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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 21, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," cancer fight. former president jimmy carter admits the disease has spread to his brain. how he uses faith and humor to share the difficult news. tragic loss. the elite firefighters caught in a death trap in washington state. new details about who survived and who did not. and new this half hour, hope after a paralyzing accident. >> the technological marvel helping a severely injured marathon runner get up and out of her wheelchair. an amazing invention put to work. and later in "the skinny," another apology from former reality star josh duggar. he's revealing another major secret in what he call ahurtful addiction. it's friday, august 21st. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. it is friday. i'm phillip mena.
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>> i'm reena ninan. we begin this half hour with former president jimmy carter telling reporters that he has started treatment for cancer which has spread to his brain. >> mr. carter had radiation yesterday in georgia. he's also being treated with a cutting edge drug. abc's marcy gonzales reports now from atlanta. >> reporter: with humility and even humor, former president jimmy carter openly detailed his melanoma diagnosis sharing his fears when he learned the cancer first discovered on his liver had spread with doctors also finding it on his brain. >> i just thought i had a few weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease. you know, i've had a wonderful life. >> reporter: a life the 90-year-old is optimistically fighting for, undergoing radiation treatment on the four small cancer spots on his brain. >> the goal here is to prevent
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them from growing so he can continue to live the high quality life he is right now. >> reporter: some of the focus of his life though now changing. >> my name is jimmy carter, and i'm running for president. >> reporter: after leaving the white house, carter and his wife of 69 years rose lynn committed themselves to humanitarian work through the carter center. the couple now taking a step back from those efforts to focus on his health, a commitment he takes seriously after losing his father and all three siblings to pancreatic cancer. president obama tweeting, we're all pulling for you, jimmy. all three other living presidents sharing their well wishes too. >> first time they've called me in a long time. >> reporter: carter taking on this challenge with laughter and faith. >> i'm perfectly at ease with whatever comes. >> reporter: he says so far he feels good and hasn't had much pain. after yesterday's radiation, he still has several more treatments scheduled. over the next few months. reena and phillip. >> our ron claiborne posted on facebook one of his memories of covering president carter at one point and he was doing a habitat
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for humanity event building a house. at one point, ron shouts out to him, mr. carter if you don't come over, i'm going to lose my job. you've got to come talk to us. at some level, i think he thought maybe he would lose his job. he came over and said a few words. although he got a second term, he put everything into this carter center, going internationally to oversee elections, pushing for foreign policy things that even the white house at the time may not have believed in. he always followed through with what he believed in his heart to be right. >> accomplished so much and still doing so. wish him the best. >> we certainly do. the battle against the huge wildfires in washington state goes on even as three firefighters were killed there this week, and they are being mourned. a silent procession of emergency vehicles rolled through twisp, washington, yesterday to honor the men, all members of the special unit that heads into dangerous areas to evaluate risk ahead of a larger groups of firefighters. four others injured when they were overtaken by flames.
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one remains in critical condition with burns over 60% of his body. >> this was his first season as a firefighter. he's the kind of kid that his mother and i and family are so proud of. >> so much heart break in that community. 13 firefighters have been killed this year across the west. right now about 100 large fires are burning in five states. the winds are expected to pick up again in the northwest fire zone today with no rain in sight. >> here in the northeast, quite the opposite with downpours hitting the i-95 corridor, justin pavek has it all covered from accuweather. justin, good morning to you. >> phillip and reena, thanks and good morning to you. it looks like the winds will be at their highest later on this afternoon throughout the northwest. this is bad news because we have extreme drought and also some dangerous fire conditions can continuing. the jet stream to the north and east, and that's going to supply the cooler and moist air into eastern portions of montana. that's very unfortunate.
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friday into saturday throughout the northeast, it's a tale of two worlds. stormy at the coastline. phillip and reena, back to you. >> thank you, justin. hurricane danny is expected to lose the limited punch it's packing by this weekend. danny's maximum sustained winds decreased slightly to 80 miles an hour. danny is the first hurricane of the atlantic season. forecasters say it will be approaching the caribbean sometime late in the weekend. a hero surfer came to the rescue of two teenagers who nearly drowned in lake michigan. the 13 and 14-year-old girls were being dragged into the deep water by powerful rip currents near muskegon but the surfer managed to pull them both to safety. the waves were as high as seven feet and red flags were posted indicating dangerous swimming conditions. >> the convicted murderer who escaped from a new york prison in june has appeared in court. this is the first time we've seen david sweat after being on the run 22 days. his arm still in a sling. sweat is a convicted murderer. he pleaded not guilty to charges of escape and promoting contraband.
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the rape trial of a recent graduate of a prestigious graduate of a prep school in new hampshire set to resume next week. the teen accuser bursting into tears as she was grilled by the attorney of her alleged attacker. abc's gio benitez was in the courtroom. >> reporter: 19-year-old owen labrie watching his lawyer cross-examine the 16-year-old girl accusing him of rape. questioning her truthfulness again and again. >> isn't that a lie? >> no. >> reporter: labrie, a graduating senior, inviting the freshman girl to meet him one night at the science building. a romantic moment, she says, became a violent assault. his attorney asking her why she says she was cloudy in her interview with police. >> why were you cloudy? >> i was raped. >> reporter: the girl breaking down on the stand. >> i was cloudy because i was traumatized. >> reporter: the questions included graphic details about that night and about their
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e-mails after. labrie writing, "you're a gem." her response? "you're not too bad yourself." >> you were not being truthful because your real feelings were different than what you were saying in the words, correct? >> correct. i was hiding behind a computer screen. >> reporter: owen labrie insists he never had sex with the girl. but when she got off the stand today, she issued this statement -- "i can now say i'm a survivor." gio benitez, abc news, concord, new hampshire. stock markets across asia took heavy losses in today's trading following a harsh selloff on wall street. the dow had its biggest loss since february of last year plunging 58 points yesterday. that is more than 2%. the other major averages posted similar losses. falling energy prices, china's slowing economy and the threat of a rise in interest rates sent stocks plunging. >> the company that got fda approval for the first drug to boost sex drive in women has
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already been sold at a big price. sprout pharmaceutical bought for $1 billion in cash. the libido drug addyi expected to be available by mid october. sprout is a privately head company with about 30 employees. valiant saysed be the core of a new business focusing on women's health. during summer's most sweltering days anybody with a backyard pool can pretty much plan on uninvited guests to beat the heat. >> usually the guests are human. imagine the surprise for this family looking out to see a mother bear and her five cubs taking a dip in the kiddie pool. >> the mama was focused on cooling off. her rambunctious kids went a little crazy with the pool toys even popping a beach ball at one point. at least they knew not to go on the swings without mama. >> looks like little kids playing around in there. >> it totally does look like little kids. this could have turned very dangerous. >> yes, it could. that's why we're showing it here because this is just -- it is kind of cute. look at that.
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>> it is adorable. i guess this family won't be hosting backyard pool parties anytime soon. >> this is the summer of the shark has been completely taken over by the summer of the bears now. they're everywhere. coming up in "the skinny," not one but two apologies from josh duggar. why he's calling himself a big hypocrite. >> coming up, jennifer aniston speaking about her surprise wedding. how did she keep the social event of the season such a big secret. >> first, can your stress impact others making anxiety contagious? what can you do to avoid picking up someone else's nervous vibe. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. ght to you by colonial penn life insurance. for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through
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well, a houston woman is learning to walk again thanks to some cutting edge technology. sarah domson suffered a devastating injury which left her legs paralyzed. the former marathon runner is in a wheelchair up until now. but with help from a robotic exoskeleton called rewalk, she's up on her feet again. >> psychologically it means so much to be eye to eye with your family and friends. >> with this it gives me hope. i can walker from again. i won't have to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. >> reporter: there are fewer than 30 of these devices in use in the country. if her insurance company approves domson may be able to take one home next year. >> it's incredible. turning now to stress and how like other health conditions it can seemingly spread from person to person. >> we don't normally think of stress as being contagious. but as abc's mara schiavocampo
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shows us, the proof is pretty easy to find. >> reporter: we've all heard of yawns being contagious but what about stress? can a stressed office mate, spouse or complete stranger actually be stressing you out? researchers say yes. a team at st. louis university finding that a stranger just observing someone in a stressful situation -- >> you accuse me of stealing a gift card, had elevated heart rates and cortisol levels. >> you can elicit these responses by sitting and watching someone else under stress. >> reporter: researchers say stress is passed on through things like facial expressions, voice frequency, odor and touch and just watching these stressful signs, our own bodies release the stress hormone cortisol. studies have founded you are four times more likely to catch stress from someone you know. last year i sat down with researchers studying the effect a mother's stress had on her child. the mothers had to give an impromptu speech while evaluators scowled critically.
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>> this is really new for me. >> you can hear the voice shake. >> reporter: their children played happily in another room and when reunited with mom, all of the babies of stressed mothers had an equally elevated heart rate. they had caught their mother's stress. >> here's the baby's little heart rate. >> reporter: we did our own test using fit bits to monitor heart rates of couples, putting one on the spot while the other looked on. >> if you can count backwards from 997,000 in increments of eight. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: as our subjects squirmed, so did their significant others. >> i think my stress level was going through the roof. >> reporter: in fact, this woman's heart beat rose by 12 beats as she watched her husband struggle even offering to take the reins. >> i'll do it. >> reporter: experts say the worst thing we can do is try to hide our stress. it doesn't work and keeps others from being able to support us. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. absolutely believe in that. smiles can be contagious.
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vibes are totally contagious. but someone is giving you that vibe, then it definitely tends to rub off, you know? they say though if someone else it making you stressed out, just get away from them, just go walk outside, take a brisk walk for a few minutes. you know, that vibe, all that stuff should stay to you, man. don't bring that on me. >> why did the control room just zero in on me when they said if someone's stressing you out. >> there you go. >> it's not a question for me. >> if we don't see you back here tomorrow, we'll know what happened. you took a brisk walk. >> all the way around. >> it's saturday. sandy was pointing it out to me. none of us are going to be here tomorrow. >> coming up, the new gig that hundreds of thousands of americans want, jon stewart. >> and a bachelorette update that's coming up next in "the skinny." "world news now" continues after this from ou
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♪ "skinny," so skinny we begin with the fallout of extramarital affair website ashley madison getting hacked. >> and a high profile user outed who is apologizing yet again. josh duggar, the former reality television personality, said he was sorry earlier this year for allegedly molesting his sisters when he was younger. his apology now follows data leaked online showing duggar
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kept an account with the cheating website. >> he allegedly spent up to $1,000 over the last three years on the website whose slogan is "life is short, have an affair." this was while duggar was serving as executive director of the family research council, an anti-same-sex marriage lobbying group. in a statement the married father of four says he has been "the biggest hypocrite ever." turning now to a presumably happy marriage and a new one at that. jennifer aniston and justin theroux tying the knot after a three-year engagement. >> news of the wedding was a surprise, something that abc's nick watt asked her about in her first interview since the wedding. nick asked jen how the event was kept so secret. >> honestly, it was just a lot of faith, a lot of hope and a lot of belief that this was -- and probably just a lot of great manifestation and a wonderful, beautiful team of trustworthy people. >> yeah. >> aniston is currently
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promoting her new movie "she's funny that way," with catherine hahn who pointed out all the guests wanted it to be a private affair for their sakes. looks like it worked out. >> this is her second marriage. she was first married 15 years ago to brad pitt. you may remember that. jennifer and justin spent their honeymoon in the french polynesian island of tahiti and brought some friends along for the ride. >> sounds like a wonderful weekend. it's been two weeks since jon stewart ended his run as the host of the daily show can but if you want to see him remain in the political world for at least one night, then you've got to sign a petition. >> if you do, you would be joining over 130,000 people who put their names to a petition on demanding that stewart moderate a 2016 presidential debate. the petition notes his credentials and points out despite going after laughs, stewart had no problem getting serious in his interviews with heads of state and notable political figures. >> that's very true. the petitioners also point out a
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similar effort took place in 2012 to have a woman moderate a debate. that led to the commission choosing candy crowley as the first female presidential debate moderator in 20 years. finally, an update "the bachelorette," kaitlyn bristowe and the man she chose, shawn b. the two got engaged on the season finale last month and by au appearances, the two appear to be deeply in love. >> their latest post shows them in bed together looking quite relaxed from what we assume is a good night's sleep. here they are with his and her coffee mugs before the wedding. lots of happy couples there. sorry, you know. it's a happy moment. there's no word when their wedding might be but kaitlyn wants to get married in canada. that's where she's from. shawn wants to do it in vegas with elvis there. >> okay. coming up, our "friday rewind" is next. >> you're watching "world news now." next. >> you're watching "world news now."
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breathe happy ♪ ♪ well, finally this half hour, a look back at this week's headlines. >> as august is winding down, there's been no shortage of news. as we head into the weekend, here's a look back in our "friday rewind." >> everything that can be done now is being done out there, and our first priority is protecting people and homes and structures and live stock. >> by the time we got in the car, the fire was in our backyard. and we barely made it out. >> the bottom line, this was hell in here. it's just aub. obvious. it was blowing in every damn direction. we lost three. >> i didn't kick or scream or really push. i didn't, but i did say no. i said no three times.
3:56 am
>> she's a 15-year-old girl without sexual experience. she tried to say no. >> motel 6, we've had a report of an explosion at your location. >> i saw everything else blow up and start raining down. >> today jared fogle has been charged and has admitted to participating in a five-year criminal scheme to exploit children. >> we're dealing with some fairly significant mental illness which is another horrible crisis in the united states. how do we treat mentally ill children. >> how would you deport the 11 million undocumented immigrants? how would you find them and deport them? >> it's going to be easy just watch. >> give us a specific. >> we ought to fix the problem rather than take away rights that are constitutionally endowed. >> the idea that the united states of america would round up 11 million or 12myon people and deport them is absolute fantasy. >> it's history. you know, we're always evolving.
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the army is number one in making history. >> i'm thrilled to announce the next chapter in the long and exciting history between disney parks and "star wars." ♪ now, get back to the pg, that's program and it's easy, dre is back ♪ >> a lot going on this week. >> i'm really excited about the "star wars" new attraction coming to disney world and disneyland. >> everybody is. everybody is. one of the things i learn this had week too, there was no pumpkin in starbucks pumpkin spice latte. >> that was your moment this week. >> it was a big revelation. what was in it before then. >> are you going to try it? >> of course, i got to know now. >> when you get one, always pick me up one. >> sure will. thank you. don't miss our updates on facebook. that's the news for this half hour. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, firefighters mourned. the procession for the fallen men taken away from the scene as the victims are identified. plus, an entire washington town evacuated forced to flee their homes as the flames get closer. breaking overnight an explosion rocks los angeles shaking building, causing injuries and knocking out power to the staples center during a concert. the late breaking details coming in. data dump. another round of files released by the ashley madison hackers. more names exposed showing people who use the cheating website. the pentagon now involved. medical miracle. the new technology helping a paralyzed woman break free from her wheelchair.


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