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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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you will see a metro train in the box to ensure safety of the riders and of our employees. >> the signs at thes but top, it was -- bus stop, it was due to security incidents including two over the weekend. friday night according officials a man on a bus shot by someone outside the bus along elven road. along the same stretch, someone was throwing blocks at the bus. there is only one way in and one way out. >> a small group of people that are bringing the trouble to the community are making the larger of us suffer. in the neighborhood today, some residents were calling for the stepped up police presence. echoing what the metro employee union calling for as well.
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>> we expect the areas to have the police presence for safety of the riding public and the operators. they didn't get specific how long a metro transit police officer will be stationed in that area. they plan to continue to meet with the stakeholders here and to come up with the other alternatives as well. moving forward in terms of deterring crime in area. speaking to the metro officials they say stopping service like this is rare and in the past decade it only happened one other time. kimberly: no one died in metro bus shooting but so far 103 people have been killed in the district. the spike in crime had many concerned about the city's image. we pick up the team coverage live in southeast with stephen tschida. stephen: right here the bullets flew friday night targeting the metrobus. we talked with the mayor about
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the surge of violence. specifically, the homicide rate. she doesn't believe it is deterring visitors, tourists to the city. indeed, we spoke with several tourists who said actually on the streets of the nation's capitol, -- streets of the nation's capital, they feel safe. transit police line a route in southeast after someone riddled a bus with bullets. meanwhile, a bus stops for a passenger with a bullet wound in his leg. >> things would get better now we are going back to the old days. >> across d.c. residents react to a surge in killing. the homicide rate now at 103. far above where it was last year at this time. >> i don't want to be in the crossfire. stephen: police are out in force across every quadrant in the city to curtail the homicide a top priority for the mayor. >> we'll make sure the police
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have the resources they need, that we are putting the resources in the neighborhoods. the summer spike in tourism continues as well. >> i have seen many police officers. i feel safe. stephen: despite the random nature of the gun violence and the death of a 23-year-old man caught in a cross fire in a trendy neighborhood a couple weeks ago those we spoke with say it did not affect their decision to visit the nation's capital. >> feels save here. we're satisfied with the amount of the police we have seen today. stephen: the tourists say they believe the areas where they are going museum, the mall they feel safer there. if they were venturing out in the neighborhoods across the city it might be a different story. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: developing story in arlington. we are told the police are investigating a seventh attack on a woman in a month.
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police don't believe the columbia south along the veech street is related to the attacks in the last few weeks. jeff goldberg is going to explain why they don't think it is connected. jeff? jeff: well, jonathan, the suspect description in the latest case does not match the description of the man linked to the six previous attacks. this has become too familiar recently in arlington. the latest one happening right now along the 2000 of columbia pike. 31-year-old woman walking not far from the u.s. air force memorial. again it happened last night at 10:30. the woman was walking down the street when a man approached her asking for directions. she looked down at her phone and police say the man touched her inappropriately and she told him to stop but he pulled her close and kissed her on the cheek. she started screaming and the man took off. the police arrived later but found no evidence of the suspect. the woman is shaken up but
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fizz kliz she is okay after what is now the seventh attempted seventh assault in a month. >> it's unfortunate events occurred that resulted in the females being victim of the attempted sexual assault. we are trying to educate the public about the ways they can protect themselves. jeff: no question about that. you can see from this section of columbia park this is a busy area. not considered a dangerous part of town but the arlington police want to get the word out for the women and everybody to be individual leapt and cautious. the arlington police again have the extra patrols on the street trying to put an end to the string of the potential sexual assaults. seven cases with two suspects. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. kimberly: montgomery county drivers left with costly repair bills after more than two dozen vehicles were vandalized. someone slashed tires on 26 vehicles late sunday night at
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an apartment complex in north potomac. many residents said they woke up to monday morning in disbelief. horrible way to start the work week. they are working with police to investigate the vandalism. jonathan: it has been a wild ride for markets today on wall street. tough to keep track of it. heart-breaking, heart-pounding. all of it. after rebounding for mews of the day it was going the right direction. gained 300 points at one point. then the dow tumbled back to the negative territory. the nasdaq gained almost six points. the s&p 500 dropped 14 points. kimberly: they they don't panic. jonathan: long-term investors have ups and down. settle in and put the seat belt on and look out the window. the weather rebounded after nasty storms last night. it changed everything. kimberly: it did. doug hill in the storm watch weather center. doug: i go in weathergy mode.
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i want to -- weather grieve mode. i want it to stay like this every day. you can count the clouds. one. two. gorgeous weather. dry air, the warm temperatures. 84 in frederick. 84 at reagan national. andrews. 82 in baltimore. 84 in quantico and 82 degrees. the warm spot in fredericksburg. umidity levels.pered by the we measure it by the dew point. 50s and the 40's. absolutely delightful. that is the story. cheer skies and light winds. through tomorrow another like this. ton of sunshine. the warm temperatures. the low humidity levels. we are looking for highs in the vicinity of 83 to to 84 degrees. we have more in a little bit. jonathan: this is something we are just getting in the newsroom. charles county police hope you can find a missing woman and the children. christielip davis wells last
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seen last night with her 9-year-old son elwad. her 6-year-old daughter eliah. they stopped by a former neighbor's house last night at 10:30 and they have not been seen since. investigators believe she may be driving a 2014 silver subaru cross trek with the maryland tags 9bh4936. if you know where they are, police really would like to hear from you. kimberly: tonight a crime alert. in anne arundel county after a woman was found dead inside a townhouse. police say a baby was found unharmed inside the same home. we have a report from the scene where the detectives have been collecting evidence all day long. >> the main road in the neighborhood is blocked. >> they were trying to find other exits. >> all the residents are watching police on millstone court. >> bring some bodies out of
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there. >> a dead woman. >> she has trauma to the upper body. detectives found a baby in the same townhouse. >> all i can say the child was located inside the residents. did not appear to be upset. i peered to have no injuries but -- appeared to have normings. taken to -- appeared to have no injuries. >> it's filled with military families. >> you are here on american soil and something like this happens it's more devastating. >> residents grieve for the woman who died and pray for the well-being of the baby. the survivor. >> thank god nothing happened to the baby. so sad what happened. but nothing happened to the baby. >> i pray they find whoever did this. >> for now the police labeled this a suspicious death while they wait for the autopsy results to come down. kimberly: coming up on the "abc7 news at 5:00" --
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a local man accused of bilking the couple he was supposed to be caring for. find out how he did it. jonathan: later, how low can they go? look at the impact of the economic meltdown when it comes to what we are paying for at the pump. kimberly: caught by canvas. a wrong step means a huge loss for museum. [siren ] >> the d.c. public service commission ruled whether that there could be a merger from pepco and the exelon power company out of chicago. i'm sam ford and that story is coming up on abc7 news.
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kimberly: "7 on your side" on health matters. kellye lynn is live to answer your questions about alzheimer's. kelly? kellye: it's the sixth leading cause of death in this country. our health center is painted in purple. we have helpers from the alzheimer's association, experts that are taking your call to answer questions that you might have about the
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alzheimer's disease. goal answers to today. 703-236-9220. ask one of the experts about alzheimer's. kellye lynn. jonathan: good to see them on the phone. thank you. unanimous vote will block pepco merging with exelon power company. now the question is this? what does it mean for customers in maryland and district? sam ford joining us live outside of the pepco adquarters in northwest to explain. the customers let them know their feelings about this. sam: this is thrown in a tizzy. how could they merge in one and not the other.
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this is a problem for them. many rate-payers are happy saying they believe with exelon the rates would go up. many were smiling after finding out this was not the public interest. >> this would have only benefited the pepco shareholders and the exelon corporation. losers would have been the rate payers of the district. >> it's the only electric company. maryland, delaware approved the pepco-exelon merger the d.c. board said no. >> we had to do what is right for the district. >> we believe the proposal for the interest to provide
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direct, immediate and long-term benefit to the customers to enhance reliability and preserve the role as a community. the pepco holding and exelon, the richest power company are linked in four states but not in d.c. they have a right to come back to the public service commission in 30 days to ask them to reconsider. but the question is whether that is likely to happen. whether it is related to this or the general problem. the stocks of both pepco and exelon took big hits today. reporting live. sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: new information tonight about the pan the cubs. kimberly: keepers are going to take care of the smaller cub.
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the zoo released this picture of the cub bottle fed. the cub's mother is more interested than feeding larger of the two cubs herself. jonathan: it's so cute. >> takes a while before they look like cute pandas. >> let's talk about the weather. >> this is good stuff. several more days. by but the weekend we have humidity. jonathan: do you have to do that? doug: we could have picked any camera in the world.
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fair weather clouds. if you have the outdoor plans, this is delightful anywhere you head. there are high ranges for weeds. ragweed. mold spores. tree and grass pollen in the low range. this is bringing if the dry and cooler air in. inside washington closer to 66. washington closer to 66. the forecast low map is shaping up like this. 57 in win chester.
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the cooler area will go back up. it's 70s and the 60's. east of the mountains we are in the 80's. that is going to continue. the high pressure center responsible for gorgeous air outside. thateds is going to turn the temperatures up and the humidity up and it could bring isolated thunderstorm for the day. a look at the latest orneryca. the official track continues to move in the northwest. it's possible category one hurricane over the bahamas by sunday afternoon.
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thursday and friday. as highlighted the heat and the humidity. monday and tuesday is warm and muggy again. jonathan: not bad. doug: i'll take more of this. kimberly: a missouri teenager preaking records for the multitasking skill and this is impressive. jonathan: this is stuart. he can solve a rubix cube in minutes. he can ride a unicycle. combining the talent solving 80 of puzzles in under an hour and the feat landed him in the "guinness book of world records." i didn't know they had riding unicycle and figure out the rubix cube. so somebody else thought this up? really? >> you can do something amazing and submit it to the guinness book. jonathan: he beat the old record. kimberly: he did. jonathan: sometimes you are
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like really? you get stuck next to someone on a passenger. kimberly: this happened to you. what happened to leave the rest shaking their heads. jonathan: plus? the bell of big ben may not tell you what you think. kimberly: but first, the latest blowup on the road to the white house does not involve donald trump. look at what is getting jeb bush the attention next. breaking news
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jonathan: words on the campaign trail that are causing problems for a gp candidate. in particular we are talking about jeb bush. we explain how the former florida governor immigration buzz word might hurt him in the race the white house. >> anchor babies, a term that is weighing down the republican republican field. the latest misstep comes from jeb bush at the u.s.-mexico border. asked if he was worried that anchor babies would be considered offensive by many latinos it could cost him the vote. bush said this -- >> it's frankly more related to asian people coming in the country having children. reporter: front runner donald trump slammed bush saying the asians are offended and bush was trying to be more
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politically correct to hispanics. >> of course we are horrified that they would start framing the entire, the asian-american community using the derogatory term of "anchor babies." reporter: while trump, bush and the other republican candidates used the term, some have stayed away. >> i just don't think calling human beings names ever is helpful. reporter: the left seized on the controversy with hillary clinton suggesting other terms to use besides "anchor babies" tweeting how about babies, children or american citizens? bush today staying away from the controversy term. saying at town hall -- i was talking about a narrow casted system of fraud. where they are bringing pregnant women in to have babies to give birthright citizen. reporter: using the term "anchor baby" seems to have no negative effect on trump standing. the new south carolina republicans show the business mogul leading the pack by
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double digits. kimberly: on capitol hill, analysis of the congress official budget shows that the 2015 federal deficit is expected to drop to $426 billion. that is the lowest shortfall in president obamas presidency. however, they cautioned a graying population and the growing healthcare costs could push the number back up. budget office says without action by the lawmakers the deficit could push back above $1 trillion in ten years. tomorrow our colleague maureen bunyan is going to have the opportunity to sit down with president obama. you can hear her one-on-one interviews starting tomorrow on the jesusita fire. -- tomorrow at "abc7 news at 5:00". jonathan: coming up for us, find out the back-to-school students. kimberly: and look at how long the prices at the much could
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stick around.
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kimberly: tonight a care-giver on the run accused of taking insteld of giving. as kevin lewis reports this started with a check and a pen.
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the 46-year-old stole from the elderly couple he cared for inside the bethesda home. but how? investigators allege he stole 65 personal checks which were cashed or deposited at the various banks. grand total taken was 193,000. >> that is awful. >> the neighbor was stunned by the six-figure thievery. >> he told the court he would live in the home awaiting the trial for felony theft. the care-giver is m.i.a. >> where is alexander? he fled the country?
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>> it looks like it. >> when is the last tame you saw him? >> a couple of months ago. >> i hope it doesn't affect your ability to remain sol vent and live out her days in a nice day. >> i em kevin lewis, abc7 news. kimberly: checking the top stories. metro is resuming the evening bus service in southeast washington. another bus hit with rocks and the driver threatened. the police plan extra patrols in the area. jonathan: it has happened again. the latest attack on columbia. the police do not believe that it is related to the previous
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attacks because the suspect description now is different. kimberly: they are rejected the merger between pepco and exelon saying it's not in the public's interest. they have 30 days to ask them to reconsider. jonathan: children in calvert, anne arundel and prince george's schools started school this morning. two international high schools opened up for the first time, one in langely park and the other in largo. this is fun for us. we're sharing your pictures. we guess that mom e-mailed us the picture of christian lee on her first day of kindergarten. how adoreable.
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sarah sent us this picture of alison starting her first day of kindergarten. all smiles. if you see it, you send it to ja londoners who have been setting their watches by the big ben are slightly off. officials say the clock tower has been slow by as much as six seconds. the radio that maude cast the bong live noticed the discrepancy. the clock tower is known as the big ben the name actually refers to the bell inside. jonathan: major oops. kid in taiwan made a costly mistake. the 12-year-old stumbled over a rope barrier and punched a hole in a painting worth $1.5
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million. the painting titled "flowers" is 350 years old. the museum is not asking the boy and the family to pay for the damage but it will ask the insurance company to cover restoration cost. kimberly: another story tonight comes from a flight from raleigh durham international air. the plane was delayed and the guy decided it's the perfect time to break up with his girlfriend. so another passenger decided to live tweet the breakup. started out posting this guy on the plane just broke up with his girlfriend and she is sobbing. the now ex-boyfriend went on to say i can't stand you. i can't be near you. i would switch seats if i could. the girl was not pleased and she said that the person great, just great. i'm so glad i paid $40 extra to be on the flight with you. he retorted with you need to
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calm down. that never goes over well. jonathan: not so much. kimberly: but she said she really thought this was going somewhere. she is heart broken, he is tweeting the flight took off and the pair immediately ordered six vodkas and blood mary mixes for the 15 flight and chugged them in silence between making out. jonathan: they made out? kimberly: yes. >> jonathan: this is one noise canceling headphones. those are a god send. kimberly: at least it had a happy ending. my. jonathan: moving on now. coming up on -- they made up. i can't believe it. popular vacation destination checked out tonight. find out why this beach is bare. kimberly: you have an hour to get answers about alzheimer's. call 703-236-9220. jonathan: then new at 6:00.
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>> come to south carolina. the latest when donald trump renews an old
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steve: i'm steve rudin in nationals parable. beautiful evening that will fall from 80's to the 7 o's and the nighttime lows in the 60's. the upcoming weekend it will heat up here. daytime highs for day on saturday and sunday at around 90 degrees. these are in town temperatures. it will stay warm even at del mar beaches but not as hot. temperatures saturday and sunday ocean city, rehoboth beach, ethesda, 80-81.
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saturday and sunday, it's 80 degrees. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00"
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jonathan: one of the
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picturesque beaches are empty. half a million gallon of sewage closed waikiki beach. wastewater flowed from the manhole countries to the oceans. ick. the problem made worse by the people who opened the manholes to ease flooding. water quality should improve. kimberly: the san francisco judge hearing testimony in the death of a woman. as brandi hitt report the accused killer is an un --mented immigrant. kate's life was cut short in july and the death ignited firestorm of the controversy because of who aguileraedly pulled the tripper. san -- the trigger. illegal immigrant deported
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five times. >> did you shoot the laid/on pier 14? >> yes. >> despite the jailhouse admission he has pleaded not guilty. this case turned into a blame game between the local and the federal law enforcement. afflalo they released him despite request by i.c.e. agents to keep him retained. this is a rally cry also for donald trump seen on fox news. >> people came in illegally. you tell me about the civil liberties. they're causing problems. >> san francisco is a sanctuary city. and the father pushed for tougher immigration laws. >> the u.s. suffered self-inflicted wound. sanchez claims that the
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shooting was an accident and he found the gun stolen from a federal agent. in los angeles, brandi hitt, abc7 news. kimberly: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a major project means fewer lanes for you. we tell you when the changes start. jonathan: but first how low the prices are. go look at the effect the market has on the gas prices. we have that for you up
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kellye: 5 million people in this country have alzheimer's disease, a disease that can't be prevented, slowed or cured. in my hand is a glass, cup if you will. this is just one of the me vents held every year that raise money for alzheimer's disease. we have experts here. you see we have a lot of purple in the health center now. that is because the experts are here taking your call. if you have any questions call 703-236-9220. back to you. kimberly: thank you. the national average for the gas prices is down to $2.57 a gallon. that is down two contracts
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from yesterday. 86 contracts in the last year. jeff barne takes a look at impact at drop in crude oil prices. jeff: summer drivers are enjoying the lowest gas prices they have seen in years. >> it will be great in terms of cost. it's expensive and the clothes for the kids and evening like that. >> after labor day, people should drive less. gases will drop. by christmas most should be paying less than $2 for gas. trappal-a says the cheap gas is result of the oversupply worldwide. the weak economies in china and russia. both nations scaled back significantly buying crude oil. this while saudi arabia and other major nation producing oil nations are pumping out large quantity of oil to discourage new u.s. field production. >> the world's demand for crowd or the growth in demand
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soften and not as robust as many hoped. >> if the controversial iranian nuclear deal is approved, experts say iran could add 800,000 extra barrels of crude oil to the global marketplace. all of the factors will help bring down the oil prices. as a result, the consumers will pay less for gasoline in the future. >> according to the petroleum institute the gallon for price of regular unloaded is more than $2.50. 87 cents per gallon less than a year ago today. there is a $50 difference in barrel from a year ago. but the oversupply of oil is bad for the u.s. oil producers who are trying to keep the workforce intact while the oil sits there. thousands of jobs could be at stake. >> it is its own drag. >> but the motorists aren't complaining.
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>> jeff barn reporting. >> you can track the gas prices in your area at some prices we saw close to just under $2. jonathan: virginia beach i saw $2.02 all over the place. time for a check of the roads. jamie sullivan with an eye on the traffic. jamie: we have slow traffic. definitely through maryland on 270. so a heads up. we had the earlier midday roadwork on 270 near 121. that is where you see barrels to the side. let's move closer to the d.c. area. let's look at the congestion. through montgomery county, the teen. georgetown. on the inner loop it is a slow go. getting there from virginia a typical volume. on the g.w. parkway we have delays. keep that in mind on 395.
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i want to focus in on the d.c. heads up. nats game that will start at 7:05 tonight. they did close off half street and it's going to be blocked until 2:30 this evening. 395 is heavy getting past crystal city. outbound on 66 in the 20's. it will take you 20 minutes from the beltway to closer to the fairfax county parkway. back to you. jonathan: all right. thanks. traffic alert for the drivers in the district. construction of the virginia avenue tunnel will cause lane closures starting monday. officials say the lanes will be reduced on the 11th street between the i-695 off-ramp and m street in southeast d.c. be prepared. the restrictions start in the southbound lane and will last ten or more weeks. yikes! this is part of the construction project to replace the 110-year-old tunnel. kimberly: this one of the nights you would rather not be stuck in traffic or behind construction. jonathan: no. you want to sit by a barbecue. kimberly: absolutely. can we do that tonight, doug? doug: absolutely. weather is perfect through the evening. few clouds around.
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that is it. that is live in hagerstown to the mountain. cloudiness but not much. it's comfortable and 81 degrees. breeze in hagerstown. across the area the skies are the partly to mostly sunny to sunset and clear and cooler afterwards. the low to the middle 80's across the board with the dry air. that is why it's comfortable. we use dew point to give us relevance and meaning to how dry and humid it is. with the dew point in the upper 40's and lower 50's, it's as good as it gets in late august. so the numbers will drop to the evening hours. light wind and the clear skies. 56 to 66 degrees. for the next few days, there is the same weather pattern. light breeze out of the north. 84 tomorrow and 83 thursday.
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the humidity levels will start to come up and maybe isolated thunderstorm by sunday and warm and muggy monday and tuesday. let's talk about sports with robert burton. robert: the redskins got back to work after a day off. rgiii was out there but hasn't been cleared for contact. the next step is for robert to be examined by a neurologist. if he is not ready then kirk cousins will take the snaps for the skins. we have seen solid performances from cousins and colt mccoy but for now rgiii is still out with the first unit. jay gruden was asked about robert. >> it's not about him. it's about that unit. the first team unit. we are not making this out about one guy. it's about the first unit. we ran into a share of
5:52 pm
problems. we want something positive going with the first unit. robert: the nats have a nine-game series starting tonight with stephen strasburg taking the mound. good news. you know that escobar and span return to the line-up tonight. the nats had a projected starting line-up. do they have a chance now? >> why not. we have been here before. two work we have been here down the stretch this is where we have been. came short in 2013. if i had money, which i do -- [laughter] i would put money on us. robert: well brag about it, why don't you? cardinals at the diamondbacks. the former pitcher dallas braden in the pool on apin flamingo trying to catch flyballs. diving catch. makes me rethink what i do for
5:53 pm
a living. where is if pool? nice. jonathan: if we could have stayed in the flamingo. but a dyeing catch. >> --
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jonathan: "7 on your side" in health matters. we have a panel of experts from the alzheimer's association in the abc7 help center to answer any questions you might have. call the phone bank until 6:30. number on the screen. 703-236-9220. kimberly: major mistake may have led to a deadly plane crash in new york state. jonathan: preliminary investigation finds bad ininstruction by the air traffic controller may be to blame for this. abc7's elizabeth hur in new york with the accident report just released by investigators. elizabeth: a plane crash at a railroad crossing on -- [audio interruption] a plane crash at a railroad
5:57 pm
crossing on new york's killed 59-year-old highlight joseph milo and injured his passenger. it happened on august 16. milo widow said she lost everything that day. her soulmate, her best friend. the cause of the plane crash is under investigation but according to the ntsb preliminary report the 59-year-old pilot reported the single-engine plane was having a bit of a problem. controller gave the pilot several landing options. including a nearby runway at an airport closed in 1990. the pilot told the controller he could not see the runway but the controller provided pilot with directions to the nonexisting landing strip. some say if the controller was not aware of the runway no
5:58 pm
longer existed that is concern ing. >> i think it will be a reprimand, letter down to all controllers to revisit all of the local areas that you are responsible for. >> the pilot in command is responsible fend accountable for the accountable of the safe completion of every flight. elizabeth: we learned the first couple viable airport options from the controller were rejected by the pilot because he didn't think he could make it. according to the aviation analyst john nance there is a problem with the air traffic controller not having the availability to find available airport and an issue that needs to be revolved. elizabeth hur in new york. kimberly: that it for "abc7 news at 5:00". jonathan: right now at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- >> maryland new plan to stop
5:59 pm
what many call driving while black. the same racial profiling blamed in part for the baltimore riots. kimberly: plus, what metro is planning to do to protect passengers after deciding to resume a bus route plagueded by violence. jonathan: "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: first at 6:00, fighting back against rail profiling. four month after the baltimore riot, maryland attorney general says he has a plan to calm the racial tensions between police and citizens. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live in baltimore with more on the proposed plan. what is this about? brad: well, we are in annapolis. i want to tell you why it is relevant. we are in lawyers mall in front of the statehouse. thurgood marshall memorial.
6:00 pm
it says, "equal justice under law." the attorney general says it's guidance under the law and that means the racial profiling is illegal. montgomery county executive said it happened to him when no reason a police officer challenged his right to be in a public park. >> i was something more than a black face. at night, in a scene in a situation that could have turned deadly. brad: another example. the allegedly unlawful are and death of freddie gray in baltimore last spring, the spark for a night of violence and months of tension and the reason why maryland attorney general tonight is the first in the country to offer firm guidance to every police agency in the state. he expects the policy to be followed. >> it may not consider


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