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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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golic's -- from jamyra gallmon's mother. we heard how gallmon was repeatedly sexually assaulted from the age of 13 and left with ptsd and emotional problems. the judge handed her a sentence shy of the 25 years prosecutors wanted her accomplish in the planning of the robbery which went wrong. got a much milder sentence. posing as a man she went online looking to hook up for gay sex. the plan dupe a victim toiletry strain him and rob him. 30-year-old david messerschmitt agreed to meet gallmon at the donovan hotel for sex. but he realized she was a woman and they got in an altercation. gallmon pulled a knife and stabbed him repeatedly and left messerschmitt to die. >> a person lost a good person. >> messerschmitt's wife made an appeal in the case prior to football gal's arrest. today she and messerschmitt's
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brother told the judge of their pain. the judge sentenced to gallmon to 2 years in prison, citing the violent nature of the murder. her former girlfriend and the woman who helped gallmon plan the robbery got six months. dominic's father responded to camera. >> my apologies go out to messerschmitt's family. we are sadded by the incident. you have to be held accountable. >> gallmon is 21. johnson is 19 years old. the judge took her age into consideration. she was not in the hotel room when the murder went down.
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19-year-old marcus king turned himself in this morning and a paperwork problem causing the delay. he is charged with shooting matthew shlonsky last weekend in metro near northwest d.c. stay with us at abc7 news and abc7. we will keep you updated. kimberly: developing news out of northeast washington where an hour's long barricade situation is still underway. sam ford has been at the scene since noon. we are five hours in now. what is happening at this hour. sam: another sign of the time. at 18 monroe street there is a situation since 11:00 this morning. the shooting was still in progress. the swat team has been on the
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vene. chief cathy lanier told reporters it's -- messy situation. the shooter and the victim knew each other. the neighbors told us that the dead woman was a popular figure. middle age who is known for helping children. >> there were shots fired. officers took cover and started a dialogue with a suspect on the course at the time. >> the chief told reporters that the woman was the 99th homicide victim in d.c. so far this year. in the last three or four months the homicides soared in this city. one local pastor used to paper his walls with funeral notices and said he is concerned, and calling for other religious leaders to come together.
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>> they remember jackson shot to death in the explosion of the recent homicides. >> don't hear us. sleep. don't have to deal with the world nowhere. through and wonder who let in next. >> this is déjà vu. he did over 100 homicide and vigils. >> my wall got so cluttered with the people who were dying from the ages of eight up. they are trying to figure out a solution. we have to do it now. we can't wait. >> black lives ought to
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matter. >> many funerals and many tears. no suspect in custody in this case. a mother waits over the loss of her only son and the four cysts over the only brother. police chief cathy lanier believes that the suspect killed the woman is holed up in the house where he has been since 11:00. they say police have opinion talking with him. reporting live in frother east washington, sam ford, abc7 news. kimberly: so sad. if you have a tip to investigate, call or e-mail us at tips. >> this happened where a car
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inside a clothing shop. the fire crews sent us this picture. the inspectors were called out and folks clean up the mess. no word how it happened but despite the damage, no one was hurt. >> this has been a gorgeous day. hope you got to enjoy it. how is the weekend looking? >> we have plans for the evening, outdoor dining, going to football practice with the kids. low humidity and two hours and 50 minutes or so. 82 in manassas. here is the forecast. temperatures are falling through the 70's and in the 60's. talk about the rest of the weekend. the seven-day outlook and the latest for hurricane danny
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that is coming up in a few minutes. >> the redskins may have come out against the lion last night but the best quarterback has everyone talking for the wrong reasons again. robert: lions coming out on top of robert griffin iii. rgiii took a massive meeting. he took six hard hits, sacked three times. like the offensive line took the night off. excourted off the field and suffer a concussion. follow the nfl concussion protocol. it's unclear how much time griffin will miss. if you see the starter taking hits like this in the preseason you think the head coach would make a decision to take him out before something bad happens. he was asked about keeping rgiii in for the second quarter and here is what coach jay gruden said.
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coach gruden: we felt comfortable with the offensive line to get something going in fourth drive. it didn't happen. i want to get something going on offense. there is a lot of quarterback play. this is a tough sport. leon: no matter who is behind they have to get the act together. robert: i know. exactly. so the kid can throw. kimberly: thank you. leon: military history. now in the books. two women join today's graduating class of the army, rangers to make them the first female rangers of ever. that has a lot of people talking. suzanne kennedy is live in arlington with a look at the developing story.
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suzanne: a great deal of excitement here. one day what happened today is on exhibit here at the museum. in the meantime, this is a big day for the military and for women. the army training is grueling, the graduates few. one quarter of those who start in the class made it to the end. but captain kristen griest and first lieutenant shaye haver received the coveted ranger tab today. >> operations for today. >> army captain stephanie flowers says the pair's accomplishments will go a long way toward recruiting women in military service.
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they have the respect of the veterans. >> terrific. >> they should keep america strong. suzanne: people outside the military see this as a major step for women serving in combat roles. >> they can do anything a man can do. >> it's a challenge. they graduated. it's an honor. we are proud of them. hopefully more will follow in the footsteps. suzanne: while they successfully completed their training, they are unable to serve in combat missions. unclear when that will become a reality. reporting live in arlington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. kimberly: that is the next step we are talking about. leon: absolutely. times are changing. all right. now, speaking of times changing, back to school may be pushed to back burner.
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middle the night e-mail that is messing up plans for families and the scramble days before the opening bell rings. kimberly: plus, do you remember this horse fighting for his life? the government passed new regulation that could spell death for one of the talented animals. leon: car jacking with a tryst. horace: i'm horace holmes. "7 on your side" viewer tell us that car crash through the backyard fence on seven occasions. now she fears for the safety of her
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kimberly: 24-year-old hernandez car jacked a woman at the islamic education center. he had just been released from jail. 30 minutes beforehand. a virginia family pleading for
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help because of a dangerous curve in front of their house. leon: bullseye painted on their yard. you would believe it if you saw how many drivers were drunk losing control on the turn. heading straight for the house. horace holmes has the story. horst horst they have four children in a beautiful home with a backyard to play in. >> i don't like them out here. >> it crashed through the fence and the driver was not hurt but was charged with driving while impaired. >> the reason they are angry and concerned, this is the seventh time since the family moved in here that a drunk
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driver has crashed through the fence. >> this turns into a speedway late at night. >> people fly along the road. >> they have asked for a barrier or a guardrail around the road but the requests have fallen on deaf ears. >> are we in danger? i understand that accidents will happen but they need to prevent more damage. >> i don't want something to happen. >> they sent people to look at if area and they determined it was safe. it's not eligible for a guardrail. >> storms produced incredible sites.
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we want to thank everyone out there who sent us photo of what you saw. special thanks to jessica that snapped this shot at the winery. the e-mail is >> a stunning day. did you enjoy it? leon: not at all. it was a work day. did you get out? steve: i did. i walked the dog. it was nice. a big difference from yesterday where it was hot and humid. the air mass moved in. a sign bigger changes are to come. kimberly: don't say that. steve: we are moving toward the end of august. i won't talk about it yet. don't worry. outside we go. if you have plans.
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something like 900 bushels of crab. 84 degrees at reagan international. it's 85 in fredericksburg. cooler to the west of us. elkin west virginia in the middle 70's. if dew point is in the upper 70's is when it feels hot and soupy. that is not the case this evening. it's dry overnight.
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if you have plans to the outer banks and you move through the weekend, it's warmer. 66 degrees for overnight low. warmer temperatures inside capital beltway. the cooler air to north and the west of the suburban area. high pressure is the dominant weather feature for the day tomorrow and on sunday. that will mean sunshine and lower 80's. the latest upstate on hurricane danny is a category three storm. but it's going to weaken tremendously as we move through the next several days. next week it will be a tropical storm. the impact on the continental united states is not much. the beach forecast. we have temperatures in the 80's. water temperature in the 70's. tomorrow, 86 degrees. mostly sunny skies.
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a chance of thunderstorms and back to 80's for most of next week. keep you updated on hurricane danny. good news is 5:00 update. it will weaken over the weekend and next week. >> food news. thk you. leon: what started out as one mother's dream is a gift f thousands of kids. kimberly: later at 5:00, the adoption agency that started with a singular mission in mind. how it's only group from there. >> a couple of days before what was supposed to be the first day of school. dozens of students at an academy operated by a local megachurch are in legal limbo. why the first day
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kimberly: dozenings for dozens of children are caught in the middle of a problem. leon: the first day of school is canceled. mike, what happened? mike: according to the church attorney total of 51 academy students plus 17 pre-k students are impacted by this. there is a meeting tonight.
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the staff members are here as well as the parents. staff members already missed a paycheck. >> parents of the jericho christian ablemy students are angry and -- academy students are angry and stressed after getting word the school will not open on monday. >> we found yesterday at 19:30 in northerning. those parents asleep like i was, i got the e-mail at 6:30. >> they wanted to notify the parents so if they want to exercise other options they were free to do so. >> last week, pastor peebles returned to leadership pose that operates the academy. but none of the financial documents have been given to the current administration by the previous administration. >> it would be disingenuous to teachers and the students to open up the school year in a state of uncertainty. >> result, the school employees are worried about the jogs and parents are scrambling.
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>> several showed up to enroll at other schools. >> we want to support them. we feel sorry for what happened. glad to open up the doors for the children. >> andrea's son spent the last two years at the school. but now he goes to a different academy. >> he is nervous. he wants to go back with his friends. >> with the questions looming about the finances whether they enroll elsewhere or wait out the legal situation, many parents wonder what happened to their money? many put in money for tuition or uniform or student fees as well. a mother told me she paid $,000 for the new school year. she moved to another school and she wants her money back. we reached out to attorney representing the form every administration at jericho and did not hear back today.
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mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. kimberly: a 13-year-old girl with down's syndrome wants to redefine beauty. she was selected for the model and the talent show in l.a. she is preparing to moldal for agents from around the world. >> that is her biggest goal. awareness to show individuals of all abilities are beautiful. the second best thing to happen to us is she gets picked up by a major modeling company. kimberly: what a beauty. the modeling competition is set for january. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- cheerleader sentenced. the crime that she has been convicted of. kimberly: fighting to save a light. veterinarian making a push after the f.d.a. puts a horse. leon: after abuse allegation cost him the job as a catholic previous, joce
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: the "7 on your side" iteam confirming that new jersey priest accused in a civil lawsuit of sexually abusing a minor has ties to the local schools here. kimberly: manuel espinoza has never been criminally charged and his church believed he had fled the country. leon: but iteam investigator joce sterman discovered he
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spent years teaching children in our area. although there is no accusation of wrongdoing in his time here. joce: this is the picture that brought back memories. >> i buried my memories. joce: becky waited 40 years to deal with the abuse she says she suffered at the hands of the alexandria priest. >> i was told i'd go to hell if i told on the priest. joce: she eventually did, decades after her abuser committed suicide. he is received a settlement from the church but not justice. that is what she helps other try to find through the survivor network of those abused by priests. her recent cause involves a local priest. this man, espinoza shown by a vista photo. the records we found he was removed from his post in 2003 after allegation of sexual abuse of a minor. the church believe he fled home to ecuador but we know he
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turned up here. >> it's scary to me he has never been charged but yet work in environment with children. >> we learned that me spent ten years working as a teacher in two local school districts. three in wood-bridge where spokesman said he taught english as a second language. then he moved to prince george's county. >> they posted an announcement in the march boulevard to ask anyone aware of the whereabouts to come forward to contact authorities. he himself appears to responded. spoking a statement on saying he doesn't consider himself a pedophile, that the accuser is not telling truth and he didn't do anything the victim didn't want. >> he is very sorry he learned his lesson. now the alleged victim claimed the abuse ten years ago.
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he just filed that civil lawsuit this spring. the prosecutors wouldn't tell us if there is an active investigation. >> right now the d.c. police are asking for your help identifying the six people in the video who are all persons of interest in connection with assault with a dangerous weapon. the video shot in april on the cell phone as you can tell. the man was asleep in his car like 61st and clay street when someone opened up the door and tried to rob him. kimberly: a former police officer charged with trying to cook meth in a government clab that exploded is pleaded guilty. happened at the national institute of technology in
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gaithersburg last month. the former police officer suffered burns on his head and his arm. singed his eyebrow and hair. he faces 20 years in prison when sentenced in november. leon: former baltimore ravens cheerleader was sentenced after pleading guilty to raping 15-year-old boy. she has to register as a sex offender and continue therapy. she admitted to performing a sex act on a teen in a vacation rep -- rental home. a big step forward from johns hop championships as it worked to tackle sexual misconduct. the university unveiled a new plan and one of 100 school under federal investigation for handling of the sexual assault. a key component a three person panel to review each case with
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two staff members and an attorney. kimberly: this is my favorite video of the summer. unusual pool party caught on camera. take a look. family of bears having a ball in someone's backyard. that is mom and five cubs playing on the swing set. taking over the pool toys and a dip in the pool to cool off. the people who shot the video say the bears upping out for an hour before they wandered off. leon: check to make sure they hadn't eaten 30 minutes before they got in the pool? >> i don't know. leon: we care about the bear safety. bears, we're on your side, too. coming up at five -- coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- keeping the kids safe. one sport that isn't football that racks up the most concussions. plus -- >> there are children. over 100,000 older children
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across the united states. desperately need parents. leon:
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steve: in town tomorrow is fantastic. cool start with the temperatures in the 60's. on sunday the south lakes 10k
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in restin. we have the temperatures on the chilly side around 60 degrees. stay with us. you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00".
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kimberly: started as a dream where a mom wanted to help children who needed a home. leon: the non-profit agency that never turned a child away. janice goldwater is the founder and the executive director and she is tonight's working woman. alison starling reports. alison: these are the faces of adoption. japs goldwater felt the need to help children like these since her early days as a social worker. >> my goal is start an organization that would welcome every child in need of a family regardless of their health, age. >> grass roots at first. she answered the phones at night. now adoptions together has a staff of 45. as well as contractors. they settled more than 4,000 kids in permanent homes. lianna was one of them. >> it means the one that care about you and love you. >> goldwater's passion is a family affair. she and her husband had three natural born children. youngest --
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>> when he was oldest to play, he didn't play house, he played adoption. >> one of the children left for college. >> we have an opening in our family. >> enter eliana. then aged 10. abused by her birth family and left by unstable adoptive parents in new york. >> she has been my best teacher. i had to develop a new capacity in my head and within my heart to walk along side and help her feel. >> adoptions together is inclusive of all kind of families, husbands and wives, same-sex couples, interracial couples and single parents. >> we look for mature, emotionally healthy stable adults. we need more families. we need parents interested in adopting other children. they are still waiting. >> her own children ages 23 to 32 are all thying. she is the luckiest mom in the world, she says. alison starling, abc7 news. kimberly: wonderful to see her share the love like that.
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leon: what some people are afraid spotfy is after. kimberly: the famous painting horse in a fight for his life. why the f.d.a. is at the center of the controversy straight ahead three
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kimberly: we first told you apt an amazing local horse that paints years ago. he picked up a paint brush after retiring from the racetrack because of debilitating knee injuries. the story got big attention all across the country. now the treatment that keeps metro alive is in jeopardy and the owner reached out to "7 on your side" for help. mote remeteor's unusual talent captured would -- metro meteor's unusual talent captured worldwide attention. he cruises it to help other horses. $80,000 of the sales went to
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organization to help race horses get adopted. >> making a difference for other horses. >> but now metro needs help. for two years, veterinarian kim brokaw got permission from the f.d.a. to report a drug to use experimentally on metro's arthritic knees and it made a drastic difference. preventing his needs from locking up and saving his life. >> that meant rather than having discussions about sorry, we may look at euthanized your horse. to going he is comfortable. take him out for a walk on the field. >> when imported in europe, tildren packaged in ten styles. the doctor used tourniquets to do the treatment. >> we started with the treatment, one knee at a tame and they worked. >> in december, they approved tildren for condition affecting the entire body so now it is only available in the u.s. in one large container, ten times the size
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of the small viles. dr. brokaw says giving metro a full body dose carries risk and she can't part of a larger dose and save the rest because the drug doesn't have preservatives. >> we are stuck with throw out the rest of the vile. >> like buying one gallon bar of mayonnaise every time you want to make a sandwich. >> the owner is torn about tossing out to $1,000 every treatment. but -- >> i know it's the only thing keeping him alive right now. >> he reached out to "7 on your side" to see if we could convince the f.d.a. to make way for metro. >> he is the only horse in the barn that is a taxpayer. i hop they make an exception for him. kimberly: we have reached out to the f.d.a. as well as the company that makes tildren and they both contacted the doctor to find a way to work it out. we will follow up on this.
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keep you posted. >> what do you know? a horse with a w2. developing story tonight for you about the athletes and the helmet concussions. it's a big issue, especially after the redskins quarterback rgiii suffered one last night in the preseason game. but it is not just professional athletes who are concerned about head protection. high school athletes are as well. montgomery county public school system athletes are required to take a baseline concussion tests. they undergo recognition training and they teach the players to tackle without leading with their heads. >> the ceo of spotify clarifying the new privacy policy. at first bush they look to say the streaming muse -- first blush they can track your photos and browse your content. but the company is making it clear if the users don't want to share that information they don't have to. spotify says it will ask for permission before assessing any of your data.
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leon: well, jamie sullivan will share information with us about the traffic on friday. hey, jamie. jamie: i'm sharing information you don't want to hear. big delays. this is capital beltway. passing by seven locks and what to expect. volume on the inner around the outer loop. no crashes. look at the map and we'll talk about the other delays. leaving d.c. you average 12 miles per hour. crystal city rein the teens. a little further north. so on 270 we are okay. getting there, on the 270 spur you average in the 20's. heading to the montgomery family fair. not in terrible shape. as far as traffic, 95 on the baltimore-washington parkway we are seeing a lot of concession. 75 may be the better -- 95 may be the better option because b.w.i. we have teens for miles. heading to the beach, bumper to bumper that is adding to
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the typical beach volume. that is a look at traffic. back to you. leon: we have breaking news coming in to the newsroom. we are getting word of this. go to jonathan elias standing by. what is going on? jonathan: a shooter in lower manhattan outside of a federal building. give you live pictures to give you an idea. this is an intersection. housen street. it's blocked off. at this point all we know is outside the federal building somebody opened fire. two peak were shot. one of them a federal employee. the gunman was taken into custody. as a result, this entire block has been shut down. we have been watching the activity. police are all over the place with the intersection. they are investigating what happened. what the motive was in this case. but two people shot outside of a federal building in lower manhattan. the intersection is houston. one shot was federal employees. we have crews that are trying to get more information on what is happening. as soon as we get updated
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information we will pass it to you asap. live in the newsroom. kimberly: thank you. we have been going through all the photographs you have been sending us from yesterday's powerful storms. special thank you tonight to eva white who snapped the ominous clouds over laurel, maryland. check those out. if you video or photo ops send our way to include your name and we might show it on the air. leon:nology like that out there tonight. kimberly: not at all. clear blue skies. gorgeous. steve: it is going to be beautiful out there for the rest of the evening. if you have outdoor dinner plans, going for a walk. it will be wonderful. the temperatures outside the belfort furniture weather center. 80's across most of the area. 81 at dulles. same at gaithersburg. 84 in kwap tyco -- quantico. you won't need an umbrella for
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the weekend. lows from the middle 50's to the middle 60's. the coolest temperature are the northern suburb under mainly clear skies. tomorrow looks great. 86. sunshine. winds from the north/northeast. look at the seven-day outlook. 88 on sunday. lower 90's on monday with a chance for thunderstorms. then we cool down a little bit. update on hurricane danny coming up in the 6:00 hour. kimberly: all right. thank you. leon: you got it. update on the concussion bomb. robert: some positive stuff here. reports say he should be back against the ravens. no official word but same story. something going wrong with rgiii. leon: here we go again. robert: reports say redskins are optimistic he will return in the preseason game against the rayens. he has to go through the nfl concussion protocol. so someone else has to step up if he is not ready then.
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it got ugly last night. he was annihilated by the defense. griffin left the game in second quarter with the concussion. second on the depth chart is kirk cousins. he is probably youd to stepping in by now -- used to stepping in by now. >> i usually find out the morning i'm going to play. i don't expect to know too much ahead of time. nfl sometimes is the no feedback league. so you never know what will happen. you roll with it. >> it's tough without robert. no matter how much time he has to miss, if he has to miss any, i am speculating. a next man up league. robert: we saw colt mckay. he did well last night. nats could sweep the rockies. they did take the series. they are four games behind in the n.l. east race. tonight they are back at home after grueling road trip. they will take on the brewers in a three-game series. joe gonzalez will get the start. the first pitch 7:05. he will go head to head with
5:53 pm
jimmy nelson. >> a tough west coast swing. over in position to make a run at home. a lot of games at home. you need to play well to do that. all of those things add up to what we do to win. robert: surprising move by nats they called up the prospect shortstop trey turner. big move. coming up we will hear from g.m. mike rizzo. any addition is a good thing. leon: they need help at the plate. robert: gosh, don't they? kimberly: thank you for the positive news. robert: no problem! kimberly: not just the fans seeing red. drivers seeing red. the speed cameras they say are going way beyond. where they need to watch out for them.
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leon: the papal aor arrived today -- pay altar arrive today. we are about a month away from the visit. kimberly: they are supposed to stop you from speeding but the cams ra do more. they are making the city thousands of dollars. people are not happy about that. we have a report. reporter: years ago the lawmakers gave college park the right to operate speed cameras here 24 hours a day. the result has been a hug windfall. in 2014 speed cameras in college park made but what advenes the year made. in the past fiscal year the
5:58 pm
revenue soared by 75%. it's reopened a lot of old questions about whether the cameras are for safety or revenue. >> the concept of safety is an excellent idea. however, i don't believe that you know, they should be trying to fool us they are not making money off of this. that they is the main priority. >> it's a dangerous road. that could be one of the main reasons. >> last year three pedestrians were killed on the stretch of highway. this year authorities are crediting photo enforcement for helping to slow speeders down. in college park, jeff abel. kimberly: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00 -- an arrest in a drive-by killing that claimed an innocent man's life. what happened when the suspect faced a judgment moments ago? >> this is home subject vizio and a place where prince
5:59 pm
george's family says the beloved dog was shot and killed by police. i'm jennifer donelan. the story is coming up. >> good. we are agreed on that. >> no, we're not. don't do that. reporter: actress ellen paige going toe to toe with ted cruz on the campaign trail. what was discussed and the controversy that is dividing the gp candidates. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. reporter: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. leon: preaking news now happening in lower manhattan where at least two have opinion shot outside of a federal pilling. we are told one of those hurt is a federal employee. we are looking at the live pictures from the abc affiliate. we are gathering details at night. but we know the accused gunman is at custody.
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today they faced a judge on the charge that king killed matthew shlonsky. stephen tschida stepped out of the d.c. superior court where moments ago king faced a judge. steve: even though he -- stephen: even though he did not spend to kill shlonsky, opening fire on busy street required him to remain in custody. a gun battle raged across 7th street northwest on saturday at 5:00 p.m. 23-year-old shlonsky got out of a cab and walking up seventh street when a bullet tore through his chest and ripped apart his


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