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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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again at the station to say they are in their prayers. momente approached that -- reporter: at the moment the shooting occurred yesterday, allison parker and adam ward's colleagues' remember. >> please join us now in a moment of silence. after a day reporting with stiff upper lips, today it's getting harder to carry on. >> the sorrow is sitting in and i think the reality is setting in. reporter: the honor ambush continues to horrify the region. many are responding with acts of kindness. as soon as we finish this interview, the viewer steps up to give her a hug. >> iwatch the station every day. reporter: they bring food and flowers to the station. >> i felt like i had to do something. reporter: there is more talk of the killer. a search of his apartment
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reportedly turns up evidence of long-term planning for the murders. andlmed into it -- tweeted. at wdbj, nobody is surprised. >> he had a lot of anger. he had a lot of just rage. was fired twoagan years ago from his job as a reporter. staffers say innocent things like fried chicken on a menu would bring forth claims of racism. >> he was not a nice man and he was not a happy man. reporter: one person who was speaking out with the most passionate about this. he is the boyfriend of allison parker. he is an anchor at the station. he is talking both about flanagan and the woman he loved. we will hear from him when we come back at 5:00.
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brad bell, abc 7 news. scott: we are also hearing from the father of allison parker. he says he is used to talking to his daughter each day and after this tragedy he is pushing for tighter gun control laws. >> she would be texting me right now saying dad, what did you think of my story? and i am never going to hear that again. she was so loved by all. my heart is broken. it is senseless that her life and adam's lifer taken by a crazy person with a gun. walshave to be the john -- look, i am for the second amendment but there has to be a way to force cowards andthat are in the pockets of the nra to --e to grips and make sense
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and have sensible loss of the people cannot bash the crazy people cannot get grounds -- gun. parker said he would indeed be a crusader on gun control. kimberly: yesterday's shooting joins a list of recent shootings involving a gunman who was recently oh. our diane cho continues our team coverage from the newsroom. who was talking about it? sayster: parker's father he will not rest until changes are made after his daughter was shot to death yesterday during a live report. parker in her photographer worked for wdbj, the same station vester flanagan was fired from back in 2013. -- after a linning several
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instances involving his coworkers or risk termination. just days after the church shooting in south carolina in june, authorities say flanagan legally purchased a gun. governor terry mcauliffe pulled for tougher gun restrictions last year and they were eventually rejected by a state senate committee. gun rights advocates said it infringed on their second amendment rights. >> there are individuals in this country who should not be allowed to own a firearm. it is common sense and it is tragic that this kind of legislation cannot be passed or sign in the law. reporter: authorities later recovered from two guns -- recovered two guns from flanagan. doctor be speaking to a about why people are not getting treatment they need. kimberly: thank you. stay with abc 7 news and for any new developments in this
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investigation. we will be joined by a mental health expert that will talk to us about stress in the workplace and how to deal with coworkers with issues that could lead to destructive behavior. scott: muriel bowser's announcement of a plan to combat violence did not go as planned. sam sweeney shows us her initiative is already being met with some resistance. reporter: the mayor came here to lay-up brand-new legislation to help filing client -- crime that is been -- help fight violent crime. her message was quickly interrupted by activist from the "black lives matter." the first part of that plan was to put more police officers on the street. as soon as she said that things became a bit chaotic. there was outburst happening and there were shouting over her. she stuck to her speech and did not flinch or stop. she did not even pay attention
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to those protesters. she caps on going but they kept getting louder. let's listen in. >> and devoted more than $1 million to police overtime. i am going to talk about our plan and i'm also going to talk about that we can do with the community. reporter: that protesting went on and on for the better part of 15 minutes until it was over in that it really erupted. in the plan she calls for more officers on the streets. she wants civilians to take over office work and get the officers who are currently doing desk work back on the streets. she wants to increase deal time for those who commit crimes in parks and on the metro. she wants to increase jail time by 1.5 times the maximum jail sentence. she wants to give incentives to businesses and homeowners to install security cameras on their properties to help identify criminals after a crime is committed.
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she laid out an extensive plan to stop violent criminals from repeatedly victimizing the community. she also was to provide intensive and individualized employment services, social services, and health services in neighborhoods deeply affected by crime. she chose this location, the former malcolm x. elementary school because this is ward eight for the district police department. there have been 37 murders here on the streets running the school since january. that is a 95% increase in crime and she says it needs to start right here. her message was largely unheard because of these activists from black lives matter. we will have continuing covers about the day. sam sweeney, abc 7 news. scott: prince george's county police make arrest in the murder of a teenager. t junior is in jail
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charged with first-degree murder of juwan mccray. he is being held without bond. kimberly: hard to believe it is been 10 years, but president obama is in new orleans to mark the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina. he met with residents were continuing to rebuild their lives and communities. president obama is speaking at a newly opened community center in the lower ninth ward. the actual hurricane katrina date is saturday. scott: tropical storm erika is spending through the eastern caribbean towards florida. residents in west palm beach are preparing for the possible storm by boarding up windows and stockpiling food. florida power and light has really 4 million customers in south florida. crews are now checking power grids and mobile units are on standby. >> all it takes is one lightning bolt being six times hotter than the service of the sun coming into contact with equipment and there can be outages. scott: a police official said at
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least four people have died in severe flooding and mudslides caused by tropical storm erika. the governor of puerto rico says the storm's path could bring much-needed rain to the country. for an update -- kimberly: steve, will have an impact on us? soon, but on the eastern coast of florida it could be as early as tuesday of next week. here is the latest update. waiting for a new updated 5:00. winds at 45 miles per hour. it is moving towards the west at 14 miles per hour. i want to fast forward as it moves through the next couple of days. it will skim cuba and that could potentially become a category one hurricane as it rights of the coast of florida. anywhere toould be the west of florida or off the eastern coast of florida. a lot can change before --
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between now and tuesday. it looks like it will eventually skirt the coast of florida and move towards the north. the impact on our area a little too early to tell for right now. if you have or have not been outside or looked outside for the past several hours, it is gorgeous out there. lots of sunshine for us. we will call for that to continue as a move to the dinnertime our. -- hours. maybe a foot tall game or soccer practice or eating outside. it looks great. 82 at reagan national. 73 in cumberland. the forecast for the nationals game, the first pitch five minutes after 7:00. temperatures will fall into the lower 80's and eventually the 70's under mainly clear skies. a look at the upcoming weekend forecast. you are going to love what is on the way. fairfax county police say
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they have found the body of a missing 16-year-old lloyd. he has been identified as vladimir flores of fairfax county. his body was found in a little hunting creek today. a massive search was launched after he disappeared last night near the potomac river. crews say he disappeared while fishing with a group of people near mount vernon. kimberly: the washington monument is back open after another elevator malfunction. last night 23 people were forced to walk down the 890 stairs from the observation level when the elevator stopped working. the day before 63 people were trapped at the very top, including two pregnant ladies who had to be carried down a firefighters. elevator problems have forced the monument to close several times in the last few years. we hope it is finished with that issue. scott: nothing back nine intercepts under way down for a little exercise. kimberly: you can go up, but can you leave?
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we are hearing from robert griffin iii about whether he will play in the next game after suffering a concussion. scott: rg iii would like to and hopes to play against the ravens. realizationwith the that hopes and always mean actuality. lou: that is what it has been around here for a long time. hopes, reality, and the quarterback position is always in the middle. this game against the ravens is significant because historically it is the third preseason game that most of the starters get the longest looks on the field together. is still then iii starting quarterback of this football team and today exactly one week after a not so stellar performance and an early departure against the lions, number 10 breaks his silence gives us his update. >> i feel good. just trying to take care of everything can be as cautious as possible.
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it is not about anything that my family and them caring for me and my will being. --well being. they've been asking about me every single day. i will follow protocol and see what happens. . i don't know the coaches told you guys but my job is not to give you updates. i'm following their lead in protocol and hope i can get out there and play. kimberly: that means we do not know. [laughter] lou: exactly. look, all these football teams trying to keep things close to the vest. no coaches going to give their hand the kids if another team knows that robert griffin the third still has his lingering think from a concussion. the ravens are coming and they want to win football games. i am not exciting a lot but he wants to play and they will go through all the necessary precautions. kimberly: he saw a neurologist yesterday.
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is your gut telling you he will not play? lou: my gut says he will play a little bit because it is the third preseason game and that is the most important. kimberly: but we will see. kimberly:coming up, new numbers in the crowded race for the white house. find out where hillary clinton and donald trump stand among the candidates. scott: a bizarre confrontation all current camera. halley man tried to use a dog as a weapon against a police officer here it -- officer. say they why some shouldn't be building out the rather up.
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kimberly: take a look at this. a car crash led to this massive geyser in hollywood. actuallyor real and it 12 art of a fire hydrant. -- it toward off heart of a fire hydrant. at one point it was a small explosion sending firefighters running. thankfully this has a happy ending and no one was hurt. istt: hillary clinton switching upper strategy in a race for the white house. in the latest quinnipiac university poll she remains the
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democratic front-runner is about 25% of the votes of register -- 45%. she interrupted her vacation to make a campaign stop in iowa yesterday. she joked about donald trump but to the more serious tone about her you know controversy. clinton: i am confident this process will prove that i never e-mail thatived any was marked classified. shows are having a slight lead over donald trump. he has 28%. ise president joe biden pulling the highest of any candidate if he enters the race. kimberly: interesting. scott: the columbia heights civic association is proposing a new way to get around arlington. kimberly: it involves a pod transit system. brianne carter is live to expand how it would work. what is it? reporter: we're not talking
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about holding out, we are talking about living up. according to this flyer from the association, they say it is the alternative to the streetcar. along columbia pike to get so credit they need relief from the congestion. we all heard about the streetcar they say this new j-pod system is the next best thing. it was like a monorail. they say this is the way to ease the congestion. individuals can get into the pot and plug-in exactly where they want to go making no stops between where they originally get on and their destination. it would be pallor -- powered by sunil -- solar panels. it is early in the process. they will be holding a meeting next month to have input from people who live here along columbia pike on whether or not they think this is a good idea. one of the people we talked to
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today said this is a good idea because it requires no public funding. it would be privatized and a good answer to get so many people off the road. it's crowded in getting more packed. the reason we look at this option is because capacity problem. the buses will not help capacity. therter: what do you think? association would like to hear from you. they will be holding a meeting at 7:00 on september 28 at the walter reed community center. they said everyone in the community is invited to weigh in on whether or not this is the answer. brianne carter, abc 7 news. kimberly: the streetcar seems like a blast from the past and the pod seems like we are launching into the future. taxpayers would not have to pay for this at all? reporter: this is the very beginning. that is the man who owns the j-pod company.
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they're trying to get other people to invest in this. they say it would never wear any public funding. they have not brought this to the county yet or to the state in terms of exactly moving forward on this. they want to know from residents would you be interested in this. river how long the debate -- for member how long debate was over the streetcar? this is in the very beginning stages of that conversation starting. scott: people like kimberly will want their own personal pod. kimberly: i will share. it will be cheaper that way. tickets will not be inexpensive. that is crazy. scott: it is something. it looks like a disney world ride. let's check in with our current traffic. jamie sullivan has the details. jamie: we definitely have some slowing in the cars, not the pods. a crash on the outer loop of the beltway.
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two lanes are blocked. we are seeing the delay because of the crash. the backup here on the outer loop starts well before 66. a live look to talk about how heavy we actually are. this paints a great picture. we are barely moving, engine -- inching along. this is arlington boulevard. they give you a good idea of how slowly are. a nice little break when you get closer to braddock road, or past braddock road and continuing towards the robinson terminal. let's focus in on what else we have right now. 10 miles per hour on the inner loop of the beltway getting it to maryland from virginia. far as crashes, nothing else on the interstates that we need to worry about. outbound on 395, it will take you just under 20 minute to the 14th street bridge continuing closer to the screen field interchange. no delays on 295. just normal volume.
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that is a look at traffic. back to you. kimberly: i do not know why we are not anchoring outside right now. scott: my pod broke down. [laughter] scott: today is a great walking day. got it a:ake my dog 30 every morning of the. and it was chilly out there. he had a next her stride and he was running around like crazy. a bit of fall in the air. we have a nice mix of sun and clouds. it will move to the early evening hours. outdoor plans, it will be fantastic with comfortable humidity and dew point levels. 82 at reagan national airport. winds are at six miles per hour. humidity at 38% for the end of august? almost unheard of. it's actually feeling cooler
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than our actual air temperature. 77 at dulles. lower 70's out in elkins, west virginia. dew point levels are in the 50's and that is white dry and comfortable. upper 60's in lower 70's will feel a bit more sticky in the upcoming weekend. if you want that summerfield, it is on the way. as we move through the evening hours into the overnight, temperatures will eventually all into the middle 60's. this is inside the capital beltway. for the next 36 hours, another beautiful day with a nice mix of sun and clouds. highs in the middle 80's under partly cloudy skies. winds will be out of the southwest at 3-7 miles per hour. saturday and sunday, lower 80's. water temperature will be in the upper 70's and take you out with a seven day outlook. i promise you hotter weather and
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you got it. temperatures around 90 degrees along with added humidity. it will feel a few degrees hotter with that. kids, most of them are back to school. arlington the exception. a lot of kids are back to school but look at the heat they have to deal with next week. lower 90's. arlington kids are like, yes! loving it. 4:00, coming up at tackling mental illness in the work ways. a mental health expert will join us with information on things to look out for to keep yourself and your coworker safe. kimberly: and is -- stay on top of any breaking news by signing up for text alert. we will be right back.
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kimberly: yesterday's deadly shooting of a tv news crew brings up questions about dealing with mental health and the work ways. -- workplace. scott: that means knowing the signs of distress and how to address them. joining us is a licensed professional clinical counselor. we are glad you are with us because the resource to talk about. you say the key, it is tough to nail down what exactly that is
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in this particular case. but overall you need to be more aware. >> i'm glad you brought that back up because awareness in america is what we're looking for. we really need to have a better awareness in this country. i think we talk about diagnosis and treatment but what is it really look like? the process. opening up for families in america and being comfortable about talking about. kimberly: he say managers need to be looking out for certain symptoms and being willing to help their employees through these troubling times? tony: yes, as well as coworkers. we are there 8-10 hours or days. do we really know who we are working with and say i need to know your name or want to get to know you as i can tell a difference is and maybe a behavioral mood. if i do not know you i cannot say that. how are you doing, howard things
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going -- how are things going? becoming aware of who we are as humanistic viewpoints and saying i'm working with somebody. and i see a difference. you careful. i'm caring for you. scott: few people when they see something that troubles and necessarily will feel comfortable going to a higher level in saying this concerns me. a lot of people do not necessarily take the next step. you would encourage them to make sure they talk about it with others? tony: you can go to your human resource office and ask that the policy is. how can you help me through this or walk me through the process? mental health awareness on the job is important and a d.c. there are some changes in my coworker or see changes in the environment i am working in. what can we do as a agency or company to help them? kimberly: what about mental health issues and the access to
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guns? should there be more public reporting of mental health problems? i know it is a touching one -- touchy one. tony: i believe that there should be more mental health awareness and what it is about gun violence. a lot of times people want to associate a strong correlation with mental health and good balance and that may not always -- gun violence but that may not always be the case. is there a key place we can look at to prevent gun violence from individuals that might have a mental health background? scott: great advice and hopefully there'll be a lot of lessons learned in a positive direction after this. really just a tragedy and we are glad to help advises. kimberly: thank you, tony. coming up at 4:00, offensive symbols is covered in a local neighborhood. the latest on the investigation.
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an abc news exclusive. we are hearing from a 12 euro boy who managed to survive a small plane crash on a beach.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00, on your side. leadersontgomery county are testing outrage over swastikas showing up in several neighborhoods. kimberly: some of these images
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may be disturbing. kevin lewis reports. reporter: the entry sign to the flower valley neighborhood in rockville is draped with this orange tarp. someone decided to spray-painted a black swastikas on it. residents called montgomery county police around 6:00 yesterday morning reporting the hate crime. the suspect or suspects also vandalized to speed cameras along route 108. a contractor assessed the damage it is not getting the chemicals needed to scrub the paint off. you might recall in april when a group of teenagers spray-painted swastikas on a gaithersburg synagogue. security cameras helped identify the genes responsible. one is inspected to plead guilty next month. the most recent case might be hard to solve because police have little to no evidence. >> i think it is very unsettling. it's a nice community we live in.
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it just seems like someone was acting like an idiot. it is a crime of opportunity. i'm probably not feeling good about myself which is why i'm doing this. let's let everyone else see it. reporter: no word on how much it will cost to fix the sign and the two speed cameras that were defaced. if you have any information, call montgomery county police. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kimberly: investigators are busy on another case try to find the cause of an overnight apartment fire in prince george's county. the fire broke out in a stairwell of the building in landover hills. firefighters quickly put out the flames and rescue three people. no one was hurt. it did displace people into separate apartments. we are seeing another day of gorgeous weather. i got my lunch to go and set out on the table for about 30 seconds. i wish you could've been three hours. scott: it's better than nothing.
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steve, how long will it sick around? steve: it is wonderful out there. it's going to stay this way. plans,have dinner kimberly maybe to get a next to 30 seconds out there. we have a mix of sun and clouds at this hour. 75 in gaithersburg, 82 at reagan national, 80 at andrews. if you're looking for that cooler air, it's well to the west. that is where temperatures are the upper 60's and lower 70's at this hour. nationals forecast as you head out the door five minutes after 7:00, that is first hitch. temperatures will slowly fall from the lower 80's and eventually into the middle 70's. up we will talk about the upcoming weekend forecast. the heat, humidity, it's back for how long? more on that in just a few minutes. scott: interesting one here.
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leesburg police are establishing an internet transaction safety zone. if you buy or sell something through a website like craigslist you can be at the leesburg police station for a safe place to complete the sale. it is the latest in a growing trend to combat theft and violence and international -- internet exchanges. similarstablished stations earlier this month. yesterday's terrific shooting was unfortunately one of several we have seen recently based partially on race. are we talking enough about race relations? there has been an increase in the dialogue. in the aftermath of wednesday's attack, there are questions regarding racial tensions in what we may or may not doing to ease them. >> yes, we are having great conversations about race everyday. the problem is there is counter conversation that is happening.
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the extremist that is veiled in his attacks and ultimately the question is after the conversation do we have the cursor actually do something? scott: there was instant outreach for the victims and often by the suspects. he complained-- of mistreatment as a gay black man. "you want a race war, bring it and." is this rash of attacks assigned we're moving backwards? a recent poll shows or in 10 americans think it is getting worse. 68% of blacks say race relations are generally bad. that is close to the number seen during this. riots after police officers were acquitted in the beating of rodney king. how do you turn that around? >> it's hard to have dialogue if you're not living your people are going to school with people that are different from you. scott: he says integration is
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the key but just as there is anger, there's also a resistance to move forward. but not by all. >> there was an effort among some folks in housing and urban development to permanently arcadia road said integrated or predominantly black. i think that is a strong tech -- steps in the correct direction. for more to new developments in the shooting investigation. , forrly: coming up at 4:00 the first time we are hearing from the 12-year-old lloyd who managed to survive a small plane crash on a beach. what he is saying about the harrowing experience coming up next.
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scott: now to an abc news exclusive. a 12-year-old boy hit a small plane in california is talking about this crash for the very first time. kimberly: can you imagine seeing it come down like that? it happened last month. for the first time since this plane crashed into a crowded each on july 4, ar isar-old nicholas be
4:44 pm
speaking out. with your member? >> i was transitioning to skim boarding and then i guess the point is came down. >> we have one airplane down at the water's edge. reporter: watch as the single-engine airplane limits from the sky, bouncing up to the service atomic across the beach. it's going hit him in the head as his terrified friends watched. >> we thought he died. without the airplane was on top of them. >> he started to move in we knew he was alive. reporter: the pilot was uninjured but nicholas needed help. shocked by held in steady until paramedics arrived. >> i remember waking up and they going to the amulets in the going to the hospital. reporter: despite the fractured skull bone that required surgery, he stayed in the
4:45 pm
hospital for just four days. his new nickname, miracle did. -- dude. >> i don't really like the name. i'm just another person the get hit by a plane. [laughter] reporter: 12 of his buddies shaved their heads. >> i was happy they did it and it does that make me feel awkward. reporter: happy for friends like his and thankful for first responders who worked to keep him alive after that terrifying crash. for just want to thank them saving my life. miracle dude. scott: i like how he says he's just like any other to the got hit by a plane. kimberly: coming up at 4:00, a new study on when is the best time to get your flu shot. you might be surprised that the result.
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kimberly: a 7 on your side medical matter. with some are still holding on a bit, it shot meineke undermined
4:49 pm
just yet but it turns out the very best time to get the vaccine is right about now. the walk in now signs are up the patients are not lining up just yet. >> the best time of the year is when the flu shot just becomes available, before the flu season begins. kimberly: she needs right now. august and september being ideal. a few weeks in advance of and the flu starts to spread. a new study looked at more than 1700 americans through four flu seasons and found the shot does protect wealth or straight months. reducing your chance for doctors visit by 50-70%. even if the shot is not perfectly matched the strain. >> the flu vaccine is difficult to predict. every year it does change in order to try to match whatever the predominant strain is they think will be most common. kimberly: many patients get the flu shot for that reason. she hears this excuse, to.
4:50 pm
>> a lot of people say i got the flu shot and that is dealing time i ever got the flu. there can be some. generally they are mild, maybe a little bit of muscle aching is or low-grade fever, headache. kimberly: she says the side effects diminish if you routinely get the flu shot and palin comparison to suffering from full-blown influenza. consumersrom says have more choices when it comes to the flu vaccine. usually italy protects against the restraint. this year there is four-strain production. you'll want to ask your doctor which is next for you. scott: you don't even want to think about the flu with the weather is this nice. steve: it's going to warm up around here. there is nothing worse than a cold end of summer time. you want the outside and enjoy it. sometimes it makes you feel better, right?
4:51 pm
he's looking at me like i have 12 heads. the big wheel is spending. a beautiful evening to go out there and enjoy it. go for a walk, hang out at the part, anything outdoors is going to be ago. the clouds are not going to bring us any rain. tomorrow looks fantastic with a high temperature near 85 degrees. the winds will be out of the southeast and the weekend, let's talk about that. upper 80's on saturday. inmates of sun and clouds on sunday. around 91 degrees. he could feel a little hotter than that. time is dwindling. the highs in the lower 80's both saturday and sunday. water temperature in the upper 70's. redskins at ravens, looking at temperatures around 80 degrees. 7:00 in the evening on saturday. lower 80's by 10:00 in the evening and will be a great weekend or weekend night for
4:52 pm
tailgating. here is the heat and humidity. it will stick into early next week. high temperatures will hover around 90 degrees. heat index values will make it deal of it hotter than that. i chance for a few storms on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. maybe tomorrow i will step for lunch for about one minute. scott: now you are splurging. kimberly: time for a check of the traffic situation. jamie: go for two minutes. it is a slow one. it will take you approximately 25 minutes traveling on the beltway working your way southbound. the issue is on the outer loop in virginia. an accident has been cleared away but the backup is still has a lot of volume in the 20's. he see the red line. that is the traffic on the inner loop. i want to talk about this delay on the outer loop.
4:53 pm
a live look to show you. a better idea that opportunity for traffic that we are seeing. this is right or arlington boulevard and is backing up our ramps as well. let's go ahead and move back to the map. that is not the only place we have delays. 15 miles per hour heading out from d.c. on 295. we are seeing those delays. we are ok right now on 50 but some police activity in the district. watch out for this. 14th street bridge constitution avenue. it is police activity. all lanes are blocks of right now on 14th street. we will keep you updated but this is probably a good area to avoid. that is a look at traffic. , a crazy scenep and it is all caught on camera. unbelievable how women and try to use a dog as a weapon against
4:54 pm
a police officer. if i want to go up... hello. if i want to go down... nooo... but, then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. and there you have it. (vo) and now through september 13th save hundreds on select
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kimberly: you do not see this every day. the man is facing animal cruelty charges after police say he picked up a dog and try to use it as a weapon. scott: it was all caught on camera. darren dido has more. reporter: an officer arrived on fairchild street man appeared to be under the influence of something. roaming three yards in kicking and says. >> he was out of it. screaming his head off and they did what they could. reporter: the suspect tries to walk away. taser and pepper spray were ineffective, he picked up his dog and threw it at the officer then swung the dog by the leash using it as a weapon. >> i have seen people try to use a dog and sick it on somebody but it never seen somebody pick up a dog and swing into the air
4:58 pm
as a weapon. that is a first. reporter: i doubt he knew what he was doing -- officers were able to get him onto the ground. witnesses were impressed by the officers. >> the way he handled it was really surprising. i was proud of what they did there. reporter: the dog is ok and is now it effective custody of the animal shelter. >> you see a dog like this that is defenseless. it is not hereby tone choice. -- here by its own choice. in.he reality is setting scott: one day after seeing colleagues shot on live cd, the staff and roenick pauses to honor the memories. and a new mission. >> i will not rest until i see something get done here. parker's father promises he will not rest until his daughter's death was not in vain.
4:59 pm
the mayor's new plan to fight miami crime was not very well received. ♪ kimberly: we start with breaking news at a northeast washington where witnesses tell us they heard dozens of shots fired. thethan: this happens near offices of the d.c. archdiocese. reporter: what we have going on right now here is an active search. there was a police helicopter overhead. they had k-9 units and they are searching this large, tall area of grass here in the middle of the screen spot. we've been hearing them calling out for somebody to come out if there is indeed anybody in that area. witnesses heard shots fired around 3:00 this afternoon. this is an area bound by eastern avenue, sargent road, and
5:00 pm
galloway street. it is near the archdiocese, right outside the pastoral center. lockdown, a self-imposed lockdown and asked people to stay away from windows and doors. and to be careful not to leave the area until it was all clear and all safe. there are a number of the police officer's here apparently looking for some sort of manhunt going on for whoever the shooter or shooters happen to be. we are told that one person was shot. they are conscious and reading and taken to the hospital. 3:00 this afternoon in a residential neighborhood and close to the archdiocese. multiple shots fired. one person taken to the hospital and police -- the manhunt going on. we will stay on top of it and we will get back to you as soon as we get more information. jonathan: thank y


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