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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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stephen: she said proliferation of magazine and guns, a lot of guns and the number of the homicide victims those linked to the homicides with the prior homicide charges and there were a lot of factors and a lot of arrests to go with the increase in the homicide. we expect more information in the hour and we'll bring it back to you. information on this homicide coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. kimberly: thank you. he was unarm and shot to death by fairfax county police officer two years ago. tonight we are hearing from the father of johngeer. yesterday the officer torres was indicted on second-degree murder charge. jeff goldberg has reaction from geer's loved ones. what are they saying today? jeff: they are expressing deep emotion, relief and
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satisfaction and anger. adam torres turned himself into authorities last night and he remains here in the fairfax county jail. the family members saying it shouldn't have take then long. the chief prosecutor is expressing regret. we spoke today with john geer's father who said, "it's ridiculous" that it took this long to get to this point. they indicted him on second-degree murder charges. this happened in a standoff with police at geer's springfield town hill. torres was not named for 17 months following the shooter and the fairfax county commonwealth attorney said the county attorney and the police chief rosslere withheld information from the case moving forward. they have heard from friends and family to determine adam torres should be tried for the
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murder. >> another stand more release that justice is being served. that the system does work. it has to move forecaster. >> i feel badly for the family. >> torres torres will have his first court appearance tomorrow. we reached out to the tern but we didn't hear back. coming up we hear from john geer's best friend who talked about what it was like to testify in front of the grand jury. jonathan: developing now, new charges in zimbabwe. they have charged the man that owned the land where cecil was shot in july. they say they allowed dr. palmer to illegal hunt on his man. that man is free on bail until the trial.
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set for september 18. kimberly: the car was stolen when the annapolis police found it. but the stunner was the age of the driver. 12 years old. the car was taken from copeland street last night. the owner admitted to leaving it locked with the key inside the glove department and said in addition to the driver, the 14-year-old boy was on the passenger side. jonathan: if you had a chance to get out there were a lot of clouds out there. are we going to see rain? kimberly: we might. let's check in with doug hill who knows for sure. doug: it's not widespread rain but we are seeing it already. in the next few days we will stay humid and warm.
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the rain is southeast of town. lighter showers to the north and the west of the metro area. the wider picture shows the storms popping across virginia to make a pattern. it's not widespread rain but scattered showers with the isolated thunder. warm without the benefit of the sun. 80's in andrews. 86 in menace -- manassas and fredericksburg. enough moisture to drive the heat index to the 90's. the isolated thunder hold in 80's. tonight is muggy.
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we look at how many more days we have ahead. kimberly: english only has been the rule in frederick county for three years. tonight, though, leaders there might decide to change it back to the way it used to be. brad bell is live to explain the push for a change. do you think it will happen? brad: we are told that the votes are there to repeal it. a month ago we told you about the effort to repeal the bill. now in 20 minutes the council will convene back here in winchester hall, the county building to take the vote to sea if it's what they are going to do. it does not require people to speak english. it just guides the county in the personnel, is. english is the official
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language for documentation within the county for the labor relations and things like that. but those who oppose it say it sends unwelcoming message to the immigrants the person leading the effort to repeal it. it's time to go. >> you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb with an ordinance that only sends a negative message. brad: the coupcil will convene at 4:30. when we come back at 2 of:00 we will let you know how it went. thank you. jonathan: there is new information from the data breach. it's jumped to about 334,000 potential victims today. federal officials say it's not just names, it's date of birth and social security number, all of that is stolen.
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other personal information on the tax forms such as the salaries, places of employment and where people live. >> in a given day how many attacks on the u.s. government. >> detecting different attacks, my guess, my estimate is tens of thousands. >> here is the scary part. the sources say the information stolen from the i.r.s. will awe lo somebody to get a loan, buy a house or a car or file for tax refund from the victims. the breach is under investigation. kimberly: prince harry can't seem to get enough of washington, d.c. after a visit in 2013. we can't get enough of him either. he is scheduled to come back this october. this time he wants to promote invictus games for sick, wounded and sick personnel. the camera has a mind of its own. the 2016 event will be held in orlando. the prince is working in south
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africa. jonathan: that is what happens when a gremlin jumps on a camera. coming up at 4:00 -- a plea from rosie o'donnell. the message and the pictures she wants to get out to the public about her missing daughter. kimberly: "the baby's out." this was no routine tr
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jonathan: comedian rosie o'donnell is pleading for help trying to find her missing daughter. she released these pictures of her 17-year-old daughter chelsea who was last seen a week ago in new york with her 6-month-old therapy dog, brown and black terrier named bear. chelsea who suffers from mental illness stopped taking her meds and is in need of medical attention. there is a potential lead on the suspect in yesterday's bombing in bangkok. kimberly: the suspect was caught on surveillance video, moments before the attack. they are looking for a man seen wearing this t-shirt outside the hindu shrine.
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>> not politically motivated attacks like we have seen in the past that have been designed to grab attention but not heavenly cause casualties. kimberly: a second explosion this morning but no one was hurt in the attack. jonathan: authorities recovered the black boxes from the indonesian flight that crashed in the mountains on sunday. it lost contact half an hour in the flight. the bodies of all 52 crew members has been recovered. kimberly: is it an accident that i'm wearing pink and you are wearing blue? the little pink pill getting a lot of attention. >> it's considered as the female version of viagra. the f.d.a. is expected to
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announce if they will approve it. kellye lynn has details. kellye: that is the right shirt. this is a medication that is designed to treat a disorder h.s.b.b. hypo active sexual disorder. if the f.d.a. does approve the drug it would be the first medication of the kind. treat lack of sexual desire of women. it's just dopamine and -- it adjusts the doe pa dopamine in the brain. some doctors call the once a day tablet a game-changer and others are concerned about the side effect, fatigue, low blood pressure and painting. >> in truth it's a mediocre drug with worrisome side effects and the f.d.a. should not approve it. >> it increases sexual desire 53%. it doubles the number of the satisfying sexual events.
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it reduced the stress or bother women have by one third. kimberly: they have rejected it twice. jonathan: a big surprise for seattle police officer over the weekend. kimberly: it sounds terrible but it's not a bad thing. listen to what happened when he tried to pull over a speeding car. kimberly: you heard, oh my god. the baby is coming. and the baby came. the woman was in labor and the husband rushed her to the
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hospital. the officer called for an ambulance. they were taken to the hospital after and the mom and the baby are said to be doing well. the officer saved the baby. i'm sure the officer helped but a good delivery, they're just baby catchers. jonathan: that's all! they need a mitt. time for check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan has details. how is it looking? jamie: we have traffic moving along at a decent pace. you have the normal congestion. continuing closer to new hampshire. passing by connecticut we have that. disabled vehicle that you see here. it's in the shoulder. it's not affecting or adding to the congestion. let's focus on the outer loop. by the mormon temple, there is an accident. it's yellow.
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we have slowing on both directions. but on the outer loop we are averaging 54 miles per hour. just a little heavy so it's not bad. we don't have any lanes blocked with it. pull out and the heaviest spot on the inner loop in virginia. mainly getting from before the b.w. parkway to continue to clara barton. the outer loop approaching the wilson bridge. there are issues in the city. d.c., start with a crash. 19th street southeast at c street. from the 11 street bridge passing by pennsylvania avenue to get closer to eastern avenue and continuing to the baltimore washington parkway will take over 15 minutes. typical slowing. kimberly: i think i'm still sweating from the bike ride this morning. jonathan: you think? i can't imagine that you cooled down at all. it's nasty weather. doug: up to 90 or close to it.
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we didn't have much sunshine the humidity levels were way up. when this clears off, it will stay warm. less humid. we will start this here. live doppler radar. there are a few showers here and there. pops out on the screen, heavy downpour there. there heavier showers to keep an eye on. another batch coming across the northern st. mary's county to the lexington park. that is the pattern as the winds from the south bring enough moisture with it. scattered showers. 87 in the capital. low to mid-80's in the entire
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area. after sunset it will settle down and be muggy and hazy. burlington, vermont, winds the prize on the east coast. 60 to the upper midwest. producing rain. the cold front is going to work itself way eastward. the winds are forced from the south/southeast. it's going to bring heat and occasional showers and the thunderstorms this afternoon. at times tomorrow. through the day on thursday again. it's born out on the future cast here. north and west of washington clears out friday. it may be unsettled with shower or storm on friday. the next seven days a lot of
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80's. the temperatures are at or above system averages. 70% chance of showers friday. the chance goes down on saturday and sunday and pop back up monday and tuesday. jonathan: we have to get to breaking news. jonathan: we do have breaking news from southeast washington. d.c. police tell us three people have been shot on savannah street. two people shot were juveniles. we have a crew and we will bring you updates. three people shot. kimberly: distressing. "7 on your side" with the return of a super popular segment. we may get more calls and e-mails about this. ask the mechanic questions about your vehicle maintenance. jonathan: if you see news, send it to us. e-mail include your name, where you took the picture or the video and we may show it on the air
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and we could give you credit. or we'll show it online, too. stay with us.
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kimberly: it can be super expensive to go to the mechanic. we have a segment that is a favorite for the viewers. we are giving the chance to ask a mechanic your question about your vehicle. jonathan: the best part about this -- kimberly: free. jonathan: the advice is free. horace holmes is in the help
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center to explain how it works. this is easy. just call. horace: absolutely. we do a lot of subjects in the help center on the phone bank but this is perhaps the most popular. ask the mechanic. maybe you just bought a clunker or something give us a call. the folks behind me they teamed up with triple-a. the phone banks are open in a couple of minutes. we open up at 4:30. call until 6:30. the number is 703-236-9220. "ask the mechanic." kimberly: thank you. we will. help for those managing money for loved ones who can't manage money themselves. jonathan: we are hearing from a step mother of a man shot by
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: this evening we are hearing from the stepmother of a man shot by a prince william county police officer. it happened after the officer was responding to a domestic disturbance call between the stepmother and the stepson on the home at torrey loop in wood bring. last night is when it
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happened. reporter: she knew something was wrong. >> usually he says hi to me and but he was quiet. reporter: he had bipolar disorder and never violent until monday evening. around 6:30. she was locked in the room on her phone with the best friend when the stepson broke the lock on the door and burst in. he grabbed her. he was shaking. >> he may have stopped taking the medication. >> he said somebody trying to me. i'm trying to help. no. don't touch me. reporter: he bolted out of the room. possibly looking for something in the house. her friend heard the horrifying screams on the other end of the phone and called police. an officer arrived and went upstairs.
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it was quiet when helpinged at the officer, sending him tumbling down the stairs. >> it was like immediately the police whoa, whoa, whoa. i hear shots. i was screaming. >> the man was flown to a local hospital. she and the officer had minor injuries from the fall. she insists that the stepson never shown any aggression toward her. she said he was a good kid. an investigation in this incident continues. reporting in prince william county, jeanette reyes, abc7 news. kimberly: some part of the area could see hit-or-miss showers this evening. jonathan: it seems like it's been trying to rain all day. what is ahead for the rest of the night? doug hill has a look. doug: downpours and thunder and lightning not far from the
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district. get you started. the first view will show red and orange spot. that will tell you in the color presentation of where the heavier rain is. southwest of westminster out of carroll county to frederick county. where charles county and calvert county come together, heavier drifting north. there is the area that is drifting northeast. the same deal with the one near westminster. south and east of the washington area we have storm centers over calvert county. they are fairly heavy and drifting north as well. we have spots that have seen the rain and the temperatures drop in the 70's but muggy there. that is the operative weather word. muggy. most of the showers should end after sunset. we will hold in the 70's inside the beltway. tomorrow, a muggy start. sunshine at times. showers and thunderstorms will pop.
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60% probability of that. we look ahead to a 70% probability on thursday. if it works out many part of the area should dry out and clear out friday. the weekend looks good. more showers next week. that is the latest. kimberly: good deal. thanks. "7 on your side" consumer alert now for those of you who have to manage money for someone you love because they can't do it anymore. virginia became the first state in the country to offer help for consumers like you. >> it's incredible. >> that is not what people say about a booklet usually. but until you have become one of the millions of americans who have a scary task of making financial decisions for someone who no longer can, you may not realize how help one guide in the dark can be. loudoun county resident kristen schultz describes the chaos of becoming a care-giver for her brother, 35-year-old firefighter who lost the ability to care for himself after he was hit by a driver.
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who fell asleep. >> different agencies at a local and a national level is difficult. what do you call? are you doing the right thing? kimberly: virginia is the first to roll out the care-giver guide with six more states to follow soon. the commonwealth attorney general made the announcement at the green spring retirement community but as schultz found out, it's not just seniors who need to know. >> it would have been amazing if i had the information available to me that will be presented today to others. having a checklist, guide book, resources to call, it takes the stress away from those going to through the difficult transition. it's usually not a happy occasion. kimberly: the guides for the financial care-givers tell you how to watch out for scams and what to do if your loved one is a victim of a scam. you can order free print copies online. go to
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jonathan: d.c. wants to honor former councilmember marion barry's life and thigh need your help to do it. they will hold a public forum tomorrow night to discuss and share ideas. this afternoon the city residents said they would like to see a statue or a park built in his honor or name a street after him. the forum is tomorrow at 7:00 at the mayor's office. kimberly: lynchburg college is considering changing the name to include university. the school president tells the newspaper that it includes university of lynchburg and lunchburg university. a third option could be a name referring to central virginia. consultants are holding focus groups to consider the options. jonathan: a trash can for every home. that is the plan of the baltimore mayor to clean up the city. a trash condition. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake announced that the city will spend $to million to distribute -- $10 million to distribute a large trash can
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to each home in baltimore. 210,000 to be delivered next year and she expects to offset the cost through savings of other programs. kimberly: hope it works. a fight offline for online retail giant amazon is responding to a "new york times" article portraying a nightmare of workplace, people were crying. it sounds hideous. jonathan: rebecca jarvis has more. rebecca: amazon, the world's most valuable retailer known for dreaming up delivery by drone andjy nan tick warehouses manned by thousands of robots is now defending it after an in-depth article in this weekend's "new york times" where past and present employees describe the company as a nightmare workplace where the workers are encouraged to tear apart one other's ideas and where employees often see the coworkers cry at their desk. the article describing callous disregard for employees dealing with the personal crisis like cancer.
4:34 pm
one worker telling the "times" after she lost a baby she was told her performance would be monitored to make sure her focus stayed on her job. in a memo e-mailed to his 180,000 employees sunday, the ceo writes it doesn't describe the amazon i know or the caring amazonians i work with every day. even if it's isolated our tolerance for lack of empathy needs to be zero." in the amazon corporate video the employees describe a challenging and rewarding work mace. rebecca: but the workplace described in the article not only as soulless but said it wouldn't survive in the marking place adding anyone working in a company that is really like the one described in the "new york times" would be crazy to stay. i know i would be such a company. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. kimberly: coming up next at
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4:00, a step forward for the u.s. military. how two women are making history. jonathan: our phone lines are open in the "7 on your side" help center. call in and ask a mechanic about issues with the vehicle. it's all free. the number on the bottom of the screen, 703-236-9220. our panel of mechanics here to take your call.
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kimberly: this is very cool. a significant step in the u.s. military here. two women making history to become the first army rangers. jonathan: fantastic. abc7's marci gonzalez has more on their accomplishment in concurring one of the most challenging tests in the world and why their fight is still not over. >> i want to be -- marci: for the first time ever two women can call themselves army rangers. >> it's history. we are always evolving. the army is number one in making history. marci: earning their place in the elite ranks. completing the same grueling combat training course as the men being tested alongside them. >> the standards are the same
4:39 pm
for both male and the female ranger students. marci: they started the tough test in april. the candidates all push to the physical and the mental limits. tackling obstacle courses, scaling mountains and crossing chesapeake rivers with the fully loaded pack while tired and hungry. >> they have to show grit and determination and put a foot in front of the other each day. marci: the breakthrough for the women who have not been identified comes at a time when each branch of the military are assessing how to integrate women in roles that were historically only for men. while the first will graduate friday and forever wear the prestigious ranger tab on the uniform, for now they are still not allowed to seven as rangers. the secretary of defense has until early next year to
4:40 pm
decide whether that will change. marci gonzalez, abc7 news. kimberly: it looks miserable. jonathan: they just say it's the -- they say it's grueling. the fact they accomplished that is huge. kimberly: well done. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- new development from the presidential campaign trail. how hillary clinton is shying away from president obama's administration on a key issue. kimberly: right now is your chance to call in to the "7 on your side" phone bank and "ask the mechanic" for free. the number to call 703-236-9220. our phone lines are open until 6:30 tonight.
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kimberly: "7 on your side" tonight and every night. right now it's "ask the mechanic" time. we have several mechanics in the health center ready answer your questions about car care. call 703-236-9220. phone lines are open until 6:30. jonathan: the race for the white house, democratic presidential candidates made their way to las vegas in hopes of winning the labor support.
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kimberly: this is as they hit up iowa and donald trump maintains his lead among the party contenders. stephanie ramos has the latest. stephanie: democratic candidate hillary clinton parting ways from obama on drilling in the arctic ocean. she tweeted her opposition to the president's decision to allow u.s. oil companies to begin drilling off the coast of alaska. writing, "the arctic is a unique treasure. given what we know it's not worth the risk of drilling." today she focused on labor union. clinton and bernie sanders are in las vegas trying to gain support from the labor leaders. the g.o.p. front-runner donald trump may have off the trail today but still got an attack out against clinton. trump posted a video attacking clinton using her own words while clips in benghazi. >> what difference does it make? >> flash on screen.
4:45 pm
another busy day at the state fire. marco rubio taking note of the weather. >> maybe lightning later. >> scott walker outlined his first major policy initiative of the campaign saying he will repeal president obama's healthcare law and replace it with his own plan. >> by repealing obamacare entirely we are getting rilled of the spending and the tags which ends up being a tax cut. >> neurosurgeon ben carson hosted a round table talk with leaders in colorado. in northwest, stephanie ramos, abc7 news. kimberly: among those supporting trump, two democrats who call themselves we be sisters and the videos have gone viral as they stump for trump. leonnette diamond hardaway and
4:46 pm
rochelle silk richardson sat down with an interview today. >> first thing he is going to take care of the border. the miles per hour people have to be protected and he will -- the american people have to be protect and bring jobs back. that resonates with us. ma'am if one of the boys in baltimore killing up his brother and the sisters or one of those black men in ferguson had a job. the killing would stop. people need hope. kimberly: they say they believe his policies will unite the country. jonathan: breaking news. new information coming to the newsroom about the triple shooting. southeast washington area. three people were shot. richard reeves got on the scene for us. what can you tell us? what happened out there? [no audio] jonathan: we are having a
4:47 pm
problem with the microphone. three victims in the case on the shooting were juveniles. we are hearing in the newsroom now that one was a boy, one was a girl. the third victim it's not clear and we do not know what prompted the shooting but this is across the way from a hospital. three people shot. this is happening at a time when there has been so much violence in the district that even the mayor and the police chief are doing what they can to try to see if they can quell the violence somehow. richard, can you hear us now? richard: i can hear you can. you hear me? jonathan: yes, we hear you fine. richard: still an active scene here. pan over here, there are police commanders at the far end of the block. 1331 savannah street southeast. called the congress park apartments. we got a call that two juveniles shot, boy and girl and an adult male. we don't know what this was about. some neighbors told us this might have been some kind of an argument but again, broad
4:48 pm
daylight in the middle of the area. police are bringing in more investigators here. they set up a crime scene tape and they have a perimeter here, as they start to look to figure out how and why this happened. broad daylight shooting over an argument. we have seen shooting involving the dice games and like. police chief cathy lanier referred to this, this was an issue. at least eight shootings in the city involved this kind of thing. this is still a developing situation. investigators here at the scene to figure out what happened. it sounds like there is no homicide here, no one has been killed here, no fatal wounds here but certainly three people shot down in the middle of the day here. quite a bit of concern. reporting live from southeast, richard reeves, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. it appears that the new england patriots quarterback tom brady will not attend tomorrow's federal court hearing in deflategate.
4:49 pm
the scandal that has been brewing since the bowles. usa sports report that brady missed team practice today in west virginia because he attended a settlement talk in new york city. however, those talks didn't progress anywhere so brady decided to skip tomorrow's hearing and rejoin his teammates. brady is trying to fight the nfl decision to suspend him for four games for underinflating footballs. this is not something we thought we'd say. tiger in detroit, causing an uproar from escaping from a photo shoot. kimberly: part of the adventure was caught on camera, of course. look at this 600-pound siberian tiger. his name is texaco. discovered on the fourth snore stairwell of the abandoned packard plant refusing to budge. two men tried to lure it out calling it tiger watch 2015. caught the police attention and take a listen to the 911 call.
4:50 pm
>> we posted a video of them trying to, trying to get an angry tiger out of the plant. kimberly: an angry tiger. the tiger looks pretty relaxed there. jonathan: you don't want to make him man. kimberly: the handlers, texaco was taking a break in the cool stairwell because he was hot from being on the roof. the plant owner said a crew had permission to take pictures inside the building but not to bring wild animals. jonathan: when they say don't poke the bear? you don't poke a tiger. kimberly: not that either. jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert about a ford recall. this affects more than -- i should say 26,000 trucks in the u.s. and canada. the auto maker says front passenger and center seat belts may not be anchored in the right position so that could increase the risk of energy if a crash happens. this recall does cover f-650 from the 2011, 2013, 2015 model years. ford is working on a fix. kimberly: google is introducing a low-priced
4:51 pm
smartphone. in six african countries where most people can't afford an internet-connected device. the phone will be made by infinix and will cost $87 and sold in stores in nigeria and offered by retailer in egypt, ghana, ifery coast, kenya and morocco. $87 is a lot. common names like michael, elizabeth might be thing of the past. jonathan: according to the baby naming website that has the unique names are just getting completely out of control. parents are really naming their kids this. they compiled a list of the most out-there name from the social security baby names. including awesome. savvy. majestic. wise. handson. sounds like dancer names. also on the list is boss, captain, couture and eliminate. those are names of children.
4:52 pm
kimberly: eliminate? jonathan: the funny one is boss. fill out an application. kimberly: turn to the weather boss, how is it looking? doug: okay. showers around but that is the story. warm, muggy, unsettled. let's take a look ahead to the weekend. i will be nicer. no rain in the weekend forecast, saturday and sunday, mid-80's. partly cloudy skies. the humidity levels won't be terrible. we have high pressure to help with that. the early lack at the beaches. looks encouraging northward to the southern new jersey. delaware beaches, too. saturday is partly cloudy, 80. sunday about 82. if you go farther south past the bridge to the kitty hawk to nags head there are showers and the thunderstorms saturday and sunday. partly cloudy at times and highs in the low 80's. what is up generally for seven days?
4:53 pm
warm and humid. we have the scattered showers and the isolated thunderstorms out there now. 60% chance and more tomorrow. 70% chance on friday. thursday, rather. friday, saturday, sunday is warm. slight break on the humidity. showers and the storms back in the forecast on monday and tuesday. none of those names were reliable. kimberly: reliable? jonathan: eliminate hill. that would be your name. eliminate hill. kimberly: reliable hill. doug: they've tried. hasn't worked yet. kimberly: doug is just fine. time for a check of the traffic situation. how are the roads looking? jamie: we see spots that are heavier. parkway is where we see the biggest issue. first we start in maryland on the baltimore-washington parkway heading southbound near route 198. an accident and the police are on scene. the backup is averaging in the 20's. northbound we have delays as well. two people just looking over to see what is happening.
4:54 pm
as far as the delay, g.w. parkway, george washington parkway, continuing to south run it will take 20 minutes. there were midday roadwork between 9:30 and 2:30. that is a wrap-up and not causing an issue. as far as traffic in d.c., a crash, 19th street southeast at c street. the heavy traffic working 12 miles per hour. a look at the traffic, problem spot but we have more coming
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kimberly: "7 on your side" with a chance to call in the phone bank and "ask the mechanic." 703-236-9220. the phone lines might be open. one or two.
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they will stay open until 6:30 tonight. no. they're all busy. leon: really popular. kimberly: be parent. "abc7 news at 5:00" -- be patient. five five now. >> it's finally moving forward. ridiculous that it's two years. leon: two years since the unarmed son was shot dead on his doorstep. tonight, john geer's father on justice delayed. the latest violence in the district of columbia has taken place at the steps of a church. police, the traffic stop that introduced the world to the route 29 batman. tonight, the policeman involved that day shares fond memories of the caped crusader. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: new information tonight on the incitement of a former fairfax county police officer. officer adam torres will be facing a judge tomorrow on charges of second-degree murder. torres shot and killed john geer during a standoff two
4:59 pm
years ago. prosecutors said geer was unarmed. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg spoke with prosecutors working the case and with deer -- geer's father. is it bringing them any relief? jeff: well, leon, the answer is yes. but still deep frustration from the family and the friends of john geer. it took years to resolve, not months. if there is still no clear explanation for all the delays. adam torres is at the jail after turning himself in last night. >> it's never going to go away. there is never going to be a final closure. jeff: two years after death of his son john, john geer got the call yesterday that a special grand jury indicted former fairfax police officer adam torres on second-degree murder charges. john: another step in a little more relief that justice is being served. it's just ridiculous it has to be two years.
5:00 pm
jeff: in a standoff at geer's springfield up to home in august of 2013, torres fired one shot. geer later dying inside the house. witnesses said geer 46 and a father of two was unarmed and had its hands up at the time of the shooting but torres told investigators otherwise. >> it was justified. i have no doubt about that at all. i don't feel sorry. jeff: this has drawn protest and anger. commonwealth attorney ray morrough said the county attorney withheld evidence blocking any action. >> i hope i'm never denied information that is necessary again. jeff: but a special grand jury convening this month hearing from the witnesses and police officers family and friends


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