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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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galloway street. it is near the archdiocese, right outside the pastoral center. lockdown, a self-imposed lockdown and asked people to stay away from windows and doors. and to be careful not to leave the area until it was all clear and all safe. there are a number of the police officer's here apparently looking for some sort of manhunt going on for whoever the shooter or shooters happen to be. we are told that one person was shot. they are conscious and reading and taken to the hospital. 3:00 this afternoon in a residential neighborhood and close to the archdiocese. multiple shots fired. one person taken to the hospital and police -- the manhunt going on. we will stay on top of it and we will get back to you as soon as we get more information. jonathan: thank you.
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allison parker and adam ward's coworkers are wearing ribbons tonight in memory other fallen colleagues. they lined up outside the studios about two hours ago as the station general manager addressed questions about the man who killed them. vester flanigan shot them while they were on the air live in virginia. he was eventually caught along interstate 66 near markham and later died at a hospital. brad bell is live with the latest of what we learned about flanigan today. it seems that every hourly goes by your nine -- we are learning a new wrinkle about this guy. reporter: and none of it is pretty. the station general manager confirming that vester flanigan's time here was so troubling he was ordered to seek counseling. his behavior did not improve and he was fired. on the way out the door the general manager said flanagan essentially made a red against
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the station -- made a threat against the station but never thought he returned to the sort of violence we saw yesterday. the memorial continues to grow. bring flowers and food as though to the home of a friend after the death in the family. >> it hits too close to home. i felt like i needed to be here to see it. reporter: the staff says it is appreciated, especially today. >> i think the reality is setting in. thatter: the reality allison parker and adam ward are not coming back from the latest assignment. the morning news team observing a moment of silence at the time of yesterday's on-air ambush. himself anyfriend, anchor, spoke to me last night at the scene of the crime. clutching a photo album she had made for him. thehe called this prettiest, newsiest couple ever.
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she was going to go so far in this field and was well on her way. they said his name and i was not surprised. reporter: note on air as bryce williams, he was fired to a net years ago for a pattern of disruptive conduct. a termination he blamed on racism. >> he was his frontal than every sense of the word. reporter: police found evidence and even planning the attack for some time. in his car police found the murder weapon and many rounds of ammunition along with what appears to be a disguise. is saying it is time to have a discussion about mental health and guns. >> it could be me, you, it could be anywhere and anyone. at some point americans will have to wrestle with this. reporter: you are looking over this car at the memorial. there was a television crew from wdjbbj.
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they continue to have to cover this story themselves. they are getting a lot of support for the community. a vigil is planned for 8:00 this evening. brad bell, abc 7 news. jonathan: virginia state police are investigating reports that one of their officers forced the news crew to delete video footage that was shot where the search for vester flanigan ended. a crew for the bbc tweeted out that an officer told him to delete their footage or they would lose their camera. such a request would be against state police policy. at whathave a look investigators found in a car after it crashed along interstate 66 coming up at 5:30. kimberly: the murders are renewing the debate over gun control in the u.s. now some politicians are calling on congress to do more. >> i am sorry that she is not going to be there. reporter: a grieving father is turning his daughter's shooting
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death into a cause for tougher gun laws. >> these people are crazy and can get him i -- handguns. there has got to be some common sense. reporter: the gunman had a history of anger and aggression. according to station management who fired two years ago. it is believed he sent this suicide note to abc news expressing admiration for the columbine killers and virginia tech shooter. parker's father said when you and-- newtown connecticut the colorado movie theater screening -- shooting, it is time to talk to lawmakers. >> they are in the nra's pocket. reporter: it is now front and center on the presidential campaign trail. >> if guns were not so readily available, if we'd universal background checks -- >> we have a serious mental problem. reporter: walmart announced it was no longer selling high-powered assault rifles.
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not for political reasons, but he does consumer demand is down. it was a handgun that was used in virginia and police say it was purchased legally. an online petition has started to cancel a gun show in roanoke, virginia this weekend. as of now that show will go on as scheduled. .andy hitt, abc 7 news kimberly: donald trump sink of the country should be focusing on mental health treatment programs rather than gun control in the wake of the shooting. the national rifle association has yet to comment on the shooting. ward's parker and adam colleagues pay tribute to them this morning on air. you can watch the entire tribute at jonathan: strict gun control measures are supposed to help curb crime. but this year spiking shooting death has the mayor proposing yet another approach. stephen tschida is joining us
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with a look at the mayor's plan. the press conference to not go quite the way she was intending. reporter: not at all. this is attacking with the mayor was talking about. we have a strong round the clock police presence in this very spot where four people have been shot in the past few months. one of them fatally. the mayor, when she was outlining her strategy to curb the story homicide rate did encounter some local opposition. in anger boiled over stifling hot room. >> i will not be shouted down because i'm telling the truth. reporter: inside he plans to make -- a school she plans to make a rec center, she denounced the city's spiraling homicide rate. >> we will put more officers on the street. reporter: she was to grant
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supervising agencies more access to search homes of violent offenders on probation or parole for illegal guns. she also wants to increase the punishment for some violent crimes. >> at least 21 of those arrested for homicide this year were on parole, probation, or awaiting trial. reporter: the calls for more holies and tougher penalties infuriated some of the crowd. one woman said she wanted police officers despite the homicide search. >> we have to deal with the pain and the trauma and the fear that people have. that is why they pick up guns. reporter: the mayor addressed the angry crowd only -- you think they have to tell me that? [applause] >> you think they have to tell me that? reporter: while some of the activists were saying that the
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key to curbing violent crime in d.c. is to get rid of the police, just about 12 minutes ago i spoke with a man who lives on this very street. he says since the police of been here around the clock he feels safer. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. kimberly: fundraiser is getting underway in annapolis for republican as it is a candidate chris christie. it is being hosted by maryland governor mary hogan at a hotel. this is just the latest in a series of hype of file visits to maryland. today turned out a stunningly gorgeous day. jonathan: steve is joining us now. can we keep this going for a while longer? maybe a couple of months? steve: we will keep it going for one more day in and the heat and humidity is back for the upcoming weekend. rehobeth beach, delaware. hardly any cloud cover out there at all. they will main clear to the
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overnight hours. 81 degrees at reagan national airport. gaithersburg is 75 him at dulles at 80. 70 over and culpeper. there is no rain to speak of. you will not need an umbrella. not until sunday afternoon and that is only about a 30% chance. here is our nationals forecast for those who may be heading out to the ballpark. look for temperatures to fall in the lower 80's. winds out of the northwest. talking about the upcoming weekend is just a few minutes. kimberly: a developing story. a mother at work. her live-in boyfriend left at home to watch her one-year-old son. that baby is now dead. the boyfriend is charged with murder. kevin lewis is live in riverdale. -- said: 28-year-old they called 911 act on august 1. paramedics came to his auburn manor apartment on the child in
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cardiac arrest. the child was taken to children's national hospital where he was pronounced dead about 80 minutes later. he told detectives he found the one-year-old barely breathing in a better. of -- bedroom. police, heo the struck the one-year-old in the head and upper body. the child also had a gash to his liver. court records show someone filed a domestic violence case against sesa last december. sesay is facing charges of first-degree murder in child abuse. it is said. i have no words. >> he's your boyfriend. you trust to leave your child with them. i don't know.
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i am speechless and don't know what to say. reporter: the prince george's county state attorney's office cells this is the third time in his -- it is charged a man with the death of a child in the last 18 months. in each case the mother was at work, unable to afford day care. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. jonathan: that is horrible. thank you. a jerk off the restricted easier space has raised more than $10,000 for his own defense. amountge also cap that right at $10,000. doug keyes was arrested after landing his gyro copter at the u.s. capitol. a plea deal or some kind ofll be trouble be taking place at the hearing in october. kimberly: coming up next at 5:00. consequences being handed out after the deadly explosion in china. jonathan: new video from the
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national zoo is is a new lens at the surviving baby panda. marks 10 this weekend years since hurricane katrina landed in new orleans. when we come back we will look at the president's trip to the big easy today.
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jonathan: the storm was damaging in the flooding was worse. 10 years since hurricane katrina slant-in to the gulf coast. right now president obama is in the crescent city to mark this anniversary. scott thuman is live with more on his visit. reporter: the president was greeted by a cheering crowd at his first up-to-date. he visited one of the oldest it's in the country. the area saw significant flooding during the historic storm. the president said the city suffered a devastating blow back in august 2005 but it is going to become an example of what can happen when people rally to build a better future. he is in a newly opened community center in the city's ninth ward, one of the hardest hit parts of new orleans.
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residents there are still struggling to recover. new orleans received billion's of dollars in the last 10 years and 80% was flooded for weeks after katrina. nearly 2000 people died, most of them in the city. even though countless embers of residents opt to stay way from the city in the wake of the storm, the today -- today, the population is nearing a level it was before katrina. new businesses are opening up after than the national average. a significant visit from the president. we will continue to monitor that. jonathan: thank you. at least four people are dead on the island of dominica after severe flooding and mudslides caused by tropical storm erika. residents in hollywood, florida are preparing for the possible -- possibility of the storm blasting them next week. utility crews have people on standby. you can see people stocking up on supplies. -- lastscussed the cut
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couple of cases of water. two generators. impact windows. we even got a propane stove. jonathan: it's none moving your puerto rico in the u.s. virgin islands they. puerto rico's governor says it can bring much-needed rain but it is expected to pass by tomorrow. kimberly: it was such a stunning the beautiful day today. though humidity. jonathan: it's hard to think about storms blowing through any area. steve: that storm will come close to the coast of florida and moving to tuesday of next week. a lot can change between then and now. i want to show you the latest map. you can see the winds are now at 45 miles per hour. per gusts up to 58 miles hour. this is the projected track of the next several days. look at how it hugs the florida coast.
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come late monday into tuesday. there is a lot of wiggle room. this is the center point so it could end up over here or the western side of the florida coast. a lot can change in the coming days. we will keep you updated right here on abc seven and on it is beautiful. hardly any cloud cover to speak of. sunshine is out for at least another couple of hours in the clouds will role in for the overnight. 81 and reagan national airport. humidity levels are low. the pollen count is beginning to increase, especially for ragweed in the high category. trees and grasses are nothing to worry about. mold in the moderate range. 76 in hagerstown. 80 at andrews. 82 degrees at fredericksburg. it is beautiful out there.
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dew point level; will range where it is dry, not sticky. as we move through the middle to end of the upcoming weekend these dew point temperatures are goin to rise into the upper 60's and lower 70's. that will feel sticky and a comfortable. more like a typical end of august in washington. nighttime for the middle 50's to around 65 or 66 degrees inside the capital beltway. a comfortable night ahead. winds out of the north at three-six miles for our. nothing going on tomorrow. just a few scattered clouds here in their. if you have outdoor plants tomorrow morning, afternoon, evening, no problem. it will be wonderful weather and the heat and humidity will build into the upcoming weekend. high tomorrow is 85 degrees of early cloudy skies. a look at your weekend forecast. the beach forecast looking ready nice.
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temperatures will be in the oh -- lower 80's for -- water temperatures in the upper 70's. andr 80's, near 90 saturday sunday. we will continue that trend into monday and tuesday of next week. values have a heat index that will make it feel a little bit hotter than that. 30% chance for a few storms. not going to be a washout. jonathan: i guess that is ok. steve: take advantage of it now because winter is coming. jonathan: stop that crazy talk. kimberly: we want to bring you up-to-date of the surviving panda cub at the washington zoo. it appears to be thriving. they released this video a few hours ago. he that'swing which what they call the cup proper maternal care. i thought it hurts week he noises. -- thought i heard he noises.
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aky noises. is sayingyou know she really, this is going to between four hours on camera? police have their hands full tracking a tricky criminal. kimberly: one that waddles to give them a run for their money. jonathan: here is a look at what is coming
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jonathan: jury deliberations underway in the prep school great trial in new hampshire. in new >> a win is not guilty. -- owen is not guilty. reporter: closing statement to the jury. the former student is accused of raping a 15-year-old girl last year at the prestigious st. paul's prep school in new hampshire. >> he is not a saint. he is a teenager. but he told you the truth on that stand. reporter: he said he did have an broughtsexual encounter on by the so-called "senior salute" tradition where seniors
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hook up with younger students. >> st. paul's school failed the children with her attitude towards senior salute. reporter: he admits to kissing the legend victim in helping her remover sweatshirt that says while he was putting on a condom decided not to have sex with her. >> i thought to myself maybe we should not do this. reporter: during tearful testimony, she testified she -- she -- thought thumbed to sometimes thought it was her false. i did say no three times. reporter: she says he was determined to have sex before graduating. -- sheid not care that said no and froze up. he cared about what he wanted. reporter: he faces up to 60 years behind bars. the school says it will review all policies and traditions. up at 5:00,ming gone in an instant.
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find out what happened follies folks waiting at a bus stop. kimberly: the streetcar is so yesterday. look at the futuristic land when arlington neighborhood is considering to improve the commute along columbia pike. vesterr: what did flanigan had planned after he killed reporter live on-air. flanigan had planned after he killed reporter live on-air. what the gunma
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. kimberly: the search for a man who ambushed converted a photographer in reporter on-air yesterday ended along i-66. we are learning what the gunman who targeted allison parker and adam ward had inside his car. 7 on your side investigator is live at the satellite center with the details. reporter: this right here is a copy of the search warrant police used to look through his car. this is the actual list of what they discovered which appears to be his escape plan. the car lanigan was in was a rental. his actual car was found at the roanoke air work so he did think this out. among the items found were a briefcase with three license plates, awaken sunglasses. they also found a black cat in a backflip and of supplies. the list describes a glock
5:31 pm with -- pis they also found some interesting list andluding a to do 17 stamp letters. no word on what -- to those letters were addressed to. also a book tag with handwritten and typed letters. the word describes how police first identified flanigan as a person of interest base of a text he sent to a friend shortly after the shooting saying he had done something stupid. a short time later they discovered him driving on i six. when they tried to shot -- stop him he shot himself in the head in crashed. he died a short time later at a hospital. jonathan: checking today's top stories. friends, colleagues, total strangers, this morning -- police say it was a disgruntled former coworker who shot in
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killed adam ward in allison parker. this afternoon the entire staff of the station honor their colleagues with maroon and teal ribbons. mayor's: d.c. planetree's violence is getting a pretty chilly reception. she discussed her plan today, including putting more police officers on the street. activist did try to shout her down. they said the plan would increase tensions between police and local residents. jonathan: a riverdale man -- that is the panda in the cup is fine. the other story is the beating death of a one-year-old son of a girlfriend. the child's mother was at work at the time. court records show he was charged with domestic violence last december. kimberly: the fda issued warning letters to the makers of winston natural spirit, and net chairman
5:33 pm
cigarettes over their additive free and natural label claims. the agency said they maybe consumers to leave the products pose a lower risk. that claim has to be scientifically proven first. the companies have 15 days to respond to the warning. jonathan: there was a sinkhole in china. it swallows five people. watch. those are the folks standing there and they fall right in. they were waiting for a bus when this happened. the whole is about 10 feet deep. all of them are ok. those walking by helped pull all of them out of the whole. -- hole. the beijing government is detaining 11 individuals over last once explosion. the prosecutor says those detained include current and retired officials in the port city. their investigation is looking into how those officials got permission to handle dangerous chemicals despite being so close
5:34 pm
to homes into roads. kimberly: a major scare on a plane in las vegas no one investigation after the plane began taking off all by itself. flight 436 was on its way from las vegas to the orient, illinois when the pilot reported a -- mechanical failure. the plane out of the thing off by itself before takeoff. the alarmed pilots cannot push the nose back down and they were forced to abort the takeoff at 138 miles per hour. >> this was not a minor incident. this was the airplane doing something the crew did not want to do. reporter: allegiant air says it has conducted a plea light inspection and says all of its airplanes are safe. this is one of several investigations into the las vegas based airline. jonathan: in peru another dance between lisa and a suspect.
5:35 pm
-- police and a suspect. this penguin fell out of the vehicle and started wandering the streets. it narrowly avoided being bitten by a dog and hit by taxi. when the police try to get a hold of the guy he was not interested, leading them on a foot chase through city streets. he fled on foot. up theyicers caught gave it a meal of fish and set of target behind bars. it looks like you like the fish. kimberly: if they have given and the fish in the first place that would had it easier time catching them -- him. he was fast. he would like he had kind of 11 there. that beat. -- beak. jonathan: checking the book and a look at some of the new words being added to the dictionary. kimberly: getting to the bottom of robbins at the top. after two days of elevator alms at the washington monument. jonathan: a major milestone for
5:36 pm
maryland boy who made history when he got to hand.
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steve: one more day until the upcoming weekend and it will be a warm humid one. temperatures around 80 degrees on saturday. a few more degrees on sunday. temperatures in the lower 90's. it will feel in the middle 90's for the afternoon highs. you may see a stray thunderstorm on sunday afternoon, especially across the mountains but limited to about a 30% risk. the beach forecast looks fantastic for ocean city. temperatures around 81 degrees on saturday and 83 on monday. further south you go, outer banks of north carolina, daytime highs of 84 to 86 degrees. stay with us.
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kimberly: word of a recall of general mills frozen green beans after a package tested assad for listeria. the government says the recall is for 10 ounce bags of cascadian armed organic green beans. april.dates back in
5:40 pm
april 10 and april 11 of 2016. nobody has gotten sick. the recall does not extend to any other cascadian farm. walmart is already fighting for your holiday shopping business. the company says it would make changes to its annual holiday's season they await program, including making it available to customers two weeks earlier than last year. and $15 prices from $10 and giving shoppers 90 days to pay us 60. the program kicks off tomorrow in anticipation of christmas. jonathan: tesla is taking the top spot of a model ever. a got a perfect score in the survey. aonsumer reports" gave it 100. that is the first time they've ever given a 100.
5:41 pm
it may not be perfect for your budget because it sells for $130,000. kimberly: the oxford in the dictionary has added to its website, taking the top spot. manspreading. that is when a man spreads his legs and take the seat next to him. you might see it happen on the metro or baseball game. beerocklso the year -- lock and wineocklock. those are selfies planetoid. -- self-explanatory. man spreading, he knew about that. jonathan: anybody who is been on of flight. really, this is my seat? i think it is a dominance thing. [laughter] jonathan: coming up tonight at 5:00, speaking out. robert griffin iii talking about the injury that sent him out of the game. d.c. just topped the
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list for congestion but one locality has an unusual way to try to ease the traffic. the details are
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jonathan: you are looking at the aftermath of a chain reaction crash this didn't water spewing way up in the air in hollywood. look at the massive guys are after a vehicle sheared off on a fire hydrant. it is the high-voltage lines. it even cause a small transformer explosion. kind of a cool picture. nobody was hurt. nine months after arlington county decided to scrap plans for a streetcar residents are searching for other ways to ease congestion along columbia hike. kimberly: we are talking about the stretch between the pentagon and daily crossroads. it is less than five miles long. it is the busiest bus like -- route in the metro system. one feature sick potential option. -- futuristic digital option. reporter: they are looking ahead.
5:46 pm
congestion that they see coming through here along columbia pike. now they say they want to look up and set out. ♪ it may look like an amusement park ride, but some say this could be the future of transportation along columbia pike in arlington. >> we did not get the metro now. it would be nice to have something. reporter: members of the civic association are looking at the stability of adding this above ground system of j pods to ease congestion. each is tailored to the writer see gets your destination without making any stops in between. >> you can have one person in the pod. you do not have to share with strangers. reporter: it would be operated with solar panels. the aboveground rails could handle hundreds of hot, each traveling nearly 40 loss for our. -- miles per hour. the project would not need public funding.
5:47 pm
>> it would all be privatized. the guy who built it would charge people to find it. reporter: some say they would need to know more before they could supported. it looks like a good way to ease the growing congestion. >> i grew up with the tramway in europe and it is really common and popular. it usually does bring business to the area. reporter: it is important to stress this is a very beginning stage. just the civic association get it was on his to help people would feel about this. if you would like to weigh in, they will be holding an event on saturday afternoon in this park outside of the new giant. and also at their annual meeting. that is scheduled for the september 28. kimberly: let's put some of those pods over the beltway. jamie: that would be great. but that is not good for my job security so let's say without
5:48 pm
them for right now. the capital beltway over to bumper traffic in some spots. getting a little better here. this is on the inner loop in virginia just as the toll road. let's go ahead and move to the map and talk about how slow we actually are. it is about 19 miles per hour at an average. continuing all the way to the 270 spur. i would say this is typical but it is a little heavier than what we're used to because of a crash on the inner loop near georgetown pike. as we take a bigger look at what we have as far as the beltway, 21 miles per hour on 295. we focus in on 395. eight miles per hour on average. it will take you under 30 minutes but just barely continuing closer to the springfield interchange from the 14th street ridge. we have an accident. lanes blocked and then in the d.c. area keep in mind still police activity.
5:49 pm
fourteenth street northeast is closed that constitution avenue. jonathan: new tonight at 6:00, d.c.'s mayor plays at a plan to fight the climbing murder rate. what may be behind similar crime spikes and other major cities. one of the heroes. the terror attack on a train in france returns to the u.s. what he is to say after finally getting back home. kimberly: a new market watch report says he is the most expensive lace in the country for a family of or to live. our traffic is worse than l.a. now real estate is more expensive than new york. they rink d.c. among 618 different metro areas. cost ofory such as housing, child care, food, transportation. d.c. came out on top of the $106, that time to renegotiate the contract.
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jonathan: let's turn our attention to the weather. something a little bit more palatable. the weather is perfect. kimberly: can't get any better than this. steve: it is wonderful this evening if you have outdoor plans. it looks great up there. temperatures are going to slowly all of the lower 80's individually into the 70's. 70's fornto the frederick and gaithersburg and winchester and martinsburg. 75 degrees in cumberland, maryland at this time. as it move 30 hour by hour forecast, 76 degrees. that is the time the nationals game will start. a cool start to our friday but still a beautiful, bright day. our futurecast. here is a nice mix of sun and clouds for tomorrow afternoon. daytime highs will make it into the 80's.
5:51 pm
we keep the sunshine but as the heat and humidity for the upcoming weekend. it will make it into the lower 90's. 85 tomorrow and partly cloudy skies. take a look at the redskins forecast. they are playing up in baltimore on saturday evening. temperatures will be in the lower 80's to middle 70's. the seven day outlook shows 88 degrees on saturday and 91 and monday. a chance for a few thunderstorms on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. jonathan: thank you ray much. time for some sports. kimberly: will he or won't he? come on. lou: i have been a football fan in this area. without a court of that controversy it would be kind of boring. jonathan: we have one. lou: the starting quarterback position for the redskins has been in flux since the first bush administration. the latest in the burgundy and gold office under center is
5:52 pm
doing his best to keep that coveted spot. robert griffin iii has had quite a preseason already. today was the first time we hear from number 10 exactly a week since his so-so performance and concussion against the lions. this saturday is a significant benchmark in the preseason as they visit the ravens. since this is the first time he is been made available to the media, what really happened? >> did you have ever --concussion? >> i don't report that stuff. i was in the locker room taking a shower getting ready to watch the rest of the game. i don't know. nats mated excitement -- exciting last night with a comeback against the padres. we have to be concerned about gonzales. 20 hits and 14 earned runs allowed.
5:53 pm
-- looking to win tonight against the padres. the problem is the netscape winning. they won -- the problem is that the mets keep winning. the world's facets human back at it again. holding off to win the 200 meters. it is after the race. look at this cameraman writing on a scooter. -- riding on a scooter. the entire country of jamaica holding their collective rights. i guarantee this type of journalism will not be happening again. look at that. jonathan: he is probably from one of the countries that lost. kimberly: that is like taking down a champion racial -- racehorse. lou: nobody can do it. kimberly: visiting one local tourist attraction has come with an and asterisk this week.
5:54 pm
reporter: a few tourists have admitted to having second thoughts about going up inside the washington monument after a couple of elevator functions as weak. an update for the
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kimberly: a live look at the washington monument. the national parks service reporting no elevator opens tonight. jonathan: it reopened today after its second will punch in this week. as mike reports, what is causing the album. that is still unclear. reporter: at the washington monument today the elevator was working in a were no disruptions. a few visitors admitted they had second thoughts. >> it is worth the risk. therter: twice this week national parks service had a safety sensor that prevented the elevator doors from shutting which means he could operate.
5:58 pm
each time dozens of visitors had walked on the monuments 897 steps, including a couple of pregnant women who were carried down by firefighters. >> we saw the fire trucks and wondered what it was. reporter: elevator all caps of force it to close several times in the last few years. thisents that point out nearly 15 drilled elevator is used all day long, 300 cc four days a year. -- 364 days a year. the nationalon parks service technician to remain outside all day today observing the elevator operations at the control room you the top of the monument. >> it's easier to diagnose these and sidney katz them in the act. someter: the fact is actually hoped the elevator will stop working again biggest and they could exit using the monument's historic stairwell which was close in the 1970's. >> i hope i get to see the
5:59 pm
insight into new view. kimberly: i don't want to get stuck in the top. jonathan: that is a long walk down. abc 7 news at 6:00 star threat of breaking news. -- >> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. this is a breaking news alert. maureen: that comes from northeast washington where the catholic archdiocese of washington has ordered its people to stay in place to shelter after hearing dozens of gunshot outside the building. ross is live. we understand at least one person has been injured. reporter: one person was shot in taken to the hospital. we don't know the condition right now. i talked to the former advisor who tells me that this brazen startedylight gunbattle at a grocery store a few blocks away in the eight its way here. i'm talking about this arc area
6:00 pm
just off of eastern avenue. all this happened around 3:00 this afternoon when d.c. police arrived they found one adult male had been shot. he was conscious and breathing and if you were people on the run. it happened again near the campus of the archdiocese of washington. facility when it to his self-imposed lockdown mode and advised folks to stay with for windows and not to leave the facility until they had gotten the all clear. there has been a pretty active search. no helicopter anymore but a number of investigators out here at k-9 units. they have been searching the tall grass area as well as the wooded area. part of the challenge for them was it is a large, densely wooded area and on the other side it is maryland. it is prince george's county. they are still looking for a shooter. one person in the hospital. we will have the latest for you coming up later tonight.


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