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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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chalm. -- costume. kimberly: kevin lewis has more on how he is being remembered. everyone saying beautiful things about him. kevin: this was a pillar of the community. hospitals across the area, including georgetown university are mourning his loss. he was a fixture here in the child oncology unit. he distracted ill children from the harsh realities with a superhuman personality. laurie is reeling over the sudden death of lenny robinson. >> dressed like batman. kevin: known to many as "the beltway batman" following a comical traffic stop. >> his heart was full of love. kevin: the 51-year-old spent days sporting the dark knight suit and driving an iconic black car bringing joy to hundreds of children sickened with cancer and deadly blood
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diseases. >> he would drive up in the car and everyone was like reel out there in -- wheel out there in wheelchair or run out if they could and just sit in the bat mobile and push the buttons. kevin: but last night his bat mobile broke down here hagerstown. a passing car hit and killed him. this picture shows some of the dents and the scraped black paint along the bat mobile passenger side. >> one of a kind. kevin: susan worked side-by-side with robinson. >> the loss of batman has made the lives of thousands of sick children smaller without him. >> i think we lost a hero for sure. kevin: police say robinson was heading home from an auto show in west virginia last night. the investigators still are not sure what went wrong with his retro industrial bat mobile -- retro style bat
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mobile. kevin lewis, abc7 news. kimberly: five people hurt in a metro bus crash in northeast washington on rhode island avenue and 10th street. investigators say a car made an illegal u-turn and hit the bus. tom roussey joins us live about the internet quick to react with the death of robinson. what are you hearing? tom: we have comments from folks all around the country and locally. genuinely upset about this. debbie foreman straud writes -- he was a selfless man to do what he did. we heard about him all the way down here in georgia. you were lucky to have a man in your midst. godspeed and rest in peace, mr. robinson. others write -- tom: other comments we receive
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include denise who says -- tom: a final comment from john woodward -- tom: a lot of people genuinely upset about the idea of someone who gave so much of their lives to help children could be gone in this way. reporting live in the newsroom, tom roussey, abc7 news. leon: thank you, tom. very special man will be missed. now get to a story you will see here only on 7. the redskins quarterback at the center of a controversy once again. this time it's over something that robert griffin iii told us, right here. robert burton here now with a story that is not just blowing up here. this is being talked about all across the country today. robert: you want your quarterback to say i'm the best.
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you want that attitude on the field. leon: right. robert: that is normal for once. if you ever played sports most likely you were taught to believe you were simply the best. better than all the rest. whether it was peewee football or the pros. well, for some reason it never goes over well for rgiii. now that might be because he didn't show it last year. he got grief after comparing himself to tom brady, peyton manning and aaron rodgers at a weekly press conference. fans hated that. in one interview you will see only on abc7 he sat down with our alex parker and said the three magic words. "i'm the best." robert: i don't feel like i have to come out here and show anybody anything. i'm better than this guy or better than that guy. it's more about going out and affirming that. for me i go out and play. i know i'm the best quarterback on this team. i know i feel like i'm the best quarterback in the league. i have to go out and show that.
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any athlete concedes to someone else they are not a top competitor. they are not trying to be the best they can be. there are guys in the league that have done more than me but i view myself as the best. that's what i work for every day. when i step on the field it's time for me to prove it. that's what i do every time. robert: of course, catch that entire interview on you made a good point. it's one thing to feel it. it's another thing to say it. >> exactly. it's nicer when other people say it for you. bottom line is this. rgiii, throw some touchdowns and everybody will forget about it. robert: you have to show it. leon: we'll see what happens. thank you. talk about it more later. kimberly: thanks, guys. today was not a good one to spend any long period outdoors. release from the sweltering heat is on the way. chief meteorologist doug hill has our first look. doug: hot and humid now. we get a break in the next few days but it's not going to get cool and comfortable, but not as intensely hot and humid. let's get you started with belfort furniture weather
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center. heavy rain north of the potomac river in western montgomery county. another on the southwest side of baltimore. most areas have nothing but partly to mostly sunny skies. hot and humid for the next few hours. if you factor in the moisture it feels like 100 in the capital. through the evening we cool off but only to a degree. 28 to 74 will be the overnight temperatures. we will wake up to a hazy and a humid day tomorrow. maybe a thunderstorm late in the day. we will check it out and include the seven-day outlook coming up in a couple of minutes. leon: you got it. an investigation continues after a deadly explosion at a popular hindu shrine in thailand. the last killed at least 18 people. some of the injured were foreign tourists. a bomb squad was called in
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when a second explosive device was discovered after the first place. it was disabled. so far, no one or group claimed responsibility for the attack. kimberly: in the last 15 minutes we got new video from police that they hope will fight back against an uptick in violence in d.c. police want you to take a look at this. the chief just showed us the video live on abc7. this is video from a stolen chrysler 300 before someone gunned down an american university graduate in the d.c. shaw neighborhood. it was still enduring a burglary in bowie wednesday. the three suspects were caught on video. they are people of interest in saturday's murder. that murder just the latest violent crime in the shaw area that has residents demanding a real tangible change. stephen tschida is live in the neighborhood. what do people want done about it? stephen: first, the i.d. of suspects in this case is
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welcome news. according to the chief, someone opened fire on sunday. they opened fire over there. that ma chew was gunned down. two people shot in northeast this morning. matt rosenberg was a friend of kevin sutherland, another american university graduate. >> after we lost kevin a month and a half ago there was a feeling that something was going to happen. but instead the killings accelerated some district residents now on edge that are looking to city leaders for protection. >> we are doing everything we can to prevent violent crime
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in every part of the city. >> but the city activist believes it's not enough. >> i would like to see a plan from the mayor with actionable steps to dispel the issue of crime. >> i saw it happen. i hit the ground. >> he came so close to the bullets he doubts more police or jail time for suspects will help. >> i don't need to say police work has nothing to do with it. but to me it seems like we're treating symptoms. stephen: regardless of the underlying cause, they are welcoming the beefed up presence. a lot of people are hoping that the surveillance video that the chief just released and the i.d. of suspects leads to arrests in the killing. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: d.c. police are asking for the public's help to identify and locating a sexual
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assault suspect. this happened 6:00 saturday morning in the 600 block of park road and northwest at washington 689 near the med-star washington hospital. a woman told police she was approached by a man and sexually assaulted at gunpoint. investigators are working with a brief description of the suspect. kimberly: scramble mid-morning at the american university after the death of a civil rights icon. and a university professor. julian bond died and his death is reverberating in a neighborhood he called home. sam ford explains the university must decide how to move forward. sam: julian bond the civil rights activist was well-known to everyone. the georgia legislator denied the seat because he opposed the vietnam war. the long-time president of the naacp that helped the organization celebrate his 100th anniversary. he was a washingtonian in
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later years. >> he came and he wanted to talk about the music. retired teacher recalls what his neighbor julian bond spoke to his high school class about 1950's rock 'n' roll. >> he made a tape with a whole series. it went, you know, it went over two or three decades. >> students had already enrolled for his classes in the fall. taylor remembers bond was involved socially and academically and popular. >> he always had a long line of studen trying to get to see him and his class filled up quicker than the rest of our classes. it was hard to get into the class because he was a popular professor. >> being the school of public affairs says bond's death hit opportunities hard. >> he didn't just talk about civil rights in the old days.
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he talked about civil rights today as well. he was an advocate for gay marriage and marriage equality. he didn't say the world has to end. sam: she says they have not decided what to do next semester. one idea is have a guest lectureer a number of his civil rights friends and colleagues. northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. kimberly: big shoes to fill. leon: absolutely! still ahead on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a crash claims a teenager's life days before the start of school. what was happening minutes before. >> plus the new sign of a possible panda pregnancy at the national zoo. this will affect your next visit there. leon: a d.c. icon back on the air waves. what donnie simpson said falled his decision to return to radio after a five-year absence. kimberly: he has still got it. stevie wonder surprising thousands in the district next on "abc7 news at 5:00".
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♪ ♪ kimberly: it could be 30 years ago. his voice sounds just as good. music legend stevie wonder
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surprising fans in d.c. he played five songs in a pop-up concert at the d.c. armory mall. it's part of a three-city stop today announcing his upcoming u.s. tour including one at the verizon center september 3. look at the cameras. that's changed in 30 years. leon: something else is changing here we are really getting thrilled about. a good friend of stevie wonderers is back on the air of tonight. we are talking about d.c. icon here after five years of retirement, none other than donnie simpson returned to the air waves of magic 102.3 f.m. kellye lynn is live outside the studio there with a look at donnie's comeback and how abc7 helped welcome him back today. hey kellye. kellye: how are you? donnie is back on the air was as we speak. he is in the studio behind me. donnie sumpson day has gone
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well. he spent three decades decades on d.c. radio started his day with us. when donnie suchson arrived on the set of "good morning washington" he didn't come empty handed. >> this is my granddaughter and grandson. kellye: the beloved announcer that spent 33 years on washington radio was surrounded by family and friendses a he discussed the new job at magic 102.3 f.m. and the new shift. >> i did mornings for so long, afternoons are different. kellye: some things won't be. dougie will be back on the air. >> donnie simpson day. kellye: a day embraced by celebrities. >> send a shout out to my boy, donnie simpson. much love. kellye: local officials. >> a lot of raced home to see him on video soul. kellye: and his fans.
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people tweeting congratulations with #donniesback. >> i can't wait for you to join us on 102.3. kellye: if you are wondering what the new show will hold, donnie says he's not sure. his plan is to do what he does best. >> i love that. >> it's just natural as it comes. that is what i do. kellye: aren't we fortunate to know that donnie will be doing what he does so well every weekday afternoon from 3:00 to 7:00 on magic 102.3f reporting live in silver spring, kellye lynn, abc7 news. kimberly: donnie looks so happy coming back home. welcome back home to you. you were out west. today's weather a shock? leon: yeah, it was a shock. i was in vegas where it was 112 degrees. palm trees spontaneously bursting out there. i would rather be there than here. this is worse than out there.
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kimberly: really? leon: yes. absolutely. the humidity is crazy. doug: it won't get real cool. last time we had a heatwave and it was cooler and drier but not this week. it's just not as oppressively humid. that's the best we can offer. this summer vacation season winding down. rehoboth beach. good stuff for the next few days. look at the breeze off the ocean will do for you. only 8 right now with the -- 78 right now with clear skies in rehoboth beach. pleasant conditions. warm earn on this side. 93 at andrews and reagan national. 94 in fredericksburg. 95 in frederick. 95 in winchester. add the humidity levels creeping up in the past day or so. this is what it feels like. 98 in andrews and
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fredericksburg. 99 in frederick, maryland. looking at the areas that are stationary. especially just along north of the potomac river in western montgomery county. farther south down the river rain that is barely moving. a heavy downpour and we think it is going to rain itself out. that is a heavy storm in the northwest part of town. we will keep an eye on that. majority of the area is clear to partly cloudy. it's muggy. right now it is hot and humid. but after the sun set and the temperatures will drop in the 80's and the 70's tonight in most spot, muggy. feel humidity. heavy dew on the ground in the morning. the temperatures are up and down the east coast are hot. sitting under a big area of high pressure making it hot. also making it mostly sunny. get farther west when there are cloudiness and showers. look how cool, 71 in indianapolis. 75 in nashville. 84 in detroit.
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this is all due to to a flow of moisture that the high pressure center is here. and the backside, the moisture is coming up to the west. showers and the thunderstorms in time. some of that moisture will move eastward toward the area. tomorrow an, maybe a couple of thunderstorms. especially along i-81. a couple could move in metro area. the future cast gives us an idea of what might happen. this is the computer simulation of what might happen. through the afternoon, clouds to keep the temperatures down a bit. maybe a shower or a thunderstorm in the an or the evening. we work through wednesday and thursday, especially as the cold front starts to squeeze in on the air mass. our chances of showers and the thunderstorms will start to increase. for tomorrow morning, 72 for an average temperature at 7:00 a.m. it should be clear. hazy and muggy. 86 at midday. 89 in the average. 30% chance of a shower or a thunderstorm. especially to the west of the metroarea. a couple popping up locally.
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wednesday and thursday with a slow approach to the front we take the probability of the thunderstorms up to 60%. we should -- should -- assuming a front reheys itself see gradual clearing. partly cloudy skies and another chance of storms sunday and monday. it is still summer. leon: all right. kimberly: new signs of panda births might be imminent at the national zoo. might. we keep saying that. zookeepers close off the habitat surrounding mei xiang's den. effective today, pandas become sensitive to noise apparently. the zoo officials say they still aren't sure if she is pregnant or having a pseudopregnancy. either way we should know for certain in the next few weeks when a little butter stick is born or the pseudopregnancy
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ends. leon: keep your fingers crossed. kimberly: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- moments of joy minutes before an accident that left a teenager dead. leon: but first, what the white house says the nation has to do differently if we're going to stop a heroin epidemic that is claiming lives nationwide.
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kimberly: a march to end violence wound through
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maryland today ending at the doorstep of the u.s. capitol. a few dozen member of the 300 men march movement walked from baltimore to the national mall. they started last night. they finished their march this afternoon. their message is a pretty simple one. work with people in communities feeling the effects of violence to help them find peaceful solutions. leon: the white house making a new push to fight back what has become a heroin epidemic. that push includes $5,000 initiative to bring together public health and law enforcement. all of this coming in a spike in heroin overdoses in the u.s. particularly in virginia and maryland, among other east coast states. the white house says it's time to put the focus on treatment for users over punishment. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- alligators are stolen. the thieves caught on camera. the key clue that police believe could crack the case. kimberly: plus, hands on history. your will meet the man tasked with building an altar for the pope's historic first trip to the u.s.
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prince george's county teen dies after utility terrain vehicle flipped down the football field. now his family and friends are trying to figure out what went wrong. we will hear from them straight ahead.
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kimberly: what started out as a wonderful night out with friends and ended tragically when a utility terrain vehicle
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crashed and killed a teenager. diane cho spent all day talking to friends of the victim. how are they holding up? diane: this is very difficult for them still. they are still emotionally distraught this an. we spoke to them and the investigators are trying to figure out what led to the accident. the teens were riding down this football field on that u.t.v. on saturday night. something went wrong. the driver lost control. emotions ran high as the family and the friends gathered at the scene of the accident remembering a life cut too short. 17-year-old lester goodwine junior better known as "l.j." died saturday night after the utility terrain vehicle overturned near the 50 yard line on the football field. >> it's so hard.
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diane: one of his best friends say they were at a cookout earlier tat day when he got on the u.t.v. with the two other girls and not clear what caused the accident. >> everything i do is for him. reporter: he was on his way home and saw the ambulance at the community center and wondered what was going on. it didn't take long before he says he realized the rescue crews were there for his friend. >> i tried to tell him get up, get up. wake up, wake up. i'm right here. hurry up. get up, get up. he didn't want to wake up. diane: he says goodwine was a week away from starting the senior year. now instead of looking forward to program wation, he and his friends are trying to figure out how to get to the school year without him. >> he is always coming out here. you can't find another person. one of a kind type of person. diane: the case is under investigation. we are told two other teens were not injuried in this but we're told it's illegal the operate the vehicles on
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property. we are told that the case is sent to the state attorney's office to determine if files will be filed. in clinton, diane cho, abc7 news. is that time for a look at -- leon: time for the look at thestop stories. he brought so many smiles to the faces of children. people are remembering lenny robinson as beltway batman. he gained national attention in 2012 with the video when the police pulled him over driving his bat mobile in silver spring. kimberly: comments rgiii made to abc7 had a lot of people talking. speaking to you are to own alex parker, griffin said he feels like he is the best redskins quarterback and the best q.b. in the nfl. he said he view himself that way and that is what he works for. leon: after five years in retirement, donnie simpson is
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back on the radio. the new show premiered this afternoon on magic 102.3. to celebrate our own "good morning washington" crew declared it donnie suchson day. kimberly: firefighters investigates what caused a junkyard fire. it happened in the 19000 block of acalon road. look at the destruction. garage loaded with vehicles destroyed. hazmat team called out to the commercial building. no injuries were reported. that is the good news. fire officials say most of the fire has now been knocked out. leon: a close call for a family of seven in northwest washington. they made it out before the names engulfed their home this morning. abc7 ox tained exclusive cell phone video of the fire. broke out after 7:00 street this morning. six adults and the only child there slept inside. luckily the homeowner smelled smoke and woke even up.
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>> running all over the house saying, "fire in the house." leon: it started in the alley next to the home. then it quickly spread. much of the rear of the structure was destroyed with clothes and the furniture inside that. a viewer shot some of the incredible video you saw. if you see news happen, see it and send it to us at kimberly: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- more than a dozen alligators stolen. how do you steal a dozen alligators? the bizarre crime was caught on camera. >> a man tried to set a woman's bedroom on fire. now he is on the "7 on your side" wall of justice. i'm jennifer donelan. that story is coming up. leon: later nearly 30 years after terrifying crash a woman is reunited with the medics who saved her. the emotional meeting coming up at 2:00.
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doug: doug hill back to the storm weather 7. it will be 86 with the partly cloudy skies and mostly on saturday. sunny and 86. more humidity. a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. it's cooler at the beaches because of wind direction. partly cloudy skies both days. farther south, warmer. low to mid-80's for virginia beach and the outer banks. there will be chances of the afternoon evening showers and the thunderstorms. the next seven days, in more 90's for a while. it's close a couple of days but looks good. shower and storms in the forecast for wednesday and thursday. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this.
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jennifer: i'm your fighting back against crime investigator jennifer donelan. this is the "7 on your side" wall of justice. police across d.c., maryland and virginia ask for your help for those who escaped capture. they are adding juan garcia to the wall of justice. they say he tried to set a woman's bedroom on fire. he joins alfonso paige wanted
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for malicious discharge of a firearm. mar lean paige wanted for violation of probation. conward wanted for grand larceny. and ramon calderon wanted for aggravated assault. set the wall of justice in motion. spotlight on paige. alfonso paige is armed and dangerous. the 26-year-old was involved in a minor argument that escalated quickly with paige opening fire on a crowd of people. he knows he is wanted but won't turn himself in. officers now need the public's help. >> we could be saying he possibly could have killed somebody or maliciously wounded an individual. all over a minor verbal dispute. who knows at what point he is willing to stop or how far it could escalate. jennifer: he is 6'1", weighs 210 pounds, 26 years old,
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black hair, brown eyes and wanted for malicious discharge of a firearm. police want him off the wall of justice and put him behind bars. if the you know where alfonso page may be, contact the arlington county police. we will see you next week with a "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm jennifer donelan. leon: now go to breaking news of an unarmed man who was shot in fairfax county. jeff goldberg live in the newsroom. what have you learned. jeff: a special grand jury in fair fax county indicted officer adam torres or second degree murder charges. this information coming from the attorney of the family of john gear. saying that police called the family members recently to tell them this afternoon that torres had been indicted on second-degree murder charges. i asked the attorney, mike lieberman his name for reaction to the news. he sent back in a text moments
5:41 pm
ago, "it is a substantial move toward justice for john geer. it took too long to get there but now up to a jury to render justice," which is what the family wanted in the first place. adam torres was under investigation following the fatal shooting of john geer two years ago with the late august of 2013. geer was standing in the doorway after a standoff with police. one shot was fired here. ger ended up dying inside the home. this situation brought controversy. family members friend of geer said they did not receive answers for months, many months. they were not getting information. in the spring, fairfax county commonwealth attorney ray morrow conducting a special japped grand jury in fairfax -- special grand jury in fairfax county. second-degree murder charges for adam torres. we have more as the story continues to develop throughout the evening. back to you. kimberly: thank you, jeff. community pressure really
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pushing that one. coming up next -- >> the countdown is on and the papal visit to washington, d.c. i'm suzanne kennedy. coming up, i take you to wood shoppe in maryland where the altar is being
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leon: the pope's visit a month away. important work being done to prepare. the carpenter is hard at work creating furniture for the holy father. suzanne kennedy takes us to the shop where the work is being done. with carpentry as his craft and religion as the calling, catholic deacon david is building furniture for his spiritual leader. the papal mass will be celebrated last month. >> the highlight of my life to build an altar and bring carpentry aspect together with the aspect of serving at the
5:46 pm
altar. amazing. to do it for the holy father puts it over the top. suzanne: he is a life-long carpen tar that built the -- carpen tar that built the mass for the pope in 2008. >> to do it a second time is farther beyond the imagination. it's taken him to a facility in frederick. >> native is part of a three-person team from catholic university that designed the altar. >> we wanted to take the basilica out for everyone to see. through the pieces of
5:47 pm
furniture that even will be witnessing at the mass. >> there will be a permanent home inside the basilica. in frederick, maryland, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: of course pope francis set to arrive in d.c. on september 22. count on us for complete coverage on air and online at kimberly: time for a check of the traffic situation. robert altman on traffic watch. how is it looking? robert: not too bad for a monday. northbound lane of 270. the heavy traffic continues. i have through clarksberg. the brake lights continue. along the northbound commute. on the beltway, the intermittent stop and go. moving past connecticut avenue. the earlier accident at new amp is gone but slow traffic through 95 and college park.
5:48 pm
virginia, outbound, 66. to centreville and the stop and the go continues. not too bad. southbound 395 moving below the pentagon. the brake lights continue. down toward the area of landmark. 95 is picking up heavy traffic. toward the occoquan river. not too bad. northbound, george washington parkway. left lane is blocked with roadwork. delays throug the pentagon area. kimberly, leon, back to you. kimberly: thank you. leon: thanks, robert. taking a bite out of a family business. police in arkansas are on the hunt for two suspects who stole baby alligators at a farm and a petting zoo. they show the suspects wearing masks, breaking down the door at the arkansas alligator farm and petting zoo. they swiped 13 baby gators. >> they were our babies. we didn't let anyone handle them.
5:49 pm
i hope they took them where someone will take care of them. leon: it is illegal to possess alligators in arkansas. kimberly: i hope they find them. take care of the babies. leon: you can only steal those when they are babies. kimberly: yeah! leon: not when they get bigger. kimberly: you can try but you won't get far. check in with doug. doug, warm out there. sticky today. doug: oh, yeah. lower 90's across the area. for most of the an we had a heat index of 100 or slightly higher in washington. let's get started. hive look from the weather -- a live look from the weather bug camera. 88 degrees. light please. clouds, not many of them are bubbling up to the downpours. however, there is one we have been watching for a while now. it's centered over western montgomery county. no lightning but heavy rain. that is going to persist. in the area, watching there.
5:50 pm
i'm not telling you something you know. 95 in gaithersburg and frederick. 93 in the capital. close to 100 degree information spots. for tonight, partly cloudy warm and muggy. 68 to 74. that is it for the overnight lows. as we look beyond the overnight period we see in the future cast we see possibility of isolated showers tomorrow an. maybe when we get to 5:00 or 6:00, a couple of them could make the trip east of the appalachians in blue ridge. scattered showers in the local area. wednesday and thursday, the chances will given crease. warm side friday and saturday. that is the latest. kimberly: it sounds worst to tweet out what rgiii said than hear the whole conversation. leon: it makes a big difference if you hear the words from him.
5:51 pm
robert: good attitude to have. kimberly: sure! leon: no argument here. robert: i think it's that he said it. robert burton found his way -- rgiii back in the spotlight. the regular season haven't even started. last season during one of his weekly press conferences he compared himself to the likes of peyton manning, aaron rodgers and tom brady in a not so good season. fans went crazy. today he might have dug a deeper hole. he sat down with abc7's alex parker for an interview that you can only see here on abc7. hear what robert had to say when asked about having a chip on his shoulder. robert: i don't feel like i have to come out here and show anybody anything or why i'm better than this guy or that guy. maybe it's going out to affirm that. i play and i know i'm the best quarterback on the team. i feel like i'm the best quarterback on the league. i have to show that. any athlete at any level they say if they concede to someone else, they are not a top
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competitor, not trying to be the best they can be. there are guys in the league that have done more than me. i still view myself as the best. when i step out on the field it's time to go prove it. that is what i do every time. leon: well, you can see the full interview on robert: redskins wrapped up camp today. it has been a grind. some days reaching nearly 100 degrees. i felt that. injuries to go along with that. but now time to show off what you have been working on. fans don't know what to think about this season. jay gruden after workouts today. coach gruden: our job is put the best product we can on the football field, coach them up and make fans proud of what they are coming to see. it's not easy to be a redskins fan the last couple of years. we're going to keep grinding and make the steady competitive winner. that is the ultimate goal. leon: redskins president bruce allen asked about the new stadium.
5:53 pm
he says they are still talking to d.c., maryland and virginia but there is no leading candidate at the moment. he was asked about changing the name to help with the process and he said no. here is a question of the day. what is wrong with the nationals? not a good road trip so far. nats lost four in a row and lost two out of three to dodgerrers and swept by the giants. the staff is jumbled up. papelbon is now the closer and we haven't seen that guy in a long time. they are four yeah game behind mets. leon: they are fortunate they are in one of the worst divisions in baseball. coming up next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- wildfires raging across four states. what firefighters may have gotten a break they needed. we tell you about it coming up
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maureen: new evacuations tonight. kimberly: wildfires consuming home and businesses in four states. as brandi hitt reports strong winds are making the daunting task of controlling the firings more difficult. brandi: an intense firefight across the west where massive firefighters are raging out of control in four states leaving behind a path of instruction. >> it was a panic zone. brandi: dozens of homes turned to ash, family forced to flee as they scrammable to gain control. crews respond heavily on the air support. the super aircraft feet from california where several cabins have gone up in flames. more than 6.9 million acres
5:58 pm
burped so far this year. more than the previous two years combined over the same time period. all of that smoke seen here spreading east and into canada. in california where 13,000 firefighters are taking on is the wildfires alone, it feels like a never-ending battle. a bit of good news for the fire crews the weekend's triple-digit heat is gone and calmer weather is helping them. the peak of the wildfire season is far from over. brandi hitt, abc7 news. kimberly: coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- the white house launching a new fight against heroin. the plan to stop drug trafficking. plus, decades after a serious crash, a woman is reunited with the firefighters and the medics who saved her. the emotional meeting is just
5:59 pm
ahead. trump continuing to gain ground. tonight, why he is connecting with the voters and what it might mean for the republican party. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: from abc7 news, a breaking news alert. leon: the breaking news from fairfax county where it may have been years in the making a case has been filed against a police officer who has been indicted for the death of john geer. jeff goldberg has late-breaking details. jeff: the breaking news in the newsroom, i just got off the phone moments ago with don geer, the father of john geer who says this afternoon he was given a call, got a call from the fairfax police department telling him that the special grand jury indicted officer adam torres on second-degree murder charges. he said we feel justice is finally per vailing. it's a shame justice took this long to get here, but another
6:00 pm
step in the right direction. nearly two years ago, what followed was a long-time of lack of answers. no answers for family and friends of john geer. protests and the controversy followed in terms of the wondering when family and friends would get answers to what happened. the news out that officer torres was the person that pulled the trigger in the standoff. further controversy and no answers that followed. finally in the spring, commonwealth attorney for fairfax county convening a special grand jury taking a special step to convene the grand jury in this case. they met for the first time earlier this month. heard from witnesses, family and friends of john geer, police officers who were on the scene and the detectives as well. the jury, the brand jury reconvening today. coming down with a decision, indi


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