is known for his explosive play. >> get the sack, it's james harrison. reporter: when it comes to tackling parenting the veteran player proving he is just as fierce. when his two sons came home with so-called participation trophies, harrison blew the whistle. kimberly: we need to break into this press conference here. you can see chief lanier and the mayor of our fair city talking about crime in the district. let's listen? >> where illegal guns might be and how they can be recovered by the police department. and information about the $25,000 reward. that the department offers for
4:47 pm
any information leading to arrest for homicide. >> we'll start rolling through the video again. i will try and walk you through what we have put together. this is video from several places. i will dry to describe -- try to describe where the video is from and what it is connected to and what we're looking for. i will start off. all the video that we will show you here in this case is related to the saturday afternoon homicide of 23-year-old matthew shelonski. saturday, matthew was of northeast washington walking in the 1800 block of seventh street northwest. this is in the area of seventh and s street northwest. so 7th and s street northwest. he was walking with friends. evidence was recovered from both the southwest and the southeast sidewalk on the corners of 7th and s street
4:48 pm
that shows guns were being fired from both of those locations. so, both southeast and the southwest corner of 7 and s street. we believe two individuals firing from two different locations there. chrysler 300 observed fleeing from the area after shots were fired. it's unknown if the occupant or occupants of that car, that burgly -- that burgundy 300 also fired shots. matthew died from the injuries sustained sustained in the shooting. we don't believe he was the intended target. after the shooting we received reports that the occupants of the burgundy 300 then had interactions with several other individuals. at 5th and s street the 300
4:49 pm
was observed operating on the wrong side of the street. the driver then exchanged words with the driver of another car. and pointed a handgun at the driver of the other car before speeding away. the burgundy 300 was then observed in the 1900 block of fourth street northwest. an individual observed the vehicle driving at a high rate of speed. there was some words exchanged between that person and the driver of the burgundy 300. it was reported that the driver of the burgundy 300 then rolled down the window and fired multiple shots at that individual. the driver of the burgundy 300 was described as a black male in his 20's. dark complexion. with dreadlocks or twists in his hair. we have since recovered that burgundy 300 in northeast washington. we know that that car was stolen in a burglary in bowie, maryland, august 11.
4:50 pm
we consider the three persons involved in the burglary involved in the homicide. we are asking for anyone with additional information on the individuals please contact us. through 727, calling 202-727-9099 or through the anonymous text tip line, 50411. if you send us text numbers it's a one-way number. we cannot reply to you. you are truly anonymous. if you have further information call us and give us a way to reach you. we are seeking several persons of interest in connection with a homicide that occurred saturday in 7th and s. i will let the video go again and describe what you are seeing in the video. so we have video from the area of the homicide team that captures three person of interest on the sidewalk. as well as dark colored
4:51 pm
vehicle. this is video from burglary that occurred on august 12, 2015, in 2200 block of arrest kyle terrace -- argyle terrace. there are three people in the video. we believe the three people in this video may have been occupants of that burgundy chrysler 300 that was on the scene of the homicide on saturday. we are asking for anyone who recognizes the videos you see in this video. these are persons of interest four through six. the vehicle identified as -- these are persons of interest one through three. this is vehicle number one in the video. these are suspects one through three. there are still shots.
4:52 pm
it will be shown at the end of this. the better quality is in the video. this is the second part of the video. showing the second vehicle of interest there captured in this segment. this is also showing two more persons of interest, persons four through six. vehicle of interest number two. this is from the shooting scene on saturday. down in the area of seventh and s street northwest. there are still shots added on but from the video better clarity of the persons in that segment of the video. so in total we have six persons of interest and two vehicles. even though we recovered the 300, the chrysler 300, we wanted to put that video out there in case somebody may have seen this video being operated. anytime between august 11, and
4:53 pm
saturday. we know the car was taken in a burglary in bowie, maryland, on the 11th of august. i want to go on and talk about the other homicide. we'll talk about that and then the other activity over the weekend an then we will take questions from now. >> on saturday, 1 seven a.m. in the morning -- 1:00 a.m. in the morning weaved a call of sound of gunshot. they discovered mr. lawrence carter who was suffering from a gunshot wound. they responded to the scene
4:54 pm
and they found no signs of life. he was taken to the officer of the chief medical examiner where the autopsy will be performed to determine the cause and the manner of his death. call 202-727-9099 if you can assist us. or by text. 50411. >> i have gotten a lot of calls and questions about in particular the followup from the mayor's press conference last week. i just want to give you a couple of quick things from the activities over the weekend. so far this year, we have arrested 52 people for the charge of homicide. 52 people have been arrested year to date for homicide.
4:55 pm
compared to 38 at the same time last year. the number of people we arrested for homicide is up significantly for this point of the year. kimberly: you have been listening to police chief cathy lanier give update on the prime investigations. particularly, two homicides that happened just this weekend. this is interesting because the chief obviously and the mayor talked about an approach to fight crime. in the district this summer we have seen a spike. this is the second time they held news conference in the middle of the news day. it's nontraditional but they know it will get tips from the public. jonathan: they are reaching a boiling point they have had enough of the crime. in the recent case, six people. it relates back to a burglary. but it is almost tough to keep track of the different crimes we have been reporting in the last few weeks. we'll stay on top of this. you can get more on
4:56 pm
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leon: a local university stung once loses a second student to epidemic of violence in the area. >> it's outrageous. it's been an issue all summer long. leon: tonight there are growing fears that no area is immune. mourning a superhero. >> his heart was full of love. >> the faces would be like oh, my gosh! ballman is here. leon: a viral sensation and a superhero to good children. we look back at the batman. welcome back, donnie. a washington radio legend returns to the mic. kimberly: shock and heartbreak across the area as we are hearing word that a man who brought joy to so many children died. leon: lenny robinson was pulled over by police three years ago dressed up like batman but the caped crusader was more than a man in a cuss
5:00 pm
chalm. -- costume. kimberly: kevin lewis has more on how he is being remembered. everyone saying beautiful things about him. kevin: this was a pillar of the community. hospitals across the area, including georgetown university are mourning his loss. he was a fixture here in the child oncology unit. he distracted ill children from the harsh realities with a superhuman personality. laurie is reeling over the sudden death of lenny robinson. >> dressed like batman. kevin: known to many as "the beltway batman" following a comical traffic stop. >> his heart was full of love. kevin: the 51-year-old spent days sporting the dark knight suit and driving an iconic black car bringing joy to hundreds of children sickened with cancer and


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