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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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drop people start to panic and we see the irrational selloffs. diane: his advice? ignore short-term volatility and focus on the long-term investment plans. in the newsroom, diane cho, abc7 news. leon: we have breaking news from new york city where several are hurt after a was crashed through a bidding. this happened at 2:30 in queens. you can see here the crash out a quarter of a building that houses among other things an attorney's office. we will continue to monitor this situation and gather more information on the story and bring you new information as we learn it right here. kellye? >> kellye: a community on alert. a woman attacked in arlington. the latest happened at a park off north george mason drive. jeff goldberg is live near the area. this victim was with her young daughter at the time?
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jeff: that is right, kellye. a 27-year-old mother walked in the park by george mason drive after 8:00. then she decided she felt like it was too late, too dark and too dangerous. she decided to turn around and she tells the police she saw her attacker. she said she had an uneasy feeling about seeing the men and he came out. she yelled "get away from me" and that caused the suspect to take off. they had an extensive search of the area. this is the sixth attempted sexual assault in arlington in the past month. the suspect dripping was similar this time burr again very vague. they don't know if they are dealing with one serial attacker or multiple suspects. that woman we heard from earlier today saying that we
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spoke with someone who said it's not common to see the attacks coming in arlington and that is the case. in all the attacks the women have gotten away. that is good news. but the police are still trying to track down who is responsible for multiple suspects. we have more from police at 5:00. until then, life in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: police need help to tract down a sexual assault suspect that could be uber driver. the assault happened sunday morning in unit block of grant circle northwest and the police tell us between 2:00 and 2:00 a.m. a woman was sexual assaulted. the attacker was seen operating a white sports car with back leather seats. if you have information call the d.c. police immediately. kelly: prince george's county police need help finding a t-shirt wanted for shooting and killing another teem. they are looking for 17-year-old chet jarrett jr.
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charged with the murder of 17-year-old jajuan mcrae on rockport lane in glenn dale friday night. they believe they got in a fight and ended with a deadly shooting if. you have seen jarrett police want to hear from you. leon: tonight the investigators are trying to figure out how a v.r.e. train struck and killed someone on the track at stafford county. this happened this morning on a northbound fredericksburg train. it caused a nightmare commute for thousands of passengers. a total of ten v.r.e. trains were delayed. both v.r.e. and am track drivers were affected for four hours. >> they started to be like okay, something is wrong. >> you can't blame v.r.e. peel shouldn't be on the track -- v.r.e. people shouldn't be on the track. >> officials have not released information at the victims
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identity. look outside. hot and humid start for the work week. kellye: what is ahead for the evening and tomorrow? doug hill has the forecast. doug: another hot and humid day. the past several have been bult. this is a nice weather pattern. but we are keeping an eye on the showers and the thunderstorms developing west. ahead of a cold front. heavy rain now to move in leesburg before long. the areas of red with the heaviest rainfall. this will continue to march east. later the rain will land and be muggy. if you see any weather, clouds, rain beaus, lightning, anything as long as it is safe to take a picture, send it to us at the numbers are hot enough. we hit 90 today. officially at reagan national, andrews, manassas.
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89 in hagerstown. the cooler air is lagging behind. this is a dry front than a cold front going through. the heat index in 97. this feels like 93 degrees in baltimore. through the evening, we will watch the progress of the line of showers associated with a front. the front is not strong. the air behind it is not cooler. it will take 15 hours for dry air to filter in. when it does a large area of the high pressure moves eastward and will set up shop overhead. we will be in fine shape moving forward. for this evening, partly sunny and hot and humid with the scattered showers and storms and southerly wind 5-10 miles per hour. temperatures are holding in the 80's all evening long. we will be back and check the rest of the week and the weekend forecast as well. back to you. kellye: thank you. big day across the d.c. area. thousands of students returned back to school.
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this year they expect the highest enrollment in years. we take a closer look with a school like no other. sam: good afternoon. more than 50,000 students walked in d.c. classrooms across the district. all the teachers and ad ministers set the bar high this year. one book has another mission. that is fathers. they want fathers to be involved in the lives of the children. the energy is palpable. hundreds of kids poured into the classrooms today. but for the first time, many of them were surrounded by their fathers. >> i am supposed to be here. the way the stats are. the fathers aren't there. i have to be there for my kids.
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without him, they have a higher rate of going to jail and getting in trouble. be there to show up. >> 30% of the students are homeless. 100% of the students are on the free lunch program. the challenges are big. but the principal says when both parents play a role, it's life changing. >> a father in the life of a child makes all the difference. strong male figure they can turn to and the disciplinarian sometimes when mom is tired of the disciplining. a positive image of men for them. >> it's tremendously important. to all students and all families to stick together and main tain communication and be part. you know, get involved in what your kid is doing. >> both parents on board, the kids are ready to take on anything. >> i'm excited about meeting new friends and doing new things. sam: with the school back in session the administrators and the city officials are asking everyone to slow it down on the roads. reporting in southeast, sam
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sweeney, abc7 news. leon: we ask you to submit back-to-school photos of this. this is a picture of her grand children heading off to school. i hope they had a good day today. check out the photo gallery at belfort furniture. remember, if you see news, send it. e-mail a picture to be sure to include the name and where you took the photo an the video. we will put it on a website to try to get it on the air or online as well. >> a stressful time at the national zoo after mei xiang gave birth to two panda cubs over the weekend. jonathan: zookeepers and veterinaries working around the clock to keep the cubs healthy and alive. brianne carter is there with the story. brianne: this first week is critical atording to the zoo officials -- according to the
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zoo officials. they have been working around the clock with the two baby pandas. people come here to hope to get a glimpse outside or on the panda cam. if you take a closer look, you can see shh, that is a big sign here. because they need it to be quiet so the panda house is closed. the good news today from the officials is the two newborns are doing well. this is after what we understand is a challenging night that happened last night. when the veterinarians tried to work to swap out the panda cubs the one from mei xiang and the doctors, mei xiang didn't want the swap to happen. so they took care of the smaller cub overnight using a bottle and tube to feed the younger, smaller panda cub. they had a successful swap that happened earlier this morning 7:00 this morning.
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we understand they will look at weight and how much weight they are gaining. this is certainly gaining a lot of attention here at the zoo. people are coming from near and far. buzzing about the two newborns. >> pandas are one of my favorite animals. when i heard she had two, i thought that is awesome. this is a huge thing for them. a huge thing for the panda conservation to follow. >> this has been a huge thing for the little ones today. a lot of young children asking where is the baby. as we know the cubs are the size of a stick of baby. so hard to see for some on the panda cam. mei xiang opened up her paws and one of the babies was inside there. they got a good look.
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the zoo officials tell us it will be several months before that happens. reporting live at the national zoo, brianne carter. jonathan: how about that? >> precious! leon: you can call this an interesting science experiment. that is one way to put it. how the best whiskey used at the national space station now. >> this feels unreal. feels like a dream. >> from vacationers to heroes. how they were honored and the french leaders for stopping an attack on a train. leon: new information on a deadly air show crash in england and why the investigators fear the death toll there could rise. stay with us.
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leon: the delicate job is underway to remove crashed fighter jet from roadway in england. the vintage hawker hunter crashed in an air show on saturday. is 1 people are confirmed dead on the ground and fear more bodies will be found in the wreckage. amazingly, the pilot survived but is in a chroma right now. three friends never expected their vacation to turn into a tale of heroism.
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that is what happened. they were given a zillion honor in france for stopping an attack on a train. kellye: marci gonzalez tells us we are learning how another man from the u.s. was the first to confront the gunman. marci: another american hero identified today. french investigators say mark mugalion is one of the brave men that stopped an attack on a paris-bound train friday. they say he first saw the gunman walk out of a bathroom with an ak-47. managed to get the weapon away from him before the attacker took out a pistol and shot him in back. three other americans stepped in. to help him. >> i stuck two of my fingers for what i thought would be the artery. pushed down and the bleeding stopped. marci: bringing down the gunman who slashed one of them with a boxcutter. >> ran down, tackled them. >> the first class spencer
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stone, alek skarlatos and anthony sadler all given france's highest zillion a -- civilian award today. pinned with the legion of honor medal with a british businessman who praised the miles per hours' quick thinking. >> the first reaction was to disarm the pistol. to see if there were any other attackers in the train. >> denied having any terror links and a still being questioned by police. his attorney says the 25-year-old claims he only plannedded to rob passengers. we have learned that mugalian will be given the legion of honor medal when he is released from the hospital. marci gonzalez. kellye: sierra leon is down to the last ebola cases. they can't have any cases appear for the next 42 days to
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claim to be clear of the outbreak. leon: apple is recalling the iphone 6 plus smark phones because the cameras are not up to snuff. apple says they have a phone to fail if the eyesight camera. it's not the selfie cam, the other one. find out if your phone is eligible for a free replacement right now. one of the world's best whiskey is on board of an astronaut at the space station. we're told that it is all for science. the distiller thinks that the micro greyty environment of space might -- gravity environment of space might reveal more of the process. the research flown to the space station is agreed on everyone involved. and that the whiskey won't be drunk up there. >> all right.
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>> we want a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan has details. jamie: we are starting off on the rail. v.r.e. had quite a few issues this morning and was a problem spot. traveling on the fredericksburg line this an. what you need to know. f schedule is what you are traveling on. if you're traveling metro, good to go. a normal on the red line. nothing to worry about as delays. if you are traveling in the car on the road we have issues. outer loop of the beltway in virginia. right at little river turnpike. route 36. two lanes are blocked off with an accident. heaviest volume before 66. to give you an idea that stretch from 66 to the mixing bowl will take you 21 minutes. double the time it usually takes. take a look at this area to see what we are seeing with the volume. we have a good where have how heavy we are.
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stop and go and for the most part you are on the brake, in the single digit working closer to the mixing bowl. no problems in maryland. that is the good news. back to you. leon: you got it. thanks. kellye: have you noticed the humidity is up? leon: did we notice? my gosh. it's like walking in a dog's mouth outside. jeez! that is my interpretation. doug: that is one way i never heard. it's a one-day deal. we are in a pattern that is reminiscent of what we see in the area in late september and early october. i have seen the patterns here. i'm the old person here. what is interesting is for having the weather now, what is it going to be like? leon: scary to think about. doug: it's fun! a beautiful stretch. this short-lived. short-lived. which is it? leon: i go short-lived. doug: out of time already? let's talk about the beautiful pictures now. this is a weather in action.
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courtesy of the weather bug camera at the school in leesburg. watch over the past few hours. the dark cloud will line up well with the line of the showers and the thunderstorms moving in the region from the west and northwest. there is the like ready to hit leesburg. up and down the area of northeast and south. heavy storms in that area. it's narrow. moving through by 7:00 or 8:00 tonight that will be it. i will stay muggy tonight. closeup of the storms. montgomery county. the storms is making progress. looking at the time it will have an effect on the beltway
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traffic. this is 90 degrees rights now at reagan national airport. it's 84 in frederick. this feels warmer now because of the heat index. it will improve. muggy through the overnight and the early morning hours. less humidity. the temperatures are the 70's now. we're still in the 80's now. but once the front comes through, we have the drier air. good news indeed. the front will move out. spin of the anniversary over the lakes. it is going to push in dry air. it's beautiful weather tomorrow. in the 60's and the 80's by the an. then the next seven days you will enjoy this. plenty of sunshine. the temperatures are in the low to mid-80's through midweek. over the weekend it's warmer and more humid.
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leon: that looks good. if you're happy, we're happy. kellye: thank you. leon: breaking news out of fairfax county. active investigation right now underway into a shooting. live pictures from the scene. news chopper 7 over there now. fairfax county police tell us that the it shooting appears to be a domestic situation. one person we are told is in custody right now. the injuries are serious as well. we'll stay on top of that story and keep you updated as we get new information. kellye: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- new cause to keep the baseball fans safe at the ballpark. how some professional players call for changes. >> the vacation is over. the channelings now begin. look at the work ahead for president obama.
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kellye: there are no calls for safety at baseball stadiums across the country after more fans were injured by foul balls over the weekend. leon: that's right. some of the new calls are coming from major league baseball players. robert burton has more on that. what is going on? robert: sometimes you wonder why they call the seats behind the dugout the good seats. kellye: yeah! robert: me personally. i was nervous about taking those seats even if they were
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offer to have had me. a lot of scrutiny over the fan safety at the baseball games after this weekend. according to roberts, the fans were hit by balls at chicago wrigley field and comerica park in detroit. a female fan friday was seriously hurt being hit in the head at a foul ball in do it. she was stretchered off in a neck brace. after the game, tigers pitcher justin verlander told reporters enough is enough and usualed action. last night at wrigley field in chicago another female fan hit by a foul ball in the first inning. she was also stretchered off. after the game, the cubs skipper joe maddon had this to say. >> pay attention. i watch and people turn their back to the field. you can't do it. you can't do it. >> what about screens? >> manager maddon: i don't know what that would mean
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regarding, that would be for something other than me. what i'm saying is that when you are at ballpark and in those locations watch what is going on. don't turn your head away from the action. >> earlier this massachusetts woman was injured after a broken bat struck her in if head. leon: i have been in the seats before and joe maddon is right. pay attention is the most important thing. i saw a person taken from off on a stretcher not from a ball or bat but because carlos zambrano tossed a ball to a boy in row three. he tosses the ball. the guy is not paying attention and turns around and catches it on his nose and he is stretchered off. you have to pay attention. leon: unless you have -- robert: unless someone is looking out for you. kellye: thank you. leon: let me know next time you get the seats.
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all right. still to come on the "abc7 news at 4:00". >> a local official indicted on the charges of fraud asked to keep their job. i'm brad bell. that story is coming up. kellye: stay on top of breaking news by signing up for the text alert. go to and enter your cell phone number. stay with us. we are coming right back. i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night.
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leon: we have new information on a prince george's county schoolboard member indieted for fraudulently giving free lunches for her child. kellye: brad bell explains how she is trying to fight the charges. brad: former prince george's county school board member lynn munday indicted with five other parents each charged with the fraud and theft for lying about the incomes to become free school lunch for the children. >> you have six people who are making a mockery of the system. threatening the integrity of the program. brad: the charges stem from a federal investigation of two dozen government employees getting free lunch. munday makes $100,000 a year. last week, she and her
4:32 pm
attorney stunned the school system requesting she be allowed to rescind her resignation from the school board and stay on. the school board declined the request issuing a statement saying, "her office has been vacated." according to a spokesperson for baker a replacement will be named in a few weeks but a legal battle is possible as the school year begins. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. kellye: get to the weather. a hot and a humid day. some of us may see storms this evening. leon: let's see which one that will be. you or me. or doug hill. standing by in the weather center now to track that for us. where are the storms coming? 401(k) from the west. they are lined up. northward. zoom up for the viewers in that area. cross potomac to
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davidsonville. heavy rain there. south of frederick. moving to new market and heavy rain that will move east ahead of a cold front. 75 in that area. with the southerly winds and the increasing moisture content it feels warmer. the weather conditions will improve heading through the day and the next few days. the timeline, hour by hour, showers and storms across east of town. before sunrise the drier winds will blow in. for the day tomorrow,
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beautiful. mostly sunny. able is temperatures. in the mid-80's. a northwesterly wind bringing drier air. we will settle back and enjoy nice string of days. temperatures are if the mid-80's. humidity will rach up over the weekend. next chance of rain are sunday and monday. back to you. kellye: president obama back at the white house after family vacation and facing a list of challenges. leon: the roller coaster on wall street and the hurdle to the iran nuclear deal. ryan nobles has more. ryan: as president obama returns to the white house, there is work on his arrival. channel one, wall street. china's uncertain economy led to volty any the stock market -- volatility in the stock market. the dow jones/industrials lost 1,000 points before bouncing
4:35 pm
back. they argue the glitch in the market is not a sign of a bigger problem. china is not the only worry. growing tension on north and south korea is a concern. even though both sides seem to have come to a deal. an issue for the u.s. is 28,000 troops stationed in south korea. >> nobody wants to see this come to blow on the korean peninsula. there is a growing number of senators are backing the agreement and among them harry reid. this is all against the backdrop of the election to remace him. the president could soon be in an awkward position. a source says joe biden is leading toward challenging hillary clinton in the democratic primary. >> the president indicated his view that the decision he made
4:36 pm
to add joe biden as the ticket it was smartest decision he made in politics. >> the stage set for a busy fall. in washington, ryan nobles, abc news. kellye: our own maureen bunyan and news anchors around the country have been invited to spend the day on wednesday at the white house. we will hear from president obama about the importance of the iran deal. look for her report on abc7 and online at an apartment fire forced people from the homes. it shows the remains at a building in lake ridge near smoke-up to road. two firefighters with injuries and no residents were hurt. leon: a wild day on wall street. kellye: the market did rebound. but the question is what spooked investors.
4:37 pm
mary belle is live with us. thank you for joining us. tell us what happened and what we can expect to come. >> a wild day indeed. it was a bloodbath on wall street. the market overres took a beating as well. i'll tell you about that. the selling is tied to the slowdown of the economy in china. getting worse. the chinese main index, shanghai composite fell 8.5% overnight. today the dax, the german stock exchange is in their territory and that means that it is 20% off the recent high. the dax fell 4.5%. the dow when we started plunged 1,000 points. that rattled the investors. the market recovered. the dow came back a little bit and closed down 588 points.
4:38 pm
the nasdaq down 179. s&p down 77. why is this happening? three things to point out. the first thing is the china situation. the economist anticipate a slowdown and maybe not this bad. so we are seeing that effect here in the market. what is happening with the interest rates. will they raise the interest rates? what is happening in the market, maybe not now or september. when will they? the last thing is oil. we talk about the oil a lot in the business news. they are happy. and that is the reverse for the investors. investors are spooked when the price of oil slides. we fell below 40% a barrel. energy is substantial part of the economy and the market. it impacts the drilling companies and the regular energy companies and it means a lot of jobs and that a lot of companies are not making
4:39 pm
money. what to expect tomorrow? the analysts say this could be a rough ride for us. this is market correction territory. that is a natural occurrence. reporting live from the stockton. leon: we haven't had a correction since 2012. so is that what the general consensus is now? that what we saw happen today is the long overdue correction and the normalcy will take over when it gets back to normal tomorrow or what? >> we don't know if it's as early as tomorrow. the investors could be seeing this throughout the week. we did come back a lot. if you look at a stock like apple, apple which is almost everybody's index. if you have a mutual fund you watched it. that is a good indication of what is happening in the market itself.
4:40 pm
if you wonder about the invesment to, time to look at what you are invested. if you are invested long-term, hold on to the ride. leon: thank you. we appreciate the advice. still ahead on the "abc7 news at 4:00". we are hearing from the family caught in the middle of a home invasion. hear the frantic 911 calls made by the mother. kellye: learn about the huge reward that ashley madsyson is law officering -- ashley madison is offering to
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leon: if victim of the violent home invasion in atlanta is talk about the experience. kellye: a man shot twice trying to protect the family and the wife raced out of the house with the 6-month-old frantically calling for help. we have the story. >> we are being robbed at gunpoint. he pulled a gun on my husband. >> the young family made a call for help and survived a brutal home invasion, speaking out about the moment crooks broke in their home. >> i remember audibly praying out loud. >> they just returned from vacation when they heard a
4:44 pm
knock at the door. >> my heart sank. we thought it was an excuse and we were going to be robbed. at that moment i saw him put the gun on mike. >> he warned me to get out of the way. >> he was shot in both legs. four men forced themselves into the home, inside their 2-year-old son was taking a nap. whitney ran for her life out the backdoor holding the 6-month-old daughter calling 911. >> you heard a shot fired? >> one of the men started falling her. >> he came out the backdoor with a gun pointed at us and chased me all the way through the yard. >> she said it is a miracle they weren't wounded. so far, one suspect is in police custody. the police are still searching for the three alleged accomplices. >> we encourage the individuals to turn themselves in.
4:45 pm
>> mike is recovering and the family is thankful they are all alive. >> we value every moment we have together now. >> steve osusami, abc news news, atlanta. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- trying to save big when you are slimming down. look at how to pay less for a gym membership. stay with us. if i want to go up...
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hello. if i want to go down... nooo... but, then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. and there you have it. (vo) and now through september 13th save hundreds on select
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leon: a lot of folks want to know how do you save big trying to get into shape? kellye: gym memberships can cost a small forward. but we have tips that could save you hundreds of dollars a year. with a newborn and 2-year-old, new york mom perry's fitness regimen costs her $1,000. >> i wasn't used enough to justify the cost. kellye: so we turn to abc news lifestyle editor. timing is key. the most expensive time to buy a membership is january or in the spring so opt for the in-between months like now and that save you 50%. >> the summer is winding down not that many people think of
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buffin up. it's a great time. kellye: most gyms offer the pay as you go membership. the key is if you have to ask for it. a recent survey find people using the punch passes opposed to memberships save $600 a year. >> i never heard of that. that would be great for me. >> turn to groupop or living social. >> this is a great deal. kicksbox classes for $14. >> that's amazing. >> if most important thing to note, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. >> you have a haggle like a boss when it comes to getting a gym membership. like buying a car. the first price is never the final price. kellye: the cheating website ashley madison is offering $500,000 reward for information on who hacked the site. the company ceo made the announcement and he revealed other details about the hack. the company first learned
4:50 pm
about it in mid-july when it got a message from hackers and said the me sam came with the music specifically ac/dc's "thunderstruck." leon: atlanta has bragging rights as the most honest city in america. kellye: but the district didn't fare as well. the bethesda company went to 7 major cities around the u.s. set of stands and sold bottled tea for $1. people had to pay on an honor system by putting money in a box. atlanta had 100% honesty. d.c. and bethesda combined, came in 17th overall with the 94%. but the district was also the only city where people took money out of the box. leon: really? kellye: good old d.c., coming through when you need them. leon: they must not have tried that in philly. i'm sorry. if i have to have my own scale. kellye: are you surprised atlanta is so honest? leon: when it comes to tea,
4:51 pm
absolutely! this is an inside joke. some of us from the region, we know. sweet tea. they will do anything for sweet tea. even be honest. kellye: what about you? leon: not happening here. kellye: steve in the weather. would you do anything for sweet tea? leon: he loves it! steve: i love when leon says that. say it again. do it one more time. leon: sweet tea. steve: i wish i had some. it's hot but dry. rain is on the way. i want to show you the live doppler radar for you. the hiest rain is west of us -- heaviest rain is west of us. damascus, north and west you are looking for heavier rain. marshal, you will see the heavy rain in your area in 15 to 20 minutes. this is part of a stronger cold front that will bring us relief from the humidity.
4:52 pm
as we move through the overnight hours. 88 degrees for a high tomorrow. excuse me on saturday as we look forward to the upcoming weekend. 90 on sunday. i will show you the seven-day outlook. you get the point. this is a really nice summertime or end of august weather. hoping to show you something exciting behind me but this animal is way in the back. five minutes ago he looked right at us. back to the news desk. sweet tea. leon: there you go! kellye: you go it. we want a check on the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is here with the details. jamie: we start off right now with the rail update. so the biggest thing that you need to know if you are traveling on the fredericksburg line. now running on the s schedule. if you travel on metro, no delays. red line, green line, we in great shape.
4:53 pm
southbound on the capital beltway through virginia, the stretch from 66 continuing to the mixing bowl. will take you 12 minutes. much better than 30 minutes ago. the crash with 236 has been moved to the shoulder. the next issue is 395. leaving the city you drop down in the single digits. just before washington boulevard. the two lanes are dropped. this traffic before you get to the stretch near the pentagon, you will get a good idea of how slow we are. live look to give you an idea of the bumper to bumper traffic. that is the only thing we have now.
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leon: if you want a babysitting job the easiest way to find families with kids is post online. but we have report of scammers who could respond to the ad. john: warning for anyone looking for a babysitting or nanny job. the mom with the cute little girl who wants to hire you may not be a mom or even a woman. that is what one babysitter found out. >> barbara smith wanted babysitting work and she went to a popular website. >> i posted my profile or john: two days later, great news. >> two texts on different days saying we loved your profile so much. john: one, a mom moving to the u.s. with a little girl who offered $500 a week for barbara and her cat to sit with her. >> she was from us a trail ja
4:58 pm
so i believe -- australia so i believed her. john: before she would meet them, her first paycheck arrived for $3,000. >> for the first week wages and the rest of the money i would like you to give it to my agent. >> wash ra got suspicious. good -- barbara got suspicious. good thing, the classic fake check scam. the person who wants to hire you is not in town. they are coming to the city but they are not here yet and that is why they can't meet you. >> your checks are good. the scammer will get your checks. the scammer's check is no good. you are out the money. >> the scammer's goal was for barbara to deposit a bad check and send her own real money back. >> none of this added up. >> barbara tells me the checks keep coming in from the other supposed mom looking for sitters, moms who don't exist. don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7 news. leon: tonight looking for a connection.
4:59 pm
>> makes me think twice of taking my dog for a walk. >> a woman out for a walk when her child is victim number six in a string of sexual assaults. also -- >> you can't make this stuff up. leon: area prison officials shaking their heads after they tried to pull off a prison air lift. and -- >> big news from washington. leon: the new pandas have to experience serious growing pains. ♪ ♪ announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> tonight a search is on for a man walking a woman with her child on a popular park. police want to know if it connected to fave other attacks on women in the county. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in arlington with the latest. what the story here? jeff: the attacked here at the
5:00 pm
entrance to the louer -- louver run park. in this case the victim did get away. that has been the case with all the attacks in the past month. police are trying to answer the question on the minds of so many people. are the six crimes the work of one man? >> news of another attack on a woman in arlington is the norm of late. the most recent incident at a favorite spot for new mom. >> i walk my dog and my baby there every day. that worries me. >> just after 8:00 on friday night a 27-year-old woman and her 3-year-old daughter start walking in the park when the mother decides it's probably too dark and dangerous to stay. she turns to leave and sees a man nearby. she gets close and touches her inappropria


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