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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  August 31, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> now, abc 7 news at noon on your time -- on your side. jummy: rain and clouds out there with heat on the way. let's get straight to chief meteorologist doug hill with what we are seeing on the radar. doug: not much in the way of rain. the main story is the cloudy skies run the region, 79 degrees at montgomery college's rockville campus. every now and then a little sunshine tries to get through the clouds. ,emperatures on their way up
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already 86 degrees in frederick. 84 in annapolis and baltimore. a couple showers during the morning hours, and there is still a chance that we might see a shower into the early afternoon, but look at the satellite images. it looks like the skies will start clearing out and we will get a lot more sunshine after 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon, and that will push temperatures to 89 degrees. the muggy factor will increase over the next several days. check out satellite and radar. you can see the blue, rain superimposed over the clouds but it all disappears over the few hours -- over the past few hours. i think we indeed will get a look at some sunshine. the big picture shows most of the rain remains to the south and pushes off to the atlantic. we will let you know our full forecast in just a few minutes. jummy: another violent weekend
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in the district. 13 people shot since friday night. , andast two victims died that is despite mpd's all hands on deck effort to curb the violence. the mayor says she stands by her police chief, despite no-confidence by the rank-and-file. sam sweeney has more. sam: muriel bowser is standing by her police chief, saying she has all the confidence in her in the good times and bad. this comes after the d.c. police union took a poll asking officers a simple question, do you believe and have confidence in chief lanier that she is able to properly run and manage the metropark 10 -- metropolitan to police department? the answer was overwhelmingly no. all the 28 say they do not have confidence in the chief. there are about 3600 union officers. many did not respond, which begs
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the question, why not? many say they would find out the chief would find out they voted and retaliate against them. the union says the biggest concern is trust, they simply do lanier.t chief officers also do not agree with the direction of the department and want the chief to bring back plainclothes vice unit. they are upset about scheduling issues. many had to cancel vacations this weekend for the all hands on deck weekend, and these are just a few of the many complaints that officers have the big question, now that this poll was taken and we have the weults, what comes next? asked the chairman of the police union. >> it sent shockwaves to the mayor that her police officers do not trust the chief that she chose. if we cannot trust her, we do not believe the public interest or. reached out to
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cathy lanier for her side of the story and she has decided not to comment on camera. reporting in southwest, sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jummy: police investigating a stabbing death in wheaton. around 9:00 last night, a man was found lying in a service lane near veirs mill road and was taken to the hospital where he died. his body will be taken to baltimore with a medical examiner's office will conduct an autopsy. a bumpy first day back for some students in montgomery county. a school bus rear-ended another school bus in potomac this morning. luckily, no students were hurt. jeannette reyes takes a look at what happened. jeanette: it happened around 7:30 along glen road at falls road. one bus hit the other from behind, shattering the windshield and crushing the rear end of the other. montgomery county fire and
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rescue say the students suffered mild injuries. the first on scene says a latter was brought out to take the students out of the bus one by one through an emergency exit. >> they were in good spirits. they were concerned about being late for school and wondering how their parents were going to get to them. jeanette: reported in montgomery county, jeannette reyes. jummy: thousands of students and montgomery county are back to school for their first day. it is one of the largest school systems in the country. the school system said today it is considering a property tax hike for more funding for the expanding student population. they are planning on asking governor hogan for more funding this year as well. virginia,monwealth of it is the first of school first didn't in manassas city,
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loudoun, and prince william county. john gonzalez isn't that chris young elementary school in bristow with why classes are starting earlier than usual. john: it is back to school and prince william county, a little bit early than usual. signed in the counties to start a week earlier because of all the snow days last year. we brought out our back-to-school diesel just to highlight the three bullet points of the year. enrolled, it is a growing school system, the second largest in virginia so class size will be a big concern going forward. that is why they are building more schools. take a look at this one, this is the chris young elementary school in bristow, virginia, named after a fallen police officer. can see about 700 students walking into the school for the first time ever. >> we think it is going to be a tremendous inspiration for chris
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young's legacy to live on forever. class size continues to be a challenge. bus drivers, we could use some more bus drivers. >> i'm glad in his class they have two teachers so one teacher will not be so overwhelmed. >> we have just transferred from fairfax city schools so this is kind of a change, but it is brand-new. >> looking forward to having fun and making friends. john: you can probably tell how diverse the county's school system is. this year alone, there will be about 120 languages spoken by the students from prince william county. in bristow, virginia, john gonzalez. jummy: we want to see your back to school pictures. you can send them to pics@ we have a photo gallery we started on our website. it is time for a check at the
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roadways, jamie sullivan has a check at the traffic. jamie: a few things that are better than they were a few minutes ago, we did have an earlier crash on 95 southbound just past the mixing bowl. it cleared away. he had a right lane blocked, and it is gone so we really do not have a backup behind it. the actual capital beltway, we are mostly in the green or prince george's county. no issues as you work your way through montgomery county. i do want to stick with virginia and focus on 66. heading out of the city, two right lanes are blocked with an accident. of course you see the yellow so we do have the slowing behind it . red, nothinge slowing you down so much i would say avoid it. 66, frome beltway on the fairfax county parkway close to the beltway it will take you about 15 minutes. once you get past that through
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falls church, we are ok getting through arlington. in d.c., we had some debris cleared away on the third street tunnel right after new york avenue. it has you down in the teens. take a live look in this area. we have afternoon congestion, but debris was just coming in. this is in montgomery county on the top side of the beltway just right near colesville road, not causing a backup yet. we are still clear from new hampshire avenue toward silver spring, and beyond that. that is a look at traffic this afternoon. jummy: thank you. nfl commissioner roger goodell and quarterback tom brady or both in new york for their deflate-gate case. a federal judge is expected to either uphold or throw out tom brady's four-game suspension. both are back in court for a status hearing and the judge said he would rule by this
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friday. >> judge berman has no qualms about the dedication and efforts of both sides. he just said they could not reach one. jummy: an appeal is expected regardless of the judge's decision. as it stands, brady will be on the sidelines until october. the state department set to release a new batch of hillary clinton's e-mails this afternoon. she has been under fire for using a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. lastold supporters in iowa week the state department allowed her to use her personal e-mail but said "it clearly was not the best choice. a des moines register poll shows , just sevenslipping points ahead of bernie sanders. paying to the photographer killed in last week's on air ambush. a row high school is opening its doors to the community to
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celebrate the life of adam ward. the footage or less was killed along with alison parker when a former coworker off -- opened fire during the live morning newscast. his family has asked visitors to wear the color of his favorite team, virginia tech and salem high school. his funeral service is scheduled tomorrow. the man accused of killing a texas sheriff's deputy is in court today. shannon miles is charged with capital murder, carries the death penalty. he shot darren goforth execution style at a gas station friday night while the deputy sheriff was filling up his patrol car. to sheriff linked the attack many of the protests around the regarding the treatment of african-americans by police. all lives matter, so why don't we drop the qualifier and just say lives matter? arey: civil rights leaders
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accusing the sheriff's office of trying to politicize the murder rather than, nerves. scare, after two planes clicked each other in california. too close for comfort, must-see video of a bear encounter and how the woman managed to get away. the washington redskins' decision is expected today. doug w
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: an investigation
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happening into a scare on two southwest airplanes last night. the wings hit each other at the gate of the oakland international airport. no one was hurt. southwest says both planes were taken out of service and will undergo a maintenance check. today marks the 18th anniversary of the death of princess diana. she died in a car crash in paris along with her driver and companion. she was just 37 years old. a facebook account for her son posted a tribute, saying "may god continue to watch over her." wes craven died after a battle with brain cancer. he was best known as the writer and director of the "nightmare franchise." his family says he died in his los angeles home on sunday and he was 76. this is like something out of a movie, a woman captures her very close bear encounter all on
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video. she was hiking on a trail in connecticut on friday when she came upon two bears. she thought she was a safe distance away, but they came closer and closer, eventually circling her. one of them even put its mouth on her like. dracula sleigh, something spooked the bear -- dracula raculously,i something spooked the bear and they ran away. a hiker from prince william county is recovering after spending three days lost in maine. john lyon got lost in baxter state park. a chopper finally spotted him on a rockslide yesterday afternoon. he was treated for scrapes and a few bruises but is expected to be ok. today, people calling for -- president obama calling for urgent and aggressive attacks on
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climate change. he is expected to change the name of mount mckinley back to denali. that is what alaska natives originally called the 20,000 foot peak. it has been called mount mckinley since 1917 out of tribute to the president why mckinley who never visited the state. a major cleanup happening today as the remnants of tropical storm erika drench florida. ,esidents have been sandbagging hoping to hold off floodwaters. it comes as another storm left a path of destruction on the west coast. it is being blamed on two deaths and power outages in washington state and oregon. hurricane ignacio is barreling toward hawaii's big island and is expected to weaken to a category three. skipped two? doug: no, that is for pacific
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hurricanes. some in the indian ocean are ,alled cyclones and in asia western asia -- eastern asia, they are called typhoons. the same storm, different listings. the next one out there is fred, there is a hurricane fred out there. it is a couple hundred miles off the coast of africa and it looks like it will dissipate for it gets too far along. the heat and humidity will be our story all week long. lapsel give you a time from the weatherbug camera at the army navy country club in arlington. peekinglittle sunshine through from time to time, and i what we see.ll be i think it will be pretty sunny by this afternoon to drive home. in between now and then, maybe an isolated shower. national, at reagan
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82 at dulles, and 86 in baltimore. it is the last day of august and we officially begin meteorological autumn tomorrow, it does not mean a thing. it will still be hot and humid. temperatures are somewhat cooler to the south of us because of the rain and heavy cloud cover from norfolk to rally to wilmington -- raleigh to wilmington. we will continue to see heat build from the south and west and it will be pretty uncomfortable. a late summer weather pattern even though the calendar flips over to september tomorrow. it will keep reinforcing the wind coming from the south. most of the rain from the south through eastern northern carolina -- eastern north carolina, just a chance of an isolated sprig or shower. a simulation of what the weather might be like for the next
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couple of days, a few showers and higher elevations to the west, pretty much clearing out tonight. maybe a few showers in the mountains tomorrow, very warm and humid. we get into wednesday and into friday, probably your best chance for any showers are storms. tomorrow,ill hit 89, 93, partly cloudy, hot and humid. only 20% chance of a shower on wednesday, 92. thursday, back up to 93. as we get into the weekend, a cold front will try to approach the area, boosting our chances of rain to about 60%. the weekend looks better. jummy: hopefully it gets better as the week goes on. there is some sports news. the redskins were back out on the practice field this morning and it follows even more quarterback drama.
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the coaching staff told the team that kirk cousins will be the starting quarterback for the regular-season opener. they are expected to address the to confirm on today that. rg iii missed the preseason game because of concussion symptoms. they are pushing for the end of the rg iii era in washington. on abc 7 news at noon, the buzz of last night's
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jummy: the u.s. open is underway, with round one of the women's singles. for the first time in history, tickets to the women's single
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final sold out faster than the men's final. that is probably because serena williams is favored to win. she is attempting a grand slam. no woman has done that since steffi graf 27 years ago. there were plenty of big moments at the 2015 mtv video music awards, including a pretty tense moment tween the host, miley cyrus, and nicki minaj. that is getting a lot of attention. now, back to this -that had a lot to say about me in the press, miley, what's good? jummy: other highlights include taylor swift winning big. and connie west stole this -- kanye west stole the show by announcing he was running for president in 2020.
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back as we coming wrap up the month of august.
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it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures
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and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. doug: this finally of august will be seeing temperatures in the upper 80's, were sunshine this afternoon. just a chance of a shower. jummy: thank you.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> yo! [cheers and applause] hey! hey! hey! [laughing] hey! hey! hello, and welcome to millionaire. i'm terry crews. you may know me from brooklyn nine-nine. and i'm also thrilled to be here hosting millionaire! [cheers and applause] i'm told our first contestant is a bit of a prankster, so i'm keeping my wits about me today. from rochester, new york, please welcome kate leonard! [cheers and applause] [laughing] hi, kate. oh, come over here. how are you? nice to see you. come on this way. there you go. >> hello. >> so you are the prankster. what kind of pranks have you pulled? >> well, i do this imitation of a baby laughing or crying,


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