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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  August 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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announcer: this is a breaking news alert. autria: from wall street, the dow jones plunged 1000 points at the opening bell. it has recovered a bit. a live look at the new york stock exchange. it is down, close to 200 points. this after china's stock index lost 8%. diane, do we know what is behind
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this? plummeted morea than -- points after a big drop in chinese stocks. one-day lossgest since february 2007. there is fear in the market and concerns of the slowdown in china's con ami, which is the second largest economy in the world. it spaed selling in europe and the u.s.. it could hurt economic growth around the world. commodities, and currencies have also fallen. experts point out the banking system is short on cash. money outare pulling of the country. we will have more for you starting at 4:00. : the new york stock
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exchange right now will freeze for 15 minutes if the s&p 500 7%.s the entire market shuts down for a day if it falls 20%. this was put into place following the 1987 market crash. news, arlington police investigating another attempted sexual assault. it happened after 8:00 p.m. friday. was walking with her three-year-old daughter near the park entrance when a man approached from behind and began rubbing at her. he ran off. police were not able to find him. we will have more on this story later. a nightmare commute for thousands after a vre train
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strikes and kill someone. some two-hour delays. jeanette: one train hit a person early this morning. riders did not know what to think when they were told that there would be a two-hour delay. >> you roll with it. things happen. jeanette: some made the best of it. >> we got extra reading done. it is a beautiful morning. >> you cannot blame the re for it. -- riders werers considering going home. delays and disruptions are so rare when it comes to vre. as far asgood turnaround time.
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jeanette: news got out explaining the reason behind the delay. a person was hit on the tracks around 5:00 this morning. vrere calling them a -- calling them a trespasser. rescue andre and officials defended on the scene. an investigation got underway. the -- the res on and amtrak -- vre and amtrak riders were affected. reporting in falmouth, jeannette reyes. autria: the morning commute was further's not after a tractor-trailer overturned on the eisenhower connector. road and thehe highway ramps to the roadway. cleanup continues at this hour.
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after the rough start to the week, what we could use is a break on the roadways. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch. jamie: i can bring you a bit of a break. taking a look at our mapping system, traffic is fairly light. seeing a lot of green. not too much to worry about .raveling in the d.c. area eisenhower avenue near the beltway, that is where we had the overturned earlier. accident that was, now just a d sable vehicle. everything moved to the shoulder. look, show youve near kurdish trail. no delays. traffic is moving at a nice pace. i want to stay in virginia. as we move back to the mapping , this is arlington
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boulevard. the right lane is blocked. may start to see a backup. that is a look at traffic this afternoon. autria: today, metro's board expected to get a look at a report detailing what caused the august around them. a report two weeks ago revealed the tracks were out of alignment. metro had known about the problem from month. the report will be discussed next month. more than 50 people have been forced from homes after an apartment fire. news chopper seven shows the damage to the building. this is off of smoke town red. two firefighters had minor injuries. no residents were hurt.
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the cause is under investigation. incredible august, we are starting to feel the humidity. with it, a risk of rain for some. doug hill is on top of that. good deal to talk about. humidity levels will ramp up. maybe get a few showers and thunderstorms. 84 right now. south-southeasterly win. -- southeasterly wind. 85 right now at anders. east, we will stay in the low 80's. ramp-up goes, low 80's right now. a window of showers and thunderstorms in a couple of broken lines. we do not think it will be widespread. warm and humid. futurecast shows the line of
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showers moving in. everything looks great, starting to clear out. autria: back to school for tens of thousands of students. among the typical first day activities, something new. is at a school with goals like no other. than 50,000 students walked into d.c. classrooms across the district. 100 13 schools. four are new this year. all of the teachers and administrators have set the bar high. district has the another mission. they want fathers to be involved in the lives of the children.
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the energy is palpable. kids poured into classroom. >> i am supposed to be here. the way the stats are, fathers are not there. we have to be there for our kids. they have a higher rate of going to jail and getting in trouble. sam: 30% of the students are homeless. 100% of the students are on the free lunch program. the principal says when both parents play a role, it is life-changing. >> it is the disciplinary and, when mom is tired, but it is also a positive image of men. it is important for all students and families to stick together
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and maintain communications and be a part. >> with schools back in session, they are asking everyone to slow it down when you are out on the road. autria: our back to school information is on our website. we have pictures like this one. all of them heading back to school. pictures.mail us your three americans have been awarded france's highest honor. marcy gonzales reports on the
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details we are learning about the active here was in. the highest honor awarded to three americans credited with saving countless lives. pinnedion of honor medal on spencer stone, alex, and anthony sattler. saying theylande gave the world a lesson in hope when they stopped a violent attack on a train friday. they were on vacation, traveling between amsterdam and paris when they spotted a gunman come out of the bathroom with an ak-47. said -- let's go. the ak-47 andbbed was shot in the back with a pistol. stuck to of my fingers in
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the hole, found what i thought to be the artery, pushed down, and the bleeding stopped. the attacker, now in custody. his attorney says he a did not -- he denied any ties to terror groups and claimed his plan was only to rob passengers. the man earned that will long was punctured also be awarded the medal of honor. autria: still ahead, a little girl we have watched grow up plans a spot on dancing with the stars. pandemonium at the national zoo. how people are reacting to the news of twin panda cubs.
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two days after a jet crashes into a busy highway in england. here at home, humidity is back. when things will dry out.
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autria: flags flying at half staff after a crash at an air show. crews trying to get a handle on just how many lives were lost when the jet craft crashed onto a freeway. you can say there is a little
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panda-monium at the national zoo after two giant panda cubs were born over the weekend. there is some caution. for good reason, the panda exhibit is close to today as zookeepers bring in fresh linens for mei xiang and her twins. the male panda gets some fresh air as we wait to hear us -- to hear if he is the proud papa. visitors are stopping by today. charlene johnson is a self-proclaimed and a. she understands how important the next two weeks will be. -- that iswherein when their mortality is the highest. john says this is the third time a giant panda in the u.s. has given birth to twins. twin has a speck of green
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food coloring on its hip to tell them apart. >> we are looking at things like weight and temperature. are they going to gain weight? we have increased our veterinary staff. size of ae only the stick of butter and the weight of a deck of cards. >> we did not realize they had babies. john: even though we will not know the gender for a few weeks, souvenirs will probably go quicker than that. as for seeing these panda cubs in person, we will have to wait three to four months. autria: so exciting. a good day to get out there and hit the zoo. is warm and humid. we have at pattern
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the end of september. are having a late september, early october pattern, what is going to happen? we will sequence -- we will see. is absolutely beautiful out there. temperature starting to climb. they are into the upper 80's. the dew point temperatures coming up. it is going to be a warm and humid day. midday, we have one shower out here to the east of front royal. will be long there lines of heavy storms, but there will be segments of storms moving out. that is the only weather feature on the map. quiet pattern. it will help wash out some of
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the pollen out there. grass pollen, higher than normal. 84, reagan national. 85, andrews. 70's in the higher elevations. a typical august day. through the rest of the day, 92 is the high temperature. 95, 97oing to feel like at times. a chance of a few thunderstorms this afternoon. satellite and radar, there is one cloud now. are there west, not much out there. high pressure. the area of high pressure will move in starting tonight. once the front comes to, -- comes through, northwesterly wind. the high is way out in kansas. that will move east and set up shop overhead. it may be longer before we see another chance of a shower.
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maybe a couple of showers this afternoon into 7:00. this should clear out later this evening. we are going to be good to go. check this out. 92 today. a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms. as we get through the afternoon hours, the temperatures will peak. humidity, tons of sun through the rest of the week and weekend. next chance, 90 degree weather will not come until sunday. autria: 80's across the board. we will take it. the little girl we all watched grow up getting a grown-up role.
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autria: brace yourselves. one direction taking a break a following the release of their fifth album. the break will begin in march of next year. yet to comment. it comes five months after they were hit with the news that zayn malik was leaving the group. is taking on a new challenge. and honored to be part of this new journey. >> she is on the new season of
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dancing with the stars. she is known for carrying on the legacy of her father, steve irwin. at 17, she is all grown up, raising awareness about protecting animals and our planet. she says she is more nervous about dealing with her judges than wrangling crocodiles. doug has a final look at your
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autria: a warm start to the day. thunderstorm. between front royal and moving east. we will track that and have more during the afternoon. check out tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. gorgeous. warmer saturday. sunday, another chance of showers and thunderstorms. spoiled by the weekend. thank you. we will see you at 4:00.
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