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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  August 29, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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kellye: what else do we need to know about the august weather in september? devon: the last of the august weekend will start to feel more like a typical august. the average high has been going down. signs weuld be showing are under 90 degrees with more rain chances. after that, tuesday through labor day weekend, a stretch of heat and humidity, no doubt about it. kellye: we are not going anywhere.
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and thethe celebration ceremony continued tonight in the streets of new orleans, dignitaries converging on the big easy to mark 10 years since hurricane katrina and the decade of rebirth. marcy gonzales has more. [bagpipes play] were: remembrance today somber, celebratory, reflecting upon all that hurricane katrina claimed from the gulf coast and the progress in the decade since. the day, thisof is a story of resurrection and redemption, tragedy to triumph. 1800 lives than lost, honored and sir moneys. we honor clinton:
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those who lost their lives and those who love them. city left 80% underwater by the storm and subsequent levee breaches. today, upgrade under sunny skies. laration that people have returned, and the soul of the city is as vibrant as ever. clinton was one of three u.s. presidents to visit new orleans the past few days. he told people to enjoy the celebration, but wake up tomorrow focusing on the work still left to do. metro is out with an official report, confirming this month's train derailment was caused by human error and equipment mouth option. the nine passenger train derailed near the some sony and station. friday the released a report saying that real fasteners fail
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to keep the train in place, causing the rails to spread. an inspector noticed the problem july 9 and flagged it for attention, but mistakenly deleted it. >> they need to figure out there checks and balances. they need to overhaul the whole system and make sure it does not happen again. it's problematic. kellye: the inspector and supervisor have since resigned. metro is trying to determine how the problem continued to go undetected. gunfire thursday prompting a shelter in place order at the catholic diocese of washington, hours after mayor muriel bowser announced a new plan. roz plater has more on why the mayor's new plan has people protesting. roz: helicopter overhead, police officers and k-9 units on the
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ground, searching for a shooter after gunfire at 3 p.m., leaving one man wounded. it happened off eastern avenue near the archdiocese. so many shots fired, they sheltered in place. folks in this quiet community do not know what to make of it. >> these things are happening every day and it's not good for the city. roz: d.c. has had 103 homicides this year. at a news conference thursday, d.c. mayor muriel bowser tried to lay out a new $50 million plan to curb the dramatic spike in violent crime. she proposed putting more officers on the streets, increasing punishments for violent crime, and searching the homes of violent offenders on parole and probation for illegal guns. wonr bowser: at least they of those arrested this year -- at least 21 of those arrested this year were on parole or when he for trial. roz: she was met with a few dozen testers who said her plan
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was not the right answer. >> we have to deal with the pain and trauma and fear. roz: the mayor appeared frustrated but did not back down. mayor bowser: i will not be shouted down because i'm telling the truth. kellye: the epicenter during the riots in april, now the corner in baltimore is empty. all that is left is the rubble of the cvs store. the store was looted and set on fire following freddie gray's funeral. six officers are facing criminal charges. those who were there for the demolition friday and at the store in april say that each time a park came down, they could smell the burning smell. on is planning to rebuild that corner. in northern virginia teenager with ties to isil will spend more than 11 years behind bars, the sentence handed down. prosecutors say he helped another teen travel to syria to join isil and provide other aid
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to the militant group. the judge said he considered the age and lack of criminal record in his decision. montgomery county leaders expecting -- expressing outrage over supposed to gos -- over swasti,kas showing up in some neighborhoods. a warning that these images may be disturbing. reporter: the entry sign is draped with this orange tarp. somebody decided to spray paint a black swastika. residents called montgomery county 6:00 a.m. yesterday, reporting the hate crime. the police say the suspect or suspects also vandalized two speed cameras along route 108 in olney. a contractor is getting the chemicals needed to scrub off the pain. teenagersa group of spray-painted a gaithersburg synagogue. in that case, security cameras helped identify the teenagers
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responsible. one is expected to plead guilty next month. this case may be harder to solve because the full lease that's because the police have little to no evidence. >> i think it is a little unsettling. it just seems like somebody was acting like an idiot. a crime of opportunity, let's drive by, probably not feeling good about myself, that's why am doing this, and let everyone else see it. reporter: still no word on how much it will cost to fix this sign and the speed cameras that were defaced. if you have information, call montgomery county. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. -- all still to come that is left now is a name. the big news from the national zoo about the newest panda cub. a national debate hitting close to home. the new gun control in virginia. starting to warm up
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saturday, but it is getting hot and humid. the forecast coming up.
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kellye: the man arrested for lending a gyro copter on u.s. capitol grounds has raised more than $10,000 for his legal fees. a judge also allowed an attorney to join as a public defender.
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his next hearing date is in october. the on air arm or drive tv reporter and photographer is reigniting a national debate of how we deal with mental health and guns. as diane cho explains, the debate starts in virginia. diane: the father of one of the victims is calling for tougher gun control laws in the wake of the tragedy. how many new towns are we going to have, how many sandy hooks? governor mcauliffe for what he called common sense laws. several measures were rejected in a state senate committee earlier this year in the republican-controlled general assembly. gun rights activists -- supporters say that it intrudes on individual rights. >> certain individual should not be allowed to own a firearm. 2014, virginia got a d-rating on gun scorecard.
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>> it is an absolutely universal problem. i am: the authorities -- diane investigators say that hester flanagan legally just t guns. he entered an employee 12sistance program in 20 after repeated incidents with his coworkers. he was fired a year later for performance issues. donald trump says it is not about guns. donald trump: it's about mental instability. diane: the ceo and medical the mayor can psychiatric association says that one in four people will be affected by mental illness at some point in their lives but not everybody is getting the help they needs. >> we don't have the full cooperation of health insurance policies. an update on a story
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that will touch your heart, a little boy who made history is finally back home in maryland. last month we told you about harvey whoold zion got a double hand its plant in philadelphia. he had his hands and feet and be tainted when he was two because of a severe infection. he left the hospital wednesday for his home in owings mills. he will continue to receive physical therapy as he recovers. big news from the national zoo. what we are learning about the new and a cub and when we can expect him to get a name. plus, the forecast.
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kellye: we had some really pleasant conditions today and this evening. weon: during the evening, have more moisture coming in the air. e plants during the day taken the moisture, and after sunset they let out the moisture. all the green plants are doing that, transpiration is what it's called. kellye: oh, thank you. devon: it was hot today, nearly 90 degrees. the average high is 85. anytime you are several degrees above the average, that is hot. 90's, allegheny county,
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cumberland, fredericksburg. the latest information coming in , the updates coming monday. the real-time temperatures, low to mid 70's. 75 washington. the temperature still in the 70's. the previous nights we were well into the 60's. the dew point temperature best measures the water vapor in the air, giving us humidity, the invisible water. we will put these numbers closer to 70, which is when it feel sticky outside. we have a cold front, a fairly weak cold front, running into the heat and humidity building. the south flows return. the bigger picture the next two days, sunday into monday, the heat and humidity.
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monday, the latest trend coming in, the fading front sparks widespread showers, possible thunderstorms. may not be quite as hot that day. well under 90 degrees. the high temps are forecast under 70. resetting the forecast, tomorrow morning, low to mid 60's to 71. 10%, 20% chance of an isolated storms. that goes for the immediate washington metro. sunday looks hot and humid, no doubt. storm chances are not very good. the nationals taking on the marlins. itthey win this series, would be their third series win in a row. we want to see the nationals get into the playoffs. noting thehas been widespread scattered storms, indicating more activity coming in. we take the heat down, take the rain chances up.
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i'm leaving this to josh night tomorrow morning to make that adjustment. high of 91, but we may go up the rainbump chances. that is the latest trend. really, as we go to september, starting tuesday, that is a hot and humid period, low to mid 90's. kellye: thank you. the national zoo announcing that cub is a boy.nda they also announced his father. proud papa tian tian is celebrating with a blue
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crate. the new hand a cub is an active healthy baby boy, the son of tian tian. there was a 50/50 chance, mei inseminated with sperm cells from tian tian and day panda in china. they all agree that having the with the newborn is essential for its development and healthy progress. the new and a cub weighs about and is growing fast, already very attached to its mother. >> last evening, mei xiang started putting down the cub and was trying to leave the dead everyone in a half to two hours. the cub would squeal and she would immediately returned to his side and pick it up. died wednesday
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was also a male and tian tian was the father. that was because of nursing problems due to pneumonia. the good news, both mother and father giving birth to a third cub. we have bao bao, the female, tai chan the mail, and another boy with a name still undetermined. kellye: a mixup at the washington monument.
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service is reporting no elevator problems tonight. the washington monument reopened after a problem this week, but what caused the problem is not clear. the washington monument today, the elevator was working and there were no disruptions. some visitors had second thoughts. twice this week, tuesday night and wednesday afternoon, the national park service said that a safety sensor prevented the doors from closing, meaning the elevators could not operate. each time, dozens of visitors had to walk down 897 steps come including a couple of permit women. >> we saw the fire trucks and we wondered. have elevator problems
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forced the monument to close several times in the last few years. monument staff points out s nearly 15-year-old elevator is used all day long, 365 days per year. >> it is a piece of machinery. mike: technicians have remained on site all day to observe the operation from the top of the monument. visitors say this was a beautiful day for a trip to the top. >> remarkable. actually hope the elevator will stop working again because then they can exit using the stored stairwell, close to the public in the 1970's. >> i'd like to have a new view. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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