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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 25, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the stock shock worldwide. >> the worst day in four years for the markets. what led up to the huge selloff? and how foreign markets are reacting right now. the jolt felt from the wall street to your street. american heros after getting the highest honor in france, three men who stopped an attack on a train are in for more tributes and there's another american who was on that train getting attention. grief and gratitude in louisiana after an officer was killed during a traffic stop. who is paying tribute to good samaritans and their brave actions. later, classroom connections. why would one of the biggest hi-tech executives in the country want to pay a visit to a school in a tiny southern town? it's a lesson from apple. on this tuesday, august 25th.
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from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning on this tuesday. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm reena ninan. don't freak out. hang on to your 401(k)s. it's going to be all right. it's going to be all right. i read somewhere since 1980, 29 times or so the market has dropped below 5% with the indexes of the stock market. 60% of those times the following week, it's corrected itself i'm just worried what if we're in the 40%. >> it's reassuring. teetering on panic worldwide. >> a wild ride on wall street. the world stock marks really. so much concern what's happening in china. >> that's where we want to start again this morning plunge downward continuing overnight for shares on china's main exchange. slumping more than 6% in the first few minutes of trading >> things improved after that. those losses being trimmed somewhat, an shares in other asian markets were mostly higher in today's trading. . all that follows a wild day on
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wild street as elizabeth her reports. >> stock shock on wall street following a big drop in markets in asia and europe. the dow plunging just minutes after the opening bell down more than 1,000 points before rebounding somewhat and finishing with a loss of 588 points. >> it gives you butterflies in your stomach. >> reporter: over the last week, the average american 401(k) lost $9,000. sounds bad but over the last five years, that same retirement account is actually up about 60%. meaning if possible, remain calm. the white house is blaming the market volatility mostly on china's economic slowdown and downplaying any talk of a u.s. recession. >> u.s. businesses over the last 65 consecutive months have added 13 million jobs, the longest sustained private sector job growth streak in american history. >> reporter: if you're in the market for a new car or home, we could see the first federal
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interest rate hike since 2008. and with all things considered, experts say proceed with caution. >> the market has gotten ahead of where the actual economy is. this is rarely a one-day event. this should play out over a couple of weeks. >> reporter: bottom line, according to experts we've been down this road before and eventually bounced back. so with that in mind, don't panic and don't make any hasty moves. elizabeth her, abc news, new york. all right. to presidential politics now and those questions whether joe biden will run for president. sources say he's leaning toward a campaign. he's expected to make a decision before the first democratic debate in october. if he runs, that would put president obama in a tough spot choosing between his vice president and his former secretary of state. but a surprise from the white house yesterday president obama is not likely to remain neutral. jeb bush has taken his bat with donald trump over immigration to the border. speaking in mccallan, texas, he
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denounced the trump plan to build a border wall as unrealistic and expensive and did it mostly in spanish. trump isn't backing down from his proposal to deport 11 million immigrants. when asked whether he would have federal agents round people up, trump said we have no choice. a new poll shows most hispanic voters have a strong opinion about trump. the gallup poll survey shows just 14% have a favorable opinion of trump. two-thirds view him unfavorably. 34% of hispanic voters considered bush a' favorable candidate. the only democrat firmly recognized by hispanic voters hillary clinton, 58% have a favorable opinion of her. trump also has an unfavorable opinion of u.s./china relations. if he elected he says china's president would not get special treatment at the white house. >> i would not be throwing him a dinner. we've had this conversation. i'd get him a mcdonald's hamburger and say we've got to the get down to work because you
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can't continue to devalue. >> they do have mcdonald's in china. trump told fox news channel he fears china's devalued currency is spreading worldwide. from devastating news now from the world of auto racing. driver justin wilson who was seriously injured in a race on sunday has died. wilson was hit in the head by a piece of debris from another car's crash during a race in pennsylvania. he was airlifted to a hospital where he was in a coma. wilson died of his injury last night. he was 37 years old. two of the three american heroes who took down a would be terrorist on board a european train are now at a u.s. military hospital in germany. all of them grew up in the sacramento, california, area. the city is planning a parade to honor them. meantime, waer learning of another american's role in the incident. details from abc's marcy gonzales. >> another american hero identified french investigators say mark moogalian is one of the brave men who stopped a violent attack on board a packed paris-bound train friday.
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authorities claim he first saw the gunman walk out of a bathroom with an ak-47, managed to get the weapon away from him before the attacker took out a pistol and shot him in the back. three other americans on board stepped in. >> alek said let's go. >> helping moogalian. >> i stuck two fingers in the hole, found what i thought to be the artery, pushed down and the bleeding stopped. >> reporter: and bringing down the gunman who slashed one of them with a box cutter. >> ran down, tackled him. >> reporter: airmen first class spencer stone, army national guard specialist alec skoe las toe and their friend anthony sadler all given france's highest civilian award. >> translator: the entire world admires your bravery. >> pinned with a legion of honor medaling >> his first reaction was to disarm the pistol and then go down the train to try to see if there were any other terrorists in the strain. >> reporter: the accused
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attacker identified by investigators as a cube el khazzani is it still being questioned by police. his attorney says the 25-year-old claims he only planned to rob passengers. meanwhile, we've learned moogalian will be given the legion of honor medal once he's released from the hospitals. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. three men are emerging as heroes following that deadly attack on a louisiana state trooper. the suspect was taken into custody at the scene by other drivers who were in the area. charliebers yea and sam ed monson drove up on what they thought was an arrest sunday afternoon. then they saw the trooper laying on the ground and called 911 this at the flagged down another driver and together went into action. >> as we got close arer we realized it was a state tooer on the ground and this man was going through his pockets. >> the trooper died yesterday of his injuries. the suspect is charged with first degree murder of a police officer. authorities disrupt add attempt to smuggle drugs into a
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maryland prison using a drone. two men arrested after drugs, tobacco pornography and a drone found inside their car parked near the prison. this is the latest battleground for law enforcement particularly prison officials. they note they're not equipped to fight the growing problem. >> there are several towers around many of the facilities. those are not manned 24/7. more eyes obviously on the air and on the ground would help increase safety for inmates and fers. >> officials have reported recent attempts to smuggle illegal contraband into prisons using drones in south carolina and ohio. in the ohio incident, a fight broke out in the yard after a drone dropped in drugs. terrifying moments at a los angeles mall during a brazen midday robbery of a rolex store. two men armed with assault rifles wearing masks headed for the store. one suspect allegedly fired a round and ordered everyone to the ground. the suspects ransacked the store and fled with watches and other merchandise.
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they remain at large. okay. just in time for your labor day cookout. it's actually disturbing finding about hamburger meat. consumer reports found that 300 packages of ground beef it sested almost all contained bacteria, a significant amount contained super bugs, bacteria resistant to three or more classes of antibiotics. the recommendation look for beef labeled as no antibiotics, grad fed or organic and cook your burgers to at least 160 degrees or get a tofuburger. >> i wonder if the chick-fil-a cows are behind that study. >> did not think of that one. >> we mentioned the wild swings of the stock market earlier. well, the head of starbucks says that volatility could lead to customer stress. in a letter to all his employees ceo howard schultz says customers "are likely to experience an increased level of anxiety and concern because of the markets." he tells his baristas to be sensitive to pressures that patrons may be under and then exceed their expectations.
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all right. here is a pretty amazing youngster combining two very particular skills winding up in the guinness book of world records. >> 14-year-old stewart so bes ski can complete a rubick's cube and ride a unicycle. he decided to combine them earlier in the month and attempted to complete the most cubes while riding the unicycle. he had to stay on or else he starred all over. >> no problem. he blast the old record of 28, in fact, he completed 80 cubes in under an lawyer. that is very impressive, stewart. >> when asked how he felt afterwards, he said it felt amazing. like a weight has been lived off my hurled shoulders. >> a lot of pressure on himself. summertime, man. chill. >> hey. >> i mean, it's very impressive. hopefully, he's 14 years old, high school freshman age. hopefully his comras mates appreciate his talents. hopefully. >> that's a good way to spend the summer. >> hard to do. coming up "the mix," imagine
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opening a tub of butter and seeing donald trump's image. >> all right. also ahead it, apple's ceo making connections in a small town classroom. how tim cook and his company are trying to make big changes in schools. >> first disturbing new developments about the cheaters website ashley madison after what may be the biggest data breach ever. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number to learn more. this plan was designed
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a horrifying scene in new york as a casino bus crashes into a three-story building. at least six people were injured. the driver was pinned inside the bus until rescue workers freed him. authorities say the bus driver made a sharp turn trying to avoid hitting another vehicle. the driver of that vehicle has been issued a summons for making an aillegal left turn. >> that was hard to watch. another accident in north carolina, cameras recording a truck crashing into a ditch and overturning near the entrance of an elementary school. it was the first day of school. parents rushed to the aid of the truck driver. the driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle but he says he's okay. no one else was hurt. >> wow. all right. there is growing fallout over the hacking scandal at ashley madison. the website for married people looking to have an affair. >> police link at least two suicides to the leak of personal information and the company now offering a reward for finding the hackers. abc's lynndy davis reports
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>> life is short. have an affair. >> reporter: more fallout tonight from that hack of the cheating website ashley madison. >> as of this morning, we have two unconfirmed reports of suicides. >> reporter: police adding that there is now also widespread extortion with criminals engaging in online scams claiming to provide access to the hacked list, but instead they infiltrate your computer. other websites offering to erase customer profiles from the list for a fee. >> this is also a scam. nobody is going to be able to erase that information. >> reporter: police now calling last week's leak of more than 30 million users' names, addresses and credit card information one of the largest data breaches ever. exposing 13,000 u.s. government accounts, vatican accounts as well as former reality tv star josh duggar. the canadian company behind ashley madison now offering a reward, 500,000 canadian dollars for information leading to the arrest of the hackers. and police sending them a direct warning.
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>> i want to make it very clear to you, your actions are illegal and will not be tolerated. this is your wake-up call. >> reporter: ashley madison's parent company released a statement kawing the hack a malicious act. anyone who has been victimized by the breach is being advised to call police. linsey davis, abc news, new york. changed my opinion on this story. at first i thought well, it's karma. you know? and then as more and more of this comes out, you think these hackers are now doing more harm than good. they're not really helping the situation at all. if that was the goal who knows what the ultimate goal was, but you know, you can see all the fallout. it's tragic in some cases. >> suicides and a lot of people so desperate you see these scams now to try and vak advantage of it. that's very disheartening to see. coming up, inside the designer baby trend. medical advancements allowing parents to know more about their babies before birth. even the ability to choose the child's sex. that's also an option. some parents are willing to pay
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big bucks for it, be but what are the risks? nirs, classroom revolution, getting our schools caught up with the latest technology as kids head back to school. how apple's ceo tim cook plans to change the game. you're watching "world news now." "world news now"
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♪ well, as kids across the country head back to school, a reminder that millions of students are returning to classrooms without the technology some of us take for granned. >> apple is a part of a growing movement to change that. abc's robin roberts spoke with the company's driving force behind it all, ceo tim cook. >> reporter: for the first time in history. >> reporter: while the sixth graders in mr. moore's social studies class are learning about
3:20 am
american reconstruction by producing a new show -- >> reconstruction brought changes to the south. >> reporter: apple's ceo tim cook is focusing on an academic revolution. >> understanding because ofwin dixie. >> reporter: this alabama school is among 114 schools in 29 states that are starting this year with brand new technology. that many kids have never experienced before. >> i think technology has to be a key part and so that's why we're here. i wouldn't be where i am today without a great public education. >> too many times today, kids aren't given the right for a great public education. and this isn't right. it's not fair. >> to help with the reconstruction act. >> reporter: the teachers are already noticing a difference. >> what does this mean to you as an instructor? >> it means a lot to me because you can do a lot at a faster rate. it's hands on with everything in it. last year, we didn't have that. >> reporter: it's not just about creating opportunities for these
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kids. it's about the future of the nation. how do we see more diversity not own at apple but in all silicon valley? >> there's not a simple answer. one is there has to be more role models. that's critically important. >> reporter: what would be your three suggestions, tips for a young person? >> it's logic. it's the critical thinking. it's creativity. it's thinking outside of a box. >> remember that cvs is always the best. >> reporter: well done. >> it's so interesting because i didn't realize that tim cook is actually from alabama and a product of the public schools. he went there and went to school there. that's part of the reason why he feels so strongly about giving back. did you realize a lot of the focus now in schools isn't about memorizing state capitals and memorizing things? it's more focused on thinking outside the box and critical thinking skills. >> a lot's changed since we were
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let's be clear. clearasil works fast. and now it's time for "the mix." i think this next video is a sign of true love when you really love someone. it's a couple, they do their annual i guess ikea shop moving into a new place, it's like a ritual. he ends up taking all the ikea names for furniture and doing crazy puns his girlfriend tolerates. you got to see this one. >> donna, i've got you on my radar. donna, my hair's a bit fluffy. can you remind me to buy gel lighter? what did the guy say at the miniature horse race? good luck tiny pony. i'm so skilled at this though. >> stop, you're not. >> i'll stop if you want me to. >> good. i thought it was clever. >> it is, it is. >> she was very tolerant too. >> you got find something to do hanging out at ikea for hours
3:26 am
besides chomping meatballs and pretend to not check the scores. >> il never look at the labels again. >> very creative young man. all right. these days an donald trump is everywhere. we see him everywhere. but one woman in missouri, she saw him in her butter. let's take a look. she opened up a brand-new package of butter and she thinks that looks like donald trump. >> you don't think it looks like the scream? >> you know what? it sure does. there's a side by side. give you a better idea. now you see kind of what she was looking at. so that is donald trump in butter, believe it or not. okay. pretty close call there i think. this next video you could call it the silence of the kangaroos. there's zombie apocalypse. this could be kangaroo apocalypse. this man rolls newspaper this field and all of a sudden, the kangaroos go silent for this australian cyclist.
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take a look. >> that is creepy looking already. >> it's like they're frozen in time mogs motionless not moving. there's one little guy moving. but it's like what did they know we don't know the about the cyclist? and where are they going now? >> i know. maybe i should not go down that road. all right. creepy kangaroo to a water wa aerobics instructor in spain. really popular these days because he can do this. ♪ beyonce ain't got nothing on him. all the single ladies. >> this is a water aerobics class. >> he's teaching it. >> he's got the moves. >> yeah, like jagger and like beyonce and everyone else. he's really taking over. >> i think beyonce needs to invite him to a concert. backup dancing >> we're going to see a couple of touch down dances this football season that mimic this. mark my words. >> you heard it here first. >> that will do it f
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this morning on "world news now," worldwide selloff. the worst day on the stock market in years. how foreign investors are rea reacting right now and how this impacts you. >> explosive crash. did an air traffic controller send a pilot in trouble to an air strip that closed 25 years ago? what investigators are revealing about the deadly crash. also new this half hour, campus controversy. a fraternity in trouble. >> the outrange eversexually suggestive banners hung from an off campus house. the immediate crackdown and demand for answers. later in the skinny, the guy who will be looking for love in the next season of "the bachlor"". our senior analyst is here with new insights you won't get anywhere else. it's tuesday, august 25th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now."


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