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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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17-year-old injured. and the 17-year-old charged with the murder of there -- murder of ta nearbyika. she had dreams to be a fashion designer. she says one of the friends said that she e-mailed her. they exchanged post just hours before her killing. where she talked about how frightened she was just to go outdoors because of the rash of homicides in the city. this is what one of her friends had to say about the circumstances surrounding her death. >> there was a problem. ready to diffuse the situation. that wasn't the case yesterday.
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>> apparently the 12-year-old son got in an argument with the 17-year-old neighbor. itcalated and ended in the i a apartment where she was shot. the son is hospitalized. jonathan: coming up in the 4:30 half hour we will talk about the riot and the killings in the city. hear why the unchron believes the dismantling is contributing to the rise in the gun violence. kimberly: now breaking news from the national zoo. the veterinarians believe the giant panda mei xiang is pregnant. look at the picture from the ultra sound from this morning. based on the size of the fetus she could give birth early next week or early september. she spends more time in her den and the other behaviors
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consistent with the pregnancy. abc7's tom roussey following this. live report coming up tonight at 5:00. jonathan: one of goldsborough in bethesda is closed. we have been following the progress since the water main broke. quite a site. crews had to cut out a section from the broken water pipe. >> this is a typical situation where we have a lot of pipes that are very old in the ground. jonathan: the pipe was installed in 1941. that is the same year that the united states went to war in world war ii.
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a long time ago. no word on how long repairs will last. kimberly: looking at a mix of sun and the clouds and humid but nothing extreme. jonathan: not too bad. steve rudin has an early look. do we get showers? steve: showers and maybe thunder. we don't expect anything to become severe. plans for this evening, maybe going to the baseball game or a soccer game or something else grab an umbrella. look at what it looks like now. the national harbor. weather bug camera. there are the clouds. they will stick around for the rest of the evening. they may produce showers and thunderstorms. the temperatures outside yet another 90-degree plus day at the reagan national airport. 91 right now. 86 at dulles. looking at 90 in frederick, maryland. peoples like temperature is another story -- feels like temperature is another story. feels like the middle 90's. it feels like 99 in fredericksburg. showers and the radar and the
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showers approaching from the west. i will likely overspread the area from dinnertime to the early evening. a few showers and thunderstorms. but other than that, it's quiet. the big is tomorrow and the cold front is going to move through. look at the sunset time. before 8:00. we are losing a minute and 15 seconds of daylight as it moves closer to winter. the temperatures will fall to the 70's. look at the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. jonathan: we'll see that. thanks. the breaking news for students, faculty and staff at wooton high school in rockville. the school's principal dr. michael doran has died. the school officials say dr. doran was found up responsive in his bethesda apartment this morning. the cause of death has not been determined. he worked in the montgomery county public schools for 18 years. his career in education spans more than four decades.
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kimberly: commotion in a court hearing for a former police officer charged with killing an unarmed man. adam torres, the former police officer painted in court. we are told he is recovering and is in good condition now. jeff goldberg was there and explains what led to it all. jeff: paramedics enter the courthouse moments after the fairfax county police officer adam torres faints and collapses. >> it's dramatic. on the human side you can't help but feeling sorry for the situation. jeff: just at a judge announced a trial date, torres fell over leading to gasps from those watching and his family. prior to the gasp, they argued he should be free on bond saying he is not a night risk. they said when he fired the fatal shot in john geer two years ago he is thought that geer was reaching for a gun and he believed he was in
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danger and others were in danger. prosecutor ray morrou bgh said he should be denied bond. he shot a man with his hands up and i think that makes him dangerous. >> with the analysis and the murder, it was not appropriate. and given the facts and the circumstances in the case. jeff: at the time of the shooting, torres was disoriented and upset and had told his bosses he had been fighting with his wife, believed she was cheating on him and thought she traveled to hawaii to meet with a boyfriend. >> based on what i did know i didn't think he should be on the street as an officer. reporter: no comment from the attorney following the hearing. no comments from family members. however, his wife telling reporters go away, far, far away. again, adam torres saids to be doing okay after fainting and collapsing in the courtroom this morning. trial date is december 14. in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: the man known as "route 29 batman" was laid to
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rest today. friends and family came out to say final goodbye to lenny robinson. funeral services were held at noon in owings mills. he would dress up as batman and cheer sick children at local hospitals and he died when a car hit him. after his custom-made bat mobile broke down. kimberly: the commuter bus service disrupted today because of a sick-out. the county says 16 workers unexpectedly called out sick, causing several routes to be canceled. this comes from a contract negotiation between the company that operates the buses, and union represents drivers. the union said it did not sanction the sick-out. jonathan: trial date set for three people accused of beating a 9-year-old boy over missing piece of birthday cake. jack garcia's mother, and his the uncle are scheduled for
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separate trials january 12. garcia's boyfriend robert wilson has a trial set for december 15. all three face several charges including second-degree murder. employee at a gravel pit is under investigation after police say he beat an armed robber to death with a steering wheel lock. this happened last night in brandywine. kimberly: maryland bureau chief brad bell has more. brad: this is a busy place with the dump trucks roaring in and out. every driver we speak to says the same thing. the watchman had a right to defend himself last night. >> by all means. i would. reporter: the incident happened before 11:00 along a dusty dirt road leading to the brandywine sand and gravel pit. a car pulls near the guard. a man in his 60's. the driver in the car asked for a flashlight to check a problem but won't give it back. he demands, "vengeance," cash from the night watchman and displays a gun.
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i according to sources the would-be robber attempts to ran the victim and moments later aims his gun. at that moment the night watchman feared a gun and feared he'd be shot so he ran to the car to pull an antitheft devices and swung at the suspect. the suspect killed. the deceased is fenwick of waldorf. police are investigating the watchman's story and waiting for an autopsy before the shooting is ruled justifiable. a gun was found but not loaded. the night watchman has not been charged with anything and remains free. a woman who lives near the gravel pit says it's only right. >> he had a right to defend himself if someone pulled a gun on him. brad: in brandywine, abc7 news. kimberly: today the district is looking for ways to honor marion barry. the city wants your help. a commission to remember the
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d.c. so-called "mayor for life" has a meeting tonight at the learning center on mississippi avenue in southeast washington. people had a chance to share their tribute ideas there tonight at 7:00. jonathan: on the presidential campaign trail, hillary clinton continues to face questions about her private e-mail server. and now there are questions about what is next in the investigation. jeff barnes is live with more on this. the questions get more complicate and the answers seem to be fewer. jeff: absolutely! this is a drip, drip, drip every day. hillary clinton's problems regarding the private server are not going away anytime soon. now there are questions raised to how her server was handled. a lot of the parties say it was questionable. nbc news site and the source saying that someone tried to wipe her server clean.
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so if question is what does the f.b.i. do next? >> the f.b.i. in particular heavy duty tools. lets them go in and see what used to be on the server. jeff: chris is a special agent for the counterintelligence for ten years at the u.s. military. and tonight at 6:00 we have new polls to show that came out this week and they are not showing mrs. clinton in a favorable light when it comes to favorability or trustworthiness. you will have to see how things will flush out as the days go on as the story doesn't seem to have any ending whatsoever. reporting live from capitol hill, jeff barnes. jonathan: coming up at abc7 news at 4:00 -- details on the plea deal that jared fogle reached with prosecutors over victimizing a dozen children. kimberly: new clues in the search for those behind a deadly bombing in bangkok. the sketch police want the public to see.
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jonathan: concern growing off the massive data breach. also concern for the families of college students now. learn what cools are doing to keep the children's personal information safe.
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jonathan: police in thailand issued arrest warrant in search for a bombing suspect in bangkok. this is a sketch of the man they believe is responsible for bombing at a hindu shrine that killed 20 people and injured ups of others. sur i have lens video shows a man wearing a yellow t-shirt and scarying a back pack. police believe they are part of a network. kimberly: a stunning downfall for man who used to be the spokesman for subway now preparing to head to prison. jared fogle agreed to plead guilty to child sex and child pornography charges. jonathan: prosecutors say that fogle used his wealth and status to exploit children. marci gonzalez has the latest. >> hi, i'm jared the subway guy. marci: the pitchman. >> in 1998, i weighed over 425 pounds. >> today, jared fogle has been
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charge and has admitted to participate in a criminal scheme to exploit children. marci: after agreeing to plead guilty for paying for sex for 13-year-old and 14-year-old girl and distributing pornography. the prosecutors claim he traveled and used the social networking in pursuit of underage girls. they allege in 2012 he made a 17-year-old prostitute and asked him to find her another underage girl, saying, "the younger the better." leading to his alleged abuse of the minors. after raiding his home, the investigators found porn rafy
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involving children as young as 6 given to him by the executive director of the charity. prosecutors say taylor now in custody on child pornography charges secretly recorded children and shared the video for years. fogle agreed to pay 14 victims $100,000 each in restitution. he faces a minimum of five years in federal prison. marci gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: so how exactly do companies like subway handle a public relations nightmare like fogle's criminal case? coming up we will talk to an expert about the process. let's take a check of the weather. let's do the traffic first. see what is going on with the roadway. jamie, is it moving slowly? jamie: it is.
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you can get a good idea of the volume and how slow it is. working your way on the outer loop. continuing to virginia. not bad. let's look at the map to see how heavy we are. the left-hand miles per hour. the average that is continuing to the 270 spurt. we stick in the area. bethesda update the water main break. eastbound lane is closed and the westbound is open so you are sharing. wsse said at 5 verz they hope to have everything repaired. we'll keep you updated. heading out of the city, you are in the teens. we are slowing to college park. closer to green belt at 6-mile-per-hour. this is going to take you 25 minutes. no crashes recorded.
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just typical delay. kimberly: thank you. even though it wasn't hot, is it going to rain? steve: showers on the way and the thunderstorms. those who are dining tonight, keep an eye to the sky. most of you will see the showers and the thunderstorms. you find yourself in a heavier downpour and you will wish you were inside. this is the camera. partly cloudy skies. no problems now but showers are on the way and thunderstorms. 91 degrees at the reagan national airport. winds out of the south at 14-mile-per-hour. the feels like is above 90
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degrees. satellite and the radar, showers and the thunderstorms. they are confined west of us. inside the capital beltway. it's dry now but it will likely change through the dinner time hour. 68 and 75 for the overnight low. warm and mug by. isolated showers will remain. cold front on the way tomorrow. once it moves through, high pressure is going to build. lower humidity and a nice weekend ahead. 88 degrees for a high tomorrow. the seven-day outlook. 87 on friday. sunshine saturday and sunday with the highs in the middle to the upper 80's. instead of the heat index value, it is going to feel
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like the middle to the upper 80's. lower humidity on the way. jonathan: this was shot by randell. of the sunrise on the lake in spotsylvania county. thank you for sending them to us. if you see news e-mail it to us. kimberly: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- could a controversial policing meth make a return to the district? we will tell you what it involves. jonathan: you can stay on top of any breaking news by signing up for the text alert. go to enter your cell phone number. when the news breaks you will know about it. we'll be right back.
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kimberly: a few minutes ago we told you about the criminal case against jared fogle. subway dropped fogle as a spokesman. jonathan: we want to get a perspective on how companies like subway deal with public relations nightmare like this. we're joined by the vice
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president of the communication group. this is a crisis management 101. >> this is. to be honest, 101 is understating it. i don't think there are too many organizations that have gone through a crisis like this. kimberly: because he was a front man? >> the allegations are so intense. in the last 15 years jared has been the face of the entire corporation. they have a lot of brand investment in this guy. jonathan: what do you do? if you are a company, ceo is out there of the company. you are thinking about a charging guy who represents what his company should be about. weight loss for jared. what do you tell the companies, don't throw your eggs in one basket? how do you approach that? >> that is what you tell them. any corporation should have a stable of spokes people to go through for that one reason. human beings are flawed
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people. so you can't have evening invested in one individual. kimberly: get down to the nuts and bolts. we have crisis control in washington. you get a call for a client and they say we in deep trouble. you nigh a team where they are and then what? >> the most part this is sitting down. a lot of people think the scandal and they think we sit down and there are things but this is really understanding. people don't often understand the actual facts are of a crisis. if you understand that before you communicate, you will make mistakes. jonathan: subway, so break this down. we know enough of the facts of the doubter of public opinion. this is big-time damage for reputation. what do you the? >> 2-hour news cycle with facebook and the social media, it doesn't work.
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i look at subway and they are not admitting the situation they are in. the first thing they said is we are breaking our contract with fogle. no comment. kimberly: do you agree with that? >> as a crisis manager that is not my first inclination. for me, i look to say we have to admit to the audience we are in a situation and focused on getting through the situation. in the end you can provide a healthy alternative. jonathan: if you don't jump jared, that is huge. you have to distance yourself from that. kimberly: but maybe you say we are troubled by this. you show -- >> you have to make a situation better. you have to move forward. if you can't move yourself out of a crisis the general public
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is always going to perceive you in a crisis. jonathan: going forward does it hurt subway? will they be okay? >> time will tell. if you manage a crisis effectively you get through. the effect for the long-term reputation is often minimal. kimberly: do you think they will give money to organizations that fight back against child exploitation? >> i don't think they are there yet. >> thank you. appreciate it. jonathan: still ahead a push to stop the rise of gun violence in d.c. however city leaders want to fight back. kimberly: warning of something you might have in your home. how aquari
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jonathan: they haven't been used but they are trying to push the vice unit or jump-out squad back in the district. kimberly: this comes as they are trying to tackle a rise in homicides. sam ford has more on how the community wants to fight back against crime. >> the mayor and the chief were at the kennedy rec center today. this is their third public appearance in this week on behalf of crime issues.
4:32 pm
this comes as violence continues to rage across the city. d.c. increased the reward to pay for kids to get the guns off the street from $1,000 to $2,500. homicides in the city at 97 so far this year. 35% higher than at this time a year ago. the chief announced the murder of melvin williams july 28 in southeast has been solved with the arrest of 26-year-old derek carter today. the mayor talked about how yesterday's shooting of a young mother fontenell affected her as she visited the neighborhood. >> it was among the saddest experiences of my life. after that press briefing to walk around and talk to neighbors about what they are dealing with day in and day out. >> chief lanier has been criticized by the union for getting rid of the vice unit that some call the jump-out squad. today at the news conference
4:33 pm
she said you don't fight crime. today as you did in the 1980's and 1990's. she insisted the new program, they are going after the organizations rather than the individuals and she says they are confiscating guns. so far,944 this year. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. thank you. it's not just the chief, not just the mayor but the d.c. police union calling for immediate steps to reduce violence in the city. kimberly: you heard sam talking about the proposal that involves the return of the district vice unit. joining us is the treasureer from the d.c. union. this is like fighting crime in the 1980's and 1990's? >> not quite. we want to bring it back to how it was previously. what we have seen since then is the proliferation in gambling-related violence, drug-related and gun-related violence. that is what the vice units are tasked to do. the fact they are not in the street for proactive enforcement creates a vacuum.
4:34 pm
guys are out there with the reckless abandon. it's unchecked. we think bringing the people back would be immediate action that we could take that would sort of put pressure on what is going on in the street. jonathan: so the community is angry and frustrated. and at some level scared. this is a violent time. the police officers are in the same boat but they need to be directed where to go, to be the best resource to fight this stuff. gregg: we are short in patrols. we have manpower issues. patrol officer driving around in a marked police car, they have the hands full. the idea to go out and do the proactive enforcement in the most deadly neighborhoods, they don't have time for that. kimberly: what is your understanding why vice units were cut? >> gregg: we are not sure about that. kimberly: money? gregg: i don't think it was money. i was probably the posture of how they want to police the city. it's knee-jerk to take the
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unit out of the area because we don't have replacement for the enforcement. jonathan: does the union have an initiative built in we have an idea how to combat the violence this are you sitting down with the mayor and the city leaders? >> we are trying do that. we meet with the chief once a week. it doesn't seem like anybody wants to find out about vice to the operations. kimberly: what are you hearing about what they want to do. >> they agree that bringing the vice units back could have an impact. kimberly: other than that? >> manpower. they are all short. the other problem is most are in the fixed post. go to the intersection and not to move from there. you are not able to use --
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these are well-train officers. they are not able to use it to investigate the crime they know afoot. jonathan: being with the union you are a sounding board for what the officers are feeling. some are the stop-gap measures and they are gimmicky. they are great if you have the manpower to supplement the regular systems. we don't have the manpower so putting it out there doesn't do us any good. kimberly: all hands on deck begins next week. will it make advenes? >> i don't think so. not at all. we have been opposed to that strategy for a long time. we don't think it's effective. jonathan: what is the best fix? gregg: we have a laundry list of fixes for the police department but a lot of them are long-term. we have to get a handle on the homicides. we have had 99 this morning. jonathan: people want something now. >> that is why we are coming one vice. sending 10 to 12 units to each
4:37 pm
district will help. kimberly: dozens of people forced from the home after a fire ripped through an apartment building in wood bridge. this started around 2:30 in the morning. heavy smoke sent people outside for hours. several departments were damaged. firefighters believe it was caused by someone cooking at the early hour. jonathan: let's get to the weather. we saw sun and clouds. only thing we didn't see was rain. kimberly: but we might see some tonight. meteorologist steve rudin has the forecast. frau mentioned maybe downpours? steve: we might see that earlier. we are going outside to the belle haven country club. a lot of folks going to the
4:38 pm
beltway. nothing around alexandria. head off to the north and west of us. this is an isolated area. this is what we have with the temperatures. a hot afternoon. 91 degrees at reagan international. 83 in culpepper. nighttime lows range from the upper 60's to the middle 20's. otherwise it is warm and muggy. isolated showers will remain. i don't think it's much of a problem. this is the cold front that is going to move through. a map that switches over. we will show you update on the tropical storm danny.
4:39 pm
that storm will continue to intensify as it moves off toward the west. more on that coming up in a bit. back to you. kimberly: thank you. fast moving wildfire in chelan, washington, is threatening more homes and the national guard is stepping in to help with the situation. troops digging fire lines as the choppers try to slow the blaze. 75 buildings have been burned. nearly 1,000 people remain under mandatory evacuation orders. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- college students hand over personal information at school. what is your school doing to keep y
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jonathan: college students turn over a lot of information when they go to college. kimberly: we look at how the academic institutions will secure the information. is that from the federal government to detailers, data breaches are more prevalent in the last few years. the academic institutions are not immune. >> if you think of college campus, they are rich with the
4:43 pm
day the. people coming to school for the first time. registering for the class. the information they give the institution, it's valuable data. >> michael says the frequent information exchange plus medical research and the other contracts can make the institution a target. some are only catching up to the idea. >> they may not be aware of the data they have. this starts on organization to look at the data on the campus, what are the crown jewels of the data, what are we doing to protect it? >> as students head back to campus, it's on the individuals to not only protect themselves but the institution's network. >> this starts at a basic level of every user accessing the network. software patches, the strong password, the multifactor authentication, which is in addition to a password. that should be implemented in every college campus. >> parents at home can help keeping the lines of
4:44 pm
communication open to make the students aware of any issue to a bank or insurance company or anywhere else the family does business. remind the students to check the credit card, the credit report and the bank accounts regularly for signs of fraud. in washington. jonathan: coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- how is your chance to -- now is your chance to own a home at the center of a famous horror movie. would you want that? kimberly: no. jonathan: how much will it
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kimberly: the search continues for two missing in an explosion of motel 6 west of seattle. jonathan: they believe a gas leak is the blame. brandi hitt has the latest. brandi: an entire section of motel 6 demolished. a massive explosion heard miles away ripped through the building tuesday night. employees reported a gas leak but the manager is hailed a
4:48 pm
hero for pulling the fire alarm and evacuating the motel minutes before the explosion. >> i got them together. brandi: the blast threw first responders to the ground. two firefighters for hurt and the gas company worker trying to hit the leak was hospitalized with critical burns. >> he was on the retaining wall. when it exploded, he disappeared. >> among the 65 guests, two men remain unaccounted for. search crews are combing through the rubble but say the men may not have been in the building at the time of the explosion. >> one quarter of the motel is now gone. police say they are treating this as a criminal investigation until evidence proves otherwise. in los angeles, brandi hitt, abc7 news. kimberly: well, they said they would do it and they have. the hackers who breached posted
4:49 pm
customer information online. the dating sight for people interested -- the dating site for people interested in cheating on their spouses released the information. the information was on the dark web yesterday. including names, addresses, credit cards. of 32 million users. jonathan: a c.d.c. warning. coral can make you sick. they said it has a paleotoxin that is linked to recent poisoning cases in alaska. >> every manual in the world has -- mammal in the world has its own defense mechanism. coral has its own. i learned to handle it carefully. i'll have aquariums for the rest of my life. jonathan: poisoning symptoms includesphere, nausea, joint
4:50 pm
and muscle pain. tanks manufacturers suggest if you put the coral in the tank to wear gloves and wash your hands with antibacterial soap. you can do it with the crazy music. kimberly: the music wasn't crazy. this is crazy. would you buy a home once occupied by a serial killer? what if the serial killer were a fictional character in a horror movie? a couple in pennsylvania selling the infamous home seen in "silence of the lamb." the three-story victorian. oh, yuck! stopped. it was used at a home for the psychotic killer buffalo bill in the 1991 film. they open someone will buy it for $300,000. jonathan: perhaps they could have a bottle of chianta and fava beans. kimberly: crazy! jonathan: talk about the weather.
4:51 pm
kimberly: please move on to something else. steve: we will talk about the weekend weather forecast. folks are gearing up for that. the labor day is late this year so it's getting an extra week. outside we go right now. this is beach delaware and a beautiful evening for them. we may see stray showers. a lot of folks are calling in, writing in, to talk about danny. the 5:00 p.m. update has come in. you can see moving east it becomes a run storm. dy -- diminished in intensity. so for the upcoming weekend, no need to worry about the storm we talk about temperatures for 80 degrees or so. water in the middle to upper 70's. further south, the outer banks of the north carolina you may see stray showers or the
4:52 pm
thunderstorms on the day on saturday. daytime high in the lower 80's. the water temperatures in the lower 80's. if you are staying in town it looks nice. 86 degrees on saturday. sunday we are talking temperatures around 87 degrees. that's we are not going to deal with the excessive humidity and the heat in the upcoming weekend. good deal of sun. outdoor plan. taking advantage of what is now left of the summer, now that kids have done back to school. something to enjoy. before you know it, the cold fronts are going to bring a lot colder air. kimberly: yes. steve: i'm looking forward to september. jonathan: so many parents are going yeah, the kids are back in school. kimberly: true. jonathan: thank you. kimberly: check on the traffic situation. it doesn't look like the vacation out there now. jamie: no. i am checking my head. i'm not ready for september, october, no, no, no. i just want to hang on to summer as long as we can. the roads, it's slow. very slow on the beltway. first i want to start in the
4:53 pm
greenbelt area. you can see near 201, the traffic on the outer loop is congested. the givener loop at well. everything has been moved to the shoulder past route 1. so getting to college park, it is a rough ride. in bethesda we have an issue that is with the water main break. scheduled to be cleared by 5:00. if not, closure on eastbound. westbound is reopen and you can share the lanes. typical delays out of the city, but no crashes. that is a look at the traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- some critics demand reboot from microsoft. where there are concerns about
4:54 pm
the privacy with the windows 10
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jonathan: have you upgraded to windows 10? or thinking about the free upgrade? there are some privacy concerns. kimberly: john matarese explains. john: slate magazine calls it a privacy nightmare. if you don't opt out of certain tracking features. the reality is that windows 10 is not the only service that is keeping tabs of what you do and where you are. facebook, twitter, linked in, skype. sign up, click agree and you are on the way to share your thoughts, photo and daily life. "time" magazine warns you are handing away rights evidence time you do that. for instance, most social media site have a right to use, delete or publicly display your photos. with facebook you give them permission to track the websites you visit, even when you are not logged on to
4:58 pm
facebook. from the doesn't that stink smile the new privacy concern surrounding microsoft windows 10. slate says if you use the express install you are giving microsoft to right to see and save your e-mails and websites you visit. instead, slate suggests using custom install, and unchecking the privacy boxes so you are not sharing everything. you might say doesn't that stink? it could be worse. "time" magazine says skype won't even let you delete an account. bottom line, windows 10, facebook or other social media site a good idea to check the privacy settings. unclick any that strikes you as too big brother so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. >> an arraignment day disrupted. the former policeman charged with killing an unarmed man appears in court. sheriff deputies forced to clear the courtroom. area firefighters respond to a barn fire and walk in an explosion situation. fingers crossed at the national zoo.
4:59 pm
you mow why? kimberly: mei xiang. fingers crossed. leon: the top story a mob-style robbery. leads in the case are drying up. kimberly: this happened in arlington at the beginning of august when several people jumped a man outside a popular bar in the heart of clarendon. where jeff goldberg is live for us now with whom police are looking for now. jeff? jeff: this was an awful situation it happened in front of a popular nightclub. the victim got hit in the back of the head with an only. the investigation has stalled. they are looking for help to solve the crime. the man was walking to catch up with friends when he tells police he was hit in the back of the head with the object
5:00 pm
and beaten by five or six men. they took the man's military i.d. and witnesses helped the victim who got up and did leave the scene. but the next morning the 22-year-old man realized the injuries were worse than he thought and he got help in arlington but police want the main witness or anyone else to come forward and identify the suspect who they say attacked the victim for no other reason than robbery. >> this individual was trying to do a thing for his friend and was the victim of a heinous attack. jeff: so while this situation took place earlier this month, at the same time that arlington is investigating a string of attempted celebrate assaults. five in the past several weeks. the arlington police wanted to get out the message that the town, the city, the county is safe but they are looking for witnesses who witnessed this crime or any others to


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