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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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jeff: in a standoff at geer's springfield up to home in august of 2013, torres fired one shot. geer later dying inside the house. witnesses said geer 46 and a father of two was unarmed and had its hands up at the time of the shooting but torres told investigators otherwise. >> it was justified. i have no doubt about that at all. i don't feel sorry. jeff: this has drawn protest and anger. commonwealth attorney ray morrough said the county attorney withheld evidence blocking any action. >> i hope i'm never denied information that is necessary again. jeff: but a special grand jury convening this month hearing from the witnesses and police officers family and friends.
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adam torres makes his first appearance in court tomorrow morning. we reached out to his attorney for a comment but we did not hear back. live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: thank you. torres is the first fairfax county police officer ever to be indicted for police-involved shooting. torres was fired two weeks ago for what the chief called an unnecessary use of force. kimberly: we want to head out to southeast washington for breaking news. three more people have been shot, two of them are just kids. juveniles. the scene is unfolding right now on savannah street, a block and a half away from the congress heights metro stop. rich reese is live on the scene. what have you found out in the last 30 minutes? rich: yes, since we last talked to you we have learned that the two victims were two juvenile males, one adult female. you can see a lot of the police brass are here.
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chief cathy lanier is here. mayor bowser is here and a number of commanders are here. this was a shooting. we don't know if it were inside or outside. three people were shot. not fatal injuries it appears, at least so far. we are still waiting to hear from authorities about exactly what happened. we know at 3:48 this afternoon, there was a call of a female shot at 1331 savannah street southeast. this is an area called congress park. a lot of folks were outside. a lot of folks pretty shocked and cop certained about something like this -- concerned about this happening in broad daylight. we understand the three people have been transported. we don't know their exact status now. but again, multiple shots tired at this location. authorities still trying to sort it out. we will get the latest as soon as we find out more information. richardry, abc7 news.
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kimberly: that shooting a couple of hours after a chaotic scene outside a southeastern washington church today. where a man was shot to death in front of the church. it happened outside st. luke's church near northeast capitol street. this is the latest in what some are calling a summer of crime. stephen tschida joins us live. investigators just updated you on the investigation? stephen: i spoke with the commander david taylor here 20 minutes ago. all he could say is the victim in the shooting in front of st. luke's church a few blocks away from here was an adult male shot multiple times about the body. he would say nothing about the suspects or the motives. we can tell you when we arrived shortly after the bullet stopped flying it was an intense and volatile situation. the pain intensifies as this continues. >> look at this. look at this.
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[screaming] stephen: a volatile situation in front of a church in southeast d.c., another fatal shooting. the victim taken down just feet from the sanctuary. >> i heard some shots. stephen: felicia miller grew up going to st. luke's. this summer she prays every day. >> because of all the killings. the tragedies of this loss of life. anger has led to multiple shootings. >> multiple people shot. it's played ought times this year. stefs shortly after the chief appeared on news caulk the bullets flew. cathy lanier believe several things drive up the the homicide rate. >> we are seeing reoffenders in the community. stephen: they wouldn't say
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whether or not the victim was at the chump for some event. they hold events there for prior offenders. he wouldn't say whether he believes the victim was trying to elude the killers. nothing on the suspect or the motives yet. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. kimberly: thank you, stephen. we have breaking news out of prince george's county where a police is charged with assault. and child abuse. corporate stephen moore was arrested yesterday. he is suspended without pay. police chief mark magaw calls these allegations troubling. details have not been released. leon: prince william county police identified a man an officer shot in an confrontation last night. they were called out to a fight between 25-year-old and his mother in wood bridge. things escalated when the police say he charged the officer with a knife. the officer then shot him. the injuries are not serious. the officer and the mother had minor injuries from the
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struggle. police have not identified the officer involved. but they say he is now on routineopoly leave. prosecutors tried a former police officer trying to make methamphetamine in a lab. it's related to the explosion at the national institute of standard and technology in gaithersburg. he retired after the blast. he is scheduled to appeal in court on friday. kimberly: we are seeing rain in part of our area. cap off a pretty muggy day. chief meteorologist doug hill track it all in the storm watch weather center. doug: a lot of clouds. sunshine to get through spots outside the belfort furniture weather center in arlington. get to the doppler radar. we have downpours and the storm complex we are watching up the river to the calvert county from dunkirk and across
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the river to the prince george's county. areas along the western side of the river there. it will continue to move north. lightning and rain. that is a pattern we will see. it's isolated showers. isolated thunderstorms. you can see them scattered all over the place. we get to sunset and after when the heat of the day diminishes they should go away. but tomorrow, it will start to heat up by the late morning or the midday, they will pop up all over again. 88 at reagan national. 85 at quantico. 85 in annapolis. dew points getting up there in the low 70's. that is why it's so warm and humid outside. through the evening, we see partly sunny skies. later tonight it comes to an end and we go through the process again tomorrow. again for the day on thursday. check the weekend for you as well coming up in a couple of minutes. leon: you got it. a man who has led the national
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cathedral through changes over the years is set to retire now. reverend hall will step down at the end of the year. he opened the church up to same-sex marriage and became to opponent of gun control laws. he said the church is entering a new era now and needs a long-term leader to see it through. speaking of new eras, the white house is entering one of its own with a special kind of hiring today. we learn that the white house hired the first transgender employee. diane cho is in the newsroom with a look at who the woman is. tell us about her. diane: she served as policy adviser for racial and the economic justice initiative prior to the pointment today. those in the lgbt community hope her experience will help change the dialogue in the future toward issues they face today. for the fist time in history an openly trandsgender staff
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member will serve in the white house. she has been appointed as an outreach and recruitment director for presidential personnel in the office of personnel. >> she not only brings the perspective of woman and color. >> the director of the trandsgender quality issued a statement saying in part that president obama long said he wants his administration to look like the american people adding that the first trandsgender appointee is a trandsgender woman of color is itself significant. also saying her experience and knowledge of how to accomplish policy change as well as her core commitment to racial and the economic justice has made the work better." the executive director believes it's important to have a voice in white house who knows what the challenges are as a transgender person. >> i think she will have the perspective from many levels.
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to really make smart recommendations. really have good insight. >> the senior adviser to president obama released a statement today saying demonstrate the leadership the administration champions. her commitment to bettering lives of the trandsgender americans particularly trandsgender people of color and those in povty reflect the values of the administration. in the newsroom, diane cho. kimberly: all the activity behind diane is phone bank. a man accused of smuggling a girl in to use a sex slave. how they first met. but first -- >> if you wait long enough you will see everything. leon: we go one-on-one with the police officer that turn the batman to a worldwide
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celebrity. kimberly: the unthinkable. a man accused of killing his newborn child. the chilling admission he made to a d.c. judge. leon: a fire rages through the las vegas strip. what fueled that coming up next. "7 on your side," this is where all the noise is coming from. we are getting answers for your car. from mechanics. call the help center now. 703-236-9220. lines are open until 6:30 tonight. we'll be right back.
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kimberly: a father admits he killed his own child. the body was found dead two weeks ago on a home on ninth street in northwest. last night police arrested the father. d.c. bureau chief sam ford was there as robert smith senior faced a judge. sam, he admitted that he did
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it? sam: well, he didn't say that actually, kimberly, in open court. but he said that to police investigators as they were questioning him. it's in the charging documents. all of us know who have had children know new babies cry a lot. according to the babies, robert smith junior literally squeezed the life out of 5-week-old robert smith junior to make him stop crying. >> on august 4, police and fire e.m.s. came to this house in the 3700 block of 9th street northwest for an unconscious 5-week-old robert smith junior. the child was later declared dead. police remained on the scene in the night and the court documents release today suggest the child had been dead for hours before the family called anybody. charges documents say injury to the baby included fractured ribs, fracture of the cervical
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vertebrae, frac chure of the thisoracic vertebrae and fractured wrist. the mother and the father were questioned at the home. the father was arrested after admitted he squeezed the child to stop him from crying several times. said the court papers the father said he was being abrasive with the child. "like you squeeze a roll of toothpaste." neighbors knew little of what happened. >> i come in. tired. you don't have time. sam: e va only knew that smith senior was a college grad. in court they said he worked at cvs. his attorney tried to get bail and the judge rejected that. smith is charged with first-degree felony murder of a baby. again, robert smith junior was 5 weeks old. 5 weeks old. where was the mother when this was happening? she was not arrest and the father insisted she did not know he was squeezing the baby. his attorney tried to play it
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off as if he were somehow ignorant saying that the judge had only charged him with cruelty to children. she even said at this point, "he was a good dad in the short time his son was here." the judge was not impressed. reporting live from d.c. superior court, sam ford, abc news. kimberly: so sad all the way around. thank you, sam. maryland's health department has confirmed the first human case of west nile virus this year in the state. health officials say the infected person is an adult in the baltimore metro area. the virus has been detected in mosquito pools collected in anne arundel and prince george's county. doctors recommend that you avoid area of high mosquito activity, unnecessary outdoor activity at dawn and dusk and using insect repellent. leon: we want to get to the high level of the criminal activity happening in the area and want to go a press conference there, d.c. mayor muriel bowser. she is there joined by the d.c. chief of police. let's listen in.
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>> mayor bowser: slated to violence acts because of the proximity and the easy access to illegal firearm. we do have a program in the district of columbia and we are going to be spending time in this neighborhood today. asking people to let us know about illegal firearms. we offer a $1,000 reward for people who provide a tip related to illegal firearms. very unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago we had illegal firearm found in a home that was brought in by a 17-year-old. it was used by accident. and a child died. just last week the chief confiscated an uzi in a home that was also in easy reach of children. today we have other children involved in a horrific
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incident, involving a firearm. so we are desperately seeking the public's help to let us know if you know of a person, or if you may even have someone brought in your home an illegal firearm. let us know. chief? chief lanier: given what we know right now, it's preliminary. the call came in 13 and savannah southeast for a shooting inside of an apartment. what we know right now is there are three people inside the apartment, an adult female. and then there are two juvenile, two kids. 17 and 12-year-old. from the information we have now, there is some dispute between the 17-year-old and the 12-year-old. maybe earlier today. the 17-year-old came to the apartment with a gun. in the course of discussions
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or the continuation of the dispute all three of the individuals in the apartment, both children and the adult all have gunshot wounds. so we know right now that the adult is the most serious gunshot wound. the 12-year-old has a gunshot wound to the arm. 17-year-old has a gunshot wound to the body. right now that is the best information i can give you. we are not sure all the details that it played out but the important point is people say what is driving the spike and the violence and the homicide, it's illegal firearms and the homes and in the hands of the wrong people. when children have access to firearms, bad things happen. >> chief you said yesterday of the 120 guns that y'all have recovered in 30 days, up in of them with legally owned? chief lanier: we call them crime guns. these are guns that a lot of them are stolen. a lot of them have serial
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numbers obliterated. a lot of them have high capacity magazines as we discussed before. they are finding their way in the major cities across the united states. right now this is another tragedy involving children that shouldn't happen. mayor bowser: councilmember may is here, who is a representative and nearby neighbor. she in her office have been very active in bringing services to the community. earlier today, an hour before this incident, our executive staff was out talking to the constituents and talking about the services and in this neighborhood on what we call the results walk. chief lanier: we have all the people and now we just have to
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look at the facts and determine what happened. the end of the day the tragedy is a gun in the hands of a child. >> in wake of everything that has happened any word on all hands on deck? chief lanier: it will be in two weeks. we will have a all hands on deck. it's less than two weeks. >> i have had overtime deployed for several weeks. we have extra officers out. in addition to extra officers we put out every week five days a week and five and six and we have been running overtime and those three districts on the double shifts for the past several weeks. we added more officers to that today. we'll keep pushing. the officers around here are engaging with people. we are getting information. tragically the information we need is the information that the mayor talks about. that is the gun tip line fire department -- the gun tip line. if people give us information about the offenders carrying firearms before someone is shot, that is how we prevent
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them not after. for $1,000, remain anonymous, get control number and get the $1,000 and let us get the guns before a child is shot. >> try to get ahead of the game and get the information before things. chief lanier: so often we come into a neighborhood when something like this happens and people will say you know, i knew that this person had guns or was involved with the guns but they didn't know how to go about calling. i'm telling you. obviously you can call 911 but there is a tip reward program that you can pass that information onto us. remain anonymous and still receive up to $1,000 if we confiscate illegal firearms. we have to get them out of the homes and away from access to the iz kids or we'll keep coming to tragedy like this. >> i am hearing reports of another shooting in this neighborhood a week or so ago. was it also an illegal firearm? chief lanier: yes. we have the high visibility light towers, there are officers that are on permanent patrol in the neighborhood.
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additional officers here. there are officers all over throughout the community. >> were you able to assess the condition of the mother, how severe her injuries might be? chief lanier: the mother was the most significant, the most severe injury but we are waiting on updates. >> can you clarify the relationship? siblings and the mother or two friends and a mother? chief lanier: it appears that the 17-year-old and the 12-year-old are neighbors and not related. it's still very early. >> as far as who is in custody, can you clarify that? a fourth person or one of the three? chief lanier: three people in the apartment when the shots were fired and all three of those people are in custody. >> are all they hospitalized? chief lanier: all three are hospitalized. yes. thank you. >> thank you, chief. leon: d.c. police chief cathy lanier there adding details to the story we broke in with more information about a while ago about the shooting at 13th and savannah in southeast d.c. we understand that there are more details need to be put together. three people shot inside of an apartment there.
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one adult and two children. trying to figure out the relationship between all of them. kathy lanier saying they have all three in custody. not clear what that means but she said she believes they have the shooter in custody. the weapon involved was another illegal weapon in the district. kimberly: we here at abc7 wondering what kind of emergency measures the chief and the mayor are going to implement. abc7 did ask the chief if they plan to implement all hands on deck, which you will remember was done in the trinidad neighbor when they saw similar spate of deadly shootings. she said yes, the city will experience all hands on deck. although officers have been allowed to be on overtime and extra patrols to try to stem the tide of the violence. leon: 120 illegal guns confiscated in the last month alone. kimberly: children, children are getting shot. especially disturbing. leon: we will stay on top of that and keep you updated when we get the information here.
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kimberly: check in with the meteorologist douglas to look at the -- doug hill to look at the forecast. doug: downpours in the area but start with the time lapse. it looks pretty at the beginning of the morning. but as we get through the day, the sunshine disappears and the clouds darken. you will see shower develop a while ago. see it there. we can attract that in fact for you on the doppler radar. we saw the heavier showers moving through frederick. we have a heavier downpour. that is drifting northeast. tracking storm now that spread to upper marlboro. it will continue to go up to farther north. along the western side of the river. in eastern prince george's county. that is the pattern we have more some time because of the flow of the moist air bringing in the humidity. heat of the day even without sunshine reaching the ground. it's enough to instigate the atmosphere to produce spotty showers and the storms. temperature is 88 at reagan national. cooler in other places, especially here in rain cooled
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like frederick to 77. with this in mind, the heat index and the humidity making you feel uncomfortable. 95 is the heat index in the capitol now. through the evening, shower and storms dismin niche and it will be muggy overnight. for a look at how it's happening this gave us a string of sunny day. that is offshore. circulation is out of the south to bring up the heat. the instability popping up in the afternoon. we will see this repeat tomorrow and thursday. by friday a cold front is going to move through. not strong one.
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the area that is south and east will linger with a shower chance. tomorrow afternoon, band of showers. according to the computer simulation the front is moving in. more wednesday night. thursday, you will see another opportunity for the showers and the thunderstorms and by thursday evening the front will pass through. the question is by friday how far will it go? we think washington and the areas that are north and west may clear out in the day. and the areas south and east may continue to hang on. to the threat of a thunderstorm friday afternoon. tomorrow a mild around muggy start. 60% chance of shower and thunderstorms. take it to 70% probability on thursday. slower air moves in friday. weekend looks good. mid-80's and partly cloudy skies. shower and storms back in the forecast. thanks. kimberly: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a teenager brought to the
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u.s. to be a sex sleigh. -- sex slave. the charges against one man and the how the mother is involved. leon: route 29 batman is being remember and we talk to the officer that unknowingly catapulted the crusader for good to the national spotlight next on "abc7 new
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". "7 on your side." leon: the man known as the route 29 batman will be laid to rest tomorrow. kimberly: the funeral for lenny robinson takes place at noon. in owings mills. he was known for portraying batman for children in hospitalses and died when a car hit him over the weekend. the custom made car broke down and someone accidently hit him. we are lacking at the moment that catapulted his fame. leon: this started with one montgomery county police officer's unusual traffic stop. >> most of us had the privilege of knowing lenny robinson. because detective pulled over the dark knight for driving with a license plate only valid in gotham city. the march 2012 dash cam video
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went viral. >> i approached the vehicle and there is a man dressed up in a batman outfit. we are talk about the real mccoy. the gene win outfit. in reality, batman was headed to georgetown university hospital. to brighten the souls of sick children. a mission he lived for until his sudden death near i-70 in hagerstown sunday night. >> that is why he has a heart of gold. in my mind he is a hero. gotham lost a hero. ♪ batman reporter: detective says the traffic stop will remain a highlight of his police career. the handshakes, the photographs and the good-hearted laughs with a superhuman character. >> if you wait long enough you will see everything. >> i don't think too many people can say they pulled over a caped crusader.
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i was honored to meet lenny/batman. >> in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis. >> take care of yourself. take care of those kids. kevin: abc7 news. kimberly: elsalvadoran teenager nightmare as a sex slave is over after a man was arrested on sex trafficking charges. suzanne kennedy shows us the girl and her mother feared being deported. suzanne: according to the complaint the relationship started in 2013. authorities say he traveled to el salvador and with the mother's knowledge had sex with the minor victim who was 13 at the time. he paid $6,000 to smuggle the mother and the teen in the united states. this is where the mother and daughter then lived in this home in the 1200 block of argon place in sterling where he repeatedly demanded to have
5:35 pm
sex with the teenager in the home and a boat in the backyards. neighbors who didn't want to be identified are horrified by the charges. >> it's scary. i can't believe that was happening. >> the alleged abuse went on for months. when the child protested his advances he threatened to have the minor and the mother deported if the victim would not concept to being his woman. residents in this part of ashburn are shocked by this crime. >> it surprises me that all of the bad stuff is going on. no one is stepping up to stop the poor people. >> it's unbelievable that it can go on in modern day america. i can't fathom really how you can get away with that. suzanne: the suspect is originally from elvalueca dore and he -- el salvador and allegedly met the victims through a family babysitter. he is being held in jail.
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the second court appearance is tomorrow in alexandria federal court. in ashburn, virginia, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the two big changes that the parents say they are improving access to a good education in the district. horace: i'm horace holmes in the "7 on your side" help center. very busy. we are dealing with car issues. "ask the mechanic." 703-236-9220. we'll be back with more on that in a minute. kimberly: later, conducting business only in english. it's a rule on the table in frederick county. a look at the debate and what happens next coming up
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horace: holmes back in -- horace holmes back in the "7 on your side" help center. the phone bank today we are talking about mechanical issues. issues with your car. if you have a problem, give us a call. 703-236-9220. the folks here, the fine folks are from triple-a. they brought in mechanics to answer your questions. here is jennifer. you can take one second and let's get an idea of what kind of questions, calls you are getting. jennifer: all kind of questions. i got a lot of a.c. calls you can imagine in the summertime.
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but from fluid questions to engine replacements. horace: pretty much anything you can ask. jennifer: absolutely. horace: they are here for you from now until 6:30. 703-236-9220. got a problem with your car, give them a call. back to you. leon: thank you. get down to breaking news. this just coming in the newsroom. jonathan elias watching this. this is something vaved one of the most famous spokesperson in america, right? jonathan: right up there. jared fogle expected to plead guilty of child pornography. the former spoke perps for the subway sandwich chain. the u.s. office now is going to hold a news conference on wednesday. fogle is expected to accept a plea deal in this case. you will remember the federal agents raided fogle's home in early july and seized several computers and d.v.d.'s. earlier this year, russell taylor a former director of the foundation was arrested in the child pornography case. there is a lot going on and breaking details we are just
5:41 pm
getting. stay with abc7 and for updates as they are available. back to you. leon: coming up next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> the bowser administration says parents of d.c. students could save hundreds of dollars thanks to the you newly expanded kids drive free program. i'm mike carter-conneen at the metro station. coming up, which parents may benefit the most.
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kimberly: part of the keeping kids on track program in the six nags stuff a coaster school supply drive. leon: enjoy the days out there, because the final days of summer break. some students are back in class believe it or not. in district, students will be heading back to school on monday. for many families, it will be
5:45 pm
quicker and less expense i this year for a ride for free program. mike: they celebrated the third campus in northeast washington. >> this is the first of the elementary school that has been abandoned since 2008. there were fewer than 300 spaces available to make it longest waiting list in d.c. 75% of students attend school outside the neighborhood. that is why many parents are thrilled with the expansion of the service. it will allow the charter school students to ride to and from campus for free on the metro rail, bus or circulator. the bowser administration says
5:46 pm
the program will save d.c. family with two children $600 this school year. mike: muriel bowser created the program in 2013. and as mayor she expanded it to include metro rail. >> it only takes ten minutes compared to like 25. i get home faster. mike: the enrollment information go to the website reporting at the eastern market metro station, mike carter-conneen. abc7 news. leon: abc7 news reached out to all the major school districts in the d.c. region today. the counties say they are fully staffed with the teachers and the bus drivers and the schools will be ready for the first day. kimberly: time to check on traffic. jamie sullivan is on traffic
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watch. it looks crowded out there. jamie: we have the accident activity that moved to the side. traffic is still heavy. volume that we are seeing on the outer loop of the beltway. this activity is now on the shoulder. so that is the good news. the bad news is the backup. let's move to the map to see how heavy we are. in the 20's. until you are clear on the outer loop. the beltway is the heaviest. that's typical. right? we see the heavy traffic working from virginia to maryland. it's continuing on the inner loop. washington parkway is heavy. northbound. southbound the accident activity near 198. still in place. still causing you to slow down. the earlier activity is gone. now we have the residual delays.
5:48 pm
it will take you 13 minutes to travel that stretch. that is a look at traffic. back to you. leon: all right. thanks. it's kind of nice out there because the cloud cover kept the sun out of here. kimberly: right. but we could see rain. that could change the traffic. ask doug about that. doug: we have heavy downpour in the afternoon. it's localized. goes to the immediate areas of the heavy rain. we have a heavy downpour area. it's drifting northeast. the other one is prince george's, southern anne arundel county moving northward up the putuckson river. the pattern in the evening are the isolated showers and storms. onces across virginia we're watching is diminishing. the key is the pattern. redevelop the pattern tomorrow. many more opportunities for the showers and the thunderstorms until we hit
5:49 pm
friday. the showers ending tonight. setup is the high pressure over the atlantic. cold front in the midwest. push in the atmosphere out of the south. high level of humidity. noon tomorrow we are back in business with the scattered showers and storms. same deal through daylight on thursday. rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. the beaches look fine too. the sunshine in the delaware beaches, maybe an thunder south along the outer banks. that is the latest. back to you. leon: the redskins. >> rgiii is not speaking today. kimberly: he said enough yesterday. leon: they are probably happy
5:50 pm
about that. >> it's all jay gruden today. the redskins are back for the routine practices and to go along with getting better is putting yesterday's drama in the past. contrary to the reports the redskins have not limited the media access to rgiii. they will still speak once a week after games on sunday. rgiii created a media frenzy when he told our alex parker he believes he's the best quarterback many league. just a little more juteny he has to deal with. he tells abc7 this is not what he signed up for. >> this is not the game you thought it was when you were a kid and dreaming of being a professional athlete. there is more business going to it. back stabbing than you expect. but at the end of the day you go out on the field and it's still the same game you played
5:51 pm
as a kid. this is an honor and a blessing to be at the level. surely enjoy the process. that is where i look at it now. i didn't expect the other stuff. god has helped me grow. made me a better person. robert: he has made a statement today and we'll you that at 6:00 in sports. in baseball, nats will try to win a game after dropping six straight. they continue the road trip against the rockies. zimmerman on the mound. first pitch set for 8:40. angels and the white sox from last night. albert pujols at the plate. you guessed it. solo shot. dad holding the baby. but not all the time apparently because this dad had unlimited opportunity to get the ball and he can't come up with it. so you think the usher would
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help him out, right? wrong! somebody else got the ball. somebody who didn't work as hard. that leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. right? the kid has the ball but it wasn't the dad and the baby. bad news for the ladies. one of d.c. most eligible bachelors is off the market. he is engaged to the dancer, singer, songwriter and actress julianne hough. he posted it on instagram. #love. leon: you notice he is not leaning over the fence with her in his arms. kimberly: #wholebodyhug. leon: welcome to the family, brother. kimberly: coming next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> a major decision expected from the f.d.a. regarding the little pink pill. i'll tell you why some say approval could be a
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leon: do you have a car question tonight? "ask the mechanic" at the help center. call 703-236-9220. the phones will be open until 6:30. incredit video from cape cod -- incredible video from cape cod. they captured this video yesterday. you will see it any second now. there we go! a seal. avoiding a great white shark coming after it for lunch. the seal jumped up out of the water followed by the great white. then in midair the seal moved enough to deflect off the shark's side. the scientists say it swam off to shore. the seal did make it as far as we know. kimberly: the seals on the beach applauding. well done. amor announcement -- a major announcement concerning the medication designed to increase sexual desire in women. kellye lynn is here to explain
5:57 pm
how the drug works and whether you think it will hit the market. kellye? kellye: a little pink pill that they call hsdd. hypoactive sexual desire disorder. the once a day pill is called a game-changer. >> sounds like a good deal if it would work. kellye: medication that increases sexual desire in women who lack it. >> a depletion or a real biochemical problem, it could be helpful. >> i had a wonderful, loving husband and no sexual feelings whatsoever. my marriage suffered greatly. so much so the conversation of divorce is on the table stemming from my lack of sexual desire. kellye: it works with the dopamine and the serotonin that play a role to regulate hormones that produce sex drive. >> it's helpful medication for women with a buy lom call
5:58 pm
predisnot something to -- predisposition. >> but there are side effects. >> it's a mediocre drug with very worrisome side effects. kellye: with or without the approval, close examination is essential. >> a lot of people don't look at their lives to see what might be wrong, what does affect the sexual desire? a lot of women in particular are run ragged, working full-time taking care of families. kellye: it should be noted that the f. d.a. blocked approval twice. kimberly: thank you, kellye. next at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a former police officer charged after a meth explosion at a government lab. the investigation happening now.
5:59 pm
plus a d.c. father charged with killing his own infant son. what police are saying about the suspect. tonight we are on the storm watch with rain popping up on the radar tonight. the forecast is straight ahead at "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. leon: that breaking news coming in this hour from southeast washington where three people have been shot. that includes an adult woman and two young men. the youngest victim just 12 years old. richard reeve is live in the 1300 block of savannah street with a look at the investigation happening right now. rich, what is the latest? richard: still an active investigation. the detectives are still on the scene. this involves a 12-year-old, 17-year-old and older woman. the 12-year-old and the 17-year-old got in a dispute earlier. and the 17-year-old came in the apartment with a gun.
6:00 pm
now it continues inside. shots rapping out. three people 17-year-old, 12-year-old and the woman were all wounded. the woman was wounded most seriously. 12-year-old shot in the arm, the 17-year-old in the body. we are told all are in custody right now and all are in the hospital. this is another episode of illegal guns. >> the fire arms and the homes and in the hands of the wrong people. when children have access to firearms bad things happen. >> we are seeking the public's help to let us know if you know of a person, or if you may even have someone brought into your home and illegal firearm, we knead to know about it right away. another shooting


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