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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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passenger with a non-life threatening injury. and others on board terrified. some welcome they are suspending evening service. >> glad you are not driving at night? you're done with that? stephen: metro stopped the nighttime service after shooting and bombarding of another bus with rocks and bricks. the suspect in that case threatened the driver. a lot of people complained they would have a difficult time getting to and from work in test hours. -- in the evening hours. they'd have to walk to another bus stop. the union representing the bus drivers are not happy calling for more security to protect drivers. especially in the evening. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. we are following breaking news out of barber county, west virginia, where we're told
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phillip barber high school was evacuated after a hostage situation at the school. the suspect was cornered inside the school, taken into custody. no one was hurt. we are working on the story and we have more information when we get it in the newsroom. kimberly: this is a mystery for now. a woman is found dead inside a home. also inside ain infant who is a -- an infant who is alive and well. the anne arundel police trying to determine what happened. news chopper 7 over the scene. police responded to the call of an open door at the home. when they got there, they found the woman dead inside. they found the infant inside the home. the baby was not hurt but taken to the hospital as a precaution. they are investigating the woman's death as suspicious. the sheriff's office says a preliminary report shows alcohol was a factor in a serious crash involving teens. the crash happened 11:00 last night between calvert beach
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road. the jeep crossed the center line, left road and smashed in a tree. two victims taken to the hospital. one with the life threatening injuries. two others were taken but are expected to be all right. jonathan: talk about wall street now and what happened with the markets. the dow up big. looking at it there. whoa, whoa, whoa. no. down. down 205 points to close down the day. i was up big in the early trading but ploppinged 1,100 points yesterday -- it plunged 1,100 yesterday. we have the latest from new york city with marci gonzalez. marci: the biggest rally of the year. dow rebounding after yesterday's knows dive, the unprecedented drop that started off the worst day in four years for stocks, cutting $3,000 from the average american's 401k. today's bounceback bringing some relief. >> you should not make any changes on the portfolio based on anything that happened in
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the last week. marci: this is a domino effect from the china's weakening economy. if their economy slow down their people will demand less of the products we make here. that is bad for the u.s. jobs. overnight, the chinese regulators stepped in with the emergency measures including interest rates. why we didn't fall the chinese markets it helped send stocks here and in europe soaring. >> there is lenity of emergency to call a selloff, or panic selling beyond what is necessary. strap in for a bumpy ride. marci: experts say the volatility could be good for anyone wanting to buy a home, car or get a credit card. they exmain it could cause the federal reserve to delay hiking interest rates which would keep the borrowing cheaper. at the new york stock exchange, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. kimberly: we want to take a live look adds because i mean look at the blues of the sky and the water. picture perfect day. jonathan: i talked to friends
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up north who said they had a cloudy and rainy day. bad for you. we want to know what to expect tonight. gorgeous day. chief meteorologist doug hill has a look at the weather. great day. doug: we had the heat and the humidity in the storms and a quick turn-around. it's gorgeous. fair weather clouds that are looking live from the national harbor to the wilson bridge. after sunset the clouds we have will disappear and clear and cooler. 84. good stuff. bright sunshine. northerly wind to 14 miles per hour to bring in drier air. humidity to 36%. we have a day where a heat index and what it feels like is lower than the air temperature. late august here doesn't happen that often. enjoy. 83 at andrews. 82 at manassas. 84 in frederick. similar temperatures. we are all under the same air mass that brings increasingly dry air north and west. the dew point temperatures down to 46 in cumberland. it's dry air. get closer to the water and the river and the bay. the dew points are up a bit.
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in the 50's with air temperatures in the 80's. that is why we are crowing so much about the weather pattern. it will hang around longer, too. the temperatures tonight will drop. cool overnight. 67 by 4:00 a.m. maybe 63 in the city by morning. mid-50's in the superbs so maybe a jacket early in the morning. the satellite image doesn't reveal much. there is not much to see. if you look at a time stamp. 4:00. few fair weather clouds. not much is expected to change until an area of the high pressure to the west that makes its way overhead and off the coast by the weekend. so until then, absolutely beautiful late august weather. we will check out the weekend for you in detail coming up in a couple of minutes. jonathan, kimberly? kimberly: see you then. big blow to couple utility companies. the public service says no to the proposed merger between pepco and exelon. sam ford is live to tell us what this is all about and what it means for the monthly bill. right, sam?
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sam: we are in front of the potomac electric power company. the headquarters. exelon and pepco issued a joint statement today saying they were disappointed and the public service commission does not recognize that benefits of the merger. however, after today another unanimous decision against the merger, a number of groups opposed left the buildings with smiles on their faces. one criticism of the deal said that d.c. must pursue a cleaner and a cleaner future than what was offered by the merger. the merger between exelon has been approved by public service commissions in virginia, maryland, delaware and new jersey. the d.c. commission chairman said it was not in d.c.'s interest and noted with the change of one vote maryland would have rejected it as well. among those celebrating today's decision was the d.c. councilwoman mary chay. >> today was a great
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celebration for the people of the district of columbia. they are the winners. i'm proud of the commission. i'm usually a critic of theirs but today they covered themselves in glory. sam: of course opponents of the emergencyer saying it will help rate-payers in d.c. and the merger would have helped the stockholder of pepco and exelon. public service commission issued a statement saying 3,000 individuals, businesses and organizations weighed in on the decision with letters to the commission and by far that is the greatest response they have had to an issue in the more than 100 years of a commission's existence. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. kimberly: that tells you something. jonathan: got the folks' attention with that one. today, sleeping in over for area students. kimberly: sorry, kids. anne arundel, prince george county return to school.
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jeanette reyes has a look at the first day. jeanette: today was the first day of school for students in prince george's county. a big day in langely park with the opening of a special kind of high school. it still feels like summer is in full swing as 130,000 students in prince george's county start the first day of school. ceo kevin maxwell will stop by seven schools today to greet students, teachers and principals. the first two stops are at the new international high school. one in langely park, the other in largo. >> it's exciting. it's a dream come true. we have 100 english language learners here and ready to do things differently with the high school instruction. jeanette: the ribbon cutting took place. the schools pursuing english as a second language. most are spanish speaking and eager to learn english. they are nervous, of course. "it's a great future for immigrants and hopefully goes
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well for all of us. "it's a great future for all of us and hopfully we are very successful." the initial announce. of the high school earlier in year was met with the backlash from the naacp who argued they were "separate and up equal" and it would take money away from the african-american students. >> i respect people wanting to understand and their opinions about things but the law is clear. there is nothing wrong with the schools. there is nothing inappropriate about them. they exist in a number of other states. jeanette: the schools each start out with 100 students all in the ninth grade and the goal is to grow from there. reporting in prince george's county, jeanette reyes, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. we have been asking for pictures for all topics. going back to school is one of them. we received dozens of pictures from viewers. kimberly: we tonight share this with you. the mom sent us a picture before her handsome sons headed off to the military academy. check out the entire school photo gallery on the website.
4:10 pm if you see news, send it. e-mail jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- new information on the train attack in france thwarted by marines. what the attacker did minutes before the violence. kimberly: a major mistake revealed in a deadly plane crash in new york. how it had air traffic controllers that communicated with the pilot. >> frustrating morning for a north potomac neighborhood. 26 cars had the tires
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kimberly: jennifer: we are learning new information about an attack on high-speed train as the french investigators open terror investigation. we found out that the attack was premeditated and well prepared. prosecutors say that ayoub el-khazzani had close to 300 bullets and a bottle of
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gasoline. we found out he watched a jihadi video on board the train before friday's attack. jonathan: investigators believe a air traffic controller led to a plane crash. the pilot killed and his personal hurt after crashing into a -- his passenger hurt after crashing into railroad crossing. milo reported a problem with the single-engine plane right away and the air traffic controller gave him several options including a nearby runway at an airport that closed in the 1990's. >> i think it is going to be possibly a reply mand, a letter down to all controllers. to revisit the local areas that you are responsible for. jonathan: the pilot said no to the other options because he didn't think he could make it. the exact cause is under investigation. kimberly: the children of the shooting instructor shot by a
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9-year-old holding a sub machine gun urging action from lawmakers. they are pushing for legislation to prevent children from having access to automatic weapons. >> we are filling out an online petition we want people to sign if they agree with us that smol children should not be allowed to have access to automatic weapons. >> the hope is get enough people to sign it to change the law. kimberly: a year ago today teaching her how to shoot at the range in arizona. jonathan: anheuser-busch sending in more than 50,000 cans of drinking water to firefighters in washington state. they have their hands full out there. the fire is the largest in the state's history and threatening 5,000 homes. more than 1,200 firefighters are battling the flames but they are only about 10% contained. all right. time for a check of the
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traffic situation. jamie sullivan has the details of what is happening on the road. actually, jamie is stuck in traffic so let's switch gears and talk about the weather. how about that? kimberly: okay. doug hill is here. what a beautiful day. doug: what a turn-around. jonathan: is it me or does it feel like monday? doug: a restart day. we had the old humid feel. we are in good shape for several days. it will get warmer and more humid but let's enjoy this. let's get started with a time lapse. pretty one from langely school in mclane. gorgeous sunrise. the sun gets higher in the sky and brighter and brighter. gorgeous out there. notice clouds. that is the only spoiler there is. it's gorgeous. temperatures are in the upper 70's and the low 80's at the hour. it looks as though we will stay quiet in the evening. zero chance of rain tonight and tomorrow, the next day, next day. that story. let's talk about the pollen count. count is up for the ragweed.
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it is back in a big way. mold is thrown in at no extra charge. we are dealing with the ragwell and the mold. tree and grass is quiet. the next several days with the dry condition, the weeds will win the day. if you have ragweed allergy, you already know it. reagan national airport, 82. low 80's across the board. we are below average temperatures and the air is dry enough it feels cooler than the actual air temperatures. it's a good deal. speaking of school overnight tonight clear skies and light winds, we will drop between 56 and 66 degrees for the overnight range of the temperatures. through the day tomorrow we will warm up to 80 by midday. 84 by tomorrow afternoon. transwe see the low humidity. ideal for wednesday. clouds and a breeze from the northwest at 5 miles per hour. adds we get through the next seven days the temperatures will hold steady for the weekend. this is giving us a gorgeous pattern to hang tough for
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three days. then we will move offshore on the east coast. southerly wind, warmer and humid. more people will remain dry that get wet. monday and tuesday on the warm and the muggy side. after that the computer models say will stay dry but others are hot and humid. too many days ahead. i can handle seven. jonathan: are we getting a break? should it normally be more hot and humid? doug: yeah. this is a pattern we usually get in late september or early october. it's a repeat pattern. what it means long-term i don't know. >> it's a gift. doug: it is. run it with. jonathan: now talk about the traffic situation because it is tuesday and jamie sullivan is joining us now. things are moving faster than they should. jamie: you know, take a look at the wilson bridge. not bad at all. for you right now getting to the wilson bridge that is going to be the problem. once you cross it, no delays at all. it's getting closer to the national harbor. look to the map to focus in on
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this area. in virginia, working your way on the outer loop. you average 12 miles per hour. we just saw once you saw the bridge and work your way to prince george's county no issues. we are seeing a lot of school buses today. be aware tomorrow on the roads that you have the school buses. as far as the commute on the top of the beltway, working your way from virginia to maryland to get closer to the 270 spur we will average ten miles per hour. fifth street northwest at the briton house street. a crash in downtown d.c. this is u street. two police cars are involved. reminder, the nats game tonight at 7:05. there are street closures. it's scheduled until 12:30 a.m. just half street is blocked off in preparation for the game. that is a look at traffic.
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back to you. kimberly: thank you. some montgomery drivers left with a costly repair bill. someone slashed the tires on more than a dozen vehicles. jonathan: kevin lewis has more on the search for vandals. kevin: a rude awakening. 26 cars vandalized late sunday night but the tires slashed. >> why would someone do this? >> i have no idea. >> kevin: he fell victim to vandals and his fourth grade son appalled. >> it's unbelievable. for no reason. who would do this? >> huge inconvenience. kevin: ramon is out a few hundred dollars and showed us a lash mark in his tires. >> i got a daughter. we got work and those things. a lot of money to replace
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these things as well. this should let them know that this is not just fun or gamers for them. this impacts the lives. >> they were looking into it and working with the police but they said watch your back. pray it doesn't happen again. we're at their mercy. i'm not sure what will happen. kevin: 26 cars vandalized in total including a blue audi station wagon. the owner of red astro van is a victim of the vandalism. the front tire atlantaed. we know he isn't aware of the vantlism because this is a note from the police department. with the police report number attached. they say no suspect at this time. >> up next, "7 on your side." health matters report.
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how we are helping to get your questions answered about alzheimer's disease. jonathan: stay on top of the chances in the d.c. area by signing up for the text alert. go to our website stay with us. coming right back.
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jonathan: another back to
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school picture with you. they sent us the photo of the daughter going to the third grade class. she loves math, the color purple and her puppy, of course. check out our school photo gallery on thank you for sending in pictures. kimberly: how does winning a million dollars tax-free sound? jonathan: perfect. kimberly: it could happen with the newest game bank a million. the virginia lotto game calculate the prize account so the winners receive $1 million after the withholding. it launches sunday after the state $1 million money ballgame ends on saturday. jonathan: rhetorical question. how does it sound to win $1 million? kimberly: tax-free? jonathan: exactly. kimberly: that is the deal. jonathan: "7 on your side" health matters this afternoon to address your concerns about alzheimer's disease. kimberly: that has to be one of the toughest that the families face. we have a phone bank to answer questions you might have about it. kellye lynn is live in the "7 on your side" health center to
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explain. kellye: 5 million people in america are living with alzheimer's disease. nearly 500,000 people expected to be diagnosed this year alone. joining me is anna nelson, vice president of the alzheimer's association for the national capital area. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for the opportunity to raise awareness for alzheimer's. kellye: that is why we are here. talk about the warning signs. memory goes along with the alzheimer's. but what are the other signs? >> problems with confusion. so you have folks that were maybe very good at attention to detail and now they are forgetting how to balance a checkbook or drive to the favorite places. we want to look for the changes in the function. that is key to this. small lapse in memory. that is part of the aging process. forgetting a name every now and then. when it's pronounced, when it affects the daily living and a person is not able to function to carry out the daily
4:27 pm
activities and now they depend on a family member, they need an extra set of eyes to help them get around. that is when we need to worry about something else. it doesn't mean alzheimer's because there is over 50 medical condition the cause the problem with memory. it's important to get checked out. kellye: to get the right diagnosis. this affects people over 65 but younger people can be affected, too. >> absolutely. the majority of the folks diagnosed with alzheimer's are over 65. that form of alzheimer's is the late form of the disease. however, a very rare genetic form of alzheimer's is called younger onset alzheimer's that affects people under 65. kellye: thank you. remind you to call 703-236-9220. the phones line open at 4:30. we will be here, experts will be here to stand by and take your call until 6:30 tonight. i'm kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: a great resource. coming up for us at "abc7 news
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at 4:00" -- the push to get construction completed before school begins for students in virginia. where the project stands right now. >> maryland's top lawyer issues an opinion on the racial profiling by police. he is not mincing words. i'm brad bell. when we come b
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jonathan: maryland is the first to issue guidelines to try to prevent racial
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profiling. kimberly: they made the announcement today. brad bell has more on what the guidelines will look like. brad? brad: this is the memorandum by the attorney general. she wants to distribute this to police across the region to lay out the guidelines. this is a few hours ago they had a press conference at the thurgood marshall statue. this is symbolic because after what it sose on the statue, equal justice under the law. the memorandum says is that you can't racially profile if you are a police officer. you can't be out on the street. and pull people over because you believe those-o a certain ethnicity may be prone to commit a crime. freddie gray was arrested in an arrest called illegal by
4:32 pm
the state's attorney in baltimore. it has yet to be adjudicated. they need to go out and understand the law. they cannot look at religion, gender identity, ethnicity, period. brad: if you will look at the flyer you will see it says, "guidance memorandum." that is what it is. it's guidance for the police departments around the state. the attorney general can't order this into the law of the land. but he is the attorney general. it's his opinion that racial profiling is illegal. those who believe they have become the victims of it can refer to this to move lawsuits ahead. so this really does carry some
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weight. when we come back at 6:00 tonight we will tell you about some of the people who were at this press conference. very prominent politicians who say they, themselves, have been victims of the racial profiling. in annapolis, lawyers mall, brad bell, abc7 news. kimberly: some people appreciate the wheels of justice spinning faster. okay. it was a stunning day to do anything outside. eat outside, have lunch. jonathan: now you want a two-fer. you want dinner outside as well. will the weather hold up for that? doug hill, what a great day. doug: the el is spectacular as well. gorgeous sunrise. just fine. this is the rehoboth beach, delaware. boardwalk and shadows. if we were the end of june, the building would be bathed in the sun. shadows are starting. 77 degrees right now on the ocean front in rehoboth beach, delaware. the beaches will be fine all week long and in the upcoming
4:34 pm
weekend as well. 84 in frederick. 82 in winchester. 84 in andrews and reag national 82 in baltimore and the air is so dry. the large area of high pressure that expends well to the north and south and slowly move east in the next several days. we will keep a generally flow of northerly and northwesterly winds. that is where we get dry air from. it limits the heat. low to mid-80's tomorrow and friday. the time we get this center to move offshore by the weekend it will turn the winds around in the south. when that happens we get the higher humidity levels. we are capable to hit 90 degrees. we have a new tropical storm. erica. named today. top winds at 45 miles per hour. this is this afternoon position. we will wait for 5:00up date. but most of the computer models will move this in west/northwest to develop to a
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category one strength by sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. it could be the first landfalling hurricane in a long time. short-term, we have the beautiful weather. it's sunny, warming, dry. >> see you then. thanks. the clock ticking until more school is open for the start of classes. kimberly: time run out for construction crews to finish work at some locations. jeff goldberg shows us where some of the projects stand right now. >> the dits coverry elementary school in arlington, chances are you have seen crews hard at work. often. >> it looks like they will cut in the last minute but i think it will be done. >> careline will be a fourth grader when it opens in two
4:36 pm
weeks. >> great teachers. young and energetic. it will be exciting. >> discovery, the first new elementary school in a decade built in response to the population boom. the building will continue all the way up to the first day. >> there is always a rush at the end. that is part of the fun. >> riverside high is a new school where finishing touches happen nonstop on monday. >> natural light in the building. >> principal doug anderson led the process for a year. new gym and classrooms and new looks. everywhere you turn is the new opportunity. >> it's just wing after another. great new adventure. >> construction is happening every where have you look including here at the football field where the work has to be done in time for the first
4:37 pm
home game on friday september 4. in leesburg, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: can't get enough of the pictures. check this out. back to preschool for kia. her mother sent the picture. check out the t-shirt. "totally awesome." yes, you are. submit the back to school pictures here at kimberly: what a great way to kick off the school year. jonathan: yeah, i was on television. >> totally awesome. >> people in malaysia celebrating the newest cub and soon they get to name it. the cub is a week old and they will hold a competition to come up with the name. when they are a week, really small. no fur. there it is. they say no baby is ugly. baby pandas, a little bit. three months. if giant panda at the conservation center. then they are so cute at that size. when they get the fur they are
4:38 pm
so cute. kimberly: size of a butter stick. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a look at the presidential race how donald trump and jeb bush stir up more controversy from recent comments they made. jonathan: we have a panel of expert taking your questions about alzheimer's disease. if you have any questions give us a call. 703-236-9220. we will keep the phone lines open until 6:30 tonight. coming right back.
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for a limited time get $400 back with a two year agreement. call 888 get fios or go online. get out of the past. get fios. jonathan: back with an update on the race for the white house. donald trump and jeb burr stirring up criticism for each other and the comments on immigration has a lot of folks talking. kimberly: they try to fix something they said and then they step into something else. president obama's loyalties could be torn if vice president joe biden enters the race. abc's elizabeth hur has more. elizabeth: when g.o.p. front runner donald trump heading to iowa, jeb bush is stumping for votes in colorado today a day after his stop at the border town at mcallen, texas, last night. >> the proposal made by another candidate of building
4:42 pm
a fence doesn't work. elizabeth: bush blasting trump on the texas border last month promised to build a wall along the boarder with mexico and proposed all undocumented immigrants be deported before allowing some to return. >> it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars and violate people's civil liberties. >> we have illegal people. people that came in illegally. you tell me about civil liberties. elizabeth: trump is refusing to back down but bush is standing by the term of the phrase "anchor babies" and his explanation it's more related to asian people. >> not tonially offend -- potentially offending another group. reporter: vice president joe biden appears to be inching closer to declaring his own 2016 run and the potential fight between biden and hillary clinton a race for the
4:43 pm
ages. >> hillary clinton is the run-away favorite. it wouldn't necessarily change with biden in the race. kimberly: for now president obama isn't saying who he will endorse but biden yet to make it official and isn't expected to make a final decision for another few weeks. jonathan: it lets you know, too, tomorrow our own money money will get a chance -- maureen bunyan will sit down to talk about president obama about the iran deal. she is one of a few anchors around the country to receive the opportunity. look for her reports tomorrow on abc7 and online at kimberly: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- it's meant to be a prank. not even is laughing. jonathan: we have a panel of experts in the "7 on your side" health center taking your calls abs alzheimer's. call 703-236-9220. kimberly: we can't get enough of them. this is a back-to-school
4:44 pm
picture heading to windy hill elementary school in owens, maryland. check out the gallery by going to we'll be right back.
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jonathan: the school year just started at virginia and activities at fraternity, they hung out banners and got them suspended. kimberly: coming after sexually suggestive banners hung outside a fraternity house in move-in weekend. kellye lynn is live in the satellite center with the details. not even thought they were too funny. kellye: true. the banners sparked outrage at old dominion and on college campuses in our area. some call the banner asynovia larger problem -- the banners a sign of a larger problem. kellye: this was in welcome week, a time when the parents drop off the freshman student for the start of school. one reads "hope your baby girl is ready for a good time." another "freshman daughter
4:48 pm
dropoff." and "go ahead and drop off mom, too." >> no respect for women at all. kellye: the national headquarters suspended the old dominion chapter and denounce the banners saying any fraternity member found responsible for reprehensible display will be held accountable. old dominion president issued a statement saying there is zero tolerance on the campus for sexual assault and sexual harassment. any student found to violate the code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action. >> between one and five and one in four college women have been victims of sexual assault. we have to think about how they feel when they see this sign. >> this is sexual harassment. i don't think it needs to be tolerated at the university. this is indictated of a larger problem in campus and society
4:49 pm
to understand sexuality and how to relate as men and women. >> the first six weeks of college is a tricky time and the red zone that they are most vulnerable to sexual assault because they are away from home for the first time and more trusting than the upper classman. i'm kellye lynn, abc7 news. >> for some a big fat warning sign. don't go in here. jonathan: knuckleheads there. talk about the weather situation. steve rudin, are you going to the game tonight? steve: i'm not. but the were here early. gates opened up half an hour ago. the reason why they are giving away bobbleheads. the lines shortened ahead. a lot of time to get down here. enjoy the weather. gametime starts at 7:05. if you have tickets tonight it's beautiful out there. we are talking about the
4:50 pm
temperatures around 7:00 at 80 degrees. drop in the 70's. under mainly clear skies. the upcoming weekend is never too early to talk about the weekend. daytime highs, saturday is 88 degrees. we may see a stray shower or thunderstorm on sunday. not a wash-out. chance for the storm are limited to 30% risk. the beef forecast looks fantastic. ocean city, bethesda, daytime highs around saturday and sunday around 80 degrees. by saturday and sunday the outer banks of north carolina are looking at the lower 80's. here is your seven-day outlook. the daytime highs, looks like a broken record. talking about 80's thursday, friday, upper 80's come saturday and sunday. around 90. keep that trend going to early next week. baseball game start at 5 after 7:00 tonight. frab the sunglasses. you will definitely need them. this is a beautiful, beautiful afternoon here in washington. head back to the news desk.
4:51 pm
jonathan: a perfect way to end the day with a baseball game. kimberly: i mean he look like he is getting a sun tan now. jonathan: the only problem is driving there. take the metro if you can. if you have to driver, jamie sullivan checking in with the traffic again. it's slow-going. jamie: of course. we see delays on the freeway. we have closures near nats park. i will get to that in a second. first, i want you to get a good idea of what to expect on the inner loop of the capital beltway. this is traffic passing by old dominion working your way closer getting to, well, the heaviest stretch. as we move to the map, talk about that. closer to the american legion bridge. you will get a break close to the 270 spur. the commute is approaching the wilson bridge from van dorn street to take you 20 minutes. averaging about 15 miles per hour. moving to d.c., the heads up. we have the two police cars involved with the crash. 15 street northwest at u northwest. at steve said, near nats park,
4:52 pm
of course, we may start to see the volume building. half street is blocked off between m and n street. they block there off a few hours before the game and after. so it's scheduled until 12:30 a.m. best to avoid the area in he is i have -- navy yard. good news is there is nothing to worry about. normal schedule and timing. look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thanks. >> m coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a new form of online harassment targeting plus-size women. what it involves and how the social media websites are taking action.
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ja in "7 on your side" health matters we have a panel of expertses in the phone bank to take questions about alzheimer's disease. number to call, 703-236-9220.
4:56 pm
jonathan: the pentagon says it does not plan to investigate service members involved in the ashley madison hack. the military does consider adultery a crime. but the d.o.d. officials say look it would be too time consuming and really hard to prove. more than 10, e-mail addresses found in the ashley madison data leak. new form of online harassment that is tar feting women. kimberly: a group is stealing the women's images on line and photo shopping the pictures to make them look thinner. abc's jesse palmer has more. reporter: fat shaming at its worse. pictures of women photo shopped to look thinner. the group behind the hate project project harpoon are stealing images online, editing them and reposting them on social media like wow, from a depressed chub to elegant fox. from blocking the view to
4:57 pm
enhancing it. they are plus-size everyday women and models and even actresses like melissa mccarthy, rebel wilson and singer meghan trainor felt the wrath. >> we are sending the wrong message to the young women out there. if you're not a 2 or 4 you deserve to get photo shopped in a picture. that is not the message we should send to young women today. >> the leader behind the campaign says it supports the movement of beading in shape and not feeding into oboesty telling "people" magazine -- "our intention is not to harm anyone. we get dozens of messages a day about how the photos inspired them to go to the gym and maintain a better lifestyle." plus size model ruby rox was not inspired when a picture of her was photoshoppedded without her her mission. >> i first saw it and i laughed. it's not well done. it's completely unnatural. >> she published a blog post
4:58 pm
but in a surprising turn instead of lashing out she thanked them. >> i didn't want the blog to be me ranting and being angry. >> i don't want to put the negative energy out in the world. so i'll say thank you, thank you for giving me the strength to overcome this. to be able to fight you and the bullies. they tried to take the power away from me but i feel like i have all the power now. jonathan: an elderly couple victimized by a care-giver who is accused of being a taker. >> well, that is awful. >> why proud momma mei xiang is not happy with if handlers at the national zoo and the youngster's million-dollar stumble at the japanese art museum. announcer: "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. jonathan: metrobuss now will stop byparting part of the
4:59 pm
neighborhood in d.c. they will stop along elvin road for the first time since saturday. drivers are told to use the stop at stanton and elvun road after a shooting outside a bus stop. but metro announced 90 minutes ago the seven-day service suspension after 7:00 p.m. would end tonight. we have team coverage of the shooting and the overall increase in the violence in the city tonight. start it off with brianne carter with reaction to the change in the route. brianne: the riders we spoke to and the residents in the area said they understood why metro was putting a safety detour in place but they didn't like to have to walk to a different bus stop than the ones they were used to using. but tonight they have another plan to deter crime. after three nights of detour services tonight the metro buses will resume the normal routes to pick up and drop off the riders along the elvin road.
5:00 pm
>> this evening at 7:00 p.m. you will see a metro train in the box to ensure safety of the riders and of our employees. >> the signs at thes but top, it was -- bus stop, it was due to security incidents including two over the weekend. friday night according officials a man on a bus shot by someone outside the bus along elven road. along the same stretch, someone was throwing blocks at the bus. there is only one way in and one way out. >> a small group of people that are bringing the trouble to the community are making the larger of us suffer. in the neighborhood today, some residents were calling for the stepped up police presence. echoing what the metro employee union calling for as well.


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